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Details | Light Poetry |
I am but a dreamer
and in my dreams I play
where I live so happily
writing them my way
inside my illusions
where I know I belong
whistling a joyful tune
as I go along

Like a little spirit
I venture on the breeze
skipping in the gentle wind
doing what I please
with the rising sun I dance
wrapped inside his charms
across the golden morning sky
twirling in his arms

I can climb a mountain
or live among the trees
sail in a silver sailboat
on the seven seas
I can draw a moonlit night
ride on a bright moonbeam
and swim among the diamonds
in a velvet stream

I am but a dreamer
there's nothing in my way
living in the place I love
loving everyday
maybe it's a fairytale
but that's all right by me
I'm the master of my dreams
where I wander free

No one there can tell me
what is wrong or right
following what's in my heart
I live in the light
happy in my dream world
that's where I choose to stay
in the world where I belong
writing dreams my way

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
Oh Mr. Postman, 
Where have you gone?
Oh Mr. Postman, 
Wake up its dawn.
You vanished without a trace, you didn't even leave a trail.
Should I send a message in a bottle or just an "E-Mail"!!!?

Oh Mr. Postman, 
What happened to you?
Oh Mr. Postman, 
You are all but over & that's the truth.
Life for you must now be hard, with no postcards or parcels to collect.
What have they done with you, are you caught in a web they call "The Internet"!!!?

Oh Mr. Postman, 
Are you still alive?
Oh Mr. Postman, 
There's no mail and it's half past five.
I have my doubt if you will ever come back again, to deliver my telegrams and letter.
I want see you just once again, or someday will we meet on "Face-book" or "Twitter"!!!?

Oh Mr. Postman, 
Have we lost you to technology?
Oh Mr. Postman, 
Please accept my apology.
I am waiting to hear what you have to say, now that gone are the stamps, paper, pen 
and ink.
This is no dream, a harsh reality, What was, What is, What will be. Just think!!!!

Oh Mr. Postman, 
Why did the technocrats bring about change ?
Oh Mr. Postman, 
This cyber revolution has got me deranged.
I would draw my screen and look out of the window, just waiting to hear your bicycle ring
Now I look into a screen with windows, trying to figure out this "Inbox" thing!!!

Oh Mr. Postman, 
Welcome to the new era!!!
Oh Mr. Postman,
 I hope it treats you well
In your uniform on days hot, cold or warm, you have served people both high and low
What will you do now, do you have a plan? I will never know, Will I never know?

Copyright © Vijay Prabhakar | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |
Take my hand,
and off we go,
on silver clouds
our love does flow,
I dive in you,
you dive in me,
as one we rise,
forever free.
our hearts sprout wings,
as heaven sings a song for me and you,
my joy so grand,
I take thy hand,
your eyes so misty blue.

Copyright © Jean-Pierre Gregoire | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |
Mama and Daddy was always Love-Dovey
She is His Sweetheart – He is Her Honey
First Love… Real Love  -  Forever True
Pa… I Pray to find A Man Like You…

Daddy Laughed and Put His Arm Round My Shoulder
And Said, “I’ll Tell You Somethin’, Now You’re Older
It’s got to do with Your Mother’s Fame
And Why I gave Her, The Nickname…

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
Blue-jean Shorts and Vintage Tony Lama
Walked thru the Door… of A Liquor Store
… Packaged so Pretty… Pa Just had to Pour

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Ma… Was there, to get 6-packs for A Party…
Pa… Was there, ‘cause of a Taste for Bacardi
He took One Look and Knew He Couldn’t Waste Her
Pa… Gave-up ‘Drank’… Just so He Could Chase her !

Dad, Said, ‘He’d Drowned in Dark-Eyes and Sweet-Aroma
Fine-Wine, Crystal… But Tuff’ Nuff’ to Down-Drama
Pa Claims, Mama’s Labeled by the F.D.A.
And Listed on Her Driver’s License is,  A.K.A.  …

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
 Genuine Woman, Who Made Him Wanna’
Take Her to be His Lawful Moonshine
… Married at Midnight – ‘cross The County-Line

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Alcohol’s in Trauma;  and Prohibition Told Her:
"Boot-Legged Mama… Done Drove Pa Sober !"
Now, Homemade-Hooch… is His Acquired Taste
180 Proof… Kicked All Over His Case !

Right Then, Mama Flowed into The Room
Pa, Teased and Said, “Still Full-Bodied and Perfumed !
Ma Hugged Us, then Handed Me – Old Boots and A Dress…
    (and good advice)… “Go Git’ My Elliot Ness…

               … and be a Boot-Legged Mama!

( Hey !... Did I Hear Somebody, In A Country Drawl ….
          Order Up A Bottle of Kicking Alcohol !
         Well, Here She Is… Y'all ! ...
                  Boot-Legged Mama ….

Well John (Moses) Freeman... You Said You Needed
Somethin' :)  to Read tonight, before kicking up your
heels...  Well, Here It Is (Have Fun - Son)


 (Thank You For All Your Wonderful Comments
Now, I Can't Get Thru The Door for My Ego.. (Smile)

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
John was a youngin'
John was living for life, whether gunnin' or runnin'
John thinks for John
John sees no end in sight, he'll break down the wall
John lives by fear
Destiny looked at John through a .44, but as if he care
John goes the distance
John knows life's short, so he cashed in an instance
John knows the streets
John knows where to ball and when to retreat
John loves to shine
John stays on top and dares not decline
John loves the sex
All the damsels in the hood loves the diamonds he flex
John lived for John
When that wall came tumbling, it was too big, he too small.

Copyright © Arcene Janvier | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |
missing threads
She looks outside. The pale moonlight has fallen across the tributary, illusory moonshine,
like an intimate emission, now that the urgency is gone, meaningless. 
She looks inside. The sprawled bed sheet of flesh shines in luminous darkness which she
thinks she is. 
Remember the worth and compare with leaving behind the cords, one son and a lethargic
clergy who divides his self between interpreting the God and being her husband. 
She remembers the cats, the weekend cooking classes and small garden of oriental roses.
The pale moon is always hiding behind the clouds when you need it. The clarity is a burnt
out butt of the cigarette learning to jump overboard. She waves away the smoke. She looks,
once more, inside and outside.  
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

Copyright © Kushal Poddar | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
Honey, Let’s go on Calhoun Road
Its Saturday… Let’s Unload
Drive up to the Cul-De-Sac…
Stop the Truck… and Let’s Jump on Back
With the Radio on – Up- High…
The Bluebirds, will Wave – Bye-Bye
Yeah, Let’s Go Truck… on a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

Honk – Uncle Henry… Out His House !
Tell Him… ‘Get Up Off That 40-Ounce
Look at Him Trying to Make Us Hush…
Let His Neighbors Know… He Knows Us!
… We’re His High-Rolling Relatives…
(though He Uses Other Adjectives…)
Oh, Let’s Go Truck… on a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

You Know, What We Come Here For
Picnic and Party and Lay Outdoors
Got Money, Snacks and a Whole Lotta’ Gas
Let’s Head ‘em off Honey, at Our Underpass
My Baby’s Got 4-Wheel Drive
I’m gon’ sit back and Enjoy The Ride…
(Leave the Liquor and Let’s Stay Alive)  On a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

As Our Ranger Rode into the Sunset There
… Saw a Bronco Stampeding, Making Dusty Air
And Silverado, was Coming Up Fast
Oh no!... Little Mustang Slipped Right Past
And Uncle Henry’s Ram Looked Tuff ! …
On Our Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

Back-Roads-Ride Roundup…

(I Posted This One For You John (Moses) Freeman.. 
(You lil' Ol' Trucker You - - - Enjoy)


Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
Listen to The Wind and The Rain
Playing Symphonies Again
With Muted-Base of Thunder
Raise The Window; Watch and Wonder

Listen to The Wind and The Rain
Crescendo – Clean and Rise – Refrain
A Rush of Lightning Rhapsody
Love-Struck A Chord… Deep in Me…

(Listen to The Wind and The Rain…)

Open Up  The Door !
I Want to Feel the Choir’s Full – Score
Wind and Rain – By Maestro’s Hand
Make Melody  to Woman and Man

(Listen to The Wind and The Rain…)

Listen to The Wind and The Rain
In This Lullaby, We have Lain
In Such Peaceful Harmony
Singing in  Love’s Key…

Listening to The Wind and The Rain...

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
I write a lyric to pen a song and then I sing the lyric to a friend. In hopes, he will remember me. I pen and pen the lyrics of a song to friends I hope to be. That they will always remember me. The song is simple and the words are few. But hoping they remind me of them and not just you. So, without much care, I pen this song in hopes that you remember me. The words are few and the song is simple too. Oh that you remember when we first met. And what a wonderful time that you never forget. It's like heaven in the sky. What a wonderous time that has gone by. I sing to you sing to you now. Oh, what a wonderful time we had. And will be together forever. Remember me.

Copyright © Marilyn Williams | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |
Her voice is a sound sweet and soothing.
Her eyes are deep with mystery.
Her cheeks soft and radiant...
a vision of sheer ecstasy.

She's as lovely as a garden fountain...
a fresh spring flower enchanting.
She's a shimmering moon beam glowing...
gentle and inviting.

I must stay with her
until the dawn breathes its early light.
I must be with her
until slowly away slips the night.

Her smile so generous and full,
like the warmth of the sun afar.
She's a ravishing night sky,
amidst a galaxy of stars.

I must stay with her
until the dawn breathes its early light.
I must be with her
until slowly away slips the night.

 Milton L. Delgado
 Inspired by The Book:
 Song of Songs 
 The Holy Bible

Copyright © Milton Lopez Delgado | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
                 Snowing …
Soft and Beautiful almost Bitter-Cold Thing

A man watched her… from across the bar
Said:  “I had to come over… to where you are
… sitting there drinking… Kaluah and Cream
… looking like – someone’s un-awakened dream

Decided to catch her … ‘fore she got away
Then he asked her … what she had to say…
Now, she’s listened, but wasn’t too impressed
She just grouped him … with all the rest …

    … and said:  “I’m Snowing …
I’m Fragile… when I’m Falling …
My heart is frozen … kept on thaw-alert
I won’t let it melt … I don’t want to hurt
Don’t get too close, or you may get chilled
Don’t mean to be rude … that’s just how I feel…

               like Snowing …
Soft and beautiful, but Bitter-Cold thing “

Now, I’ve heard the fairy tale of a young boy and girl
Who got caught up … in an icy-world
But, I’m more saddened, by what I just seen …
What could have changed that woman into The Snow Queen?

                She’s Snowing …
Such a Soft beauty, but Bitter-Cold thing
She’s Snowing … Snowing … Snowing

Now, the man, politely touched her arm …
Got her to dance … held her close and warm …
The Heat of His Heart-beat, tho’ Strong … was only fleeting
He looked down into her eyes … they were sleeting …

                She was Snowing …
Soft and beautiful, but Bitter-Cold thing
She was Snowing … Snowing … Snowing

Maybe, he’ll see her again, this time, next year
… but … if you make her melt … She will disappear …

               ‘Cause She’s Snowing
Such a Soft and beautiful, Bitter-Cold thing
That girl is Snowing … Snowing … Snowing

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

Details | Prose Poetry |
My life is goin on,
Its a roller-coaster, ups and downs,
so many things to tel,
cant tel it to the walls around,
they dont reciprocate,
need a soul, need a person,
Feeling happy? Feeling sad?
Tell a friend...

met you as a stranger,
took a walk to know you better,
and never turned back,
look back on the path we led,
there were no footsteps,
oh i remember, we flew, n dint walk,
Feeling happy? feeling sad?
Tell a friend..

chose different paths,
yet our lives intertwined,
i dint ask for this, yet it came,
wouldnt have wished for the happiness,
if i knew the pain,
the end is near,
Feeling happy, Feeling sad,
have always shared,
hope we meet again, oh friend,
cuz they say world is a small place,
To embrace again, i hope....

Copyright © Rahul C S | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |
Hey Girlfriend, Get Your Hunting Nose
And While You’re at it … Get Your Hunting Clothes
… that’s Right ‘ Hunting ‘
We Going Hunting …

I’m Headed out to The Westridge Mall
Its Friday Night, Time to Have A Ball !
… and Go ‘ Hunting ‘
Yeah, Hunting

Pick Up The Others … Is A Six pack Enough ?
Yeah, You’re Right … We Better Pack The Truck
… and Go ‘ Hunting ‘
Big Game-Hunting !

It’s Hunting Season … This Must Be The Spot
Hot Dang, Sister ! … Look What I Just Shot !
… Out ‘ Hunting ‘
Happy ‘ Hunting ‘

Hurry Up … Don’t Let ‘Em Get Away !
I’m Staying Here, Holding This One At Bay
… Done ‘ Hunting ‘
Great ‘ Hunting ‘

Hey, He’s In Your Sights, Girl … Just Point and Pull
Bring Down That One … He’s So Beautiful !
… Look At Him ‘ Hunting ‘
Uh Huh, He’s Out ‘ Hunting ‘

Hey... You Crazy-Humor-Loving Guys ... Moses and Jimbo)
Hope You Enjoy This One ... It's from MoonBee's Clubbing Days

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |
Certain songs can alter my mood and talk to me.
     I look for solitude when writing poetry.
Sades voice is heard in the background
     I create a rhythm with words to leave the reader spellbound!

The smooth sounds from the speakers push my relaxed hand.
     From my head to my sneakers I feel the music from the band.
Bobbing my head, I close my eyes.
     Paragraphs are well-read leaving the reader to fantasize.

Each line is subconsciously wrote, therefore not by choice.
     I follow my heart by listening to her voice.
I focus on my word play that comes from within me,
     And so I give you Sade and poetry!!!

*PS family please download two of my all time favorite "side" songs...I promise you will love 
her!  #1 "Ordinary Love"  #2 "By Your side"

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010