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Welcome To My Life

I'm dying in this slow decay of the senses.
Senseless agony consumes my mind.
Eating my soul until I'm gray.
Gray like the leaves at your funeral.
The day the color faded and beauty went away.
The sky is falling, 
But, only on me.
As the Heavens are calling,
They tell me to leave.
But don't put your faith, your faith in me.
Don't trust fate,
For nothing is meant to be.
The slow silent squeezing of my petrified soul.
I left my heart with the sugar,
In the bottom of the bowl.
The wounds of the mind,
Based solely on the knife.
Look for my flaws and you'll always find....
Welcome to my life.

Copyright © Rachel Mathews | Year Posted 2007

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Love is a Sacrifice

You have my soul, but you have your fate Whatever your words, I’m willing to take You have my word; I’ll give you my breath It’s like a chain that would never be break You are my love with all my heart, I’ll fight for you with all my might. And in the way, you admire your goals, You hold my hands, but not so close. As you go to your chosen path, I’ll accept the fact that we will be apart. In the dark side, I leave behind Within my faith, that you’ll arise Please don’t look back, coz I’m fighting still I’m hurting so much! Don’t want to have you near I accept my fate for what it does, I’m bleeding so much, do you know for whom it was? You reach your goals, as you want to have, Would you remind the man that gave what he had? As you reach the stars, and be the one Be a sun that shines its own. After the rain, the rainbow comes, Like dark in the moon, when the light flash A glimpse from you at least a short For then I knew my pain is worth.

Copyright © Emmanuel Fajutagana | Year Posted 2013

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Free as the wind Ode to native American Indians

Oh how I wish
I could set free
the native American Indian
with pride and dignity
taking them back
across the great open plains
to their sacred home
in the lush green vallies
where buffalo are plentiful
and roam
so the Indians can live in peace
one with nature once more
where the eagles soar
setting them free as the wind
wild untameable as a magnificent stallion
running toward the setting sun.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2013

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Janitors Broom

the janitors' broom,
it sweeps every room,
under each desk,
cleaning up the mess,
it never complains,
leaving a clean environment for our brains,
this broom is on a mission,
without recognition...

Copyright © Desiree Tatarazuk | Year Posted 2005

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My Princess Growing

Started off so small
Growing so tall
Put Smiles on my face
In my head its Amazing
Hoping you won't be a static
Changing in every great way 
Its because my princess growing into
A queen

My queen you give me hope
and pride
Dignity and self efficiency you
will be someone Great I owe
it to GOD he gave me a princess 
growing into A queen
You are my light shining when 
I'm in the dark 
You make me not 
want a father not need one
I got you my princess
Growing into A queen

I'm going to raise you right
Tell you everyday how beautiful
you are 
You don't need to hear it from a 
You are my princess growing
Into a queen thanking you for
Giving me hope and pride to

What would I do if
I lost you, God forbid
that come true
Your my life when
there is no hope
You give me strength when 
There is no time
Princess don't worry you won't 
Lose me to drugs,prostitution
Addiction and Eviction 
I'm here to stay 
Because my princess
Growing into a Queen
I will make Great decisions 

Mianna you are my Princess 
Growing Into A Queen

Copyright © sherelle smith | Year Posted 2010

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I have come to a city that is an island;
Though waters are not the boundaries, you understand.
It is an oasis in the midst of bondage for those who are free.
And, I know it must be some intense form of sheer hell for those who 
from the other side can see.

I saw a little sparrow transgress the huge, solid barrier that divides this city.
I could not help but think that the sparrow comes and goes as freely as the winds –
But the people could not; what a pity!
Well, people are not sparrows and sparrows cannot be people – but what if they could be!
Then, a wonderful thought entered my mind; those who wanted freedom could just fly here, you see.

Well, that’s just a fantasy and that barrier is cold hard reality.
It is a very sickening and sad monument to humanity.
I can, at best, only speculate how it must feel to be totally controlled; 
Unable to go where you want to go, be what you want you be, or just to do
the things you like to do; but only to do as you are told!
What form of insanity created this graffiti-riddled barrier they call the “WALL?”
Someone must know and someone must stop it before it destroys us all!
Because, I know this form of insanity must still be with us today;
And, I believe it will only depart us when that ugly wall is torn away.

Then, all the peoples of Berlins would be free;
Just like that little sparrow I did see.

Copyright © JOHN E STOKES | Year Posted 2015

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YAK ing Signa And Art Associates

Yak is everywhere
Not cursing or rude in the ends  
Yak is a street artist
Yak:first of all you have excellence and simplicity in Logo
You make me smile
Your work is constant and consistent 
You frenetically protests against
agreeing or not 
those three letters always make me glad 
Closed to You certainly are pal artists
But the genius in Yak her/his/'s simplicity 
is not bout agreeing  


Yak might be a scream demanding me/we are artists of Democracy if hired the worked will be paid in the amount of Talent 
Yak is
An enormous label name
Imagine: Yak clothes, Street, Casual, non-casual, jewels, watches
Yak concept

Yak 'Concepteur'
Yak unlimited supply 
Yak boundaries are all crossed 
the next step
We Deserve Yak
I was thinking about making a T-shirt with,
But that's not fare some are my fights but the label is not mine
Yak deserve recognition beyond
I wonder sometimes about the identity of Yak or Yak's
I see ex-students on Yak
I see colleagues on Yak
I show Yak around
Some like some dislike 

People that are to consensual are not generally in my favourites list
And that's a reason for Democracy major virtues and severe imperfections 
And in dictatorship even the camouflaged kind Yak is needed 
Yak is probably not Bunksy 
Yak for me create a trend  
The sign of Thor's hammer *
Simple 1Y 2a 3k 
The sympathetic logo makes people smile
At least for a single time You, 
and also You and You 
You all have smiled about the word,
You in some way are protest signatories 
But look at the Logo 

Gud signi teg 

Thank You!
* Etymology 2 Old Norse signa a) Wiktyonary 

Copyright © PEDROS FERNANDES | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to the Winning Chess Player---Or, For The Checkmated Winners

Aptly said and boldly spoken.
Chess is over
lacking all stakes and honor.
Every Black chess player went to Checkmate,
All others forfeit!
Let's ignore the real someone and scatter back homewards.
"We didn't much play him, Good Folks, but remember
In this world so dishonest,
We're dressed up quite nicely.
And, oh yeah, Chess is a serious endeavor. . ."
He's undefeated, not Dead
so just hold the Presses.
Once he's passed let me know,
With however badly he suffered.
To work towards a chess tournament ten foolish years,
To be recognized, honored, and considered a Legend. . .
But, hey!, we're Checkmated Winners,
So now don't cause that trouble!
Since he's owed chess monies now, and it's about that that you're asking,
Just listen up People,
We mean he won't get his money!

Copyright © Erik Spector | Year Posted 2014

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The Dime

There was once upon a time, 
Unexpectedly, a very small dime. 
He did not do much of anything,
Apart from gazing. 
He just stared longingly at the sky, 
Counting the clouds that drifted by. 

Dear old Dime, not very bright,
He did not shine, not a ray of light. 
Dark and rusty, 
Old and dirty.
Everyone did not care, 
Though they could use him and buy a bear. 

They did not want to touch, 
This old thing of such. 
They did not want to feel. 
That sick disgusting bill. 
He was old, rusty and dim,
But he hated the way man treated him.

Copyright © Joel Yeap | Year Posted 2010

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Atlantis, the last of the spacecrafts, left this exterior of world
For the scientific expeditions and to discover something new.
Such heroic spacecrafts search new planets, aliens and herald
New discoveries to us that delude our conscience like the dew.

Send no more spacecrafts to search Aliens (even if these exist)
But send some Land-crafts to the Planet of the Poor, this Earth.
The Poor wait, starved and neglected, with an empty open fist
Where to born as destitute is a Curse and cursed is every birth.

A single gram of meal for an Astronaut costs more, yes, more
Than the whole year cost of a poor man who lives to struggle.
Send a Land-craft, at least, to this unexplored planet of poor,
You will discover luminescence of God in their simple smile.

Copyright © Osman Gani | Year Posted 2011

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My heart softened as she attempted to puncture it 
Drowning in despair, I began to crack 
Shattering into a million pieces---
I have become undone
Like a volatile stabbing, my heart has fallen out of my chest 
I struggled to breathe as I began to choke on unexpected treachery

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To A Dead Pilot

Ode To A Dead Pilot
  The time to sioux for peace is before the first shot is fired.
Weapons of destruction aer better turned around.
Point them at the darkness and then frown.
Fighting is for ^A^ngels and much nobler sorts than yew.
A Soldier in his britches needs a glory to behold; 
other than the flag of his own country I am told.
Place your thoughts above on things where Christ
does dwell, and walk on streets of GOLD. 
Even in your dreams and memories it will help you to grow old.
There was once a MAN who was once a boy.
He played with toys, and after graduation then He heard: 
Great engines sucking air into intakes, 
and the expelling of the air again to reach a multi-colored
transfer pointe and sometimes after running out of fuel
a man does NOT bail out...
but takes his planethopping function into the DEAD terrian.
Avoiding populated areas, to kill a cactus NOT a populas.
When that MAN is inn his Heaven and rewards come due.
I want to hear everyone in Heaven say, 
'He was a boy getting into that aeroplane, but he
became a MAN today.
I saw several of my men turn fear away from populated places, 
as they crashed and died in flame into the desert cactus, 
to ensure the best proclivity of mass production.
The wreckage of an aeroplane. 

Charles Hice 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2006

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Ode to Larry the Bird

Bright yellow feathers,
Deep black eyes.

A voice that could carry
Through the winds of time.

A sweet little fellow,
My friend for years and years.

I just can't help
But to shed my tears.

Much to soon you left me 
Here all alone.

You really helped
To make this house a home.

I knew you were in heaven
When I heard the Angels sing.

That screechy little voice
Was singing straight to me.

Please know that I love you
And I will not I forget.

The sweetest little friend,
I had for a pet.

Copyright © Sabreen Wolf | Year Posted 2006

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Ode To Everything We Take For Granted

We all know what living is
We all had our lives given to us.
On a silver platter, a road for life mapped out for us,
but we aren't always serious
about the people near and dear to us,
because we're usually delirious about the life we take for granted.

When we have roofs over our heads
and sheets on our bed 
then how come on the streets people
are frozen with defeat and have to compete for some food.

How can we watch people's lives fall when they stand against a wall with a sign?
No use at all, praying to god as their pride crumbles.

We watch them stumble with their heads down low and nowhere to go and I think,
Where is the kindness planted?
Why do we take our lives for granted?

How could we stoop so low while we live in houses they have nowhere to go
- couldn't we lend them something...
Oh no, one person could make a difference if they spoke out loud
show their faces to the crowd.
A difference could be made
all of us could be of aid.

So dear reader I hope you see
the message that coming from me
and as I've gone on and almost ranted
Why do we take our lives for granted?!

Copyright © Ella Marley | Year Posted 2008

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Ode to Bulimics

Always do they eat
Never have they eaten
They do not conjugate
Verbs that make them thicken

Copyright © Anthony Beck | Year Posted 2016

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Sons and Daughters Our Troops

Sons and Daughters
Over there
Sons and Daughters
Dying there
Sons and Daughters
We want them here
Sons and Daughters
They are all our 
Sons and Daughters

Copyright © Rene'e Braxton | Year Posted 2011

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Prayer To My Self

Walking away might be the most hardest things for a man to do, you cant even imagine what that feeling can do to you. Falling flat on your face would be better than to look shameful, even walking around naked around the streets would be cool. But like any story in life goes, there is always that one person that will help you get back on your feet and walk again. No matter how much you fall, no matter how much you stumble upon a struggle, that person will be there with you till the end. Give love and thanks to this person who never leaves your side and helps you put a smile on your face everyday. When the day comes to an end and you know that the person has to go, all you can wish is for your special person to stay. Mine has walked away on me, I was so blind that i couldn't see. She wanted everything for her self, for me to change and be what she wanted me to be, but i had to let her go and never see this person again, cause it would only be worse in the end. Writing this is more painful than getting your body tattooed, writing this is more painful than getting over screwed. Writing this is more painful than words, writing this is more painful than razor sharp swords. No matter how much you try to let it out it just wouldn't come out, the pain is way to deep and its almost like its tattooed on your bodies gout. haven't i been hurt enough in this world, i just don't understand why i am being treated like this, is it cause i am better than you and have nothing to look forward too but my blue and black handkerchief? The cut was way to deep my dear, you just cant imagine, i have been cut and bruised for the last time, i can promise you that. No one will ever touch this body or hurt this soul ever again, if you wish to try so, go ahead and check it, but before that go ahead and get yourself a casket.

Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

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Thou not from Israel
yet Israel like
to sell our heads
in the name of yahoo

To say I am from this clan
is like to say I am leprous
in Elisa’s clan
in the sight of macoys

Denying me chapter Iv
of our supreme book
making me more black than I am
lets break their records

Their record of unequalness
For all animals are equal.

Copyright © Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Year Posted 2007

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BUSH KEPT AMERICA SAFE ( An ode to former President George W. Bush )

They can remember him as the warmonger,
the heartless one, instead of the southern gentleman; 
and haven't they yet realized that he was a man of God,
with values far greater than most of us?
God hates war Himself, but when evil 
men do horrendous deeds, He approves of it!
Was David wicked to take Goliath down?
Was Moses wrong for breaking the Holy Tablets,
when his people turned to idolatry and forsook their God?
Was Jashua thirsty for the enemy's blood,
or he obeyed Him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt? 
Bush kept America safe, and I'm thankful for that! 
We cannot judge anyone by our human way, which is so futile: 
the-so-assumed-perfect-one make mistakes like the imperfect one;
perfection was taken away from us when our ancestors sinned!
Look at yourself and be less judgmental; 
we have faults, too and we try to hide them by manifesting denial!
Try some compassion, understanding and sympathy,
and these same virtues will be considered by others:
when you are swerving off your path and you need guidance!
When someone is about to fall, foresee that weakness...
before he plunges into the abyss of nothingness!
But we must show pity to anyone admitting the guilt,
if forgiveness is granted to the unworthy one...why shouldn't he justify
his actions when his Country was attacked cowardly?
Bush kept America safe, and I will testify to that!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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The messenger

Like sleep thou took him
to journey the part of others
in unison and intimation
thou traveler , go tell them

Tell the fallen Majors
that we a'e losing
the battle they started
that our soldiers only drink and sleep

tell them
that they kill those
those they are to protect
making us weaker and losers

except they realise, their duties
We must be fugitives

The gunpowder we make 
yet we carry unloaded guns

tell them
that our soldiers refuse
to recruit trained men
warriors of our clan

Tell them
that our soldiers now reap
what we sowed in unison
that they have forgotten

The sacrifice of our coups
the coups that was to
Eswama the clan
In order to edenise our clan

Copyright © Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Year Posted 2007

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One lonely Little Lady eating her ice cream

Everywhere people there
I stopped to look at an old lady fair
She was only alone
Licking her ice cream from a crunchy sweet cone
Sitting and enjoying her treat
While many a men around sweep their young ladies off their feet
Nobody came to claim her
Just enjoying what she was having
Not bothering to get up from her chair
My eyes wept for her because she had not a gentle man beside her
We all come and go while the rest of her generation starts to slow
Alas,my friend,they are soon forgotten and are cast out to the wild winds
Everytime that I would come to this shopping mall
My eyes would peer at an old mistress small
Not even a small collie or pup for a companion
Just a little lady enjoying her treasured ice cream

Copyright © Bart Jonas | Year Posted 2006

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Ode To Todd (1963-2001)

I would like to tell you
About Todd, our brother
He was one of a kind
Unlike any other

Todd played a mean banjo
He could sing like a pro
The group that he played in
Would put on a good show

Todd knew all about cars
Fixed their faults everytime
He bought them, he sold them
Seems he owned every kind

Friend John took him flying
A thrill Todd did enjoy
Loved to ride his Goldwing
His favorite grown-up toy

Todd cruised on the bike trail
He couldn't be kept down
Days at Mid-Ohio
Car shows out of town

Dedicated at work
Though health was not ample
Optimistic fighter
To all, an example

Todd, a loving father
A son, and a brother
Grandson, uncle and friend
Unlike any other.

Copyright © Tina Finley | Year Posted 2006

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Herman Ruff

having not known 
when he meet death
i find myself the last mourner
none the less
i have grief to shoulder
hidden tears 
that have become bolder
as history becomes older
a time in my past
and often remembered moments
that made me what i am
my teacher, my master
words he would not understand
but Herman Ruff 
was more than just a man
i was just a teenager
when God put me in his hand
with gospel music
he molded my past
i never let go of what he gave me
it still last
i take that talent and use it
where ever i am
that part of him still lives because
I Am
he put something inside of me
that said "I can"
i can make music 
more beautiful than before
i can use my voice 
to open hidden doors
i can make people 
stand to the floor
with tenors harmony
that makes them beg for more
all this came from a man
i now adore
with words of tribute
that say i could have done more
some where up in Heaven 
on the grandest of grand pianos
he sings
giving God the Glory
the way he taught me

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2008

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Ode to Misery

Oh, how misery doth love thy company
With thy dewy face of fallen youth
Glistening sheen of dried tears
Come sit beside me, cry
I shan't give advice
I'll not criticize
Thy tears are like my own
So sit beside me, cry
Lay your weary head upon my lap
I will stroke away your furrowed brow
And might I listen to your woes
Lay here beside me, cry
Tears are like rain upon thy soul
Released on barren ground grow
Flowers of wishful thinking
Hold mine hand, cry
Do not weep alone
Waste not those tears on deaf hearts
Let me take thy pain unto myself
We'll be together, cry

Copyright © Anne-Marie Lee | Year Posted 2008

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Eyes Full of Tears

They were born together, rising towards the sky,
for 25 years, the two giants so proud.
No one ever thought the two birds would strike so hard 
taking down the two brothers, 20 minutes apart.

Now in our lives there is no peace,
taking down with them our memories.
The big catastrophe I witnessed, 
leaving my heart with a lot of emptiness.

People were running everywhere with fear, 
leaving the Giants falling in the rear.
The brothers are down, destiny cannot steer, 
the world is now stuck with Eyes Full of Tears.

Giovanni LaMendola

Copyright © Giovanni LaMendola | Year Posted 2007

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Ode to a Wife

Wife, you are a quilt
A lasting duvet of my soul 
At winter nights
You warmed me when I felt cold
You embraced me when I needed an embrace
You fed me when I came home 
From work, late and hungry
Kind-heartedly, you’ve quenched my thirst
Now that you’re worn
Here I am, and, I wanted to say
Let me, your husband, be the quilt
A lasting duvet… for you, and 
For my unborn heir

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2007

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Stay Strong And Have Faith, Texas

Stay strong and have faith, Texas
For hope will continue to float 
Over the rising, raging floods
Here's hoping you will find solace
In the thought that the rest of America 
Stands shoulder to shoulder
In solidarity with you

Stay strong and have faith, Texas
For the skies above will always be blue
For people trapped in darkness soon 
Break free to a bright beacon of light
May God be with you today, tomorrow 
And throughout these dark hours. 

Stay strong and have faith, Texas
For you'll always see tomorrow's sunrise
And this storm will eventually pass
Know that everything is going to be alright
Know that normalcy will once again be restored
Just like it did after hurricanes of the past

Stay strong and have faith, Texas
God bless...

Date written and posted: 08/28/2017

Copyright © Edward Ibeh | Year Posted 2017

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The 6th Child

Woman, she is
A mother of five

Man, he is
A father of five

In a life
Of ups and 
They share- 

The four walls 
Of loneliness
The woven rug 
Of love

And in the throbbing shadows, 
Of fear and joy, they are waiting 
Eagerly, for me, to come out

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2008

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St Judes sent a picture of Bryce
under it two big numbers
counted out a small life
I said to myself
"He lost his fight."
one of the plights
of human life

every month St. Judes
send's a picture
one of the little ones 
fighting cancer

every month
i say a prayer
"excuse me God.
are you there?

here's this little one
trying very hard.
cure this childs cancer,
if You can find it in your heart."

now i'm wondering
what i'll say today
looking at the picture
it's usually time to pray

now is time to ask Him
does praying really matter
when i say those words 
does someone get better

if God is God
how can anyone get sick?
if He really loves us
He'd take care of it

long ago, God made St Judes
it was one of his answers 
He made up for you

so if your still wondering
if God still answers prayers
take a look at St. Judes
and you'll find answers there

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2008

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Ode to Tammy Faye

Her name is Tammy Faye

She was once married to Jim.

They built a successful ministry

Till trusted friends did them in.

They spread the word, of the Lord

They ministered to those in need.

They lifted the spirts of millions

They spread the gospel seed.

Her personality, vivacious

Her talent sings to your heart.

Her style, somewhat audacious

That's what sets her apart.

My God have mercy on her contemporaries

They're liars, phonies and cheats.

May God bless Tammy Faye

She's genuine and sweet.

Thank you Tammy Faye

From all whom you have served.

May Gods love bring the healing

You so richly deserve.

Copyright © Brian Lehnen | Year Posted 2007