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Prose Poetry Education Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Education

These Prose Poetry Education poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Education. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Education poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Words Of Wisdom To My Child

You grow so fast, already showing glimpse of awesome creativity and transform discoveries from the industrious nature of your observations so squat at my feet and raise your attentive head up high to be equipped for this compulsory journey oh sweet creature of my seed. My hands of your molding and chastisement are already the processing engine of your refinement my strong willed mind and love soaked heart complete the stages as you hold steadfast to the train I’ve prepared for you Listen attentively as I perform this segment of my duties and lets take a tour round the routes of wisdom and gallivant the landscape of experience while I pedal your feet and smoothen your soles Seasoned flavored virtues are an armour through which life’s shots are overcomed and a colourful behaviour becomes a saviour in times of need Labor not your whole life in chasing vapour for out of vigour, flour is made from wheat, Bread from flour, but all for a time of enjoyment and satisfaction Guilty syndrome is exhibited when a person answers unasked questions and don’t force out jokes from your head or else people will think your sense of humor is on a life support Sunset is no accuse for the clock to stop running ad infinitum thus, an excuse is like a punctured umbrella it’ll still not stop the invasion of raindrops Your natural desires are borderless, but your ability to strongly control them is what makes you distinct from other species in the animal kingdom Love has no prefix, suffix or adjective it is what it is and as powerful as causing natural instincts to be abdicated in favour of kindness just for the carnivore to embrace abstinence. He who begins a tale becomes its reference don’t say what you cannot defend in court rumour is a bad odour which spreads beyond the neighbourhood and puts a noisy siren on your personality Bad companionship will lead you to the garbage and corrupt friends will join others to marvel at the immortality of your adopted stupidity Wash your face every morning with these words and take your every meal with these lines then would they be spices to which your life is preserved.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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Because Education Is Important

The last time I had seen this particular cousin of mine, I was still in college and he had a head full of hair. In between, there had been three funerals, two weddings and four births in our Trojan royalty of a family. I had been a university graduate for a year, and the prospect for a job, a decent one at that, had started to grow dimmer by the day. He asked, “Will you tutor my daughter?” “Yes!” I said. And we set out immediately. He, on his bike and I, on my motorcycle following him. We took a right turn at the famous landmark of the statue of demoness Putana, sitting on the grass with her bosom out and legs spread forward. He introduced me to his wife and daughter. Telling them to stand side by side, he told me, “She's only eleven, but look at her! Already equal in length and width to her mother, who is no delicate petal herself. Do you think you can teach her GK?” 

The universe wasn't made with dissent. Plus, the chicken samosas were really delicious. I tried on a grin while the overachieving pre-teen bustled around the room showing me her accolades for painting, singing, studying. As I left he pointed at a tree, “Do you know what tree is that?”

“Bael?” I answered thoughtfully. 

“Apple. That's an apple tree.” 

“Oh! Does it bear fruits?” 

“Not in this climate!” He laughed out loud.

Date: 30 / 11 / 2016
Contest: James Tate
Sponsor: Space Cadet

Copyright © Tamal Kundu | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |



The mental quality of spirits is unveiled.
Anne saw them in imagery.
They were in small shapes as a displayed mural.
A bust of lives demised with estate being conveyed as an inhabitant or the occupier.
Their capacity was that of full animation and stream.
Anne watched the mystical images that were once all men.
Their colors came as black, white, and olive.

Attuned to their surroundings, they did not alter their position on the wall.
They desire was to rectify a wrong.
Calibers are competent to their form in which Anne was not afraid of being forewarned.

Anne began to name them the ones that she saw.
The black one was called Magic because he was the leader of them all.
There were two level of white men seated by rows.
Anne named them Parchment because of their lab coats.
The olive one was called Mixed-Blood.

Stature they formed with ability to construct.
The degree of their mental capacity paraded the capability of the physical you being possessed.
Might they enter via an oval of the body?
They haunted this house to influence cognizance.
Anne’s knowledge is such that she may not be aware of their existence from where they exist.
Ignorance is the perception Anne lived in.

Anne and her family moved from this house in her seventh year.
She saw their presence first when she was four.
Once Anne and her family left, she did not see them anymore.

Anne moved on Briesch when she was an infant.
She never spoke of what she saw until she relocated.
Anne’s mother stated that a veil was over her eyes, a pall of despair trying to develop premonition.

Caliber is a degree of mental capacity or moral quality.
Anne cultivated this identity.
Penned February 17, 2014!
For Anne Currin Contest Any Poem/Any Subject! 

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |



Always have a book at hand,
In the parlor, bedroom and loo.
Condensed thought on paper,
This is the world for you.

My daughter loves to read,
Must have something to hold.
No cover or pages,
Not even a center fold.

Electronic books these days,
For the person on the go.
Flip it on for convenience,
Living color, like a show.

Reading can entertain,
Delight the lonely heart.
Those without education condemn it,
The learned ones tear it apart.

The many pieces of the written word,
Bring light to those in the dark.
Challenge the mind of the curious,
Give your life a spark.

No entertainment is so cheap,
No pleasure lasts as long.
Your mind flies o'er the pages,
The words are like a song.

The love of reading,
Challenges the soul.
Nothing else given to man,
Can make one whole.

There are those who read,
To know what the world has done.
Others to enhance their personal life,
To be the brightest one.

Master Sergeant, USAF - Retired

Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Prayer

Lord God,
Stretch our mind/s with deep understanding of Wisdom
To obtain positive understanding with every complications
Counsel us with guidelines in our work

Give us Fortitude, strength, Patience and Tolerance to finish in peace successfully
Deliver knowledge in our mind/s
For us to receive Piety, goodness and devoutness to get satisfaction
With Holy Fear of the Lord-God, I/we ask in the name of Father Christ Jesus to be with us now and forever.


People can change the “our” to “their”, “him” or “his” when praying for others.

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Poiesis on poetry

Inception of poise anon-times.) And burgeoning..! 

"Plays" of & to; each entered instance...

To posterity through eternal inference..!

Copyright 20 12 2011 Joe Maverick..

Copyright © Joe Maverick | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Harvest Of The Seed

  Each field is barren white with snow, 
around me blind, they know.
I see.
Darkness brings the haze of dawn, 
how many must it show.

While many miles of web it's barb, 
my flesh, 
it tastes and grows.

Bringing home the wheat, 
ground white, 
and powdered souls, 
spread open far and wide.

Touching only youth, 
not men, 
Each gem from stone, 
pours out and lost our seed it keeps.
No more.


Is It Poetry 

Copyright © Poetry Is It | Year Posted 2009

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myanmar poem, poetry, poet from myanmar

For many people outside the Myanmar poetry, it may come as a surprise that there is such a thing as language-oriented poetry contemporary poetry scene in Myanmar. The Poetry of the bourgeoisie and the "art for the people" left-wing poetry.
I feel like I have to say to me about how this had happened in Myanmar, the country was under military rule over the past 60 years their poetry broke away from the traditional style classic writing about the monarchy the old and the Burmese Old Burmese way of life before the annexation of British Burma in 1886. The hair experimental poetry movement 1 of the 20th century, was 2 in the movement of new writing, which led pilot Dag on (which is now in his 90s and blind), after the end of World War 2. Influenced by left-wing ideology known of the historical period popular poetry, realism and the Marxist-oriented, through the 40S late. There was at that time, an ideological struggle between the so-called "art for art's sake" The Poetry of the bourgeoisie and the "art for the people" left-wing poetry. Has described those who did not support writing the new "bourgeois" and blasted the "progressives." Although the new writing system that is based on experimental poetry rhyme 4.3.2 with some changes in the number of syllables in each line rhyme scheme, which makes it more flexible, and was aimed at, faith, and the content of a revolutionary. The art for the masses, and poetry is the weapon of the masses against the landowners and capitalists and national. It is unfortunate that the writing of new, while winning the hearts and minds of an entire generation of young poets, and in some cases made just propaganda, and the adage is that the hair must be less aesthetic and utilitarian more so that even the common person would low education "appreciate" poem with ease. UNSUPPORTED CODE myanmar poem UNSUPPORTED CODE 

Copyright © sanjit saha | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Mellors math teacher

this poem is dedicated to my Mr mellors i hope he reads this

The Cop, The Math Teacher, The Guide you've been there for me when i was confused and could not see the forest or the path you were there when school was hell and life was black as midnight you were there when i screwed up and found myself trapped by my own mistakes even though i disappointed you at times and made you want to tear your hair out you were there you've always been there and cannot thank you enough Thank You Mr. Mellors

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |


	It was kind of nice having money all the
	Looking back when I was seventeen,
		I looked forward to going to work.
	It is unlike what I feel about work now.
		I did a lot of reading as a child.
	I read all kinds of books.
		I would consider Oak Lawn a safe
	Community then. 
		I can’t remember any times when I got beat up.

	I did a lot of running home and telling.
		I avoided a lot of suffering by talking to
		My parents about the bullies.
			It wasn’t until junior high that I had to
		Take care of a fight that went way wrong.
			I was scared to death of a seventh grader.
		I fought him, and found out he wanted to 
		I wasn’t that good of a 
			Wrestler then.

		I got better
			In high school.
		It was kind of chaotic, and the wrestling matches
			Were more “fighting” than wrestling.
		I hung in school and made a name for myself
			At Oak Lawn Community High School.
		My sister gave me a collection of albums
			My junior year.
		I was introduced to all kinds of music by

		My first good introduction to music came
			My sophomore year.
		A friend introduced me to “The Police” with
			“Zenyatta Mondatta” and “Ghost in
		The Machine”.
			He told me what he did at his party
		In eighth grade.
		They sat around and played Gin.
			They drank soda.
		They went bowling.

		I got off to a late start with music,
			And I finally caught up with my tape-
		Radio I got for Christmas my junior year.
			I could have had a big party,
		But I decided to wait.
			I didn’t really have one except
	 	The one’s I had in grammar school.
			My friend thought he was going to
		Get married to this one girl at O.L.C.H.S.
			It fizzled out like my relationship did.

			That girl liked someone else though.
		I should have given up calling her,
			It was no fun talking to her.
		She didn’t talk to me at all in school.
			I’m not sure she even knew who I was
		In lunch.
			I didn’t have anymore classes with her.
			Her boyfriend went out for basketball
		Like I should have done.  I was pretty good.  Maybe just
		Doing my chess and studying was the best thing for me to do.


Copyright © Hannibal Lecter | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

Bitter Truths

                                  Bitter Truths

How much of bitterness is truth we cannot swallow.
The acridity of words held idle for too long, fermenting
in the cauldron of conceit, the spoils of victory flaunted
in feigned servility.  What scales measure life against
life, gain against greater gain, success against success?
Can we not savor the sweetness of another’s gifts
without coveting them, bathing them in our envy,
sullying them with our rancor?  Could we not applaud
the valor and perseverance of the triumphant, revel
in a rivalry well played, tip our equally soiled cap,
nod in an appreciation of a job well done?
Must the fist of failure pummel all who do not win,
remove the joy of competition’s camaraderie,
negate the lessons learned, the hours shared,
diminish the successes in setting and
eclipsing goals and gains.  Does not the acrid stench
of final gun fade, slowly drifting on a passing breeze?
Why must the truth hold bitter still, unable to accept
the success in every failure and the failure in
disparaging success.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |


Diction ENglish grammer proper nouns predicates verbs learn the way the language 
works then grow up to be a poet and throw it all away today to make new words to 
make poems bleed to make the rhymes the prose doth need. Shakespeare is an 
affluance. He rubbed off some on my purple prose. O God! how wonderful are Thy 
works! Thou makest the rotting log to nourish banks of violets, and from the 
stagnant pool at Thy word springs forth the lotus that covers all with fragrance and 
beauty! Sonnet #3,000,745,001 OH LORDy 
OH LORDy, howe wondrous is thy working beauty. Thou doth makest the rott sprout 
violets from olden logg on water bank nearest stagnant pool whilst at Thy WORD the 
lotus springeth forthwith to cover over all the smelling salts nearest hand to hold in 
cuppboard bare the bone for elbert Hubbard gone. Hark the light from yonder glaring 
glen forsook the frames the lenses now opaqued. Blind to world of beauty winter 
paints a white mistaken ache in me. Amid the bones of whited elephaunt skunks 
rome near me to harken when the crow calls daybeak come. Caw the raven quoth. 
God forbode a man, that an Englaisman should tell or act a lie, neithor the Son of 
GOD my Jesus, that He should feel repentance or compunction [for what his Father 
has promised].  Has He sayeth, and shall He not say on?  Or has He spoken and shall 
He not make it gooder. Oh LORDy. For the reasoneth He stays upon His bethroned 
placement is quite evident for iff GOD were to walk the Earth as a mere man in sight 
of all this assembled Heathorns even for just one day twold make us all so jealous of 
the miricles in the clay. For Jesus could open up his hand wiht a plott of dirty clay 
and make a violet blooming say. Oh Lordy. 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2009

Details | Prose Poetry |

Stupid Question

Blog?  Is that when your sink is clogged with blood?

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Education as if All Deaths Matter

Political Science of Eco-Educational Vocations

Really? That’s my topic?
Didn’t Paulo Freire already do this one?

Oh, I see..ecosystemic learning and mentoring,
including pedagogical development systems
doing the best we can,
bless our matriotically nurturing hearts,
to figure out our own deep ecosystemic
co-empathic consciousness
of regenerative ego-health
as eco-truth
as bilaterally balancing bouncing beauty.

We could suggest educational self-learning systems 
begin with bicameral balloon listening skills,
balancing our internal fusing networks
with our octave sounds of light’s and dark's mysterious rhythmic patterns,
surfing radiant Sun sweeping Earth’s pregnant wet skin.

From surf in and out listening
to noticing in-between spaces,
both 1+1 dipolar appositional,
but also 1x1 nondual co-arising spaces between enthymematic places,
some with bicameral communication faces
and bodies responding to cooperative
and competing learning-listening Others.

Pedagogical EcoSystems
synergetic listening communication networks,
deep learning political science
of noticing both cooperative multicultural/polycultural health
and competitive monopolistic/monocultural pathological trends
with runaway climate cultures
of negative-dissonantly-hyperactive feedback,
exercising restraint through Anger Management,
sustained occupiers of Yang dominance
longing to reweave unraveling of belonging within both
science and religion of living v dieing 
as natural-spiritual ecosystemic function
PrimeYang PolyNomial Plus
cooperatively co-arising
YinYin notnot 
double-bind temporal reverse LoseLose egoconsciousness
of mutual spinning our wheels,
twiddling our thumbs
InBetween empathic trusted
exegetically harmonic healthy learning to learn
ecologic’s internally confirmed  
eisegetically heuristic polypathy,
regenerative evidence of cooperative political-empathic sciences.

We benefit from anciently permacultural contracts
with Earth’s Nurturing Educational Trees and Plants,
creating a breathable atmosphere
into perpetuity,

Primal Educational Contracts with Earth’s SoilRights of Sacred Skin
breathing in rich nutrients of light’s composting fuels
and forms
and heroic functions,
breathing out frequencies of revolving
healthy ecosystemic biologic embryonic music,
resoundingly harmonic CQI ReGenerative ReCycling ReVolution Standards
of global health and safety,
political truth as economic beauty,
education and defense from undue monochromatic deadly dissonance.

Prime Pedagogical Listening Contracts with Earth’s Waters,
to hear them,
thirsty beauty as truth flowers,
confining weeds to healthy encultural BusinessAsUsual shares,
trading shade for regenerative worms and strings of roots,
ecosystemic Time's matriarchal twining
bilateral selves,
regenerating cells
of paradigmatic multicultural political eco-evolutioning research scientists
deep-learning/earning enculturing rich systems.
wu wei Golden Ruling kule,
if it means not-this not-that
then adding betweens also means
at least some
of both this way
AND that way,
make each more better, OK.

like terrorism,
is antithetical to both politically wise and profound science
and religious-ecosystemic development stories
of sacred listening
and noticing rebirths of Messianic Suns articulating EarthMothers 
nurture-loving fertile values,
deep learning enculturation’s biologically embryonic history
of nonverbal 
nonviolent (normative as BusinessAsUsual as CoOperative Evolution),
natural sciences, not unnatural devolutional dissonance
as told and foretold by Mother Nature's EarthTribal EgoSelves 
deep learning health-culture listening systems,
listening to life as love, fundamentalist distrust as hate,
to death as absence of active multiculturing synergy,
opposite of deep enculturing rich dense cooperative integrity-life;
the contrasting spectral tipping point
from monocultural, monopolistic,
terrors of deadly killing supremacist fundamentalism,
following sacred idols with no nutritional clothes,
no fuelling powers,
no reality other than continuously vacuuming absence of co-empathic trust.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

The failing education system

the Indian education system is the worst
because the parents and students aim for first
this is because education is turning out to money
but this is not funny
each individual has a dream
but sometimes the light does not beam
because of the society
and the parents anxiety
every parent wants their child to get education stardom
and snatch away the child's freedom
the parents doesn't want their child to gain knowledge
and they want their child to put their effort till the edge
no one can understand that marks are just numbers
and they make us climbers
how can numbers be a mark of our thinking capacity in our brain
the sentences we read from our book will vanish like rain
the disaster is the television publicity for the topper
and everyone thinks the toppers are sharper
but most of the topper are just blind fold in mugging up each line
without understanding, but everyone thinks its fine
because of this attitude of Indians we are down
and other country treat us like clown
and mold us according to their wish
like their favorite dish
memory is just a skill
it cannot lead us to the top of the hill
in depth knowledge will lead us to great height
like wright brothers who found flight
whenever this situation changes our country will shine
and other countries will wait back in line
India should make leaders
and not workers 

Copyright © yashika ramesh | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Empathy as Green Democracy

I don't think it's just me.
I find myself challenged to change LeftBrain cognitive beliefs,
languaged abstractions of personal knowledge,
perhaps because it is not possible to change Right Brain's
Elder feelings of co-empathic trust
where dipolar co-arising mutual immunity
raises dissonance as noisy pathology.

I discover this issue as more of a question
about changing my feelings
by changing my beliefs about feelings
as something that could be wrong,
should be different, in a healthier, better, more beautiful world,
would be better if I were a better person,
we would feel and think better, if we could comprehend
our PermaCultural Golden SelfAsOther Political/Economic Rules
of dialectic ecology,
political power trends
with economic reiteratively polyculturing regenerating relationships.

Sometimes when I empathically feel like why and why not
I believe something is not right
about what I think I should rationally define as correct,
according to Business As Usual LeftBrain deductive dominance,
should be truth,
should become exegetical,
emerge as permaculturally orthodox co-empathic dominance,
unquestionable feeling/belief in health v pathology,
then I also think my RightBrain feelings
of not right-true
shadowing LeftBrain cooperative-affective dissonant information
of not Left-Right balanced languaged cultural belief,
truth-statement belief with empathic trust v. mistrust,
distrust as untrust,
chronically evolves as anti-trust, hatred,
monoculturally sociopathic
in more climatically critical political and economic
as ecological events.

I am reading Dr. Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzaden's excellent
"Social Movements in Politics".
The more I read,
the more troubled I feel about this choice of title.
It doesn't feel like it fully matches
the rich evolutionary messages unfolding behind these history lessons.

For example,
Zirakzaden, using Business As Usual academic-analytical narrative voice,
articulates the evolution of West Germany's political/economic
ecological environment,
the prelude understory leading toward more recent historical-cultural emergence of the Green Party,
in the late twentieth century
since the emergence of what became,
as far as I recall from my religious history lessons,
the Christian Party.

Given the enculturing titles of West Germany's social-political systemic structures,
if feels likely many Greens
would prefer Zirakzaden's choice of title to have been
"Political Movements within Judeo-Christian Organized Crimes Against Nature".

How I feel about this story
influences how I think I would best step into it,
empathize within these shifting thoughts and feelings,
most nutritionally,
most informed by empathic poli-economic trust
in healthy feelings,
in feelings which are healthy by definition of their accuracy,
their integrity,
their honesty,
speaking to pathological appositional beliefs as dis-regenerative,

Yet, this empathy requires a poli-economic choice
between using Advocate v Academic Voice,
at least on paper,
or invested in our great transitional digital cloud of unknowing.

The Green Party emerges as a social-political movement
away from Judeo-Christian Traditions
of Organized Pathological Stewardship,
problematic where divorcing human nature from co-arising sacred nature
of nondual nature/spirit biosystems,
love as synergy,
spiritual minds as natural sensory transregenerational bodies,
Green as notnot Revelations
of Organized Crimes Against OurSelves,
all Earth Tribes,
Earth and her regenerative open-solar co-arising
nondual EcoLogical EcoSystem.

As an EarthTribe global citizen,
reading about W. Germany's Green emergence,
I empathize with the Green Party
as Political Movement Heroine/Hero
EcoTherapeutic Story,
virally inserting ourselves
within every pore and cell
of our Elder Judeo/Christian/Islamic  Story
including Crimes Against Earth
now struggling to change our poli-economic key
from minor to major PermaCultural Development
as CoEmpathic Creative Design
and Primal Purpose for Politics
as a Science;
an EcoTherapeutic Political Tao of Science.

In "Trust in Black America"
Dr. Shayla C. Nunnally explores comparative politics of trust,
and probably hate as measured in recent survey samples--
where haters would be unlikely to erupt from sinister closets.

Here we find political trust,
and lack thereof,
follows ecopolitical history,
power-over through Judeo-Christian-Islamic ownership
as the full story about stewardship,
while power-with through empathy
co-arises nondual mutually subsidiary mentorships of ecotrust,
most richly found in cultural-ethnic historical enclaves
within embryonic Earth's OrganicTribal Congress
of ReGenerate-Healthy Evolution.

Even so, my historically nurtured empathic trust,
like everyone else's, 
begins in embryo,
the dynamic fractal-dialectic existentialism of DNA
I believe and feel intends to grow out
as polypathically as politically and economically possible
from that safe healthy epicenter,
ecocenter of healthy holonic humane life.

Empathic Trust is cognitive-affective default
on the love-peace side of history,
absorbing enslaving other-as-self hate, 
anger-fear appositional warring about incommensurable positions
yet still within our own political-economic identity equation.

If we need trusting beliefs
to fully embrace empathic feelings,
do we also need untrusting pathological absence of belief
to fully embrace fears of mutual immunity,
internal ambiguities of unresolved ego/eco
Self/Other ownership of mutually nutritional trust,
not quite yet discovered?
A mix of more active distrusting juxtapositions about fundamentals of ecobalance
and more moderate mistrusting juxtapositions about proportional aesthetics of multicultural truths;
diverse political positions internally and externally conversing,
noticing and listening for Golden co-empathic trust
to follow nondual bilateral light.
equal polynomial synergy parts
in-between past anger and future fear hearts.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

Twelve Steps

Twelve step therapeutic environments
are probably as old as therapeutic light and color,
measured in octaves,
and double-bound fractal half-octaves,
learning to listen deeply and resonantly well,
speaking after listening with integrating honesty,
compelling transparency, vulnerability,
open trust attendance.

Integrity includes accuracy and responsive gratefulness.
Because these are all optimal communication values,
PowerOver distancing strategies during gatherings
become diffuse
as this is a culture discovering shared success
through not trying to persuade others to do anything
they would not love to do with them.

This is a therapeutic discernment program
to mutually support each other
in not behaving addictively, hypnotically, 
out of anger and fear attractions and aversions.

Mutual noticing,
understanding empathic trust
celebrates this mutual right-now well-being,
the only goal of each therapeutic environment,
each meeting,
each morning,
each day, 
each life and death together;
which is why 12-steps are often experienced as therapeutic,
for those who are vulnerable and wise enough
to embrace this simplicity of being-becoming.

Becoming accepted and accepting as who we are right now,
with all our scabs showing,
is therapeutic.
Wise evangelists,
therapists of both egos and ecosystemic environments,
used car salesmen,
used lives relationship marketers,
we all know this from some experience,
I hope,
as intrinsic to building a path from becoming known
to becoming intimately loved.

Our larger political and economic climatic challenges,
environmental threats,
highlight therapeutic urgency of building on this 12-step base
by learning how and why each of us is part of this family,
this vocational team,
this meeting,
this community
this moment,
this day,
this ecopolitical transaction,
within this global socioeconomic network.

What is our optimally shared and inclusively valued vocation?
to fulfill who we truly are becoming,
with our scars
acknowledging our shared hypnotic addictions 
to anthrocentrically dominate enculturation.

My 12-step daily moment-by-moment active hope
is for a family and community
where we are mutually invested in loving each other
for who and what we are already,
doing the best we can,
and for whom we are becoming together,
and loving how we are already evolving
politically and economically healthy ecosystemic networks
of cooperatively nested information,
invested in meeting memories of time.

co-mentored trusting love
is our prime sustained confluent sweet spot
for sustaining cooperative relationships
of mutual self-definition,
interpersonal refinement of wisdom,
but also transpecies evolutionary definition and refinement of balance,
and transgenerational co-presence, DNA/RNA past informing
present incarnations, already carrying seeds of future regenerators,
reweaving and/or unraveling
our mutual poli-economic 12-step lives.

We are a 12-step Tribe of EgoCentric EcoTherapists,
cooperatively researching,
and developing 
our Public Cooperative,
a WinWin ReGenerating System
toward our mutually defined,
much beloved,
Lake Woes-Be-Gone.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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The College Caravan

The College Caravan

Last night we loaded the minivan with her
suitcases, Rubbermaid vats, and chest of plastic drawers
stuffed with clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and posters.
While our vehicle is tightly packed, her room stands hollow;
drained of stuff and spirit, except for the furniture she left behind
like the last icicle melting unnoticed in the spring thaw. 
Morning’s excitement, today’s foreseen guest, found her passkey
so early, she displaced the alarm clock, announcing her presence.  
On the verge of adventure, our cramped van vacates the driveway, 	
eager to meet the other jammed vehicles joining our journey. 
Sporadic chatter splinters moments of spurned monotony,
spanning the miles amassing in our rearview mirror until …
A hatchback hauling a heavy load leads our line exiting for the rest
stop, where the parking lot hosts vehicle after vehicle stuffed with
suitcases, Rubbermaid vats, and chests of plastic drawers …
Our re-entry acceleration runs smoothly, courtesy of a 
clamshell-covered car graciously slowing to permit our advance.
From sedans to SUV’s, the right lane is flush with fenders and 
families, forming a cohesive chain whose links approach “The Exit”
signaling for the deceleration lane.  The college caravan, flowing 
onto the exit ramp and through the green light, turns and winds 
along Main Street.  As the minivans, hatchbacks, clamshell-covered 
cars, and SUV’s pour onto college campus USA, they’re carrying
suitcases, Rubbermaid vats, chests of plastic drawers,
and, of course, the proud, nervous parents …
escorting the Freshman Class of 2015! 

Copyright © Elizabeth Wyler | Year Posted 2015

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OK  Let’s get started, huh?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, on this sad occasion, it is my painful duty to welcome 
You all to the farewell meeting convened in honour of our beloved Uncle Hector. 
We gather together on this heap of cat-crap behind the restaurant for two reasons.  
First,  it is  a familiar place full of pleasant memories for all of us, but second, 
And more important, it is Uncle Hector’s own favourite place for passing away 
A pleasant hour two, buzzing excitedly on a hot summer’s afternoon.
You all know, I think, that Hector was born into  a family of 115 flies 
From  his mother’s bluebottle fecundity. Raised in poverty, no education to speak of, 
The young Hector managed to learn the lessons of life the hard way, 
Narrowly missing fly-swatters in kitchens, sprays in toilets,  sticky-paper in bedrooms, 
And many other potentially fatal ends. When he was seven months old, he married  
The beautiful   Mary-Belle,  and they had  a lovely family of 8,236  children, 
Many of whom are the spitting image of Hector himself.  Uncle Hector is survived 
By Mary-Belle and   5,019 of their children. We are all heartbroken as we realize 
That the poor kids are still asking their mum, 
“Why is daddy so late coming home?  When will he be back?”
You don’t need me to remind you of the sudden and untimely end of this fine fly,  
And yet there are youngsters among us today who would do well to be reminded 
Of the pitfalls awaiting the careless adolescent fly.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen,  
Uncle Hector, despite months of expert practice at avoidance techniques,  
Allowed his attention to wander too casually and he accidentally stepped onto flypaper.
What a demeaning end for a leader of such stature.  
Hector blazed a trail  a mile wide 
Through the old-fashioned traditions of bluebottles. 
No mere dog-crap afternoons for him….no ! 
Hector didn’t hesitate to go for the unusual.  The half-rotten  kiwi  fruit. 
The over-cooked  -  nay, burnt  -  shashlik  at the beach or barbecue site.  
His favourites were the day-old vomit from  dogs with food-poisoning,  
And the two-week-old decayed carcass of a mouse or rabbit. 
Youngsters listening to me now would do well to attempt    even half of the stuff 
Practised by our beloved uncle. Indeed we would all do well to try 
And emulate the deeds of such a fly – a shining example to us all.

(continued in  PART   TWO )

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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It was the dawn of a new day;
knowledge and truth sought and given.
As I gave, so was I again taught.

(Ask, and it shall be given)

“Teacher, same said Egypt ina Africa
lak ina de Bible?”

“Same said Egypt, son;
same said Africa.”

(Seek, and you shall find)
“But Teacher,
dem neva tell we 
dat, Sah.”

(By night they stole us; by day they maimed our minds)

“I know son;
But we now teach ourselves”
our story.”

“Ah true, Teacher; ah true.
Dis day be a new day dat’a com.”

(Truth, trampled to the ground, always rises)

Free your mind and you are;
but like butterflies, be aware
of the rain.

(The truth shall set you free)

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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Great Transitional Liturgy of Breathing and Beating

Creativity opens doors to learning
to read our own, and others’, compelling literacy,
beautiful truths.

We are not an isolated supreme species creating nihilism,
self-serving egoists;
or, rather, we are,
but within an open sesame systemic potential
for also becoming more grace-filled cooperative,
endo with ecto symbiotic evolutionaries,
learning to read nature’s enspirited dynamic scriptures,
color-chemistry dialectals,
to hear Earth’s celebratory and climatic voices,
warning and blessings,
economic transactions as politically synergetic v. oppressive relationships,
healthy thru anemic thru enslavement-pathological,
inviting our globally beloved future together,
creative ecological development
within our interior learning ecopolitical landscapes,
celebrating harmonic alliterative balance and proportions
of rhyming reasons
seasons of external landscape’s exquisitely regenerative literature
hearing ringing truth of Western grace
synonymously resonate with Eastern karma.

Internally inbred nihilists
apparently fill in for ElderJealous God of totalitarian terrorism,
while externally listening evolutionists
discover Great Transitional literature
in Earth’s dialects of both praise and Gaia's Climatic Vengeance
is our own subsidiary domesticated nest of issues to deal with,
operatic fear and wonder,
musical comedies of dancing birdsong
flying whistling waves of oxygen,
silent streams of grace overhead,
memories of synchronic deep learning wavelinear schools,
swimming mindleap strings of form and bodythrust function
flowing thru wet historic hydraulics,
racing thru bilateral Time’s sacred copresent rhythms
of sounding echo-bounding light without,
absorbing nondual dark learning creative compost
within each of EarthTribe’s deep learning bicameral-ribonucleic systems.

Love, like Allah,
emerges a co-creative regenerate YHWH (0)-souled verb
fertilizing beautiful re-nouned enculturation.
Literature, scripture, life’s recreation stories
evolve emergent between embryonic Elder ecopolitical nutrition-sacraments
of feeding and breeding,
invested faith in further diastatic life
and final decomposing bows
of densely resonant Namaste,
sun rising to bow
to sun rise our Other notnot Polynomial Hemisphere,
co-arising as co-gravitating
ecopolitical enculturation rituals of fertility
as revolutioning light empathic trust
the sun rises and sets on all equally,
more or less,
or so might become our Original OrthoPraxis,
of Truth dipolar co-arising Beauty,
Yang with Yin,
nature as spirit,
EcoPolitical Plan B-Left balancing EcoLogical Plan A-Right.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Elimination of Stress and Strife in My Life

Broke the Rules...
Left some clues...
I'm a fool...
Living in a cesspool...

I hear the economy is bad...
And getting worse each day...
Although it hasn't affected me in any way..
I can even keep kosher if I choose.
So what do I have to lose ?...
I get three meals a day..
And sometimes a snack...
Clean clothes everyday I put on my back..
Exercise is a daily routine..
that I choose to do ..and it keeps me lean..
My quarters are small..but after all..
We have a room with a big color TV...
And a place for family and friends who visit me...
Healthcare ? not a problem you see..
As I don't pay for insurance like thee...
Problem with teeth...rectified
Education, Degree, I can even be Certified..
Because unlike you, who lives outside..
You need to work to survive...
Now I'm a part of the system you see..
And have it much easier than any of thee..
I broke the law and now pay the price...
But I'm still better off than your lousy life...
And when I'm released, I will qualify for...
Medicaid, Medicare and even more...
So you may have done it different than me...
But in "old age ", we're equal you see...

Copyright © kj force | Year Posted 2013

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Earth's Teachable Moments

When Earth’s self-educational story did not yet include the self-awareness resources of DNA,
when all Earth’s Tribes were RNA rooted in composting soil,
what did we learn 
to personally,
and more politically and economically,
more public sectorally,
regenerate self-governance of life
through safe and healthy principles of development?

In this, our PostMillennial Era,
we discover a profoundly historical-evolutionary question,
with implications for educational priorities,
yet also for biosystemic and ecosystemic self-governance,
thinking more inclusively,
as a forest of networking root systems might co-arise
Trees of LeftBrain Political Truth as RightBrain EcoNomial Beauty.

The PreMillennial distinction 
between Moose “power”
and Owl “medicine”
goes on back toward the origins of the PermaCultural Agrarian Era.
In this time,
“power” more or less translated into what we might call therapeutic-
or health-power.

Power could not yet be a tool distinguishable from self-identity.
Rather power was most widely experienced in the context of “power with Other,”
regardless of who or how “Other” was perceived.
Power with Other to procreate,
to hunt together,
to demonstrate building of fires and planting of seeds,
co-mentoring communications,
all cooperatively functional,
competitively dissonant and dysfunctional, distrusting.

This blend of therapy and power,
according to Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory,
emerges from Elder Right hemispheric roots
to dominate language cultures
as the correlational ability to perceive “not me”
as core identity of what later became encapsulated in “therapy-positive” 
and “pathology-negative”
and both relational,
indistinguishable from “sole-identity power.”

The first cultural experience of power
becomes the ability of “self” referencing as “not-Other;”
a “self” that evolves dipolar co-arisingly identifiable from “not-self”
because of perceived,
then learned, further reinforced, spatial-temporal distinctions
deriving from Prime DiPolar CoIdentity Relationship,
distinction between what “self” could unilaterally control,
and what self could not autonomously control.

Prior to LeftBrain dominance over RightBrain aptic confluence,
our RNA-Elders, grass and trees and coral reefs,
had no possibility of confused awareness
between internal-univocal yin-power
and bilaterally interdependent, mutually symbiotic,
co-mentoring Yang/Yin CoArising Power.

The original “self” awareness embryonically emerges,
continues to emerge,
from time as light’s primal Eulerian infrastructure of “We-ness,”
an ionic,
then ergodic,
then bilateral co-gravitating ProteanYang with DiPolar Elating YinYin elective function,
confluent, mutually-held, synergy between emergent YangEgo 
and composting Elder YinEmbryonicSelf/Other,
love as LaoTse’s contentment, 
as Basic Attendance among our Bodhisattva Occupiers of DeepLoveLearning,
(0)Riginal temporal experience of undifferentiated integrity, 
which becomes iconically languaged as Original Intent
of MedicineEarthOther,
a cooperative dipolar co-arising ReGenerative Network,
time as both Yang light c-squared,
and yinyin e-squared fractal-function
of ecosystemic EarthBound RNA/DNA thermodynamic balance.

As we compare notes across our public sector governing desks,
each with co-arising responsibility and economically culpable authority,
it seems to me that overall regenerative health evidence of history
suggests deep political learning evolves highest and best-outcome projections
with rich cooperative ecological polypathic co-investments in co-mentoring trust-nutrients,
rather than suboptimizing remedial toxins of anger and fear management
without pro-active love and peace development.

To believe otherwise,
to act as if learning is nurtured best through competitive words and numbers,
used as tools to outshine the sun itself,
seems to follow the path of  Anger/Fear control fantasies,
rather than actually arriving in the Truth as Beauty co-educational paradise we actually want
with each Other.

Healthy Truth is no more a singularity
than is Beauty
or Wisdom
and HealthyEarth herself.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Bilateral Creative Thinking Sequel

Last half of Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking Summary, pp. 298-300, with bicameral ecological supplements [informed by Gregory Bateson] in brackets:

In ordinary traditional thinking we have developed no methods for going beyond the [suboptimally reasonable] adequate. As soon as something is [feels] satisfactory our [LeftBrain] thinking must stop.
And yet there may be many better [more therapeutic, more confluent, more balanced, more resonant] arrangements of information
beyond the merely adequate [reified, deduced conclusion].
Once one has reached an adequate answer
then it is difficult to proceed by logical thinking
because the [reifying, reiterating] rejection [through entrenched, well acclimated hierarchical nutrition-tree] mechanism which is the basis of logical thinking can no longer function well.
With lateral thinking one can easily proceed beyond the adequate [usually with a better understanding of why it empathically feels trusted] by [flooding] insight restructuring. [overpopulating your frame of idea production, RightBrain-storming for feelings of interdependence where LeftBrain only registers aptic ecopolitical emptiness, absence of relationship, correlation]

[Bi]Lateral thinking is especially useful in problem solving and in the generation of new ideas.
But it is not confined to these situations for it is an essential part of all thinking. 
Without a method for [revolutionarily] changing [chronic stress problematic climates] concepts and bringing them up to [evolutionary WinWin ecological] date
one is liable to be trapped by concepts which are more [eisegetically WinLose] harmful than [exegetically ecopolitically multiculturally] useful .
Moreover rigid concept patterns [evolving dynamic-dimensional models] can actually create a great number of [static, stagnation, hoarding, attachment, suffering, slow-burn dissonating, decomposing] problems.
Such problems are particularly fierce [chronic-stress dissonant] since they cannot be altered by available [exegetically languaged] evidence
but only by [revolutionary co-empathic] insight restructuring.

The need to change ideas is becoming more and more obvious as technology [born of human natures and fertile humors] speeds up the rate of communication [transfers of co-valued information as co-languaged exformations] and [co-relational ecopolitical] progress.
We have never developed very satisfactory methods for changing [consciousness about] ideas but have always relied on [reiteratively stuck, ruminating] conflict [cognitive-affective dissonance, disassociation].
[Bi]Lateral [cameral, appositional gestalt lensed] thinking is directed towards bringing about [healthier] changes in [regenerating] ideas through [positive nutritional heuristic-empathic] insight restructuring

[Poetic-operatic-epic stories change us, create us, recreate us
when they articulate incarnating truths
with both mindful and emotive beauty,
just as my own ego story
changes my ecopolitical motivations,
ambitions, hopes and fears,
and ecological empty LeftBrain absence of Elder RightBrain interdependence,
revolving integrity's potential toward internal/external climate health.]

[Bi]Lateral thinking is directly concerned with [ecoconsciousness] insight and with [Earth-fed] creativity.
But whereas both these processes are usually only recognized after they have happened
lateral [RightBrain proportional/symmetrical feeling] thinking is a deliberate way of using [analogical] information in order to [predict, impregnate, implicate, negatively correlate, co-arise, revolve, regenerate, resolve] bring them [us] about.
In practice lateral [yin-Right] thinking and [yang-Left] vertical thinking are so [Tao (0) sum-soul-core-primal] complementary that they are [embryonically] mixed together.
Nevertheless it is best to treat them as distinct in order to understand the basic [co-empathic attendant-trust] nature of [bi]lateral thinking [within bicameral ego/ecoconsciousness] and acquire skill in its [therapeutic] use.
This also prevents [thinking/feeling] confusion because the principles governing the use of [ecopolitically health v pathological] information in [bi]lateral thinking are quite different from the ones used in [more audio-visual language restricted ecological-analogical] vertical [LeftBrain bicameral] thinking.

It is difficult to acquire any sort of [nutritionally digestive] skill in [bi]lateral thinking simply by reading about it.
In order to develop such [learning to polypathically learn] skill one must practice [ecoconsciousness] and go on practicing [more cooperative nondual mindbody ecopolitical health v pathology]
and that is why there has been such emphasis in this book on practice sessions.
Nor are [ecological] exhortation and [ecopolitical] goodwill enough.
There are specific [co-empathic trust] techniques for the application of [bi]lateral thinking.
The purpose of such techniques is twofold.
They can be used for their own [creative, regenerative] sakes
but more importantly they can be used to develop the [ecopolitically cooperative] habit of [therapeutic] mind[body]....

[Bi]Lateral thinking is not concerned with generating doubt for the sake of doubt
or chaos for the sake of chaos.
Lateral [bicameral regenerative] thinking acknowledges the extreme usefulness of [permacultural] order and of [polyculturally climaxing outcome] pattern.
But it emphasizes the need for changing [evolving, emerging] these to bring them up to [postmillennial] date and make them even more [climate of peace with EarthJustice] useful.
[Bi]Lateral thinking particularly emphasizes the dangers of rigid [premillennial competitive monocultural ritual] patterns
which the [Left]mind is so apt to construct
because of the way it handles [and dissonates] information.
[for efficient power-over
rather than healthywealth optimization
of ecopolitical power-within 
our oceanic climate atmosphere
of bilaterally interdependent communicating trust thoughts
with co-empathic sensory feelings.]

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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                                      YOU ARE THE ONE

Be the best you, you can be...even if you have stereotypical strikes against you. Use the back door, dressed in khaki not Gucci, armed with knowledge and the courage to know that you be the best, at whatever you do. And let it be proved, no one can perfect on being you. Make sure whatever you do, you do so well that once you are gone. you'll still be remembered; Remembered for the improvements, and not destruction. King wanted not to be martyred, as he wanted to prove:  As I have done you can also do: There’s no difference between you and I; So, do as I have done and even more he would say, prepare yourself with education and the knowledge thereof.

. Stand on passion and be guided by LOVE. Passion and self-determination is the lamp at our feet. Even if you cannot afford a college degree, grab a book from the library and read, be you self-taught or guided by ancestor’s voices. It’s all in a book, the ancestors still care.  The way has been paved and the motivation is there. Some made it through on wisdom and prayer. He did not die for us to praise him, he wanted to be an example and his example was ample; To show that just an ordinary man...could leave a legacy and a dream. That all men are created equal ...
So, do even more than I have done he would say Because he has already opened doors and paved the way...  Let us not run backwards, forward we tread. His dream is alive and his memory not dead. Stop looking for A leader and become one instead, by his courageous spirit, let us each be led...Billions are looking around for a King, put on your gloves and get in the ring. You are chosen by the mighty.... Yes, you are the one...each of you have a Job to do. Be the best you, you can be. And let’s get this done.!                         

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2012

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Job Well Done

Job Well Done
June 27, 2011

Got my job done
Now sitting in the sun
Tried a computer to pawn
Treated me as the devil’s spawn
Met a man
It was so grand
I looked and I spied
Ronnie gave me a ride

Copyright © William Moore | Year Posted 2011

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Soltive pre ordained priest warlike additives initially a Jesus Freak becoming cold 
hearted in the winter. Bane has come with hatred of simple minded people. Sexual 
orientation is nill. Macabration indentation on the quilt. A welcome matt with a towel 
for spills. I have a small fortune tied. Up is not an option now. There is only snow up 
there eventually. The water line is nearer the river then the streaming stream of 
water near me on the highway catching all the melting riverlets as they run away 
from home in WinterBane. Some men still have strength but they abuse it think to 
break down boarded ruins tearing down old barns and cornors of old abandoned 
houses where homeless and poor people might find shelter from the rain. Where will 
they find to dwell. Because of wealth they have a large area to heat in WinterBane 
they have a larger of a structure the more expensive in the WinterBane with sleet 
coming down in Sheets of Ice looked like a solid wall of water hitting me Frost icing 
clothing no thing was DRY ice all over me a few moments after I stepped toe out of 
sheltor walking on the SIDE of the road cant walk on the roadway slipping on the ICE 
stepped offroad walking in the treelined. I found what looked like a Najavo Hogan 
brogaded outside there was clothes hannging on branches a Babylon Garden in the 
snow. While the whole city was whited out at degrees zero. The goose has a liver. 
Oh Pâté the liver rules the Goose is cooked with too many alcholic incumbents while 
the minutes of the meeting Read all old activity reported long ago nothing is new 
under the sun. Nothing there is nothing is there nothing in my past has preparred me 
for my future education has failed me for the alcholic eye was ruined for functioning 
in SOciety degenerate reborne. Nothing smelles worse to a man then sex mixed up 
with tobacco and alchohol how can anyone live as porn objects and still survive the 
toll booth smells like whiskey before three pee em it takes the heart to control it 
takes the lust to want. I feared to die for I was sinnor I feared one day to lay 
underneathe the snow ensheathed but then one day has come to eye EYE Fear No 
Snow EYE Fear No Snow I am a man. The snow no longer bothers me. I am beneath 
it all, My soul is not inside of me. It leaves me when I fall. As I lay here 
silently,wating for the trumpet, It will blow! 
I do not any longer fear the snow. 
Copyright © 2006 charles hice

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2009

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Deep Learning

Health issues and ecopolitical promise speak in dialectal fractals:
1. Notice hope
2. Understand positive faith
3. Believe with diastatic love regeneration
4. Polypath creolic integration is also notnot decomposing release,
wu wei double-binding midway image
Tipping Point discernment
toward further revolutionary adventures.

This full open-systemic octave
resonates 1-4 egocentric
with 1-4 EarthTribe's MatriarchalPatriarchal BiCameral Golden Rule.
What starts Ego
ends deep in EcoPointing polypathic Earth.

Matriarchal/Patriarchal creolization
herein defined
as LeftBrain languaged ecopolitical dominance
with RightBrain nonverbal inductive-unitive-cooperative
ecological resonance.

We are in a sad Either/Or competing 
ego v eco dis-centric
Yang v Yin anti-logical 
LeftBrain dominant state.

But also bicamerally capable
of polypathic states 
of LeftPatriarchal-RightMatriarchal grace.

Laotse's content of governing information
and contentment of peaceful feeling
are nondual YangLeft/YinRight trust within Tao-God/GoddessEarth.

Governing authority ends
where responsibility begins
for polypathically using our LeftBrain 
Yang universal-digital-binomial information health/pathology trends
and our RightBrain Yin co-empathic cooperative ecological balance,
together as eco-analogical revolutionary resonance.

The Physician (Luke 12:48)
From every humane emerging person
to whom much has been LeftBrain given,
much more will be RightBrain co-empathically 
cooperatively asked,
regeneratively expected trust,
polypathically invited faith.

building out from Dale B Martin's epistemology of trust in faith:
"Our goal is to rest in the knowledge that we cannot now know fully
[polypathically, with full resonance]
but to determine that we will [deep learn] exercise
our brief and partial [LeftBrain languaged] knowledge
as [RightBrain faithfully] ethically
and [bilateral] lovingly as we can." 
(Biblical Truths, p. 70)

is the ultimate guide in creolizing polypathic epistemology.

Everything works both Yang-regenerative/Yin-degenerative ways.

All observation is ecologically co-relational (egoLeft-ecoRight).

Deductive top-down thinking fractals
culminate in bottom-up inductive
multiculturing cooperative action fractals 
toward revolutionary diastatic Beloved Community ReDevelopment.

The landscape is our textbook
and climate outcomes are our scripture.

Decomposing failure is useful
so long as we learn polypathic cooperation
along our shared way.

Elegant solutions are simple,
even LeftBrain ego-isolated invisible
transparently bilateral.

Make the smallest cooperative intervention necessary
and available right now
where we too competitively reside.

Avoid too much of a good Win/Lose uber-supremacist overpowering thing.

The isolated egocentric problem
is the notnot double-binding nutritional-healthy resolution, 
Earth and Ego eco-resonant balance.

Recognize and break out of Either/Or LeftBrain dominant cul-de-sacs
by noticing invitations toward Both/And LeftRight reiterative boulevards.

Ecological bilateral root systems
direct and organize natural-spiritual redistributional economies
of nutritional/toxic goods/bads,
preferring cooperative saturation values
and polypathic binomial-bilateral-bicameral  
ego/eco collateral nurturing design powers.

The essential ecopolitical dynamics
of both Bodhisattva and Messiah narratives
are pay cooperative love forward
for polypathic ego/eco-redemption
of Earth-noticing
as Other-understanding
Self-Regenerational Loving
as Polypathic Revolutionary Reweaving,
inviting graced karmic egos
to multiculturally cooperate
full-resonant again.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Homeless Schooled

Healthy HomeSchool
therapeutic mindbody homelife,
especially for those who feel and think homeless.

Where we learn how everyone is a parasite.
Some more benign.
Others not so much.
But, still, beyond their bloated enslavement to rabidity
and terror
lies what is left of benign polypathic possibility.

We also listen for our opportunities to become healthier,
more politically and economically prudent, 
loving of gift-grace-forward economies
specially designed for co-empathic and trusting political Hosts
as holonic regenerators 
within Earth's Global Polyculturing Organic Economy.

We explore hypnotic addictions
to monopolistic dreams
and LoseLose nightmares,
to recover lessons
for improving our natural Golden Rules of Discernment,
of mutual subsidiarity,
our Golden MidWay Ratios of holonic complementarity

We explore why Yang-eros
balances, or tries to, Yin-agape
as light dipolar
co-arises dense dualdark nutritionally absorbent learning
within active bicameral love
as synergy generates back toward Alpha,
forward to (0)Mega WuWei Tipping Point.

We learn that just as you cannot successfully communicate with anyone,
unless your journey follows a two-way feedback reiterative loop,
so too you cannot successfully sustain love with anyone
who will not love you back,
so too you cannot deeply trust anyone
or anything
that does not practice co-arising trust in return,
so too we cannot deeply listen to others
and ourselves
and all Earth's Tribes
when Other does not practice co-arising listening
as loving
in return.

We learn the sounds of silent parasites
without homes to heat with fossil fuels,
without cars,
without bloated gleaming assets hoarded in silos of hubris,
while children and other biosystems starve
and die of thirst.

We learn to distinguish the silent benign majority of parasites
from the heavy monocultural footsteps of a toxically enslaved minority,
and what these shyer parasites are saying about all of us,
our organized crimes against voiceless parasites
in our homeless unshelled naked schools
of basic political and economic empathic trust survival.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016