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Ode to Autumn

Earth’s sphere of fire bids adieu to me

As dying embers gleam across the sea

In rare hues reflected by autumn trees,

Swirling in motion with October’s breeze.

I feel the joy this season has to share

In golden harvest that the branches bear,

And I am thankful for this blessed year,

For divine abundance I share so dear.

The sun and moon take on a special glow

As thunder clouds move swiftly with the flow.

Yes, autumn coaxes feelings to revive,

Those mem’ries of past seasons still alive.

When autumn spreads her dress of lacey frost

I know, in breathless beauty, I’ll be lost.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

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Sea Shanty

The sea gathered her voice
on the crest of the waves
as dark clouds were herded
by the wind as he raved
in a symphony orchestrated
through elements of sound
composed by the air
from his drafty compound.

By the drum of the surf
on the beat of the waves
a crescendo that climbed
with the sea as she raged
while the wind as the maestro
pulled pockets of sound
from the whistles and moans
as he swept ‘cross the ground.

Soprano! cried the killdeer 
Tenor! screeched the gulls
as a baritone foghorn
boomed from the hull
of a ship that swayed
drunkenly atop of the surf
staying clear of the breakers
that crashed on the turf

The ship creaked a response
as it groaned a refrain
but the deft hand of a shipwright
would keep it sustained
for he’d hewn and he’d whittled
great emblems of love
carving an angel for the figurehead
and atop the masthead, a dove.

When the wind stopped his jostling
and the sea spent her ire
the ship slipped back to its haven
of warm hearths and bright fires
where the men mused and wondered
over great tankards of ale
if the hymns and  hosannas..
had been but, the wind in the sails?

Copyright © Michelle Mac Donald | Year Posted 2012

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Mother Ocean

Froth and foam, time and tide...
Ah, the motion of the ocean.
‘Tis the source of my heart's longing,
The place of my soul's belonging, 
With it's push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

As time and space go rambling on...
At your shores, the same time and space
Stand halted...
Your maker and mine exalted...
By your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

At times I find myself longing,
To become one with you,
And your knowing of life's beginnings,
Both old and new...
And the days and years of all your learnings.

To find myself wrapped up, 
In your fathomless embrace,
In all the ways you have kissed me,
With the currents of your passion…
Your endless days, the mystical fashion,
Of your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

Yet how shall I fathom, 
Your unending endlessness?
And how shall I counter, 
Your impartial fury?
Most certain am I that it will bury,
And erase, 
All that is and leave no trace, 
Of that which is and was to come.

For man who is blind, sees only your wealth, 
And not wholly that, 
But that which he deems
As wealth.

Till you, left naked and raped, rise...
To reprove us, to open our eyes.

Only then do we see, 
T'was meant to be, 
That you, and I and we,
Are made as one.

And as to you, unto us is done.

Thus to us is done for sure, 
Till blindly stumbling we find this cure:

That those who shall possess you, 
Shall do in setting you free.

And to them is your grace, 
To them is your passion, 
The depths of your soul and the endless fashion, 
Of your timeless, enduring mystery.

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Copyright © Kenneth Kirkpatrick | Year Posted 2014

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King Fish Of The Sea

                                                               < <<<<<<<>
                                                             < <<<<<<<<<>
                                               Of the sea <<<<<<<<<<<< >\
                                     Master                                                 \
                               Fish                                                              \
                        / King                                                                     \                   {  
                     / In charge of shoals various sizes of fish.                       \                {{
                  / Tiny ones darting in and out amongst seaweeds and rocks. \           {{{{
               /  Fins propelling through the water,                                       \   {{{{{{{{
             /  Gills rhythmically moving, extracting oxygen as the gill flaps    \{{{{{{{{{
         €£££       @      open and shut.                                                   \\{{{{{{{{{
             /                                        /\\\||\\\\||||<<                           \\{{{{{{{{{{
              /                                   ||<<<<<<<<<<
                \                                    \\\\\\\\||||||<<                            \\{{{{{{{{{{
                         \\\\ Mouth opening, swallowing fresh or salty water,\\\\\\\\\{{{{{{{
                           \\\\Depending on which sea you are in.             \               {{{{{{
                                 O King                                                     \                    {{{{
                                          Fish,                                              \                        {{
                                               I could                                    \                             {
                                                        Watch your antics          \
                                                                                 all day!

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to Lobster

Under the depths below the deep 
of this Atlantic Ocean
live the lobsters that crawl and creep
with an articulated motion.

They thrive on the ocean’s sea floor,
from the sloping shoreline
to beyond the Great Shelf and more
where the sea reeks of brine.

They live and hide in crevices
and burrows under rocks,
snug amidst the interstices,
safe like a shepherd’s flocks.

Their diet is omnivorous:
live prey such as fish, worms,
crustaceans, mollusks, and…us!
(Ughh!! that last one makes us squirm.)

Stories of their longevity
are passed on more often than not;
some live to be seventy
years old when finally caught.

Long-bodied, with muscular tails,
ten walking legs (three pairs
of which are claws), framed in hard shells,
they can look like bugbears

and weigh as much as forty pounds
or more! A lobster this huge 
naturally dumbfounds and astounds
like some hoax or a subterfuge.

Believe it or not, back before
the mid-nineteenth century
lobster was a food for the poor--
a mark of want and penury.

Indeed, inmates disliked lobster
so much they ate it with distaste;
even a dignified mobster
could not eat it with a straight face!

It seems our ancestor’s distaste
for this invertebrate
was in error and was misplaced--
much to their discredit.

People today enjoy this beast
in several, delicious ways
alone or together in a feast 
as part of festive holidays.

When boiled or steamed live, they change
color within minutes
of cooking from blue to deep-orange--
ah!...the meat’s now exquisite!!

Enjoy it as “Lobster Newberg,”
a seafood dish du jour
cooked up by Captain Ben Wenberg!
Or as “Lobster Thermidor,”

a French seafood dish of creamy
blend of cooked lobster meat,
egg yolks, (often) cognac, brandy,
and Gruyére—a culinary feat!

Then there’s lobster soup and rolls,
a thick cream soup of bisque,
or Capòn magro--salad bowls
for your gastric pleasure and risk!

Lobster du jour or lobster you want,
whatever your palate requires
any New England restaurant
can fulfill your dining desires!

Lobsters are indeed a great food;
we fish, sell, buy and eat to such
large amounts: but we’d be unshrewd
if we eat and fish them too much.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2015

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To Home by the Sea

To Home by the Sea
On a day where the blue sky is all I see above, 
is wonderous. 
By the sea I stand on the waves boarded by the Horizon;
fish they burble and entice the waters and sandy shore. 
Below the waters rippled surface be the bottom,  
Lobsters pander on the mussels and naive crab. 
Salt crystals bud and flourish as the harbor is shaken with boated 
Buoys of red tails wobble and bob in the salty breeze. Fisherman 
cast their nets out into the open ocean, hoping to make profit on 
Poseidon's ancient sea creatures. 
The men pull and heave on the rope's anchored at the bottom, caught in 
blue lipped being that outstretched to the bay and harbor, 
There the men part the bushels of sun scathed Jonas and Chesapeake crabs.
But along the docks by the Harbor a fisherman's gaze catches my eye..
His hazel green eyes mesmerize me, 
He winks and the Ocean herself beams a glowing light,
to guide the ships and little rowboats home. 
But me.. well all I can say is 
You can never compare nor forget the Wink or the beam 
of the Ocean.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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The song of the Fair Maiden

When lost in the Aegean Sea, I heard a song afar from my sails;
          Blinded by the fogs, I sail to the direction of that voice.
Guided by the sweet voice and arouse by the melody, I followed the path of which I knew not,
         And found myself drifting ashore a foreign land.
         Haul by the passing mist; I saw a hill that rose above the lands,
         My ship was in the middle of the two great hills that looked down and over the shores.
         I looked above and saw no clouds, just the blue skies; I could still hear her voice
        The wind blew ever so gently as I move my rudder,
        That song can still be heard, yet I know not where she is?
         I looked to find that voice that eludes me, that called me;
         But, yet, I found nothing, saw no one.
         She sang a sadden song, of lost love, but lost love I knew not?
         I am a stranger, afar my abode, a stranger lost in the midst of seas.
         Hold and steadfast, for my heart feels allured by the maiden song,
Yes...though my heart be sadden by her song, her voice drifts my soul across the Styx.
        God makes all things beautiful; all things have purpose, and is her song,
        Whether it be joy or sorrows, her song, is the song of a broken heart.
        That took hold my empty vessel, and filled it with joy,
         Though I never thought song of sorrow can be taken for a joy.
         I sailed far and afar from the shores, and saw the hills moved further away.    
         I could still hear her song, I looked back and saw her, a fair maiden.
        God's grace that showed me, a spirit of a woman, that took my heart and broke it. 
         Her skin as white as snow, her deep blue eyes that stared into my soul, 
         her hair long and gold as that of a golden fleece.
          She a ghost of the past, singing to guide her lover back into her bosoms
          And her lips afar from mine. At last! it was not for me. 
          A strong wind that force my eyes shut and bent my knees.
         As I stood up and saw no more, I heard not her song, aye, neither her voice.
        She was gone with the wind.
       The song of the fair maiden still resonates in mine heart as I sail a distant shores. 
       Even if  death approaches me and take'th my life, 
        My words of praises for her beauty will live on forever.

Copyright © LIde Sangtam | Year Posted 2013

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Ode To Bob Ross

Painting tapestries in awesome colors,
Beautiful  mountains and skies of blues,
Such unique and wonderful painter that
He was
Painting was his whole world
And shared it he wanted it, and did it
All with you and me
Loving nature and flowers too,
Nursing little creatures back to 
But especially he loved and cared,
I know he did,
For people just like... me and you,
Motivated everybody how to paint,
With his very rich and soft 
Always the believer, in his kinded
That anyone believing  and trying
Could also learn how to paint
And that everything that you create,
It is your own world as you see it and paint
It you can as you perceive it with your heart
And eyes
For me his shinning spirit,
Will always live and move on,
Gracing and warming every single heart 
And every home,
Indeed for me he's here to stay,
With his big heartwarming smile and 
Endearing passion and inspiration,
To be forever cherished and treasured
And as the majestic sea that he liked
So much to also paint,
His wonderful legacy will live on and
Continue to ever grow,
And as the sands upon warm beaches
Also his wonderful painter's spirit
All over the earth
Will move all the waves 
At sea forever and ever

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008

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The Statue Waves Of Kohat Mountains Sea

“The Statue Waves Of Kohat’s Mountains Sea”

Sienna brown, orange and gold
The Med (storm) and metallic gray
Turquoise blue, dark olive green
Some pale and some carnation pink
Some peach puff, some terra-cotta
Splendid shades in the views
Wide spread all around
Very tranquil, very peaceful
Appears virtuous and civilized

The Statue Waves of Mountains Sea

Giant rocky guards
Guarding day and night
As Gothic walls of ancient castle (fort)
Centuries passed before them
Standing silent, forever still
Since the inception of earth

The Statue Waves of Mountains Sea

Like mother’s lap their warmness is
Like noble men their kindness is
They protect us
From the deadly stormy winds and floods
From the invasions of enemies
They’re everlasting beauty of Kohat city

The Statue Waves of Mountains Sea.

All Rights Reserved
Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari.

Copyright © S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari | Year Posted 2014

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...a darling dear of time is when the  tick-tock, of the clock stops, during a dancing wind chimes rendition of just how invisible things move me, to write, darling dear a rhyme, 

the peak of a mountain top experiencing, 

the soul

O' darling dear

a love letter,
a rhythm,

a liberty,

just one of those things that

of the everlasting.

Copyright © Marrio Biggs | Year Posted 2012

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Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

Copyright © Marrio Biggs | Year Posted 2012

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He was renowned for farming 
ploughing lands as large as atlantic  
but his harvests he keeps beyond the sea
beyond the sea all he got

Down here, his roof leaks
his town roads untared
they make use of his wealth
to paint their town more white

he thinks his wealth is safe 
but the value they use
promising him security and secrecy
to shut their mouth from his people

his pots occupied
by cockroach and rats
as had been aboandoned by his wife
his children grow everyday
developing big belly and head

He goes back to use ibeleju as lamp
but he claims to be rich
his children goes fishing to pay their fees
the school fees he has refused to pay

they built a school for their wards
and beg them to look inside papers
nobody pays a penny
those are the people beyond the sea

his wealth is intact
but had been used
times without number for their anuual budget
they beyond the seas

Worms leak his intestine
and his offsprings from six to two
he took their looks to the people
the people beyond the sea

they gave him a name "Malaria"
Malaria took them all
contented he came
carring no less for his kwashiokor wards

His bicycle like buried iron
yet he appears before his kinsmen
to speak in language that tingles
they smirk at him

though the gods let him live
his expliots and wealth
managed and utilized by the people
the people beyond the sea

he claims to be learned
while they have brain washed him
he trusted them
and left our heritage

the gods forbide
our black heritage
that our fathers died to protect
like our brotherly love

Our heritage
that forbade greed
he forgot our maxim
that of Unison

him that our fathers gave the "Ofor"
the Ofor that represents power
power to protect our interest
our black interest

the gods bear us witness
witness of our unquenched suffering
starving in front of plenty
plenty at the so called bank

banks beyond the sea banks
the name for their civilised theft
theft because they use the value
the value of your wealth
to reinforce themselve

the Ofor has fallen
from his hands
the gods has departed  from him
but he will not believe

our chambers now lagoons
lagoons from the light shawers
our tables now canoes
and soup spoons paddle

mosquitoes now our pets
nursing our children
our working age amended
starting from 6  to sleep

our heads now bald
not from age
but from fetching water
water from the eden 

Copyright © Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Year Posted 2007

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Spring Feeling (an ode to michigan)

I love farmland in spring 
and new beginnings 
and winning in extra innings. 
I love a fat lady singing;
barbecues, chilling, grilling; 
no curfews, imported brews;
a lime or two beautiful women;
swimming in ocean michigan.
Bonfires waterside 
with fire flies flying by;
whiskey bottle by my side;
sitting, sipping, simply wishing 
summertime would continue. 
But autumn's harvest wont be far off
and winter blowing in is looking grim.


Copyright © oldcrow poet | Year Posted 2009

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RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary.
Was a ship, and not a ferry.
Out at sea, from dawn till dusk.
The White Star Liner.
Would never rust.
It would sail by day, 
and then by night.
With eighty one thousand tons and power.
You could sail the ocean blue.
Every minute of the day, 
or every minute of the hour.
Named after Mary of Teck.
The wife of a King.
Legend has it..
She was a clean machine.
Three large turrets.
The size of a mountain.
Steam rolled out.
Like a smoke stack poutin'.
Finally, the Queen.
She had to retire.
Long Beach it was.
California for hire! 

Ship-Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2014..
All rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 4)

You regret your foolish disclosure, as you confessed to be a cold hearted lover for she was 
lost of hope n’ sacrificed herself from this crest for her love for you consumed her totally, 
though her broken heart, in the care of the angels choir, now sings reforged in the fires of  
You lived your life in the garments of a scar around your heart, covered in bark, thrombosed 
to the love of another, it now cries in virtue n’ chastity from the sentient tree that consumed 
your ashes n’ dust in the grave at the top of the crest by the sea…

I give to you Poet my blessing, so you can relinquish your guilt n’ pain of love’s abandoning 
from the bed of blame you made of your grave, for your quill is at peace till your 
homecoming into this world, my sweet poet come back to me…
For time was your crest from this day you have leapt, you are forgiven my love so rise, let 
go your purgatory n’ perhaps one day we will meet once again as your soul escapes the 
gravity of captivity, now owlish n’ wise let it fly to our destiny…

Though not a word is spoken in these moments of conjuration from a lover long gone in an 
age of castles n’ quests by the sea, it stormed all night n’ I remained by your grave side till 
sunrise n’ the flame in your eyes became the Immortal’s fire to reforge a tarnished heart, 
for your tortured soul now understands n’ through the flames your mind will follow…
Now I see the picture you have painted in the illusion of the rainbow n’ I sense the birth of 
humility n’ grace as the sun breaks through the storm clouds, for your poem of remorse 
finally rests n’ you my love are reborn with angel wings to ride mother earth’s breath…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009

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Ode To A Spartan Soldier

Eyes like the Aegean Sea, 
Burn with a passion for life.
Like underwater volcanoes that erupt and make the sea rage.
Poseidon striking the sea floor.

With the intensity for experience, 
Like the fire that smolders deep within your essence; 
As if Hephaestus, God of Fire placed this potency within your heart.

Raven tresses frame the noble gentleman 
Traveling along his journey like a silent Spartan: King Leonidas. 

With Themis and Dike protecting him in battle; guiding his sword and shield.
Appointing him to be the leader of justice for mankind.

Like the regal Lion that sits upon his golden throne high in the Heavens for all to 
see. Forever etched in the memories of men: so are you--endless;
Sitting with Hercules on Mount Olympus.

Celestial orbs safeguard the one whose utterances are as vast as the 
mountainous landscape.
And whose songs are as boundless as the sea itself.

Copyright © Angela Cox | Year Posted 2007

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To a Mermaid

At the end of the day
All your tears fade away;
All the stars come to rest,
The horizon now crest.

At the sea, the tide fades
As the sum of these days
Takes its toll on the ground,
Ripped and torn, tattered down.

And I'm here, by your side,
Torn away by the tide,
Trying still not to drown,
Not to fade in the sound of the sea.

But I see you, your eyes
Are the tide of the sea.
As they ebb, so they rise.
Still, they wash into me.

I can cry now no more.
Struck yet speechless, I cease.
In your eye, the tides roar;
I have found my release.

Lost in beauty, in that sea,
Lost in time, I'm lost to me.
Your face has aspect, fearful symmetry.
I find I'm lost for words. I cease to breathe.

And as the tide now tears me down,
It matters not.
My soul has found its rest within these ceaseless tides
That once contained my empty cries.

Captivated by your lips,
My breath is water.
'Neath the whips and scorns of time,
I find my peace.
My soul, content, has found release.

Lost in my emotion,
I found what I could be.
Drowned within that ocean,
My soul's absolved to me.

So have I drowned inside the sea,
Inside your tears, inside of me.
I know now what it is to be

Copyright © Natsirt Nav Neram | Year Posted 2005

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009

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A sound

Sitting by the sea,
the sounds of the waves dancing with the
sand, heaven lingering above.
In the distance, dark clouds rumble.
A brisk wind sends the sea into angry
The water and crashes into the sand.
Thunder echoes through the air.
Rain begins in the distance like a train.
The sound grows louder as it nears.
The drops of rain beat the sand with a
fierce rage. 
In an instant, it's gone.
The clouds evaporate into the heavens and
the waves gently caress the sand as though
comforting each grain. 
The sun sinks into the sea and the night
begins again.

Copyright © Andrea Simpson | Year Posted 2006

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What religion has created through the ages 
is a false gospel with much incredibility;
a helpless Christ on that cross...
instead of a resurrected One 
ascending to His glory;
He's still mocked and alone!

Faith is stronger than religion,
it trascends all souls
in search of truth and hope;
and it can't be taught by words alone!
Faith was the stronghold
of prophets and saints!
Let it become our fortress
in the days of weakness,
and fervently pray with confidence
that no harm will come from others!

The sacrificial altar needs no lamb,
the ultimate sacrifice was made...
the reconciliation between Man and God,
and a Mediator to atone every sin committed;
many still believe in a harsh punishment...
by demons who dwell in Hell!

Let's be like David who exalted Jehova God always, 
and proclaimed His greatness for all ages!
Let's fear no man, but trust in the God of Moses...
who parts our waters in troubled times,
and lets us walk safely to our shore;
let's be as faithful as they were!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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Ode To A Turkey

Gobble gobble here comes trouble
Every year this time comes a struggle
Will I be the one for the pot this time?
Is the major worry on my mind
O where can I run and hide?
When my girth is so wide?

Listen please to some sound advice
Why celebrate Thanksgiving with my demise?
Why not choose a chicken? You would be surprised
More time spent with family dinner ready in a flash
You would be ‘going green’ you’ll save some cash
Just imagine what you’d do with all that stash

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2009

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The Gypsies's ode is to bright clouds,
to insure safety on long travels.

They grow everything from rich soil,
drawing clear water from a deep well.

Their ascenstors came from the sea,
in many lands they sought liberty.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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Into the Sea of Love

as I lay here beside you looking at your sweet and gentle face
I now know that our chance meeting was destiny in its place
and that our love was sanctioned by God's unfailing grace

I wanted you to know that my love for you is overflowing
and my feelings of contentment are forever growing
as my heart beats for you at a rate that shows no sign of slowing

my thoughts of us together are so profound and so deep
and into that Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did leap
for my heart is now in your hands where forever I hope you'll keep

I clearly remember the day we met and the circumstance
and the first time we saw each other we shared a heated glance
my whole world had stopped and I felt like I was in a trance

across a crowded room yet it seemed like we were all alone
our souls made a connection and we were in our own zone
it was later that I even realized I had let out a lustful moan

into the Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did dive
for the love and care you've given me has helped me to survive
for whenever I'm with you I feel more alive

into the Sea of Love swimming side by side
into the Sea of Love on a romantic journey we ride
into the Sea of Love where our shared faith in God abides

as I lay here beside you of my face you caress
I thank God daily for I know that I've been blessed
for the way that you love me even has me impressed

into the Sea of Love as we happily float along
our relationship is like a rock, solid and so strong
into the Sea of Love where in your arms I'll forever belong

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

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Ode to the Sea

Are there words to tell,
The beauty that you hold within?
The mystery upon every swell,.
Where God had life begin.

Feeding  multitudes with your bounty;
Man existence depends on you.
So giving  of your endless plenty;
Beneath your waves of blue.

The mysteries you  hold 
Are to man a constantly calling.
Will your story ever be told;
Or are our methods too appalling? 

You deserve our endless gratitude,
For all you have provided.
You play a beautiful etude,
Of which God’s elegant hand has guided.

Copyright © Jeanne Berger | Year Posted 2007

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Ode to the Sea

Sea of time
Oh Sea I rhyme
Sitting here upon my log
Drifting here in my own abyss
Sitting here in time’s shallow pool
I ponder the sea’s eternal rule…
Oh Dear Sea,
how much have you seen?
Has the sky always been blue?
Have your brilliant waves
always been so murky and green?
Sea of time; oh Sea I rhyme

Copyright © Lauren Reindel | Year Posted 2011

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Safeguarding- Open Sea Contest


In the blink of an eye
My world crumbled.
Catastrophe struck my life
Leaving me numb.

My soulmate, my childhood mate,
Whose shoulder I had oft wept on,
Who had remained steadfastly loyal,
Just vanished out of my life.

My soul mate loved sailing,
Always saying, 'The wind, my drifter,
Safer world it always leads me to',
Was defeated in his super adventure on the seas.

My soulmate, true to his name,
Was hard as a rock, forever true,
Eye or heart, what was purer, I know not,
No bone, no flesh, no tatter was traced.

I awakened once again from my reverie,
To realise nothing lasts forever,
We did not meet by chance,
It was pre-destined.

My soulmate, I shall wait till eternity
Till we meet again,
Or please patiently wait till I join you,
To safeguard the pearly gates of heaven.

( Two guards for pearly gates is better company 
and eases the boredom of scanty traffic! )

September 26, 2015
Contest: Open Sea
Sponsor: Chase Trevi

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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Tea Party

Bring them a cup of sea for lighted candles
Tell them taste and tell, and tell, and tell
The ancient salt, the bitterness it kindles
While creation groans at the brink of hell.
              Anyone can condemn the sea you know
              I have seen it gutting the land, have seen
              Rocks becoming sand, and sand is no screen
              For water. The land melts like meals of snow

O let us criticize the stars, moon and wind
Let us analyze and build nothing new again
We cannot replace what we have lost to sin
Let us excite our minds in seasons so vain.
               Each fault should come with a fixer's plan
               Each crowd should go home with wings
               For joy, but the sea in their eyes stings
               Children hope, the salt is in the vein of man.

Only a prayer can promote the peace sought
Diligently among the sad broken of the able
Wisdom as a dream in butterfly net is caught
The cup of sea sits still, a picture on the table
               Of old Daedalus and our patience in dust
               The mall is a symposium of the noise remaining
               The tirade of the tyrant sea in tidal groaning
               Tell and tell and tell splintering sprays of trust. 

And this cup ties itself like leaf to old stumps
Of history, evoking things not properly told
Before. The serpent unswaddles all the slumps
That avarice us chasing pictures of fools' gold
                O that I could banquet your hearts on faith
                Better than promises, or Icarus wax dripping
                Like sweat. The seas sore salt has no diluting
                O let it go, the millennium is late, late, late.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2010

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Untitled #50 / A shimmering arc of whiteness

A shimmering arc of whiteness spreads its
eagle wings, overarching and embracing
the sky, soaring into the sunset
If you were not perfect, I would
run after you, down to the seashore, splashing,
yawping to the tops of heaven till breathless,

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007