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Love Hate Relationship

Your beauty defies time
as you glide so effortlessly
across the boundless horizon

Breathless you capture my essence
and melt me from my frozen state
as the crackling embers spark nearby

My vision is blurred as if without end
crystal mounds begin to rise
and your effervescence illuminates the sky

Thoughts turn to a restless morning
where a painful path is purged
penetrating the virgin pure

If only these moment could survive
forever in child like eyes 
life would be devine

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Can you hear me god

Sometimes I question my own faith and wonder if you are real,
can you really feel all the pain I feel.
I wonder, Can you hear me god?

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep,
do you know the reasons why I weep.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I give up on myself,
is it because you forgot about me and chose to let me deal with myself.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes people hurt me , and sometimes I hurt others,
but it seems you let them be and it's my life you choose to bother.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes i feel like I'm your mistake,
is it because you judge me for all the mistakes that I make.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I hate others and sometimes others hate me,
but it seems you don't see others,
and it's my life with troubles you smother.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I hate you for taking my mother,
Sometimes I hate you even more for portraying my father.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I think of my past,
and that's when I reliaze that nomatter what I'm feeling now,
it will never compare to the pain I was feeling back then.
It's times like this that I realize that's when you truelly chose to be my father,
to scold me, but hold me, to teach me but reach me.
To show me that my pain won't always last.

I believe this is true, at least that's the picture you drew,
yet I still wondwer, Can you hear me God?

Copyright © katie levy | Year Posted 2006

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Not Really

How it must hurt you so on days like this,
  Walking around with a frown clutching your fist.
Hearing the words that are meant to anger you,
   Confused  you cry because there is nothing you can do.
Your mind is playing tricks on you driving you to say,
    I hate you all and the games you play please just go away.
Trusting nobody you are not sure which way you sould go,
    It's not real and  all in your head  is what you do not know.
Waiting to see just what tomorrow will possibly bring,
    All will be perfect and you wont rememver a thing.
Your thoughts they torement you  almost every day,
   Each night asking our Lord why your life is this way.
Feeling so alone thinking there is nobody who cares,
   But actually there is so many but you are not aware .
If only you would hear me so you might begin to see,
   You must believe in yourself if you want to be free.
You must have some faith if you are to understand ,
    What God has in store for you and what he has planned.
All the hurt and anger will soon begin to disappear ,
    You'll stand up tall again facing life with no fear.
Please remember always that you are never alone,
    By listening with your heart your path will be shown.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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A Look Inside

I look into the mirror of my soul
And an image does unfold.
Is this really me
This creature that I see?

When did I open the gate
For this demon known as hate?
When did I let envy in
With all his other kin?

With all these demons living there
I have no room to spare.
If love should knock upon my door
I'd have to put him on the floor.

It won't take these demons long
To sing that fellow's death song.
They'd walk on him both night and day
If he should try to stay.

This hate must be a parent thing
Breeding many negative offspring.
Hate and envy, strong or mild
Which is father? Which is child?

I must evict these trespassers.
They've got to look for other pastures.
I'll send them all away today
I'll not put up with such as they.

Alright hate, I'll start with you
You seem to be big man in this crew
You go find some other place to lurk
And do your dirty work.

Don't forget to take the others with you
I want nothing more to do
With you, your friends or your relations.
None of you had invitations.

I don't remember how or when you came
But I know how you play your game.
I have studied your book of rules
And I also know your tools

You wear many masks to disguise
Yourself from human eyes.
Like a chameleon, you change your hue
To blend in any view.

Hurry up and go.  I've got work to do
Cleaning up this mess after you.
If love should stop by here some day
I'll have a decent place for him to stay

Copyright © Marian Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Love, I hate you but you pretend  not seeing me,
Those that love you are like you,
Through you many has paid with their lives.
The rich speak of you yet they kill, destroy and steal;
who really love us or the world we all lived?
I will not love until genuine LOVE comes.
Genuine LOVE created the world but imperfect love;
Created hunger, greed, evil, bombing and terrorism.
I hate those that love you in pretence.
Humanities loves you yet they break each other's heart,
Women, drinks you daily like water; speaks of you than God, yet you break homes.
Souls are waiting for perfect and caring Love that once given freely;
There will be peace if you all love me as it were in the beginning,
I hate you since humanities will not stop using  you to destroy.
Oh LOVE of God when will you return?
Souls are waiting your voice of caring and equality,
when you come, I will love again.
Written by:
Pastor Emmanuel.

Copyright © Omojewve Emmanuel Brown | Year Posted 2012

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Love sees what hate can't

Loves looks out of blue skies from the top of the hill,
Hate looks out from the shadows of the valley below.
Love with the warmth of the sun on the shoulders sees what is
  pure in the morning air.
Hate still covered in the frost from the night before,
  only sees through eyes that are cold.

Love always sees a glimmer of hope,
Where hate sees none.
Love sees potential,
Where hate sees only misery and destruction.

Love sees what second chances can do,
Hate can't see past its own shadow.
Love knows when to move on from infertile ground,
Leaving behind embers that can be yet rekindled if God so wishes.
Hate can't see clearly enough to give up on revenge.

Love looks for broken hearts to mend and minds to clear of hate,
Hate looks for hearts to turn black and confused minds to work on.
Love is kind to human flesh, giving it a healthy glow,
Hate eats away at it and ages it prematurely.

Love sees in many colours and works in lots of different ways,
Hate sees only in one colour and always works in the dark.
Love looks to new beginnings,
Hate always looks to past wrongs.

Love always walks with a lighted candle so it can see where it is needed,
Hate looks for the lighted candle so it can snuff it out.
Love sees even the end of hate.
Hate sees nothing but its own reflection.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Love and Hate

Once upon a shiny star, 
Hate discovered love’s beauty
Though it was from afar,
He knew it was his duty

But blind young love could not see 	
Old hate for what he was	
He did take it all with glee 
Help for love there never was 

Out of this hell then began, 
What we know as modern man! 

-written in 1989 with syllable count updated, possibly my first, some lost in time -

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2016

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My crazy walk of reality

I am a walking contradiction
There is no restriction
I use my own benediction

I still believe in Jesus and crucifixion 
My life has no jurisdiction 
I am definitely not a musician

I live by my own intuition
I don’t have a drug addiction
I am in no sense a politician

Guaranteed a limited addition
Difficult by definition
The hell with superstition

I do have a crazy ambition
That one day there is no partition
And we need no permission

No one has ammunition 
There is no prescription
No one lives in a disposition

All can see their own reflection
There is no opposition
And we don't have a juxtaposition

Copyright © GERT WEWEGE | Year Posted 2016

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Morals uprooted, the trickle of time the life of a man, the life of a lie the solace thoughts of a broken thing, with the lack of being a human being, hate. Death an disease the signs of poverty the blood that trickles down  to the  knee, rape. Abused an cast out a frozen cattpillar never reaching its full potinal, a thought that seems so deep but it’s so simple, love gone astray replaced by hate, still having the people stuck in slavery days. The sun makes it routes but it’s doesn’t shine no light for man, it’s always night. Breaking the chains, changing the times embarking on space to escape a small place trying to reach heaven, not to get in but just to see the gates, hate if the creator abandoned the created then who takes the reigns who leads the right path so the horses don’t go estray , do they roam free. Are follow a code, who now knows the right way to go, hate instant gratuities has taken place. Not looking for tomorrow just embracing today, so pleasure an pain seem to co-exist killing ourselves but saying we love it, hate a waterfall trickles it just seems to pour crying for the ones that can’t be found anymore we bury are dead but, manage their memory’s in a place that only seems to be fit for dreams. In the end their thoughts seem like scary dreams, hate, fire and brimstone, a broken piece of coal applying the pressure, to harvest a stone, life’s never easy an life’s never great, but it takes time to turn, imperfections into something great, hate

Copyright © Joseph Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Invisible Death Bite

I rest perched atop my tree branch blind,
watching and waiting
for anything to unknowingly pass below
I got sleek, midnight skin ... 
distinct markings of a black panther
I got white eyes that glow in the dark,
my vision is acute — 
Able to track you, no matter where you are
You’re powerless to my predatory desires,
death comes upon you suddenly when I pounce
Pound for pound,
ounce for ounce ... 
There are other predators lion stronger than me,
others more ferocious in their tiger savagery
But none can compare to my ultimate stealth
When night falls,
I turn into invisible death
Delivering a death bite,
strangling away all your breath of life
And it happens so fast,
you never have time to ask: why?
But right now, I’m surly dismayed
at some of my bastard runt children;
those who were caged, 
and taken to America from Africa
Unseemly children they be,
wearing the opaque skin of their oppressor’s rage
Killing out of hate ... 
this I don’t do, 
this manner of violence I don’t condone
Out of necessity, I kill: to feed, to live
In nature, that’s not called murder
It’s not for safari sport do I hunt
I don’t kill from afar
	with a bang bang
I don’t trophy collect
	tusks and mane
To simply kill out of hate
is a jungle shame
You American Black Panthers,
weak imitators of your African ancestors
You kill for the thrill of hate lust
Even on a full belly, you still can’t get enough
You kill those who’ve been killing you,
and you think that makes it right
Yet, you didn’t even remain true
to your own wicked cause
Let your wild animal nature get Establishment tamed;
embraced the ways of the oppressor,
and hid your treachery behind an African name
Shame ... shame ... shame
Selling your own people out,
after leading them down a false doctrine fast lane
Pied piped them to oblivion
Shame ... shame ... shame
Violence begetting violence — 
Label it colonial justice if you will, it’s murder all the same
Though you think you’ve escaped 
into the urban jungle avoiding judgment
Committing more beastly crimes, you still love to do
Never once do you realize
there’s an invisible death coming to bite you
And I’ll be watching from afar,
perched up high
As God’s vengeance comes dropping down 
in the dark of the night
Stealing your soul like a thief,
snuffing out your light
God’s got an insatiable hunger for holiness,
that makes me smile with black panther delight

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Love this hate that

music is more than an obsession its magic
no room in my heart for another thing
Why does the devil talk to me and i listen to it
feel like i gave myself away a conscript
who wont listen to his parents
a young rebel not caring
but i don't have a selfish center im always sharing
so let me give this back to you what you gave to me world
so much blood hate anger 2 vipers inter twineing and twirling
the black depths of my mind is swirling 
the passion i used to have is running low so follow me
No remorse im nothing more than a modern day force
evil sittin on my horse swinging my sword twords
your vocal cords as my hordes of minions claim im insane
as they dancein short shorts take a bat to your porsche
stomp down all your fortes join me im no demon
im just a evil genius alwase scheming about reaping
anyone stupid enough to close there eyes for sleeping
im fiending on feeding you to my inner beast whos dreaming
Of a day i wake up without screaming

Copyright © Riely dionne | Year Posted 2011

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I hate you so much

I stayed in a room
I hate you so much
I had my own life
I hate you so much
I spoke to all
I hate you so much
I was lonely
I hate you so much
You spoke to me
I hate you so much
You bought my ticket
I hate you so much
I went to visit you
I hate you so much
You come to visit 
I hate you so much
You said we had to decide
I hate you so much
I chose you
I hate you so much
Where is the love you promised?
I hate you so much
Every other man, for them
I hate you so much
Now living again in a room
I hate you so much
I hate you so much
I hate you so much
No future
I hate you so much
without work
I hate you so much
No outlook on life
I hate you so much
One step away from a tramp
I hate you so much
I'm sorry I ever allowed you in my life
I hate you so much
I gave you my all
I hate you so much
I have nothing left of myself
I hate you so much
By your actions , I am now here
I hate you so much
By losing my heart to you
I hate myself for that.

Copyright © GERT WEWEGE | Year Posted 2016

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Scratchy darkness wraps our souls
Leaving us with empty goals
Sorrow sadness without controls
Road of our lives filled with potholes

Boils in our hearts about to erupt 
Leave our minds filthy and corrupt 
A life so sharp, blunt and abrupt 
We might as well press self-destruct 

Smooth sorrows like roses wilting
Love’s altar jilted tears dripping 
Lies, deceit and fear a woven quilting 
A parquet dance floor awkwardly tilting 

A hungry, cold homeless cry
A frozen tear as a final bye
Soaking wet blankets high
This promise at birth just a lie

Faded moulded dreams decay 
Stone the bastard he is gay
That’s that Old biblical cliché 
Let’s not wait for doomsday 

Copyright © GERT WEWEGE | Year Posted 2016

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Wish of a rapist's unborn son

Do not weep through 
Your broken dreams 
Promise me not to end 
Before I am born 
I love the warmth 
In this cozy womb 
I feel your sigh 
As a thunder storm 
I hear the  beat of 
your sinless  heart 
as a fast nonstop train 
I struggle to learn it 
Whether LOVE or HATE 
Gather your humanity 
to forgive a wild man 
Give me to the world 
Where there is morality 
Hand me to stand 
as a tamed man 
Let me you to promise 
Not to be a son whose 
father lives within him 
Though I am not a fruit of LOVE 
Please, do not hate me MOM 
What I have not done! 

Copyright © Swarnapali Liyanage | Year Posted 2008

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I Hate It

I hate it when
Stupitity come's
Full fruition,
And no other achievement
Abides' abound
I love the threat of
When understanding
Is all around,
I seek a solid agreement
Where a solution
Can be found
I hate it all around


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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What is hate?
  Hate is dislike very strong be very unwilling 
  People be hated on clothes and alot of things 
  Do you know people talk about you and you know they are hated on you
 Those days people to stop starting stop you know something is going to 
Just walk away
 If you have to fight 
  fight back
 Thats what hate is.

Copyright © Yolanda Newsome | Year Posted 2006