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Prose Poetry Marriage Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Marriage

These Prose Poetry Marriage poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Marriage poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Prose Poetry |

Growing Old

     (And We’re Still Together, Babe)

Growing old together,
We’ve mellowed
Fine wine.
Much more
Our love
Is to refine
As we ride
The waves of passing time.

Neither sting-
Less death
Nor defeated graves
Can claim
The victory over
The sacred love that is
The essence of us:
Of our story.

The children
Came and left
And now we’re all alone:
You, me
And the dogs.

Praise God!
The children
Now in their own home!

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

The wedding cake, a collaboration with Ian Jones

What a beautiful, romantic day
Most wonderful day of my life
I soak up the sun, every ray
We're going to be husband and wife
The wedding cake's beautiful but where's the knife?
And where's my dad? He should be here
To give me away, oh my, oh dear!

Oh my God! What a Stag Night
I can't quite remember, what did we do?
Why's there a tattoo on my butt on the right?
And why is half my hair blue?
I'm panicking now about what will ensue
When in the shower blue dye starts to disappear
And the girl's name just dissolves from my rear.

I'm loving the stairs on the cake
A three layer
A triple dare
Of a husband number three
My beautiful day, I swirl for the show
Hubby number three won't be free for a while.

Still puzzling, how did I get here?
A triple trouble stands in front of me
The bachelor party a couple of nights ago
I wish I was free again
The knife in the cake crumbles as the sweet cake is savoured.

As the blushing bride I look all around
My brothers and sisters, eyes open wide
They look at the cake and at the groom frown
But they're smacking their lips but not at the bride
The church doors are locked, everyone is inside
When will the service be over, how long will it take?
Before they can get their hands on that cake.

As the blushing groom I nervously look at a sister
The brothers are scowling, her kids just grinning
Don't think you can back out now mister
My fate is sealed, my head is spinning
The priest calls to order, the service beginning
I glance across at the majestic cake
Like Kilimanjaro no knife could it break.

The wedding day rings dancing on the plate
Waiting to be worn on this forever date
The service ends, the wedding bells still ringing
The now wife and husband each having
A million thoughts running
The groom takes a quick glance at his years of single
The bride not holding back on this mingle.

She loving the stairs on the cake
A three layer, a triple dare
Of a husband number three
He is still puzzling, how he got here
The cake demolished to only one crumb
Just like his chances of being free

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Nature In Our Garden


Today opening my door to descent the steps to visit my garden
makes my dreams come true, my green garden enlightens 
my heart most of the time i spend it there, whispering with 
my roses, watching the very old green trees, watering the 
green grass, i love it. 

Suddenly my heart starts beating just found an envelope with 
white roses sleeping at my doorsteps, anxious to discover the 
sender, with a huge smile my surprise, it was from my darling, 
he wrote:

You are the woman of my dreams, I am taking the liberty to 
announce, you are my reason to live, if you are not in my life 
I will not tolerate my existence one moment longer, I need to 
become stronger to carry you towards our love nest share our 
hot body, love the love that will slowly put off that burning fire 
between us under our green trees very soon.
Lay your roses down, free your hand to hold mine, together, 
we will walk towards our green garden and dream of that day 
when our eyes will meet to become bride and bridegroom 
surrounded by the green trees everywhere, friends clapping 
so hard for us to engage with that beautiful touch of our lips, 
a sign you belong to me forever. 

Will you marry me my woman with green eyes? Oh! yes yes 
I screamed not realizing he is not here but a letter in my 
hand, the invitation for my own wedding, how blessed we are.
The weather was happy the full moon lighted up the outside 
view to watch my roses blossom and maybe tomorrow we will 
walk together not only to get married we will upgrade our 
thoughts to the highest peak,we will reach our goals by living 
as one, we will enjoy whenever we can and endure when we must, 
we will not anticipate trouble or unhappiness about what may 
or may not happen, but we will walk towards our green garden, 
soon as husband and wife. 

We will not allow any obstacle stop us from becoming what 
needed to be successful, in love always, my heart was 
instantly beating towards positive thoughts a husband to love 
to sleep with, to cook, to wash, to wake up in the morning have 
our cup of coffee in the fresh air, i will stand by my man, 
no matter what.
A beautiful marriage in my green garden, all surrounded by huge 
green trees ancient as this house belonged to my grandfather
and I inherited it.
I felt like getting married with all those greeneries surrounding 
our guests i will place 100 white chairs on each side on the green
grass, and the aisle in the middle with green ribbons on the chairs,
at the end will be the priest standing behind a white table on it 
a beautiful green table cloth the chalice and cross next to the bible  
between white roses and greeneries. 

I need to sleep to wake up early run to my garden and prepare
the roses to share and whisper to me how beautiful they will 
become on that unforgettable day, the green grass will emerge 
to beautify their existence for our guests, the huge green trees 
will wave endlessly with the wind, a flow of some breeze.

We will be married as soon as he walks through my door,maybe today, tomorrow or after tomorrow.
Now we became a family with my green garden it will live to shine and
share the amazing wedding of two lovers married at last with the green 
beauty of our garden.

At that moment my thoughts tried to trick me in a discrete 
conversation saying, how do you know you will be happy? 
can you guarantee that happiness will exist? those were my 
repulsive thoughts, disregarding them, i shook my head
with sophistication a vigorous reply we will become
Thee couple in love forever. 

Our unique marriage in our Green Garden Of Eden was televised that day
a huge surprise to us and our guests by a close friend as a wedding gift. 

Therese Bacha                                                                 
              Contest for PD. Nature.. Win N0. 8

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Love and Loyalty

Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped
around her and her arms wrapped around him in a warming embrace.
Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said

"My beautiful, beautiful, wife you filled my heart with joy by becoming 
My wife.  My world revolves around you.  I will always be there for you.
I will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will
protect you from all threats."

Love gave Loyalty a squeeze and said

"I too will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.
I will be there for you in your time of need or when ever you just want
me by your side."

Love and Loyalty looked into each other's eyes and began to kiss.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

Copyright © Keith Baucum | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Beginning Of Each New Day

I always long to see your tender smile
At the beginning of each new day
Because when I see your lovely smile
A sweet happiness will always stay

You lift my heart up inside each day
Making my mind to ride a natural high
Causing me to often daydream of you
Knowing you will never say goodbye

And you have really made my life awesome
All the time spent alone each day with you
For the moments just seem to last forever
Because our hearts always want it to

You easily became the  best part of my life
A special gift which in my heart will  stay
So that I might embrace your precious smile
With my love at the beginning of each new day.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Value Of Your Love

There is not enough time
In this day I fear to tell
Of my hearts most secret

Yet I shall try before the
Darkness arrives and the
Last moments of this day
It will be stealing

For as I look upwardly 
Upon the sea of stars
Floating above my head
I dream of how it might be 

If I was lost in the deep
Darkness of night alone
And the glow of your smile
I could no longer see

I think of the rain falling
Nourishing the deep parts of
My soul as I taste of its 
Refreshing kiss

And I wonder what it might
Be truly like in my life
If I could no longer feel
Your hearts embracing bliss

Realizing there will never be
Enough moments in my day to 
Let you know how much your 
Love means to me

For truly it would take a 
Lifetime and more to view
The genuine love many will
Never embrace and see.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

Finishing Well

	Finishing Well
	By Curtis Johnson
	Some men's ships stall upon the sea for lack of sails
	For far too many times, I have seen great men derailed
	For far too long, I have heard the sound of David's lament
	O, how the mighty has fallen among the good and the decent
	It's such a loss of beauty and purity that you nor I could prevent
	At what point they saw it coming, only God can tell
	But surely at some point, could they the enemy smell?
	Had I known, as a loving friend, I surely would have yelled
	"A way of escape", the Bible tells, perhaps like a ringing bell;
	Or some other device  to help  us avoid where others have fell

	May God's grace for you and for me, much avail
	May we seek to be ever faithful and much compelled
	May we pray continually for our leaders, and others as well
	So much is at stake, and so much is gained, if we dare to finish well

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Enchanting Eyes

Your beauty touches of a stars heavenly radiance
For in your face is captured their celestial glow
In blissful pools of endless starlight splashing
And I alone my love will always deeply know 

The value of your beautifully enchanting eyes
Which hold securely in bond my heart each day
In a powerless confinement of cupids sweet adore
Where my love easily grows in an abounding way

For deep in my dreams I have always sought
Your heart's love which daily endears my mind 
For it has always been my heart's fervent desire 
To of your sweet love belong an infinite time

For to serve the daily needs of your lovely heart
Each day shall leave my face with an enthralling glow
Knowing I will never have a single desire to depart 
Those beautifully enchanting eyes who love me so.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

She Has Nothing I Want

I understand the importance
of remaining faithful to the one you love.
When two hearts become one, and the knot is tied,
no simple thing was done!

It really had no resemblance
to taking a stroll through the park. 
Though there was much to see
there was far too little time to sit.
It wasn't like watching a terrible film
and then badgering the employees -
no refund was available, this was it.

What I don't understand, however,
is how readily available women
are with their ammunition,
when you so much as look
in another lady's direction.
She becomes hard like a Catholic teacher,
sending me straight to detention.

The female form is a beautiful thing.
Would you not agree?
You don't have to be a guy
to notice how lovely.

I believe you should be incredibly worried
if I never looked at any other.
Even the best of us are quite stupid,
but don't call me disloyal

I believe you should have faith I won't slip up.
You didn't just pick me out of the gutter...
You planted a seed deep inside
and turned this dirt into promising soil.

That girl in the red bikini
who walked daintily on the beach
was simply that -
A girl in a red bikini
walking daintily on a beach!

The truth is I don't know a thing about her:
her favorite color or what she smells of when she wakes,
or whether she's into dogs or cats
(I know when you see a kitten with a ball of yarn, your heart just quakes).

I don't know her ticklish spots,
the perfume she wears, or what she likes to eat.
Can she down just about anything, like you,
And still remain light on her feet?

I haven't the slightest clue
for she is simply a girl passing through.
She has nothing I could ever want,
nothing that would ever hope to satisfy.
She is like a pretty picture
- a reminder of my humanity.
But with you, my dear,
you make me feel like I have wings,
that could so easily touch the sky!

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Enchanted House

Enchanted House Contest Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron Up on a hill, she awaits her dear love. For a tiny thrill he lifts her above. A spellbound release towards the heavens on high, somewhere in town she hears his words free her inside. Believe it or not, he has hurt her before, but no other man has ever loved her more. He treats her like royalty and cares very deeply, and she meets him inside loyalty, as they gently get sleepy… A home for the two lovers, spellbound for each other. No longer alone but under the covers, hell bound, for there is no other. She sits and she kisses him sweetly on his lips, he trips and just misses her feet and kisses her hips. If not for the allure of their abode passed down from generations, they would not have for sure fallen in love and enjoyed their marriage celebration. A small place to live, four walls with a chimney, no other space to live with more enthrall inside their intimacy. They recall the moment they decided to move in, they stalled because of the atonement they hid within. All they needed was a kitchen table and a bed, somewhere for her to cook dinner and rest her weary head. The first time they walked through the door, their tunes rhymed in sync to love evermore. Entranced at night and captivated in the morn’, they found romance in their sight and love was activated and sworn. Beauty in the garden just outside the veranda, with his cutie so warmhearted, his precious Amanda. Up on a hill, is where their family expanded, love was granted and cherished in a house so enchanted. Date Written: May 22, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |


I can never ever leave you
I would find it hard to do
For there would be no heaven
Without the sweet taste of you

I never would be able to face
The darkness of the night alone
For without the light of your love
My heart will never have a home

The beauty of the birds singing
Could not chase the pain away
Of one who will always be lonely 
If in my life you did not stay

For existing alone without you
I would find very hard to do
For happiness would never exist
Without the sweet taste of you.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |


Kill a smile with a kiss
The demise of it will visit you in your dreams
Never will I let you
Drown in a pool of angry thoughts
I will be your unexpected smile
Every time I bring u roses b4 valentine
A wet poem I would recite for you

I would make you my 1st rhyme
your heart-beat will rhyme
Twist my beat box
Into a love song
A cartoon I would paint in your heart to keep you smiling
Your twin smiles I would define in vernacular
Though I speak no language from Peninsula
My parents will define your beauty as African splendor
Black mother nation
Smile please smile

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Marriage of Oil and Water

Cups thrust high, A diving umbrella licks at many fingers, 
rose water licks - and seeks our elbows for a plunge and gathering below. 
Now echoes the trumpet prelude, a brilliant flash of praise, 
almost a ritual proclamation. 

It matters none friend whether you're pro or con.
-When has it ever?
Let us climb the high sun groping forest, 
and consume together with glee split faces, 
the sloppy viscous sex of misanthropy and philanthropy.

Copyright © William Green | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

Sticking Together

Sticking Together
By Curtis Johnson

For better or worse
For good or for bad
In sickness or in health
In riches or in poverty

On good days and bad
When she drives you mad
When he has made you sad
When nothing makes you glad

When you think speaking is a must
When you bite your tongue to avoid the fuss
When you are cold and she is hot
When he’s looking old and you are not

When you have money to buy a lot
When you must keep what you’ve got                               

To have and to hold
In the heat and in the cold
From when we are young until we grow old
Never to fold no matter what you’ve been told

Committed to the beast and the beauty
When it’s pretty and when it’s ugly

When your words are few
And no one cares for your point of view
When your opinions are right
You still must sit and stew

When you should speak up and be heard
Or when you are quiet as a mouse
Or when the home has turned
Into just another house

When the house is cold inside
And it’s not just you
When words like honey, sugar, and sweetie pie                                               no longer seem due  
When you have fits and fights and want to quit
It’s about time we all get a clue               

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Sealed with a Kiss

The ring on your finger
Your chosen soul’s mate
Your spouse
Uniting two families
Hers and yours
The vows you exchanged
In the presence of Almighty
The handshake between fathers
The colours on your canvas
Your, self woven destiny
Your marriage sealed with a kiss
Blessed in heaven
 Your sacred union
Cherish each other
With Respect, Honour 
Hold fast to Almighty
Walk hand in hand
Through rough waters
With Love and Understanding
And forever live a peaceful blissful life
Sealed with heaven’s kiss

Copyright © Shining Bright | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Lets get married

It was our first date.
She kissed my mouth.
I was lost in the moment.
I was out of focus.
Her mouth played havoc
with my tongue
My head busy-buzzing.

She tells me she loves me
and pulls onto me.
Her body language owning me.
But she knows you know.
She knows that I couldn’t live without her.

I tip in another beer.
My mates tell me that I’m a lucky guy.
We drive to the club.
We scan the scully-streets
like a patrol car on the prowl.
We pass Mc Donalds, 
KFC and the 
Heinz baked-bean factory.

We don’t need these she said
These plasticized dreams
Of Burgers, Chicken and tins of baked beans.
Were worth more than that.

The bouncers eye us through the door.
She hangs on .
She’s pulling me down.
She tells me
we could get married.

She had a mate that got married 
in the airport departure lounge
at Heathrow airport.
And that,
we should drive to the airport now!

I freak out,
I leave her behind
Sipping her sherbet vodka and sucking her jelly babies.

She’s with my mate now.
She kissed his lips
He too became lost in the moment.
Last I heard
They were driving to the airport.

Copyright © Tony Kirk | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |


A flower blossoms in
your shadow, every
moment you pass by

And the morning sun
becomes jealous of 
the radiance gifted 
to your eyes

The wind becomes very 
envious because there is
never a way he can cool
the day

The way the sweet aroma
of your love soothes me
easily, each time when you
come my way

I am always lost in
your beauty which each
morning I am blessed
to see

Especially when I find
myself gazing into
your eyes whose loving
embrace never lets me be

Each moment with you
becomes more precious
when my heart cannot 
escape your meaningful

I am lifted by my
hearts flaming desire,
for you are the only one
it will ever think of 

The moments when
I am not with you this
daydream will surely
always begin

As my heart belongs to
you alone since that moment 
when my heart your love
did win.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Rhapsody In Gray

     Rhapsody In Gray

Last night,
my soul shamelessly spilled
its reservoir,
cascading into a dry riverbed…
thirsting waters of love long gone
with the misty winds of time.

In the moment,
we sailed teasing tides teeming
with primed ecstasy;
and what was once thought
a swan song sung
became a melodic rhapsody.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Life According To Me

Life According To Me

I have observed that some of the shortest lives contributed so much more than most. We all have known of many endowed with longevity, but were impoverished of legacy.

There are those who gave it all, with nothing taken to the grave but an empty corpse. Then there are those whose God given talents and gifts followed them to their grave.

Perhaps all would agree that marriage should not consummate where there is no love. But do we dare ask where marriage should stand, if love should cease to be in the marriage? Should we not recall that most marriages were entered into, not with love alone, but also with covenant?

Storms reek  havoc  to structures and  infra-structures, landscapes and human lives; But those same storms breath life to dry and thirsty lands, filling dams and reservoirs.
The sun shall rise in the East and set in the West,                                         and the world shall ever be under duress with some kind of test.
The winds and ocean waters shall sometimes connect and twist into hurricanes.
But prayers, hard work, and the will to survive will relieve the tears and the pains

Tyrants and wicked despots shall surface occasionally, but like in the past, they too shall pass. I stand with the God of the good, the tried, and the true; and have every reason to be hopeful.

I have always loved grandparents, beginning with my adored maternal grandmother.
In my lifetime, I have witnessed countless “Grands” among the unselfish and the brave. I can only imagine a world of total grief and chaos without grandparents.

I like the beauty and the unmatched presence of roses.                                     I hear their voices speaking calmness, love,  and peace.
But roses arrive with the beast of thorns, drawing blood.

A “No” consequence is often far less severe than a “Yes” one.
So it’s best to put our “Yeses” and “No’s” in their appropriates places

I think not that God has any use for molds.  But if he does, perhaps he threw them away after making each of us.  There is simply no one exactly like you, and there is a task and a purpose designed just for you.  Let’s dare to find pleasure in being like non other that ourselves, and be the ‘best me’ that any can be.
10282015 (contest)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Journey to bliss

In the midst of the fiercest conflicts
Conflicts that rattle even the GOD's chosen
My Love for you grows in strength still
First Towards the earth to garner rooted-support 
like the mystery Chinese Bamboo tree 
Death was a wish
In a rage of contempt and hurricane of hate,
the world would stop at nothing
their laugh to scorn was a raging inferno
Because our plumule above the earth surface refused,
their mockeries spread like wild fire
But then suddenly
when all hope seemed crushed into nothingness
Did a speedy race begin
In a race with the light to the sun
A race that dumb-founds even the skies and its splendor
To the heavens it reaches 
and to the galaxies it waves
A dwarfing sight of heights 
that makes the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro look like a speck of dust
an achievement that out-shines the sun
In a journey that races beyond a million light-years
Now all ears will blast open
Into the tunnel of prudence 
With zest non can stand 
Wisdom ripples, in strength it looms
With cringing timidity,
Folly paved way
Our silent roar is finally heard
Now their mouth is shut forever as we blossom into bliss for all eternity
My troubled Soul longs for you my Love,
Shattered, I reach for you my GOD sent Elixir,
With my every harsh Word, 
your serenity my soul finds
My heart yearns for the awe of your affection
expressing my deepest Love your majesty I crave
with a mouth shut in pride
But heart so sorry 
it bleeds with an endless plea
Then I remembered the Words of my Savior,
In this life, like a gang of tornado 
Tribulations will come rushing,
Ripping us apart
and pressing harder than an incubus
But be of good cheers,
for I have overcome the world,
"Love" said with a smile that births new Hope
Words that crushed sleep and it's roaring snores
Deep Into the nights I searched
"Giving up" was not in the options
The map to bliss has loads of sharp edged ups and steep downs 
In a silent whisper
I got a lead into the beginning of forever
My heart swam into the sea of remembrance 
Light years Away from the shore,
 I found the floating words of wisdom
"There is no diamond without it's rough and undesirable dirt" it reads
To our gloom, dirt and filth,
from the north rose a cathartic wind of fresh breath
bringing with it a glow that coruscates beauty in the midst of clogged uncertainties
then to even loftier sphere of Heavenly glories
like the Union of eagles and the strong winds
when our wings of Love we'll lock in understanding
 Together We'll soar in a ride to bliss forever.

Copyright © AKINLOLU AKINTOYE | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose Poetry |

A poem in Labor

Fingers crossed spread wide open 
my brain is in pain/ a gift so pure 
baby rhymes crawl backwards in 
stains/ wrapped repertoires come in 
venomous rap pains/ chemical 
messengers ship signals from one 
cell to mythical metaphoric chains / 
It’s the birth of new chapters/ 
Hormones walk tall through walls 
when summer reveals winter’s 
offspring lyrical babies captured/ 
Guilty are biters cheaters pledging 
the word spread of poetic 
descendents/ dippers snap when dirt
is packed overflowing flows the 
nation is watching the sexiest figures 
of speech/ push push push harder 
the rupture of the membrane 
dropped long before the poem 
started/ push push push harder with 
no worries sleepy awesome tongues 
lay low on Africa’s bosom/ little 
cough drop poems the bladder 
carries only few graceful mothers/ 
the birth of my poems

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Little Red Hen Stuff

I finished a chapter, a real tear puller. Sue my wife, screamed, “No, No No. You can’t kill her. You can’t kill The Little Red Hen.” I chuckled and said “We’ll see.” I knew I had her then--hooked bad-hooked deep. Suddenly my little story meant something to Sue at least. You know Sue is my wife. I have tried to impress her for forty years or so with little success. But my writing has got her, at least to the point of tears when drunk.

Copyright © hiram lewis | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Essence of Homebuilding

a schmaltzy little homily to our successful marriage of 32 & a bit years:

In Our time
We have fathomed
the intricacies
of Measurement
and Angle,
conquered the
Everest of
& painted whole worlds
Many colours, many times over.
We have
Mastered the
Logic of tiling,
Plumbed the ancient
Mysteries of water,
Sanded, chiselled, nailed 
& screwed to make things fit AND stay there!
Only to discover, at the end
Of all this sweat & toil
That the essence of home-building is…
the Level. @

Copyright © Arturus Australis | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

You Dream

You Dream
You dream me a dream.
You and I careen,
wide-eyed and screaming 
wild cries, clutching the sides
of our Thunder Mountain cart
on its rickety wooden rails
that fail
and we swoosh--like a flume
into a silent lagoon of silver water,
our cart transformed: 
a sleek Venetian ebony gondola--
there with my long-dead brother singing
old familiar camp songs--we must duck down,
to slip into the ribs of a skiff in Capri, 
lying so low, to enter 
the fluorescent Blue Grotto.
We emerge breathless in time. 
You have lost my passport. 
No one speaks our language. 
No one understands.
We run away together, away and away 
but the drunken brutal border guards
rip me from you, make me naked, take me to a desert
where I shall be shot, shot 
because you lost your wallet. 
You cannot pay my fine--
the fine demanded, extracted, exacted,
a sane insistence it seems in dreams, 
all reveries in sync: 
until the brink comes:  
you terrorized by the Universal Dream of Descent, 
you fall, fall, fall--unready to meet the Morning Star. 
But you will not today:
today you will wake to find
the digital clock and the leather block--
your wallet there before your eyes-- 
yet oft' you wish you might return 
to sleep, to complete
just one serene dream, 
just one 
ending without the threat of death..
perhaps to still, to cancel, 
the silent screaming, 
the greater fear of Finality:
me having to be here 
without you 
or you having to be here
without me.

Copyright © barbara agarwal | Year Posted 2015

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What it is not to be married

As a young girl you fall in love,
Not once not twice but many times,
And then you find a man,
A man you think is the right one for you,
A man you think can keep you happy ,
The dream man you have always wished for,

The farther you are from him,
The more you love him,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,
You want to be closer,
 Nearer the merrier is what u think,

Long hours of talking on phone,
Countless hours of romance,
Yes, through phone, again,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

You dream of marriage,
Dream of a life with him,
The few days you meet during vacation is all you know of him,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Then comes the big day, wedding! 
It's all dreamy and fuzzy through the 3 days of wedding,
And finally here you are married and as a wife
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Cooking, eating together and going out becomes a routine,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

The first few days is when you get to know each other,
Their preferences , their choices,
You adjust, he adjusts , after all you think it's all a give and take,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Yes, we keep learning in life , from our mistakes and others,
In this game of marriage you do see different facets of yourself and him,
Anger,love,laughter,selfishness,care,giving,missing and more,
But this should all be tied with a feeling called 'mine'
The minute you think it's 'yours', you always understand things better ,
Never think it's him/ her, think that's yours!
Yours today, tomorrow and for ever!

 Marriage, as they say is NOT a bed of roses,
Marriage is not a fairy tale,
Not a fantasy world,
It's not cinema like,
It's not always romantic,
It's not always about you,
Marriage is about understanding,
Marriage is about thinking the other person is yours!
Feel it to live it!

Copyright © Ranj Madhavan | Year Posted 2015

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mock marriages

The dolls wed in mock marriage
And lived together
Till they were in rags
And forgotten forever

They too wedded when doll like
Dreamed together like none else
But their marriage a mock  
Only lasted for a while

Mock marriage which is of the two?
The dolls’ or of those who are dolls
Who wait for time to turn them into rags
Or choose to be rags before their times???????

Copyright © sharmila menon | Year Posted 2011

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Sticking Together

For better or for worst; For good or for bad.
In sickness or in health; In riches or poverty.

In good days and bad,
When he has made you sad.                                                         
When she drives you mad;
And nothing makes you glad.

To have and to hold,
In the heat and in the cold.
From when we are young until we grow old;
Never to fold no matter what we’ve been told.

When you think that speaking is a must.
When you bite your tongue to avoid a fuss.
When he is cold as ice;
And she is hot as fire.

When he is looking old;
And she is not.
When you have money to buy a lot;
Or when you must keep what you’ve got.

Committed to the beauty and the beast;
When it’s pretty or when it’s ugly.
When you are thin;
Or when you are fat

When you are as loud as a dog;
Or when you are as quiet as a cat. 
When your words are few because                                                            no one cares about your point of view.
And when your opinion is right,                                            
and you still must sit and stew.
When you speak up to be heard;
Or when you are quiet as a mouse.

When the home you dearly love
has turned into just another house.
When the house is cold inside, 
And it’s not just you.

When words like honey, sugar,                                                                and sweetie pie no longer seem due.
When you fight, have fits, and want to quit;
That’s about the time to get a clue 02022007 cj PS

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Father Sadness

Father Sadness

Coupled sadness swept me away,
Unnoticed he slipt twixt happiness
and self as to say “Enuff of that”.
He of silent step razored sharp sense, 
weary hand poised to balance lives.
She holding the hourglass of love, 
The will to turn to show she should.

What marriage is this life bid
to bind at the alter of our love,
whilst suffering plays major key.
Whose chorus lay down bitter-sweet 
note that choke and will not go down, 
though swallow we must, or give offense.
Bridesmaids of hope and fate dressed
in smiles cut to quick cloth spun 
by clutching, desperate hands.

Whose get compassion and empathy,
birthed from crack sadness full fleshed
thrust into heart shattering reality,
uniting, reminding, in this we are one.
Oh sweet sadness I could not
a finer marriage make, 
nor love less than your twin, happiness.

Copyright © Craig Glenister | Year Posted 2015

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Please Answer Me

Please Answer Me 

Whether it be tonight, today, or yesterday;
and tomorrow too, even if it brings sorrow,
you have my attention always.*

Whether asleep or awake,
daydreaming in the meadows,
or adrift upon a stormy lake;
you have my attention always.

Whether you be a door                                                                                        or a house without walls,
and only a floor; you have my
attention always.

I know your heart and have already
entered the tender frames of your mind,
because you have my attention always.

Words are so costly to me,
and the words that I speak are 
more expensive than gold or silver,
more precious than rubies or diamonds.

But because you have my attention always,
love will find a way.  Like an earthquake, I shall then awake                         and ascend from what seems like a deep and long sleep.                             And then the silence shall ascend
from the deep; and from the depths of my heart,                                             my lips shall speak. 04132016  *An answer to, Love                                    Finds Ways To Speak, by Mystic Rose. PS Contest,
Answer Me, by Mystic Rose

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016