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Prison-Boy came home one day
To find his love had gone away.
When he asked "why" with tears in his 
eyes this is how his love replied:
"If you lived a decent life
I gladly would have been your wife,
but since you lived a life of crime
Prison-Boy go do your time!"
The next day Prison-Boy lay dead
In a letter this was said:
"Dig a hole and dig it deep.
Lay a rose upon my feet.
On my chest a turtle dove 
to show the world I died for love."
So to all you laddies keep in mind
a Prison-Boy is hard to find.
So if you find one love him true
because a will die for you.

Copyright © Dominic Mayes | Year Posted 2006

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Are We There Yet, I Really Have To Pee

This is something other than unsure laced with heavy heart.
I'd love to change my mind,  is this where you take charge?
When our play begins, the starring role I'm begging you to take.
Open your eyes, I won't sit around and wait.
Would you instantly be swooned if I could be your tin foil dream?
Would you cook me in a spoon, shoot me right through your blood stream?
A rush that lasts longer than fifteen seconds, a force that beckons for all of your attention.
I want to illuminate the dark corners, where you hide the  secrets that border,
The hurt that you and I refuse to admit, the shit that resides far beneath the surface,
Those things that just never quite seem fit and yet we both allow them to exist.
Between a cut and a hole, is there really a difference at all?
Knowing what I know, why do I keep interest in something I cannot control?
She's got what you need and she's got you by the balls,
I have nothing that can compare to her thralls.
But this is just an embellishment of events as seen in my head.
This is my heart written on paper that cannot be read. Maybe if I do it like this, it will make more sense.
I hope you'll let me find solace in you because I know I can do better but I don't want to believe it is true.
This where I lose rhythm and ask you to lie and tell me you'll do anything, but darling don't take the time to try.

Copyright © Briana Baker | Year Posted 2015

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My Own Prison

Day to day I lived,
I thought I knew it all.
Then when I met you,
How could I but not fall.

I lived a life of hope,
To dream was my way out,
Time had passed so fast,
I wondered without a doubt.

Inside I'll always have you,
I'd never let you go,
My outside will be empty,
Too never see that glow.

I live in my own prison,
I built these walls of stone,
Without you by my side,
I'm destined to be alone.

Copyright © MARIO DILETTO | Year Posted 2012

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Push on through

Push on through

The world is a scary place and there is nowhere left to hide;
The nightmares are hunting us down and they are crawling inside.
Run from your life, they are coming to get you;
Keep on going, push on through.

Do not allow yourself to become boxed in;
Caged inside a nightmare of a life, with no sight of a key.
Set yourself free from their bonds of security,
That keeps you trapped in debt without any hope of release.

Push on through to the other side of the night
And in dawns breaking light, you will save a life.
Save yourself from your home made evil;
Fight away the beast and search for all the beautiful people.

Go forth and multiply; this is the spell we are under.
Instincts so old, they are humanities goal 
And they drive us into the arms of our lover.
Without a love to hold, this world would only kill those who do;
But with love we can make a change and push on through.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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I took a rich man’s wallet
So that we would not starve
I’m sure the lord has forgiven me
But the judge he surely did not.
He spared me from the gallows
But sent me across the sea
Away from family and friends
And away from you sweet Molly
I could see you standing on the dock in the rain
As the ship lurched out in the mist
And I wondered sweet Molly would I ever again
Hear your laughter or feel your sweet kiss.
Well terrible fortune befell us
On that awful disease ridden ship
And brutes were the crew and the guards
Who beat us with fists and with whip.
And the wind howled and the seas rose
And many were washed overboard
And illness, storms and starvation
Were sent upon us by the lord
And gradually everyone perished
But somehow I seemed to survive
Until somehow I made it to Botany Bay
The only soul left alive.
I joined a prison gang Molly
And hard to work we went
They gave me a chisel and barrow 
And told me to go and carve steps
From a mountain made out of rock
On a path that led to nowhere.
No food or drink did they give us
I feel that they wished we would die
Well their wish came true sweet Molly 
As the men started dropping like flies.
The sun burned my face and my arms
As I hammered away at the stone
And when the rains finally came
They soaked us through to our bones
Then a flash flood swept the others away
And left me there all on my own.
Well my life was hard to be sure 
But again I seemed to survive
And I finally made it back to the camp
The only soul left alive.
They all were surprised to see me 
They clapped my back and shook my hand 
They said we must throw a party
For the luckiest man in the land
Well a grand party it was
Under a night of starry skies
The officers all were so drunk
That they started dropping like flies
And in the morning the soldiers found me grinning
Twenty dead officers, two blood stained knives.
Holy Christ said the men as they clapped me in irons
He’s the only soul left alive!
So now I finally face the gallows Molly
And there are no more lies left for me
What I couldn’t eat of the men on the ship
I threw the remains to the sea
What I couldn’t eat of the men on the mountain
I buried among the trees
The drunken officers deserved all they got
So Molly my conscience is clear.
My only regret dear Molly
The only thing that causes me pain
Is knowing that I shall never
See your sweet face again.

Copyright © Bryn Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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The World in Prison of Love

Who owns my heart dungeon? 
To prison all my lovers
To prison my heart inside my heart
But where is the key? 
Certainly the key is my life
And I am the jailer
Who possesses my heart dungeon? 
To prison all flowers of land 
To prison all colors
To prison the spring and winter
To prison the air and rain
To prison sunset
To prison the morning
To prison the feelings and concerns
In my heart dungeon! ! ! 
Prisoners of love are meeting
Singing for love
Dancing among dreams
Drinking a toast to the meeting
Exchanging of cold kisses
flirting meadows of the hope
Writing on the wall of prison
Words, numbers and letters
Drawing the cross
Drawing the crescent
Sculpting the statues 
To record all stories
Stories of mysterious prison
The sunken prison in heart
The prison that was created from the soil
The world behind bars 
And I am the jailer
And the prison is besieged 
With pulsing memories
Besieged with night's eyes
Besieged with candlelight
Besieged with moonlight
Besieged with my arteries
And I am the jailer
My prison is green oases
My prison is a white napkin
My prison is a cemetery of the longing
My prison it is my heart
And I am the jailer
And I am the jailer

Copyright © Naji Almurisi | Year Posted 2013

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Through A Prison Glass

You came unexpectedly, and i was surprised,
you smiled and placed your hand on the glass and cried.
I leaned my head against the glass and told you i am sorry,
i whisper through the phone line, ill start a new story.

You knew i was innocent but you still didn't believe me,
the only person i thought that would stay by my side but you couldn't be. 
Mom standing by your side and not wanting to talk,
i got really upset that you came at all cause i didn't want to see you walk. 

I needed you, when i was in need,
i was there for you when ever you didn't want to bleed.
I loved you and i cherished you with all my heart,
but before you left your words hit me like a really sharp dart.

You said i failed you,
you cried to me and i knew it was true.
But i needed you to understand me,
but you went your way and upset me.

The glass is now empty and i cant find you even with the fact that I'm out,
i tell you i love you but all you do is shout. 
I've lost you for good this time, 
so i think i have to do one more crime. 

Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

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Prison of Love

Your love has arrested me,
Sentencing me to another life,
Your love has made me a prisoner of hope,
Forever is all I can see.

By: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2012

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Calculating Costs of Hate Crimes

Wherein lies the great dividing moral distinction
between hate crimes of socioeconomic historic proportion
and multicultural perpetuation,
and the more mundane population of defiance crimes
of a more personal nature?

Why is society's right to aggressively imprison unto nutritional neglect,
to kill and maim in just vengeance of angry sociopathic retribution,
politically and economically correct,
yet not these smaller personal issues
of ego-defiance,
LeftBrain exercising WinLose Competitions
for political and/or economic survival-thrival powers?

Which crimes are not self-enslaving,
hating crimes of calculating and emotive passions?
What crimes of aggressive terror
or malignant neglect of healthier options
wears no stink of hate?

Whether conducted as public retribution
or private rebuke of ego-supremacist behaviors,
lacking are self-esteem of WinWin
Both-And justice-option hunting
and gathering together.
Hate breeds further hate,
as love co-arises love.

Revenge is usually counter productive
where hypnotic addictions rooted in
an unholy internal constellation 
of anger+fear=active distrust moving toward paranoid hate-panic
tyrannically pathological nightmares
bleeding back into silos of despair,
aloneness fog of white noise,
timeless absence of healthy hope.

What seems needed are ecotherapeutic self-nutritionists,
lovers and beautifiers of co-empathic trust
co-mentoring mutual invitations into deep ecology of learning
healthy nutritional life options
as compared and contrasted with ego-purgation 
(0)-sum notnot life-giving,
restraints on right-now cooperative abundance.

Who dares continue throwing stones
when we might regenerate love's healthier WinWin Economics instead?

Criminalizing hatred itself
is like trying to fight fire with more fire;
it can work
but is best reserved as last extreme resort response
to wilder sweeping climatic conflagrations,
which would not have occurred
had we compulsory health education about love regeneration
rather than anger management removed from its wiser,
more ecosystemic home.

Perhaps it is fair revenge to imprison sociopathic haters
with other haters,
but who would that leave out,
and what shall we all do within our mutual imprisonment of fear and anger?
Provide Anger Management remediation,
yet not even discuss concomitant absence of love 
as self-optimizing health,
never mention absorbing truths 
of cooperative political and economic therapeutic beauty?

What do we feed our prisoners,
our self as other hating outlaws?
Do we serve up healthy relationships and environments,
or ever more toxic plastic degradations
that will continue to replenish pathological self-hate?

Imprisoning haters,
without repurposing
or even simply inviting to conjoin a more therapeutic life,
discovering potential lovers as co-mentors,
satisfies political lust for vengeance
in exchange for defiance
only if we are content to continue
on their future abuse and neglected generations,
future active distrusters
and criminally addicted self and other haters.

Which of your crimes against nature
are you so sure did not emerge
from co-arising nondual fears and angers?
conjoined to hate self-hating haters,
devolving away from WinWin regenerative exegesis,
plummeting terror-climatic norms of emotional despair
reduced toward pathological LoseLose
political-economic ecology
of not-really-so-much Grace.

Enslaving and imprisoning fractured hostile lives
while throwing away our deep listening key
is like intentionally placing an abused/neglected child
with an exhausted, starving, addicted sexual predator,
hoping they will teach each other further dramatic exploits
in what to never do.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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You Keep Her

Just forget let it all go
Let this be the only place you know
For the sands of time are never kind
I want you to know you will always be mine

You try to escape me 
But my grip is strong see
You know you can never be
This well without me

In the back of your mind I see you crying
You really think about flying
Well go on keep on trying
You don't have the heart to leave me dying

Maybe I am cruel in a way
You think I am selfish though you stay
 I know you don't believe in me
 And i know you really need me 

My pet you are my treasure
Nothing else can measure
This joy I feel keeping you
Making you it real reliving 
the pain you always feel 
i love you
and this is your catch 22

Copyright © Carrissa Whateley | Year Posted 2016

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Where the heart goes, there goes the head.
In reality, this does not always follow.
Where the heart goes, there goes the imagination.

A person can be in the deepest depression,
their heart hurt by a cruel love,
and their imagination can put them in the darkest place.
No light, no vision, no sound, without ever feeling the world around them.

Yet, like the bars of their prison,
the key to setting them free is to be loved.
It may take time, patience, and constancy, 
but the pardon will eventually come.

The heart begins to feel refreshed in a new way. 
The imagination and soul are deluged by the torrent of love,
and their world of darkness opens upon the Spring day.

I have been to that dark place where love is the jailer,
where I could no longer feel anything at all.
That darkness was not dispelled easily,
but only by the patient love that opened the door to my Spring day.

It is here I would find the reality of my imagination.
It is here I would want to be, wrapped in that love,
instead of drinking coffee in the cafes of Berlin.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2016

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A Heart Held Captive

Tho I'm kept in captivity, you've captivated from the start. You're the reason for my creativity, you've captured my heart. Tho I'm kept in a cage, it's just a question of days. How many are left before I see your face? If you compare the consequence, the risk is too great. Because to give in to love, is to make a mistake. A mistake I swore, I'd only make once. But you changed my mind, as love gets what it wants. You've committed a crime, so take what's left. It's my heart that you took, so consider it theft. So you can have my heart, because you stole my breath too. When you came into my life, love became true. So constantly waiting is so time-consuming, only concentrating on what you do to me. So I can't quite forget the first time I applied. Her love went to shit, application denied. So that turned me off, at my own request. But you turn me back on, to love's great quest. I just don't understand, how do I remain active, with a crimes you continue to commit, my heart's held captive.

Copyright © Anthony Clifford | Year Posted 2016

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A Prison of My Very Own

For entirely too long I held onto
This image I painted of you
But somewhere along the way
The man I met that August day
Got buried down deep inside
And the man I fell in love with died
Because the you that I now see
Is not the one who had a hold on me
He's been gone for quite some time
Now all that’s left is this rhyme
We used to be the best of friends
Even after our love had come to its end
Close friends we remained for a while
And now I can no longer picture your smile
Strangers is what we have become
After the past we come from
I never thought we'd end up here
All along that was my biggest fear
But I fell for you none-the-less
Then my feelings for you I was forced to suppress
I found a way to look you in the eye
And tell a bold face lie
Cuz I couldn’t completely let you go
The feelings were buried below
Behind my smile they hid
No one was to know what I did
And we all pretended it didn’t happen that way
But I lived in my own prison every single day
Sure that I'd never get over you
Swore it was something I just couldn't do
I told myself with a little time and space
You'd return with such an embrace
No words would have to be shared
Cuz we knew how much we cared
For so long I fed myself those lies
And countless rivers fell from my eyes
But your return never really came
So I finally decided to end the game
I learned there was nothing more I could do
It had all been left up to you
And you made your choice
In a low and broken voice
I whispered I love you once more
And for the last time I walked out your door
You didn’t say a thing at all
This time I felt only a single tear fall
Since that day
I've tried so hard to find my way
It's no longer as hard as it used to be
Now your face I can see
After all this time
I know this girl will be just fine
Since you've been gone I've really grown
Even managed to escape a prison of my very own!

Copyright © Jennifer Griffith | Year Posted 2016

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My heart burns like fire on a blistering night and yet it is still too cold to melt the chains you confined me in.
Eyes closed
Black and grey
The continuous sound of scratching like bloodied fingers embedded in an impenetrable wall.
No escape
Bloodshot eyes
Sleepless nights
Monotonous speeches
Don't try to remember whats been written before
Skin aches
Burns like acid
Cover me I'm thorns to ease the pain
Nothing can take it away
Nothing can take away from what you do to me
Each thorn has a rose or so i pleaded to believe
Each tear sparkles as it falls
Each black night has a star
You were mine...
I can't get away
I would give the world
Everything! Every breath
Every drop, every shadow...
Every memory to have never heard you say...
I love you!
For all the pain in the world, I'm trapped... 
Letting go seems nothing short of a death penalty.
Each look, each smile, each second I wait is a dagger in my heart...
Still I cannot let go! You have the key to my shackles. You are the moon in my blackest of nights.
Inches from death i can't let go...

Copyright © miguel williams | Year Posted 2015

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All my fault

Here I am without you tears streaming down my face wondering where what when and how did i go wrong? I tried multiple times failed each time hoping to be better next time! Feelings I can't escape or deny. Why did I give up and let my guard down so easily? Many things crossed my mind memories of us back to the very first time we met I instantly knew he was the one and only for me I just had to have him in my life. Soon as I got a chance we agreed on going on a date!! As I sit in that black truck you in the driver's seat music playing as I remember Luke Bryan's CD nightly cruise through the country wind blowing on my face/hair drinking some vodka nothing better to do yet!! Night turns into Am not knowing what to expect! You pulling me closer as Im next to you singing every word to the whole song/CD amazed by how good your voice sounds just like Luke Bryan. As we drank the night away connected falling in love with one anor.. one thing led to another yep luckiest chick alive  yur girlfriend! Yur away not by choice as you can imagine me lost miserable ect. waiting for your release date so we can be together again. As it gets closer for you to come home you start acting different accusing me of stuff that's not true! Pushing me away I become friends with someone not wanting anything more than friends! Well one thing led to another not being with any one for 4 1/2 years missing all the things that come with a relationship or more. Never wanting anything like this to happen. The day has come release waiting patiently for a phone call or text and nothing. What can I say it's all my fault i done this to myself!! But honestly if the tables were turned me doing time and him out here on the streets would he be waiting and being faithful?? I don't think so but could be wrong!! Every time my phone rings I hope it's him but of course it's not. 5-6 years is along time to be with someone especially engaged been through so much together like I said it's all my fault can't blame anyone but me! Being in love hurts so I'm devasted life goes on.. So i lose sleep not eat or take care of myself wishin hopen praying delusional I am!!Red i need you As I did then yur My whole life. Everything I dreamed

Copyright © Heather Angel | Year Posted 2016

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The Prison of Night

At night i weep,
in silence i grieve,
how can i sleep?
when it is hard to breath,

During the day i laugh,
with friends i converse,
but the day wont last with the turning of earth,

with dark skies comes heartache,
as the stars flicker and blaze,
there only so much i can take,
of these suffocating days,

when the day starts anew,
and the sun brings the morning light,
i momentarily forget about you,
until the return of night,

when i see the midnight moon,
and feel the stars in the sky,
i close my eyes in this room,
and pray i make it by,

for when the sun is shinning high,
and the heat consumes my fright,
i cant help but wonder why
i must suffer the prison of night

Copyright © raymond hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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Inside The Mind Of A Prison Wife

Why didn’t they just give you a fine?
Why did they have to take what is mine?

You may be in that place for your crime,
But my baby you didn’t deserve any time.

The system is trying to tear us apart,
But you’re the only one that can have my heart.

Another year seems so very long,
But together we stand defiant and strong.

The distance between us is always tough,
Three visits a month will have to be enough.

My life is complete whenever you’re near,
No more upset, not one more tear.

Whenever you feel lonely in your cell,
Remember you still have me under your spell.

Sometimes I just don’t know how to say,
My love for you grows day on day.

World at my feet but I only want you,
A steady life, some children too.

When you’re home this will all be history,
As we start to unfold our future, the mystery.

Copyright © Lacy Wallace | Year Posted 2017

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Once was a storm that remanded me
with all her murk and might.

Once was a thunder that ensued with it 
and shook me throughout the night.

Where were you as I was drenched
for her clouds unleashed that day?

Once was a sun that finally reached
and freed me from her captive ways.

Copyright © David Ranisav | Year Posted 2016

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Heart's Melody

We're blinded by fear,
Prisoners of denial, 
Our hearts struck by spears,
Forgiveness gone on fatal. 
Love's a melody, so queer.

Copyright © Scarlet Zaire | Year Posted 2015

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From my prison cell
with each stroke of the bell
my soul cries out for thee,
and I long to be free.

Behind the steel door
every day I die a little more.
Many months have gone by,
and yet I still cry.

If only I knew
thy love was true.
If I could see thy face 
this be not a dreadful place.

I did wrong and I must pay 
with my life day-by-day.
There is sorrow in my heart.
The loneliness will not depart.

Time is the enemy.
It goes by so slowly,
I feel myself grow old,
as the walls turn cold.

Copyright © Willie A. Buchanan | Year Posted 2015

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I'm inside the car.
it's 6:45.
just before 6
I heard the words:

why do you do that?
why do you lead them on?
why is it fine you do it
but not me?
I don't want his stick.
I stopped that possibility 
of sex because I chose to.
saving his stick picture
doesn't mean anything.
I'm not gonna say anything. 
I'm just brushing it off.
you can be with whoever you 
you can do whatever you want.
you like that they like you.
you tell me it's wrong to act 
when I get attention but it's 
fine for you?
I don't need to send his wife 
the stick picture he sent me.
keeping it doesn't mean 
no, saving his stick picture 
doesn't mean I'm keeping the 
option open to have sex with 
go bump her then.
I'm done trying to make you happy.
bump my opinion. 
I don't care what you think 
I wore this bra for you.

I lost his stick already.
why can't you ever be fine
with me?
oh so you get the last laugh?
I'm sure you'll jack off 
oh yeah, but not Tatiana 
go back to her then.
I'm a whore; it's burned into 
my brain.
you hate me.
I know. 
trust me. 
bump love, bump me, bump 
do what you want Eddie, 
you're better off without me.

the door slams and I hear 
footsteps fade.
she's off to school.

By: Chicano Eddie

Copyright © CHICANO EDDIE | Year Posted 2016

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Inside Those Walls

One by one they file in
Socks and flip flops on their feet
Some look down. Stare at the floor
But some look up, your gaze they'll meet

Most shake your hand as they walk by
Each one is dressed up in their greens
They sit and listen to the Truth of the Word
Some join in as each of us sings

There is a story on every face
Although not so easily read
Sometimes you see tears, heartache and pain
They've all been places I've never been

Sometimes I get lost in their faces
And wonder what all they've been through
Do they know there is hope beyond these walls?
Do they know that Jesus loves them too?

He loves you, sir. He loves you
No matter what you're in here for
He loves you, sir. He loves you
He stands as the open door

He's the open door of freedom
From past mistakes and sin
He wants to give you hope and a future
If you'll just only let Him in

I am no better than you, sir
I've messed up...I was a sinner too
But Jesus wants to take our broken hearts
Piece them together and make them new

He will meet you in your prison cell
Just reach out and call His name
Because you, my friend, are a treasure
And its for you He took the blame

Copyright © Bethany St John | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

the rise and fall of my love

my eyes see all 
and comfort me 
like a kiss from 
my love 
as the rain falls 
so does my mood
as my sight vanishes
washed away by the 
fragrance of the 
wild flowers my 
heart is warmed
my love is without a name 
though the minutes 
seem like hours he waits
not to worry love 
i will protect our hearts 
and your dreams will
come true 
love will set 
us free
as our love is caged 
with deceit
you want what you gave
your heart
as prisoner of love 
cage for our intimacy
the warden of love 
wont release the 
spirit of life 
eager to please 
false hope 
cold lifeless hearts
we have to be freed 
to soar on wings of
humanity falls
clear blue sky full moon beckons
as teeth slice rip bite
my soul set free now
blood drained left for dead again
inside nothing left

Copyright © gregory ramos | Year Posted 2015

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Just Don't Give Up

After hearing your gentle voice on the phone,
I jumped off of the bunk, and wrote this short poem.

Such a simple thing,  a 10 minute call,
I can't explain,  just means it all.

I miss you even more, as my time comes near,
For me to pack up, finally get out of here.

Take you home, lock the door,
Hold you tight, forever more.

Take you away from the stress and grief,
Let's make a new life, and finally start to believe.

Find the happiness we have been looking for,
Let our new start begin, when I walk out of this door.

Don't look back, let's aim for the top,
We will be there soon, never stop.

There's no words to express ,what you mean to me,
I believe in my heart, this is what "true love" must be.

Just don't give up, my sweet lil' doll,
Soon I will be home, once and for all...

Copyright © Michael Boughner | Year Posted 2016

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Home Alone

Are you coming home?
Home to me, 
Home to where you said you would be. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you left me. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you said we’d both be free. 

Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home to where you said you would be. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you said we’d both be free. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you left me.

Copyright © Rebecca Huxley | Year Posted 2017

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Loving You

Loving you is feeling complete,
Loving you is an everyday treat.

Loving you is all I need,
Loving you is flying at speed.

Loving you is all consuming,
Loving you is flowers blooming.

Loving you is the rest of my life,
Loving you is one day being your wife.

Loving you is Christmas every day,
Loving you is all I say.

Loving you is far from small,
Loving you is giving my all.

Loving you is trying something new,
Loving you is the perfect view.

Loving you is all I know,
Loving you is chocolate gateaux.

Loving you is being 10 years old,
Loving you is having someone to hold.

Loving you is the hearts endeavour,
Loving you is my forever.

Copyright © Lacy Wallace | Year Posted 2017

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Sonnet VI: My Imprisoned Princess

Let me not to those who live openly
Bring any barricades. For these four walls
Around the heart of my princess lovely,
I will make crumble! I'll cause them to fall!!
Allow her I will not, to out here lock
Me with my pleas for her permission to
Bring down her walls, which stand steady as rock!!
I will save her; my love I will rescue!
One day, I vow, my love will let me see,
Who she is behind that false masquerade!
From that walled prison, I will set her free,
And bring her, with me, to a love-filled glade!

And should I fail, my princess's heart to save,
I'll dig for myself my very own grave.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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The prison of Love

I open the cage…
And she flew
She soars up high
The words I hear her say
Is “I am free at last.”

I never knew that my love would be a prison
Till I loved her
Possessed her
Was obsessed with her

She said she loved me
But only to conform to her captures wishes
She never loved me back
But satisfied her desires

And now…
She said there was no future called “us”
She just wanted to fly
To be free

I open the cage

Copyright © Sidney Hall Mad Poet | Year Posted 2010

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Dungeon Moon

I hear the wind carry the message you send

Through the bars in the wall and the crashing of waves.

I hear the raven call your name.

His calls and cries seem to ease my pain.

I feel the power of love again

It overrides this misery I must sustain.

The shackles restrain and on cold stone I shall remain.

But the moon reflects the message I send

The raven listens as my feelings expend.

A raven of the night carries my secret in flight.

Through the miles in the dark and the rain and the wind

He carries to you the message I send

He caws at your window
A message of hope that I must maintain

You hear the language of the raven explain

That we shall be together again.

Copyright © T.I.R.O. JY | Year Posted 2016

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Dangerous Love

Holding back seems the hardest part,
Having good reason not to fall apart,
I sigh...unable to say a word,
My heart beating faster for the words unheard,
With a lump in my throat I smile, and walk away,
Those feelings are dangerous, bottled up, in my way!

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2016