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I am 18 years old
I just found out that I spend most of my time sleeping, 
I am obsessed with it. 
I have lived for 9,460,800 minutes
Most of which I waste on sleep
Sleeping is my personal heroin,
It lets my arms as a pair of wings  to fly me  to paradise.
When I want to escape from reality,    
I shoot it up my veins.

One day, my mom was chatting with her friends, 
When they discussed my studies, 
I looked down at my shoes while their children smiled smugly.
Their smiles struck my wings like lighting
The path to my paradise began to disappear 
I thought I could use my broken wings to open their eyes 
so that they would see my true face
But this was just my imagination
I needed a hit so bad that I slept for 3 days
Feeling likes a puppet, no pain as my strings are pulled
My dream leads me into that sense again,
I looked at their lips and heard their words, proudly I say to her friends, “I am better than your child.”
When I awake, I feel my emotions flood back to me stronger than before

When I was in high school,
I worked so hard but I still couldn’t achieve a score to be proud of
When I see my father’s rough hands, I am shamed by my B Grade Paper.
Then I begin to think what I can do for him, 
I ask: “DAD! Can I go to get a part-time job?

“No, getting back to your studies!”

I prepared to take another shot of heroin
To help me pretend as if nothing happened
I used to think that sleeping would solve my ailments
    But I realized 
I realized that I am escaping
   Like boxers hide behind their gloves 
Like timid warriors escape from the battlefields

These years, I am search in for peace
But opiate feeling blinds my eyes 

Copyright © hanyue xu | Year Posted 2014

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On Days like These

Its always hard on days like these
To forget
The times spent together 
Running through the fall leaves 
Hunting in the mountains.

Its always hard on days like these 
To forget
That you're not with me
That you can't comfort me 
And spend hours talking to me

Its always hard on days like these 
When people ask where you are 
When i know that you aren't too far
But can't be here

Its always hard on days like these
To know your dad is in jail 
On his knees
Praying that someone will post bail.

Its always hard

On days like these

Copyright © Chloe Payseur | Year Posted 2015

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I know that stealing is wrong but I don't regret what I did.
I only stole food and I only did it to be able to feed my kids.
After my wife died, I had a breakdown and my job was something I lost.
I would've gladly paid for the food but I couldn't afford what it cost.
I turned to other people for help but they refused to lend a helping hand.
People don't help others like they used to, it was too much for me to stand.
My kids went to a foster home when I went to jail.
Now I'm fighting to get them back and I won't fail.
I have a new job and I'll get them back but I don't know when.
But mark my words, my children and I will be a family again.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2015