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Trip and fall

I tripped and fell in love/
She set my mind on high heels/
I could not walk her voltage love/
I tripped and fell in love/
Malicious care collapsed before her face/
She skydived my soul in questions/


I tripped and fell in love/
Non liquid love attacked my solid blushes   
Infatuation sent my love to the ground
Dimensions in smiles 
The concrete surface of my love
I tripped and fell in love
The ground i kissed
She borrowed me her hips
To land on 
She's my sponge 
Duplicating tons and tons of keys to her heart 
I did

She saw my heart 
Her tears dimpled my earth 
Beats building safety and silent screams
No you hang up kind of warranty 
Empty pockets saved by the moon for candle lights
Elbows bruised
Kilimanjaro hips i longed to climb
I tripped and fell in love
Veins escaping blood
Searching for get away context
The bond between grew 

Our hugs planted roots 
Legs intertwined stinking undividable romance 
No perfume can kill our love stench
My master woke up 
I tripped and fell in love
This is no love idea
But reality at its own feet
Walking my dreams and longings
This home i build 

The joints between my thighs and legs pushed me down 
One knee
Sexy imaginations started placing reflecting romantic proposals
In one knee

Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Propositions made its way to love streets
Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Eliminate rats around the love street
Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Less cops safe for us in love Street
The comedy ruled we thought we still kids

My breath urinated joy
Conversations came in multiple smokes
Smiles flew in speed of cats 
Time delay enjoyable split seconds  
The sky became our mirror 
I tripped and fell in love

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2014

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Dark Shadows

The night approaches me again and you're not here still with me 
And here under my breath I call your name and I watch your loving face 
And there among the dark shadows  you'll come back  again the same  
I hear your haunting tune and I know that you'll be waitin'  this time for me. 

Release me from all this pain I'm sufferin "Come to me"and just take my hand 
Hold me in your arms so tight and please never ever let me again go 
Together we'll dream of that other time and fly away to that  magical time band 
There is no other place like this in heaven or earth where our love can only but glow. 

Join me here tonight,hear my voice into the night and just be mine for all time 
Come to me right now and give me all your love before the night is carried away 
Let me kiss your lips,caress and love you all night til we both see a brand-new day 
Disperse all the dark shadows in which I exist,come to me and be mine for all times.

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

July 18, 2010 

Author Notes: 

This poem amongt many others that I'd written in my life,had been inspired by 
my very favorite and most beloved vampire character of all time, 
"Barnabas Collins" from the most popular daytime soap opera series ever 
produced on T.V. in my opinion, "Dark Shadows." This whole DVD collection is most 
And Jonathan Frid is so awesome! 

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2010

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Four corners.
Stands, four players. 
Quarrels of foul cries, collided.
Facing each nemesis into quadrants, divided. 

Individuals motivated by objectives.
Devising plans, careful detectives. 
Goal to achieve the highest rank, careful steps--discriminate.
Going by the hit-list, tunnel vision, hindrances must eliminate. 

Scoping intensely, measuring opponents, methodical evaluation. 
Staying alert, mind assessment, sedulous investigation. 
Shrill of the first struck, the red bullet--bounces. 
Instant reflex, ricochet the shot, violence--denounces. 

The King may bend the rules, charges swift modification. 
The Pawns are summoned, critical prosecution. 
The Bishop prays for the suspects, classified praises, flattery denunciation. 
The Queen cradles a heart, each beat rebounds, battery probation.

Copyright © Jesson Rata | Year Posted 2013

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Treasure of My Heart

Yamaha impressed me the first time I laid eyes on her glistening blond maple wood, her stylish body details, her long fretted mother-of-pearl inlay; lobed with golden keys. Her voice called to me the first time I held her in my arms. I strummed her six strings slowly in the key of G, then moved softly to D and C. All the while, I searched earnestly for her purity in sound quality and style. She was not the most beautiful in the showroom. But oh yes! She did flatter me with her musical presence. She was beautiful to me! I knew from that moment on she would be mine for eternity. 

Within the hour, I took her home to meet the family. She was shy on the journey, not making a sound; perhaps due to this being her first automobile ride or simply wanting to see a world she was now a part of. Yamaha was cased in alligator leather, a brown dressing which was stylish for the day. We were both nervous as we arrived and got out of the car. My strong caressing grip on her handle assured her she wouldn’t fall and it would be alright. She knew it would be alright as I smiled at her. 

I opened the door, allowing her to enter first. When in the living room, I called to everyone to come meet the newest member of the family. Dad was taken by her simple yet elegant beauty and style. Mom touched her first and she was most pleased. At that moment I realized the importance of first impressions as Mom marveled at how pretty she was. I sat down in the best chair in the living room while Mom listed to Yamaha talk and I sang a popular country love song.  I was pleased with the family acquaintance to Yamaha. It was evident she had become a part of the family.

 The first few weeks, I couldn’t keep Yamaha out of my arms. I longed to be with her every minute of the day. In my eye, she made me smile by just gazing upon her. I fumbled with her in those beginning days. She ignored my elementary attempts at refinery and permitted me the time to catch up to her mastery rather than bow down to my level. Like any two lovers, both must reach to the need of the other. Only then is love truly in harmony. 

Today, Yamaha is not the young glistening blond I held in my arms some thirty years removed. Her wood has been scared by my love to play her. She has received countless face lifts which cover her tainted mother-of-pearl. Her brown leather case dress stands in need of a seamstress care. But as with all things having been learned through love, we now make beautiful music together. She is my treasure, a light into my soul's well. She amplifies my inner being. As I perform, she is glorified. We have grown old together,and gotten better in time. I still hold her in my arms day by day as this lover has risen to her grace and expectations. She is my treasure for a life time.

Copyright © Mark Goodson | Year Posted 2012

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Nothing left inside my chest

Once a heart used to beat to the rhythm
of love behind my ribs, you walked into my 
life and I poured all my heart to you.

for a while it felt like there were only two 
people in the world you and I. I thought ruled the 
world and that our hearts beat frantically. 

I thought we were in love but I guess I was
wrong. I loved you, you took it and kept it
we were suppose to share love but you were 
selfish with it. My heart you had but you tore it apart

You left it bleeding, as blood oozed out so did love
and every bit of life it had. It withered and died 
and you smiled and lied that you loved me.

what a fool I was to have listened to yo lies but
who would blame me when words sipped out of your
mouth with the sweetness of honey not knowing 
it will sting like a bee. the touch of your lips
deceived me and the look in your eyes 
blinded me.

oh now i have learnt from this that
loving someone is so intense
it feels like it will last forever. I
can't believe that you never feel 
the same way. 

I can't believe that this sacred relationship
has been betrayed. I was sure
that we were in the same wavelength and 
that we understood each other. Meanwhile,
we walked on parallel and eventually
divergent tracks the entire time. The feelings of
betrayal and hurt may take many years to heal.
because my chest is empty only pain remains

Copyright © Albert Bulaka | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Rita and Maddie

Wade through the lake’s water so shallow, A woman & a man hands entwined like a gallow. Wade did she, Wade did he. Above their necks the furious waters rose, Trod they together steps softly with no morose, Spellbound they moved without a care, Deeper and deeper where no one would dare. Trod they further unto the middle they reached, Realized she now an early vow she had breached, No further she could wade, But bitter memories afar refrained they to fade. Drifting by now so weak was she, So clasped them eyelids so all she could see was he, A time came on when a boat roared by, A wave it created ,it washed her eyes. The heady din grown a was peaking, Alas! Her dream was at an end that she was seeking. The fingered band, beacon it began, A time had come her life to regain. Realized, she that moments spent in love, Will fly away now like the dove. Struck her like a bolt to her love away, Will he take me home today? Guessed she by now that the time was over for her space, And on the pathway her love left behind in a cold place. A now thinks she that dwells in another dimension, Poor man left aghast to brood and fate too cruel to mention. Ghastly her act ,in all this land had never been, People shun now the disheartened lover whenever he be rarely seen. Stares does he strangely at the door, For he believes that the path will bring her once more…

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2011

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Restless Bed

The restless bed 
heaves a sigh.

Over the shoulders 
her affections lie
and found stillness.

Copyright © hija de la luna | Year Posted 2014

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When Lovers Meet

Two tiny birds flirt on the edge 
of a stone bird-bath - they dip and drink in unison
A flower floats - his love offering.

Suzanne Delaney

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2016

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I fell in love in New York

I had to shoot my head up to see the top of his
He towered over me 

He did not speak much
but he was never quiet

I often got lost in him
and all the adventure he offered 

On the way to his home 
I knew I only needed a one way ticket 

His eyes gleamed throughout the night 
for he did not sleep

Copyright © Alieana Smokes | Year Posted 2017

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Barnabas Collins

They visit me here though they think me dead They all think me a long time gone The mausoleum is quiet, with only a dark shadow Creeping upon its ancient walls, and thats of my own The heavy door seems to creek all of sudden I think Outside I hear the sounds of what seems like footsteps I open that very old secret door which leads to my rest And with a heavy heart consumed by this fire, I prepare for the kill But then, outside, there is no one, no one is there No one out there now to steal from me this time in here Outside now I catch only the furtive and dark shadows As I hear the lonesome cry of a howling wolf or hurting bird I dart quickly another look again to my ancestral and cold coffin My fateful resting place is one more time again safe No friend nor foe to release me to free me tonight from my woes And from all of my black and torturous betraying thoughts I, Barnabas Collins, I stand here in all this darkness alone As I close my weary eyes for another moment and rolling time Then again I hear the wind moaning and hear the wind weeping The dogs are howling and my wounded heart abates in the wind They're my only companions in my endless and perpectual sorrow. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010 July 22, 2010

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2010

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Like parallel lines run together
they never meet if they run forever
on different roads but side by side
lest in life they coincide
if they intersect they combine
they overlap and entwine
for it is how our twin souls run
how two souls turned to be ONE...

Copyright © Aseem Alagh | Year Posted 2010

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here 4eva

When all hope is lost

when the birds have stoped

signing their sweet melody,

and the flowers lost their sweet scent,

when the grass started withering,

u were there for me.

u defied the odds and stood tall when i was down.

u were able to reach down on me

u reached my hand and pulled me up.

u believed in me even when i didnt believe.

u made me your hero.

and for that i regard as the best gift in my life.

i will rise again and be the hero in me that you have always seen.

i will stand by you forever.

naw i am a believer,
 all because of you.

and when i look over my shoulder,

i see the dark past that was my life.

and the thought of you brings light to all of it.

now i can walk with my head held high

because i kno wat m made of

and what i have to do.

i know i have to build you and i

a little heaven on earth

where we will live a happy life that all of us always dreamt of.

we came from humble beginings

and today we stood as legends in the name of love.

we wrote the story of our love in sand

hoping that the wind will not wipe away.

but we dont know of the happenings of tomorrow,

so lets rejoice today,

wat our love has created and brought upon us.

u have not deserted me,

In my darkest hour,

i will also be here with you forever,

for i know u do not want me to go anywhere.

you showed me how it is to love,

i will return the love you gave me

and will remain true to you as u have been true to me.

you are every reason, every hope and every dream i ever had,

and no matter what happens to us in the future,

every day we are together

is the greatest day of my life.

m going nowhere.

unless you push me.

but i will move with greater resistance.

for i do not want to go anywhere,

here is where i want to spend the rest of my days,

i have became happier each day since u came into my life.

and i want to share the happyness with you.

if you will let me stay and enjoy the happyness with you.

there will be obstacles in the journey,

but i think both of us will tacle the obstacle together and overcome.

u always had faith in me,

i also have faith in you, and will forever have that faith,

i plead with you to never loose the faith in me,

even through my downfalls.

m here with you and for you

M here 4eva.

Copyright © busane shoba | Year Posted 2012

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I can see love smiling in this house
I can smell the beauty and devotion
I can sense happiness everywhere
I can feel the hand of trust holding them together.

Copyright © WOLE FRANCIS | Year Posted 2011

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Unspoken Love

I am siting here watching this dreamy romance,
Between the land and the sky
They have been together till eternity 
The grey skies trying to tell its story 
To the earth , whom he fancies
And she, flushes silently
She waits patiently for those rain drops,
from her Valentine sky 
Those chirpy birds humming till glory
In this springing amour,
That's growing since they were born
They love each other  
and longing to touch each other
But they sacrifice it for humans.

Copyright © Joyeeta Neogi | Year Posted 2017

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Letter to the forgotten

For those that got left behind,we chase distant shadows of those long gone,we sit and in wait 
for dreams that will probably never return. Holding vigils and keeping sacred rituals for 
stoned hearts,dessulute and barren, for those that got left behind,confined by fear,governed 
by loneliness and marshalled by paranoia,for they have left us to wallow and bask up turned 
in the fountains of darkness,hopeless and forgotten. But for those that got left behind,there 
hearts shall grow found of the pain,and the darkness shall soon become like the light,hope 
shall come and the greastest of all;Love shall overcome. And they will hear of our song and 
echo our laughter for we shall emerge new and enlightened.. For we are they that got left 

Copyright © Aaron Kibirige | Year Posted 2010

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How do I capture the man of my dreams

How do I capture the man of man of my dreams. When I see him and he delights 
me, I will talk to him. If he make my heart please. I will club him over the head and 
rendering him half dead. Thus, I will take him in my bed and when he awoke, he will 
not protest because he will be too week to leave; consequently, surrender is right 
to wed me by a minister and a witness to prove our joint being. And when, he is fully 
aware, he won't resist. He will leave to get his belongings and move in with me; in 
this way, we become one - the man of dreams and me.

Copyright © Sophia Smith | Year Posted 2011

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I am looking for a woman

I'm Looking For A Woman

I'm looking for a woman, yes a woman to love, someone who's sweet and kind, and praises God above, one that I can hold each night to keep her safe and warm, yes I'm looking for a woman, someone to fill my heart.

I know that she is out there, waiting just for me, when I find this woman, my life will be complete, as God brings me a blessing, for the rest of my life, it's when I ask the  woman if she will be my wife.

Lord why can't I see, what you have for me, why can't i Hear the things your telling me, you say that she is out there and searching for me, help me Jesus to believe what your showing me.

On the day I truly meet, the woman of my dreams, all my hopes and wishes will finally be complete, then the two of us will become man and wife, and forever more we will praise you the rest of our lives.

                                          By John Hanna

Copyright © john hanna | Year Posted 2016

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The Moon shoots us softly

The Moon shoots us angrily each night outing
her arrows come furiously in our direction
but only lands on us as shadow’s fingers
When I go out with my cutie in the forests
seeking for adventure foreign to hotel rooms
to hear whispers of nature in wilderness
and listen to  music sang by throats of forests
the Moon looks at us with envy of a rival
shooting indiscriminately with all jealousy
We have decided to confuse the envious moon
the more she shoots at us in wilderness
the wilder our intimacy grows and expands
she does not know that by her actions
she lights up the quiet world for romance
deeply buried underneath our panting souls
that the law of nature needs her wild actions
By attacking essence of our adventurous being
that lie helplessly on  grass of imaginations
she gives us one possibility- romance in style
our lonely souls shout silently to  her in response;
 “Shoot, jealous moon shoot; shoot us so softly.
The more you shoot with rage the more eventful,
and perfumed our forest adventure becomes .”

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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CAUGHT IN A TANGO AT CAPE HORN whistles while he works ~ pavement is free of debris on America’s south side her slender feet slide across legend’s windswept deck ~ tremulous tango he boldly takes her ~ sure-footed and sensuous her décolletage dips a tortuous storm ~ a breathless virgin lighthouse her knees nearly faint firmly upholds her in frenetic funnel dance ~ she dares to glance up downdraft makes her swoon ~ spinning ballerina toes caught in full embrace with weak pulse she smiles and balances as she walks cautiously away her cheeks wide-hip pink he attempts to grab her shawl ~ she slides the glass door unabashedly asks her for another dance his pulse beating fresh she smooths down her dress as sea salt whispers romance ~ she repins her hair 8/24/2017 Blowing in the wind contest

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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                                              She sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                   old and alone and forgotten,
                                           she dreams of the love she once had.
                                              Once again she recalls his caress
                                                      on the curve of her hips
                                                                and her breast
                                                         as he moved his bow
                                                      on the strings of her soul,
                                                             playing her sound
                                                    'til his passion was spent.
                                           They traveled the whole world over,
                                                      to every city and town;
                                              the maestro, his bow and violin,
                                                 bringing each curtain down.
                                               He died in a cry of sweet refrain,
                                               clutching her strings to his heart; 
                                            as he fell to the floor in a final encore,
                                                       tearing her world apart.
                                           So she sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                         her strings still filled 
                                                    with the song of her soul,
                                                        etched by the maestro
                                                               that loved her
                                                               so long ago!




Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2017