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Because They Play the Game

Dedicated to every young man bestowed the honor of wearing 
the glorious Oklahoma Sooners' Crimson & Cream 


Over sixty years, boy and man, I have been a Sooners fan;
And always hoped to be among the truest in the stands.
And while I don’t remember all the Players’ names,
They’re my Heroes, each and every one, because they play the game.
When they’re on the field of battle, my Sooners surely give their all;
And when they’re on the sidelines, just waiting for a Coach’s call;
Visions of Glory must be dancing in their heads;
The Glory of the moment and our cheers, the Glory of playing for
   the mighty Big Red.

And for those Sooners who rarely played, whose names were 
   known only by a few,
Make no mistake my friend, each of them is my Hero too.
Like Soldiers waiting in the ranks, but never called to fight,
They ‘re ready and they’re willing, their spirit and their sacrifice
   add to Big Red’s might.

I stand in awe of Sooner Magic.  No, I never doubt it.
My Sooners could have never won so many Championships without it.
But don’t misunderstand when I say Sooner Magic won those games;
It was Sooners players who, once again, rose to the occasion and
   glorified the name.

Sixty years of college football and my Sooners have won the most.
Their fierce pride and performance inspire this simple toast:
“My Sooners Team goes on and on, different faces, different names;
But my Heroes, Each and Every one, for win or lose…
                                 They play the game.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Boots across his shoulders, striding through the park 
Bright young man of 20, out to make his mark 
On his way to Ayresome, living out the dream 
Playing centre forward for his hometown football team 
And yeah, I was there. 

Goals were this lad's business, poaching was his game 
Scoring by the dozen, on his way to fame 
Stealing all the headlines, stirring up the crowd 
Mixing it with hard men, bloody but unbowed 
And yeah, I was there. 

  Never ducked a tackle, never jacked it in, 
  Never stopped competing till a draw became a win 
  Always put his head there, always had a go 
  Always 90 minutes and he always stole the show 

Looking back in wonder, deep down memory lane 
Matchdays in the Holgate, sunshine through the rain 
Five fantastic seasons, never quite enough 
The legend in my lifetime that was Boro's Brian Clough 
And yeah, I was there 

Oh yeah....... I was there. 



Thank you for reading this. 


Copyright © Louis Spence | Year Posted 2014

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ODE TO THE AFL!!!  (Melbourne, Australia, a unique whimsy)

Are footy fanatics,
Total raving lunatics? 
The flag's in the bag!
We've got some lively lads,
Best we've ever had!
Peter Pans on pot,
The flags that time forgot,
Footy finals fever,
Talk about dream weavers!
Footy finals phobias,
TV claustrophobia,
Why didn't we win?
Any old excuse again!
Footy fanatics,
Raving lunatics,
Footy finals fever,
Melbourne's dream weavers!

(And we wouldn't have it any other way!!)

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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The Wall

He is the row locker that holds the bridge
He is the Bison that carries the load from the deck
A wall that resists oppositions, guards them in check

It’s been build to shield the back four
And plastered to cover up loopholes
He is hard and strong, José’s goal

This is the wall reinforced by José
His work-rate is breathtaking like wild horses
His presence is haunting to opposing forces

The fulcrum upon which the system revolves
Anchored at either end of the bridge
Is a wall that stabilizes a moving ridge

He takes up knocks and blows
Yet, never crumble to the ground
This is the wall that essentially runs around

He is a Mourinian, the rediscovered wall
Opposing forces hit the wall and bounced off
Ooops! “He hit my wall”, José scoff

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day has been a family tradition for years. The holiday's been around since
the 1600s when the Mayflower landed in a Pennsylvania town called Plymouth. Thanksgiving
Day is also about giving thanks for having good friends, spending quality time with
families, and a lot of football, especially when they're watching the Dallas Cowboys play
against another NFL football team. What's the favorite part when it comes to Thanksgiving
Day is when a lot of families and friends gather around for dinner and stuff. What's also
our favorite part of Thanksgiving most of all is the food, especially the turkey and the
stuffing. And let's not forget the cranberry sauce and the casseroles. Talking about
Thanksgiving food makes a person. But the important thing about Thanksgiving Day is when
everybody's gathered around for the reading of the Holy Bible: the King James version. And
if it weren't for Thanksgiving Day and had the Pilgrims not found Plymouth, Pennsylvania,
there wouldn't be a Thanksgiving Day and traditional football games. Let's hope we don't
consume too much food.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011