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Orange Crush II The Adventures of Soda Pop

Before reading this one read part one, the story will make more sense.

I felt safe amongst the colorful pages of the comic books wrapped around me. I could hear the little boy say bye to his grampa Cliff, his Grandpa said goodbye Ricky. There was a wonderful bouncing feeling as Ricky skipped out the door to his father's waiting car. As we started driving away Ricky pulled me out of the bag and I could see his mom, dad, sister and brother. As we drove along I learned the other boy was Roy and the little girl was Teresa. His parents simply were mom and dad.

I quite enjoyed the ride, Ricky's dadio had a need for speed and it was exciting passing the slower cars. In this world it seemed all of the other cars were slower. The first town we came to was Larder lake, if blinking had been possible I would have missed it. As Ricky looked through me I marveled at both the color of his eyes and the rugged landscape. Pine trees, poplar trees and beautiful lakes. I loved how the road was carved through sections of rock. The next small town I noticed was King Kirkland, it seemed rather little to be a King. It wasn't very long and we entered our destination which was Kirkland Lake.

Kirkland Lake was much bigger than where we had come from. I enjoyed watching the people as we traveled down Government Road West. I remember driving past restaurants and stores, Dadio slowed down to point out a diner called the Coffee Cup. He told us he had a Barber Shop at the back of the Diner, I was more interested in the theatre across the street. The theatre was called the Strand and I liked the flashing lights on the billboard. Just then Ricky placed me back in the paper bag with his comics so I slept for a while.

Orange Crush III to follow.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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Orange Crush The Adventures of Soda Pop VII

For those who are following this story, here is the next installment. If this is your first time reading, please read the first one and it will help make sense of the story. Thanks for reading my ongoing tale.

After breakfast, Mrs. Burns and the Kids cleared the dining room table. All the dishes were put on the kitchen counter, Ricky placed me there beside them. It seems that it was Ricky's job to wash the dishes. He filled the sink with warm water and squirted in some Ivory soap. As he quickly moved his hands back and forth bubbles started to form. I could tell he was enjoying this a lot. Much to my pleasure, Ricky place me in the warm water. Initially I was floating but then as he held me under the water I could feel my air escaping to the surface. Now don't worry, pop bottles don't need air in the same way as humans. Ricky lifted me high out of the water and allowed the warm water to pour out of me, I felt like a waterfall. As my contents made contact with the waters surface it created even more bubbles. The next thing he did was rinse me out with fresh water from the tap. I was shiney bright clean and he placed me on the counter where I could watch him finish washing the dishes.

It was his brother and sister's job to dry the dishes. Teresa picked me up and dried me off with a soft cloth. It felt soft against my glass and I sparkled in a wonderful way. Teresa asked what she should do with me and Ricky said to just leave me on the counter. As Roy was drying some dishes he accidentally knocked me over. I could feel myself falling, if I could cry out I would have. Somehow Ricky noticed and he stuck his foot out to block my fall. I felt the pain Ricky felt as I struck his foot. Thankfully I did not break and I could tell Ricky was happy as well. Roy reached down and picked me back up and said he was sorry. Ricky's pain was subsiding and he said it was okay.

After the dishes were done, Ricky rummaged through some drawers. He was looking for a cork, after a few minutes he managed to find one. He tried to place it in my opening but it was too large. This didn't seem to deter Ricky, he found a sharp knife and started to whittle  the end of the cork. He kept at it until it fit perfectly in my opening. Ricky then went to the Fridge and grabbed some Grape Juice filling me up to the top. Yum yum I loved this new flavor, not as good as orange but purple is pretty darn good. Then Ricky placed the cork and I was perfectly sealed. I was so excited because it meant I could go with him. This would be a very good day.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Orange Crush III the adventures of Soda Pop

Before reading this one, please read one and two, it will help you make sense of the tale.

I became startled when the car came to an abrupt stop. Ricky reached into the bag and pulled me out again. I have to admit it was good to feel the light shining through my glass. There was also something comforting about Ricky's little hand wrapped around my neck. I'm sure if I was human that might be an entirely different experience. Ricky hopped out of the car and ran towards the front door of his home. I am not sure how to describe it. The house was more like half a house, they lived on one side and another family lived on the other. The building was not fancy, except two large picture window and several small ones the building was all brick. To the left of their home there was what looked like a vacant lot which was more a hole in the ground with a pathway rocks and trees. I could see other kids playing there and it looked like they had built a fort of sorts. It looked like a whole lot of fun.

I'm not sure when it happened, but who really does when it comes to such things. I began to hear Ricky's thoughts. Some of them were beyond the capacity of a mere Soda Pop like myself to understand. It was almost as clear as how you might see through my glass. I must say that it made my simple existance a whole lot more interesting. As Ricky's mom unlocked the front door I could see a staircase to the left and there was a living room to the right where the picture window was. The wall separating the two homes was made of concrete cinder blocks painted a creamy colour. Ricky ran towards the wall then left past a dining area to the kitchen. He jumped up on a stool to reach the kitchen tap. I don't know why but I really liked the stainless steel sink and the shiney chrome tap with a single lever. Ricky liked it because it felt like a gear shift in a car. He pushed it forward and filled me up with water. What a refreshing feeling although I must admit I missed the feeling of my bubbles and the colour orange.

The adventure of Soda Pop will continue, thanks for reading.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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Orange Crush The adventures of Soda Pop VIII

If you are reading "the Adventures of Soda Pop" for the first time, read the first in the series and the story will make more sense. I hope you enjoy.

Ricky ran up the stairs to go to his room to prepare for the days fun. He put on his favorite pair of jeans and a western shirt with pearl buttons. From under his bed he pulled out a leather gun belt that held two cap guns. (apparently the monsters vacate the space under the bed during the day) As he strapped the belt around his waist, I could tell he liked how it felt on his hips. Ricky took one of the guns out of the holster and placed it back under the bed. At first I wondered why and before I knew it Ricky placed me upsidedown in the holster. I liked how the leather held me firmly in place, luckily I had been corked or Ricky would have been wearing purple instead of blue jeans. Ricky then started rummaging through his closet looking for his Daisy BB gun. After a few moments of searching he was happily holding it in his little hands. He shook it and I could hear the BBs rolling around inside the gun.

As Ricky walked down the stairs I could feel his imagination taking hold. Ricky felt as tall and powerful as any real cowboy. There was a certain coolness in his stride, if he had had on some cowboy boots instead of his black canvas runners, the picture would have been perfect. Ricky went into the kitchen to find Roy and Teresa, Mrs. Burns told him they had already left with some friends. No worries after all today Ricky was the "Lone Ranger" and I was Tonto! The adventure could begin.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Orange Crush The adventures of Soda Pop VI

As requested here is another episode. If this is your first time reading, check out the first one it will make more sense. Let me know if you would like me to continue. Those who are following the tale, thanks!

When I awoke Ricky was fast asleep, being a pop bottle I have no way of keeping my eyes closed. Mind you I'm not complaining, I got to see the most amazing sunrise. I so wanted Ricky to enjoy it as well so I refracted the light and shone it on his eyes. I could tell he was a bit irritated but it had the desired effect, he got out of bed so he could move me. As he walked over to the window I could feel the irritation turn to wonder as he saw the beauty of the sunrise. From that day forward he became a morning person.

Ricky stood there for a while with me held dangling by his side. I no longer needed my glass, I could see clearly through his blue eyes. It was a very nice street and Ricky particularly liked the house across the street. The house had bright white siding and a manicured lawn. There were also planters with all kinds of pretty flowers. The house was owned by an older couple and they didn't have any children. It seemed a rather big house for only two people.

Soon Roy and Teresa were also awake and they all fought to use the one and only bathroom. Mom and Dadio had already left for work, Dadio to cut hair and Mom as a waitress at the Coffee Cup. Their baby sitter's name was Mrs. Burns an older lady that seemed very fond of floral print dresses. She had made her way up the stairs because the kids didn't seem to hear her call them for breakfast. They all ran past her to the dining room table and waited for her to slowly make her way back down the stairs. She may not have been fleet of foot but boy what a great breakfast. Bacon eggs and saugage as well as orange juice. Ricky tried to pour the orange juice into me but got almost as much on the table. Still it was quite a treat for me to enjoy, after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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One moist patch, like dewy grass,
surrounded by a field of weeds,
emerges first and breathes at last, 
through openings, the air it needs.
Cut off from, and cut off of;
counting on, and counting in;
from down below, to up above - 
A smack on tender, crimson skin.
	There is a pulse.

One spring bud, like seedling stems,
surrounded by a garden wall,
is standing out from all of them, 
despite the fact, they're just as tall.
And though the bud has not yet grown,
the soil and the water see
more than just the seed they've sewn.
They see the flower it will be.
	There is a pulse.

One tall stem, like climbing vines,
surrounded by its petals' plumes,
shares its elegant designs,
and stretches as it blooms.
And when the wind begins to call,
the flower spreads it's pollen 'round.
It falls in love, and loves in fall,
and falling love renews the ground.
	There is a pulse.

Copyright © John Taylor | Year Posted 2010

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the tallest I’ve ever seen was in primary
towering like a General in the military
a haggard expression of pain and disgust
the needle like leaves his ooze would discard
he seemed so staunch in his camouflage and upright salute
the pinecones resembling a grenade assault 
as curious children do, to climb we were too eager
mystery lay hidden somewhere in his evergreen erect figure
the teacher would soon be called to the rescue
climbing down now an impossible chore
some disciplinary action would be enforced
he wouldn't even be swaying in the wind this unmoveable force
then one day the war would finally be won
it took a couple of grades of broken bones and casting stones 
high up in his clutches where our balls would be stuck
he would be uprooted and loaded onto the back of the truck
but when he left, the school grounds seemed so empty
he had retired after generations serving this country
that's why it now felt like such a pyrrhic victory
in hindsight, he was truly our sentry


Contest: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot's Trees Personified 

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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'Little Sparrow'

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”—Psalm 34:18 New International Version (NIV)

Little sparrow, what troubles thee;
      is it the stigma you face?
Little sparrow, what pierces thee;
      is it the shame of disgrace?

Is it the brokenness in your heart, 
     or the sorrows you can't outlive?
Is it the anguish that sets you apart, 
     or the hurt that holds you captive? 

What befalls you 
      is neither unfelt nor unknown;
God cares and calls you
      when you're cast out and all alone. 

God will never forsake you
     in your time of need;
God will never permit you
     to suffer or bleed.

02/19/2014; for "TO HEAL A HEART" Contest


Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

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Pure Imagination

I sat on the toy store shelf, feeling all bottled-up and unwanted.
The kids prefer to play with video games, these days,
rather than being outdoors with me.
Then one day, this little girl grabbed me down from the shelf
and begged her Mommy to buy me.
She took me out to play as soon as we got home.
The spring day was so bright as I met the sun for the first time.
I could not contain the joy that I felt
as she unscrewed the lid and dipped the plastic wand
into the soapy liquid. She brought the wand to her lips
and gently blew out a line of iridescent bubbles.
I felt so free, floating through the air with my new friends.
Her giggles of delight were the sweetest sound.
She dances as we swirl around her. Pure imagination takes over
as she pretends to be a fish in a bubbly underwater world.
I will never forget the wonder that was in her eyes.
The wind caught each one of us, taking us on a new adventure.
She runs to try and catch me as I drift up and away from her.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
May 20th, 2014

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Advice From A Solid Foundation

Hush little one I see and hear your tears
If only I could comfort you and squelch your fears.
I feel your fists pounding against my walls
I'll be with you no matter what trouble befalls 
Your foster mother will one day have to face her fate
Don't let her teach you the meaning of the word hate
You are a wonderful child and have done nothing wrong
You must not let her break your spirit, please stay strong
Ignore her vulgar words, let them wash over you
Don't take it to heart, it's definitely not true
The bruises she inflicts will one day cease
I feel your anguish, use me as your release.
Make your dents on me to ease some distress
Frustration and anger you should never suppress
I want you as strong and solid as my own foundation
Please don't succumb to her inflicted demoralization
One day you'll be grown and will have a heart of gold
But for now my walls will watch, listen and always enfold.

Sponsor ~ Black Eyed Susan
Contest Name	~ If These Walls Could Talk.

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2012

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Copyright © PAMELA ROYCE | Year Posted 2015

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??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??,
?? ?? ???  ?????  ??????, 
???? ?? ???? ?? ??, 
?????. ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ????

??????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????,
???? ?? ???. ??? -??? ?? ???? ???? ???,
?????,????, ???? ??? ?? ??,
??? ?? ??? ?? -??? ????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??

?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????  ??? ???? ????,
?? ?? ???? ????? ????  ?????? ??  ??? ????,
?? ???? ????  ????  ??????? ?? ???,  
??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????  ? ???  ?????  ?? ?????

???? ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??,
????? ?? ??? ???? ????. ?? ????? ?? ??,
??? ???  ???  ???? ???? -????  ???? ?? ???, 
????. ?? ?? ?? ????? ????  ??? ???? ???? ?? ?????

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??, 
?? ???? ??  ?????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ??,
???? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??, 
???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? -??? ????

Copyright © simpal tripathi | Year Posted 2015

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The dark crept with its black humor
Rallied at the little girls feet
Dared her to move by casting his shadow
Made of a witches broom and a boogeyman
He screamed at the trees and made the tremble
While she grabbed tighter her blanket
Said louder her prayers
That made the dark hiss and react
Moved his apparition under her bed
Then roun' to her closet
With his shady hands he triggers a sound almost like a creek
Lulled the chill bumps from her shoulders
Shut down the night-light
Making it dim and of no help
The black of night
Will laugh into the wolfs howl
Dominating the suns anticipated descend

Copyright © shane solomon | Year Posted 2012

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Silvery Moon

Silvery Moon drifts through open window.
Baby's bassinet is bathed in evening sky.

Across the open yards, Silvery Moon gifts,
gifts love and devotion to taper the shadows.
A shimmer to shield from darkness
dusting sleepy lids with light like baby powder.

Hold fast to fleeting innocence
and boldness of brilliant shield
as you swaddle my tender babe tonight
through open window, Silvery Moon.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, August 7, 2012
Inspired by Babyface (Carl Sandburg)

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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Me And You


Do I see the thing's
           In Love...
   That I truly see
           In You
Are You My Love
Could this dream'
  Really be true

           Poet Author
           Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Dear Soap Bubble,

bright focus
in an air-light reflection
of the ephemeral beauty
of this world

diaphanous soul 
in despair


Emotional universum
rumbling inside the anima
of a tiny simple
passionate creature

I shall enjoy thy sight

Shall I live in fear
for you not to burst

Shall I be the wind
to blow tenderly
directing thy path

Thy shelter shall I be
I surrender myself to thee

Copyright © Lukasz Walterowicz | Year Posted 2012

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Gods Little Children


Little children shall
       Commence as
     The birds'... they
           Shall fly
* The humble shall reap
          At it's beginning

              Poet Author
              Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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A Fairy Tale Heroine

The big, bad wolf wears a suit of gray with a snide smile. Standing upright, he believes himself to be debonaire as he takes his comb from his breast pocket and slicks back his hair. Why does he flash his pearly white fangs and file his claws 'til they're razor sharp? He smells the fear of docile creatures; he taunts the weak, stalking his prey while vultures circle overhead in waiting. The face of evil in a fairy tale with girls wearing red cloaks and shepherd boys watching their flocks on hillsides. Flames like daggers from his yellow eyes pierce the pastoral images. Clear skies become dark by his phantom-like shadows. He walks tall in black boots of Italian leather towering higher than treetops in their eyes beyond the echoes of his menacing laughter. The woodland creatures cower in their hiding places, yet hope for a glimpse of the beautiful princess in her dazzling horse-drawn carriage crossing the forest. Through the darkness, the ancient land shines like an emerald with fragrant flowers in bloom; the petals strewn her path in a storybook from a child's shelf between rainbow bookends. Surely, heavenly showers shall rain down on the land and good shall overcome evil with rainbows coloring the pages as an enchanted princess in a shimmering gown rights all wrongs, though her strength is not immediately evident. Melodious birds fly on the outskirts of the tale, orbiting the forest without fear, searching for the light. The princess, oblivious to danger, dances amongst the trees calling the shy creatures from their hiding places. She ignores the wolf's hideous laughter in a dream-state. Looking for her prince, she kisses a frog to no avail then spies three little pigs with curly tails and fearful eyes. They know the wolf too well. His gray suit coats the dreams of their happily ever afters. Our heroine, the princess, wipes their tears, rolls up her sleeves, and builds a brick fortress. She bravely changes history to her story not giving in to fear. Fear only fuels her adrenalin rush 'til the job is done. The wolf huffs and puffs, bites and claws unable to infiltrate. He eventually sulks off on all fours with his tail between his legs and is never heard from again. At least, not in this storyland. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for Fairy Tails contest (Debbie Guzzi) *the wolf is personified

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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The wind sketches
memories in the breeze.

Little feet move,
propelling giggles;

“Daddy, push me please!” 

The wind draws
my memories,
transfixed by the breeze 

“To the sky, Daddy! To the sky!”
Soft, faded memories,

The wind blows
and I move.
Longing hangs upon the breeze.
Small feet pumping shrieks;
“Stop, Daddy, stop!



Title; "Higher Please"

The wind blows
with it I move
memory stirs with the breeze.

Small feet swinging, beat

“Daddy push me please!”

The wind blows
with it I move
retrospection stirs with the breeze.

“Higher Daddy!” “Higher!”
Faint, soft memories.

The wind blows
with it I move
longing stirs with the breeze.
Small feet, pump, pull and shriek;
“STOP, stop” “Daddy!” “Please”

                    - by Deborah Guzzi, 2/10/09 

Contest,  by Deborah Guzzi

"Critcise ME, Take mY Verse & Turn it inside out Make YOUR own!”

Friday, July 23, 2010 

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2010

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How did you get where your at?
Do you lie to yourself?
 Do you hold back?

 Or do you know what your doing, 
of coarse you do!
 What worries me,
Does that satisfy you!?

 You made me sad,
You made me cry,
 You ****ed up,
Your precious life,
 You had everything,
Good family,
 You split us up,
To get what you "need"
 You say the word love,
Then threatened me!?

 I play it cool,
But I'm terrified,
 I cant even,
Close my eyes at night.
 I'm that scared,
But not for me,
 I'd risk my life, 
For what i have left,
 For My Family.

You ****ed up my brain, 
 From age 1-6,
Said if i told,
 No one would listen,
You threatened not only me,
 But my Family,
Even your own son,
 How the **** could this be?

My father is a great man,
 Found a beautiful wife,
That's where i came in,
 And you know what,
They trusted you, 
 Every weekend,
Till toddler ages were through,

 You decieved them,
You decieved me,
 And all the 9 other grandchildren,
That was forced to be,
 I feel the pain,
I feel the tears,
 I feel the hatred,
Your voice in my ears.

 I see the scares, 
That you have made,
 I make new markes,
To forget about who really made the pain.

 How did you get where your at?
Do they really think,
 That jail will put you on track?

 If they think that then they're wrong,
You've lost everything from one choice,
 Your too far gone!!!!

Copyright © Hannah Croy | Year Posted 2011

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My Little Bluebird

As the sun shines so bright
   The warmth of thy everlasting light
Will shine on you until the dark of night.

Oh, so beautiful,
   Yet fragile,
And so breakable.

Find the one that lasts forever
   For it is the one, that is,
Ultimately intrinsic in value
   And childhood memory,
So that you will remember....

This special gift now becomes
   The element that fills that empty space,
That signifies a precious moment in time.

The bond between mother and daughter
   Will grow even more
As they have grown together,
   Through the love and care,
Support and compassion,
   That has blossomed from day one
And will strengthen forever more !

Copyright © Valerie Thomas | Year Posted 2010

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In Times Of Uncertainty

In Times OF Uncertainty

We live for self amidst the greed
In timeless thought provoked take heed
Swift viable remorse on record
In times of uncertainty
Don't trust something you don't understand
Through a heavy edge proned in trust
With a temperment in a midas touch
From a word spoken in the dark
Has now come to the fullest of light
In given moments of happiness to endless fright
Forget the night!

With no given since of remorse nor shoulder to cry;

Among the evil creatures at night will fly
The times of uncertainty suddenly go by
Although we at times wander as in a nomadic tribe
Yet we will persist through the pain to thank God I'm alive!

Since all the fools sail away
It pays to take pride in homage gain
To humbly bow the knee to pray
Then with these promises we chose to fade away
From the things we shared in promises
The times of uncertainty away in dire need
While the world outside having viscous fangs that bleed
Dripping blood off side to hide;
We really have no reason to run away & hide

The times of uncertainty & want

Marked on a blotted page intact
When the whole world outside is in a rage!
Giving each other a heart attack!

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2011

Details | Personification |

The TorturedCuckcoo

The Tortured Cuckoo Delivered-bewildered and confused, onto a foliage. No direction from those empowered to parent so weak a fledgling. Clawed and pecked for being, an easy release of pent-up frustration upon defenceless creature. Eat, and be reminded that you never contributed food to the table. Sleep, but only after the replayed nightly rants. Clothe, but only sufficient to cover modesty. Daily rebuke, for merely existing in this confused environment . The mute mother, covered and suppressed by incessant torment. Offers no more than, ‘Never Mind Love’. Neighbours uninterested in the welfare of other flocks say, ‘’He’s always flitting from one nest to another nest’’. Sister distanced and removed for safety. Half- sister distanced by umbilical distain for someone not of their father. Grand parents- indifferent to my presence, unable to give recognition to my mere existence. Their talons sharpened by others. Success never acclaimed, but failure always punished. Then to fly the nest, when devoid of sinews of loving strength and the wombed bedroom never yours to return to in times of need. When every step taken with ease and encouragement for others, is a thorned briar at every turn for you. Alertness and deviance become your friends. Opportunist and far thinking, you build a nest of comforting security- so long denied. Once a long time featherless, now wearing full plumage. The mountains are your refuge, they reciprocate litheness and stealth. They seek neither intimacy nor show distain. On these high contours you are the predatory Hawk. Words unanswered for so long are replaced by ‘thoughts and dreams’ that dance upon the wind!!!.

Copyright © Redkite In-Flight | Year Posted 2015

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my dark thoughts

is it a waking dream?
is it a waking nightmare?
it be the thoughts of the deserted,
those who have nothing left to lose,
the ones who can go mute without a second thought,
the ones whose dreams overflow with the blood of others,
for they are the ones who see the sinister truth,
the end isn't near its always been there,
every year,
every month,
every day,
every minute,
every second,
for you see the end is not when the world ends,
it is the last day you feel complete,
it is the day you feel worthless,
the day you see only the dark side of things,
the moment you imagine slaying the beast of which caused your pain,
for that is the day the innocence known as your "inner child" is finally slaughtered,
and when your become...,

Copyright © jospeh z/ lord-vile dupuis | Year Posted 2011

Details | Personification |

A Three Alarm Cry!

Hot, hot, hot, am I 
like the castanet’s of a flamingo dancer!
Confining me 
basted, laced, wrapping me
how dare you!

I will singe you raw.
Curl the hairs in your nose.
roll back the edges of your life.

Let me go and gentle be
the rosy light of candle
let me go and cheery cheeks I’ll make
on children from Nod.

Hot, hot, hot, am I 
the truck that gave me my name
it’s betraying hose defies my flame
Peel back the paper sheath 
of my dismay!

Scrawl!!! scribble!!! melt and dribble me
Fire Engine red am I and freed I will be!
Bull baiter red, bloodshot red
Fire Engine red colors the bloody
and blushing world.
Get your cray on!

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2010

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Washed Hands

Lollipop kisses (sticky sweet)
Impress their nectar upon your whiskered cheek:
Your hand absently wiped away their adolescent aftertaste.

Despondent arms:
Outstretched for a reassuring (pretentious) hug
Grasp only the stale air of your indifference
Breathed upon my naively upturned face:
Smothered in incognizance.

Does it mystify?
That I have excommunicated myself from
Your well rehearsed pleasantries?
Your hypocritical attempts to condone justification of 
Your displaced loyalty simply compounds the situation.

Your bed is not mine to lie in -
Your rules no longer mine to follow.

Perhaps now you will be the one to recite fairy-tales
On feather-filled pillows, as silent tears cascade down
Self erected barricades, puddling by your cheek...

Pray you never hear the lone hoot owl
As he waits impatiently by your grave...

(approx. 1999)

Copyright © petra mallett | Year Posted 2006

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Home Again

Sun from the window, shines on my grain
My faded patina, now gleaming with pride
Broken and shabby, after years all alone
Once stored in rafters, so lost and afraid
You have dusted my cobwebs, and glued my rails
There was love in your touch...since the day you unveiled
That hiding place in the damp attic gloom

Long days of neglect, days of disgrace
I've been rescued from loneliness of that dark silent space
A remnant of childhood, from your days long ago
You have restored me to life, to be worthy and new
Do you remember the songs, that she hummed to you?
When she rocked you at midnight, under a velvet moon?

While you dusted my bones, and shined my face
Did your memories fall back to that magical place?
Where the world was your oyster, with childhood charms
When you were held to her breast, in soft loving arms?
Sweet nights spent together when the world was kind?

Now the rhythmic thump of my rails on the floor
Will return all those moments, to reflect on once more
You will feel on your face, and I on my grain
Sun's warming shine through the window glass pane
Wherever you are, that old world, or new...
      To be home again, is to belong here with you....

Written for Matt Calliri's contest  "Speak, Chair, Speak"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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Once a miricale is born
Once inosence grows wild 
Once a childs body defiled
Once dreams darken the skys
Once a mothers love was denied
Once a chemicals clouded the brain
once a child goes insain
Once everything is lost with nothing to gain
Once you get sick of the game
once you feel nothing but shame 
once again you are to blame
once a devine intervention its clear
Once love has no cost
once peace and  love 
once it came from above

Copyright © lonnell george | Year Posted 2009

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Girl child

I am conceived
yet not finished
I am formed
yet not born
I am born
yet not alive
I am here
yet not seen

Copyright © ruchi prasad | Year Posted 2010

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A Word of Thanks To Mom

Thanks mom for all you've done
Thanks for my sibling we still have fun
Thanks to all who shared their load
In helping get me down this rough bumpy road.

Mom, I feel there were times you want to 
quit; but God made you special,that's why
you didn't... 
When dad got sick we didn't know what to 
do; You call on God, and he brought us 
on through.

Charish your MOM those of you who still
can, She'll always there to give you a hand
you'll stand tall, and strong in all you do....
a word of thanks to MOM is said so few.

Thanks be to god for a MOM like mine
They're so hard to find in these days and time.

Copyright © Deborah Ruffin | Year Posted 2006