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State of mind

Failure can never define
My emotions I shall iron
They say love is devine
Change I want,to my state of mind
For my only thoughts is you and I combined

The art of us brings me joy
My heart is playing me tricks like a toy
Failure can never define
The love I have for you,is devine
This cardiac tumor in me is benign
For it shall do me no harm
As long as I have my emotions ironed

My emotions I shall hide
For my state of mind is us combined 
The laughter you bring
Did I just mention the butterflies
The red hearts reappearing from my eyes
As my retina interprets the view
The view I have when I see you
Thinking you my boo*giggling and blushing*
My state of mind

You are the ray to my photosynthesis
It may seem early to say this
But you my friend,you contain me
Like pollen grains and the bee
We share the unsaid
Even my smallest atom's shells
Orientate on you
You are my state of mind

Copyright © Rahaba Mahomaile | Year Posted 2015

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O Pacific, I Miss You

O Pacific, I Miss you

You probably never knew it,
But I once lived within five blocks from you
I and my kids visited you often to play and to view

You consumed us with sea shells, sand castles, beach balls, and a Frisbee
Those gallant waves from across the sea, most times, were as calm as can be
Slowly washing upon the shores, but occasionally, splashing against the rocks
Your reliability and timeliness, so superior to my own, and more faithful than clocks

From your sandy shores on a non foggy day 
Sometimes atop the sea cliffs, whether bright or gray
I watched the sea gulls and my dear children would play
Often your winds were enough to take my breath away
But I never fretted, because I so treasured what you had to say

I miss those regular visits, bringing  you greetings
I wish that I could sit in those special meetings                                            The ones where you and the moon make plans and plots
When the two of you with your creator decide, El Nino’s or not

I miss standing above your gusty shores                                                         on an observation deck, viewing a Golden Bridge                                  
I miss the sun sets so enchantingly beautiful,                                                 as they sheepishly hide beyond the waters
I miss the soothing fog horns of ships sailing in
O Pacific, the list is much too long of what I miss

02022016(PS Contest, The Sea Shore. Sponsor, Steve Cornish)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016