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Four corners.
Stands, four players. 
Quarrels of foul cries, collided.
Facing each nemesis into quadrants, divided. 

Individuals motivated by objectives.
Devising plans, careful detectives. 
Goal to achieve the highest rank, careful steps--discriminate.
Going by the hit-list, tunnel vision, hindrances must eliminate. 

Scoping intensely, measuring opponents, methodical evaluation. 
Staying alert, mind assessment, sedulous investigation. 
Shrill of the first struck, the red bullet--bounces. 
Instant reflex, ricochet the shot, violence--denounces. 

The King may bend the rules, charges swift modification. 
The Pawns are summoned, critical prosecution. 
The Bishop prays for the suspects, classified praises, flattery denunciation. 
The Queen cradles a heart, each beat rebounds, battery probation.

Copyright © Jesson Rata | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful ones are dying

Beautiful ones are dying/
Directors on silent the film is sponsored by reality/
Voiceovers turn into scandals not propensity /
Actors with no clue they get glued in life's show their future is screwed/
Born raged their actions are so real/
Kill or be killed quest between scenes/
Poverty is more than the defining moment screams/
Hunger bleeding dreams with no makeup pencils/

A wakeup call before the final cut/
A turning point of a lifetime plot/
It’s a warm-up elevating hopes before credits/
Death too expensive/
No rehearsals nor sequels/ 
Dark clouded cameras carry life insurances/
Raining scenes on corruption’s free way and streets/
The cancer eating stunning extras/
Avalon cemetery the only Stadium Lavatory flushing off written off characters/
Beautiful ones are dying/

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

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Powers of heaven
Shaken. 		Gates brought down
Deify. Defy urbanely
Programming genetically
Sub sonic sounds
Domestic mirage of liberty

Homeland invasion - Counter-intelligence

Conducted on our own nation
On us.
Claiming they must
In defense of supposed

Islamic threats - Chinese Debts
Pakastani! Illuminati?
War is waged
In name of worship

Distractions we serve
Make sick
Poison		-	Inflict

Federal reserve
Printing our cage
Turning the page of peraphecy
Illusory trick

Consecrate history
Set the stage

For our hostile reality
To seize control
Take violent action

The end-times arrive
Prophetic signs
Humanity defiled
By our sons of Belial

Gods disdain
focus the iniquitous
Divine in malice
perfect unprejudiced
Expostulate vile villains

Nefarious hearts
No wealth of moral
Only moral is wealth
Engage the knave

Treat the sick
Combating against spiritual health
Can't run from sin
Cannot run from yourself

Dimensional Transcendence
Accelerates the end.
This blood will rinse

Copyright © Joel Thornton | Year Posted 2014

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Blackbirds in the sunshine (are)
Omens (that) fly high in the sky…
Solemnly seizing Martin Luther’s time (of)
Religion and precarious minds…
White men personified lost their lives (without) 
Fear or compromise…

Blackbirds in the sunshine (are)
Omens of their time (were)
Grave to Jackson’s mental denial of the Missouri Compromise…
The Confederate flag yet hangs high.
White men lives personified were of manifold (because) 
Fear or compromise was not a greater source.

Blackbirds in the sunshine (are like)
Eagles soaring high in the sky…
Solemn to Civil Rights time (while)
Ritualizing a political asylum (caused by)
Oppression and incarceration of the mind…
Transition is denied; but oh, transgression defines.
Written March 4, 2016!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2016

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Can't Happen Here

Some Storks and Froggies
Decided to play
One night by the light of the moon

But the tail of their game
Was much too profane
And besides 
It ended too soon

It’s for your best
Storks would say
Please see things our way
Just trust us
And you will do well

But the rules they rewrote
And the frogs lost the vote
And with frog
Stork bellies did swell

Copyright © Douglas Dicketts | Year Posted 2014

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Is a double standard
  Sense of Judgment
Hippocratic Core say's:
         I will also get
       An attitude if
   You mention it!....

            Poet Author
            Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Is a double standard
   Sense of Judgment
Hippocratic Core say's:
       What ever
    Happened to
It was really nothing
          - And -
Don't worry about it!

            Poet Author
            Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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If these walls could talk they would have said 'No!',
No!,to growth of green algae and mosses on their skin,
 perforated with holes which allow water to flow,
Their colors fading and their beauties cannot be seen,
Their very foundation shaken with great intense,
The land they defend is no longer fertile,
Ideas and sovereignty they protect have become past-tense,
All their works become insignificant and futile,
Clay,sand and loamy quarrel;to divide the land they seek,
while soil flora and fauna fight with a bad motive,
Animals collide with these walls making them weak,
Cyclone,storms and floods ram unto them like locomotive,
With all these commotions,they would have cried not talked,
These walls regret for being together,they could have walked.

*These walls--past Heroes and Nationalists that fought for the independence of my country.
Now there are internal wrangling or fighting,commotion,dissatisfaction,tribalism,religious bigotry,killings and terrorism.The unity of the country is shaking...
*clay,sand and loamy soils--three major tribes in my country.

CONTEST:"If these walls could talk" sponsored by Black-eyed Susan.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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Is a double standard
  Sense of Judgment
Hippocratic Core say's:
         That you
   Should do for Me
However, I will do as little
    As I can for You!

         Poet Author
         Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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            **********Note: This is Part II to the 'BIG GAME'**********
                                        May the Lord Be with you!

Now the Devil was at First Base
Ready to take a steal
One of his minions' is on Third
Preparing to do the devious' deal
He planned to steal
While one of the Lord's Shepherds'
Was out playing the field
And their was one little truth
That wasn't heard
And that was that the Shephere
Got the word...
As the ball clasped and thundered
A ground ball that barely cleared
         The ground...
It took every-body by surprise
Fore it never made a sound
And the multitudes' shuttered
As he took first base
I could barely believe my eyes'
The Devil is low you know
He stole second base
But, God kept the minions'
At bay... In their place...
And it has been that way to this
Very Day
The fear engulfed  the multitudes'
This game was to last all day'
And it seem as though the
Devil would win....
That he should have his way....
With a little help from his
The Minion (BATTER^UP) was of
The Devils' own making
He was a bat... Lords' people
        Were all shaking...
And you know what made
           Thing's worse
He did make first and released
               The Curse
And the Plague was in
World Domination was about'
          To begin

    ******Surely to be continued*********

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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We Are No Cowards

In the jungle of our collective heritage
In our wild teaming with endless species of flora and fauna
In the savannah, the tropics and the deserts of our kingdom
There is place for neither the honest nor the peace-loving
I am not adding to adages, I am talking reality
I  am talking about the principle of virtue
And of the practicality of vice
I am talking about the cat family of our jungle life
That is celebrated for disrupting our conscientous existence
They are deemed meritorious because we are miserable
Because they are admired, our clamours go unheard
We are lowly, we are vulnerable, we are defenseless
We set our table with vegetation, but graze them with trembling
We respect their pathways but they don't respect ours
Under the lush delicacies of our livelihood, they ambush us
By the edge of our collectively-owned flows, they await us
They parade majestically and in showy antics, they stretch and growl
We see their prowess and bravery flaunted, and we cower into shades
They mock our meekness, even our gentleness, they deride
They mistake our peacefulness with cowardice
We are no cowards; we are only not favoured with their strength
We recognize our weakness the way they recognize their strength
And we bow loyally to their wishes and decline their contests
But our every decline provokes and challenges their ego
Our surrender and our protest are alike to them 
Our existence is their headache, yet their means of livelihood we are
They will not stop until they have suppressed us into extinction
Unfortunately, when we are gone they shall be gone too
They shall comprehend the truth but very late
That though the cat rules, the jungle shall breathe without it
But without us, there is neither the jungle nor the cat

Copyright © Akunna Olomi | Year Posted 2010

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The beaches

The beaches of cruel oceans
in their happy moods
send cool sea breeze
that whispers friendly 
messages of peace and comfort
to holiday-makers.
They spread their hands
in welcome to strangers
without discrimination.
The warm sea sand receives
the ribs of every visitor
with humility and honesty
as the sun smiles from above
wishing everyone happy times

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2016

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Anarchy is witnessed, 
Strategy is called for,
Youthfulness is called upon,
Execution is on the roll.

Motivated by materialism,
The conscience is sold out
Indiscipline rules willfully, and
Fear is the air to breathe.

Scenes of violence all over
Generated by the “gods”
Yes, the "gods"and barbarians of  the “science of power” 
Leaving nothing but an eyesore

Venoms of influence are pryingly invited and spat out 
Igniting a scene of social unrest, and 
They sit in the comfort of their abode. Whilst,
Observation becomes the ally of their misdeed.

Horror is witnessed 
Sorrow is the bitter taste.
Terrorism yet to be invited and
Saboteurs, oh yes, Political Saboteurs pry in their abode 

Rationality conflated with conviction is consulted
Options are laid nakedly on the table
Complex is the choice to be made
Yet, a decision must be made.

Let them be combatant of their own combat.


Augustine A. Harun Jnr.
AJ Harun

Copyright © AUGUSTINE A. HARUN JNR. | Year Posted 2011

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Paroxysmal Distortion

You’re prearranged with all those thoughts of dread, rearranged for a propaganda fret. 
You are the few, you are the same, and you have been bought.
 By all who knew just what to say and do, holding change like it’s an enlighten noose. 
Monkeys it’s not the same without a thought 
	Morals distorted as it fills your glass. Pungent as you taste the last, drop of all
who’ve came and all who’ve gone. You watch them as they smile and book. The television
shows of smut. Behind the camera they still cook your bones. 
Stay tuned till this intermission, behind the curtain of rendition. You’ll find them with
the chain that holds your thoughts. 
Now as you vote for change, you shed like a dog who whines to be fed. 
Where’s your politician with his cross. 
	He’s holding all the change you gave. In a box prearranged, rearranged and saved. Just in
case his future comes to a halt. 

So here’s your fortress of solitude, hold it close as you choose. For a mirror imagine of
your thoughts. Hold it closer as you think our fractured structure on the brink. 
It could depend on you to make them fall. 

Copyright © Jermaine Boyd | Year Posted 2008

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I Weep For Thee, O Bethlehem

On a cold, wintry Christmas night
bright light on a manger shone
to fall softly upon a mother mild
cradling her little baby child.

Three wise men followed the stars
to thy beckoning door, Bethlehem,
bringing frankincense and myrrhs
to pay homage to the king.

Thy name is music to mankind's ears
proclaiming forth freedom and hope,
sweet like a chorus by heaven's choir
vanishing darkness and fear.

Yet, two thousand years thereafter,
what became of thee, Bethlehem?
now enclosed within high fences,
inside your captive people keeping.

On those cruel barriers are graffiti
imploring "Make love, not walls";
as I weep for thee, O Bethlehem,
where has thy promise gone?

Bethlehem is a Palestinian-populated city in the West Bank, administered by
the Palestinian Authority. It is now mostly inhabited by Arab Muslims and many 
Arab Christians have left the city and immigrated abroad due to the harsh living
conditions. The city is surrounded by high concrete walls and no one gets in or 
out without clearance from the Israeli Army guarding its checkpoint.

Copyright © Wilfredo Derequito | Year Posted 2007

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A Question of Priorities

Outside, the night was rainy and grey
a blustery wind from the north blew cold.
Inside the coup it was light as day;
cozy and warm, and the light glowed gold.
The Chickens content as they settled for night;
looking forward to getting a good night’s rest.
Suddenly strangers appeared in the light;
standing in the cold, all soaked and stressed.
A Coyote mother with two young pups
seeking refuge from the storm they left behind.
“My neighbor Chickens can you put us up;
the night is cold; would you be so kind?”
Weary of her motives, the rooster has fears;
to the hen he says, “We must beware;
a Coyote in the henhouse could lead to tears.
We have much to lose; we must take care.”
With compassion the hen looks to the door;
she can feel the mother’s dire situation.
To the rooster says, “They’re wet to the core;
we’ve been given much; we must share our station.”

Today our country is faced with the same;
refugees at the door trying not to fall.
Do we let them in and share our claim,
or do we turn our backs and build a wall?

Copyright © John Gondolf | Year Posted 2017

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Ode To Oval

*My beloved Oval, I fear that my words fall short of what I am feeling in my heart.  May you accept these few lines of love  as my best effort of expressing my concern for you. I have heard much about you, but I have yet to visit and meet you in person.  The pictures of you are rather striking and stunning.                                                                                                                                                    

It was during the 90's that I first became gravely concerned about what seemed to me, 'a tarnishing' of your office.  Circumstances surrounding your occupants caused a great deal of weeping in my soul.  It appeared as if the dark clouds of contamination were setting over you, and determined to drive out the awe and aromatic presence of your enduring reverence. Nevertheless, like the giant I always believed you to be, you came roaring back to a place of renown in the early 2000's.  And Oval, it was so good to have you back.  A new leader so deserving of your atmosphere took great lengths to restore the sacredness that was so rightfully due.  I tell you Oval, the reality of your presence and power is so pervasive that it extends far beyond your palatial walls.  For centuries you have adorned the shoulders of presidents in attire befitting their sacred trust.

Again, I stand aghast that I am observing a cloud of low regard for your office. Oval, this concern is not about presidents. More than 40 presidents have sat in your room, but you are still here.  Presently, you are the one I am concerned about. It's my duty to speak up for you at this "high tide" of divisiveness.

Oval, in closing, there are many forces parading through our country; and it appears that these opposing forces are conspiring for a 'perfect storm'.  Be advised and encouraged that much prayer is also invading the air waves.  I see indications that not only shall we prevail and survive, but we shall also thrive because of God's Good Graces and His magnanimous mercies.
09292017 PS Contest, Early October Standard, Brain Strand                                                                                                                                       Personification Form	                                                                                                             *Oval: The Oval Office in The White House

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Really Stuck My Neck Out Part 1

So they all converged loosely together 
on the banks of the river 
Which at any given time one could find them
hanging around the watering hole 
Herr Hippo of course spent the most time 
there nearly submerged but appeared 
without even a shake or a shiver 
Miss Lioness who all knew was proud 
and stately and wouldn't turn away for any 
but after the recent torrential rains 
she hunkered down under a fallen tree 
and at the best of times was prone 
to long naps in the tall grass 
so these were the main reasons to bring up
a vote to find a new overseer 
thus the current poll 

Senor Elephante was thought a top choice 
what with his thick skin and amazingly 
retentive memory 
Mademoiselle Giraffe was definitely 
considered as a potential contender 
but most times was totally preoccupied 
with her head craned up in the tall trees 
busily on the supple leaves munching 
Well Senor Elephante had a reputation 
as a bit of a partyer throwing his head 
screaming raucously n' shooting sheets 
of liquid with his elongated trunk 
besides had a propensity to stampede 
wildly which scared the rest of them 
quite frankly 
Hmm they'd be right back where they started 
with no reliable protection 
from the poachers 
and yeah Elephante had good reason to run 
with those coveted ivory tusks 
so if they could just find someone who'd
be a little better at looking out for their 
communal interests 
rather than Miss Lioness yawning 
n' licking her paws in tall grass 
always hunching. (continued in part 2)
9-30-2017 Duncan R.M. Ferguson 

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2017

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Really Stuck My Neck Out Part 2

It was getting very late in the season 
and only more trying storms 
with drenching rains would cover the plains 
but they had to pick someone 
so who would it be?
Finally with options practically whittled down 
to nil there was still Mr. Ostrich 
who certainly wasn't the most attractive 
of fowls with that long gnarly neck 
and wavy hairs protruding 
and that goofy looking fluted beak 
but perhaps useful with that periscopic neck 
and seemingly alert doe like eyes 
None could fathom why anyone thought 
Comrade Leopardo was in cahoots 
who mostly kept to himself opting to do 
hunting in the dark cover of night 
and so seen rarely plus being extremely quiet
and stealthy wasn't deemed by the rest 
as trustworthy 
So the hard rains came which didn't deter
the poachers from inundating the plain 
n' while they all counted up their losses 
yet there was still controversy 
of  planting crosses 
n' licking wounds in retrospect their choice 
wasn't typecasted still wondering how 
they all got so bombasted by one 
who'd been rumored would not of lasted
That wasn't Senor Elephante n' his bounding 
crew but the rumble of B-1 bombers 
n' Sherman tanks 
yet somehow reaching the ears at any level 
all heard a voice muffled n' head crammed 
in the sandy muddy banks 
hey-i really stuck my neck out 
for all you guys.
9-30-2017 Duncan R.M. Ferguson 

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2017