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Ode to Winter

Light splashes in the eyes and vibrate
My heart to a rich ecstatic state
Joy is the only bird in the leaden sky
Calling the winds to choir on high
And I in the crystal world spin and spin
Till shards of snow caress the face
Like a pillow from scraps of watery tin
And all green and all colors erased.

                        Cast back the old belief of isolation
                        Of wintry purgatory and grief, jubilation
                        Is a white sheet of innocence here
                        The sinner like a diamond in the air
                        Frost symbol of death, and Lewis hopelessness
                        Shall not sing my song without regret
                        I take a different motif for my symbolic crest
                        The beginning of the pain I now forget.

Let Persephone sleep, my Yalda is here
The white breast of her flesh my pear
And I a child in a new womb of innocence
Drink of pure light and devote my sense
To leaps of faith from promise to spring
The eternal moment when season shall keep
Ivory joys before the bright immortal king
Just like a seed of winter vacating sleep. 

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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A Songbird's ode to Autumns gone

 As winter's gloom  descends upon  the trees
Autumn slumbers  'neath the fallen leaves
Spring's distant dream is yet to be perceived
As trees  weep in the cold silence of  their grief

Autumn slumbers  'neath the fallen leaves
As a lone bird sings a melancholy song
The trees weep in the cold silence of  their grief
To a songbird's ode to autumns gone

As a lone bird sings a melancholy song
A sad song within my heart is born
As  I hear the songbird's ode to autumns gone
That echoes in the twilight until  morn

A sad song within my heart is born
As winter's frost  through the forest  spawns
The songbird's ode to autumn echoes until morn
Before it takes its envied flight to warmer dawns

As winter's frost through the forest spawns
Spring's distant dream is yet to be perceived
Then the songbird takes its envied flight to warmer dawns
As winter's gloom descends upon the trees 

Joseph May


Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2014

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A Winter Ode

Crisp…Crisp the night! ‘Pon cheeks as white as snow Crazy quilt of rimed patterns Limned upon the window Soft…soft the lacy flakes! Each one unique and new Blanket o’er land and lakes Winter’s take on dew Games…games of Fox and Hound! Pristine drifts of frosting Turned into frigid battlegrounds with Brief truces for time defrosting Steam…cottony steam! Wool mittens too near the flame Cold stiff fingers, white as cream Toes frozen from the game Quiet…Winter quiet! (shhhh) Sounds muffled by the fluff Of snow so deep not e’en a peep Can struggle up through the stuff Smoke…writhing smoke! Reaching for the sky Chimneys breathing, tendrils weaving Rising with a sigh Winter…cold, cold hard winter! Makes Summer wishes come to light Til icicles fall, shatter and splinter …Tis crisp…crisp the night!!!…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013

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The End Is Nigh

As days get shorter and night stretches out.
Summer fades away and earth gets colder.
Soon, Oh too soon snow will again rule and 
the earth will slumber under its folds.

Until then we enjoy the fruits of bounty
smelling the last of sweet summer flowers.
Crops stand ready in the fields for collection
Combined harvesters busily at work.

Fat stalks of golden corn, rye and barley
tied in bundles ready for threshing.
Seductive scents of apples waft
as down they are laid for storing.

Frosts now lay the land bare
as the leaves part company
some red, some yellow, others orange
they blow and scatter in the wind.

Trees looking stark and bleak gaze
o'er the stripped fields with snow sprinkling
the now barren ground and soon Winter
will once more rule in her glory

Gone now the lazy days of Summer
her flowers and perfumes distant memories.
Now the hues of colour are subdued.
And all around the land sleeps on.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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beauty, blessing, January, magic, moon, sunset, winter


‘Bastille’ winter-lodes wait anticipating the reserved and affected invasions of the sun’s setting rays, to lay its' mark upon her surrounding ice-capped winter hood--- 
Fortifying ‘arms’ now stand saluting at attention to the expected deluges to carnival delights from the setting sun….
Applause from ‘knightly’ lances carry a shadow-display, when brought to arms; 
'toe-elbowing' their stances to a light bright multiplexed review….
Eventide’s soon to reach cosmic nighttime ceilings and is brought momentarily to stands aside, to hushed warnings off snow iced platforms gaining cheery fire-light at each kissed by-pass retreat….  
At devotion ‘arms’ stretch their winter façades 'drawing' close their 'painted' ‘four o’clock’ shadows; that mark out each stance---
Alas, the playhouse ‘adieus’ end with sad commendations; when staged dimmed lights snuff and flicker out to blackness.
Nighttime slants and an interval is at hand, for waning sun’s rays, to dismiss their stationed sentinels over to moonlit beamed doom--- 
Night plagues with harmonizing rhythms; as ice-tinkling ‘icicles’ from branches high salute the night time, sky-faerie's lite and dance upon a new stage!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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Winter Begone: Ode to the squirrely

Winter Begone: Ode to the Squirrely

I found myself outside braveing Winter's bleak
Snow lay deep upon the ground--long past a week--
As more flakes christened life on this frozen creek
I saw him standing quite still, puzzled and meek

He wore a nice fur coat with snow on his crown
A powder of new flakes not yet on the ground
With a shake of his coat--one last look around
Up a tree he climbed and then looked back down

There high and aloft with no ifs ands or buts
I heard him quite clearly yell back, '"Winter Sucks!"'
But what he said next pulled my drolls from their ruts:
'"It's gonna take 'till July to thaw out my nuts!"'

©deborah burch

(Inspired from a meme on fb)

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2013

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(A revised version of the classic Christmas
  song…Winter Wonderland)

(Please do sing along)

Icebergs crack, are you listenin’?                   
North Pole land, snow is missin’ in,
Don’t fret about war,
The threat is a thaw,
Winter’s gone, new global warming’s here,

Gone away, winter fun days,
Here to stay winter sun days,
An icy cold blast?
A thing o’ the past;
Global warming’s here and winter’s gone.

In the meadow wildflowers keep on growin’,
Any given season anywhere,
Dank, polluted rivers go on flowin’,
And black smoke blowin’ up into the air.

Dreamin’ of a white Christmas?
Not a hope! It has missed us,
No flakes in the wind,
No lakes with ice in,
Winter went and global warming’s here.

January, we will walk in sunshine,
Cuddle underneath a willow tree,
Indulging in a chilled and genial white wine,
A chardonnay could do the trick for me!

Nowadays, hell it’s no fun,
Havin’ all wall-to-wall sun,
Hey nonny-no, who plundered the snow?
Global warming hit and winter went.
Global warming hit and winter went.
Global warming hit and winter went.


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

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Who could believe what we have seen
It is a sun in winter what a rare thing

In the open we run to with our camp bed
You have relieved us for we were cold dead

How glorious and beautifully this day you rule
For you have finally set in Olympus

How often shall we see you O! Fairy ring
Before your full show at summer and spring


Copyright © OJOBO EMMANUEL | Year Posted 2012

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Fun-Frosted Memories

Dee’s father bought a fancy, family sled 
to her amusement and joy
He shocked the town pulling this sled around
With his good, shiny Model T Ford

Memories run through Dee’s mind
At the family hardware store,
she would climb the latter up to the loft
and sit inside the sled stored there,
reflecting on cool-warmed times-
a father’s smile…a heart sublime

-For my Grandma Dee
May 30, 2014

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

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Ode To Harmony and Serenity

From an inception lofty,
 high and above,
We were sent all,
 not a single one excepted, 

We were never on earth, 
we knew then how to love,
Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
When to sow?

Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
Where to sow?

Down is the show, 
the law, 
the structure 
and road.

Down is the coward, 
the knave, 
the brigand, 
and the bad.

Down to earth, 
all of them 
and no less;

The way is descending, 
Where then to go?
We want ours to be ascending, 
ascending as a lark's.

Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
Where are you?
Our eyes are searching for you, 
filled with tears;

Our hearts are devoid of warmth, 
fraught with layers.
where are they? 
making prayers;

But when winter comes, 
when winter comes, 
no fears.
Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
Where are you?
Harmony and serenity, 
we are reaping the harvest;
Is it ripe? 
Is it fine? 
This harvest?

From now on, 
nothing would ever be the same.
From now on, 
everything is truthful. 
Not a body of lies.
Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
Where are you?

"And if the past is passed, 
why moralize upon it?"
No one returned, 
no one ascended. 
Where is Jesus?
The Giants are gone. 
But justice, 
has it been done?
No need to weep. 
No need to sigh deep. 
Bright is the sun?
Harmony and serenity, 
where are you? 
Where are you?

From now on, 
nothing would ever be the same. 
Nowhere are you to be found 
Harmony and serenity.
Unless you are not within, 
you are then pity?
Being your slave, 
no other way but to pray and rise.

Chokri Omri

Copyright © Chokri Omri | Year Posted 2012

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Ode To Joy Of Changing Seasons

Sunlight at an angle dancing through colored leaves
Cool nights to snuggle beneath the sheets; warm days of ease
Last of gardens harvest; goodbye to summer's bees
Joyful time to harvest soon days a breeze
Pumpkins, winter squash, turnips, and peas
Food in bounty stored away for many days

Christmas will be upon us in just a very few days
The yard will be raked again and again to rid of leaves
Garden vegetables will be stored also cooking of peas
For right after Christmas comes New Years Day with ease
The howling winds will blow and it won't be just a breeze
But now all the bugs have disappeared_gone are the bees

We will not have to worry with yellow jackets or bees
As the night grow longer and shorter the winter days
March soon will come in bringing its strong breeze
Those indominable buds show forth on the trees soon leaves
We will float into warm days and beauty of  spring with ease
Now we will have eaten most of those delicious peas

Soon in the newly planted garden_those early June Peas
Newly hatched from their hiding places comes those bees
Just lying around in the hammock with all this ease
These wonderful times_joy of longer days
Joy, oh! joy and joy again with spring's green leaves
Soft and gentle comes a blowing spring's warm breeze

But there is one less chore now for there is no raking leaves
Afternoon in the lazy hammock oh what ease
Glad that in the garden and Pampas Grass stay those bees
These times in life are just fun and a zephyr breeze
Summer comes with the picking, shelling, and freezing peas
These times are wonderful long sunny days

But soon slowly fade, then the change in those leaves
Summer still has a lazy few days with comfy ease
Even if the pollen draws those hungry stinging bees
From the west and north come a much drier breeze
How thankful that we have those great peas
Soon fade those longer sunlit sunny days

No raking leaves in winter, only by firelight with ease and read
All those pesky bees gone now, on the currents winter's breeze brings flurries
Now dine on peas put away to eat on cold fruitless days of old man winter

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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I woke up one morning, still sleepy, still slow
Then dad said “Hey Sam, have you seen the snow”?

“Snow”! I shouted, now in a dash,
I put my clothes on, quick as a flash.

Moving quickly now, sleepy no more,
I grabbed my sledge and headed for the door.

Whizzing down the hills, what fun I had,
Made some snowballs and threw them at Dad.

Face getting colder, nose starting to glow,
“Come on Sam!” Dad said, “It’s time to go”.

Sitting by the fire now, thinking about my day,
I really really wish that the snow will stay.

Copyright © Michael Contractor | Year Posted 2017

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An Ode to Nelly Bligh

An Ode to Nelly Bligh

The leaves are falling all around,
They softly float to the ground.
This is a real strange affair,
Now that fall and winter are in the air.

Gone are the flowers seen in the spring,
They were tied to the stem like an apron string.
The cold fall weather caused the flowers to fade,
Unknown to the flowers they were unwittingly betrayed.

The forest floor is filled with colorful leaves,
They have fallen from the winter dead trees.
Also dead and barren is the moon shinning bright,
It is emitting a beautiful harvest light.

The moonlit scene begins to take on the falling snow,
The beauty of the evening really begins to grow.
A lamp is burning in the cabin nearby,
The shadow on the window is that of Nelly Bligh.

Snow is falling on the cabin, from above,
Nelly Bligh has just lost her most precious love.
A huge collision happen at sea today,
The murky waters of the Atlantic have taken her man away.

The Titanic has claimed Nelly Bligh’s fate,
She knows that she has lost her beloved mate.
She walks out to the edge of the cliff by the sea,
Nelly Bligh dove in, there she will forever be.

©2008 Lynn B. 

Copyright © Lynn Glover | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to Wintertime

Watching the white flakes blow by as I gingerly step out to the glorious city.
Each time I take a step and hear a crunch, a new thought appears.
The trees sparkle with newborn lights.
The park is filled with parents and children gazing up at the sky.
I see a new spirit in all.
Decorations are in the windows of every shop.
This is New York, after all.
The crowds move from the subway, and I hop in the car.
I hold the pole, brushing off excess snow.
“5th Avenue 73rd Street!” I hear, and jump off just in time.
The gates close after me, as I put on my scarf.
I step onto the slippery stairs, and find myself in the city again.
The world watches as I enter a store.
I buy a beautiful coat for my mother and a perfume for myself.
A sale was happening, and I got half off the perfume.
I exit, now looking like a proper tourist with a paper bag.
The breeze flies by, thrusting white flakes at me.
A beautiful day for shopping.
How I wish that my friends had come.
O glorious days of winter!

Copyright © J. Amorose | Year Posted 2015

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Ode To Winter Longing and Snow Rememdy

Sheets of nimbus cumulus, a damaging blue gathering colour mix
A grey filler sky as no birds seem to waver within a angered skyline
Beyond ahead, is spects of glass, artistic flakes choosing its place to stay?
Whitest shine of frozen water float in a reserve flight of upwards
Swifting in a promising dance to make it to the gracious dance below.
Dancing in the air circulating, making the coldest love happen.
These sudden blankets is now pelted, smashing agravating until scarf white.
No sight to see! No sight to be with frozen nimbs to climb through the flakes.
Walk through the ocean of white which is making compound on the ground happen,
togetherness family no colour, Little children delightly tongueing and stealing a little
The no taste of a source of water ala natural, smiles and activities ensue,
Sled down with dampery of heavy clothes, the ski, the snowmobile hummer, the extreme of board.
Newest winter does Old mother mature gift us, its sweet sorrow cold,
Its pantomime of beauty to lands so smileing for a cold sleep.

Copyright © Zammy Ickler | Year Posted 2014

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Unwasted In Winter

Oh winter oh winter
I am the blood red timber
mobile in the ancient freeze
balanced amid the brutal breeze,
upon my face your artic breath stings
yet my unfrozen faith unfurls and sings,
fingertips and knuckles known to numb
though thy stride be nimble and plumb,
the soft low slate skies
thick around the limbs and eyes
prophecy a thermal urgency
drawn from spun soul agency, 
within leafless trees and patina omens
unhidden nests of sunken seasons
reflect a million years of farmsteads
city streets, withered wings and silent snowbeds,
in the clarity of your shocking sunshine
I celebrate Christ along spires of pine
and as the devils mock my feet
I pounce through the heavy sleet
knowing my heart will heat the ice,
oh winter oh winter, I am a fire fierce -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2016

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Blue is the colour of Winter

forest leaves,
smite this pain,
as Helios breathes warmly on my neck,
the moist caress of the climaxing summer warmth,
sends me into soft ecstasy,

but as shadows play 
and waltz across the land,
a winter chill intrudes,
a sullen dark blue shade
stretches autumnal across my hands 
and the ether alike, 

and that same blue, 
like an infection spreading,
creeps into my mind,
into the very recesses of my mind,
and summers warmth absconds, 
leaving me huddled in on my self, 
facing the cold,

clinging to days gone by for warmth, 
but whose embers once fresh and vibrant,
have long died down to shallow wisps,
leaving me no reprieve from the cold,
from this winter that will surely long endure 
and welcome, 
long outstay. 

Copyright © Oliver Gould | Year Posted 2015

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Winter white so cold and bright
blanket wide upon the site
the joy of the first sight
stay to long and we despair
leave us now, but come next year

Copyright © nancy hupperich | Year Posted 2015

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For only there is one life’s joy 
As the man, woman, girl and boy
Waiting for winter’s end and summer’s ploy.

The birds are singing
On wet branches swinging
Relishing winter’s end with elated singing.

From sky down to earth
Life holding to its mirth
Holding on to winters birth. 

Down through our hearts
Winter’s end charts
Bringing sorrow in parts.

For life itself must stay
Winter end’s comes and go away
Children waiting for snow to play.

We must surely abide
As summer starts all is dried
While Autumn becomes winter’s bride.

When ugliness comes to surface
The cold weather of winter is a great service
For warmth in the hearts resurface.

Love reaching us rapidly
Curing our feelings from malady
Enjoying winter’s cosiness madly.

Copyright © Nehpets Gnik | Year Posted 2015

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Changing Seasons

Shamefully dull, life would be,
Without seasons to nourish me.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Nature’s blessings the nourish us all

Apathetic and harsh, winter is,
With arctic gales that pierce 
Every linen shielding my frame.
Anomalous flakes of snow drift from the sky
As sheets of white accumulate on the ground
And weigh down the healthiest trees,
Teasing those ready for winter festivities.
Once the snow angels and snowmen are made, and
Once the sledding and snowball fights are done,
Into their warm homes, all will run,
Hiding under hoards of fleece 
Until it’s time for spring to come free.

Pleasant and lively, spring is,
With liber rains falling lavishly
On soil beds of assorted seeds,
Nursed diligently by the avid gardeners
Who thirst for the sight of the first blossoms
Of poppies, roses, lilies, and tulips.
Blueberries, cherries, and strawberries
Entice the onlookers waiting to pick
The ripest harvest in a timely manner
And savoring them until summer can flare.

Fierce and fervent, summer is
With a feverish breath, that makes rain a treasure.
People gather in masses to absorb the bodies of water
As a radiant sun desiccates the land.
Outdoors, pitchers of lemonade are carried everywhere
And thriving honeysuckle sweeten the air.
Yellow lights of fireflies flicker through the night
As exhausted bodies relax beneath the stars,
Gazing in admiration, until autumn can appear

Calm and homely, autumn is
Wither green, red, and yellow foliage taking over.
Crisp leaves bustle about the ground,
Trapped by flurries of whirring winds
Until they are raked into heaps for children to dive in
And pumpkins growing in preparation to carved or baked.
Families huddle together around brilliant fires
While couples stroll through parks, taking delight in the landscape,
And having picnics until winter’s brisk rise.

Copyright © macy southern | Year Posted 2012

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Tribe of One

fire flickered,
shadows danced,
I remain still

cries echo,
sounds of laughter fill the hall,
I remain silent

groups congregate,
lives intertwine,
I remain alone

let me in, I knock on the door,
see eyes roll 
and uncomfortable muttering,
I remain alone

beautiful girl hugs me,
drunk boy engages me in conversation,
so why am I alone

embarrassed and unwanted

the dagger of loneliness pressing deep into my chest 

an outsider forever looking in,
despite his best efforts remains outside,
a cold winter chill cloaking the sad figure,
just standing outside the window pain,
looking in to that warm house filled with laughter and love

rarely am I invited inside and when I am my legs wont move,
I don't belong with these people, 
they are not my kin not of my tribe

I am without tribe,
forever the outsider
and forever alone

Copyright © Oliver Gould | Year Posted 2015

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Ode To Maine


 Last winter was a long one
 Before starting to get better
 Seemed like we would never shed
 Our heavy coats and sweater
 But at last, spring did arrive
 But the cold winds did not go
 Instead of getting warmer
 We just got more snow
 We suffered through a chilly spring
 Waiting for the trees to bud
 And finally the snow was gone
 But in its place was mud
 Now at last, it seems to me
 That winter has moved on
 Now I can enjoy myself 
After I mow the lawn 

Copyright © Bob Quigley | Year Posted 2011

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Origami blossoms lay tainted by the wisps of orange.
There frills crispen in the brisk twilight.
Tangerine sheets bundle the frosted beauties.
As Starlight envelops the blossoms at night,
Creating strings of October nodes within their center souls.
In twilight you hear them hum,
In sunlight they serenade in gleeful notes.
They hum their delicate tunes to wide eyed owl’s.
They hum and hum till the twilight blinks and shudders... for the cold has touched there orange shutters.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to a Plow Driver

My head rested on my arms atop the wooden ledge.
A basement window I peered through covered with packed snow.
My mind wandered to the fridge where a carton of milk
     Sat empty on the door inside my fridge.

‘I can’t go out.’ 

A mortal existence against a relentless cold reality.
I imagined a world where there was no sunshine
No light or life, like the dull gray quiet blanket of 
     Death outside my window.

Apprehensive eyes gazed through the icy pane when
Amber flashes danced across the fallen panels of bleached snow.
Then from out of the grey dismal quiet I saw him pull in,
     Inside his heated cabin atop a massive metal frame.

He drops his blade. 

A sound so deep it shook the very brickwork around me.
He begins his work with utmost skill, flicking salt and sand. 
Dragging back a heavy blade, then powering forward
     Pushing layers of the heavy shroud back with ease.

With surgical precision and a 4-wheel dance of turns
He gathers mounds of encroaching doom quickly
As light pushes back the darkness,
     Lining the parking lot just outside my window.

His wheels now caked in pressed ice and snow
I watch him as he shifted gears, grinding sounds of rock and salt.
Amber lights spin and dance atop as if a lighthouse beacon.
     He lifts his blade once more to exit towards the street.

‘A thankless job.’

He said to himself, alone in the middle of the raging storm.
In solitude, I watched as he turns onto the empty street
Dropping his blade once more and clearing a path till he was gone.
     A winter superhero wearing a 1-ton costume.

‘Thank you.’

My lips mouth silently as I remove my arms from the ledge
With a swift movement I open the fridge door removing the empty carton.
Slip on my jacket and move towards my front door, shutting it behind me.
     Now able to go pick up milk.

Copyright © Tammy Armstrong | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to the Owl

Verdant fields submit their hues to the rime,

She hangs in his stead with a soft glow.

Wild things of this land find refuge in the pine

Hoarfrost gathers where the owl goes.

“In silent flight, the night blinds the fright,

from the gliding grasp, clasped from hiding.

Never knowing, but ever showing how 

The owl can have sight so keen and

Preened coat of white.”

The owl and winter seem to come as one.

Does my fortune hold so little?

Perhaps my purpose lies in servitude

Offering myself to such a beast

If a beast at all.

Copyright © Christopher Looper | Year Posted 2016