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An Ode to the Angel of Death

What manner of an angel be
my love, who standeth here?
Such beauty did I never see
in any Earthly year.
What mighty magic has she cast
to make me love her so,
that if I should for aeons last,
still with her I shall go?
What wonders lay beneath her breast
and weigh my heart like stones?
These eyes of mine did never rest
on any sweeter bones.
What better end have I to meet
than ‘fore my Lady break me
to lift me in her embrace sweet
and to her darkness take me?

Copyright © Robert Valentine | Year Posted 2010

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ode to the little one

"ode to the little one"

on this night I sit and stare
to my surprise such illumination I see

a glorious clear black sky
countless shining stars
showing themselves for hopes and dreams

such glitters this night know not why
they reveal no resolve for my life or path
in my heart I know they're placed for me
they whisper your strength is true
giving recognition of pain gone through

I continue to stare and hear their call
both sky and star tell me to ask not why
why black clouds and life have neglected me
tenderly whispering this you are not defined

I see the changing sky as moments pass
ever gently it moves and shifts back to me
telling me worry not little one you're never alone
never have you been or will be

one day all will be answered and revealed
until then hold strong be strong be you
continue on little one through pain or tears

SkyWatcher  -  03-06-17

the above entry was inspired and dedicated to the 
"Little One" and "Lost Childhood" series written by Darren White

Darren I hope I wrote with honor and dignity to your series 
and to the "Little One"

there are no words to express the beauty of such a series shared by you

Copyright © Lisa Ricci | Year Posted 2017

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Poetry Polaris -

I was a child of words,
they explained my laughter, sheltered my dreams,
gave soul and sunshine a synergy,
emotions could escape jovially, mischeviously, miraculously,
art from a wind pipe, architecture of innocence played on papyrus,
I discovered that I could lye with them to achieve absolvement,
I may lie with them to remember light in long trails of history,
poetry became my throne, my home, how my heart shown
somethng precious I could own,
from them I learned diversity of dangerous dialectics,
from them I may teach about candor and courage, 
about forgiveness flown wide,
a license from Divinity, a desire from death diging in doubts,
wise warriors may make the word sword from words,
defending their lifetimes with those weapons of intellectual warfare,
I chose Poetry because She rescued me from the philistines,
where I needed meaning She gave me begining
with an oath for us both,
going forth like students entering a cathedral worthy of new psalms
She was the water I touched my forehead with
I was Her reason for season, 
a whirlwind She could bless with a scream,
a man with poetics in my purpose and melody in mind,
She would shatter stars for my delight
and I will break my body for Her foresight,
for She is forthright,
and I am Her knight -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

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First Love

First Love

Her eyes showed me a way,
Her unique smile let my tears go away,
Her Beautiful face made me to say,
Is this Love, or what???

Started to have feeling of love,
Started to behave nicely and different,
Started to smile when there was no reason to smile,
Still, Is this Love, or what??

Tried to approach her, but felt belittled, lowly, shy,
Tried to ask her for date, but felt afraid, scared, shocked,
Tried to express my love, felt would be rejected, hurt, unheard,
Well still, Is this love, or what?

I can fix anything, why not this thing,
I can talk to any girl, why not this girl,
I can really convince anyone, why not this one,
Came before many girl, why not this girl.

Do please not tell me its just nothing,
Do tell me how to do something about this thing...Love,
Do tell me anything about this thing…Love,
Will there be rejection or appreciation??????????

Copyright © B S Sky | Year Posted 2013

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Lips Of Honesty

From you I do not hide
the fragile, feral man inside,
in your grace I do confide
crown and pride I put aside,

For in your breath love is true
upon your breasts my eyes burn blue,
a face pure as youth I see in you
in our kiss the divine comes through,

I take you with me through the day
into the wild and amongst the fray,
within my heart you will stay
you are my strength all the way...


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2015

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Daydream Love

You are simply a work of art.
I’ve known it from the very start, 
But you won’t find me hittin’ on ya.

For I’m just an old guy 
With a twinkle in his eye;
Happy just to gaze upon ya.

My old heart quickens it pace
Each time I see your pretty face,
A face that every man should see.

Sometimes, just for a while,
Each time I see you smile,
I imagine it's just for me.

And, when I hear your voice,
For just a moment, I rejoice.
Yes, it’s music to these old ears.

But more than a work of art,
You’re warm and funny and smart.
Simply a beautiful person, my dear.

Though with you I’m quite smitten,
My words are respectfully written;
And every word is  true.

But, if I weren’t so old,
If I were better looking and a little bold,
I would simply say, “I love you.”

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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You are one of the people whom I admire the most,
 I always think to send u in Heaven a post;
 Your absence pierces the heart,
 Desire to have my name in your good chart;
 Long since there no one to tell the stories,
 Ramayana and Mahabharata whose heroes enchanted their glories;
 Evening walks are missing you,
 Alone here needs who say words true;
 I haven't experience the death's pain,
 The way to get close to God as only gain;
 Today sleeping doesn't bring the happiest moments,
 Request to God to get me the those days in rent;
 I am residing there from where you never came back,
 But I know I am filled with people with whom my heart never sag;
 Losing u at a very small age of mine isn't so good,
 I haven't thought u can be so rude;
 Often my dream witnesses u,
 Your smile, your goodness everything in u;
 The traditions followed by you and from the family attracted me,
 The need of hour requests u to stand aside me;
 The art of archery taught by u,
 Never from my mind in these years this technique flew;
 Rudeness can never be in your nature,
 The Strongest had given so much in your treasure;
 You live in my heart, my instincts,
 Patiently waiting for last 15 years to make my problems fix it;
 My facebook cover photo to have you underneath a big reason,
 Atleast there you are present in my dimension;
 Love and emotions between us kept me alive till today,
 My memory never gonna skip your birthday;
 Wish I could be your stick for your support,
 And I have been there to obey your order as your TV's remote;
 May there be less time to meet you in Heaven,
 Cherishing again the golden days among two men.

Copyright © Prateek Tripathi | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girls. But the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smart. Many would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outside. So many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappear. He will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from above. I guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

Copyright © Meghan Palmer | Year Posted 2013

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In Praise Of

It never ceases to amaze me
how much loving care is given
by our overworked medical staff.
Their dedication to patients supreme.

When one stops to think of abuse
that is often thrown their way.
It makes one wonder how they cope
with screaming thrashing confused people.

How hard to know that someone is dying
yet still show them kindness and respect.
All the while knowing their best is not enough
as a young child loses its battle against cancer.

Then the nasty jobs involving personal dignity 
that are tackled with fortitude and grace.
Yes Indeed! Both our doctors and nurses
are the true angels worth their weight in gold

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Eyes of an angel

when I looked in her eyes I got lost for a moment.
Hypnotized by her Beauty I had fallen in love.
I realized I was staring as she began to smile my heart beating fast I haven't felt this way in a while.
Butterflies in my stomach infatuated with curiosity I started to get nervous with a little anxiety.
Something came over me so I went home and looked it up.
I found out I fell in love and I couldn't get back up.

Copyright © marcus pimentel | Year Posted 2016

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To My Beloved

Above,look! Heaven 

Written by:
Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu.
Dedicated to Leonora 
A unique and lovely 
damsel from the heavens.
Love you so much.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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         THE BRAVE

So we all have,
Inside of  us, the brave,
The one who would not cave
To none, nor any trade.
Forsaken what we made,
By hand, by mind or fate.
The look in our eyes is true.
As long as the sky remains blue,
Darkness of the night cannot undo,
The power of a few.
The strength of me and you.
The voices all became one voice
Opinionated by one choice,
Let out firmly and with poise
The sound of peace without a noise,
Without tremors, without ploys.

Copyright © christine craig | Year Posted 2016

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You and me

Like a warm gentle breeze
On a bright sunny day, 
I’ll sway with you 
Not to go astray.

Like a cool wet rain drop
In the warm summers night,
I will stay with you
Until the first dewy light.

Like a lightly visible cloud
In a clear blue sky
I’ll be there near you
With no reason as to why.

Like granules of sand
Through a crystal hour glass
I’ll whisper soft sounds of peace
As the times slowly pass.

Like a comfy soft blanket 
On a chilled winter night,
I will hold you so near
Till all feels right.

All these things I do with you
Are what we need to pull us through
Our hopes been dashed
Our dreams been lost
Much pain has past
At such great cost.

The love we found has kept us real
The life we share, like solid steel,
We hold up strong with all our might
And keep so close
No needs for flight.

Written by @

Copyright © Athena Hoefs | Year Posted 2015

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Call her Lucy
O'! For She once was all
Heavenly kingdom strung 
On her Mandolin song

Call her Lucy 
O'! For she had it all
Had she not fallen
Rising end-time eyes forlorn

O'! My poor Lucy  
Fearing the last judges
Earthly kingdoms now torn 

Copyright © okoi nkanu | Year Posted 2014

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An Ode To A Witch


SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Oh, that crackling thunder, my ears torn asunder,
That folded mural in the sky-
It glistened and gleamed, like jewels on high,
I marvelled at my passage, until my victim drew neigh.

That fair-haired maiden, a youthful lass AT BEST,
I would de'er enter her vessel-
And lay my wizened body to rest,
Upon such sweet innocence, I'll leave her torn and regretful.

I've searched within my old sinful heart,
These many sweet wenches, I do now recall-
But my only regret, is one day will I die,
Oh, my crackling thunder, 'tis gone and lost for all.

I'm but a vapored cloud,
Drifting and planing night and day-
But now I'm an image lost,
My family so far away.

An ode to a witch, INDEED,
It could have been so hea-ven-ly-
But a stitch in time,
Ne'er leaves its rhyme, as I did so hap-pil-y!

Copyright © Thomas Hsi | Year Posted 2013

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An Ode to LIFE Part 1

An Ode To LIFE

As I lay my head down and start to fall asleep I see myself being carried off to a place and time the place of our Lords birth in Bethlehem of Judea

As in the Bible tells the story of His life and how he lived and died in that human seance and rose on the day He told of

I do not remember being here but I remember the story I was taught so many years ago

As I walk through the streets of Bethlehem I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am learning the story they telling is true

The writer writes of a jealous King  and his way of dealing with his people and of Mary and Joseph who came to Bethlehem to have a child

The story tells of the three wise men  who saw a star in the north and heard of a child  who was born to be the King of the Jews  and come to see and bring Him gifts 

An  angel from the Heavens above came to Mary and Joseph in a dream and told them they had to leave Bethlehem or King Herod would have their son killed 

So they left Bethlehem and went to Egypt and there they lived until King Herod no longer ruled

As I follow along in my dream I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am puzzled by the fact I understand each

I don’t understand why I’m going through this time but I know I must continue on this journey 

As I am pulling through a time where I reach the place of Jesus’ in  Nazareth of Galilee

As I watched Him grow and work in His father's shop I could see the thing in Him that were with me

As I walk along the streets and look around I hear the people talk of a child that speaks of wondrous love that’s all forgiving and of a Father in Heaven that’s loving and true.

By Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

                                                            Inspired by God 


Copyright © Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD | Year Posted 2013

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Guide me as I walk everyday
Into problems and circumstances
To angels, safety I always pray
Peace and better chances

Please tell God to bless me
Forgive me from my sins
You are always there to be a messenger
Protect me wherever I'll be 
Also do the same to my kins
God, thank you for these saviors

Copyright © Hansteven Selfa | Year Posted 2015

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My church

Between old blood and tyrants 
Deeper in the silence 
I found the balance.

Music fills my soul
I've lost all control
I'm not half, I'm whole.

This music is my church
The end of my search
No more research.

The artist is my priest
And god is just another beast
That partook in this feast,

Deeper in the silence
I'm listening to the sirens
Between old blood and tyrants.

Copyright © Alexandru Pop | Year Posted 2016

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Welcome me not for
"I" have been here before
That strong luminence only 
ancient night's recall
From my lofty throne angels soar
bleakly-shining they bring you more

Welcome me not for 
all other god's will concour
When the sun chose to rule dayly;
gargoyles, vampires, wolverines and all
bowed to me for they saw-
"I" only could give them more

Copyright © okoi nkanu | Year Posted 2014

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my angel

I didnt know that angels could be on earth
until i met one

she is beautiful
and full of compassion

she has so much love for me 
and others

when i am hurt she heals
when i am lost and confused she shows me the way
she brings light into a world full of darkness

she helps me in the little things
she guides me through the tough things

She works hard to help others strive
she makes me a better person

she forgives when forgiveness is hard
she loves when loving is difficult

she cares more then anyone could imagine
she is always there when i need her
her arms open wide full of comfort

i cant imagine where i would be without my angel
my angel sent from God
my example
my worker
my healer
my caregiver
my mom

i love you forever and always

happy mothers day 

By: Katie Borg

Copyright © Katie Borghardt | Year Posted 2015

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When we dream
 And when we love 
Is there anything
 When we begin
 In our dreams
 In our past
 We can try and make this last
 Change is one way of bravery
 Deep inside theirs a child
 Still afraid
 Learning to crawl
 Take down the walls 
Be proud.

Copyright © Courtney Vinch | Year Posted 2014

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Little Angel

Behold there she lay peacefully,
covered in warmth quite meticulously.
Her snow white eyes blinked,
as she sought to establish the place.
A smile warm as the sun rays,
from her lit up our hearts.
Ebony black hair atop her head,
her face beaming with joy.
A priceless gift to us all,
from our maker the overall.
We wish countless fortunes,
upon this little angel.
That the fountain of blessings,
may well over her life.
To always live in His favour,
for all times and seasons due.

Copyright © ian munywe | Year Posted 2015

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My Darling Angel

For my darling Angel
May you grow to be strong
And pure of heart
May you dream incredible dreams
Believe in anything you wish
And wish for what you believe
May you experience magic
And reach for the stars
Be kind and cherish your possessions
Take your time to do things right
Never forget who will always 
Love you for you
You will always be mine
My pride, my joy
The apple of my soul
My heart, my world
My darling Angel

Copyright © Shannon Deane | Year Posted 2006

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An Ode to Amy

A senseless act of destruction
As he walked through the train
Eyes searching random faces
Aimlessly brought death and pain.

No rhyme or reason to the gore
All colors and races did he choose
His rage was not stopped before
He looked at her, shot her once.

Out of her death a life was saved
And a piece of her still lives on
Her organs were given by her family
And with her gift my pain was gone.

Copyright © Betty Janko | Year Posted 2016

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Dearest Poetry Angel

Dearest Poetry Angel,
When I came visiting today
I was in a gloomy mood.
Your poetry burst away my clouds
And a radiant rainbow appeared.
Thank you for sharing 
Your divine gift with me.
From your fountain 
Let more words of inspiration
Sparkle on us mere mortals.
Please give us more poems 
Of  your eternal meditation.
Pain in the heart 
Is so easily  contagious.
Delve I into the depth
To find no solution.
Running away from truth
Leads to further tribulation.
Seeking for salvation
Is beyond my aspiration.
Reliance on anyone
Is a bar I cannot cross.
Banks I find none
For my surging emotions.
My wild untamed desires
I cannot transform.
A  dual life is what
I am perennially living
In reality and
In my castle of dreams.
Engineering connections
Is hard to come by. I 
Yet when I meet you
My heart contracts not.
My lips curl into a smile
And I start celebrating my life.
The clearest sky is above with
The rainbow coloured peacocks delicately dancing.
Dearest Poetry Angel I understand you not
Nor ever want to understand your sheer enigma.

Balveen Cheema
Gudrun Kaur Mann

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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24 years between 22 yards,
Records being made like palace of cards,
He is one who breathes cricket,
A player,whom no opponent can hate.
He plays cricket only,thinks everyone...
But playing with nos. Is his real fun..
His achievements are his identity,
He's a true legend in reality.

663 Matches,34357 runs,100 tons,154 fifties,200 wickets are enough to call him sir,
He's no other than SACHIN TENDULKAR..

Records are so,that can be written an encyclopedia,
Most times news,was he for media.
Head is at seventh sky,still feet at ground,
Kept every responsibility brilliantly,it is found.
Our Indian soil was blessed on 24 april 1973, when he born.
That day was for Indian cricket, a new dawn.
Family supportive,start training at 11,
His focus being perfect,that's why he has today heaven..

On 15 nov 1989, he came whirling his bat,
At 16,before pakistan,he was like before lion,a rat.
May start was bad,but determination was atmost,
Passing all hurdles,he reached the coast.
Then fours and six and runs and records.
Oh my goodness! Everyone has to laud..
Time was departing,so were players,
But immotile as hill,he was there,
WHat he cannot do was unanswerable,
His story in future become fable.
Those watching him play at childhood,share field with him,
But wrinkles in his performance was never seen..
Equalling Billgates' income he won hearts.
He was the whole piece,but then also considered himself a part..
Father's wish was to be a good human,
Now every father want such son.
Every thing achieved,giving father tribute asked-" Have i made it large?"
May height so small but deed so enlarge..

But every good thing comes to an end,
And so does when our legend descends.
With brim on head,tricolour in hand.
Touches the pitch,saying I did my job, my sand...
Make everyone happy when he bats,
Now tears in every eyes, but everyone pats..

The god of cricket,jesrsy no. 10......
This passion,determination,stamina,spirit & much more we'll see when???
In india,"Its Impossible" is replaced by "Its sachin"
Your Father must be proudly saying-"my son,u win"

The ladder he climbed,no one can reached,
Bye-Bye Sachin,How to be perfect,to us, You only teach!!!!!

Copyright © KAUSHAL SABOO | Year Posted 2013

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Bright Star-Creature Of The Night

Bright star… in deepest space For eyes to capture In awe and wonder… Shine upon each far flung place Spread the rapture Make beings ponder Bright star… in endless sky Tiny mote of molten fire A magnet to all curious creatures… All simple souls… such as I Who never seem to tire Of Nature’s cosmic features Bright star…beacon in the night Guide to we who are often lost And cannot find our way… A sign to us that all is right We’ll find our way on oceans tossed We’ll always see the day Bright star… you know not your powers Know naught of time or things Temporal nor eternally… Know not the difference in eons or hours Nor difference t’ween black holes and Angel wings Know nothing of beginnings or finality Bright star… each night… You catch and hold my eye (if the light is right) I wonder what you are I wonder why you are …Oh creature of the night…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To Heavenly Hues

The canvas upon Which Sunsets are drawn The palette that proffers The hues… The stroke of the brush ‘Pon the edge of the earth The purples, the crimsons The blues.. The portrait that’s painted Each day at dusk At times displays the husk Of a day… Vibrant and roseate Once so bright and sunny As if God and Angels Have conspired to create A hue hallowed and new The colour of blood …mixed with honey…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2015

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There is a plan that's hard to see,
By and by I learn to discern,
Sculpt as I can form and beauty.

I uncover what I must learn,
Discover rhymes when reason sleeps,
Here recover truth that I yearn.

Now space and time can feel so deep,
Truth can seem blur and thought so thin,
I find new chimes and come to grips.

Proof can cast slurs that slaps cold lymph,
I explore plots that forge a way,
Words can slant blur with outs and ins.

Emerge from pure thought in profound play,
Heart and soul spot a timeless sight,
Spirit inspires lot to wing each day.

Here trapped in thought we forsake light,
A path we take leads to a cell,
Each layered lot forfeits plain sight.

Man strives to make yet casts a spell,
Each soul's dark night brings madness deep,
Expose the fake and live quest well.

Walk to the light and end soul sleep,
Guardian angel comes forth to greet,
Look to clear sight to smile not weep.

Guardian angel: dear pathway star,
Help me each day to sense what's right,
Let love tangle with heart ajar.

Teach me to play with precious sight,
Let joy fit say to mould not mar,
Each moment's stay to feel delight.

Teach me to pray as I trek far,
Angel most dear let love live here,
Each night and day, a radiant star.

Let peace and cheer bless heart sincere,
May light and dark be twins that show,
Let love draw near to purge all fear.

Let soul fire spark in spirit glow,
Move sound heart free to see sure grace,
Love lights the dark as splendour grows.

Let true beauty spawn truth in place,
Let peace of mind now reveal ploys,
Angel I see your charming face.

I seek and find in hidden joys
My guardian kind in fond employ.

Leon Enriquez
17 Mar 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Your name will never elude my memory
Every day I recall you like a recent story 
A myriad of thoughts about you clouds my memory

The school that made me
The four walls that raised me
The principal that trained me
The teachers that disciplined me
The books that enlightened me
The challenges that strengthened me

Oh! My sweet alma mater
Now I’m alone 
Left to face this world so cold.

No need anyway
I knew I’d grow up someday
I need not be scared
When I know I can’t be dared
I’ve been baptized with wisdom 
And I’ve acquired all I need and more
Now it’s time for me to prove to the world 
That Madonna remains the best school for all.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2015