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A Magic Adventure Of Peter The Pan--part II

Inside the Dishwasher everyone rushed!
Clinks, clanks, rattles, 'Ouches' and ' Ohs'!
"Would you pa--lease, settle down!" said Deb--They hushed.
"Now we can hear...let's just see how this goes."

Curious, Peter, looked out through a chinc,
And watched Vie and Chris-- approaching by twos.
They opened the door--and who do you think--
Standing there wearing her fine Jimmy Choos,
Ms Lost Sonnet!--spoke not a word--but winked.

Wilma Wine-Corkscrew, dressed in purple hues
Gave the 'all clear', and Peter spread the news.

"We're having a party Ms Sonnet, please,
Won't you join us? It's a magic party
For Peter", said Ruben Rotisserie.
Bob Blender poured her a drink--quite hardy.

Connie Candellabra was flaming bright
As Ms Sonnet swept past to the soft couch.
Carolyn Cookie Jar screamed with such fright,
"Quick! She's on fire!" Then Lost cried, "Ouch!"

"I'll save her", said Catie Collander. "Here!"
But the water leaked through her like a sieve.
Susan Spatula yelled, "Have no fear, dear!"
Yet, the fire held on and would not give--

Others tried, but could not stop the fire.
Then Peter said, "I wuw twy! I can do it!
With 'Awwy, I can fwy! Way up highya!
Togethwa, we can save Ms Wost Sonnet!

Awwy is my fwend. He tawks funny, too!
He's aw the way fwom Engwand and he is
My Supwa Cape! So I can fwy! It's twue!
No H's wive theaw--his name is wike this:
'Awwy--not Hawwy." So now, they all knew.

"Did I 'ear some bloke colling my name?"
"Yes! 'Awwy, me! We've Ms Sonnet to save!"
Harry Handtowel--AKA, Super Cape--fame
Was now on the neck of Peter the Brave!

With no hesitation quickly they flew,
Smothered the fire and saved just one shoe.
Brittle and weak, Lost needed more than glue...
"She needs magic! Oh! Paweeze! What can we do?"

"Peter...we only made enough for you".
Said Carol Crock-pot. They all cried, "Boo Hoo..."
"Then give huw my magic! That's what you do!"
So quickly they sprinkled the magic brew.
Ms Sonnet was greatful--then said, "Adieu".

"Peter, you've done well," said Anne Assam Tea,
"Let's all have a cup'a tea and you'll see...
"'Magic's believing in yourself, --frankly,
Do that--and you can do--anything!"

~©deborah burch

*Special appearance by "Lost Sonnet", courtesey of David Williams...with much gratitude, thank you all for appearing ;)...Peter has many adventures to come...big hugs, love you all, cap'n deb

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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A Magic Adventure Of Peter The Pan

A Magic Adventure of Peter The Pan/AKA Peta The Fwying Pan

Peter was a fine young pan with blue eyes
Like all the other pans his age, except,
Peter could not yet pronounce 'R's'--he tried...
And 'L's' hard he tried. He even wept.

School had been especially hard today
Peter had been poked, teased, and made fun of
More this day than any other school day...
And the ride home took so long on the bus.

When he came through the door, his mama knew
"Why the long face? Are you hurt? Are you sick?"
"No ma'am," said Peter, "Just tiwad fwom schoow".
"Some cookies and milk may just be the trick!"

Mama said, as Peter sat down to eat.
By now, everyone was gathered around
To hear of his day--and sneak a treat.
So he told them his story...and they frowned.

"How can someone be so cruel! Makes no sense!
You are the smartest and brightest of pans!"
Said Debbie Dishwasher-- then cycle rinsed.
The rest agreed and came up with a plan.

"Okay! It's agreed!" said Bob the blender.
"You need magic!--THAT--we can render!

Charles Chalice and Gail Goblet--my dear
Bring what you have, for this magic milk shake.
Michael Magic go get us some beer
And also get Peter a great big steak!"

Then everyone sang together with cheer:
"A parr-ty! A parr-ty! It's a parr-ty!
We are all...having...a magic--parr-ty!"

Everyone was busy, hust'ling around.
Tams the Golden Toaster was making toast.
Tex Texas Tea Pot hummed a whist'ling sound.
David Dish and Sara Spoon danced the most,
Except for Marlon Mop--he could 'get down'!

Carol Crock Pot was fixing up the Soup.
Russell Rolling Pin had rolled out a crust
For a magic pie with love from the coop.
Joann Juicer made fresh smoothies--a must!
Suddenly...a sound was heard on the stoop...

"Who could that be? It's nearly midnight!"
Said Cyndi Chandlier all bright with light.
Christopher Cutting-board called, "I'll go see!"
Vienna Vaccume said, "Not without me!"

"Wait!" Debbie Dishwasher cried from the sink.
"Let's look at more options. We need to think.
It could be someone in need of a meal...
Or, it's a burglar--come here to steal!"

"Everyone else! Quickly! Hide inside me
Until we find out who that sound might be!"

deborah burch©

*****end part I...conclusion in part II

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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I am a Swallow

Turning and dipping in graceful, acrobatic flight,
my spirit soars against a sky brilliantly blue;
from these heights, I view life in its completeness,
its complex boundaries and limitations sharply defined.
I maintain my composure, calm and unruffled by the storms . . .
I sail above the strife where the sun spreads warmth upon my wings.

From this lofty perspective, I watch over my dearest ones.
This clear air provides treasures of wisdom, beauties like the facets of precious jewels,
sparkling with the vibrance that makes joy complete;
I glean and feed them to my little ones,  giving them nutrients to enrich their minds.

Home is my central focus. 
I learn and implement all that I can to make my nest comfortable and complete,
a rich environment for growth. 

Do not intrude; I protect what is mine.

© May 11, 2015, Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Black Sunday {Personification in Couplet form}

I was as high as the eyes could see
A giant dark cloud of pure misery

I seemed to roll as one with the wind
A giant black wall that had no end

I stripped the land and left it bare
Of the lives I destroyed, I didn’t care

Those who stayed I covered in dust
As their children died I broke their trust

From my hell many families did flee
Left to wander homeless in misery

I changed the word these words are true 
Black Sunday brought darkness on you

I didn't see any direct link but just goggle
pictures of the dust bowl and you will see
what i have written for Brian's Contest.
The Dust Bowl - Alexandre Hogue - 1937

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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One moist patch, like dewy grass,
surrounded by a field of weeds,
emerges first and breathes at last, 
through openings, the air it needs.
Cut off from, and cut off of;
counting on, and counting in;
from down below, to up above - 
A smack on tender, crimson skin.
	There is a pulse.

One spring bud, like seedling stems,
surrounded by a garden wall,
is standing out from all of them, 
despite the fact, they're just as tall.
And though the bud has not yet grown,
the soil and the water see
more than just the seed they've sewn.
They see the flower it will be.
	There is a pulse.

One tall stem, like climbing vines,
surrounded by its petals' plumes,
shares its elegant designs,
and stretches as it blooms.
And when the wind begins to call,
the flower spreads it's pollen 'round.
It falls in love, and loves in fall,
and falling love renews the ground.
	There is a pulse.

Copyright © John Taylor | Year Posted 2010

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if i wanted to kiss you
would you stand still
if i wanted to be with you
could we both time kill
if i held your hand
would you understand
or carress your cheek
would you be meek
if i whispered in your ear
would you hear
if i look into your eyes 
would they lie
and tell me something else
that my heart is saying
if i wanted to love you
with all my heart
would that be smart
if i made you my reason to live
would it be worth everything i give
and if i said i love you
would you hold those words above you
forsaking all others as the preacher said
being mine and to no others lead
then my heart belongs to you
remember, to no other will i be true
with this poem i make this pact 
and with my hopes i hope you act
fill in all the love that i lack
and as for doubts
we could fill up the cracks

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2012

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Prayer for 3 Theological and 4 Cardinal Virtues of the Holy Spirit Prayer

Lord God, send us Your Divine and Moral Virtues to assist people

Faith, to deeply understand and produce evidence to the unseen

Impart Hope to be determined and persevere successfully

For persons to consider a little generosity to Charity

To present Prudence by being careful

For untruthfulness to bring into Justice

Give fortitude for lawmakers and government officials to be strong

Bring in Temperance to exercise Patience and Tolerance

We ask these in the name of Father Christ Jesus to send out the Virtues of the Holy Spirit


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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My Beautiful You - A Poem for Valentine's Day

Like the fragrance of honeysuckle clinging to the vine,
Like sea spirit salt rides the inshore breeze,
Like the sun dappled fields of summer, please...
Be mine... my beautiful you... be mine.

Like the flowers I bring you every so often,
Like the ones I should bring you every day,
Be wild and pure and wait there for me,
To see and to take you, my beautiful you.

Like the curves of your body, bending
Behind the glisten of the glass shower stall,
Like sweet nicknames floating down the hall...
Be my mystery ever unfolding, my beautiful you.

All the holidays, like yesterday, I still remember, 
Wrapped up with you around the tree…
Leaves falling round us in a crisp September,
As we walk through our seasons, you and me.

And now the twilight's chimney smoke calls us,
Back to the hearth and home we've made,
With little ones who look like you and me,
Our love's perfect union, our soul's sweet serenade.

Through all the days of our days, I'll need you,
So be the breath I cannot live without, 
The April morning's rain - mist for my midsummer's drought…
All the holiday's I remember...
Leaves falling round us in a crisp September.

The fragrance of you floating through the hall,
Into my soul's senses, please, be all...
Worth recalling, worth living and dying for...
My beautiful you, my beautiful you...

Be Mine.

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Copyright © Kenneth Kirkpatrick | Year Posted 2014

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i love the united states where not full of fakes!the land of the free,the brave and the strong cant you hear gods angels sing our song!i will fight for my country again and again homeland sercurity my faithful friends!the agents are taking satan  minions down bam!stand up with us show us your guts,we need plenty of wemen and men to take satan down without sheading a frown!homeland we protect the world if the people only knew they would see the god fearing american we truely be!

Copyright © steven coleman | Year Posted 2013

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My Family

we were adopted on the same morning 
my father loved us, a love adoring 
my brothers shared a gene name, Cabernet 
sisters noble parents based on hearsay 

my dad built a strong house of fine French oak 
we stayed there for months until the walls spoke 
Sauvignon muscular and the strongest 
Franc dark and lean and can stay the longest 

Merlot is too shy and soft as satin 
me, Petit Verdot, was told to fatten 
we left that house for a place very small 
this was a time of character for all 

life a blend of love and time but real 
dad says it’s a Bordeaux surreal appeal 

-updated July 2016-

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2016

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Enough Already

Where have you been? I’ve worried so.
I feared to leave the nest.
That Mr. Crow was hanging round.
You know he’s such a pest

He taunted me and said that you
were a bold philanderer
and that you’d be deserting me
and running off with her.

I know what he was doing,
just trying to get my goat
so I’d leave our home unguarded.
That would be all she wrote.

Have you eaten? I’ve been waiting
for you to bring some food.
You’ve forgotten it?  How could you?
Mom said you were no good.

I swear I’m going back to her
unless you change your way.
Now come back here!  I am not through.
I’ve plenty more to say.

Get on that nest. It’s your turn now.
I’m going out to eat.
And don’t mess up my nice clean house.
You had  better wipe your feet.

Don’t look at me with those big eyes.
You think you have it tough?
It’s time you took some of the load.
I’ve simply had enough!!

For Francine's "Enough" contest placed at no. 4

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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Silvery Moon

Silvery Moon drifts through open window.
Baby's bassinet is bathed in evening sky.

Across the open yards, Silvery Moon gifts,
gifts love and devotion to taper the shadows.
A shimmer to shield from darkness
dusting sleepy lids with light like baby powder.

Hold fast to fleeting innocence
and boldness of brilliant shield
as you swaddle my tender babe tonight
through open window, Silvery Moon.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, August 7, 2012
Inspired by Babyface (Carl Sandburg)

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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The Bucket full of water

A wise man once said, 
A bucket full of water goes a long way
You need it and yet it is the exact burden of its weight 
that will drag you down
So tell me, how do you carry that amount of water
 without that bucket?
Leaving it behind will kill you either way
But the bucket full of water will last you longer
Water is essential after all 
For a days journey or two 
And that is why the bucket full of water goes a long way

Copyright © Esther MacCarthy | Year Posted 2016

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The Look of Love

Eyes so bright with a light that shines, 
You brought this to me.
Lost time the two that be!
Eyes of light with the look of love in sight!
Eyes that glare with a gleam that shows,
You revealed this to me.
Things to know the two that be!
Eyes that dream with the look of love or so it seemed,
Eyes with tears a promised pain,
You gave this to me.
A list that I retain the two that be!
You are the eyes that clear the look of loves hidden fears.
Eyes with mystery shine in you,
You lay this before me.
So much I do the two that be!
Eyes with dignity the look of love in all of its reality! 
Eyes with deepness a reflection of you,
You presented this to me.
A lie in my truth the two that be!
Eyes with achievement the look of love in all of its completeness!
Eyes of you in a vision of me,
Forever you and me until I die the two that be,
For you’re the eyes that already knew the look of love with its promise renewed!

© COPYRIGHT:   1997   ANN RICH   

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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Decades have clocked past since we were capped by roof 
As you take your children down the history without and in us
We fondly and times somberly reminisce with you 
When it was just dad, mum and three carefree children 
Now we hold faces of ten -
Mature features of the kids parented within us

How we miss the innocent shrieks of month-olds
The laughter and playful nature your siblings and you shared
Phases changed, wrinkles formed, and one by one, bid bye
The hollow you guys left still is ocean deep 
Your occasional visits became occasional fills 

You talk of mum’s discipline that we know too well;
That she would become this soft someday, we too couldn't have guessed
How your eyes brighten as you elaborate her nightly stitch work!
To testify we can – her now cracking joints are fruits of care, hard at work then 

You fondly recall father’s silent ways of achievement, 
How he taught not through words but by action
We sigh with you to shake off miss’s hard grasp
Feeling your deep regret that not you all, could be as him

The green, brown, gray, yellow hues as well, we picture
 Yes, you did drag your feet to the fields before sun said hi
Yet beams you all were when “healthy colors” repaid your hard toil on the soil  
How sad those glorious seasons come by rarely 

Memory of the first grandchild is a treasure
The dozens more, we call them blessings
Great grandchildren, how they rejuvenate us with their plays! 
Your older sibling would have loved these moments

History’s trickle has to come to a halt, as responsibilities call 
With the farewells, loneliness is ushered, but hey…that’s just life 
We remain standing, gazing with you at the fading figures of your loved ones
Glad for your presence and hopefully awaiting another visit
To go down this inexhaustible memory lane 

©GraceM Composition

Contest:4 Walls (by CT)

Copyright © Grace Mutindi | Year Posted 2016

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Burly Bear Follows Buzzing Bee

Honey Bear,
I would like to say goodbye
and would appreciate your reply.

Where are you going?

I am going to sing farewell
before my minute hand wears out.

yet I hoped you might first learn
to dance hello.

Yes, so I too presumed,
yet in epiphanies of dawn’s delight
dancing hello toward Earth’s light
follows learning to sing night’s lullaby
enduring dusk's darkening evaporation
of bright transparent regeneration.

I would like to sing farewell
not sure whether we will ever find time
for another healthy hello,
good mourning death’s surprising pass
right through our daily hello-goodbye liturgies
of BusinessAsUsual love.

Just once before either of us further dies
and lies within Earth's sacred skin,
I would like us to learn to sing farewell
to our dusky love’s evaporating celebration,
multicolored disincarnation,
wildflower struggling together dissonance
within Earth's MultiTribal Solidarity.

With this pearl of our shared memory
how much brighter next time’s dawn.

Better than whole wheat pancakes
with strawberries
and butter
and maple syrup springs
of wildflower bee songs?

Breaking night time’s fast 
with love’s echoing farewell lullaby
warming daylight’s first embryonic memory,
spreading farewell liturgies
like warm apple butter
throughout love’s remembering twilight day.

You would have your farewell pearl
with breakfast too.

I would sing farewell
not knowing we will have another day
to dance our hellos of gratitude
for love syrup warmly given
transforming sacred memories
of EarthTribe’s struggling mutual light within,
dancing and singing tender humored
and raving raven memories
fading back to our first eyes greeting.

You were redhead magnificent
and bright as nuclear light,
yet not sure you had enough to share
with all my dark bear ways.

And you still growl your raw reviews
about light’s honey lacking as yours and ours
and cubs who have never learned to dance
a dignified hello
much less sing a well-timed farewell lullaby,
softly fading into some other household’s light
of their own healthy making.

Stars have never sung the same
since they first twinkled through your RedLight hungry eyes.

Moon heart glows full color harmonics
to know your quiet delight,
teasing might,
sharing your monopoly of wild investments
in GrandMothers’ flowing afrocultured light.
Too seldom has sailed
our full octave light and dualdark racing pilgrimage
through transgenerational childhood brights and fights,
embracing dawns,
effacing dawns together.

Honey Bee,
I love to sing farewell struggling harmony
while slow dancing our mutually gratuitous hello-farewell,
folding and unfolding eco-memory flying fling 
YangBear/YinBee soul-dancing,
Tipping PolyPoints of Light/DualDark MindBody.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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If Leaves Could Talk

When the sun is beaming down upon us;
And we can no longer enjoy walking in the dust;
And not even a gentle wind is allowed to make a fuss.
No rain’s in sight; so the dust holds still, refusing to cuss
That's when sweat drops from our pours begin to fall.
A merciful cool breeze is our only prayer, plea, and call
Our prayer is heard, and we see a tree standing proud and tall
The comforting tree beacons me to come, and others one and all

The tree introduces us to members of his sweet and gentle family
The trunk, branches, and leaves spoke to everyone, including me
The tree loves all his kids, but today he found the leaves very friendly
The leaves in unison said, “We are delighted to shelter all those who flee”.

“Furthermore, the leaves continued, we fare best when green in summer.  Our Father Tree has taught us well; we are proud of the service we render.
We can withstand the most vicious heat, but we start to change in late September, and before long, we turn brown.  That's when Mother Tree hugs and tells us to remember.
She says, "Return to me after two seasons pass", in a voice so tender.
We cry, realizing we must die; so we change colors and fall to the ground in October.
09152916 PS Contest, Leaves Talking, John Lawless

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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The Sweeter Snowman

The Sweeter Snowman

The children forget me when all I am 
is snow, 
But once I was a sweeter lover.
Some thought of me as molten 
dark chocolate that would melt by a true 
heart’s cadence, 
Neither am I made of that nor, milk chocolate truffles.
To me I am special and warm.
I can't count how many times children mistake being around me,
Is like hot cocoa and warm feet cuddled in wool socks.
As a snowman my snow has always resembled crystals of sugar,
brown sugar, white sugar.
For really what I am is love kept warm in your pocket,
I am the feeling you get when you first glance at your soulmate.
I am the cherishing memory of a child born, as well as a newborn’s 
finger clasping their mother. 
All those words are synonyms 
baked within me… like the
mini chocolate chips you hope 
to find in a cookie.
So sweet they be but 
Dear reader you must know 
that I am above what is 
baked into my cookie dough center.
For all I am, and all I resemble is

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Heroes Are Not Forgotten

Many there be have turn their backs to thee/

No sense of remorse,
No notion of integrity or respect/
You stand so proud with your head in the air/
Waving your hands like you just don't care ?

But none the worse for wear,

Heroes Are Not Forgotten !
Those men and women who have waved the banner high !
With every bit of stregnth that have fought with no remorse,
We often get tongue tied within ourselves/

In the great melted pot we call The United States of America,
It was for freedom that our ancestor's fought to so desperatley uphold/
Far too many of us take it for granted !
They have eyes but tend to look the other way/

Paying litle to no homage to buw their heads to pray ?
One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord !
There will be no mistake about it !
Those that pierced his side and pulled his beard/
Many say that us Christians are wierd/
You will know on that very day that he's not someone that you could play !
Heroes Are Not Fogotten !
Just look what that ass did Ben Laden !

We need to speak up now or forever hold your peace/
This world for some is a will for power,
Perhaps your all in need for a long cold shower/
Stay up late to listen to the radio The Hour Of Power !

No, Heroes Are Not Forgotten in this land of cotton !
We will lift up our head high to look toward the sky/
As a beacon of hope to a hurting worls in need/
Where as other's are just dying to see you bleed,

We will remember John Wayne in this old house of pain/
Bob Marley and The Wailer's,
Ronald Reagan and his awesome plans !
Last but the best Jesus is my man !

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2010

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She's a Blessing

She could've been died
She could've been pearlized
She could've been torn in between the two
She didn't know what to do but,
I know one  thing I will always love this person
This person is my mama 
I'm glad god kept her on earth
To show me things that I never seen
God Thank You for letting my mama live to see each an everyday
I'm glad God kept my mama on earth to show me the steps an every each way
I love my mama with all my heart
Without her my life would be in the dark
She's not gone, I want no longer be alone
It was hard at first but,
I learned it was for better or worst
That's why she is a blessing to me and everyone
She's a living testimony
Without her my life is incomplete and lonely 
I learn my Lesson
My Mom Is A Blessing

Copyright © Kimberly Williams | Year Posted 2007

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Who am i, i am a monster

pestilence restlessness sedatives
represent my main directives
presentment made me infected
selective systematic collective
medative hesitation effects my relevance
like hell needs a prince
never accept limits
convince me long since
i should repent
i never new what i was trying to attempt
i believed it was from hell i was sent
because once you get under my skin
you'll never tempt me again
Friendly enemy or foe
i don't not care at all no
Then into the monster i transform im a fellin 
my exoskeleton is made from titanium dripped gelatin
Perfectly flexible cybernetic veins here my bellowing
im set to kill automatic tongue im never mellowing
i spit sparatic people lavish my tongue lashing hello n
goodbye nice to see you have a good time kill a fellow n
realize im a villain include chronic in my song im telling
you dog like wrestling im raw but bloody like saw your welting
from my manic pelting i keep it strapped above my belt im melting

My personification became like a puppeteer
i dangle on the strings of my sanity
and dance in the pale moon lite 
its in my nature to believe i am something i am not
a look in the mirror is a trip into a place that has never
been seen before in the depths of my consciousness

Copyright © Riely dionne | Year Posted 2011

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Mouse-tails and Fairy Tales

Moses and his sweet Molly Mouse 
have a puzzling dilemma.
They have used all the names they know
from Marvalee to Maryemma.

They have followed all mouse name rules.
Each must begin with letter em.
After their hundreds of babies,
they have no more new names for them.

They can’t use Micky or Minnie, 
for they know the unwritten rule.
Using gods or goddesses names
will make any mouse look a fool.

When Sally Squirrel comes to call,
the new mouse family to view,
they speak of their giant problem
and ask Sally, “What shall we do?”.

Sally swiftly offers to help,
but the fine ess names that she knows,
are rejected by the mouse pair,
“We surely can’t use one of those.”

Opie Oppossum arrives to ogle
and bring names with an oh or pee.
Moses objecting once again,
“They must start with an em, you see.”

Then Molly whispers to Moses.
“I will question Miss Mynah Bird.
Mynah is sure to remember
every em word she’s ever heard.”

Miss Mynah is very happy
to respond to their fervent plea.
She has a name for every child
they will live long enough to see.

There‘s Myra and Moira and Meg,
for the girl mice now in the nest..
Maurie and Mervin and Maleg,
are boy names passing the test.

The mouse pastor baptizes them
and as he pronounces each name,
Moses and Molly glow with pride.
Miss Mynah has saved them from shame.

Personification  Moses and Molly Mouse,  Sally Squirrel, Opie Oppossum, Mouse pastor
Miss Mynah Bird

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2012

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Dear Soap Bubble,

bright focus
in an air-light reflection
of the ephemeral beauty
of this world

diaphanous soul 
in despair


Emotional universum
rumbling inside the anima
of a tiny simple
passionate creature

I shall enjoy thy sight

Shall I live in fear
for you not to burst

Shall I be the wind
to blow tenderly
directing thy path

Thy shelter shall I be
I surrender myself to thee

Copyright © Lukasz Walterowicz | Year Posted 2012

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Mom and the Moon

You are the changing moon,
Always shifting, never constant,
Your phases are unpredictable,
Mom, you are the moon, who stands alone in the distance,
Always watching over her stars in the shadows,
Shining your light over our world,
Through our darkest hours of the night.

Copyright © Marilyn Hernandez | Year Posted 2007

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In Descrimanent Love


When a Mother gives' Birth
She give's it with Love
She sore's to the High Heaven
To the Christ,
Fore She is giving birth
A gift from above...
Such a complication device
Devised by God
In order to herd His children
For that traipse to eternity
And only Heaven knows
When that will be.....
For they are awaiting
Their return...
To that honorable place
        Among He
Yes, the Mother gives' Birth
A gift to the World
Rather it be a baby boy
Or maybe,
A baby girl...
Their love is so innocent
Innocent and free
Shaped and molded by
The like's of you and me
Yes, they are our
Hope's and dream's
For the next generation
Marred by frustration
Self-loathe and indignation
Yet, they do follow threw
To start a new nation
A nation to be
A nation of one
One where people
Shall be delivered
All soon to become One
Where the Will of Christ
Shall be done'
For this is their Heaven
And this is their Earth
Fighting twin evil inclination 
Just awaiting the time of
Where the lineage of time
Is their only Salvation
Another simple case of
The blind leading the blind
In hopes' and dreams'
In contemplation 


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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intense levels of energy positivity earning a degree in responsibility already possessing authority leading a convoy of angels in crimson fleece and all of them agree FIRMLY with a belief in unity a new breed swimming in the trees breathing beneath the leaves with extreme ease creating a new city using our inner abilities showing uncanny agility reconnecting with chivalry that's eroding unneeded hostility celebrating eternity smiling graciously seen in loves light for infinity so many beautiful possibilities revealed in this new reality bringing about an end to negativity purifying our vicinity healing all that's empty once full of self-pity soulcleansing down to the nitty-gritty using imaginations simplicity consistently landscaping the spirits topography compassionately a festivity of family that silently strengthens one another with words of fertility bringing about humility in humanity how's that for honesty???

Copyright © christopher nilo | Year Posted 2015

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One Enduring Stove

One Enduring Stove
A tribute to a major appliance

I am tough, hard working, good looking, and blend well with my neighbors.
I come in various colors with different compartments and choices in sizes
I am not perfect, because like everything else, I’m not made to last forever.          But just think about it; When have you seen me broken down and useless?

I will be there when you need me, serve you for years, and keep you fed.
I can be low tech or high tech; but I make you proud and happy regardless.
I am versatile, enabling you to utilize gas or electric; even wood if you prefer.

I have three good neighbors, one of whom washes after meals and one who refrigerates.  My other good neighbor is a friendly freezer who’s able to store food for a very long time.  I don't mean to brag, but if I may say so myself, I really think that I am the most important of the four of us.

Let’s face it.  When we are talking about gathering for the family meal, it’s me you think about.  O, you can smoke a turkey without me; but if I were you, I would not do thanksgiving without me.  I can bake, barbecue, boil, broil, fry, or even steam; I can also deliver it rare, medium, or well done.

I know that one can eat fruits, nuts, and  some healthy vegetables right out of their back yard garden; and there are many fresh things one may choose to eat without  heating or cooking.  However, if you really want to sit down as a family and enjoy a great and memorable meal, you really need me.

I know that I am primarily thought of as a cooking appliance, but that’s not all I’m good for.  In the winter, while I’m cooking your tasty meals, I’m also assisting in keeping your home nice and warm.
09102015 PS Contest, Any Poem Written On Your Birthday, Laura Loo, 4P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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My eX-gIRL fRIEND We Are Getting Married

This is a long lost dream story about Me and my EX-GIRL getting it back together again? Just who knows' where it will end......

My ex-girlfriend and me
We are talking about
The possibility of getting
Married and I said that
We shall see.....
She asked' me if we were
Going to take lot's and lots'
           Of Picture's
And I answered, yes,
But We won' be taking
Them together  
And then She ask Me 
If it would be consummated
I said yes, but, only if it came
         With Tea'


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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How did you get where your at?
Do you lie to yourself?
 Do you hold back?

 Or do you know what your doing, 
of coarse you do!
 What worries me,
Does that satisfy you!?

 You made me sad,
You made me cry,
 You ****ed up,
Your precious life,
 You had everything,
Good family,
 You split us up,
To get what you "need"
 You say the word love,
Then threatened me!?

 I play it cool,
But I'm terrified,
 I cant even,
Close my eyes at night.
 I'm that scared,
But not for me,
 I'd risk my life, 
For what i have left,
 For My Family.

You ****ed up my brain, 
 From age 1-6,
Said if i told,
 No one would listen,
You threatened not only me,
 But my Family,
Even your own son,
 How the **** could this be?

My father is a great man,
 Found a beautiful wife,
That's where i came in,
 And you know what,
They trusted you, 
 Every weekend,
Till toddler ages were through,

 You decieved them,
You decieved me,
 And all the 9 other grandchildren,
That was forced to be,
 I feel the pain,
I feel the tears,
 I feel the hatred,
Your voice in my ears.

 I see the scares, 
That you have made,
 I make new markes,
To forget about who really made the pain.

 How did you get where your at?
Do they really think,
 That jail will put you on track?

 If they think that then they're wrong,
You've lost everything from one choice,
 Your too far gone!!!!

Copyright © Hannah Croy | Year Posted 2011

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When I'm Gone

Life I got, but the chance wasn't fair.
It took all in me to numb the pain.
One day I will sublime to thin air,
And flow as blood in your veins.

As the clouds gather around,
Will you glance up at the sky?
As I fall as rain on the ground,
Would you miss me when it gets dry?

When you breathe the air I sublimed to,
Will you recognize my scent?
Will you remember who I was,
When I get blown by the wind?

When people hesitantly bring me up,
Will you shed a tear or two?
Thinking of how you called me love,
And I meant the world to you?

When you pass by the roses I grew,
Will they have lost their rouge?
When you touch the drops of dew,
Will you reminisce the feel of my touch?

Copyright © Aashima Bansal | Year Posted 2016