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A raging river tenaciously floods
Tannins and silts combine to dark blood

A hut, just fifty metres, occupying their sight
Two men, cold and wearied, stuck for the night 

An adventure all planned, lasting a week
In the middle of nowhere with red deer to seek

Twelve-hours of hiking, commencing that day
Now trapped with some refuge a stone throw away.

Cracking of boulders being pushed by the current
Affirming the folly of crossing this torrent.

Necessities shaping a cold camp till the dawn
Just tattered old plastic, to use as an awn.

Soft moss as a bed but soaking from rain
Ferns as a pillow don’t cushion colds pain.

Dark of the evening only adds to the pall
Deaths favoured colour, as rain continues its fall

Shivering endless; bodies fighting the shock
Drops of clouds tears slowed to the tick of a clock.

Moisture still falling, no hope for them now
Prospects were mirrored by the dark of the hour 

Subtly the winds whispered breathe in their ear. 
Rekindling the flames to survive their harsh plight

Packs full of food, swiftly emptied for fuel 
Bodies recharged in spite of the cool.

Rain in the dark hours continued to pour
Sounds from the river commenced to fair roar,

First crack of dawn and they got up and away
Wilderness wins this particular day.

*Based on a true story however my companion and I were stuck in the elements
for 2 days and nights. Another river flooded and blocked our exit.*

Copyright © Mark Woods | Year Posted 2015

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They say,that,it was a great day,
Friends were busy,with a kind of play.
Only Maa was in great pain;
But,she said it was in no vain.
My parents held me in their hands,
In the oblivion,the fate stands.

They say I'm an answer to their prayer,
But,somewhere was smiling the mankind slayer.

I was the apple of their eyes.

Beautiful was the place,I borned:
Ugly was soon to be dawned.
My sire' s lap was a place dear,
Who knew that soon it will disappear.
The dawn chorus soon turned;
My beautiful place was burned.

Sitting in the refugee camp
And looking at the burning lamp,
Wondering where is my sire' s lap;
Where I used to sit with crowned cap.
Maa once more keep your balmier hand,
That held me for a dauntless stand.

I lost my family and existence to the slayer,
Tell me what was our fault?you bloody destroyer.
The fountain and the bed of roses,
Is now a place where my family blood oozes.

The oblivious fate has arrived on date,
Only to take away all,and nothing is left.
Slayer fought,destroyer fought
But why? My everything was lost!

Do they really know why are they slaying?
Because,I only see the innocent mankind dying.
The beautiful family photo was framed,
But you ugly destroyer got it maimed.

Maa for you no vain was that labor pain.
But,for me,without my family this life is in Vain.
You win!slayer,at the cost of inflicted pain,
But,alas!your success is totally in Vain.

And,I was the apple of their eyes.

Copyright © Papri Banerjee | Year Posted 2016

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The day’s hot-the wind like a convection oven
Blows hot air in our faces.
My cap and gown insulates me
Baking me like a potato wrapped in aluminum foil
I desperately fan myself and look around
My eyes search for my peers and see;
The bros that survived school with me;
The others who shouldn't have;
The girls with memories already wet in their eyes;
The people I never met and will never know;
All desperately fanning themselves
In silence and in waiting.
We all are waiting for the same thing-
What's next to come.
For some it will be their names
For another a trip to boot camp
For many including myself- college
A couple can't wait to forget the tortures of high school
And a few will already be planning our high school reunion
because it was the best years of their life.
As I bow my head, not out of sadness,
but out of sheer defeat by the sun,
I scuff up my dress shoes in the clumpy grass of the field- 
that just finished another infamous drawn out lacrosse season,
I'll be thinking about the 4 plus years, 8 seasons,
worth of drilling and conditioning I did in that very field and on the surrounding track,
With a flash of ivory across my sweating face
I'll be thinking about
All the nooks and crannies
that I sanctioned for the intimate meetings of my girlfriends
The times caught and not,
All the heartbreaks and rejections,
The friends made, the best friends kept, and the many lost.
The drama, stupidity, and immaturity,
Everything that was and used to be.
And, all this time spent waiting-preparing
for this one moment
You can't help but remember it all
And with one, final sweet goodby-

Copyright © Nicholas Bello | Year Posted 2013

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TYPICAL 30 - The Start of the 2013-2014 NHL Season
30 of them began their battle with hopeful beginnings
But 14 of them will have their early exit...

As for the 16 teams, their Stanley Cup Playoffs dream begins

The SWEET 16 were chosen, who will be the ones to take the fall?
Round 1 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Let the First Round Battle Begin!

SWEET 16 - The First Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
16 of them sprinted out from the starting line
But 8 of them fell short to advance...

The Tampa Bay Lightning couldn't produce any more thunder
The Detroit Red Wings ran its last engine
The St. Louis Blues have played its final note
The Dallas Stars could no longer lead the charge

The Columbus Blue Jackets fired its last cannon
The Philadelphia Flyers have crashed down
The Colorado Avalanche buried themselves in the snow
And the San Jose Sharks couldn't take a final bite

The ELITE 8 were chosen, who will the ones to take the fall?
Round 2 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Let the Second Round Battle Begin!

ELITE 8 - The Second Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
8 of them advanced to the next stage
But 4 of them failed to advance...

The Minnesota Wild could no longer pull a wild run
The Pittsburgh Penguins were left on frozen thin ice
The Boston Bruins were hunted down
And the Anaheim Ducks quacked no more

The FINAL 4 were chosen, who will the ones to take the fall?
Round 3 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Let the Conference Finals Begin!

FINAL 4 - The Third Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
4 of them advanced to the next stage
But only 2 of them will go to the final stage...

The Montreal Canadiens were left in a cold state
And the Chicago Blackhawks final stand ended in complete defeat

The TREMENDOUS 2 were chosen, who will be the one to win it all?
The Final Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Let the Stanley Cup Final Begin!

TREMENDOUS 2 - The Final Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
2 of them danced on the big stage
But only 1 of them was crowned as the champion...

The New York Rangers could not lead the way to the finish

The ONLY 1 was chosen, a team who won through it all!
Los Angeles Kings - The 2014 Stanley Cup Champions

Let the Stanley Cup Playoffs End!

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

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The grand stage. The big dance on the ice.
Two teams have overcome against their competitors
To try and conquer the ultimate prize...
The prestigious and coveted Stanley Cup

The New York Rangers have led the way over their rivals
And the Los Angeles Kings have overthrown their enemies

The Rangers will try to go all the way
To claim the long-awaited cup, two decades since 1994
However, the Kings will try to battle 
To reclaim their lost crown jewel, once theirs back in 2012

Who will rise to the occasion?
Who will be the one to raise the cup?

The 2014 Stanley Cup Final.

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

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DREAM BIG I feel lucky to have dreams Not the dreams in your sleep The dreams of things hoped for Those happy wishes we all keep Dreams can make you happy And fill your heart with delight In hopes they will all come true Who knows maybe they might There are some folks who think I’m just dreaming my life away But with all the joy in my heart Well it certainly must be okay Dreaming is a gift we’re given That’s stored in each one’s mind A form of imagination created From one individual at a time It triggers your energy level That makes you want to dance And you’ll hum a merry tune While others seem to glance Even if those dreams I have Don’t really ever come to pass At least I know my journey in life Was filled with smiles and laughs Maybe that’s what was meant In those words we used to sing About rowing your boat gently And merrily down the stream Then our journeys of existence Should be gently paced it seems With merriment along the way That’s why life is but a dream So I’ll just keep on dreaming big And always have my hopes high To carry happiness all around me Until the day when I actually die And who really knows for sure Some dreams just may come true So I bet you have a little dreaming That you've been wanting to do too Florence McMillian (Flo)

Copyright © Florence McMillian | Year Posted 2011

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The three kings fought hard
to open the door that led to
riches and immortality. Each 
one of them had a key of different 
make. The door's key hole was quite
big for their keys to fit right.

Cannon balls, sledge hammers, logs,
and wrecking balls couldn't break
the door. No scratch or dent could
be seen on the wooden door!

A sage from the land of riddles
once told them they had to melt
the three keys together,
to make a big key;
they all refused.

They still stubbornly believed each
of their keys was the right one to open
the wooden door...

Date: 7/4/2016

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

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I spent almost month in a hospital room
This ever worst sick was so much and doom.
Chilling so bad in a mild quiet night,
Freezing to death like I was losing my sight.

Lying on a white bed and feeling this pain.
Too excruciating and made me insane.
Medical tests were examined crucially,
Days were softly killing me physically.

Delivered my body in the operating room,
Wanted to extend this life and make it well bloom.
Hours of terror tortured me so ruthless
Felt heavy stitches which made me so breathless.

Years passed and I’m all too well.
Survived this disease given from hell.
I’m a cancer survivor! Fighting for life!
Saving myself for loved ones in life. 

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2015

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Far beyond the horizon we gazed at sunlit skies 
glowing from gigantic mountains, thick blue clouds
hang peacefully over our heads, painting hopes and 
aspirations as we journey relentlessly to recapture
our dreams.

We have been climbing this mountain for years,
clinging desperately to our dreams, with nothing 
in our hands, our faith and determination propel us along.
But the days seem longer, nights become shorter
our hopes grew stronger and life gets tougher.

We journeyed through thorns and thistles, 
we stumbled upon closed doors, brick walls,
giant rocks and numerous road blocks. 
Left only with rags on our backs, we were 
determined to reclaim our dreams.

The struggle seems endless as we journey 
night and day on a path that binds us for years.
Hunger paralyze us, fear dehydrates us ,
we endured sleepless nights but we held on to our
conviction, embrace one another and console ourselves.

Sun scorched our tired backs, winter snow froze 
our blistered feet, tornados compassed us too,
and the relentless hurricane could not rip us apart.
We all stuck together and supported one another.
Despite the chilling cold penetrating our skins, 
we were destined to win.

The expectation of a new life inflamed our hearts,
and each day we hoped for a better tomorrow,
ignoring life’s un-bearing demands we advance
towards the finishing line believing wholeheartedly, 
and holding steadfast to conquer our dreams.

It is true that life can be overbearing, and it is also true 
that we have wishful promises, and when our promises 
fail to materialize, driven by a lack of faith from the other side,
the journey become harder and murmuring breeds sorrows 
in our aching heart.

Sometimes we fight among ourselves
and toss hurtful words to and fro but 
we quickly come to our senses 
and make amends of unacceptable ways.

We know that we are in this together,
and we must embrace one another’s dreams,
so we wedge together like brothers and sisters
mending the broken pieces as we progress along the way.

The power of unity kept us alive, 
our dreams grew bigger than our stomach,
and jingled heavier than money in our pockets,
Our faith grew stronger, our hopes strapped together, 
and death itself could not shatter our dreams.

We endured winter freezes; one winter fades into another, 
ice covers ice, but we were determined to surpass  
 discouragements, negative highlights
and continue  climbing  until we reach the top.

We climbed the mountain day and night,
but everything seems far out of sight.
All we could see was clear blue clouds smiling above
us and multitude of  stars blinking in the skies.

We passed foxes digging shallow holes in foaming ditches,
we saw them tearing and chewing rabbits and rodents,
and chasing timid squirrels off the edges.

Tormenting sound echoes beyond thick bushy forest,
intimidating us on our hopeful journey.
Suddenly a ferocious fox leaped out of the bushes, 
and stared at us, grinding its gigantic teeth.
But a tiger sneaked from the tree top and
cornered the terrifying fox into its vulnerable hole
wounding its feet and pulling at its filthy mouth.

The lame fox lay on the ground grasping for breath,
and the forest animals drag it slowly into a hole.
We clench tightly to each other and hurried quickly
 towards the mountain to complete the final leg of the journey.
Amidst these strange happening, we progressed faster 
holding our precious dreams carefully in our hands. 

We could hear the drum beats resonating from a distance, 
sealing our hopes and filling our hearts with aspirations. 
We could feel the bubbling rhythm from afar, and as we 
 got closer the sounds gets louder, the cheering grew stronger
 and we felt happier.

We climbed and climbed, we slip and we glide, 
We stood firm and plant our feet securely into the ground.
We removed obstacles, overturned road blocks
sailed through red lights,  skipped  through barricade
and persevered until we finally made it to the top.

Millions with similar dreams had made it too,
and we join them singing and dancing,
the sun shines once again with a daring glow 
and our long awaited dream finally came true.
We could breathe fresh air, 
thus feeling the rhythm in life again.

                                                  ©2014 Christine Phillips

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2014

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Li Na Tennis Champion

Asians in general sat up to take notice when from the vastness of China arose a tennis great…
Never mind it was a she, and at an advanced chronological ripe old age of almost touching 30…

Li Na from China was one well travelled tennis star, her world accolades coming in very late…
When many a famous players were thinking of retiring in fatigue, she upped her game to the level elite..

First and only Asian to win a Grand Slam Singles title, she was a ripe old 29 when it happened…
Many more  illustrious tennis professionals have long gone to pasture before reaching 29 or after…

But not Li Na the most famous professional tennis player from China,  the most illustrious  too..
2011 French Open Champion at age 29 followed in 2 years later , 2014 Australian Open at age 32…

Now , if one were to check up on China’s most famous tennis daughter, Wikipedia has it all …
It chronicles in fascinating details the checkered career of this badminton reject since she was small…

An astute  coach suggested she had best switch from the ever popular racket game called badminton…
In that big nation of badminton crazies all over, it must have hurt to be ejected from badminton… 

But her excellence in tennis was astonishing to say the least, by 1997 she was in the  national team…
Incredibly, she was then only a teenage at fifteen when China drafted her into her National team…

Two years later, in 1999 following a 10 months stint sponsored by Nike, Li Na turned professional…
Her rocky path to be a successful professional was camouflaged by her many ITF numerous titles…

However, she quit the National team in 2002, going on to complete a Bachelor of Journalism in 2009..
This was another cap in her journey to tennis success, an academic complement to her tennis prowess…

From the barrage of numerous first evers for this Chinese tennis phenomenon until her retirement..
It is obvious she was a tennis prodigy who happened to come from the far east to tennis fans' amazement...

For further readings of Li Na, the most famous Chinese phenomenon in woman professional tennis …
Do a Google search and feel amazed at the massive write up about China’s most famous daughter in tennis..

     Or Look out for Li Na Superstar Part 2 

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Once I looked for a book publisher,
who would help me become published.
The search changed from a book publisher,
to book publishers - their publication fees
were beyond my means.
My hope trekked in the Internet for two years,
searching for a place to halt.
As I was about to throw in the towel,
I found a publisher who charged no fee;
he would do it for free!
Now, I am a published poet,
immortalized by my own book!

(I'm glad to have first Poetry Book, "The Milky Way in Words",
published by Booktango!)

Date: 22/03/2016

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

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What if I can’t make it  ?
What if I can’t take the pressure  ?
Am I’m good enough  ?
Good enough to have an  opportunity .
It’s like all my life I’ve been hearing that I won’t be shit because I’m retarded .
I’m ignorant.
I will end up dead like some worthless proof thug .
What if they are right ?
What if I’m not good enough ?
I’m sad
I should die.
Did anybody care when I let go of Love Jefferson and Leonardira ?
Did anybody care when I was at Chicken Express ?
Did anybody care when I wrote poetry ?
Is Christopher Carson Burton myself is trash ?
What if I can’t be good enough ?
What if people can’t accept me as successful as them. 
I want to be good enough just like them.
It don’t matter whether you’re stupid 
Your gay
Your black brown or white
Never give a damn what people say because you are good enough to push yourself.
All I want is people to look in my eyes and tell me am I’m good enough ?
I want to prove them wrong.
I want to be above
But I’m trying 
Don’t give up Christopher repeatedly in my mind .
Don’t give up.
Your Number one.
You got to be number one baby
You fall
Pick yourself off
You cry and whine
Dirt off your shoulders
Stay confident
Walk with swag.
Talk with pride and self esteem feel the vibe in you.
Everybody’s counting on you don’t fail try  try  your almost there  because if you don’t try then people will be right about you don’t ever let go and say you’re not good enough because I believe no I know that everyone has a dream to fly and shall finish.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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Stage lights glistened with faces
It was the moment I knew
Someone stood and shone 
Kept me hanging along 
Almost close to perfection
It never failed to hone 
As everyone rose to fame
Knew it took for so long
Sparkled glitters everywhere
Filled with joy anywhere
You wouldn’t know at all
Hearts were trembled as hell
When everything ended
Crowd was gone and so as lights
But when they came in to you
To express their gratefulness
They lightened your soul
Inspired you to go on and shine
It was the moment I knew
The moment I knew

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2016

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Facing the crowd where you stand alone
gleaming and making a history of your name.
As people’s whispers turn to noise shouting
priceless admiration of your fame.
All eyes are grinning watching at you.
Must be a masterpiece that I always want to do.
Then you sit on a rainbow couch speaking
the depth of color of your feat
It was a wonderful story that keeps
us kick on our bare feet.
The smiling approbation of mob infects
everybody’s mood swings,
As they start to ask how your story 
of success made its first wing.
Every word coming from a gift of gab 
making a magic that blows people’s minds.
Everything is worthwhile.
Will always live in everyone’s mind.
As I watch you grow from the day 
when we live with the innocence of youth
Till finally getting the role of being a star
Realize that your triumph takes you so far.
The scars in your eyes were hunger
of your yesterday’s ultimate dream.
I am proud that I’m part of that journey
Sailing with storms at seas and 
walking amidst of undying sting under the sun.
It was all worth seeing you grow
From nobody to someone.
Making all your dreams do come true.

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2016

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Don’t throw it away
I never had lots of people that actually believed in me as a kid  . I always had these delusional thoughts that one day everybody would love me and believe in me. Well it came eventually to this day when I left poverty forever. I always   wanted to be this to be that but it was all talk . Someone use to tell me if you want to be somebody you’re going to put the effort , be discipline and work your way up. The ego   the cockiness   the arrogance and the ignorance will destroy you instantly and you’ll feel very heartless in your heart. Never throw it away over those traits    never,  listen  and feel emotion that you think the people are right and don’t believe in you that you can be something. Your dreams , Your opportunities ,  Your hopes , Your passion and you  being a somebody is all on you to make it come true. There’s no easy path   I always tracked it down all my life and I fail every time it takes patients   it takes efforts it takes to have another   plan another opportunity to search what you want. The world can’t help you   you are helping yourself the world can’t owe you. It doesn’t define you , you do. You can taking it if the world don’t owe something and give something to you easily but you might fail. There’s no excuses for you to say you have talent   you have lots of creativity and you’ll feel in your thick minding skull that if you use it for an easier path then the world will make you feel  embarrassed and humiliated. 
Without practice
Without effort
Without a plan
Without hard work
You fall you throw it all away based on just talent you can’t be build and rely on talent  and creativity to be successful and make it. Every human has it not just you. Ego and being cocky destroys your images it kills your chances. Be patient   Persevere your way to greatness. Search and feel the effort by doing the work   use your mind   have a   plan   use your full potential because if you don’t then your dreams will remain a fantasy and not a reality. The world wants us to face our challenges to overcome and improve. Without it we all collapse. WE all need challenges to improve our ethics and talent. If you throw it all away then what’s the point of being a somebody   ? Young people need to understand that talent   creativity having an ego and being so better than the world and better than everybody and the world will be much very easier on you is actually more to it.  Don’t let this destroy you   because if you don’t   believe in yourself then you’ll never be  good  enough .   If   certain people don’t believe you have a good future then ignore them and chase it. The struggle is real but we can overcome it by making the struggle into our dreams turn into reality of our wants and highly doubts of desire.
If you throw it away you’re losing
If you throw it away  you’re   pointless.
If you throw it away you’re hopeless.
And if you throw it away you won’t be good enough to be a somebody.  
Stay in school be patient it’ll come get the amount of education and work hard you just have to focus and feel the pride of greatness within you to improve and lastly chase it and go get it.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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      What are you thinking don't you know others read this,whatever it's supposed to be
      Truth or fiction if this gets back to the papers you think they want care because you  call it   poetry
         Did you even stop to think, Always like you taught me father did you consider not to drink
      Your constituents can smell you before you can even think to shake their hand
         Who do you think you are fooling,Oh this must be  part of the campaign manager's plan
               So kiss their kids and you really believe they don't know about the wifes
                            The audacity  of you to judge us and this scripted out lifes 
           These are real people real lives real truth,how much more do you think I can take 
                How do you put on your boots,badge,gun look in the mirror knowing your a fake
       I have to be perfect on every hour of every minute of every second of every day in my life     With your  so called perfectly imperfect pretentious perpetuating plastic actress you call wife
       The perfect school The hand sewn shoes,for the love of anything would you really rather this than  lose?Your already loosing yourself your kids ,their respect.From boy to Man I will put you in
 check,It's not fair to the others,your so power hungry you don't even see,it's not fair to us,you or me If I was pretending that much I would drink too,Oh wait,we do,It's eighty degrees and a long   sleeve I wear,how have you not noticed,do you even care?You want to be the man,I'll give it to you-you damn well could be but not knowing what goes on under your own roof,That power blinded,you really can't see.I'm right here,we're right here,where the hell are you
                                    Father please!what more must I do!
              Boy how dare you speak to me in that tone and raise your voice.
                               Do you really think I enjoy this,I have no choice
   All I want is the best for your brother and you.For God sakes you of all people know what we
                                            Must do
                            You know the image that they must think
                   I apologize''I'm sorry Sir''I'll grab my jacket and tie 
                            You just grab another drink
                                                        (Polls close at ten)   
''Inspired by the official who''Asked'' me to take down a poem about him''A writer writes ''sir''      

Copyright © Jai Bankson | Year Posted 2016

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In a dreamy castle
We stood at the top
To see the beauty
Of our long lost love.

Can you imagine
How fate was good to us?
Years passed
We’re still so much in love.

You got 2 kids
I have none
Our love is too strong
United as one.

Your hubby died
Shot by the gun
My wife got lost
When she lost only one...

We were madly sad
Those times of despair
Thought we have lost
So called LOVE.

Till the day came
When we met again
Just to realize
We’re still in love.

Many disapprove
In second chance of love
You were my Juliet
I fought for our love.

Now we have proven
Our love is our fate
No one will stop
This fated love.

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2015

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One thing I've learned here on the Soup The moods of the site ebb and flow Depending on so many unknown factors It can be fast and it can be slow Response to our poems surely won't always Predict the popularity of the piece A great title, as I've suggested many times Is key for the success of your release I'm no expert but been a member since 2012 I've noticed some repetitive patterns Limericks and other stuff can get attention But simple rhymes it's praise they do earn So what I have found since the beginning To get read it helps to add humour No need for words that no one understands That's always been just a rumour So simplicity rules and does every time Main goal is to be understood Communication is the word I'm looking for In this poetry neighbourhood © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Life is sometimes ruff and hard and hard and sometimes just bites but if you stop and look closer at the situation there is always a positive side that  god has in store for every time you holler at you parents or every time you mouth you teacher you punishment leads you one step higher on the ladder of success that god has in store for you and more than likely your success will end with you flying in the heavens with god and living happily ever after

Copyright © Ashley Fleming | Year Posted 2005

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                                Sometimes, I feel to me  
                              life is such a strange sphere
                            It could be cruel, hard and tight, 
                           what a place we’re left to strive
To fight for every bit of what we love to own
However tough we fight, we still cannot have it all
We all wanna LIVE, we all wanna BE
We seek a means to an end, We try to be the best
But wait! Leave all the stressing
What am I really addressing?
Life might be a place where you’re loved today, and hated tomorrow
But with all its downsides, I’ll say life’s still worth it
It’s interesting, sweet and full of awe
You only need to know how it’s better LIVED
I feel this deep woe within me, 
                         when I see souls being derailed
Lives that are meant to birth greatness being in despair
You can own back your life!
Do not merely exist or be a failure
Forget about what brought you where you are
Just rise! And fight on!
This battle is worth it! Get up!! and get your life!!
Even though life’s cruel, somewhat distasteful and above all complex,
Never mind darling, there’s still a room for you. I mean you, yes you!
You’re beautiful inside and out, you’re a wonderful work of creation
                             There’s more you can do than you think
Search your soul so profoundly, you’ve got something powerful on the inside
Deposited in you by your maker
It is called “POTENTIAL”, which He gave to you to LIVE a PURPOSE
There’s a reason you’re here, to discharge your true essence
                              He knew you were gonna encounter trials
And so he already endowed with all you need to make it through
You’ve got the power if you BELIEVE
Do the very best you can
Cos no matter what your view of life might be
You were never made to last forever
Give it your all and you won’t regret you did
So that when all is said and done,
It’ll be said of you, that while you were here
You left an imprint
                                  Let your legacy RULE
                  Even when you’re gone, you’ll be remembered for it
                  Dead men rule the world, cos their ideas never DIE
                        Get on with your life, As I firmly affirm,
                           Purpose is the ESSENCE of LIFE.

Copyright © Ewatomi Bolutife | Year Posted 2016

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The goods thing about “hardship” is the thirst for “Success”

Success is an unending process it begins even at the peak of another persons success

Be like the blue sky: where greatness and Success has no limit.

The things you say about the success of others is the judgment you get from others or what you perceive as success

Life and hope are corresponding Issues to the nature of success

Wisdom is maturity  and maturity makes the mind, be wise to become successful

Hardship in life, is the Beginning of a Successful Journey in History

You Succeed when you have acquired,  and you have acquired when you have succeeded.

Do not subterfuge to succeed but be submissive to succeed.

Roseline olajide

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Here in far off Borneo, junior squash players are gathered in numbers...
Young and energetic, these are Malaysia's young hopefuls and contenders...

In the numbing heat within this immense hall, the muted thuds of hard hit balls...
Interrupt the cacophony of low conversations permeating through this hall...

Spectators, mostly loving parents, they are one with all the juniors in this tourney....
Raucously cheering the eager young players, battling each other for squashing glory..

Teary losers are pitiful sights aplenty, heaving gasps of disappointment and sobs...
While the victors are warmly congratulated, savoring the highs with renewed hopes...

Where a closely fought match is being played, spectators they swarm the area...
Viewing space then is standing room only,  gasps, groans and cheers are vocal and clear..

With 8 courts and featuring 197 players of various ages in the serious business of winning...
Suspense and excitement  are very much visible,  in both parents, players and supporters...

With the promise of cash prizes, hopes are high for cash and glory till the final win..
These young squash players, talented and motivated,  must be nutured and developed...

As future kings and queens of squash, junior champions they are  today but tomorrow....
Many will continue to grow and one day, and  the best will lay claim to squash  lofty  throne...

For such promising young squash talents, it will be a long journey to excellence...
Many of them will go astray, few will make it all the way, for many studies hold sway..

All these years, Malaysia as a nation hold her breath while trying to do the utmost best...
Of finding a potent squash player, good enough to take over once Datuk Nicol David rests..

Looks like the writing is on the wall, our darling squash queen is finally dislodged from her perch..
Who now can we hope, who now is good enough to quickly climb up to the very top of the perch...

As did the sweet smiling queen of squash, Datuk Nicol David for a phenomenal 109 weeks..
Of dominance over a frantic chasing pack of world class players, the Egyptians ahead of  the rest.....

So here we are,  this Asian Junior Squash sanctioned Silver Event for junior squash tornament..
To witness how young talented juniors come together as friends and foes  in this tournament...

To showcase individual talents, and meet expectations and hopes for Malaysian Squash for tomorrow... 
Squash On, Juniors! Take on the world!

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They Get It

Have you ever wondered about your life, the life of your spouse and children, and the life of your career?  Have you wanted to know how it all will look when you reach the end zone of your life?  I suspect that, like beauty, “finishing well” is defined in the eyes of the beholder; and what you see at the end might be different from what others see regarding your success.    

More importantly and without question, you are desirous and determined that your immediate family be well served in the process.  At the end, what sweeter sounds can there be than for our family as well as the Lord to say, “well done”.                                                                                                        

Our two sons were home for Christmas.  As we spent some quality time together in the kitchen, I spoke of my personal experience of success, or the lack thereof, in my chosen field.  I said that I never really succeeded in my calling the way that I had thought or believed.  Before I could finish my line of thinking, both my sons passionately jumped in and began to say how mistaken I was in thinking in such a manner.  I had not anticipated such an opinion.  I understood that their point of view to me was priceless, and that I could not continue thinking that way.   

I have always desired to be one ‘who finished well’.  There is no better way to ‘finish’ than to know that God will say to me, “Well done”, and that my family will be of the same mindset.  I am pleased  that my sons understand success, and ‘they get it’.  Perhaps they really ‘get it’ even more than me.

As they corrected me about my accomplishments, they referred to the many people that their mom and I have touched.  Right away, I could clearly see that from their vantage point, there was no measure or standard that would change their opinion of us and what we had accomplished.  Such a life of reaching out to people in the name of Christ is the only life they have ever known.  For me to speak something even remotely to the contrary was not only contradictory,  but down right anathema and blasphemous.

In the future, I shall be mindful of what I say around them, lest I should be gagged for saying things I ought not, or things not really true.  For the rest of my life I shall endeavor to ‘finish well’ and be all that God intends for me to be.  May I not measure my calling by the success standards set by those before me, nor those set by my contemporaries.  01032015 cj PS

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There is this deep pride within me that I just cannot kill
For I don’t resent it, in fact in a way I like it
It is a pride instilled in me by a small, soft still Voice
...that always applauds me for being me
It always reassures me and cheers me on
This small voice always seems to guarantee me that I am indeed different
...that I am special, and I can be the greatest that I wish to be
...and have all the best things I wish to have
Only if I care to believe

There is immense power in belief, It tells me
Intensely believe and you will succeed It assures me
Success in work comes quickly in this human world, It guarantees
But success isn’t free, It warns me
Success demands to be earned

Diligence and passion are mandatory
Only question is; what do you want and how badly do you want it
...It asks me
If you have the answer, believe strongly in the result
For in intense belief is the power to begin
And in beginning is the power to persist
And in persistence there’s never a barrier too strong
...nor a journey too long

Success is easy ...simple as a child’s play, It tells me
Just study how a tree grows from a seed produce fruits that contain in them even more seeds
Then you’ll see how easy and certain success really is... It advices me

Well, half past one may be too late in the night for most
But it’s the first hour of a newer dawn for me
For this is the day I shall remember
As the beginning of my success

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2015 British Open for Woman Squash will be best remembered for its semifinals...
As one where a qualifier player had a blistering run  into the semifinals....

Unannounced, after 2 rounds of tough qualifying matches, came the unexpected..
World no.29 Delia Arnold from Malaysia, she came, she saw and she conquered..

Shoving aside higher ranked players without breaking her strides, form or look.....
Delia delivered, defied all predictions and topsy turvied the formbook...

Greatest of all her feats was when she went into court and stood toe to toe...
Against Raneem El Weleily, the sublime Egyptian player who was world number 2..

When the chips were down, Delia Arnold came alive, presevered and survived...
Against all odds, spectators were awed as the world no.29 stayed alive..

Delia Arnold world no.29  tenaciously outfought the sublime skills of Raneem..
Quicksilver speed,  silky skills and immaculate courtcraft failed to save Raneem...

Next in her cross-sights was Carmille Serme of France, the world number 6...
Being world no.29, can Delia go one further and take out the world no.6....

Ardent squash enthusiasts held their breath when on the next day they fight...
Will the fairy tale run of Delia again run true after 4  days of dogged fights..

If you would like to know the outcome of how Delia perform the next day...
You'll have to check out yourself on the internet for the outcome of that fray..


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