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Inside scrapings of darkness how restless and doomed, the bellow crashing in like an agonized moon; the tunnel hears blood whooshing in pits full of rain, hurling damn imaginings of her fetus’ pain, wails rip through the stained window and grinds near right lung, heart reeks for a babe frozen knowing breath is gone; if I could pluck her memories from uterine wall, to touch sun’s glint christening new eyes on dawn’s call. ----------- *Sadly,research estimates that approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage; and most women experience a grief period during such occurrences. For Susan's If These Walls Could Talk Contest

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2012

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you are you

Where do I go ?
What should I do?
Cannot mistake 
My feelings about you.
Running behind,
Making mistakes,
What do I give?
What do I take?
You seem to know 
What I should do 
But, you're not me
You are you...

Empty feelings,
of being alone.
I cannot wait
until you're not home.
You yell, you scream
You make mistakes.
But now it's different,
it's O.K.
You seem to know 
What I should do
But, you're not me 
You are you...

Undying surface
Emmenseful pain
You have no knowledge
that's what I'll gain.
Crucial arrogance,
times go bad.
I'll always remember,
I have no Dad.
You seem to know 
What I should do
But, you're not me 
You are you...

Copyright © kristin miller | Year Posted 2005

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Soul of a Shoe

I once adorned you with style and grace
My God this truly is an atrocious place

My soul is worn and molded to you
This place is so surreal, yet it is true 

Nothing but pain and fear now fills a face
That once polished me with style and grace

I now sit here upon this massive pile
How in the world can that Nazi smile?

As I sit here on this pile lonely and blue
I fear to think what has become of you

As I sit here upon this pile of deceit
I wish I could comfort your feet

Regardless of what these Nazi’s do
I’m so proud to have been your shoe


Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2010

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If Her Walls Could Talk

Tortured heart falls in pieces to the floor of a broken home. Fear hides; the hollow chest caves like walls in wake of terror. Doors slam; screams lunge, strangled in silence. Swallow the pill of deceit 'til numbness follows. Black and blue fades to purple behind dark glasses. Paisley wallpaper cloaks shame, marks of frailty, an attempt at occlusion. Her natal star gleams; she knows not her arc of strength. If walls could expose seclusion... If only she escaped, lifted the veil; if only her walls could help and not jail. If only the fear would die at first dawn; if only the walls were friends to lean on. written September 10, 2012 for If These Walls Could Talk contest *dizain rhyme scheme ending in two couplets.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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Can't escape my shadow

                      No matter how fast I run, the past can't be undone

                  I've moved from here to there, I've been almost everywhere
                         No matter where I go...I can't escape my shadow!

                          It follows me to the beach, it's never out of reach

                             Especially in the sun, it's darkness is the one

                    That people seem to remember, even when it's September
                   No matter how much I've grown...I can't escape my shadow!

                          It follows me even at night, he's never out of sight

                          Even if I went to the moon, he'd follow behind soon

                  Even when my light shines bright, dark companions at my right

                 No matter how much light I've shone...I can't escape my shadow!

                       I don't see him personally, he's been gone for quite a while

                   When others stop seeing him, that would really make me smile.

                                John Derek Hamilton   December 12,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Life of an Atom

Day in and day out, white coated lab rats try chopping me into smaller and smaller pieces as if I was no more significant than a carrot or an onion.  Enough, already. 
But there’s more.  Those irrational humans throw piles of money at
Elongated underground tunnels for the sole purpose
Of smashing me into nano-somethings.
I could think of better ways to spend a Sunday.

When those “geniuses” get bored with trying to split me, 
They attach little circular imposters together with pins.
Why they revel in their intelligence by playing
With clown noses is beyond me.

To be born an atom is exhausting,
But I’ll outlast every one of
Those meddling humans.
You’ll see!

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2013

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Advice From A Solid Foundation

Hush little one I see and hear your tears
If only I could comfort you and squelch your fears.
I feel your fists pounding against my walls
I'll be with you no matter what trouble befalls 
Your foster mother will one day have to face her fate
Don't let her teach you the meaning of the word hate
You are a wonderful child and have done nothing wrong
You must not let her break your spirit, please stay strong
Ignore her vulgar words, let them wash over you
Don't take it to heart, it's definitely not true
The bruises she inflicts will one day cease
I feel your anguish, use me as your release.
Make your dents on me to ease some distress
Frustration and anger you should never suppress
I want you as strong and solid as my own foundation
Please don't succumb to her inflicted demoralization
One day you'll be grown and will have a heart of gold
But for now my walls will watch, listen and always enfold.

Sponsor ~ Black Eyed Susan
Contest Name	~ If These Walls Could Talk.

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2012

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Just What I Am

I am a free spirit in a cage
Locked away I can’t fly
I need the open space
I’ve been beaten and broken
Scars run deep bleeding
My spirit clipped
My heart unmended
Save me set me free
Let me fly let me soar
Unlock this cage of mine
Throw open the door wide
Take these chains from me
Let me fly let me soar
Forever free.

Copyright © Teresa Lindsay | Year Posted 2013

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Remonstrations of a Mask

Remonstations of a Mask

My face fits over yours
As if it was made for you...
This is, after all,
What I was made to do...
I am a mask- or maybe
I am a shield, it seems
Like sometimes
I am expected to be 
Both things at once;
Either way, I suppose
You feel better hidden
Behind me...
Thus, I've become
Someone else's face,
Or my face becomes 
Someone else's body-
Either way, you are
Taking my identity
And claiming it as your own;
I am the default scapegoat-
But no one pays attention
To the remonstrations of a mask
Claiming identity theft;
Of course, having an identity
Seems to require a soul,
And my eyes are empty holes;
They are only your windows,
So I guess I have no way
Of proving I had a Creator, too-
You are now standing before
The world, and tell them
You are... whoever you 
Want to be...
I have become whoever you
Want me to be-
I never had the choice 
To be anyone! And now-
They are all studying my face...
They are asking who I am-
But my Creator, while he
Gave me lips, never bestowed
The power of Voice-
So suddenly I am
Whoever you tell them I am...
Won't you tell them that I
Am not you? Couldn't I... 
Be someone too?
Of course not...
I was only created so you
Could be anyone.

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2013

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Elvina, the elusive slyph

this poem is dedicated to Elvina Kuchukova

thy power over wood and water lead me to springs untainted thy music is a bath for the mind thy art is a balm for the eyes oh Elvina you elusive slyph, where shall we meet next? Elvina i long to see your face again with thy hair black as midnight flowing like a river thy face angles like an elf with patience to match thy gentel words show thou troubles and scars yet to my eyes they beauty is everlasting Elvina i thank you thy skin is scarred with lines of flame the burning knife that scarred your skin is no deterent to me for i know the troubles other cause you strength has saved me from the burning knife for this Elvina i thank you you have saved me from myself for this Elvina i thank you may we meet again

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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darkness and light

I have welcomed the Darkness the Light is my enemy Now and Forever

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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Frightened; scared; worrisome, that's how I am..
Not that I am so ****ed up or too bad..
Rather I am caring so much...
Or maybe I have experienced too much..

I built up walls to protect myself...
I restricted myself to rules and regulations..
I defined and structured ways to be in control..
I followed a pattern to avoid dominion...

Maybe because of how I have grew up..
Maybe because of how the persons treated me..
Maybe because of how situations challenge me..
Maybe because of actual experience..

True, I am almost exactly like that..
Few have taken the time and effort to discover me..

Behind those smiles are hidden pains to burst..
Behind those silence are quiet tears waiting to break..
Behind those hugs are yearnings of affection.
Behind those compositions are me: myself...

Yet, I have always been hopeful...
Always holding on...
Not that of pretentions.
Nor to give good impression..

Rather, It is because of that burning faith..
It is because of that selfless love...

Didn't I laugh hard until I'm teary eyed..
Didn't I sing so much until my voice hoarse..
Didn't I eat so much that I burp..
Didn't I given so much that I'm remembered...
Didn't I still love so much that I don't expect any returns..

I lie to protect people I love..
I break rules to get closer to what I want..
I work hard to attain my dreams...
I try to be the happy me to me others happy..

I am living my life the way I know right..
I made mistakes and even failed..
but, I rejoice to acknowledge these didn't stop me..
These didn't lead me to quit..

I rise up..
I stood up..
I am still here..
God, helped me through it all..

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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Shadow Born

There is a shadow that fallows me The shadows have taken all that come near me for I live in the dark where once I dwelled in the light the darkness that lived inside me has now become me there is a lust for blood, a fury that nothing can sate this darkness that was once a shadow is now the fangs of midnights unholy creature a changeling that takes the form of everything and nothing both corporeal and at the same time a incorporeal mist tearing into me, ripping my flesh from my body as it eats my liver and devours my heart there is nothing I can do but still I fight with hands that have turned to claws and teeth that tear bite more beast than human I fight the living dead and the dead that are living I feel only rage blood lust and fire dwell in my eyes I was born in the light and there I once dwelled Now I live in the dark For I have been reborn Born in darkness I am the Shadow Born

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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Dragon teacher

Thy fire cleanses my body of the darkness that clings to me Createing a barrior that the darkness cannot pierce Thy wings bright and shining though the dark Guide me to you
More pending

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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Grief, the great musician

Rain seeps into every crack and crevice
chilling to the bone
Winter has arrived with a vengeance 
and summer is forever gone.
Ice slicks the asphalt, into a
glittering glistening death trap.
Here begins the slow invasion 
of the unrelenting cold. 

This grubby little mutt follows one day,
His hair matted, claws overgrown.
You take pity on the poor thing;
Starving and probably ill.
(A miserable pup with big sad eyes)
And leave blankets and scraps out the door

You wonder of his owners forgotten
He’s no street dog- well behaved and gentle
Perhaps abandoned, lost.
But maybe not. He’s ugly, scarred
Hairless in patches- He belongs in a kennel.
You don’t want him- and feel an inexplicable deep hatred 
The wag of his tail infuriates and the curve of his snout enrages.
You slam the door.

A glass spills and everything is red.
Merlot on the carpet, scarlet on the bed.
You knock over the roses
Deep crimson of condolence
You want to draw blood, you want to destroy
You crave another’s red bloody torment
Schadenfreude, be damned

His whines pierce-
through the cold air of the night,
and the solid wooden door.
The royal blue E minor: the laments of the abandoned 
You can’t help but join in song
As the wretched creature
howls expressivo at the starless sky
a symphony of loss.

Violins screech to his scratching
with trills, mordents and turns.
The descending melodic line fades and echos;
As the merciless tonic pedal of time ticking
The clarinets wails accompaniment;
subdominant, tonic, leading. 
And with a plagal cadence, the mutt droops his tail

Morning arrives- painfully slow
The rising sun thaws anguished aubergine 
And leave only tender lapis of fingers frostbitten.
They struggle; falls a familiar key 
As you reach and bend
Moist; a warmth unexpected and wet
As the mutt licks your hand 
tongue curling around a corpse’s digits
nuzzling his cold snout into the back of your knee.
Tongue lolling, tail wagging
The mutt never leaves.

The frost on the tree branches promise
Of how you’ve lived and grown
They shimmer like precious silver
and accent the beauty of home.
The fresh biting air, 
with great gasping breaths you shiver.
Here begins a new journey
With your most loyal friend.

Copyright © Salina Cc | Year Posted 2015

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MY yangs yin

Conscious extends out a hand
"Are you alright?" it gently asks subconscious
A garbled mutter is heard, and conscious looks on concerned

"I know we haven't seen eye to eye as of recent" he stammers forth, "but you know I'm always here.  I just want to understand. We're a team"
He reaches over and pats subconscious on the back

Subconscious picks his head up and turns to look 
His tear stained cheeks are like pillars holding up sad eyes and the strain lines of angered expression 
Though despite the poor traits, underneath, and perhaps slowly climbing up into the rest of his face is a rosy color and hint of joy. The slight upward curve around his mouth suggest happiness may be beginning to poke through a long worn mask
A mask whos front perhaps seemed to the outside once as it now looks inwardly, except it was fraudulent, and a true mask in the sense to cover what lay underneath
But now, the first mask gone, and the second beginning to peel away the portrait of our narrator, shaped through his struggles as hes grown as an artist, his face a canvas to experience, begins to shine
Do I, conscious, have a face? It suddenly wonders as it looks on.
Or perhaps it, or I, am just the unidentified painter on the long term art of our friend, and other half.
As his final masterpiece comes along, the two halves of the narrator come together in companionship to shape the painting of his true face. The one he makes and plans to put up on display that might someday glow with the  warmth and beauty an artist develops through a long aged career

Copyright © daniel bender | Year Posted 2015

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I Despise It

I can’t digest it, but I must,
forced to the stepped on and spat on,
my ideals and my thoughts
I see no great dawn,
only the darkness of rage
- accept it I must,
captive in my cage
NO! – accept it I’ll not!
I’ll not live in a cage,
nor will I fear the darkness of rage
nor be stepped on
or spat on or worse,
my pride a gift or maybe a curse
I despise, it I hate it
It hates me back,
these thoughts and ideals,
which ones do I trust?
I despise it I do,
but digest it I must

Copyright © James Sessions | Year Posted 2013

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Who am i, i am a monster

pestilence restlessness sedatives
represent my main directives
presentment made me infected
selective systematic collective
medative hesitation effects my relevance
like hell needs a prince
never accept limits
convince me long since
i should repent
i never new what i was trying to attempt
i believed it was from hell i was sent
because once you get under my skin
you'll never tempt me again
Friendly enemy or foe
i don't not care at all no
Then into the monster i transform im a fellin 
my exoskeleton is made from titanium dripped gelatin
Perfectly flexible cybernetic veins here my bellowing
im set to kill automatic tongue im never mellowing
i spit sparatic people lavish my tongue lashing hello n
goodbye nice to see you have a good time kill a fellow n
realize im a villain include chronic in my song im telling
you dog like wrestling im raw but bloody like saw your welting
from my manic pelting i keep it strapped above my belt im melting

My personification became like a puppeteer
i dangle on the strings of my sanity
and dance in the pale moon lite 
its in my nature to believe i am something i am not
a look in the mirror is a trip into a place that has never
been seen before in the depths of my consciousness

Copyright © Riely dionne | Year Posted 2011

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What's Your Name?

Its simply remarkable, the excitement I feel
When I am blessed with your dominating presence
I am easily drawn to you and immediately lost within you
Traveling glorious heights exploring the depths of many heavens
The sight of you promotes intense anticipation and extreme anxiety
Umm…I am easily overwhelmed by a hunger, too strong to resist
A tremendous desire for a need, to omnipotent and persistent to just dismiss
Without you, my rational thoughts and actions become elusive and impulsive
Emotionally, I am incoherent and unstable, besieged by a love so fragile but 
Physically, I am deaden to the actual world around me
But reanimated mentally and spiritually to the fictional world that impounds me
Extreme chills and vigorous shaking spells, cleanses my flimsy body of any 
impure manifestations
During the absence of your efficacious aroma filling my lungs with love
I long for your intense inoculations

Baby, I must be tripping…please inject me with your venom
It’s what I want…it’s what I need and what I truly desire
I don’t care what they say or how they characterize me
All I know are the feelings we share together, you control my thoughts
And I …I…I passionately ignite your fire
I hear the rumors they call me weak and say I’m addicted to your love
I say, I’m addicted to your autonomy, honesty, loyalty and spiritual essence
We’re on another level, just you and me…I trust you with my life and you give me 
a different version of life One of trust, freedom and understanding, without 
Those other people fear change…they make such a big deal of change
When it’s really all the same…there are no differences whether white or black
My only disposition or concern is “why don’t I know your real name?”
For months now, we have been intimate lovers, yet I only know you as “CRACK!”

Copyright © Des Juan Richardson | Year Posted 2008

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The Dragon's Gallows

…As a dragon I have soared,
…Regions ranging shore to shore,

…Great stories, great adventures,
…Great tales and greater pleasures,

…But as I recount my years,
…The dark specter of time leers,

…Reminding of days gone by,
…Spent without reason or rhyme,

…Now chained in murky shadows,
…Underneath deadly gallows,

…Upon which I killed all hope,
…Of better days down the road,

…A pitiful existence,
…Powerful and persistent,

…But then hope from this hell grows,
…Once the dragon met the rose…

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2010

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My blood is poison

My blood is poison Darkness flow in place of my blood A black stone is my heart it Kills all who draw near My blood is poison never again will you know love, joy, hope or passion Nor will you receive these from others Darkness is your ONLY companion lover and friend The light will NEVER be yours NEVER again will you feel its warmth upon your skin

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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lost to the light

They take my mind heart and soul and twist it to their words Binding me in chains that hold fast To my very being unable to escape I am lost to the light and found by darkness

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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Tears of a Black Youth

I'm crying out with these emotions that i'm can't explain
I'm crying out with two emotions in my heart,my sadness,and my pain

My tears flow out like a river fall into an endless ocean
My mind feels like its at war with my emotions.

Can you see my tears as they flow out
Can you see the pain in my eyes

Can you understand the pain I'm suffering from
Can you hear me asking why

I'm crying because of the world's ever escalating malice
I'm crying because of the news always showing victims of murderers and rapists

I'm crying because seeing so many deaths.
I'm crying because of seeing innocents breathing their last breaths

I'm crying because of people dying on the street corners
I'm crying along with the other mourners

These tears are for those who've died in wars,barrios,and ghettos
Even though we it was their time to go

I'm crying because the the pain will never go away
The tears will never disappear

All i can do now is pray
And that people can see this black youth's tears

Copyright © Harrison Fairchild | Year Posted 2009

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As We Grow We Become

As We Grow...We Become...

Carrying on  through the everyday
In Our thoughts and the words we say 
Conforming to the society's way
An inertial pattern would  stay

As we grow and become more mature
We should embrace our life with our failure
Knowing this and not searching for reasons why
Accepting our mistakes and admitting our lie 
Letting  go of the past and forgiveness to seek 
Being forgiving doesn't mean you're weak
Nor is it saying you're a doormat as choice 
For people to walk over you without a voice
There shouldn't be a need to justify 
But to let go of animosity kept inside 
And in  all, that was cast 
Shedding the weight, 
In all that we relate 
And not repeating the past

We cannot change people, but we can certainly change inside 
If we can all learn to simply forgive and admit what we hide
First to ourselves and then to every  other 
There's no need to continue deceiving another 
To assume our blame 
To embrace our shame
The lessons in life to becoming better 
It takes a bit of courage and will to endeavor 
And the result is in the respect 
You may not know or even expect 
But this is life, simply teaching us to grow
As in failures, and in our strife
All our achievements would certainly follow

And yet...

In our lives, and what we're born into
Following the rules and pursuing we do
But There are questions, questions of why 
Questioning everything even as we die
What're our reasons for being? 
Within this reality, we're seeing 
Why are we born? and why do we die?
And do we all truly, have a soul inside?
Why do we feel emotions? And why is there pain?
And what happens when we go, and what would remain?

When did this all begin?
And are we truly alive and living?
What's the purpose of life each day?
In my mind these questions display 



Copyright © SUNIL seebalack | Year Posted 2017

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The Becoming

Sweat brings me closer to success
Blood brings me closer to triumph
Tears bring me closer to love
This pain the world turns from, I embrace.
To conquer the world
You must first conquer yourself
The path to greatness comes through struggle
Beware of the faster, easier and safer path
This path is not the better path
The road of the quick and comfortable leads to the soft and weak.
Be Bold!
Engage in the difficult
Accept the challenging
Seek the mysteries
Watch your Becoming evoke awe from the masses
Find and hold on to your greatest ally Inspiration!
Inspiration is my fuel
The power to inspire, is the power to electrify the dead.

Kyle W. Morgan
November 15, 2015

Copyright © Kyle Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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FaLlEn InTo ThE dArK

i have fallen into the dark Ocean storms arise to swallow me whole unpredictable untraceable intractable I am hunted Hunted hunted Doomed to die in darkness With no way out I am dead dead to all living to none black is my mind heart and soul for I don’t live

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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In The Corner

Here I stand in this godforsaken corner
under a forgotten, sun scorched land
beneath an expansive, desert sky.

I squint in the melting sun at high noon
my proud, deeply tanned face is lined
like a road map, carved and etched
from years of exposure to the elements.

A hot wind swiftly lifts and carries 
large tumbleweeds across the dusty
roads of the reservation.
I notice old paint peeling around the 
edges of a trading post sign,
rusted out cars with their hoods open
gathered like a weary convention
along the arroyo canyon,
and a lone roadrunner scurrying
among the saguaro cactus.

My ancestors were a proud people
once roaming freely over this vast
country. They loved the land and
respected it.
When the white man came, we
welcomed them, until we saw they
wanted to take our land from us.
Then we fought like warriors, but 
were soon outnumbered.

Now we have been relegated to
these largely barren swaths of land
on the outskirts of society.
Here we languish, yet we will
rise again once more.

I am a Native American and 
I have been put in the corner.

Written on 3/25/2017

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2017

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Tragedies openly stir,
Clouds of horror and deaths beckons,
With dreams transforming into nightmares,
Nightmares flaming out shadows fire,
Shadows fire relentlessly torture,
Oh yes indeed, emotional torture remains a venom to swallow,
Yet this remains a known, unknown.

Death is made a necessary option,
With the heart overshadowed by darkness
And senselessness hallmarked in life,
While the odd is virtually visible in everything,
Rendering the future wobbly towards itself.

An abode is made in darkness,
Companion in fear,
A temporary solution is gladly-handed in alcohol,
And entrusted with a permanent solution, is death.

Though darkness abounds inwardly,
Happiness thrives to spread on. 
A deception of life is revealed,
Perplexity is helplessly endured,
And salvaging the fallen world is far from reach.
Yet, the sermon emphasizes the tip of the iceberg.

And death, found to be invisible

Copyright © AUGUSTINE A. HARUN JNR. | Year Posted 2011

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demons fallow me

Demons fallow me day and night surrounding me their aroows seek me from their demonic bows, their blades are sharp and ready , their acidic words sear my flesh bear to bone and sinew I fight tht darkness in inside trying to find the light; it is only in my dreams never to be found

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012