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I never left you


When youthful restless hearts hear defining calls
With volcanic strength they will respond
The impetus for adventure overrides
All rational thoughts, out of window they go
For youth knows no bounds of daring appeal

Twenty I was, when I heard the “buzz”,
With gusto and a lick of good sense I made the run
Carpe Diem was my exalted, exuberant cry
So I followed the path to places to me unknown
To her, I whispered with pain and sorrow
I must seek what the world to my lot bestowed
But be assured that one day for you I shall return 
Feeling liberated and not knowing why
Effusive and with feigned bravery I bid to all farewell
The beyond had the smell of fragrant thrills 
From America to America my journey began
Imbued with hope, dreams, and strong will
I began carving a new life, a new beginning 
Dreams, goals ,and desires within me abounded
To fail was never a contemplated option
For failure the young bravely defies

All those memories of a half century ago
Come back to me in flares and bursts of fading energies
Now that I am approaching the sunset of my days
Wondering wastefully how it might have been
Had I not pursued the Echo of that life changing call
That outcome will never to me be known
But oh! How I long and yearn for that love I bid farewell
My ashes will one day fertilize a seed above that green hill
From that seed a tree will grow into a refuge
To shelter, in hot, sunny or stormy days, living fragile things
Then I shall sleep eternally in tranquil peace
Knowing that I kept, though belated to her my promise 
And in serene harmony, proclaim, “I never left you my beloved Brazil”'.

Copyright © Ernandes Fialo | Year Posted 2015

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Memories On My Branches

Glorious spring sunshine kiss my limbs as they sprout
With each opening bud, "I'm so alive" I want to shout
April showers cling to me as I drink each delicious drop
Hopefully chosen by blue jays to build their nest atop
Caterpillars and ants tickle me as they crawl to and fro
Nothing sweeter than watching everything around me grow

Come sit under me, take a break from the hot summer sun
Join me as I watch the baby birds leave their nest one by one
Let's marvel at the beautiful butterflies that flutter all around
The music of my friend the humming bird will surely astound
Smell the delightful fragrance of all the many flowers in bloom
Capture the magic nearby of a newly wedded bride and groom

I'm bursting with colors of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown
I proudly smile each time one of my leaves cascade down
Laughing children make my day as they roll in my splendor 
You taking my picture makes this memory much more tender
Scurrying squirrels truly fascinate me, as my acorns they hide
Forgotten ones will one day be my saplings, I'll burst with pride

Snow flakes have delightedly dressed me in a suit of white
City folk string me with lights, I boastfully light up the night
Skaters whipping by me, their energy and actions are compelling
I feel so very blessed to have been rooted within this dwelling
Come and join in the festivities and beauty of each and every season
Become a memory on my branches, I can't think of a better reason

*Dedicated to the 50-80 year old trees in Gage Park, Brampton

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2014

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Beautiful Lie

Loved ones gone but never forgotten

Love lost but always found

Happiness broken but bound to be again

Trust betrayed but hard gain back

A smile cracked but always brought back to the surface

At times left in the dark, your faith will bring you into the light

Undecided decisions in need of a guided path

A moment shed to tears always to be brought to a moment of joy

Tears we've cried always wiped away with the love of those around us

People who have left our side had no purpose for us to understand

Our voice always heard by those who take the time to listen

Copyright © Selena Martinez | Year Posted 2013

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Southern Live Oak

I have grown old and twisted with all my living;
my limbs gnarled and arthritic,
my skin rough, sometimes peeling,
turning dark beneath the sun.
Bunions and corns decorate my feet.
What a life I have lived!

In my youth, young natives sat on tender grasses at my feet;
i sheltered them in coolness,
i listened to their vows of love.
Months later, they returned to me holding the joy of new life.
I rocked their papoose in my arms,
the wind sighing lullabies through my evergreen hair
making the silver moss, hanging on my tresses, sway.
I saw them leave before the growing strength of new settlers,
weeping as they walked away from this beloved land.

A wealthy man settled the grounds where I spread my roots;
I grew and wrapped my arms around the home he built.
I was young then, strong and full of vigor;
I was the watchman at the door.

I enjoyed many years with the family,
playing with the children,
giving shade and shelter.
Early one morning, the sounds of war disturbed my sleep;
all day the battle raged.
Cannon balls ripped through my flesh;
I heard the anguished screams.
When the sun set, 
the ground beneath my feet was littered 
with the broken bodies of men,
dead and dying,
soldiers uniformed in both blue and gray.
Our beautiful home was nearly destroyed,
our land ravaged.
If men could only learn, as I know,
to respect and care for one another.
As time passed, my limbs healed, 
through scarred, just as my heart is scarred.

Generations have come and gone,
each one passing close to my heart in fleeting succession,
but I live on.
Age shows on my body, yet I cling more tightly,
stretching deep into the ground, sucking the earth's sweet nourishment.
My arms droop low, hanging heavy with sad and happy memories.

I do not want to leave this dear, fair earth,
the tears of heaven fall,
trickling down,
bathing me in dewy sadness.

A thousand years is not enough.

Copyright, August 22, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Not Really

How it must hurt you so on days like this,
  Walking around with a frown clutching your fist.
Hearing the words that are meant to anger you,
   Confused  you cry because there is nothing you can do.
Your mind is playing tricks on you driving you to say,
    I hate you all and the games you play please just go away.
Trusting nobody you are not sure which way you sould go,
    It's not real and  all in your head  is what you do not know.
Waiting to see just what tomorrow will possibly bring,
    All will be perfect and you wont rememver a thing.
Your thoughts they torement you  almost every day,
   Each night asking our Lord why your life is this way.
Feeling so alone thinking there is nobody who cares,
   But actually there is so many but you are not aware .
If only you would hear me so you might begin to see,
   You must believe in yourself if you want to be free.
You must have some faith if you are to understand ,
    What God has in store for you and what he has planned.
All the hurt and anger will soon begin to disappear ,
    You'll stand up tall again facing life with no fear.
Please remember always that you are never alone,
    By listening with your heart your path will be shown.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Oak Tree

Oak Tree Soaking in the sun Surrounded by painted pale blue heaven Light showers, Bathing the dust With a soft, cool whispered breeze Flowing through brown shedding leaves Gently falling like a feather Beneath my shade ~ I ponder at the day that I awoke from a tiny acorn And all the years that have passed With the changing of the seasons, It seems like an eternity ~ Birds, squirrels, and other small creatures Have come and gone, Leaving a small part of themselves ~ I’ve seen generations of children grow in years past With memories of their play with music and laughter Couples walking side by side holding hands ~ They’ve climbed my limbs and broke a few Now I’m rooted with my twisted, gnarled limbs Waiting for a few more hundred years ~ Soaking in the sun Surrounded by painted pale blue heaven Light showers, Bathing the dust With a soft, cool whispered breeze Flowing through brown shedding leaves Gently falling like a feather Beneath my shade 8/25/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Winters have ravaged me
twisted and broken my limbs
scalded me with burning winds

			I miss the birds nest
			torn from my grasp
			by an icy gale

Spring tickles my roots
sets my sap to percolating
awakens my purpose

			I long for the mist filled dawn
			sweet trickling dew dripping
			on my budding blush

Summers have soothed and parched
my crimson canopy, acknowledging
the cool succor of my shade

			I miss the boy
			his laughter, his imagination
			climbing through my history

Fall, ah beautiful fall,
cool breezes reddening my cheeks
readying a soon to fall quilt

			I smile at the antics of the squirrels
			hear the good-byes of the travelers
			stretch, shiver, succumb to sleep

submitted to – Trees Personified Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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Drawn in Harmony

The phrase "Music to my ears" has been injected toward the 
wrong part of my body, and most unpleasantly personified. 
There is a record player that I let skip and scratch on purpose, hearing 
colorful sound of life back when truth kept us both inside the lines. 
I thought order was helping me draw closer to you, while you began on the next 
page without me. The needle digs it's way into my ape-shaped forearm. 
I'm directed by the guitar string shaped veins 
that only play notes in the keys of D# E# A# F# and the sharp sounds pierce 
my perception to the point I can hardly hear your voice anymore. 

At times, listening to the same old sad song on repeat makes me think
that I am just an old soul getting repeatedly tossed around in God's 
big barrel of human paradox. "Lord what was I made for? Surely it wasn't 
to repeat the mistakes of my forefathers, because I'm certain I am the 
only one you molded with forearms so large, that the record got lost 
and forgot how to spin in circles. Music is all about art, and art all about 
perception. Perception has nothing to do with your eyesight, and 
you use your ears to envision the painting on a blank canvas before picking 
anything else up but sound waves. I drive myself crazy sometimes when 
I think that my inspiration is speeding away from me in the 
opposite lane, but I didn't even ask for directions. Mostly because I'm a man, 
a stubborn one at that, and I always think I know where I'm going. 
But this time, I swear I had gotten the map right. So I transformed my open 
hands into tight fists to make music burst out of my arms, and the needle went 
faster and faster until it broke off, and the high pitched vibration 
disintegrated the steel into my own blood. I blame myself for letting this 
be the first time to let myself draw some air into my body. A surgery of 
scalpels cutting into my physical, and an orchestral symphony of sutures, 
threading my life back together again. My blue blood turns crimson as it kisses the air. 
Why do we associate the color red with life and vibrancy, when it clearly shows that we are letting our own blood run down our arms? Why do so many women where red lipstick; the kind that sticks to your collar, screaming to your wife that you clearly sinned? 
Why do we see sin so clearly; transparent enough for others to correct us before we really we even grasp the desire to fix ourselves? AND WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS MUSIC PLAYING SO LOUDLY NOW; when my needle broke off into my body a long time ago, and I can hardly hear you anymore.
Good thing my life's song still isn't completely written yet. Let's add a more positive climax to this. One drawn in harmony.

Copyright © Spenser Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Obstacle In Our Path Elephants

“Obstacle In Our Path” Elephants Side to side Side to side Rhythmically rocking my enormous body and head Side to side Side to side Like a pendulum my trunk swings side to side I'm only doing this because I'm bored ~ My family and I walk for miles and miles Foraging, Dusting, Mud wallowing, Swimming and socializing ~ We encounter an obstacle in our path Humans have built a fence and block our path Evidently they forgot that we never forget the path we always take? ~ I tense my enormous frame Flare my ears and with a Trump of rage I gather my herd and together we work and push the fence down To clear our path ~ Side to side Side to side We walk across and melt into the bush ©By: Eve Roper 8/28/2015
Contest Name: Giant animals Sponsor: Nathan D.

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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O Pacific, I Miss You

O Pacific, I Miss you

You probably never knew it,
But I once lived within five blocks from you
I and my kids visited you often to play and to view

You consumed us with sea shells, sand castles, beach balls, and a Frisbee
Those gallant waves from across the sea, most times, were as calm as can be
Slowly washing upon the shores, but occasionally, splashing against the rocks
Your reliability and timeliness, so superior to my own, and more faithful than clocks

From your sandy shores on a non foggy day 
Sometimes atop the sea cliffs, whether bright or gray
I watched the sea gulls and my dear children would play
Often your winds were enough to take my breath away
But I never fretted, because I so treasured what you had to say

I miss those regular visits, bringing  you greetings
I wish that I could sit in those special meetings                                            The ones where you and the moon make plans and plots
When the two of you with your creator decide, El Nino’s or not

I miss standing above your gusty shores                                                         on an observation deck, viewing a Golden Bridge                                  
I miss the sun sets so enchantingly beautiful,                                                 as they sheepishly hide beyond the waters
I miss the soothing fog horns of ships sailing in
O Pacific, the list is much too long of what I miss

02022016(PS Contest, The Sea Shore. Sponsor, Steve Cornish)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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To Stay

Afraid, I've seen lightning and I've
felt giant drops of life quenching rain
I stand tall watching as the sun disappears
knowing it will be back again
I've felt the pitter patter of scared 
leaves rusting between shaking hands
and tails chasing tails
as I bend my bow to show
my strength and resilience
I've held my ground in a swirling wind
and give shelter to all my friends
climb on up but hang on tight
swing from my mightiest of limbs
I'll be here beside you growing with the day
held tight in memories you can always share
filling hearts with smiles in his presence 
allowing generations to come, to share, to stay

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2017

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I lie forlorn beneath freshly fallen snow;
once a bridal veil, now a shroud.
I will not feel the first spring rain.
I will not feel the sweetness rush through me.
Disconnected from the flow, prostrate;
a fallen form freezing to a forgiving ground.

Beside me, remnants of my former glory lean.
Boughs plucked, pieces bent into the endless circle
marked with a blood red bow.

I lie dreaming now with the fallen leaves, 
a glorious memory of sunshine, songbirds, soft rain,
and strong winds, swaying in the crisp fall air.

As the last, remnants of memory bloom, 
a multitude of bright prismatic light 
and the sound of tinkling glass rises
to bring me homeward,
crowned with the evening star
my fallen spirit rises.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

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Just Thinking

          Feel like jumping rope
 Feel like  fun  with my hula hoop
Round my waist round and around
              with expert faith
               I feel so good
           Could run a marathon
          That would be fun
                and then 
hope to score  my winners run

Copyright © Joyce Faure | Year Posted 2017