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Prose Poetry God Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About God

These Prose Poetry God poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about God. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Prose Poetry |



Open season
the games have begun
We be target practice
Shoot randomly
no penalty

Kill at will
...if you will
Lives don't
matter to the people
you're chanting to

Kill for thrill
new sport
Kill at will
...if you think
Lives matter
watch the gavel...
justice not served

Makes no difference
if they get sacked
Big money got their backs
Now who has that kind if cash ?

Thumb twiddles, sitting down
eyes watching God's moves
"God's going to get them people"
That is what God said: He also
said: "faith without works is dead'

Earth disturbers in combat boots
Serial killers with badges in blue suits
commissioned for this mission
rewarded with loot.

The makers of tragedies on 9/11
twin towers. Afghanistan and
the embassy in Kenya ...World Trade
Center and the list goes on.
By the way who's funding Boko Haram?
They have better weapons than the whole
Naja Militia.

Desensitized people, frightened and numb
Worldwide genocide irrespective of person
religion or gender.
When bombs go off, bodies drop
buildings fall.
What if the grid breaks?
What if he does not re-create
anyone smart enough to fix it.?

Those people who one day
gets paid, to kill those people,
Who pays you to kill them people
and them people to kill you....

Somebody is paying people,
to make less people
and paying people -
to make less people etc...
until there is less people.
Only the people on the left,
are left.
And the leftover people.

Then no more people left.
and the green grass grew all around all around ....
and the green grass grew all around

IF God Gives Up ON US...

What might he do, send us back into the
black hole. Take the power back from the Sun?

Reverse the magnetic magnitude of the moon
There'll be no separation of day from
night, there'd be no more chances to get life right.

If God gives up on us it would
serve us deserving. No intercession
for your transgressions.

Just send us back into oblivion;
Erase us like we had never come.?
Dauntless disobedience, and foul
acts mocking his earthly domain
Diverging from Gods plan
Ignoring truth, man abusing man.

What if God would wait
one million years before
he launched another plan
and like the dinosaurs
we'd be - Just another species
from ancient times and lands.

What if God gave up on us...?

and sent us back into the
dust, and the only memories
left, would be the writings
in ancient books.
Ancient books no-one could decipher.

...and the green grass grew all around all around
and the green


Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

My God on Earth: My Mother

A heart that cries more than me 
in my pain. 
Whose congenial and benign teachings 
make me sane. 
A warm touch that dispels from me 
the gales of worry. 
Whose proximity ensures me that I'm 
protected by her under furry. 
A helping hand that always hold me 
whenever I'm about to lose. 
& my first teacher who makes me to 
distinguish between donts' and dos'. 
A voice and nothing more, an Angel 
who is entirely mine just after my birth. 
And she is none other but 'My Mother', 
The God on Earth. 
Although to define her in words is 
beyond my skill. 
Nevertheless I can say that her pace in 
my life, none can fill. 
She is the one who needs not a single 
word of me to understand. 
In my devastation, she is always there 
to provide effusively her hand. 
In the weariness of my life, with her, 
I may lose to be in link. 
But she ever remembers me whenever I 
breathe or my eyes blink. 
I can say that in search of heaven, 
I needn't to go anywhere. 
I would like to put my head in my 
mother's lap, as its only there.. 

Copyright © Hina Saxena | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |



HE WAS asleep
Between space and time
The first light on the world
Floated idly
On him
He was just born.

His folded hands
Glowed a pale pink
To keep the fire of life
He wondered if he was really awake.
Is it the true world?
Is it the true village?
Is it the true nest?
He kept kicking
And cried like a scared owl.

God trod to the next village.

Best of 2014 - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Carol Eastman

Written on 8/20/2014	 

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |



Assemble all the gods we’ve built,
stand them in a line, then walk along
the corridor and ponder which is yours,
which is mine?  Dragons, stoics, satyrs,
saints, all stony faced with colored paints.
Some in regal pompous robes others missing
all their clothes.  Fierce and sullen, sour faced
one look to put you in your place, kind and
gentle, bended knee promising to set you free.
Ogre sneers on giant cats, fat and sassy spoiled brats.
These are the gods we have created.
Thank God they never met - and mated.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

Sun Shines On The Righteous

Sun Shines On The Righteous

93,000,000 miles from the earth,                                                                   the sun heats our planet in varying degrees.
If the sun were not appropriately set in place by God,                                    life could not exist, because we would certainly freeze.

Though it be true that the sun shines on the righteous;
it is equally true that the sun also shines on the unrighteous.
I cannot imagine a world of sunshine only upon the righteous,
because the righteous are comparatively so few.                                  

Our prosperous planet would appear as one with beautiful and pleasant strips of light and comfort;  but so much of the earth would be in a sad state of neglect and unused potential.  There would be breathtaking views of  high snow capped mountains and grassy valleys, sandwiched between blue skies, clear waters, and greenish landscapes.                                           

Nevertheless, such beauty would, in turn, be painfully segmented by massive strips of the pure ugliness of cold, darkness, and death.

It is so incredibly descriptive of a benevolent and magnanimous creator,  that he would design and engineer a “sun” which dares to 
express, like him,  a love so far reaching and unconditional.
04112016  PS Contest, Sun Shines On The Righteous, by
Seren Roberts

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

GOD, I Need Your Grace Today

God I need your Grace today. To lead me to guide to show me the way. It;s through my Lord Jesus, that Heavenly Father I pray and ask for your Grace today. As I walk in this world of uncertainty and fear, your Heavenly voice I need to hear.

To stop my mumbling, my stumbling and my short comings. To know when to open my mouth and know what to say, how to use my words and how to pray, so I again, I ask you God for your Grace today. It's through you Lord Jesus that my way has been sealed because By Your Stripes We Are Healed. Is.53:5.

And by your Grace I get complete relief, but I need you also Lord Help My Unbelief. Mark.9:24. To stand confident, tall and strong for by your Heavenly grace I know I can't go wrong, cause in this world of violence and when I don't feel safe, I can pray to you Lord and you will increase my Faith.

Because this life can be a real struggle, so I can pray again and you will keep me out of trouble. For every day that I am put to the test, It's by your Grace that I can over come and enter into your rest. It's through you Lord Jesus that my Blessing are coming like a flood.

It's because I've been redeemed by your Precious Blood. So I ask you Father for your Grace today and it's through my Lord Jesus Christ, that Heavenly Father you have made the way. Thanh You Again... AMEN.

Inspired By Joyce Meyer.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

God of PlayTime Loves

I know nothing brighter than disdain
for algebra’s insane fascination with irrational outcomes,
dissonating my natural empathy
with harmonic blends and rhythms,
patterns of fore-giving symmetry.

By contrast,
the only math I take to,
warm wet compost
transforming into well-fed root system,
more than geometry,
is logic,
especially ecological applications
to natural systems theory,
in which close enough,
and just show up,
and what goes up must come down
as what goes in must come back out again,
one way or another,
are all good enough
not only for government work but also self-governance
of God as Sun as ReGenerative Love,
Earth's AnthroPlay.

like AnthroVocation toward reconnecting solidarity within all Earth Tribes
merging mystical languages of light as fertile health,
as dark politically economizes LoseLose decomposition plans,
anti-ecological suicide of God as Love,
AnthroVocation of EcoConsciousness,
like AnthroPlay of Love,
vocation is enculturing application,
play is regeneration.

From geometry of biology
I learned each BioLove Player has an Exterior Landscape co-gravitational center
as our Interior MindBody Landscape
has a bilateral dipolar co-arising ecoconscious center,
half Ego-identified Left,
half EcoExterior Landscape DNA-ReGenerative Right,
prime fractal-ecological light incarnation OVER
dualdark Original Intent of dual-dense Black Concave,
(0)Mega Climax of Time
syntaxed as Light/double-reverse TransParent,
languaged and enculturing as Love of regenerative light/dualdark balance,
storied as creative evolution of life, health, good, truth, positive, beauty, wealth, cooperativity
sung in harmony of resonant, full circle, resolutions,
danced in variations on a 4-step fractal-seasonal theme,
calculated in prime temporal-neural receptivity,
stored in dialectic +/-,- memory functions
with octave interdependent primal frequencies
of bilinear co-gravitation
wu wei balancing time as love
as cooperative relationship of midway dark and light,
yin and yang,
double-binding irrational outcomes
as half positive and half negative
so split the absent differences
and therein find opportunities
for new balance and symmetrical evolution
of God as Love as Moose Medicine blended with Owl Medicine
for self-perpetuating EarthTribe's Love MidWay Medicine.

From logic I learned
if God (x) = Love (y)
then BioLove also = God’s Identity.

But, it took Buckminster Fuller’s geometrics,
blended with Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of bicameral mindbody consciousness,
to remind me
AnthroLove evolved through cooperative ego-dialogue within
as evolution emerged without,
they are mutually phylogenetic,
political and economic and social and 
polycultural love of health outcomes.

AnthroLove = BiCamerally Balancing God’s EarthBound TaoTime,
Yang Exterior-Deductive EgoLeft = Yin Interior-Inductive EcoRight,
LeftRight AnthroLove co-arising Prime (0) Relationship,
EarthConvex OVER EcoConcave Double-Binding Conscious Landscape

splitting dissonant differences
of prickly algebraic irrationality,
and other unhealthy, climatically dissonant, outcomes.

To algebra is hell,
to ecologic divinely regenerative.

If Love is God’s Identity
then God is cooperative EarthTribal Love,
RNA/DNA applied as creative work of evolution,
regenerative as radical paradise 
through four seasons of playtime revolution.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |


#1. Armaggedon is not a geographical
location. The battle goes on within us
between the will or ego and the spirit. 
Divinity lives within this battlefield in 
our heart and souls. 

#2. Armaggedon is not a remote event in history 
but an occasion for the Self to connect more fully 
to the nature of Divinity which  resides both within
and beyond the self in three different ways.

#3. Armaggedon. The Self is the creation of God. 
The serial disasters that humanity accumulates
in our lives are not from an All Powerful God 
handing out retribution or revenge or indifference. 
Divinity promotes that love is primary. 

#4. Armaggedon is an opportunity to realize the
personality of God within our own lives.
Justice, wisdom, love, knowledge, thoughts,
feelings and behavior, except for evil, are aspects 
of the personality of God. It is our responsibility 
to merge with Divinity more fully to strengthen
those aspects of divinity within ourselves.

#5. Armaggedon is not a place outside of us, 
it is a symbol of our faith. Being a child of God
means you already have the inherent qualities 
of God within you, we all do, no matter what 
religion. Like a mother who gives birth to a child, 
the child has aspects of the mother’s personality
within her. Thus, as God has given birth to us all, 
we have attributes of Divinity within that we 
need to grow and strengthen. 

#6. Armaggedon. The fever is already raging.
in a war that surpasses all wars and that is
alive within us on a daily basis. This war
holds the souls weight of my loyalty
toward or away from love, the primary aspect
of God.

Copyright © julie heckman | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Were You There

Were you there
when we nailed health culture
to the cross?

Weren't you there?
I thought we were all there!
Wasn't that our Big Bang of an Idea?

Let's just forgive each other for all that angry history
of hurt and loss and painful suffering,
torture and lapses into extermination of subpopulations
based on quite a list of characteristics,
gender and sexuality, age, religion,
occupation, attire, 
placement of domicile within v without walls
of acquisitive EgoAnthro-possession,
and on and on....
Then too we have all that slavery,
adding commodification to the domestication
of our value for healthy human mindbodies.

So, yes, the nail of Angry Cultural Climate
pierces Left's deductive memory screaming past
irrationally unacceptable tolerance
of collective cognitive-affective dissonance
when we are invited into Easter's new-life resonance
of regenerative health trends.

But, I also thought we were all there 
in our more global RNA-centered Right Yin MindBody,
terrified of AnthroEgo's biosystemic culture
of climatic transitions toward timeless demise.
How could YHWH continue to be Father
to Son's Becoming
and yet let His beloved EgoSon die?

Did we misunderstand something about our shared
"child of YHWH" status?
Might we be our Father's first RNA Creation Story,
told and retold through bicameral beating
and breathing
and noticing dipolarity of Time's Him/Her Self-regeneratively
healthy evoluting climate?

I thought our primal crucifixion story
was our co-redeeming health and safety self-perpetuation narrative
of love as synergetic therapy
for angry history
and fear of future shortage of YHWH-Time CoPresent;
you know, the hellfire and brimey damnation scenarios
all the way through
"I never have enough quality time for myself" plot-lines,
long-reiterated issues
and dismay and decay
and all negatively correlated
with healthy, regenerate YHWH-flow
of Time's co-arising Positive trends
(notnot negative, and binomial/bilateral, equivalent),
eating and sleeping, 
communing in generous nutritional climates.

So, how do we get to this true Easter cultural climate
without first getting ourselves down
off that Left-brain over-dominant cross?

I suppose this  is where the Right-brain comes in,
concave and dipolar-temporal recessive tomb,
embracing Ego-purgation.
But, you know, I find it a whole lot easier
to trust it feels and is much safer,
perhaps even a bit relaxing and contenting,
to purge my lungs
when I know we have plenty of fresh nutrition,
healthy cultural climate
to breathe right back in again.

Left-Right bicameral ecoconscious Evolutionaries,
Permaculturist Bodhisattva Warriors,
EcoTherapists and Occupiers,
Medicine Care Optimizers and 7-Generation Sustainers,
PolyPathic Mystics of Revolutioning Peace,
New ZeroInterest Investors
and Lifestyle Mentors and Teachers,
Cooperative Networkers and Game Designers,
it's PostMillennial Time
to design an Easter
cooperative economics
with polycultural politics
actively co-networking Communion!

We keep telling ourselves
this same creation Easter story
every year.
You can't spring Easter season
of new cooperative healthy growth outcomes
without first investing
decompositional temporal-dialectic analysis time
in tomb of winter.
And, you can't dwell within this purgative-embryonic tomb
as womb,
without first letting yourself fall down from all those angry crosses
and using them to devise
primal permacultural mapping strategies
for next year's WinWin health and equity outcomes
this climatic summer of Time's DiPolar Diastasis.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Love I've Waited For

Bless me with your
presence, with the 
tenderness of your

Bless me with your
radiant joy, for you
are all I do think

Bless me with the 
happiness which only 
you alone can bring...

Bless me with the
peaceful bliss which
causes my heart to

And in the morning
as I rise, the
prayer I will pray
to you...

Will tell you Lord
how deep my love is 
and how it will always
remain so true.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Day the Doctor Told Me

On the day
When the doctor told me 
My whole heart crushed 
Melting like snow in summertime
Leaving me to wonder 
Was this moment 
My realty 
A fantasy 
Cause even though I don’t go to church 
Every Sunday 
I knew God wouldn’t plague me 
With a curse such as this 
I was too young to die 
Carry an illness which could 
Define me 
Would I make it 
Is there a cure 
Cause the way he was telling me 
My diagnosis and deterioration 
I wasn’t so sure 
So instead of making this a life sentence 
My death penalty 
I chose to live another day 
Not allowing this moment to end my dignity
I knew my life wasn’t destined to end this way 

The day the doctor told me 
I was a victim to Cancer
I gave the message to God 
Allowing him to solve the problem
Provide the answer
Only he could to clear my vision 
Cause at this time
Everything was a blur
I couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop 
I knew he wasn’t done with me yet
I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel 
Take a seat, swivel away
Let my coffin bow down a whole 6 feet

The day the doctor told me 
Not only did I take heed to what he said
I believed in what wasn’t note
Understanding I had a chance 
It wouldn’t be circumstances
Used to close the book to my story 
But the reason to live and be loved 
To achieve all I ever dreamed of 

The day the doctor told me 
I had Cancer 
I simply replied, “No, I do not” 
I have life 
A life not complete, nor finished 
And after 7 years of living 
I am wiser, smarter, healthier and determined 
Not to let this Cancer make me a victim 
But claim my place in David’s army
Nothing will happen to he who believes
And guess what
I’m a Survivor, I’m Here, and until My God is ready
I am not going anywhere!!!!!


Copyright © Charron Monaye | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

I Shall Wait On You

As my day slowly comes to an end
When it seems my strength is gone
As the hours seem to pass by slowly
When all I try just seems so wrong

Within my heart I seek inspiring words
A psalm that will lift my spirit high
For so often when I feel this tired
Even on my bed I have no desire to lie

I reach within my soul for divine energy
I seek with my inner voice to deeply pray
Finding I have such a great need of You
For Your soothing spirit to come my way

And as I pray silently and so sweetly
While I also gently embrace Your name
I find I shall always wait on You Lord
Knowing my happiness I will again regain

For You are the great power which saves me
The blessed assurance my heart only knows
And happily Lord I will always wait on You
Because with all my heart I love You so.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |


Father God,
The Omnescient One,
The Alpha and The Omega.
Almighty, Powerful, Unfathomable Love.
The Head of The Holy Trinity.

Jesus, The Son,
Love Incarnate.
Son of God, Son of Man,
Savior and Friend.
The Lamb of God is He.

Holy Spirit,
The Light and the Essence,
Of God The Father, Himself.
Convictor, Teacher,
Seeker of Souls,
Sent to comfort you and me.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
There's three in one, you see,
And we are created in His image,
So again there's one in three.

Body, Soul and Spirit too,
Again there's three in one.
He said,"We'll make him in Our own image,
And to teach him I'll send My Son."

                                                                                                  Rev. 1:6

                                                      Luke 4:21-23

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |


Strong woman
That woman 
Who tears behind the mirror? 
Made me who I am 
My hardened heart she took
Tenderized it with love
Took my salty tears 
Turned into joyful tears

That woman 
Who sighs behind the mirror 
Sighs in memory
Memories and feelings
Hardships she went through 
To feed my whole stomach

That woman
The woman pulling back her mucors
Does so in fear
Fear that ill not be what she hoped
That teared woman 
Crys in fast and prayer 
Crys for my dark self 
Cries for my future 

That woman crying 
Tears down her body fluids
Hopefully that her anger and disappointments
May atleast flow out with them
Her body almost running dry by now
That woman calls upon God
GOD atleast make him better
That woman cries for me 
That woman cries for her lineage
That woman cries night and day

How I came to be 
To be what I am 
I don’t know how
A slave of the world
A slave with one work song 
A song entitled failure 
The first stanza of calamity
The last stanza dead man where I am heading

Looking at her cry 
Twists my brains 
Is this what I am?
Is this my purpose to the world? 
Is this the man the world wants? 
Is this what God spent time Molding 
Is this what the bible describes? 
Just for her 
Just for her I take my life back 
Just for her God I stand strong 
Just for her I say no
NO no no this is not me 

Come mummy take this handkerchief 
I don’t wannna see those tears again
I love you mummy

Copyright © FRANCIS NZIOKI | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Healthy Living, Wealthy Loving

When I see "evolution"
as a spiritual Creation Story,
then I easily miss evolving
as a natural-regenerative Revolution Story,

And when I wrap warm winter blankets
around my Ego's ReCreation Story,
I create dichotomies and dipolarities
between a morality rooted in neutral soul
and eco-norming blankets,
forming a norm-morality deep rooted
in my eco-spiritual-rational regenetic story
emerging toward Beloved Healthy Communication
Cooperatively Balancing Communities
and EcoLove-Management Networks.

Healthy therapeutic conversations
spill over my back fence
under my Buddha Tree of Life,
over my Buddha TaoTree of NotNot Death,
and over my front yard barriers
to step into political and economic cooperative moral spirit
as normal--nature discernment,
to speak love as co-arising poly-dialectic light,
shedding over past decomposing anger
equivocating future dualdark fears
deep down into choice-factories of responsible EgoOwnership.

If our moral syntax speaks in regenerative DNA/RNA,
my, and our,
Creation Story could begin with Uracil begetting Thymine
as one-bilateral co-gravitational dimension begets 4Dimensional SpaceTime,
Zero-Centric-Souled healthy nature,
equivalently co-mentoring NotNot YinYin reverse-temporal Cytosine,
wealthy Spirit of DiPolar TransParent Time's CoPresent Relationship
between PositivePolynomial ConvexForm as now-past
and NotNotPolyNomial 
nondual ConCaving DiPolar 
temporally bilateral 
neural-normal-moral-message future projection functions.

Cytosine-structure as non-languaged YinYin Elder Right MindBody
stretching through WinWin CoOperative Revolutionary Eco/EgoProportions 
and Rhythmic Function,
ReGeneratively Eco/EgoBalancing MoralNomials,
(0)-soul Earth Centric,
on positive evolutionary course
as Win-HealthyLove
cooperatively struggling with
WinLose SubMoralOptimizing Pathology 
of Devolving LeftBrain Uracilly voracious dualdark dissonant future,

I do better
when I hear my bicameral ego-spirit
speak our bilaterally equivalent 
time-is-nature's co-arising investment/divestment norm.
all of my past and future possibilities and risks
overwhelm elational bliss
of healthy wealth
nondual co-arising regenerativity of co-revolving EarthTribes.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

God And Woman

God And Woman

I did not want anything from The Almighty
Sacrificed untouchable realization
Which is symbol of myself
And dedicated emotions, silence.

I did not demand anything from the woman
Allowed her into the corner of my mind
Which is the center of bleeding
And presented my intuition.

The Almighty and the woman repeatedly call
Destruction in my lonely life
It's the ability to do more by them...


Copyright © Sandip Goswami | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

What Songs

What songs shall find new life within me
When the darkness softly embraces the sky 
As the sun runs it course into the ocean
While like a master painter he fills my eyes
With the beauty of another very lovely sunset
Whose spiritual rhythms softly soothe my soul
While massaging my heart with his tender caress
Leaving on its walls many sweet memories of gold

He brings my heart within to dance vibrantly   
Full of his love's most radiant lasting kiss
Joyfully reminding me when tomorrow comes
I will be filled again with its loveliness

Which he spent the night away from me preparing
The most breathtaking scene one can ever find
So when I open my eyes to greet the new dawning
I will be embraced lovingly by a treasure divine.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

I Listen To Your Love

I listen as your love  speaks out to me,
Each morning when I am allowed to rise.
Finding at that time I am assured Lord,
Your love will always be by my side.

My spirit finds peace early in the morning,
During the special quiet times we share.
My heart is ever thankful for the chance,
When my spirit finds your love so near.

My heart listens to your captivating whisper,
Which each morning sets my passion to flame.
As I rise early each day to humbly greet you,
Knowing again my life will never be the same.

My heart always begins to beat a little faster,
As my lungs each day continue to softly breathe.
I wait within your sweet tender embrace of love, 
Attentively listening while your love speaks to me. 

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Holy God

A Holy God we serve.
A Holy God deserves
better then what we give, 
in the way we sometimes live. 
It's not just a 'Sunday thing,' 
to worship, praise and sing

We were made for His pleasure
for He loves us without measure. 
He wants our heart, mind and soul. 
Doesn't want us lukewarm or cold.
A Holy God we serve.
He didn't give us what we deserve.

Instead upon the Cross, His Son,
shed His Holy Blood and we won.
All our sin's were washed away
by the Son of God that day.
A Holy God we serve, 
Let us give Him what He deserves.

Copyright © Edith D Eutsler | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

A Gift Of Heavenly Love

My heart awakens each day with a psalm,
Which I will joyfully recite for my King.
A psalm of pure love, a psalm of praise,
Because the Lord means everything to me.

And on my knees I happily speak the words,
Bowing down before his heavenly throne.
Lovingly he accepts what is spoken by lips,
For he knows their melodies are never done.

He saved me from sin’s deep darkened pit,
And from sinking into its tormented hell.
He gave his life as a ransom for me,
And now my heart each day must tell.

Of his goodness, his love, and tender mercies,
How his loving grace has set me forever free.
For he saved a lowly sinner from certain death,
Giving me his blessing of life I surely need.

And that is why my heart will tell the world
About the precious salvation he alone brings
For he is more valuable than even my own life
Because he means more than this world to me.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

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Amor Fati

~Amor Fati~

Justin Richter

It is no wonder, looking up at the cosmos,
That they worshipped the Gods -
The diviners of Reason
And the theologians of old.

But how devout were they?
Even then, in their temples of devotion,
Searching for answers
Where truth be told.

And what would their pantheon say?
As we now ascend to the heavens,
To our neighbors in Their name.

"There are mortals at Olympus!"
"We are betrayed!"
"How dare they fumble forth,
Naive in Our domain?"

Yet where is the scepter of Jupiter?
Or the lightning bolt of Zeus?
Where are the seers and the soothsayers?
The Oracle, the prophecy unfulfilled?
They died with Delphi,
And took the Olympians.

Will that be our fortune?
In far away places,
Will they look to us as deities,
Those believers yet to believe?

Is that what lies behind our stars -
Are we our gods we worship?
Are we as fleeting?
As fragile?

After all, what God prays our prayers?
To what end is our tithe?
Like the dead,
Our thoughts see Them alive. 

That cannot be!
The Alphas and the Omegas,
Entwined with human affairs!?

Hah! Listen, young God,
If those Old Ones subsist, 
They leave us to our fate.

And so it comes to pass;
The beginning, 
And eventually...
The end -

Amor fati.

Copyright © Justin Richter | Year Posted 2016

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Love's Importance

I once was questioned by a man
Why each time when I lifted my pen
I always seemed to write of love
Whenever a new poem I would begin

Love, love, love, he shook his head
Much better you would surely be
If you wrote without using that word
Letting its spirit inwardly creep

Choosing carefully before I answered
Asking the spirit for the words to say
I simply said I am moved daily to write
About His amazing love with my praise

My faith I replied is also a real reason
I choose to embrace love within so near
And with its energy I know when I do
I will keep His Spirits presence near

But most of all by sharing loves beauty
I will resemble what He gives the best
And each day I will lead a joyful life
As part of His pure love which never rests.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

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I too am smitten, On thy lustrous glow

I too am smitten,
On thy lustrous glow;
Cologne of thy juvenility,
Is so stupendous;
None can stop,
Thee strewing in ambiance,
Alluring crowd;
My boggle is,
These moments of love,
May or may not last;
May leave me in loneliness;
Will be bereft,
For thy love;
Will be shattered,
If don't stay my side;
I too am enamoured,
But scared,
If Sun sets down,
Behind the veil of moon,

© Sadashivan Nair

Copyright © sadashivan nair | Year Posted 2016

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Christ Child

In eternity past, the Father asks the Son to go down.
Having equal Love for humans the "Yes" comes fast.
When Creation leads to time, the world waits for 4 BC
Marking the start of the end of Satan's long rule at last.

Did Satan laugh at the poor setting for Jesus' birth here?
A cry in a cave for animals pierces the night, changing all.
Shepherds worship; later wise kings give precious gifts.
Mary and Joseph marvel, yet Herod's rage soon gives a call.

A call to leave quickly to Egypt where they'll live as refugees.
Sparing the Christ child a merciless death of those under three.
When Herod finally dies, Jesus' parents head back to Israel.
Still not fully safe from mad rule, Nazareth is their destiny.

Here the child will grow to be a man, following His parents rule.
Surprising the Pharisees with His wisdom at 12, at 30 riling them.
Preaching with authority, healing the incurable, loving the humble.
Women weep repenting at his feet; one's healed by touching his hem.

Zacchaeus risks going into a tree and finds Jesus' salvation so free.
Nicodemus comes at night to ask and ends amazed he's met God's Son
The Woman at the Well gets far more vital water than the usual kind.
And many healed can't but tell others of the miracle God has done.

The babe in the manger now stills the storm and his disciples believe
Even seeing the dead arise, like Lazarus in the tomb for four days.
Foretelling a greater rising coming but not before immense suffering.
The sword Mary was told would pierce her heart is soon on its way.

For most religious leaders cannot tolerate Jesus' lack of respect for them.
Calling them whitewashed tombs and pointing pride out to Pharisees.
Not endearing Himself with the establishment, but following God's way.
Knowing soon He'd be betrayed, arrested, tried and tortured brutally.

Still, he calmly feeds them body bread and blood wine in a final feast.
Tells them the Spirit comes, and prays they'd be one like Father and Son.
Heads to the Garden, prays to His Father for another way if possible.
Your will be done ends and the soldiers come and with Judas kiss it's done.

The most pure, innocent Man who's ever lived is now in hostile hands.
A trial by dark without witness or any rights – and off to Pontius Pilate.
Then Herod then back to Pilate whose wife dreamed Jesus was innocent.
But the people's cries to crucify win over – Jesus caught in intrigue's net.

The child of Bethlehem now hung on a Cross between two criminals.
The Light of the World by darkness and our sins is being slowly slain.
Feeling forsaken by God, but then "Into Your hands I commit my spirit."
Reunited and soon to show the world that this Child was no ordinary one.

Risen as Jesus predicted, for how can death conquer everlasting, perfect life?
From childhood to adult not one sin, not once yielding to Satan's temptations.
Proving we can have life eternal if we confess and believe in Jesus as our Savior.
Calling His followers in risen form to await the Spirit and share Christ to the nations

Copyright © Scott Bronner | Year Posted 2012

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My God Placed You God In Front Of Me

I had no choice that day but to love you
My heart could do nothing else but care
So perpetually my mind began to spin 
When you sat down by my side so near

I don’t think I would have chosen you
If that moment in time was left up to me
But your Father had set in motion a plan
Where your grace would lovingly set me free

My heart was swept away so effortlessly
When you reached out taking me by my hand
I never realized my life could be this happy
Loving you as no other human ever can

And it was the most magnificent of blessings
The greatest gift my eyes could ever receive
That moment in time when I became so alive
When my God, placed You God, in front of me.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

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A Spiritual Richness

A spiritual richness blossoms within
When love is shared in a spiritual way
The moment selfish lust is cast aside
Giving His spiritual love a home to stay

For His Living words are very priceless
They are the truest of jewels to hold
They make your spirit to shine radiantly
Much brighter than diamonds or gold

Begin your day within His perfect blessing
Always seek His spirits love to daily hold 
And wherever  each day you might travel
Along side of you His spirit will also go

Remember love the Lord God with all your heart
With all your mind, and soul, and strength
And in keeping with that, love your neighbors
As yourself with the love within God did plant

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

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The Image of God

All nations are made of one blood, in the image of God
he created man, to fulfill his plan through all generation
Liberation was his plan for every man to live in victory
Injustice and hate dominates, stripping nations of their dignity    
God’s persona in man is neither black or white or shades of grey
The depth of his love, goes deeper than what we see, dispelling all negativity  
Man was born to rule, to possess power, but to stigmatize God’s creation 
is the epitome of evil 

All nations where created by the creative power of God
By his DNA he created man and woman bonded as one 
United, we are strong in the presence of our supreme God

There is no reason to fill your space with hate
God created us to relate, and not to intimidate
The image of God lies within man to cut the hate and impart his love
Through his blood he channel his love to revive us from
our failing love      


Copyright © Pauline White | Year Posted 2015

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Redundant Blessings

Native American Blessing

May the Great Transition Spirit of Time
co-arisingly bless us,
our habitats,
those we love
riding within Time's emerging Light
and those we remain challenged to love
with peaceful all-embracing diastasis,
faithful to empathic trust
we each do the healthiest best we can
with the sometimes sickly spinning ride we landed on,
seeking perpetually Climaxing Beloved Community,
interior ego within
as exterior eco-reasoned logic without.

John's Good News 3:16:
For ProGenitor ElderSun Nature so co-arisingly loved 
Earth's multiculturing Tribes,
that Earth's Cooperative Evolution gifted-forward
dialectical WinWin ecosystemic intent,
ego-mythos within Earth's bicameral nondual logos,
SunGod of wisdom's diastolically stretching co-empathic light
accessible to our each and every regenerator sons and daughters,
so that all holonic EcoSelves
full investing in each cooperative Other,
already have diastatic consciousness
of timeless co-arising life
as fundamentally basic co-attendant love,
and therefore no remainder of time
to write their bios
to clue us in about tendril roots of Positive PolyPathic Deviance.

Great Transition-Revolution Spirit
co-arises cooperative pay-it-forward
grace of loving co-redemptive karma,
when days become even more hilariously stimulating
than wet dreamy nondual nights.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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My spirit is satisfied with with what it sees
Each day when I find myself to rise 
For my soul and spirit rise in harmony
Within the beautiful emotions I feel inside

For what I find to embrace each morning
Brings my heart to sing a song of praise
To the One who has blessed me with the gift
Of the life breath He has passed my way

Serene are the many lovely thoughts
Which daily brings soft smiles alive
When I feel the embrace of my Gods love
As his presence fills all aspects of my life

Tranquil are the thoughts and daydreams
That soothingly enter into my mind
Like water finding its way to a stream
While nourishing my spirit deep inside

For my heart will always be truly satisfied
Each day as I awaken my eyes to You
Because I find it to be a priceless blessing
As I breathe again embracing a love so true.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Thread of Hope

As all I’d ever termed wondrous bliss unexpectedly died -
As my fantasy of a reality with destruction did collide -
My hopes shattered around me like glass in countless pieces,
Fragments suspended in mocking beauty as time freezes…

The clock hand ticks forward and it all crashes to the floor
My knees hit rock-bottom when I could take no more
All I now see is blackness where once there was color
Gone appears the light from the sun and its fervor…

I begin to walk away from the pond of shattered dreams
But the glass is in my clothes and cutting through my heart, it seems
Perhaps I am too close, the smoke is clouding my full view-
Glance up at the tower, instinctively know what to do…

Run up the steps; one, two,three hundred endless stairs
And I barely catch my breath, or have time to fill lungs with air -
Before the ground beneath my feet crumbles into sand
Loud thunder above me rumbles as I fall back down on land…

And I hit rock-bottom again
Thinking this must be the end
For surely no human can go through this pain
And still see rainbows through the rain…

The whole world seems gray and black tonight
With not a speck of pure, identifiable white in sight
Nothing is untouched, gone is everything -
Then how do I glimpse in that crack a thin white string?

Among the dirt, surely this uncorrupted clean string is not real
But just to verify the hopeless doubts, I reach out a hand to feel
And to my electric surprise, it’s most tangible indeed
I yank it out attached to a note, uncrumple it and read:

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease” [Quran 94:6]

That white thread...
Of hope.

Copyright © Aya Salah | Year Posted 2013