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I have come to the point of decision
And I have decided in favour of love

Wisdom is not solely measured by experience
But more by capacity for it
I have glimpsed deep into history
I have sieved through its successes 
...for the soundest advice I could find
Most profound I have received from the greatest achievers in its archives

I am a Student of Life
I am a Wordsmith of Optimism 
And I am a Mason of the Castles of Dreams
This Trinity of Purpose for me goes hand in hand, side by side
Each benefits the other
Issue is, they set me apart from the others

Here I am, young when I should be intoxicated with the fads of modernity
Fortified with skills that are eager to pay the ordinary wages 
But nay, I am not to be beleaguered 
I focus ahead to perceive the greater rewards at the summation of days
For I place most value on the greatest wealth: WISDOM and HAPPINESS

I have come to the point of decision
And I have decided in favour of love

I choose to commit my heart entirely
To the work I love best
For it is this calling that shall liberate the sanctity of my humanity
The world I dwell in fathoms not a shred of my quest
For it views life through the lenses of reality

True as it may be that my work suffices not to endow me 
...with common currency in these economic times
The rationale of my perception discerns far beyond this temporary mist

Let them roar their throats in laughter at my perceived stupidity
But it is their children and their children’s children that shall benefit most 
...From this shelter of thoughts and dreams that for them I build

I expect no immediate remuneration for my onerous undertaking
For I rationalize it as a selfless gift to humanity
Hence I shall tap deep within to give all can give
I am determined to build this Shelter of Thoughts and Dreams
I have the basic skills hence I commit my willingness and ingenuity
The Good Gods shall present the mortar and bricks

The fear of failure has been permanently exiled from boarding my being
As my eyes are fixated on the prize
I am ready to pay the price

Copyright © Wiseton Prins | Year Posted 2011

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I am your champion, I fight for your cause,
my love and devotion give some people pause.

When I saw you I knew you, just like with your dad.
I guess our deep happiness makes some people mad.

I work hard at my job, so that we can live,
and hear me now, son, when it's time to give,
I am the one who ups the amount,
I've done this more often than I can recount.

I also work so your dad will be covered,
for doctors and dentists and allergists and others,
and who do you think pushed him to go
to the skin doctor some two years ago?

From the moment I met you, you felt like my son,
but this is a battle that cannot be won.
When your dad and I married, I didn't steal him away,
he's just as devoted to you to this day.

I heard someone had told you that I was "controlling,"
(I can't even write this without my eyes rolling).
Who insisted your dad fly to LA to see you?
Who worked overtime to pay for this venue?

I encourage his freedom, I've not clipped his wings,
his happiness, above all, is the important-est thing.

I will not be silenced, nor be vilified,
and it just breaks my heart when you take HER side.

and I'm tired of being so misunderstood.

So, pardon my migraine, it wasn't intended,
my strength just gave out as your judgement descended.

I lost a whole weekend, I slept like the dead,
I was just too defeated to face down my dread.
I kinda' felt reality shatter, unsure what was real,
like in "Jacob's Ladder."

We're getting no younger, your father and I,
the older we get, the faster time flies.
I love you as if you were my own child,
I'll not carry this burden unreconciled.

©Danielle White

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

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(C)1982, 1996, 2006 ALBERT WILLIAMS

Copyright © Albert Williams | Year Posted 2011

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Every once in a while I lose myself
But I’m glad the dreams are coming back
I feel the thrill filling me
I feel my heartbeat rising
I see redemption rising in the days ahead
I still realise once again that I’ve earned another chance to begin anew
Still glad that it’s early in life
...and I can apply the lessons I’ve learnt before I’m twenty five

Phew! Boy, my heart’s beating fast
I shall no longer look at my past
For the past is just that
...opportunities gone with the wind, never to come back
I look towards the days ahead
I spend today to dream of the future I intend
For I know now tomorrow is bound to come
Today was but a dream ten years back
Had I realised then how soon today would come
I’d already be rich riding on the wings of independence
I pledge never to make that mistake again

Today I shall live like I plan
...and not like my neighbour Mr. Wright
For I know not how much he earns to spend the way he does
Today I shall not live like the society around me
For I don’t know whether they think ahead 
...of the days that are bound to be raining with storms of emergency
I pledge to live as befits me
I plan to live today in a way that enables me to save
For now I know I was right ten years ago
But I hadn’t the courage to follow a route of my own
Now I’m determined ten years to come...
I’ll be riding on the unicorn of delight

I pay no care for what those here and there may air
I wanna be happy today in my moderate ways
Knowing all too well I’m headed where
There, in the future where my heavy dreams will float in the air
I’m no hater so for the rest of the players here
I wish all the goodwill and good wishes my subconscious can air

Copyright © Wiseton Prins | Year Posted 2011

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Summer days in a mining town
Lunch box sitting by the kitchen door
Whistle blows at the Colliery
Time for work, all my muscles sore
Long day’s work for little pay
No complaints, we’re doing fine
Wednesday, got a half day off
Have a few beers, forget the mine
Down inside that mine we give it a go
No panic here, no need to be hurrying
Mice are moving kind of slow
I’ll start to panic if I see them scurrying
The Colliery overshadows the town
Sometimes causes a bit of strife
A sense of pride putting that hammer down
For a miner it’s a way of life
Wife stays home to raise the kids
When that alarm goes off sometimes she’ll cry
Town waits quietly to hear the news
There’s a self-respect that money can’t buy
A constant struggle from day to day
Months pass quickly and the bills come due
Most times they are larger than the pay
But somehow, Thank God, we make it through
Though the times are hard trying to make ends meet
We get a perspective of what’s important in life
Our riches aren’t measured in the material things
They are children, good neighbors and a loving wife
There is a brotherhood within the town
A sense of belonging, a sense of pride
The colliery may have been shut down
But the spirit of the miner has never died.
Tamaqua, Pa. USA in the 50s.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2009

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It Takes A Whole Village to Raise a Child: The Farmer

It has been said that it takes a whole village
To raise a child; How does a farmer help
Families raise the children?

Farmers live near the village; and together,
Everyone helps raise the children.
How do they help?

The farmers near the village grow food to sell.
They plant, tend, and harvest vegetable crops.
Veggies: lettuce, beets, cucumber, and tomatoes
Collard greens, cabbage, onions, and potatoes
Green beans, artichoke, peanuts, the list and work
Goes on and on and on— 
Farmers hire many workers to harvest their many crops.
Products are then, sold and sent to many vendors.
Although there are still some independent farmers,
Some farmers, like those in olden days, grow on rural farms.
Families, men, women, and children working together,
Using hoes, beasts of burden and hand plows to work the soil.
Children helping along side watching adult examples—
However, these days, big agriculture businesses own farms. 
They use huge machinery to operate their many acres.
Food producing farms: planting and harvesting to feed masses.
Their products, like smaller independent farmers’ products,
Are sent to markets in their homelands and abroad.
In the process of providing food and cotton for people,
Agriculture businesses and farmers alike set examples.
Good or bad, the children watch wide eyed
And ears perked!

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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Oh Lord, I know you know I have been thanking you a lot lately
But today I want to pray
~~~	~~~	~~~
Almighty Lord
You know me and you know how in life I pine to succeed
I know all that I want
And I know what to do in order to get it all
The will power, emotional power, confidence... certainty
...and all that entails the achievement of a dream
But there is one thing I specifically need
For with it my success is guaranteed

Almighty Lord
Please give me the discipline of a student
Please make me endear my keenest efforts on my chief pursuits
Just as though I’m about to sit for an exam... for I know in a way I am

Please give me the sense to properly manage my time
And take from my heart the desire to waste time 
...and the vice of procrastination
In its place fill me with the fear of punishment and failure
...if I go about work like a truant does
...spending too much money here... and too much time there

Please sharpen my focus like that of a student aiming for that higher diploma...
...knowing the realisation of it will chance him a higher degree
Help me aptly execute the duties entrusted unto me
For its exceptionality will lift me to the reach of even higher doors

Almighty, please fill me with the discipline of a student
To sacrifice my little peer pleasures now... and invest all my heart into my pursuits
Knowing all too well that as that an empowering reality awaits me the end of my truest efforts

Help me to be honest with myself
...knowing that all I do now first of all for my own benefit
And that if I do it so well
It will benefit and inspire even many more to garner more of their potentials

Now my Almighty Lord,
Think of this as a business proposal
I have the dream and capability
You have the power over reality
If you take my dream and capability seriously 
...and assist me with your power over reality
Very soon I will succeed, and there will be many wanting to be like me
All these shall be to your gain too for I shall direct them your way as proof
So you see Lord, your help and my efforts will tomorrow make us both a happier lot 
Think about it
~~~	~~~	~~~
Mhmm...  Who am I kidding, I know you did think about it and that’s why you 
decided to make me live
Thanks Lord

Copyright © Wiseton Prins | Year Posted 2011

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                     Lobster Fishing

It was still dark when I arrived at five o’clock
I commenced the day by going to the wrong dock
I was a little concerned that I may be late
When I arrived they were still loading bait.

The boat started up with a thunderous sound
You must stay the channel so you don’t run a ground
Next you head into the safety of the bay
Everyone’s quiet with not much to say.

As we turn the corner the sun divides the sky and sea
A blend of orange, purple and blue explode in front of me
The sea starts to pick up and the boat gets tossed
A peace grows within all else is lost…

You pull the traps up in what’s called a set
You winch them on board to see what you get
My job was to restock the bait
It seemed kind of an ironic fate.

It was pretty hard work yet so much fun
Me, the boat, the sky and the sun
We had a pretty good catch and turned to go back
The auto pilot planned our course of attack

On the way in you wash down the boat
It cleaned up quite well with water and soap.
As I view around me as it was time to go
The sea put on its own picture show.

When we returned to the river the tide had come in
All of the lobsters had been placed into bins 
The boat was too tall to fit under the bridge
Like smooth sailing and then hitting a ridge.

We had to unload the boat so the catch wouldn’t be lost
Our pride and a little work was all that it cost
When we had finished it was time to rest
Having comfort in knowing we did our best.

We cleaned up and had dinner to end the day
This is my lobster tale of today
Everyone found humor in what I had to say
Then we said goodbye and went on our way.

When I got home I fell fast asleep
I dreamed of a bottom far too deep
It was a long day and I needed to rest
The lobster became someone else’s dinner guest.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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Miles of roads while blowing horns 
tiresome bodies their eyes are sore,
Trying to reach a rest stop to avoid 
a jackknifed load.

Hauling the necessities to survive in this world, 
whether it's Gas, Food or Motor oil.

Driving a semi the juggernaut of the road 
maneuvering in all conditions even the blistering cold. 

Away from Friends and Families away from their homes 
Holidays and private events are void they're  all alone.

A hard grip of the wheel avoiding reckless drivers 
swerving in to unforseen  debris blowing out tires.

A grueling shift comes to an end locking up the Trailer, 
Arriving to the sanity of their homes ready to retire.™©

By: Shawn Munoz

Copyright © Shawn Munoz | Year Posted 2016

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"Do you know such a work place
with racial discrimination?"
Asked some homo sapiens  friends
who aren't so tall but with fair complexion.

By the way, you can make a guess,
if it is in your local place.
Maybe here, maybe there,
or perhaps abroad or somewhere else.

For this is an absolute experience,
for some who migrate in other places,
When it comes to work payment,
their compensation isn't that worth and fair.

Many are also asking questions,
like those with more responsibilities and work load.
"Why those workers with less but receive more?
Is it because of their color?"

However, "Yes" is isn't the answer,
especially that black and white are paid higher.
Then, they continue to wonder,
and make other presumptions on this matter.

"Aha! The sharpness of the nose maybe 
and not either based on work load or one's ability."
So, they think their presumption will come more precisely
to the fact or to the reality?

But, they thought they need not to waste their money
to plan with the doctor for a surgery.
Because if they do and they're getting low salary,
their employer may think they came from a well-to-do family.

It's really hard for them to think
what is the real gauge and basis.
"Is it the height or color of skin?
Aha! It's the color of the hair, they concluded finally.

So, those poor homo sapiens  friends
went to beauty parlor in nearby places.
They asked the beautician for help
and colored their hair brown, red, blond and some were golden.

After all of what they did, nothing had happened
because their reward from their effort and work is still the same.
So, they just kept calm and never  ever whine again,
realizing that racial discrimination really exists.

Hence, they work harder instead
and never ever I  heard their complains.
However, one of them had mention then
that they'll get more reward if they work  for God in Heaven.

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2012

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Some time ago
A late night supper
Was set for me
Steaming dishes
Solitary salt and pepper 
In silver trim
All waited for me
On white linen. 

I sat back 
Drink in hand
Life takes many roads
Some twisted
Others narrow and endless
Glowing in the night
Dot the lonely highway
Pointing in different directions.

Take nothing for granted
Until it’s done
Take what you need
And need what you take
Half of something is better than all of nothing
Keep your life simple
You need only one home 
If you choose the monastic life
You need less than that 
Pace yourself
Only a reckless fool lives like
They’ll die tomorrow
No one can go back                                                                                                         
To start a new beginning
But everyone can start today                                                                                            
And make a new ending.

Keep your word
People work hard for their money
Count yours carefully
And spend it wisely
Love all
Trust few
Believe only God 
An enemy can never betray you
Only a friend can.

Your family is all you have
Provide for them
And they will stay with you.

Every mistake tells a story
Be willing to learn
Experience is hard to come by 
Book learning is good
But hard work and talent 
Will unlock your dreams.

In the quiet of night
When the beating of your pulse 
Is all you hear
Be honest 
Know the difference of
Following your heart 
And reading between the lines.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2009

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The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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What do you do when you walk into a Pizza Place? You order, wait at least 30 minutes, 
right?  Yes, and then the only other option is to listen, never dreaming you can also learn.

The delivery lady, a young, black who is exhausted bolts through the door carrying the same 
large pizza warmers that she left with an hour ago. Bedragled and void of smile, she stops at 
the counter saying,  "Whew,what a night I done had!"

"Girl, what chew doin back here? You still got dem pizzas? What happened"?

"It wuzn't on the boulevard. It was down dis gravel road and my car bumped all over all dem 
holes.  Dey ain't on the boulevard, dey ain't!  Aint no people dere"!

"Girl, Waz da matter wit you? I gave yew a map"!

"Yeah, I knowed but dey didn't have no money to pay me wit" 

"Girl, dey done paid by credit card. You gotta go back dere now!"

An older delivery man is sitting at a table waiting to pick up his order to deliver 
it "somewhere" and he shouts loud,  "Girl, Welcome to my world!" then he adds
"I gotta go pick up my daughter but if I can work an extra hour, I'll get a friend to pick her 

OMG, I can feel their pain but do they really have any pain? This is a normal work week for 
them and they are grateful for that extra hour of work to get that pay. 
This is the real world. I don't live in the real world and I don't think that I ever did. 
Talk to me..

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2011

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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch some pails of water
Jack climbed some trees while Jill was picking some pretty flowers

After some hours Jack realized that he was wasting time
So he called Jill to hurry up before ‘tis half past nine

So off they went to continue their very long journey
‘Till they passed by an old beggar and gave him some money

When they both reached the well Jack and Jill filled up their buckets
Near the well were some berries which they put in their pockets

When they reached home their momma and papa were so happy
For dinner they had meatballs and soup and chicken curry

 And five bags of bananas which a rich neighbor gave them
The good that you do to others will always be returned 

Copyright © Mariam M. | Year Posted 2013

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He looked at me and implored me
Let me help you carry the luggage
He looked a bit tattered so i declined
Offering him the money really needed

He persisted he doesn't want freebies
He need's to work to earn his bread
I gave in letting him carry my luggage
I paid him more for the exercise
In an effort to encourage him

For unlike so many he desired work
Only that fate has led him on a path
Where he has to beg for that work
Since he doesn't want to beg for money
We parted... blessing each the other

Lewis K Nyaga
CODE 254

Copyright © LEWIS NYAGA | Year Posted 2015

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had a hectic day with 
lots of things to do
so glad i found my way
home from work
did not think i would make it
not with the dark, the cold and
the exhaustion conspiring against me

opened the door after some time of
fumbling with the keys 
not sure what goes where
slummed the door shut and
dropped the bag on the floor
why let it burden me after 
what i had gone through today

was hungry but it could wait
had only one thing in my mind
my sweet little comfortable bed
finally reached the room did not 
think to turn on the light and 
just fell on my bed  
did not think i would wake up
did not care if i did
all i wanted was just a little sleep
was that too much to ask

forgot to draw the drapery
and when morning came 
i felt a kiss of sunshine  
as the morning rays raced
to my face, i smiled a little
and got a glow on 
reassuring and brightening my day 
because there was still hope 
working under the sun

Copyright © sharon anena | Year Posted 2013

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My grandfather
Worked hard all his life
And died
When I was 

I remember him 
Sitting in the dark
By the kitchen stove
On cold winter nights 
Rubbing his calloused hands
Over and over again
Not saying a word 
To anyone
Listening to the voices on the outside
Whistling in the winter wind.

Once I walked 
In by mistake
Breaking the silence
I asked what he was thinking about
Nothing he said 
The his voice changed
Listen to me son
Everyone has a lesson
To learn in life
You’re young now
But later on
You’ll need to know
When to grab life
In your own two hands
And shake it
Until you get
What you want. 

The sudden anger 
In his voice
Startled me like a
Short fuse in the night
And I ran from him.

Grandfather didn’t work during winter
It was too cold he said
The need 
To work more 
To buy more
Never suited him.
What he needed was nearby
A pair of old work boots
A jacket carelessly slung
Over a chair
A pair of cotton twill pants from better days
And a bottle of brandy.

For him, winter was 
Meeting old friends
After Sunday Church
Congregating in the park
In small groups
Standing their ground 
Against all outsiders
On days when the snows receded
And winter’s end seemed close.

Some rested on canes
Others stood tall
Survivors of another winter
Arguing politics
Talking about this and that 
And how well their grown up children were doing. 

Life can go on without us
They seemed to say
To the empty park
And the gray skies
We will meet again one day
But for now 
We’ll stay here until the sun goes down 
And winter returns.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2009

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Old Rinzburger was dead, 
only his wife has doubts. 
Death certificate had been signed.
by the banker, his best friend, 
He will soon take bids on his property.

An ancient once busy windmill 
dominates the old Rinzburger place
as a memory that comes and goes
in the mind of great-grandma.
Her dementia is getting worse.

Her only child and his wife, 
the last of the Rinzburgers,
have five grown daughters. 
Sixteen grands smile, recalling
Gram's special Christmas feasts.
Like the old family mill	
grandma is one of a kind;
she was driven by the wind
to serve her family and friends
especially during the holidays.

This Christmas may be their last 
Grandma has come as a guest.
Someone brought fried chicken,		
deep-fried from  KFC, with lots of
biscuits and gravy and sides.

The younger male cousins
brought sacks of White Castles,      
and mom picked up a couple of
salads from Kroger-deli
and Haagen-Dazs for dessert.

The winds of Christmas blow,
winds of the past, winds of the almost gone,
winds of the present, and future winds.
Will the Rinzburger fortune be lost;
will the family will drift apart?

Grandpa died last Christmas season
and the old windmill may succumb
but both memories will survive
being torn down, demolished.
Thoughtfully, a grandson asked:

"Why just tear it down? 
It would make a fantastic museum?
Folks could visit and learn so much
about their ancestors' way of life.
And another spoke up:

"We could remodel or modernize it.
Maybe build an addition with electric
power.  We could provide 
jobs for people at a new plant.
Still another grandchild said:

"My vote is to sell it, and donate the funds
to support medical research on
Alzheimer's.  Gran-daddy 
would have done that for Gram."
Then Gram herself waved a fragile hand.

In one of her more lucid moments
she commended all their ideas
"The Rinzburger name may die
but your Grandpa's spirit lives strong."
He would be proud of all of you.

PS: Two years down the road, Rinzburgers gather;
Gram left them on last Christmas Day.
Building and hiring for a new mill  - well-underway. 
The windmill stands in front - a museum.
AFA is slated to receive a generous yearly check
for the Rinzburger Winds of Christmas Fund.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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“He who hath no music hath no soul,"
It was a saying from one of our employees out of control.
My husband and I owned a business and did well,
But then one of our workers decided he would raise some hell.

Some of the machinists loved their music in the shop,
It made them happy, and we didn't tell them to stop.
But it became the war of the radios with a musical fight,
It was a battle each day waiting to ignite.

One day my husband had enough, and threw his hands in the air,
Then he left to stay on his boat, with no music to blare.
They had been warned, but took no heed,
So I gave them all a memo, with a no radio creed.

The next day I found notices plastered all over the place,
"He who hath no music hath no soul," was in every space.
I took down the signs and went on with work,
Even though I knew who did the handiwork.

That weekend the culprit decided to get even with me,
Livid with no music, he was as mean as could be.
He came to our house and lit a fire,
But lucky for us the flame expired.

He then skipped town and left the state,   
And the cops got word if he returned a cell would await!
I will always remember, "He who hath no music hath no soul…"
That guy risked going to jail for his rock n' roll!

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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I do not know what work there is as many feel
I have always worked with love and taste
In my teens my second home was Library
Reading Gulliver travels and one-act plays.

After getting my master’s degree in English
I got a job in the university campus as a lecturer
And never felt teaching as a work but joy there.
My house was where I could hear college bells.

My class-room lectures were for three hours
And reading at home for next day preparation.
I *dramatized great works for the college fine arts
Even I *directed those works in my spare times.

After retirement my sons look after my needs 
I enjoy looking after my needs for the fine arts.


*The title  of the poem is a famous
quote of Great Urdu Poet Khalil Zibran 

*P.S. I shall be posting some photographs of my activities in
France and England, 1989. in my blog shortly

Eighth place winner in
Contest: The work you do in Honor of Carolyn Devenshire

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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One sunny morning in a class of thirty-one They were asked to draw an image one by one Each student stood up, with pastels at hand Being enthusiastic to draw something grand The first group was decided to start the task Talents in drawing they've started to unmask The paper came to life with colors, curves and lines Will it end up like a garden or fields of mines? Time passed by and the paper was almost full Of drawings and colors made by their tools There were animals with mustache on their faces Each and everyone belonging to their places Now the artwork was finished and the students sighed Looking at the masterpiece they've done with pride They didn't care what the paper looked like For in their hearts it was a true work of art

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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You must go,yes!
Go against slumber,
When even early birds ignore worms,
But the falling thorns purnish gurus
As the roaming anti-mother blanket kills faint gurulings.
Here we march marshals,
Along grumbling swift paces,we shall!
Walking-yarn appetises expectations,
Since many paths leads to the road.
Diverging to coverge,we must!
As swarming of the apocalyptic plague of the book,
Brushing along all along that belongs,
Into the shipping tower,we all plunge.
Now blinking sea-eyes of a naked mind,
All beholding spoons for a bloodless war.
Its too late to retrieve and hot to hold.
An often dreaded monster you face,
Must in "Government call" retire.
Yes! warm to hum,
like a soldier into war,
triumphant but not victorious.
When asked why? we say,
this is the ROAD TO FSLT.
                         BY:TUTUOLA MICHAEL

Copyright © tutuola michael | Year Posted 2013

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I’m not sure I understand my boss
He does it all and credits me
He makes the plan, and says I did
He works the plan, and states it’s me
Writes the report, and crowns it mine
My mysterious Boss!

He called me today
And washed me with praise
Shocked, my boss seeks to know
How did you, modest, manage
The tusks of this beast alone?
With husky confidence
He shoots my pay and says
Measure for measure, my valet!
There’s more to come.

My Boss will burn it all
The mid night wick and moil on end 
First in, Last out. The office smells his balm
His cologne is everywhere
He sweats on the printer, the copier, and the phone
His ink flows, his paper is busy
The keyboard is worn, the letters have gone
He knows them by heart
ASDFGH and the index at J, he types
His seat sags and his elbow is coarse 
The backrest is new, he never rested
His fingerprints are faded
Filing, citing, binding, signing, sending, recalling, working
Reading, doing, redoing, searching, researching, working 
Calling, waiting, reminding, mending, thinking, working
Reviewing, checking, approving, panting, working
But he says I did, all he did
Great works, look and marvel!

Now Boss
They want me! Ready to bleed money
And charm me, they are down, bended knee
Abroad, the internationals are hinting
Aboard, the nationals are bidding
And Bored, the locals are winking
They want me! The postman is dizzy
My inbox congested and messengers grumbling  
The deeds have spoken

And my boss is depressed
Who shall do it, says he, all the work
His hand is calm, my shoulder feels it
Go my child, my boss, your meteor is bright
And never will it set.

Copyright © peter Onyancha | Year Posted 2012

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 entering into the Sea of Words contest by Leighann Anderson    7/3/2011

I was 27 years old, and in my second year of working for my first real "grown
job.  There is something powerful about wearing a pair of pressed matching scrubs, a 
name tag addressed by first name only, and a stethoscope around the neck( a lot 
heavier than the plastic one I was so accustomed to in my junior doctor kit.)  I 
thought I had the answer to any medical problem thrown my way...I was wrong.
In between bringing patients to their rooms, the receptionist, who is the spitting 
image of Barbie, minus the plastic legs, informed me I had a phone call, and is very 
Being my first "personal" call at my job as a registered medical assistant, I 
immediately had to remove my "work hat" and don my "me hat", something I tend to 
lack some knowledge in.
My head overflowing with a thick fog, I try to navigate everything out before saying 
the usual greeting, to no avail.
My sweaty palm takes hold of the receiver and a voice I barely recognize mouths the 
appropriate greeting;
This is the phone call that would change my life forever...
I could sense through the black receiver plastered with a large "911" sticker, my 
mom has been crying for quite sometime.  Her trembling followed the same route I took home from work everyday after I left work and went 
home.  This is my safe haven, no one or nothing could harm me here.  This is home 
voice cracking the words of an accident.
With the word accident replaying over and over like a 33 vinyl record skipping at the 
best part of the song,  I hung up the phone.
I began to wipe the stream before it formed a puddle on the dirty blue carpet of the 
doctors office.
Coworkers hands patting me on the shoulder, back, hand and arm, I was taking on the role of the patient, with not a clue of what to say or do.
I got in my beat-up white Mazda 210, not sure where the road would lead me.  I followed the same route I took home from work everyday and went home.  This is my safe haven, no one or nothing could harm me here.  This is home sweet home, where
everything is so routine.  I so longed for that right now.  I pulled into the driveway, alone,  scared, confused, and filled with the question of why .   
I stumble to the front odor.   to be continued....

Copyright © Jenny Emelander | Year Posted 2011

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I lost my job and times were rough.
Lived day to day on just enough
of everything to keep me well.
How long it'd last only time would tell.

Instead of worrying, I saw the light;
Put my faith in God to ease my plight.
All God's creatures don't give a care,
yet He feeds the birds, the squirrel and hare.

Just as my money was going to run out,
I applied for a job I knew nothing about.
The Salvation Army hired me
to help men find sobriety.

No more rewarding could a job be
but something arose I didn't foresee.
Driving great distance and paying the price
became too much of a sacrifice.

We prayed for an answer from God above
for something closer if push comes to shove.
On Sunday morning, as the church sang a hymn,
I picked up the classifieds just on a whim.

I found my next job right down the street,
a camp for kids at a Jewish retreat.
So, God plays a role in all that we do;
He opens the door but you'll have to walk through.

July 22, 2015

Copyright © Janece Terry | Year Posted 2015

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Looking at an old photo of myself at age 13,
I see a girl, rail-thin, but on the verge of womanhood.
Her hair hangs in long pigtails and she wears a modest top with shorts
as she sits posing on her brand new bike, grinning happily at the camera.
The purple bike in that picture was a Schwinn Stingray.
Not just any bike, this one had high handlebars and  a banana seat.
It was just about the hottest property of any kid my age
at that time in the late 60’s when Stingray was at its pinnacle of popularity.

In our family of ten, Dad worked hard just to pay the bills.
Our bikes were second-hand, and I never had one all my own. 
My new bike, therefore, represented for me, a summer of very hard work!
I’d spent a good part of my summer vacation that year
peddling greeting cards, even Christmas cards, door to door.
Each day I’d walk many blocks in the humid heat of our hilly town,
knocking on the doors of folks with no interest in ordering boxes of cards.
Some days I'd hardly get any sales at all, and always my profits were small.
Toward the end of my summer, a few large, painful boils appeared on my arms, 
and I suppose they were evidence of the stress of my many hours walking.

However, I persevered, and at last I prevailed!
How proud I was to finally walk into the bicycle shop
and lay down on the counter my $45 I’d worked so hard to earn.
Never again did I have to borrow a family member’s bike.
With my purple Stingray, I could get across town to the Weed Park pool
in a quarter of the hour it normally took me to walk that distance.
Through all of junior high. that Stingray was my companion
when I would breeze down the long hill of Eighth Street to my school
and then have to trudge that hill on foot walking my bike to get back home!
Sometimes I would just take it out for fun, but mostly I used it 
to ride over to friends’ houses or take it downtown, parking it near stores
while I shopped for 45’s, clothes or cosmetics, 
the new items slowly replacing my thoughts of bicycling and play
as I began making money more easily babysitting or picking berries in summer.

My 13th summer soon became a vague memory 
with only this black and white picture to show for it.
I don’t recall when or if that bike finally gave out on me or whether it just got tossed.
But looking again at the photo, I see not just that beautiful Stingray bike,
but also a young girl who smiles not just with happiness, 
but with the pride of working hard for her very first time with an "eye on the prize!"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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A long, lost dream lay dormant for many years 
Beneath a constant sea of delays and indecision
Stuck in a routine so unappealing to my spirit
Hours spent in self indulgence became the norm of each day
It did promote team spirit however, did nothing for my famished soul
At break of dawn, the alarm clock would sound, 
Anger stirred deep in my soul; hindering my commune with God  
Then along came Holy Matrimony, or so I thought it was 
Graciously, light revealed the cobwebs that draped my life
It was then, at that crossroad where clarity and strength revived  
My inspiration, one consolation, an angel sent from above 
In defining ways, she would teach me what it means to truly love
With no expectations, no remuneration, observing in awe and pure joy
It was no accident that I found my lost dream in yesterday’s ruins 
These gentle hands are blessed to heal, love and give care 

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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Marla was a friend of mine I knew from working at UTMB Over 10 years we worked together In the department of pathology Though we actually worked In two different locations there We still became pretty good friends Leaving me memories of times we shared Besides her friendship with me To all, Marla was very helpful She knew her job exceptionally well And was always professional Our department felt confident As we knew Marla was the one To work in an accurate manner And get any task completely done Marla attended a few SSP luncheons We would both go there to meet She came as my guest a few times And we would save each other a seat I’ll carry the memories of Marla With me throughout my living years I know that when it’s my time to go She’ll be saving a good seat for me up there Florence McMillian (Flo)

Copyright © Florence McMillian | Year Posted 2011

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Same time
Same place
Different color
Of the face

Same K-12 system
Same university
Different college
Who gained 
More knowledge?
Who excelled?
Who got more hell?

Same job
Same school
Same students
Same certification
Different degrees

Who stayed 
On their knees?
Both of us
Yes, indeed.
Who achieved
Well let’s see!

Same time
Same place
Different color
Of the face
I made it 
By God’s grace
You are 
A Satanic disgrace.

You are the
Face of hateful
I settle for
None of your
Fallacious foolishness
And malicious mediocrity.

Same hometown
I keep it real
You a damn clown
God’s giving you 
A furious frown

A lazy witch
Probably born rich
Living in the sticks
Killing nature’s beauty
Just to get away
From people like me
An earth killer
Fake teacher
And destiny stealer
A true thriller
Makin fake scrilla

I worked hard
While you pressed bricks
Storing awful ATP
To make sure
You got the best of me
And people from my 

My adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
From glycolysis in my body
After Krebs cycle
Gives off love
While yours come
From hate
We’ve had the same bodily
Processes similar chemical makeup
I just have more melanin
You act the way you act 
Because of your grandfather’s mistakes

 I hate to see your fate 
If you don’t change
You are devilish
And deranged
I know your game
Your name
We’re from the same turf
You and I 
Are carbon based products
One tries hard daily to be just
So that when the minister
Says ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
That I get the reward
I deserve
You got my reward
I still work hard
Detests the enemy

It ain’t fair 
That we walked in the same place
Respect you received
And hate slapped me in the face
Walking around with on your face
Did a dissertation on me
If I looked like you 
With my knowledge 
At 23 I would have had
Ten PhD’s.

Girl please you got the nasty woman disease
Get on your knees for the right reas’
Pray to us Jes’
Save me from being a real bigot
And sometimes on the sly
Help me to love you
And all your creatures
And accept diversity

You need help with that dirty blond hair
Pony tails sticking in the air
Depicting your true savior 
Not mine that will catch the one’s
That are still alive and in Him 
Up in the midair.

Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2010

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He was all fired up he had it all figured out this was it, the end of us "I need my space" or so he thought until she entered the room dressed totally different to what is “her norm” a black dress with high heels legs that go on forever, he almost walked into the bathroom door mouth hanging open "Err did you go to work like that?" he asked “Yep of cause I did, I always do,"was her reply Uhm, it's the first time I see you dressed like that Nonchalantly while getting rid of her clothes she replied, “Well now if you more at home and less "at work" You’ll see me more in my work attire then in my pajamas” Gawking at her scanty underwear, He saw her swing her hips as she left the room Confucius Joe was left behind, feeling less desperate for space and more a need for closeness

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2012