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Ode Water Poems | Ode Poems About Water

These Ode Water poems are examples of Ode poems about Water. These are the best examples of Ode Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |

If you had a name (An ode to loss and water)

If the lovely breeze had a name
we could drift together as two dandelion wishes
floating wanton on foamy winds.
If the river were rolling, gently
we could slide in and swim
for hours, without rushing
and love is like that.
Love is like still water
standing so deep in a vessel
 yet so easily broken upon the smallest of stones;
scattered, and yet-
from this another river begins
(as you begin)
How lovely if you had a name
I would call out to you
and I would hear your reply as
the wind blowing, the water rushing
and not your echoes
 as you trickled across so many small, jagged stones

Copyright © Meggan Rogalski | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

Ode To A Wave

Ode To A Wave

Such beauty
Such ferocity
Such power
Traveling around the world
Pushed by tropical winds
You grow and fall
Only to grow ever stronger
Carrying ships and jetsam
Even moving lands before you
You are as destructive as you are beautiful
Yet, after your travels
At the end of your life
A child laughs and dances
As you tickle their feet as you roll across the sand
And then you are gone
Except in that child’s smile

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

The Ocean

My heart sleeps by the Ocean.. Give me beach therapy please..
When all this world's troubles come upon me.. just let me dip my feet in the sea..
I don't ask for much just a little sand between my toes 
Enough to make this ole girl go ooohhh lala and away she goes.. 
When it's time for me to return back to reality.. 
I'll just stay here a little longer living in Peace you see.. 
Because the sand, the waves, the pure blue, green water is where I long to be.. 
Nothing can take place of living at the beach in splendid harmony..
Walking with Jesus is where I'll be living in serenity.. 
Talking to him about all the things I see.. 
Just pouring out my heart to him makes me feel free.. 
I want look back at all the things I left behind
because they want matter to me this time..
I'm on the beach you see where life is happy as can be..
Just to feel the wind upon my face as those waves come in it makes my heart race.. 
Ahh the feeling is so grand all the stress of life there's not a strand.. 
Ohh my see that beach over there that's it that's the place God gave to me, 
My my look at it glow.. More beautiful than a diamond in a bridal show.. 
I found my home where I belong.. 
Now I can finally sing my greatest song..

Copyright © Rose Stephens | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |



Water, water everywhere

Flowing here, flowing there

Flows, flows all about

In this way and travel out

Time is such a flow.

Meant to keep one and all in tow.

Disagree with it's rules

Break the pattern made for fools.

Keep bright your goals, your dreams

Make them true despite what seems.

Be bright and alive today!

Tomorrow, the future is at your sway.

Goals set

Targets met 

Into a shining future jet.

Decide to win and it will flow

Decide to lose and it goes slow.

Cycles started

Cycles done

Cycles completed

Over time you have won!

Time, time everywhere

Flowing here, flowing there.

Water, water all about

Flowing in, flowing out.

ml, Jimo

Copyright © James Plett | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Ode to the Narwhal

Ode to the Narwhal

The marine waters have some animals, which are as graceful as they could be.
And one such aquatic creature is the narwhal, the unicorn of the sea.

Swimming with a horn tearing up the turquoise tides,
The Arctic waters is where this porpoise resides.

Oh narwhal, the sun shines on your grey whale skin;
And then you swim below eating small fish with fins.

Oh narwhal, how did you get that beautiful horn on your head?
You truly are one quirky beast of the sea bed.

So I wish that you don’t get hunted down & live on for 40 years,
Lest the sea level would rise with your brothers’ gloomy tears.

Sometimes I feel like drifting in the blue, be strayed away & lost,
Plunging in the frigid waters of the Northern Frost.

Oh narwhal, welcome me to your aquatic domain.
Teach me how to dive to glory, help me to relieve my pain.

Keep on living underwater while I write this ode,
Perhaps one day, I will witness your magical abode.

Copyright © The Moustached Bard | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Ode to Water

Ode to Water
Water is crystal clear with many forms
The sweet sound of it pouring tempts my dry mouth
It’s too cold to touch, too hot to touch, too scarce to touch
The taste is too valuable to waste and impossible to aquire

Copyright © Liala Zaray | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ode |


you won't believe that Donald trump is secretly a slug

you wont believe that once I ate a bug

you wont believe that jesus was actually a bro

you wont believe that finn loves poe

you wont believe that eggs are actually made of glue

you wont believe that the sky is not the colour blue

you wont believe that under all of the laws of aviation a bee should not be able to fly

you don't believe that if you don't comment on this poem...

... I will cry

Copyright © ur mom | Year Posted 2016

Details | Haiku |

MY ode to the Netherlands - Goeie moarn Fresia

radiant sun shines
laurel of meadow sage glows
fragrant flowers rise
across swooning bay
voice settled in the woodland
good morning Fresia
a lullaby flew
In the Morra nightingales
dancing in the trees

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Ode to the Sages of Pure Land

The following poem is an slightly abridged and liberal translation of the poetic opening verses from Ch.31 of Upasaka Xia Lian Ju’s Infinite Life Sutra:

Wisdom as vast as the boundless sea,
Bodhi as high and wide as Meru peak,
Their halos bright beyond sunbeam,
Surpassing the moon’s luminous gleam.
Their hearts white and serene like snowy hills,
Their patience as enduring as the fields,
Their calm minds like pristine waters
That wash away the defiling dusts,
Their profound insight as keen as fire,
Burning away all worry and fraught,
Non abiding and breezing o’er any mire,  
Sounds of Dharma: striking lightning,
Warning the deluded to wisdom ripen, 
Pouring forth truth like soothing sweet dew,
Their grace like canopies of Linden trees, 
Cool shades of respite for you and for me.   

Poem released into Public Domain.

Copyright © Brian Chung | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Ireland's Ode

There's nothing much I'd die for,
for nothing much I'd cry,
but for dear old Ireland
I would prepare to lie
dying upon the fields of green.

Never have I seen it, though tales 
I have been told, of heros, legends
and battles, the glory days of old.
Eire's isle I have sprung and die for 
it I would; before all gold and riches 
here, for give me this land never could.
For has it given me my language, my lineage,
my looks?
Blood is thicker than water or so it has
been said...and here alas the water runs
when in Ireland clan's blood is shed.
The Protestant against the Catholic,
the Nationlist against them all...the Unionist's,
and their parties and those English dogs.
And fight for the cause I would have I been back in 1916
when the Easter rising was fighting and dying like
slaughtered sheep.
Oppression, slavery and killings, those casualties of war,
they only fought for vengence for the millions who starved.
The truth of England's cruelty has shown throughout the years
and even as half-bred Englishman I sweat of Ireland's tears.
Erin go braugh I shout to all who may be passing by,
Erin go braugh, I'll ne'er shy away for that ancient Isle is
mine. Erin go braugh I love you and home I wish I'd
be...but there I am whenever I dream, whenever I'm
in peaceful sleep.

Copyright © Aime Ailean | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |

ode to a morning shower

You are sneaky, 
a surprise, 
hiding in the pipes, 

a pent-up, 
of nocturnal 
seeking release like 
a leaking rainbow.

You travel
in night caravans 
of bubbles 
on the backpacks 
of sleepy camels 
and arrive
at my bathroom 

you hide
in your delicate
corner of spring, 
to surprise,
to burst forth 
like a cloud
over the sand dune of dreams.

And I
I arrive
like a mirage, 
bones, hands, feet,
from the sands
of a dry night sleep, 
dragging and groping
in the dark.

When I 
step behind 
the curtains inside 
your cubicle of rain
I step into myself
and away from the world. 
I disappear 
into your 
steamy portal of 
liquid invisibility
into a surround sound of rain
dropped and splayed 
like a million
good mornings - all, 
snapping and peeling 
against my skin, 
pelting like dull, 
liquid thumbs, 
exploding like rolling
streams, jolting 
like body-coffee.

Controlled storm
of quiet thunder, 
you are 
so sparse 
that I turn 
turn again 
to receive you, 
and so vast
that I lose myself
in the turning. 

I close 
my eyes, 
drawn to 
the water wall of drums 
that beat deep 
within the forest
beneath the arc 
of the metal
rainbow, and I
sip and sip
the purple monsoon
of your morning shower song.

Copyright © Pio Jasso | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ode |

catch this

catch this last kiss kiss friendly reminder kinda hard to resist laughter of our demise circle ing times flat lines existance persisting past chances drank from a flask drunken under shades tree life staggering through events twice insanity has becone corner stone never left to sip in company alone misery always prepared lending a hand though fog may clear still quick is sand oceans only choice left to enjoy a view time watering mountans peaking hues ?

Copyright © stranded stars | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ode |

The Mighty Tardigrade

Behold the awesome water bear
A tiny puffy hero
Who floats beyond our atmosphere
At absolute near zero

A brave and fearless debonair
Who hardly needs to eat
Amoeba here, a dewdrop there
It's good to go tout suite

A boiling hot tub is just fine
For rest and relaxation
And catching a few tanning rays
Of cosmic radiation

Wherever its eight legs do go
It's always got it made
And sails the universe's flow
The mighty tardigrade

Copyright © James Leftwich | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ode |


"                 NANCY

Nancy, oh, Nancy, lain on your side,
‘Atop the gray waters, in high and low tide.
Your ropes, your stays, the new and the frayed,
Are scattered beneath Bodega Bay.

Nancy, sweet, Nancy, your windows so dipped,
Like six drunken sailors who’ve dizzily tripped.
And hanging brown curtains can no longer hide,
The drowning of pencils and log books inside.
Nancy, oh Nancy, where have you been,
Through years of deep waters, in stillness and winds?
Did your hull strain, did it then heft,
When your old captain hoisted a net?
Nancy, sweet, Nancy, don’t say good-by,
There’s still one way to rise up and fly.
Some buoys and booms, and diggers besides,
Can loosen your hull, set it upright.

Nancy, yes, Nancy, Captain can scrape
Your hull and your deck, and your wood plates, 
So you can once more, at dusk or in day,
Bring back fresh fish, to Bodega Bay. 

Hannah Rain"

Copyright © Hannah Rain | Year Posted 2017