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Ode To Canadian Geese Haiku

anniversary, bird, change, courage, immigration, mystery, sky,
 'Geese' Hiaku: 'Ode to the Canadian Goose'!

Canada’s Geese © HAIKU

All Northern Geese ‘crop’	
Seasonal tour ‘reruns’ twice!
Returning again!

Flag-poled Staff © HAIKU

Two pilots each tour
One Canadian goose ‘flagpoles’ 
Two tails split ends!

Canada Geese Fly By! ©HAIKU

Touristic ‘fly-bys’ 
Soar far north in summer months 
Down south in winter!

Canadian Geese © HAIKU

Arrow signs direct 
Sky-masses of geese ‘elites’ 
Comings and goings!

Flights Yesteryear© HAIKU

Canadian Geese consent
 To ‘v-shaped’ sky-tipped arrow points
Past’s learnt direction!

Canada Geese Tours © HAIKU

‘Fly-by' Geese Tourism
 Northerner or Southerner
Two seasons a year!

Canadian Geese Vacation © HAIKU

Arrow signs direct 
'V-trailing'  geese to the sky 
Masses 'enlist' onward!

Flights To Yesteryear© HAIKU

Canadian Geese mark
 'V-shaped' (sky) tipped arrow-points
Aged-mapped  destinies!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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haiku 36 37 38 39 an ode to cowboys and cotton eyed joe

Out past fading smoke the smell of saddle-leather lone horse by campfire - - - by the campfire cowboys share haunted tales leaves rustle in moon's shadow - - - the tapping of boots on creaking woodfloor line-dancing - - - coffee beans'scent from the musty log cabin Cowboys 'return
My first attempt re cowboys haiku

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2013

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an ode to bruno haiku

german shepherd dog
my own big wheel bodyguard
loyal till the end

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

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haiku to an ode

Haiku and senryu
Can’t tell one from the other
How about an ode?

For Destroyer A Poet’s ‘Any haiku will do” contest
S.Jagathsimhan Nair,   16 sept 11

Copyright © S.Jagathsimhan Nair | Year Posted 2011

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(Dedication: For Ann, the love of my life, who walks with me smiling. Thank you.)

Opt for a path that observes life's pulse and play,
Deeper and clearer as experience vivid,
Etch a present moment fragment in plain stay.

Sense oneness in all nature speak so candid,
Emotive knowing as beauty now reveals,
Etchings and markings of truth and sheer magic!

Here in this moment watch miracle appeal,
Align heart, mind and body to glimpse fine view,
Image and idea juxtaposed in factual feel.

Keep watching as stillness reveals to you,
Urgings of natural wonder that unveils,
See the world change in a fragment deep within you!

Now moments fling messages to blaze a trail,
Open your heart and mind to embrace belief,
Words only capture a mere fragment unveiled.

Seek to go deep within where silence achieves,
Enter a continuum that whisper hints,
Embrace a journey gift that calmness receives.

Mind and matter and motion and stillness mint,
Encounter a passage where miracles hint!

Leon Enriquez
08 Mar 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to the Haiku

Oh haiku – how I do love you!
With your sweet simplicity and gentle refrain 
You fetter me to petite joys
Allowing me to…oh dear - I wrote a quatrain!

Copyright © Talena alienmermaid | Year Posted 2012