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Details | Light Poetry |

Who ate the last slice?
I don't hear no confession
Who scarfed the last slice down?
Everyone seems to have a finger pointing obsession
Don't know why we have house rules,
when no one pays them no mind
He who calls last slice first,
is supposed to have their belly rewarded
whenever they feel so inclined
Around here, a person can't even take a bathroom break,
without somebody swiping the last slice off the tray
That's just wrong,
that's not fair
I even bought the two pizzas,
but I can see nobody cares
I wish I could tell who did it
by looking into their eyes
And none of youse are even trying
to give me any elaborate lies
The wife is in the bedroom,
hiding her head under the pillows
The three kids are aimlessly
bobbing around like zombie marshmallows
I guess it's just me and the dog
left to take up the lost cause
Hey, wait a minute ... now don't tell me ---
is that pizza sauce I see all over your paws!

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
I received a beautiful Christmas gift the other day,
it was so quaint and pretty but ate it anyway,
was a gingerbread house with a gingerbread family,
consumed the whole house while the family looked away,

Then they looked up at me with sorrowful icing eyes,
I felt so bad they're now being homeless I started to cry,
so I ended up buying a gingerbread log cabin kit,
made it last night so they wouldn't retaliate and have a fit,

Now Mom, Pop son and daughter are in their new home,
I didn't want them homeless on the street's all alone,
I even baked and gave them a gingerbread dog,
but the temptation was too great and started eating the logs,

Now once again because of me they are homeless,
my gingerbread appetite like an overwhelming furnace,
so I'm asking somebody to please take them all in,
or they too might disappear along with their next of kin.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
Taco shells are made of yellow corn meal. They are tasty and crunchy, and usually a good deal. You can stuff them with ground beef, chicken, or even fish. Fill them up with plenty of whatever you wish. Tacos are something folks north of the Rio Grande adore. However, they break too easily and spill their contents on the floor.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
A banana split can be a work of art. With the fruit cut lengthwise in half is where we start. Three scoops of our favorite ice cream go on top. Whatever flavor, use the cream of the crop. On each scoop go toppings of pineapple, chocolate, and strawberry. Above that go generous mounds of whipped cream and a cherry. A split is good enough to change the most dour personality. Serve up this treat, and see them become merry.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
It's harvest time and that means we
Are picking all the fruit we see
To bake into our luscious pies.
Each steaming crust hides a surprise.

For pies we've frozen straw and raspberries,
In July we gathered all the cherries.
Without another day of waste
Came blue and blackberries in great haste. 

Now pears and plums and apples wait
Our appetites for fruit pies to sate.
And my own favorite, oh my
Is anything better than peach pie?

Our garden too, has given forth
Pumpkins for many a pies worth.
Tempting to every Bill or Phil
As they cool on my window sill.

Thanksgiving is coming and my duty
To create pies of utter beauty,
With crust that crumbles in one's mouth.
Birds wait for taste ere flying south.

My grandchildren come in every size
And each one wants his favorite pies.
So I bake their favored ones for each
And for my self I keep the peach.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
I set the table, place for one
Pour the wine, cork undone
Filet mignon, to perfection done
Topped with greens, and a sauce of rum

The evening sets, as it always had
A gourmet meal, aint so bad
I make a toast to the other side
As silence waits, I must abide

As I hold my glass
Of Bordeaux wine
I dare to wish but for one more thing
In darkened silence, the phone to ring

Soufflé simply will not do
There is no sweet without you
The perfect meal evades me still
The evening fades into a chill

Sleep evades my dreamy mind
And in the haze of wishful thoughts
Dinner was served
With a Kiss

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |
Come with me to Fontanella
where the bastions rise up high.
There the view is overwhelming;
nature’s beauty meets the eye.

Come with me to Fontanella,
the tea garden that’s unique
in the city of Medina.
Taste bud pleasure we will seek.

Come with me to Fontanella
when you’re dying for a cake.
You’ll be spoilt by the selection
of the goodies that they bake.

Come with me to Fontanella,
I go mad on nuts and dates.
You would drool for cassatella.
All we’ll leave is empty plates!

Come with me to Fontanella
Be it sun or be it rain.
An experience to remember;
you’ll return time and again!


Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |
I can die happy, with a great big grin
Knowing that I’m going to submit to this sin
It’s salacious, it’s scandalous - I’m in a tailspin 
Chocolate Mousse Cake 
Give it up, give in - Dig in!

Each delectable forkful
An endorphin rush
Serotonin gush
My heart races, my cheeks flush
A decadent delectation
A sweeter than sweet sensation 
I succumb to the temptation 

A morsel of mousse
So silky, so dreamy
Rich, moist cake
So milky, so creamy 
Dark and mysterious
I’m giddy - delirious 
My oh so perfect lover 
This relationship is serious

I fall into your sensual embrace
And lick the plate clean, there is no trace

My mantra is “Mmmmmm”
So I freely partake
Never get enough
Of this divine stuff
My slice of heaven 
Chocolate Mousse Cake

For Linda-Marie's "Dreamy Dessert" Contest

Copyright © Corinne Curcio | Year Posted 2010

Details | Light Poetry |
In summer, we grill them in our backyard. Preparation of spare ribs is not hard. Just light the charcoal, and let it get hot. Is there a special brand of barbecue sauce you've got? Spread the sauce on the ribs and let them cook away. Barbecued ribs make a special treat on a summer day. Make sure you get your share before they all go away. inspired by another member's poem

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
My wife and I went for a cruise in the Caribbean Sea,
I decided that I would talk like a pirate ‘till she got sick of me.

I told her that I was going to steal a look at her treasured chest,
Or get my hands on her booty whichever I liked the best.

And if she’d shiver me timber I told her that I would swash her buckle,
She didn’t think too much of my offer but it made me start to chuckle.

I twisted one hand into a gnarled hook and even fashioned for her a peg,
I kept it up until, “Please stop this pirate business,” she began to beg.

But it seems I had an enemy trying to thwart me on the cruise,
A buffet line or my beautiful wife, which one would I choose?

And then they fired their big guns at me from the dessert buffet table,
The carbs took the wind from my sails until my libido wasn’t able.

When you sail the sea with a fork in hand your love life will be fleein’,
Try your best not to surrender yourself to the pie plates of the Caribbean.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |
The female onion was crying while on the stand,
testifying agains't the indecent celery man,
saying he was always stalking her to make a raw deal,
claiming she had way too much onion sex appeal,

Watching her at the Sweet Onion Club and following her every night,
he thought her onion dancing was sexy and out of sight,
being a go-go dancer she definitely made the cut,
her onion perfume business being in the rut,

All the russet potato eyes at court were on him,
they all thought they were going to fry slim,
some were baking while some were boiling mad,
you could tell by the looks on their faces that they were mad,

The plum tomato judge got red in the face,
thought the celery stalking her was a big disgrace,
stewing about it along with the dozen jury eggs,
they quickly scrambled to get an over easy verdict read,:

Celery man found guilty for stalking the female onion,
will have to stay away forever from her and her bunions,
and for his punishment will have to watch dvd's all day,
of chef's chopping up celery and using it in various ways.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |
I feel a blockage has occurred...
It must have been all that stuffing and Turkey bird...
The gurgles, the rumbling, the passing of gas...
It’s beyond my control ,Oh dear, please let this pass...
We have guests you see...
So I don’t have the privilege to just get up and flee...
No one should ever be in this state...
And I should never have put so much on my plate... 
Cause now I’m paying and to my demise ...
The rite of passage has been denied...
I feel like I may blow up and explode...
It’s times like this when you miss the commode...

Copyright © kj force | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
 Before I begin I must sprinkle some muse
 The main ingredient for the words I'll choose
       I'll add in some metaphors with a sprig of thyme
          Then I'll add in two cups of rhyme

 I'll then drop  a pepper into the pot
 And slices of sadness to make you tear up
           I'll even add assonance, perhaps just a cup
 There will be passion as the poem gets hot

  A bit of personification with tomatoes I'll then stew
 I'll add a teaspoon of alliteration too
 This dish will be spicy just by default
 I'll sprinkle my similes with a pinch of salt

 With limericks, a dash of humor is thrown
 Hope it will tickle your funny bone
   With syllable count not a vowel to waste
                  My poem is cooked please take a taste!

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |
"The Night Café" is the name of a painting by Vincent van Gogh, and I have used the title for my poem.

The lights were on dim
in the Night Café
and we could barely
see the food

Priscilla had crumpets
and her boyfriend had one,
while I had
nothing at all

The lights were on dim
in the Night Café
and we won't 
go there again

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |
It’s midnight and I’m alone downstairs
I hope she’s sleeping, I’ve said my prayers
Now I’m walking like I’m in a dream
Sneak in the kitchen for some ice cream
Back upstairs I hear her snore
So I slowly shut the bedroom door
Be very careful so she doesn’t wake
Sneak back downstairs to get some cake
Damn that woman can read my mind
Or I’ve got an alarm tied to my behind
I’m getting so hungry, I could cry
Just a couple of pieces of Pizza pie
Damn it woman I’m wasting away
Don’t know if I’ll make it through another day
I’m so weak I’m on my knees
I’ll save myself with some chips and cheese
What would happen if I’d get sick and die
Then you’d have to stay home and cry
Now, because I don’t want to see you blue
I’m going to eat those donuts just for you
Now a salad bowl would be just the right fit
Ice cream, whipped cream, banana split
Some chocolate, strawberry going to make my day
Then I heard a voice behind me say

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2008

Details | Light Poetry |
I once shocked you
by my Queen Maud Fromage poem,
remembering a time
when the good Queen Maud
choked on the heavy stuff.

Her courtiers were 
about her suddenly,
and Queen Maud was
thumped on royal back
most thoroughly...

Thoroughly, yes thoroughly...
I have it on good report.
A doctor would not lie to me
about Queen Maud, now,
would he so?

The event put Queen off
the cheese for life
and she forbade it in the larder
or else her staff
taste strife.



Contest  - Give Me Your Best James Tate

Sponsor - Space Cadet


4th place win

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

You’re feeling so uncomfortably 
				like a lobster lately,
embroiled in hot controversy
Heated debates swirling all around you,
as your deep-fried life
jumps from the frying pan to the boiling pot
Wiping the sweat off your brow,
	standing before the microphones 
			and blazing bright lights burning hot
You feel like 
	you’re in a
		Twilight Red Lobster Zone
You’re catching a lot of heat, catching a lot 

Whew! Brother, it’s gotten really hot

You’re so embroiled ... 
feels like you being boiled
Boiled alive,
living the lobster life

Scandal and blooper viral feed
has you in a steamy situation
Court cases ... mounting legal fees
Your green onions 
    are getting a chop-chop 
	caramelized sensation

Indecent public exposure, tabloid indiscretions ...
Off-the-cuff sound bytes played on a constant loop
Political incorrectness, multiple divorce messes ...
Plus anger management is your new therapy group
You got a slew of problems like a gumbo stew,
so dump your crustacean career in the roiling pot
You’re catching a lot of heat, catching a lot

Whew! Brother, it’s gotten so fiery hot

You’re so embroiled ... 
feels like you being boiled
Boiled alive,
living the lobster life
Being served on a buffet platter is so undignified

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |

May I take your order, please:

I want two double cheeseburgers,
and a large side of fries
Plus, two chocolate milkshakes
with vanilla latte eyes

We’re celebrating today,
me and my drive-thru beauty
She’s my fast food lovin’ baby,
and I wouldn’t want her no other way

She serves good lovin’ that’s extra saucy,
her kisses has a lot of spicy zing
I’m wrapped around her finger,
like a hot jalapeño onion ring 

Give me two double cheeseburgers,
and some large, crispy fries
Plus, two chocolate milkshakes
with vanilla latte eyes

That’s my baby’s special order, y’see ... 
she was eating that when she first met me
I fell in love with her from the first bite,
on that late, late drive-thru night 

She’s my drive-thru beauty,
my fast food lovin’ baby
She’s my happy meal cutie,
I wouldn’t want her any other way

We’ll have two double cheeseburgers,
and a big portion of golden fries
Plus, two chocolate milkshakes
with pure vanilla latte eyes 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |

Holidays can put a lot of miles
on the gastronomical tread ...
That last slice of cake
will have you wobbling to bed
So you better hope you’re at home,
and not somewhere else instead
Because now you’re starting to feel faint,
too much turkey is giving you the meat sweats
You’re hearing sounds from Thanksgivings past,
those plump birds are cackling at you in jest:

Hula hoop
Jiggle, jiggle
Jelly, jelly
You got a spare tire
around your belly

Chicken coop
Wiggle, wiggle
Yummy, yummy
You got a spare tire
for a tummy

Kick, kick the ball
Roll it down the hall
Hit the bottom bunk
You got a spare tire
in your trunk

Skip, skip the rope fast
Don’t jump, jump slow
Silly grin ear to ear
You got a spare tire
in the rear

Then the Missus shakes and wake you
out of your childhood dream stupor
She tells you to get your coat, it’s time to go;
the car is warming up, and she’s ready to roll

In the sleigh car, you both quickly jump in
Gotta move thru the snow, ice and wind
But the car hits a frozen bump, and a tire goes flat
And the Missus tells you there’s a spare in the back

Now so warm, you don’t wanna step into the cold
Clinging to the heat inside, you don’t wanna let go
You know the Missus knows you’re just stalling for time,
so you tap her behind, and say: Which spare, yours or mine?

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |
Clouds burst
   Crops thirst

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

Details | Light Poetry |
Fruit for thought!

Copyright © David Dowling | Year Posted 2008

Details | Light Poetry |
I think God was surely at His most supreme
At the time He created strawberries and cream.
It is not of diamonds  and gold that I dream,
But of all I can eat of strawberries and cream.

It's my favorite treat, and I'm wondering now,
Did first come the berries and then come the cow?
What ever the order, they make a great team
The sun-drenched strawberries and rich, Jersey cream.

My mouth starts to water, my eyes brightly gleam,
Whenever I think of strawberries and cream.
I'll hold my darling in highest esteem,
If he'll but provide me strawberries and cream.

A food for the god's it surely would seem,
They can dine every day on strawberries and cream.
But even the poor if they're willing to glean 
Can have their full share of strawberries and cream.

Strawberries and cream, strawberries and cream.
I never will tire of strawberries and cream.

Won hm

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Light Poetry |
I see an apple.
There it is.

Copyright © David Dowling | Year Posted 2008

Details | Light Poetry |

High blood pressure 
One of the nation’s leading health problems
25% adults are known to have high blood pressure
50 million are at risk of developing it
High blood pressure greatly raises the risk of stroke
Heart failure and kidney disease
New guidelines are urging Americans to make diet
Exercise changes designed to lower their high blood pressure
70% of high blood pressure caused by obesity

Compared with individuals with normal blood pressure
People with high blood pressure are relatively glucose tolerant
Insulin resistance also a contributing factor to high blood pressure


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |

                                   There are many different hearts
                                              Hearts in love
                                        A heart that is happy
                                  Hearts that jumps in your chest
                                          A heart that weeps
                                 Broken hearts, we have all heard of
                                        Hearts suffering in pain
                               Sweet and delicious chocolate hearts
                            Hearts showing us where the toilet door is
                              Hearts that are red or pink in our diary
                                    Hearts may look cute and small
                                Those I like best is the waffle hearts
                                        with strawberry jam on

                          *  *       *  * 
                        *      *   *      *
                        *       * *       *
                         *       *       *   
                           *           *
                             *       *
                               *   *
                                * *             

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

Details | Light Poetry |

To the cook: 
Thank you for the main course at our beautiful Christmas dinner ...... 
now you can rest, dessert is on the table.
And I'll do the dishes.

A-L  Andresen :)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lanterne |
taste of 
coco heaven;

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |
                              Here I go again, Another GOD send
                               For the realistic and the optimistic

Have you ever thought your life had another chapter, I'm talking about the here after?  A perpetual state where life is really great or that other place far down below where no one what's to go? I mean the one that's Heavenly, supreme, everlasting, serene far better than your most beautiful dream. Just imagine when your old life end a new life will begin one that's completely without sin. Or do you believe we live, we cry, we die absolutely no reason why, it's just hello and good by. Come on peep's  we all have a brain and knowledge there are to seek and retain, although some knowledge can drive you insane  while  some is purely in vain. 

Still you don't have to be a rocket science nor do your brain have to be immense for all you need to go far in this world is plane common sense. The Book of Life makes it perfectly clear, if you are not sincere your life will end here and love is the key to unlocking the door to infinity. I use to take The Bible for a joke  I can clearly see the signs of the times, was walking sleep. I'm woke. Then I started to wonder how can this book make  such awesome predictions if you look at the world you will see it's nonfiction. And who where the people that wrote with such majesty and might, better still who was the one that told them what to write?

I was going through life wild and carefree , I thought nothing could move me. Then I was told about the piper I would hear wise people say if you dance to his music one day you'll have to pay but it made no sense so I brushed it off  and man did it cost when I found myself completely lost. So I asked for the meaning, you really don't know, it's in the book of knowledge. AWE... You shall reap what you sow. Now I know.

If you call yourself slick and keeping out of sight, what ever done on the  dark shall come to the Light. You can defy, you can deny, just don't make the price too high.  Because there is a lot coming your way just for being born, some not so bad some well out of the norm and this is guaranteed as it is foretold so what ever you do don't add to the load. Or you might hear a snap or a crack from that final straw witch broke your back.  I'm  just letting it be known it's written in stone if you are going through something you are not alone. But  if you try to slip slide and hide thinking you'll never get caught LOOK here comes the piper. Food For Thought.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

Sweet things don't always cloy.  
The rainbow comes and goes 
and lovely is the rose.  
But few drinks bring me joy 

and the taste I favor, 
that Splenda in the glass,
that dance of bubbly gas.  
Ahhh...Diet Coke; savour.  

* Credit Wm Wordsworth's 'Intimations of Immortality' 
   and Andrea Dietrich's 'A Favorite Soda.'  
   Yes, I know; there's no Splenda in Diet Coke.  
   So, poetic license I invoke.  

Copyright © John Smith | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |
Pie and mash, pie and mash
Loads of nosh for not much cash
Warms yer cockles fills you up 
Wash it down with a good strong cup
Pour the Sarsons in the pie
Come on fellah don’t be shy
Loads of liquor, lovely stuff
Us cockney lads can’t get enough  
It’s Cockney grub for Cockney boys
Come on people make some noise
Forget about those fancy fings
Pie and mash is fit for Kings  
So if you want some grub that’s filling
And only costs a coupla shilling
To the pie shop you must dash
Grab yourself some pie and mash

Copyright © John W Fenn | Year Posted 2010