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Tiny Lords Of Majesty

It’s due to a facet of your hectic nature That you repose for such a short time Totally remiss in your ignorant bliss Unaware of your beauty sublime A deep sip of Milkweed nectar With proboscis quick unfurled Diaphanous wings idle gently, lazily Then long probe is once again curled Magnetic fields tug once again Beckoning you once more away Legs push up Wings flex down You’re never long to stay The compass of all your travels is Directed by the Sun Your ticket is punched both by Nature… And solar winds All wrapped up in one Wings lightly, delicately dusted In powder of black, red and gold A tad tattered and ragged It’s true Yet still things of beauty Truth be told But also warnings against Avian haste as bright banners Proclaiming: “Beware! …Bitter taste!!…” Thousands of miles of improbable flight Through blistering days And cold stormy nights To attend a reunion With millions In whispering chorus On a cool mountainside keep Deep in a Mexican forest Are old acquaintances renewed? Relations remade? In the trees garlanded With color In the cool forest’s shade Do they mourn for one’s fallen Along the way? Do they have a collective consciousness That they share In some strange way? It soothes me to think That they’re sharing their lore Of things that have passed And of things, still in store They’re mysterious And amazing creatures that I love And are unique to my eye Lords of all they fly above …Monarchs of the sky…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2014

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Butterfly Wings

It's so hard to say goodbye to imagine life without you. I just keep asking why but God chose to take you. Time, they say, heals all but I am lost away in a blur of tears that fall ceasesless, night and day. Reality is lost to me as I see you on butterfly wings soaring the heavens, I can hear you heart sing. I picture you there with sweet Grandpa Joe you have not a care you are peaceful I know. So hold my secrets a little longer while you wait for me but while I'm here dance with Grandpa Joe for me.

Copyright © Audrey Decker | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to The Blue Butterfly

Eyes opened to a vision of beauty,
But thy kiss a taste of summer, 
But thy love a taste of blissful nectar, 
Endlessly cherished by the senses of secrecy

As this blue butterfly eternally waltz, 
In this heart of mine plagued by winter, in a winters abode,
It drinks and saps sweetly to the tune of my nectars woe.
As a love, our love, goes un-confessed

Un-confessed to our visions of summer sweetly spent,
Un-confessed to the sensations of your summers kiss, sweetly spent on my lips,
Now these things but memories,
Scattered amongst the snow.

Sweetly being sapped and taken away by this blue butterfly,
Ever hanging by the nectar of your grave.


Copyright © Guy-Adler Dorelien | Year Posted 2010

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Imprisoned Butterfly

You poor Imprisoned
Why do you in your
misery lie
Burying your head in
your cocoon to cry
After one hit of ill-luck,
deciding to die
When you to this mad-
ness, can say goodbye
If you just Spread your
Wings to the sky

Copyright © Karin Edwards | Year Posted 2010

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Open up
I say to thee
obey the voice
of destiny

partake you now 
of natures faire
come taste the fragrance
in the air

out of long remiss
lay aside thy chrysalis

open up
I beg of thee
open sesame!

Copyright © Rob Metcalf | Year Posted 2010