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Remembering my Mother

Now when I think of you
I remember the last years 
You helped me to recover 
A place I never could have reached
Showing me the true love of my mother
No matter how hard I pushed away
By my side you would stay

You helped through my hardest time
Forgiving my life's mistakes
Devoted yourself to my recovery 
We grew closer than I ever remember
We had moments together
That will last forever

I still can't believe 
When I recovered
The fatal illness
You were diagnosed 
That would take you from us
But my memories will never be taken 

As I pass the cemetery walls
To see your final resting place
You will always be on my mind
Kneeling here I think... 
Are you watching over me
From someplace far beyond

Copyright © Matt Forshay | Year Posted 2015

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Hi Mom

Weather is poised to slap us into submission.
Threatening with the largest storm in history
To make us aware of her power to destroy
And yet, here on the cusp of history, 
battened down
well stocked
Do I yet love Nature
With all of her wild and beautiful ways.
Her seas have been there for me in my times
Of Loss
And Need
Ever showing me the vastness of her being
She has ever been the Way
In all her present tense
My wilder spirit rises in answer to her challenges
Enhancing my life daily.

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2012

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A mother lover's Ode

smoother than most, all moving no boast, shooting a moon to toast, to our beautiful host
revolving no doors, just opportunities score marking the entrance ways pores
balance implored
fracking a lack of communication crashing breaking backs and racking our foundation
till were screaming take it back
unpacked and all out, dig deep for the fall out, kettle blackened from potty mouths,
busted missing a tea spout
pour me a gallon of chandon the whole sip for your front lawn, till the bottles dry
like jokes from monty python
silly satans salivating sighing and spraying your favorite simon's saying cause piles of money and ego feed are waiting for the generating
nothing new under the sun but above clouds I found me some, cause ignant bliss still exists even if you wear a cummerbund
tell all your facts and try to catch my glazed eye, cause compromise can be the do or die, to where ever future lovers lie
this blueberry from space ferry might fit in a test tube in perspective
or we just miss the point why evolution was so selective

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

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Dear Mom(A sons goodbye)

                                                 Life is delicate like
                                               a rose on a cool fall
                                               morning then without
                                               warning life is taken away.
                                                 I cry not for the rose who's
                                               petals lay scattered at me feet
                                               but for everything else that has

                                                 I cry for the leaves who's leaves crush
                                              like power in my hand and for the flowers
                                              which droop and sag...

                                                 A mother who left this world too
                                              soon and for her pain in till death finely

                                                 The world is a lot different place
                                               with you gone... But a son has to
                                               move on he can't keep thinking 
                                               something wrong...

                                                He can't keep being sad and blue
                                              don't worry I'll always love you... I'll never
                                              forget the love we shared and how much
                                              you cared...  I love you

Copyright © Anthony Nacke | Year Posted 2005

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you have been a naughty mom

you have been a naughty mom
you put a child on a time-out
no mothers day gift for you
it never wanted to come out of it
it smacked you back

you are a naughty mom
you put a kid on a time-out
no mothers day gift for you
handle it
you started it

you put it there
opposite a wall
it could do no wrong

just kidding
this is yours
a good mom
deserves a good gift
happy mothers day

Copyright © daniel bogogolela | Year Posted 2009

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Ode to a Virgo Mom on the Occasion of Her Birthday

Grace under pressure
Unflappable class
Overtones of elegance
Strength of brass.

Tending splendid gardens
Where laughter and fun
Sprout as if native
In the warmth of her sun.

Incensed by thoughtless actions
Yet steady in her mood
Mixing sweet persuasion
With wisdom for food.

A Virgo mom’s a blessing
For one raised in her nest
So just today this Taurus says
That Virgo is the best!

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2006

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She is an encyclopedia
she is a reservoir
she is a resource person
she is a central bank of wisdom.

She has sustained
she has nurtured
she has cared for
she has protected.

I call her my hope
i call her my model
i call her a heavenly gift
i call her a blessing.

She is a queen
a true protector of those she hold dear
a personification of love
she is onime, the woman i call mother.

Copyright © Edoja Faith | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to my Mom

To the giver of my life,
	The bearer of this child,
My protector from strife,
	My guide from going wild.
To the nurse of my aches,
	The suave of my pains,
The baker of my cakes,
	My umbrella from the rains.
To the teacher of my youth,
	The mentor of my mind,
The one who’d soothe my tooth,
	Always fair and kind:

This is my tribute to you,
	An ode to my mom.

Thanks for giving me the strength
	To righten when down.
Thanks for going to any length
	To get rid of my frown.
Thanks for the times we’d just talk
	And you’d be my friend.
Thanks for teaching me to walk,
	And to stand up, in the end.
Thanks for giving me your love
	And taking the time to care.
And when you’re gone to heaven above,
	I’ll always look up and see you there.

This is my tribute to you,	
	I love you, Mom.

Copyright © Anthony Amero | Year Posted 2010

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through his mom he has come to know me 
and my disability.I couldn't get off the toilet in his house as there were no hand rails
I asked his mom if the young man 20,would be uncomfortable giving me a pull up
she said if I was ok with it he would be too.Nick came to the door and flexed his muscles
to pull this large woman up,i saw  such pride in his moms eyes.my heart sank having to
have to ask him for the help.As my visit continued with his mom in the coffee shop.Nick
must have called 20 times to ask if I needed him.now my eyes filled with pride to know
such a fine young man when so much is wrong with the youth today.God bless America,God
Bless Nick

Copyright © KATHY MORELLI | Year Posted 2006

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To my Mom's real Mom

I never knew you, but I have your blood.
Sometimes I wonder, how I'm like you, if it's more ways than one.
And I think to myself, what life would've been like, if you'd kept my mom.
From what I've heard, you were very young, only a couple years older than I am now.
And you made a mistake, but yet, God used it somehow.
So I owe you so much, and still, nothing at all.
And if you hadn't given away my mom, I may not have been here.
So thank you, for choosing life over death.
But God made sure she didn't get left.

Copyright © Stephanie Pinion | Year Posted 2009

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Ode to My Mom

An Ode to my Mommy
I have my mommy on my Mind,
The words I cannot find
My mommy is strong and fierce
And even her words could pierce
She can change my soul 
And make me whole
My mommy tells it like it is
Her advice is not a story or a pop quiz
She picks me up before I fall
When I need advice I give her a call
When I am sad her words are a gift 
Her smile always gives me a lift
Mommy I don't mean to make you sad
I just want you to be happy and glad because you are the best mommy I ever had.

Copyright © Arnesha Lanette Adams | Year Posted 2017