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Ode Tree Poems | Ode Poems About Tree

These Ode Tree poems are examples of Ode poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Ode Tree poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The ancient brave weeping willows
that line the gentle river banks
cry not, one single drop hovers.
It is wisdom that drips from it.

This wisdom garnered through ages
of watching antics and follies
of mankind repeating same mistakes.
So they drip their wisdom in hope.

Hope is inspired by these trees
as majestically they stand.
Lines marching along river bank
they are sentinels of wisdom.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Ode' to the Tree

Ode’ to the Tree

Farewell old tree.
We know you are free.
Never to lose anything again.
Nor find your leaves to be.
Such goes history of,
Not only trees so free,
But those of countries,
Thought not so free.
Oh could it be?
You are a seed,
We all need,
To take heed,
For All To Be Free…

John H  Hardison..

Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2015

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Ode To Our Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree, dear Christmas Tree, you've given us so much pleasure!
Again you've graced our home this Yule Season with beauty we'll ever treasure.
How we look forward every Season to awaken you again from your drowse,
And release you from that confining box to spread your welcoming boughs.

You stand so regal with the angel at your top trimmed with garlands of gold.
With limbs embellished with dainty ornaments, you're a beauty to behold!
Tiny lights gleam from every branch to guide Rudolph and the sleigh,
To leave goodies for the kinder - ah, 'tis such a joy to watch them play!

Alas, we must fold your boughs and muse upon memories ever to remember,
But Lord willing, you'll stand tall again about the first of next December!
How we dread to place you in that confounded box but we know that you'll,
Spring to life in splendor next Noel to warm our hearts with another Yule!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Woodland magic

A woodland walk through

 the pine trees, guided by windy breeze.

 Lungs filled with a fresh pine needle

 scent. As I walk among the trees

 I feel free from any torment. A giant

 Oak tree standing alone, watcher of the

 forest listening out for threats moans

 and groans. A carpet of White is in sight

 what pure delight, yet not a snow flake in

 sight. Snowdrops so beautiful upon the

 woodland floor, we don't need to ask for

 anything more. With Mother nature being

 so generous with her displays, a touch of

 colour is all it takes. Like falling autumn

 leaves red orange and yellow, what an exquisite

 falling medley.

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to the Cherry Blossom Tree

Pops of pink, sprays of white,
your canopy of petals shimmering with delight.
Blossoms that glow at night and fall all day,
catching the light in the most visceral way.
Sprays of new life and branches anew,
fragrant with joy and possibilities in the morning dew.
Every Spring we await your bloom,
Cherry Blossom Tree you are Spring's magical costume.

Copyright © B Marie Furcron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Ode on the Clan's Iroko Tree

(for: them who are ever there!)

these branches and roots
that cord to the grave ancients
should be free from man’s swords!
both oracle and priest held for days …

Your voice speaks in the silence of the night
To the deep still shady earth
That once held a great zest for our childhood
Here in the once thick wooded land
Where progenitors strewed their rustic huts
Yes! where, sang tho’ unseen those sonorous kin-spirits.

Ah! Happy and keen folks were the ancients, then;
But their sons? what a sad lot, now! even
Demented hearts aching from those drinks of dizzy times
Raw anguish, sorrow, painful hemlocks of death-lines,
The slow songs that tune softly to the mirthful graves
That still hold the ancestors like prisoners in the wild caves.

O! for your unravished wave of primal welcome,
That bade the sonorous weaver come
To make loud greeting of blue azure with song-fleet
O! for such uudecoded song that for the sagging flesh bear ointment
Secret balm from the rhyming unsteady palm leaves of the winds
That flute clearly to ancestors those eternal silent songs.

Known are those festal spirits of your night
From whom many lives readily spring forth:
Mused thru’ the voices of strong mortal compeers –
Priests, priestesses, praise-singers, warriors, dancers!
That with gusto, flounder across the space of time;
O, for those festal moments of flush! o, for the celestial clime!

You are the unseen bridge of the world,
Like Nturukpa, that elder amongst our ferry trees;
Your bark exhumes the bright colours of the past;
And carried thru’ the festal wings of your night
We desire to be mused to the ethereal clime;
Of uncurbed equanimity and euphoria of the divine.

I now know the anguish of these festal spirits
Who take refuge on the water-void banks
Of the topmost branches and leaves;
I now know the noise of their feasts in sacrifices:
Doleful sacrifices in the gods’ swollen foot!
Then adieu! adieu! from the cloyed humans in advent!

O farewell! with all your festal spirits,
Who coaxed to the night of sacrifices, priests,
Priestesses, dancers, praise-singers, warriors of the land;
Adieu! with these cold celebrations and coax-throated songs heard,
Thru’ the voice and echoes of rain’s thunder,
In the day of the panther and his noble twin, the hunter.

Copyright © Canny Amah | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |

Ash Tree

The endangered Ash Tree
what can we say
we have somehow
 numbered your days
bright in the spring 
with hint of all new
in summer you shade us
and make us feel new
So wonderful in the fall
of burgundy glow
so majestic in winter
dark bark against snow
to gaze at your splendor 
to wish you to stay
look intently for it has seen it's last days

Copyright © nancy hupperich | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

God Bless This Stump

Along the fair road
On which I amble
I conceived this ode
In which love is ample

God bless this stump
Supporting the tree
That provided so much 
For our futurity

When counting its rings
There can be no doubt
About all the things
That tree brought about

For the pencil to compose
Cherished love letters
On paper I chose
So you’d love me better

And it offered shade
Plus spots to snuggle
Near a lovely glade
Away from life’s struggles

We enjoyed peaches
From that old tree
As we partnered to reach
Picking memories

It blessed our marriage
Shaped as a steeple
And framed the carriage
To make our jaunt regal

And It supplied timbers
For the house we live in
Built with skilled fingers
On boards thick and thin

When cold overtakes
We always say grace
For the warmth it makes
In the brick fireplace

Our love will not slump
It’s always burning
Because of you, stump
Our world keeps turning

For January 2014 Ode contest

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2013

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The Treetop

The Treetop
A child once began as 
a small infant who scrawled words,
and jumbled letters.

They played hopscotch, and drew with 
multi colored chalk.

Children adorn the world- with their adorable 
beams of light, to their little palms caked in 
rainbow chalk. 

To commemorate these childhood memories...
be so nostalgic.
For deep down in our very soul we yearn to have that
tireless vitality, exulting through our play
Once again. 

The wonder we experienced as children,

The first finding of a fragile butterfly, fluttering 
it wings upon the bridge of our palm. 
the green stains planted upon our jeans, from
rolling down the luscious green hills.

Oh how the mud, stains and constant colors 
sweep us into infinity… the infinite spectrum of childhood.

But we also hold a little snippet of our childhood inside ourselves, for one seedling
was spawned inside our very being, 
This be called our inner child.

Our inner child- knows all. 
It knows our virtues and aspirations,
From the spontaneous switches of 
our values. 

In this world we create for ourselves 
we still be inchworms, inching up 
the side of the grand tree of life. 

We find it formidable at first, trying to reach our 
little arms up, to touch the far boughs of the treetop. 

We climb and climb, and nibble on 
wholesome leaves of knowledge- 

Chewing mathematics, and algebra.

Savoring vocabulary with each morsel 
of a synonym or of an antonym. 

And at the near end.. once we reach the top,

It be lofty and our goals be met from 
the plan we hatched as infants. 

Our idealistic self be nurtured and nourished 
now, by knowledge and the sense of our true self.

The treetop be not the end of our life;
But be the time for us as inchworms and as people..
to flutter where the wind takes us- 

This is not Mexico though, this be the
spacious palm of the 

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To A Tree

Oh Tree, so big and strong
We live life in your shadow.
With thick, broad limbs so long,
You give shelter down below.

Oh Tree, so old and wise,
You've seen the decades spinning.
You've touched so many lives
And children's hearts you're winning.

Oh Tree, so full of green,
Your days are surely numbered.
Still, Living in a dream,
And never having slumbered.

Oh Tree, so worn and bent
Where did all your children go?
The storms will not relent,
Still, you never will let go.

Copyright © Cherie Fleming | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to a Cherry Tree

Pregnant buds on a barren tree
Into a pale pink cloud
The delicate scent whispers in the 
Chill spring air
And then
Pinpricks of green
Amongst the rosy blossoms
Bright, vibrant, 
The electric colour of
Rebirth, new life
Look below,
Littered on the ground
Like a bridal procession
Recently triumphed past
A collage of discarded petals
As they plummet they are
Quickly replaced with 
The more resilient leaves
Of Spring’s awakening.
This moment, so perfect
When all converge in one
And she wears her 
Many faceted cloak.
Resplendent, luxurious
Is there anything more
Than a cherry tree
In April?

Copyright © T.L. Drover | Year Posted 2010

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Ode to Maggie

Today I whispered my fears to you --
Wrapped my arms around your hard body
Scales tickling the underside of my arms
You've been keeping my secrets 
     since I was ten
You were barely as big as I 
     now behemoth 
You can almost touch the sky
Reach right up and greet the sun for me
I bury treasures at your feet --
Dig down deep into the earth 
Careful not to tap a single root
You've been the protector of my bounty
     for your entire life
What knowledge you bear, all for a little girl

In gratitude, as proof of Your love 
     You present to me
          One perfect white blossom

Copyright © Lori Carlson | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to My neighbour The Woodpeckers

By Sashi. Prabhu(zeauoxian) 1/3/2012.

Often, I glimpse from my roof top garden, leftward, From the sedentary swing but I know the descent of woodpeckers have soared. From the vertical column sans a crown of leaves of rotted dead wood, Once, which was in its own right a magnificent coconut tree where it stood. Freshness, splendor, Vitality and flexibility of a live tree all depleted and gone, T’was a pertinent choice for the woodpecker mates to build a home foregone. Abundantly birdies flock, Pigeons, robins, mynahs, hornbills, cranes and parrots, On the evergreen nearby tamarind tree, but the woodpeckers my eyes ferrets. From that eventful day my eyes they set upon, Their wood pecking bills would on the bark sculpt and impinge on. A homely hole to drill, Their head moving rhythmically and looks like a cap with red frill. Twenty five days back they first arrived I lucidly recollect, Ten days, a pair of hatched altricial chicks, mates from adversaries’ have to protect. One morn had me glancing to the oval cavital hole on the bark, And feasted my eyes on feeding chicks being readied, their lives to embark. Blissful and content , I recollect now I sat a bit longer to observe and discern, Glorious hues, auger bill, cap with red frills, of the peckers as they take their unambiguous turns. To zip across like beige, buttery yellow plumaged darts across the lush foliage all green, Within, watchable bounds to fetch, insects, worms and saps as nutriment routine. The chicks I saw they peek out of the shielded barky holes with awe, Strength it seems to me have filled their wings bill and sharpened claw. Now I wonder if I can listen to the joyous feminine “chrr” and the shrill masculine “kwirr”. As the young chick in the hole frolicking, giving it a try to fly, Away in the wide world after saying a good bye onto the sky very high………… Now the mates without emotions, kerfuffle and ado, To each other, their home and their prying neighbour me have bid “adieu”. Often, I glimpse from my roof top garden, leftward, From the sedentary swing but I know the descent of woodpeckers have soared

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2012

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Ode on Sorrows

A traveler has traveled far and wide,
Lost in the plains of yellow flowers and Poppies
He saw the tree that stood
An Oak tree it was, with stream of water from underneath.

A reflection of his image he saw,
A fallacy he denied. 
Like a fool he talk to trees and skies
The west wind blew and his heart felt
Heard his name sorrow, thus the wind Whispers
“A man is weight by the sorrow in his heart”

Thirsty, he drank from the stream.
Bitter it was, but the stream was as clear as the sea
An epiphany he had, the taste of bitterness,
Was from his heart, the taste of sorrow.

Green grass withered and the sun died,
Illuminated by the night skies;
He mocks the heavens
And he curses the ground.

The heaven cried out,
“Man is imprisoned in the passage of time”
The stars died too
The stream dried out and came a man
“I am thy sorrow, thy need, thy fallacy”.
“I live in denial, for I know not the man I see,
I know not of my weight, my sorrows”

“The yolk of life that I carry has undone me”
“Emptiness in a man’s heart is the presences of grief
Atlas! How well did my heart grief” said he
“How well did my heart swallowe’d” 

Darkness came over the plain,
the beauty was shunt from man.
A voice he heard,"nature of man is beautiful and deceitful"
Dawn came, blissful, as the early birds began to sing
the dew drops that fell on the grass, illuminated the plains
his heart was filled with tears of truth.

Copyright © LIde Sangtam | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to an Arborculturalist

Why that no good little birch
I think I alder leaf her
My aspens in the dirt
Don’t you know I’m not that poplar
I damn near choked on a little oak
And though I tried I am not maple 
Now the branches are all broke 
and the limbs are so unstable
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Can’t see the forest for the trees 
Can’t tell just when the root will rot 
You know I think its elm diseased 
And I can do with out the knots 
Well now it’s really got me stumped  
Just when I should have sawed right through it  
And it’s too late to pack my trunk 
Or perhaps I just out grew it
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Some trees grow up in a grove
Others make a stand alone
But there ain’t no peach with out a pit 
And there ain’t no pine with out a cone 

I’m sure the heart wood ain’t no good
So I won’t go out on a limb 
But when a tree is being felled 
I wish that someone would cry timber
I just don’t think that I’ll ever see 
A poem lovely as a tree 
So I won’t Beech and I won’t Pine 
I’ll just remind you one more time 

I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later  
If you were sap then you’d run too

Copyright © SE Harvey | Year Posted 2014

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Me And My Tree

                                       I sit in the back yard waiting for hours
                                       Then a apple falls on my head
                                        I look up and theirs a huge tree
                                       I think about friends
                                       I wish i had some i thought
                                       Than another apple fell from the tree on my head
                                       Realizing i just made one

                                      Day and night i would come out and sit on that tree
                                      Eating its apples and mamas pees
                                      this is true friendship

Copyright © Elliot Sutton | Year Posted 2016

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Ground Desert Tree

Ground Desert Tree
I ground myself and am closer to my Earth Mother. I imagine that I'm a tree. Grounded to the earth. Becoming my earth. Connected to a tree. Even if I was in the desert where nothing grows. I'm a tree. Linked to Mother Nature. Part of the endless circle of life.

Copyright © nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex | Year Posted 2015

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An Old Tree

An old tree stands alone,waiting for no one,
but the bright warm sun.
His branches reach far and wide,
as if to hug you and touch the sky.
He stands tall and firm each day,
to shade all from the brightest sun ray.
Greeting all who come to see him,
for he is your friend and  will do you no harm.
Give him respect when you come by,
for you never know when he'll say good bye.
For many years he has been alone,
he made this land his only home.
do no harm to this tree so old,
winter is coming ,his leaves grow cold.
He can be frail in ice and in snow,
treat him right and he will know.
A cracking branch,it may snap,
watch out for it may trap.
He's lived a long life and has loved all,
old tree will we see you next fall?
If we do not we will not forget,
what a friend you have been,
frombegining to end.
A friend who's been faithful,
a friend who's been true.
for there is no other tree,
who looks like you do.
Trere is only one,and only one you will be,
for each tree is different,
like no other you see.
so I thank you for the times we had,
for your gentleness and rugged way's,
for all the climbs and all the day's.
For growing up with me through the years,
to say good bye,
brings sad tears.
So to you my friend,
I will let you know you will not be forgotten.
You my dear friend will live on you see,
through your children,
yours, and mine to be.
I will watch your children with mine grow.
This is not the end,but a new start,
I carry your friendship,
alway's to heart.

Copyright © Susan Grado | Year Posted 2010

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Green tree amongst Chaos


Copyright © Ndifon Noel | Year Posted 2014

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 1)

On a windswept hill crest by the sea there is a lonely ancient sentient tree that seems so 
figuratively familiar to me, I wonder why this can be n’ who my heart longs for when
I’m here n’ why love gives no guarantee…
Though I visit here frequently, today I was summoned, beckoned by the branches of this 
solitary tree swaying in the breeze, to this charming yet purgatorial space...

I knelt down upon this strange magical place n' was carried away as my fingers traced an 
owl’s feather to my face n’ wondered why I loved n’ despised this fateful place…
My body shivered, internally tingling n’ with grace, some kind of enlightened knowing I could 
not erase n' like the sentient tree that cradles you within, I sensed your ethereal embrace…

Silence ends where you begin, I heard the likes of Aeolian sing “Oh my Immortal”  n’ your 
poetic voice disturbed the chaos in the winds of my mind n’ there within returned the 
memory of your handsome androgynous face…
I said… “Come let my hands play upon your skin” n with my thoughts gathering to replay a 
scene across time of broken hearts n’ love’s abandoning reflected in the fire of your eyes n’ 
a touch of a feather upon my face…

I’ll never know your name or how many tears were cried in the oceanic depths of your 
pleasure n’ pain, though the salt I can taste in the tempest of this darkening day as the wind 
heralds your scent n’ presence unto me…
I’ll never know all who walked hand in hand here before me or where each discarded shell 
has been as the seasons flew away, yet I now know why a thousand Halloweens were  your 
destiny n’ you summoned me to transcend my mortality n’ the meaning of silent words at 
play this day…

Our ancient bodies lay together here beyond mortal touch, though in my present existence I 
no longer recall our names, they are lost in my many lifetimes yet kept in the Goddess’s 
Though no longer you feel my touch or pleasure n’ pain I'll plant a flower as a blessing on 
top of our grave, above the waves, where your soul is a slave to this sentient tree cradling 
your ashes n’ bones returned to dust…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009

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Ode to a Maple Tree

Sweet wind swings white fog
The dew drops away, and turns to be slippery          
The leaves of maple trees are as red as fire,
They are shining in Girl eyes
At the beginning of the heart of the clouds          
The thin gauze skirts make branches straight          
Like long hair flows into a waterfall

As soft as the willow drifts,          
Spilling into the horizon light  of  the river of time          
Long live youth! Hooray Long live Youth
I am willing to be the mottled birch trees, to protect you
from the wind and sand          
I would like to block the wind and rain for you  as well        
For I am right in a moment that I fall in love with you

Copyright © Xuefeng Pan | Year Posted 2016

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Tree Of Love

Love is the most common
Tree of devotion
And its' leaves' are 
tumbling down
It steams' from the mirage
And then dispense
At that time of ingestion
Forwardly to the ground
And yes, their
Magnificence will be two-fold
To be blessed and
Bestowed upon within the
Govern domain of God
To the dear delight of
The Magisty,
The King


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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Ode to a Maple Tree

Liken me to a maple tree
shy and reserved with thick green leaves
spreading elaborate for the neighbors to see
nervous when birds come to nest
Roots which have bent themselves knotted and tight
to reach out for water, creative hindsight
never with other roots banter and fight
a sigh and my shade gives up rest
Solitary.  Passionate.  Silver bough and burnished head
A maple alone on the block, but well-bred
limbs undiscouraged when cut up and bled
Endurance and joy under test
Solid stance just like a maple tree
when my colors bloom electric in the autumn breeze
I'll still be standing through the winter freeze
Remembering why I am blessed.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

Details | Limerick |

An Ode To A Tree

Maple trees are a symbol of Canada, our great land It's leaf is featured on our flag we're a friendly band Of peace loving folks Friendship we evoke Spoken by a true Canuck, covering my heart with ny hand

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017