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A Kiss of Sunshine

The world that once was slumbering
Beneath the quilt of Winter's snow
Is now set free to gladly see
The rays of golden sunlight

He peeks at first so shyly through
The drifting clouds of leaden grey
And then, behold his beams of gold!
A kiss of gentle sunshine

The trees are budding, flowers bloom
And shades of gentle green abound
The birds of spring so sweetly sing
While kissed by rays of sunlight

How father-like the sun looks down
In glorious warmth and light
To see the things his fire brings --
The miracle of sunshine

From east to west he travells on
In grandly royal golden robes
A pilgrim man, that once began
Benignly sending raylets

As here I watch th'unfolding spring
And bask in beams of heaven's king
I think of monarchs, once divine
Whose wond'rous kingdoms once did shine

This sun hath missed not one poor soul
But fondly with a tender touch
Hath kissed the maids that dwelt in glades
Of distant lands now vanished

Now all, I think, once gently kissed
Have sung the praise of heaven's rays
And all, it seems, that Sun hath wist
Have tracked his run throughout their days

His rhythmic climb and equal fall
While heeding Nature's firmest call
His constant change, yet still the same
When once returned from whence he came

A mystery, a miracle
At times a friend, at times severe
But each new day at Dawn's approach
Reveals the kiss of sunshine

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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The Perfect Woman

 Since I was a boy I have known of her . I've dreamed of her in my fantasies , I have visioned you in my thoughts.Never knowing why or how or 

where she came from, Just she was there .Not ever did I see her face ,but I've known all the while of her beautiful smile. Eyes of an Angel , I can  

see all the way to her soul. Hair that flows over her shoulders like a waterfall.  . Just a dream in my head , my imagination gone wild , but I have 

always known she would be mine one day , A goddess  I will cherrish as my Queen and love her with all my heart. Spoil her with gifts and 

treasures, what ever she likes .The girl of my dreams I have honestly seen .I have spoken to her  and it is exactly as it was suppose to be . She's in 

love with me. Oh and she is the prettiest thing, this woman thats always been in my dreams .I was put here to meet her and she to meet me . I have 

always been in her dreams ,that's what she's been telling me . A match made in Heaven is what she claims, a love forever , a happiness for life , a 

Joy in our hearts that makes our lives worth living. Every since I was a boy I have known her. This woman of my dreams.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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The Universe sang itself into being, 
and we are one of it's songs.
It laughed mischievously at black holes, 
that were hidden in massive throngs.

It spun a pirouette of galaxies,
danced in dizzy, joyful bliss.
It cast a spell of clustered stars, 
and gave us our first kiss.

It made the wanderers to travel, 
and stretched itself in time and space.
It called the Earth, all blue and wet,
and made the Milky Way our place.

It named immense and diminutive things,
it marked in secret scale.
From shooting stars, to Mayfly wings,
both in particle and cosmic braille.

All mute and quiet deep in space,
and earthbound songs usurping.
Exploding stars we could not hear, 
but heard the crickets chirping.

In everywhere and anytime,
it shows us something new.
We shake our heads because we know,
the Soloist's not through.

by Edlynn Nau

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2015

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Why Should I

Was it enough or was it too much?
Sometimes too fast but always too slow!
God knows that I come with these seeds that grow.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch,
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one that knows?
Stepping through time and sliding back so smooth so I go!
I say I can qualify!
Where was I and why was I there?
Sometimes too obvious but always with doubt!
God knows that I come riding in on a prayer.
I absorb every single touch inside and out,
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one that cares?
Climbing the highest mountains and sliding down so steep but on a dare!
I say I can magnify!

What did I say and what did I do?
Sometimes too quite but always too loud!
God knows that I come with a gleam that shines so proud.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch by you.
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one in the crowd?
Walking on water and walking backwards but at least I know how.
I say I can intensify!
Do I want to or do you need me to?
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I simply don’t care.
God knows that I come standing on a higher sky of blue.
I absorb every single touch by you inside and out with this glare.
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one with this view?
Up in the clouds and aimless but always led by you!
I say, “I SANCTIFY”!

®Registered: 1997  Ann Rich

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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In Moments like These

I need
Assaurance from my Maker
A hug from a friend
A smile from a stranger
A hello from a colloguea 
A kiss from my husband
And a thank you from my child.

Oh how I miss my child:
The sweet memories of a love that can never be
The heartache that will never pass 
The miracle we except to let go.

                I need
A prayer from my e-mail buddy
A “I love you mom” from my child
A miracle from up above
A word of advice from my mother
A helping hand from a stranger 
And a silent acknowledgement of my father. 

Oh how I miss my father:
The loving vioce and smile that use to touch my heart
The joy he brought with his appearances and the tears with his departure
The vivid memories of a longing so deep and a missing so painful it hurts.

             I need
A buddle of flowers
A teaspoon of happiness
A pot of love
A oceaan of courage
And a miracle to  understand

Copyright © Mary Petersen | Year Posted 2006

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It's About Love

    What a precious thing to love another
    It’s a privilege to be loved by someone
    Two people interlinking as one
    His presence strengthens her heart
    Her appearance gives him the power to go on
    It’s so easy to display intimacy doing good times
    Through opposition communication is a must
    It’s not all about you  
    It’s about the miracle called us
    It’s about love
    It’s about the miracle called us
    A sweet embrace is what you longed for
    Now that you have it you didn’t realize 
    what was in store
    Somehow we fell to understand we must work
    to make a stand
    It’s not all about you
    It’s about us
    It’s about Love
    It’s about the miracle called us
    Two people interlinking as one
    It’s a privilege to be loved by someone
    Through opposition communication is a must
    It’s so easy to display intimacy doing good times
    It’s not all about you
    It’s about us
    It’s about Love
    It’s about the miracle called us

Copyright © Albert Reed | Year Posted 2009

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I am Alfonso II, Warally Chris,
The Son of Prince Theodore Rally,

I was born in nineteen eighty,
In Uvira Kidjaga. 
When I was eight years 
The river Kalimabenge flooded;

It took my granny’s house 
And some people found 

Me in the mud after eight hours. 
When I was eighteen years,

Some murderers killed our four neighbors.
The entire community was shocked and marched 

Carrying the dead bodies.
I was among protesters who fought against lawbreakers

But we were shot by the lawmakers. 
Many friends lost their lives 

And my leg was broken.
It was around ten,

The birds sang some sad songs 
In the entire town. 

Coming Evening, 
Some Samaritans rescued me from the pit,

The bullet broke the bone into pieces, 
The world sounded over to me. 

I saw darkness in eight days, 
I hide in the grave before my burial, 

The soldiers were looking for the survivors of the massacre. 
After hundred twenty-eight, I could walk well. 

When I was twenty-eight years,
One night, I was coming from work,

I met with some xenophobic people 
And they stabbed me mortally. 

God was with me.
It was not my last day on this earth. 

I was admitted to a good hospital,
The doctors and nurses took care for me, 

After twenty-eight days, 
I was healed completely. 

I decided to work for God forever,
Today, I am teaching the Bible 

To women groups, Schools, Prisons
And Hospitals.

To God be the glory

By Alfonso II Warally Chris
June 9th,2017

Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Chris | Year Posted 2017