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Red's World

I hear everything all too well my weary body has no place to dwell so much is told about me I often wonder what is left is it not enough to mock me in the town square do we need to gossip with family I never truly had another tear I shed, but no one truly cares I am the almighty beautiful Red in thought and none of the world I live knows me or my past what doesn't work for them they invent or add she will forgive us all they reassure Oh Dear God make me a bird, I wish to fly away but the hens all laid for the day, the hay needs to be tossed, and who will milk the cow, so the woman, Red that lives out sin stays to work this farm again Often she becomes overwhelmed by it all but not me it is my destiny in my land of fantasy and made up things how I wish I could be like she I am the scandalous one I protect all those I love, at any cost but I will never be good enough I met a man once but he has traveled on he talks of things I seem to do, but it is not my truth he pays me back in silent death I gave up everything to let him live yet it was not quite enough you see he needed my family, friends, and destiny yeah, I met a man who claimed he knew me in my land of lies and make believe but Red she is strong and always says please she is the beautiful one ever-so loving and doesn't need things such as love she has too much to do her skin is not soft yet rough and she is tougher than I will ever be I just want to fly away each day to some land I created I live in beautiful dreams in fields of wheat I long to be where I saw my children last but to Red they are forever gone passed on to seed yeah that makes my world of fantasy with made up monsters so much better ask Red she will know I am weak yet she is so strong
youtube com /watch?v=N3sUpbmBYyM Gossip in the Grain inspiration Will edit later Just being silly

Copyright © Danielle Wise Baxter | Year Posted 2012

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John, the Work Horse

My name is John--the work horse
And I was teamed with Prince. 
We could easily do a job at which
An Arabian horse would flinch.
Prince's work is over now.
He's buried in the pasture.
I am too old to work so hard,
According to my kind master.

He tells me I must take my ease
And to just enjoy my leisure,
That he is going to retire
And be a lazy old geezer.
But he still drives the plow team
And I just follow after.
I try to mind his gees and haws.
He doubles up with laughter.

When he keeps his promise to retire,
I will stop working too.
We'll spend our time malingering
Beneath the skies of blue

Written Feb. 29, 2016

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2016

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If These Walls Could Talk

I wish these walls would talk
        Of your slavery in the dark
They would tell your throat’s pain
         The countless times you remain 
Talking throughout the night
         Entertainer of the prized fight
Your buttons they push and poke
         You overworked entertaining bloke
You are expected to carry the news
         Tell the stories of the famed and abuse
If the walls that house your tired brain
         Could talk how tired you are and lame
Then maybe someone would show pity
         Allow you to rest so you could feel pretty

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2012

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Wait For Me

You wish to possess me
I am the embodiment of your dreams
Yet I remain elusive
I tease you
I allow you to hold me but not for long
The smell of me intoxicates you
You work night and day and still I am not yours
I am promised to another
Others are living their dreams
Why are you left in poverty?
You are told I can not bring health or happiness.
It feels like a lie.
Wait for me
I will fill your pockets one day
Honest work does pay
If you have patience
I will not run away
Do not sacrifice to much in the pursuit of me
You need less of me than you imagine
I am but one gift that you will receive.

First attempt at personification, hopefully I got it right.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2012

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Law Of Reciprocity


Do You find your-self
    With-out a ladder
And just don't know
      What to do?
Try the "Law Of Reciprocity" 
Fore only good thing's come
          Back to You!
Plant your-self a Seed
And then You shall
        Have a Tree...
Just give it a little time
And soon you will have three...
Then You shall be able 
        To climb...
For the very first time...

             Poet Author
             Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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A sunshine behind every darkness 
In the end, we will reach success 
There's a rainbow behind every tear 
Face thy tomorrow with no fear 

The shades of hope are seen from above 
Out of those beast of struggles that we have 
Embarking to defeat the unfair reality 
There's a daredevil in ones identity 

Prejudice exists everywhere 
Turn thy back as if thee won't care 
Let the karma drag them to hell 
They couldn't escape even if they keep on hiding from their shell 

Enjoy as you reap your golden fruits 
Determination,courage and faith are the roots 
Responsive truth as you feel the rain 
Believe in God's plan and let us exalt his name :)

August 5, 2014

Copyright © Joyzel Mae Sotes | Year Posted 2014

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A Path to Freedom: A Black Mans Dream

Today I’m free from slavery
Yet hatred still revolves in my life rev MLK had a dream
it was for darkness of hatred to be freed by the light
Dr king died doing his best so that people like me would have a better place to 
live in
 A different world than the one he lived in everyday he wanted a change but It 
seemed the more change was made the more most things stayed the same
Slavery ended and segregation and oppression began
The only difference was now we were not bonded but our rights as humans still 
were. We were free to go wherever we pleased 
But not free from disgust and hateful remarks
Signs that banned the colored from certain privileges 
If people put as much energy in to love as that did with hatred
The world would be lovely
But it seems as thought that dream is a fantasy and  
It seems as though history repeats itself
With my 40 acres and a mule
Yet I’m held captive by hatred of people who think they can rule me, 
Just because my skin was dark brown
It’s not going to happen because we have rights now
Hatred of people like me who think because one generation put chains on our 
feet and lashes on our backs called us words that started with the letter n 
referring to “blacks”
Listen to me, one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch
Black and white are two shades of beauty to me 
Two five-letter words that mean my skin in darker than yours is light
Don’t try to stereotype me as a person who hates you because of the past
I look in to the future on to my freedom path 
I can not be in despair about mistakes and bad judgment 
I have to get over my feelings toward things that happened long ago 
I can forgive, I just won’t forget or I will make the same mistake as other people 
around here 

Copyright © Norey Bailey | Year Posted 2006

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Don't Be Such A Twitt

I have an message and this in not a kidder, I now have a sight on TWITTER; I am staying here but, I would appreciate it if all of my poet friend's would lend me their support and just hummor me their....Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS

Twitter: @GaryFields3
Facebook: wildthangmonkey131

Consider Twitter

For so long
I have heard about
Such an proposition
And that is my mission
To spread that Poetry
Far and wide
That is because
That is my intention
The people of Poetry Soup
Shower's me with pride
To say the least
Ye shall alway's be my guide
I need all of thee
Daily comment's fore they
Are unique
The kind of response
That I would like to keep
I will be there for
DR. RAM, The Sweet Heart too
And the Destroyer XX
Who know's what's next
Hope she stay's on my back
And not cut me no slack
Nothing sexual of course
Her sentiment's are exact
Hell, all I need is a spell-check
Or to speak of CAROL'
She's sharp as an arrow
Sharp as a tack
With the nack
 For poetry
She could give you
An heart attack
This is not good bye
So, don't you fret
But, do follow me there
Fore {Poetry Soup} 
Is not finish with me yet


Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS     KISS>kiss>kiss-up!

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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This fragile glass strongly stands
The glazier gave it life through breath
With simple tools and fiery ways
A work of art is now conceived

This work of art two purpose holds
Champagne inside, beauty is seen
Bubbles bursting at the brim
No end in sight, they keep arising 

One child’s touch began this fall
Who’s outcome matched a giants strength
With no beauty nor purpose holds
This broken glass aches to be whole

Copyright © Manny Galvan | Year Posted 2009

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Answering Machine

I am not ashamed, if, I am that black and small
I have the patience of the saints and time for all
And, whenever I am called I answer right away
Just as from anybody, whether a friend or enemy
I take greetings, news, gossips, and all messages
I keep it just as it is, and I never throw it in a bin  
Oh! I am not really talkative, only a good listener

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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Dark Visions

Have you ever  had, Dark Visions? I have,when I was seven or eight
I had a dream one night, That was a nightmare, so vivid and so frightful
fear so intense, I wet the bed. My Father wore a badge and I told him what 
happened, and with much insistence we phoned the local authorities. ( Which he knew all of
them) My Dark Vision was of an Airplane a jetliner, on fire, going down.
I saw the flames, faces, colors and style of clothes. I heard screams, pleas to God for
help and prayers. When I woke up I was praying too, in a wet  bed. Two days later the FBI
knocked at my door, with questions after questions until they were satisfied. I felt
berated and alone. Thank God for my Dad. Then it hit me their last words to my Father," If
we have any more questions about the accident we'll contact you" real, it
really happened. My Dark Vision,,For thirty years I kept my Visions to myself, until one
day at work a friend of mine Marjie came to me and asked me if I saw things, things I
can't explain. I was floored, dumbfounded. I didn't answer. She said" I sense you had a
Vision and saw something you can't explain"  How could she know? I said " What do you
mean"? " I sense you had a dream that is troubling you, because it was more than a dream"
Gig's up, so I told her. She told me to write it down always write it down, So I did and
let her see it. 3 days later she came to me with a VCR tape, we were alone in the TV room,
so we played it. Suddenly in an instant I was flooded with the whole Vision, everything I
saw and heard. Shamefully a puddle formed on the floor at my feet, as I shook. Everything,
the Bus, the explosions, faces, the Soldier, the old man in the beret, The red headed
woman in the yellow dress and hat. It was in Israel. She had taped it from the news the
night before, the day it happened. 2 days after my Dark Vision.Now at 48 with many
conversations with my Priest and Spiritual adviser, I realize, what I thought a curse, is
actually a Gift From God. Because I am praying with them in my Dark Visions, I am helping
them. One thing I always remember from them is I tell them God is waiting for you, every
time. Then I wake up. 

 I believe my being there has brought some comfort to those souls as their end is near.
That comforts me!  God does work in mysterious ways..He has in me with...

                                           My Dark Visions!


Copyright © Richard Pickett | Year Posted 2009

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I am compact and have a grayish-white skin
I have neither beliefs, nor a great sentiment
Whatever I am asked I do it instantaneously
Just as one wish, unmarked by hate or love
I am not lazy, or a busy body, only obedient

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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He smiles
An almost insane smile
Like an incomplete piece of mould
His handshake is stiff
It's as if his hand were dead to his whole body

He likes to play king
All bow around him
Like leaves being rustled by the wind
Him, the wind that changes destiny
In the boardroom

But my bark is worn out
To bend is to break it
And the branches are not fully grown
It hasn't even began to flower yet
So where shall my leaves fall from

But he is not yet done
He will continue to fight
Even when he is alone on the battlefield
Because it has been predetermined
That he shall be the warlord of the era
Battle or no battle
He shall continue to fight

Will he survive this time?

Copyright © Ann Okotha | Year Posted 2009

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True Poet

A true Poet cannot
Hide what he feels'
In side,
He severs' his anger
Tempest his pride
With a Masquerade
Of assure Nance
With an innuendo
Or two
He is bound to strike
Something Posey
In you,
Something significant
Always' something new


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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My silent strength

My thoughts are fluid
Gushing rivers of rhyme and reason
Winds of change and a variety of seasons
Dreams and emotions
A journey on streams to oceans
My views are a snapshot of the universe around me
Deep within my psyche I see 
Lazuline skies 
And gold dust butterflies 
Whisking rushes of the night stars
Tree trunks the shade of chocolate bars 
The music of earth settling in the for day 
The morning hush, the scent of a spring bouquet 
I feel blessed for the humanity I feel 
A gift from God I love to reveal
And he is with me during my sorrow and my rejoice 
He is silent, 
But I listen, and hear his voice 

Copyright © Laura Mckenzie | Year Posted 2008

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Grave loves his work so much

Inmates never escape
He is paid no salary
He is very hard working
Accepts all baggage

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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It's pay day
Hard-work pays

A fool plays
wasting time

A wise prays
Working without crime

Time is money
Don't take it funny

It's about hard work
sweating on the neck.

Drencho POET Loads

Copyright © Drencho POET | Year Posted 2017