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Sarah Marie Johnson

Sarah Johnson is, and will always be a cold, heartless murderer. She has no empathy for what she did to both of her own parents, Diane and Alan Johnson. Her friends and family can't even believe that a sweet girl would kill both of her own parents over some guy. They knew that Sarah wasn't supposed to get into this so-called "serious relationship" with this guy named Bruno Santos. The illegal immigrant was three years older than her, especially when he is still known for having a criminal history. It's sad to hear that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had to die that soon. The entire Johnson family had their lives ahead of them. Sarah Johnson is a heartless liar, an assassin, and on top of all that, she has no soul. The girl was afraid that both of her parents would go to the police and have her so-called "boyfriend" arrested and charged for statutory rape, so Miss Johnson killed them. Now, that was a cowardly move. The reason why Sarah Johnson had killed both of her own parents (mother and father) is because for one, they were going to send him straight to jail for dating a then-sixteen-year-old and they grounded her for life, as in, "indefinitely." Everybody, including her brother, knows that Sarah has no heart and no soul. But in the end, I guess society is better off with Sarah Marie Johnson in prison for the rest of her life. And as far as the citizens of Bellevue, Idaho, her family and her high school friends are concerned, prison is where she belongs. She wasn't abused by both of her parents, but I still can't believe she killed them in cold blood. Now that's what everybody's talking about: a cold, calculates sociopath with no remorse for what she did and had felt no empathy. Sarah Johnson will always be remembered as a bad woman with a selfish ego. And if all types of homicides (matricide, fratricide, and/or parricide) continue to increase, there's no telling what bad thing might happen next.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Daddy's Song

Time has passed by so quickly
You’ve been gone 2 yrs today
I never knew something could hurt so much
The wound from losing you hasn’t even begun to heal
It’s still fresh and split wide open 
Daddy, how do we do this?

I still buy your candy
Candy I’ll never eat again
I just give it away days later
It's just something that I gotta do

Oh Daddy, what are we supposed to do
Without you here with us
It’s so hard to believe
You were here and now you’re gone
What are we gonna do

Daddy, How will we find our place in this world, now
When you and Mom are all we’ve ever known.
I wish I could wake up from this nightmare
And you’d still be here

Oh Daddy, what are we supposed to do
Without you here with us
It’s so hard to believe
You were here and now you’re gone
What are we gonna do

I hope you can't hear me
When I cry out to Heaven to get me through Hell
I don't want you to be sad
None of this is your fault

How are we supposed 
To fill this empty space
Nothing can replace 
The life we made with you
I wouldn't let it even try

Those old wore out flannel shirts you loved so much
Gets me through nights
When nights get tough
They make me feel so close to you
Daddy what are we supposed to do

You've missed so much
Your first grandson has a daughter now
She's beautiful, Daddy
She looks so much like you
Your second grandson
Your name sake, Graduated 8th grade
What I wouldn’t give to have seen your face
When you heard his name called
Your granddaughter, your Tator-head got glasses
She loves them, unlike the rest of us
How are we supposed to do this without you here
What are we gonna to do

Time has passed by so quickly
You’ve been gone 2 yrs today
I never knew something could hurt so much.

What are we supposed to do now
We miss you Daddy

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2015

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50 years ago

Dear Mom and Dad
Our family is full of joy today 
You’re celebrating 50 years together 
The four of us just want to say 
We thank you every day for helping us 
Survive each sun and stormy weather 
You’ve always given us a helping hand 
With comfort or advice, you’ve always been there 
For us, and never thought about it twice 
Through thick and thin you’ve shared with us 
Your experiences and wisdom, though we might 
Not have understood or sometimes made a fuss 
Today and always we must confess our love and devotion 
Dear lord, we thank you for this day 
And all the blessings you bestow 
Upon this couple who were wed 50 years ago 
Thank you Mom and Dad for this existence 
We thank you here and now for your protection 
We love you more than you will ever know 
And will always thrive with your affection. 

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine | Year Posted 2015

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Today's the anniversary
Of when my parents wed,
But they're not here to celebrate
Since both of them are dead.

Their wedding picture's in a frame;
They're young and all a'glow,
With hairdos in the styles once worn
So many years ago.

I wasn't yet a glimmer in
Their thoughts that happy day.
The future was a question mark
But they were on their way.

And now our years together
Live in memory's secret file.
On days like this I take a peek,
For just a little while.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2014

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The Death of Laci Rocha-Peterson

It's been almost ten years to December 2002 since Laci Rocha-Peterson and her unborn son were killed by her loser husband, Scott Peterson. This case has haunted the lives of all of the citizens of a California town called Modesto; just outside of San Francisco. It seems that Laci's life was ended permanently too soon, especially when she had planned on giving birth to Scott's first born son, Connor. Both of her parents (her mom and step-dad) were angry, her brother was also angry and dismayed, the people were shocked and disgusted, and so on. Scott Peterson was afraid to be a father, that he never wanted to spend the rest of his so-called "life" with his late wife, and, on top of all that, Mr. Peterson was also afraid that his late wife, Laci, would find about his love affair with another woman named Amber Frey, so he killed her as a cowardly act. Laci Rocha-Peterson and her first born son really didn't deserve to die by the hands of her own husband, their own flesh and blood. She and her son had a whole life ahead of them, especially when her son, Connor, was about to begin the first day of school and stuff. But now that baby Connor and her mother are not on planet Earth and in heaven now, their family members, especially her parents and his grandparents, are still in a depressive mode. What kind of human being would want to dump his or her spouse in a body of water, let alone the San Francisco Bay? Who does that? The media, including the CBS Network, Nancy Grace, and the San Francisco Post were all over the Laci Peterson case, especially when everybody knew that Scott Peterson Selfishly killed his own wife and unborn son. What a coward he is and/or was. Scott may have had all of the ones he loved fooled, but when he walks into the death chamber and is executed by lethal injection, God will decide his punishment. And when He does, Scott Peterson will pay for what he did to his wife and own son, his own flesh and blood. The spirits of Laci Rocha-Peterson and her son will live on in their relatives' lives and through the hearts of the ones who knew her. May she and her son rest in peace.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Mindful Thoughts from My Head

How often I’ve  thought ,  I’ll just stay in bed...
But that’s for sick folks my mother said
So I’ll just linger a little while...
 And let  my memories make me smile..
My mother was strong and rather petite.....
And my father so strict...and yet so sweet..
They knew how difficult life could be...
And passed that on to my siblings and me....
As they had experience throughout their life..
With all the usual stress and strife..
And the pair of them taught us all so well....
Though the way we act sometimes you couldn’t tell..
The lessons  we learn from our parents you see...
Are what makes us special like you and me..
And as we grow and make our own way...
Leaving our homeland so far away....
Years later returning to the place where we were born...
To scatter their ashes amongst the Rose garden thorn...
Was across the sea we had to go..
The memories were already starting to flow...
As we stood  outside of the garden gate....
We heard Mother’s voice, so articulate...
 “ tea’s ready “....and Dad said I hope it’s Earl Grey...
It was then we realized this was the day..
As they were gone and you can never go back..
So we must face the fact....
Our mind plays the movies in our head...
So with that in  mind ..  guess  I’d better get out of bed..... 

Copyright © kj force | Year Posted 2014

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You may wonder why we are here

You may wonder why we are here?
Yes, you may wonder why?

You may wonder how it is we appear?
Without warning or invite?

You may ask questions of yourself?
The reasons, the whys?

You may wonder why we are here?
And why we chose tonight?

Alice was her name
Little Alice with blue eyes

You destroyed everything in her life
In the blink of an eye

Under the pale moon of a winters night
One year ago tonight!

You killed her parents that night
When you drank and you drive

You thought you'd escaped their justice
By telling all those lies?

Alice asked for the dark of the night
To bring justice for their lives

Do you still wonder why we are here?
Do you still wonder why?

Copyright © T.I.R.O. JY | Year Posted 2016

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Enduring, Endearing Love

Enduring love, it flanks our lives - the key?
two hearts with mercy’s gift.  Your hopes and dreams
flow over our dry banks to guarantee  
the happiness for those who come in streams
to drink and offer thanks – it's all for free.
And after fifty years, we think it seems 
endearing love long overdue.  With grace
a cruise from us, and you may pick the place. 

May 6, 2017, edited June 5, 2017.
Is a month-old child, a new baby?

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2017

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All Great Things Must Fall

What is getting in the way of our love?
My parents, we both agree.
Lets show them, What our love can be.
We'll proove them wrong.
Show them just how our love will grow strong.
Here we are holding hands.
The day we know we'll last forever.
Saying I do.
While I rub my stomach.
A daughter on the way.
Oh my god!
Today is the day!
Here she comes, oh honey I do.
I love you more then words can say.

Now ten years later.
What else can I say?
I still love you more then words.
You still love me.
Our little girl now ten years old.
Two little boys, seven and four. 
Another on the way.
My parents still trying to get between.
Saying we wont last.
We've got to proove them wrong.

Now twelve more years.
Our first turning twenty-two.
Two reaching nineteen, three coming sixteen.
Four and Five coming on twelve.
Were did we go wrong?
We feel like we're falling apart.
But we know, we love each other more then words.
We fight, yes we know.
Teenagers and babies, 
Parents and all.
What can I say?
All great things must fall.
All and all we were right.
Love was the truth, 
We'll never change that.
We prooved my parents wrong,
Because here we are, 
Still pushing our love to go strong.

Though we may feel our love is fading.
Each time I kiss you, 
I remember when we were dating.
The roses, the kisses,
We still hold them dear.
Twenty-three years later,
You and I are still here!

Copyright © Anna-Alexis Marks | Year Posted 2006

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Being Messenger of Words Between Baba and Mama

Greeting of the day
Is here to convey 
The earnest recognition of affection
Directly from the heaven
Wrapped in his divine invisibility
Enclosed within her words
Sent towards you, to wish in bliss
What he remembers
What we remember
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Copyright © Fatima Hasan Zaidi | Year Posted 2017

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Loved through Time

We have been together
for almost 42 years
come this December
You were by my side
through good times
and the rough

You were by my side
when I lost my job
When I was depressed
because I felt useless
without it

I stuck by your side
through the knee
foot and women
surgeries to help
you heal quicker
with my love

You were by my side
when my mother passed away
that cold day
back in February of 2003
You got me through the loss
and the pain of that loss

We had 3 wonderful kids together
that help us through life
as year by year it gets harder
for us to live
Especially with all our
health problems

You will be loved through time
You are my best friend
Without you
I would be a lonely man
I love you for eternity
my beautiful wife

Copyright © Julie Leigh Rodeheaver | Year Posted 2017