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My Son

As a tear runs down my cheek
the world might see me as weak.
But a pain that has no end
devours me day and night
until I feel spent,
useless, a candle without light.

Could I have done more?
Why didn't I dig to the core?
If only I made that last call
maybe I would have seen
his ultimate brick wall
How different things could have been.

But now is the hour to let go
Time to fight my own foe
allow him the peace and rest
Only has he forgone me
His sun setting in the west
a short while before my own will be.

Copyright © JP Hugo | Year Posted 2015

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How sad it is, unbelievable but true
Yes, heroes too do die
Its true death is a reality
Since birth marks the beginning of a man
So death comes to end the existence of man

Unbelievable but true
Death is a reality though hard to accept
We say why him? We are correct to ask many questions
The simple answer is yes, heroes too do die
Yes, I know you will say not in this manner
But I tell you; heroes always go beyond our expectations
Like every other hero he was extra-ordinary in all aspects
Thus, the news of a fallen hero
How thunderous it sounds
Oh! What a great lost to our nation and future generations
We now live in total regrets and desolation
For one we once loved so much is no more
To this end, we say to God be the Glory.
Daddy, may your peaceful and gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace. 

Copyright © Tangwa Livinus Acha | Year Posted 2015

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How could you pass by so eccentrically!
Didn’t you see me for even an instant?
Wearing the same evening gown you walked,
Adjacent to the car I was stuck!

I couldn’t believe my eyes,
How could it really be?
You were so apathetic, 
You seemed walking to your own,
As if, it were a walk to the Moon!
No stop over, no curve, no care for to and fro, 
It seemed like a goal was set fixed for you!
Just splashed once, and then walked straight in the rain.

Dad, you passed away ten years ago
No, it can neither be you, nor your shadow!
Dad, was it really you, or my imagination?
I called you back, but you were never seen again.
Still on my way the same daily,
I look for you again and again keenly
I don’t see you, neither your moon-walk,
Are you okay with your own, wherever you are?

Dad, its poor me, your forlorn daughter,
Don’t be so firm, please response ever!
From wherever you are! Just send me a smiley face once,
It will console my compassion, I’ll stay contented forever.

Copyright © Tasmina Hayat Khan | Year Posted 2015

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Daddie, Dadi, Dad-dy

It was just around mid-morning
I recall exactly what I was doing
The feeling felt all too familiar
The vibe was peculiar
I had that unmistakable hunch
I guessed what was nigh, the crunch
My phone rang, not once but twice
I was tempted to let it beep thrice
But nay, not on this day, not today
The news that came crushed my Sunday
Dad had passed on, Dad was no more
I cried not but my heart tore and felt sore
My life had instantaneously changed
A novel void had just been created
Mum would be all alone
Save for six sons loving her to the bone
We will not despair but hang together
Duty bound to take care of our mother

It’s a sad sight to see the family deteriorate
But dad's life gave us something to emulate
He granted us, his children a chance in life
He always was very faithful to one wife
He taught us well till the age of seventy three
Now who will be the new root for our family tree?
We have uncles and aunts, cousins and nieces
But no one to properly anchor the jumbled pieces
Without him, we are but lost and fragmented
We are like a team dismayed and all so disjointed
We’re gradually losing a generation
That’s why I cry for my true champion
My hero, my idol, role model, my icon
Dad, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do
Just to spend another day with you

Copyright © John Pen | Year Posted 2014

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In your frailty I felt your spirit touch
reaching from a quiet somber heart 
to give it's love 
unrestrained in peaceful gesture
as if to say that nothing mattered more
than having us together 
remembered here this special day

Copyright © Jeff Burris | Year Posted 2009

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Ode to my dad

 Ode to my dad

Your love sheltered us when we were small

Your love got tough as we grew tall

Your love stretched wide as we got older

Your love never faded as we got bolder

You’ve now passed on to the after life

Your love still shields us from all

Hurt, harm and strife


Copyright © Adrienne Gresham | Year Posted 2011

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His hair was black, crisp and wavy,
Above a face well-featured by grace. 
A man who knew how to earn a living,
He could look the entire world in the face.

Dad’s advice I will never forget:
To try always to do your best,
And to thank God everyday,
Because He’ll take care of the rest. 

To church, he went every Sunday
To hear the pastor’s learned voice.
The singing of the church choir
Allowed his weary heart to rejoice.

He told me to know to use my mind,
Since knowledge is much to be sought;
And there is no end to learning,
Or end to what needs to be taught.

Dad had hands that fixed anything,
With a bit of cement or a nail.
And whatever he had put together,
You could be sure it wouldn’t fail

If only I had listened to him more, 
While he was here with me alive.
If I had paid attention to all he had to say,
Surely now I would know how to survive.

Copyright © Albert Price | Year Posted 2017

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Tribute to my Dad

broken bones
skinned knees
it was you

wondering where I am
was I okay
it was you

when I fell apart
from a broken heart
it was you

tasting my tears
facing my fears
it was you

sharing my pain 
from far away
it was you

happy in love
sharing my joy
it was you

weary and tired
from illness and pain
now it is me

holding your hand
in your last days
it is me

laying you to rest
saying farewell to the best
it is me

thanks Dad
I love you
I miss you

Copyright © TuLisha Blackshear | Year Posted 2009

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Miss You

I lost my Dad way to soon, but when would the time be right..
I lost my dear sister too, but maybe now they are in each others sight..
Life passes by so fast and we tend to take things for granted...
We hold on to the memories and the new seeds we have planted..
I do my best to fill in the gaps, but I still miss watching my dad nap..
I'm the one they seem to look too, they hold me so high I hope I can do..
So as I lay my tired head to rest, I hope they look down and know I'm 
doing my best...For another day will start and on each shoulder I 
shall hold their hearts.....

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2010

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Ode to Peanut

Ode to Peanut
(by my father David Swanson)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Peanut!
Oh her eyes are filled with wisdom and her breed is pure mutt.
Her dinner is the contents of the kitty litter box,
but she's our darling dog!


Peanut, peanut we all hail you!
Peanut, peanut we all smail you!
Despite the smell of your dog-do,
Cause you're our darling dog!

She reigns as queen of poodles everywhere beneath the sun,
She's the idol of each dog and cat with whom she's ever run.
She has a spot of sticky crusted right beneath her tail,
but she's our darling dog!


She likes to chew the gummy bits of all our underwear -
It gives her breath the same aroma found in anal hair.
She sleeps in Tabie's bed at night - the brownish spots are there!
But she's our darling dog!

Copyright © Elinor Swanson | Year Posted 2017

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#How could I forget# 
How could I forget your widely smiling face,
Your warm enwrapping hugs, your frequent gifts of grace,
Before your brilliant mind, which used to dazzle bright,
Gave way to Alzheimer’s dark unrelenting blight. 

How could I forget, the end was very soon,
Surprised, you said to me, “Oh, I remember you!”
The jumbled words you spoke, I couldn’t understand,
But never did I doubt that kind was your intent.

How could I forget you hosting mini-church 
Inside your modest home, inviting all to perch.  
To our great God, you’d sing, and quell all spirits bleak,
Answer sticky questions, with gentle, Christ-like peace.

How could I forget how you and wife stood by,
When gulping her first breath, my daughter started life.
Your good face she saw, her first few hours on earth,
Look how she’s all grown up and echoes Mama’s mirth.

How could I forget you blessed my second son,
Born fifteen months before, he had hair like setting-sun.
You touched him on his head, and prayed that God would bless,
Protect this lil’ guy, and limit his life’s mess.    

How could I forget, when you and lovely wife,
Brought us Christmas dinner, blessed my first son’s life.
T’was sweetest time we had, while sharing baby news,
Your refreshing humor helped vanquish baby blues. 

How could I forget the night my man proposed,
T’was in your living room, and you did not oppose.
The fireplace was lit, my man was on his knee,
While looking into my eyes, said, “Will you marry me?”  

How could forget, when I was just a teen,
I called up you and wife, said needed place to flee.
“I’ll pick you up in ten,” you said, didn’t hesitate.   
You shared with me your home; three months you let me stay.
How could I forget, when I was six years old,
Broke Christmas ornaments. You didn’t treat me cold.  
So hard I tried to help - you move from house to house.
Yet, seeing broken glass, you didn’t brand me louse.

How could I forget, when first I did meet you,
Though I was just age five. T’was at a picnic do,
Held at Alondra park, And standing in sun’s glare,
Your wife held up a sign, said, “Picnic over there.” 

No, I will not forget, I’ll see you ‘gain one day.
I’ll say a proper thanks, as God wipes tears away.
We’ll have that cheery chat; your words won’t go awry,
'Cause now you clearly speak, at home above the sky.

Dedicated to Roger H., who passed away Valentine's day, 2017

Copyright © Hannah Rain | Year Posted 2017

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kites flown

kites flown from screens below we are only three and a halves year old we taught ourselves to leaf even before our mothers could even breathe teach'er teach'er learn me sleep our diaper his has rolled up our sleeve now he smells like make believe look look "look" mommy can you tell we are over grown she was holding from below we are in the clouds kite flown ?

Copyright © stranded stars | Year Posted 2017

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I remember you

Dad I miss you every day,
Not with sadness may I say.
I’m sad your gone not by my side,
I think it hurts I know I cried.
I miss you most when things go bad
Its when I need your help I feel so sad.
But in my heart you will always be
Just as your love is always for me.
I miss those times oh so much
It must be said you were my crutch.
I lent on you when problems rose
To run away you never choose.
I love you now as I did then
I know my heart will never mend.
I have memories of things we did together
With love in my heart you’ll be forever.

Copyright © stuart chandler | Year Posted 2017

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took you from me.
   Tears well up.
    I miss you
   Peas in a pod.
 No one else could
read me like a book.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2017