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A man like this,
Who sacrifices his entire life
for the betterment of our country
uniting whole nation.
Who reached his goal
digesting every tension.
India become independent
without any war,
without any aggression.
It is only possible due to such a great son
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this 
Who spent his life
wearing a six feet ‘dhoti’,
eating food of a common man,
walking miles & miles by foot,
talking the secret of non-violence,
brought our independence
spending life in the prison,
defeated our enemy without any gun.
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this,
Who was a man dressed god.
Didn’t need any post 
Even after our freedom.
 Still, we could not able to feel
the heart of a sacred idol.
Could not able to read
the message of a sacrosanct soul.
Who struggled entire life for our freedom,
he was  shot dead by a blind  Indian son ,
He is our  ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.
This poem is written to commemorate our great freedom fighter & father of our nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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She is bronze colored in complexion...
She is not too tall nor too small..
She is found along high rise buildings to sidewalks..
She dresses according to the 90's, to the latest moda...

She has her own unique style...
She has of brilliance undefined..
She has the hands soft to caress and rough to grip..
She has of eloquence: smile that soothes...

She is from the southeastern seas..
She belongs to islands of myriads history..
She comes from the land of the tropics..
She stands out among the crowd..

Empowered through high quality education..
Unbreakable by dozens of life experiences..
Molded flexible enough by Her culture 
Zest enough to face the whole world..

Wether in the most sophisticated way..
To the simplest servant you can see at home...
What makes her so captivated...
Her full blown nationality of being a Filipina...

© O. E. Guillermo

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Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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            AT HOME

It is a long time; I left home.
   It was dark and there were no streetlights.
      I thought to live better life far away from my home 
       And failed to come back.
      My home was valueless to me
      It looked like a village yesterday, 
     It is a simple town today, 
And it will be like a paradise in the future.
The bees bit my brothers 
And sisters when they were looking for the queen bees.
They worked hard to develop farming.
      Yesterday it was traditional farming, 
       Today I can hear about modern farming, 
       Harvest honey from the backyard beehives 
     Without stressing the bees,
   The drinkers start drinking real lemon juice 
And proper honey in warm water.
At home,
Life is hard everywhere; 
Living with the bees, 
   It is so hard. 
      Life is like the game, 
        Life is hard work, strength is life, 
        But the weakness is death. 
     It is better to die in the field – battle. 
   A man who does not remember his motherland,
He is a slave.
I feel shame to go back home; 
I feel that everyone is talking 
About me behind my back
   And no one like me.
    Many people heard about the development of
    My mother country, and they wished them well. 
    They are ready to crown the first winner.
   Many people compare me to a lazy man
Who abandoned his native soil.
Friends learn how to find 
The hidden treasure
In your hometown.


Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Chris | Year Posted 2017

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I saw you in your poetry ... 
A bunch of orchid baths
in solitary forests
In your writing ... 
The odd scent of water drops 
in the wet breast line of Darjeeling
I saw youth in your poetry. 

Luck ... you did not want
a separate state or country
Nowadays some want to be isolated. 
Now you are young. 
Go ahead, bathe in a heavy rain
Then build resistance to life. 
Now is the time of youth in poetry. 

I dream of a common world. 
The water, the ground ... 
the sky all together. 
I believe in youth is one name of life
Because, I saw ... youth in your life. 

Copyright © Somdev Chattopadhyay | Year Posted 2017

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*My beloved Oval, I fear that my words fall short of what I am feeling in my heart.  May you accept these few lines of love  as my best effort of expressing my concern for you. I have heard much about you, but I have yet to visit and meet you in person.  The pictures of you are rather striking and stunning.                                                                                                                                                    

It was during the 90's that I first became gravely concerned about what seemed to me, 'a tarnishing' of your office.  Circumstances surrounding your occupants caused a great deal of weeping in my soul.  It appeared as if the dark clouds of contamination were setting over you, and determined to drive out the awe and aromatic presence of your enduring reverence. Nevertheless, like the giant I always believed you to be, you came roaring back to a place of renown in the early 2000's.  And Oval, it was so good to have you back.  A new leader so deserving of your atmosphere took great lengths to restore the sacredness that was so rightfully due.  I tell you Oval, the reality of your presence and power is so pervasive that it extends far beyond your palatial walls.  For centuries you have adorned the shoulders of presidents in attire befitting their sacred trust.

Again, I stand aghast that I am observing a cloud of low regard for your office. Oval, this concern is not about presidents. More than 40 presidents have sat in your room, but you are still here.  Presently, you are the one I am concerned about. It's my duty to speak up for you at this "high tide" of divisiveness.

Oval, in closing, there are many forces parading through our country; and it appears that these opposing forces are conspiring for a 'perfect storm'.  Be advised and encouraged that much prayer is also invading the air waves.  I see indications that not only shall we prevail and survive, but we shall also thrive because of God's Good Graces and His magnanimous mercies.
09292017 PS Contest, Early October Standard, Brain Strand                                                                                                                                       Personification Form	                                                                                                             *Oval: The Oval Office in The White House

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017