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It is spring in my garden
roses are blooming
cuckoos are crying
The winter has been passed
summer is coming
It is so easy to write a poem in the spring
when the river flows gently to the sea
when the sakura shines 
in the moonlit night.
Honey-bee dances in my garden
because it is spring
Flowers spreading sweet smell 
in the cloudless blue sky
Could you imagine a garden 
in the moonlit night of a spring
It can make a poem of love 
It can open all the windows of your mind

Copyright © Mohammad Abedin | Year Posted 2013

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Before spring came, in late February
to the blooming and jolly hills 
I ran, breathing heavily and frantically,
touching the perfumed blossoms 
of a solitary, old cherry tree;
and underneath it I sat writing poetry
that hadn't a perfect rhyme and beat! 
Weren't my skills marred by imperfections?    

Canaries and red-breasted robins
flew down and rested on my outstretched legs;
perusing my lines to spot their names,
and when they did, they flapped their wings in gladness!
I could have imagined their joyful words,.
if only they had acquired the gift of speech,
and deeper in their thoughts I would have reached:
to dispel the myth that they had no feelings...

After my short poem was completed,
I reached for my harmonica to play my favorite classic tune;
and being surprised by the paleness of the fading moon,
I dedicated that happy melody to her not to let her despair:
by waving my hand to make her farewell less sad, while I whispered,
" Silent moon, eternal companion of every poet,
what's beyond the realm of this universe?...
Tell us more of those invisible suns and planets! "

Before spring came to the dormant valley,
the mountains' peaks allowed the sun to melt their snows,
to create gushing torrents to feed its water to the dry and cracked soil,
which needed rain instead of harmful frost;
and I drank the freshest water and washed my sweaty face,
while fighting off the bees' stubborn rivalry!
That spring has come again to dress herself with incredible splendor,
and this discontent and wishful heart desires nothing more than being there!  

My theme is: Happiness In Childhood

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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A prelude to summer… spring’s glorious awakening Green meadows are alive, littered with hundreds of wild flowers Soft and wet, bright, green grass sway, unhindered by morning rain All awaiting warm sunshine to fill with more glee! Out of woodsy habitats come young foxes and hares Their watchful eyes keen as they search for a meal Then hurriedly down a winding path the brave hares disappear But soon become startled as a butterfly flutters by! ~*~
5/29/14 Note: For Kelly's "...As A Butterfly Flutters By" Contest

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2014

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The morning greets me with birds at my window
They peck at the glass, 
they chirp and harass,
"The sun is up, the grass smells clean! 
The flowers so pretty they must be seen!" 

I pull the covers back up to my chin, 
the cold cotton pillow feels good on my skin. 
But the longer I lie here the more I realize, 
the coffee is calling; I really must rise.

With eyes barely open, I saunter about. 
The kitty is purring and happy as trout.  
My shepherds come running, their tails wagging fast. 
They want to go outside, and go running past.  
I open the door and nearly knocked over,
They run off the deck and into the clover. 

I walk to the table, 
all dressed with pink roses, 
waiting for barking, and kissed by wet noses. 
I smell the aroma of Colombian beans, 
my percolator singing, while I get on my jeans.

I'm feeling quite artful, 
the day has begun.  
The birds are still chirping, 
the yard in full sun.

The coffee tastes great, and as I sit here, 
the birds at my window, the cat in the chair, 
there's one place that's calling, with north light galore, 
just past the den, where Big Bear will snore.  
My studio corner, my wonderful place, 
where dreams are realized, and canvas to face.

The day has begun
It's a spring morning

-Mary Susan Vaughn

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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Walking along from the public house late that night 
My lantern giving just a little light
My thoughts as I walked, was I very late?
The time unimportant the year eighteen thirty-eight.

A scream I heard, from a far off distance.
Commotion coming my way, do I make a stance?
A lone figure running towards me, I stop dead in my tracks.
Do I move aside or run away, or even turn right back.

My lamp is only a candle; its light is very dim.
I see a tall figure with glowing red eyes; he is tall and very thin.
With a hooked nose and ears, those look as if they are pointed
He bounds past in the lamp light, with a hood and cloak appointed.

I know not what it is, but to me it looks very evil.
Wrapped in cloak with hideous looks, I am sure it is the devil.
The mob that is chasing it, finds me standing in their way
With cudgels and with pitchforks, but they let me have my say.

Satisfied it was not me, the chase begins once again.
I join the mob in the chase; my heart begins to feels the strain.
We chase the devil along a dark narrow path hoping it makes a gaff
We catch up and corner him, he gives a demonic laugh.

The devil turns to the mob; he’s trapped by a fifteen foot hedge.
His laugh rings out his claws are drawn, silver talons, light glistening on the edge.
One of the mob shoots at him, but the devil opens his mouth wide.
Blue flames and fire shoot from it, blinding the shooter, who steps aside.

The devil leaps the hedge with a great agility
I am aghast with fear and shock, a demonic laugh reaches me.
We stand not knowing what it was, will it be coming back?
A voice from the mob, whispers you know what…
                                                    That was spring heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack was seen during the time of Jack the Ripper in the streets of London in 1838.

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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When the red red robin Comes bob bob bobbin' along It's that long awaited early harbinger Of yet another wonderful spring When this sleepy old world wakes up Yawns and greets the new season With happiness and a song in its heart Time to live, love, laugh and be happy To feel like a kid again doin' what we did again Oh those wonderful years We probably didn't realize how wonderful they were Only now, looking back, do we realize Being a kid again, doin' what we did again Would be sooo amazingly amazing!!! Alas time marches on but the red red robin Keeps singin' his old sweet song! (A bit premature???) © Jack Ellison 3015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Making a change to change 
to throw away and rearrange
things left undone now to do
leftovers of me and you

from the ceilings to the floors
and all in between
the clutter of yesterday
going out the door

wipe things down
fluff things up
can't take anymore
have had enough

bring on the sun
that sparkling light
it is time for summer
more hours of light

Copyright © chris hardy | Year Posted 2014

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Even Jester Jack has his down days This just happens to be one Can't find a reason for my mood today Perhaps winter is better than none I'm Canadian, I should be used to it But as I get older I find Winters are a lot more difficult to endure Seems the sun will never again shine That's what life's like in the frozen north Should be used to it after 79 years Though we live in balmy Southern Ontario Won't rejoice till the snow disappears Suck it up princess, I heard someone say We all have our crosses to bear Of course you're right, spring's almost here Been an extra long winter I swear I hear what you're saying, I must be hardy But living here brings on the tears As I've gotten older it's a whole lot harder So I hibernate till spring reappears © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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The coming of spring is just a few days away That glorious time of the year When the world awakes from it's long winter's slumber To once again bring joy to all living things Reborn is the feeling we humans anticipate A renewed interest in the great glorious outdoors After too many months of hibernation We're free once again to explore nature in all its glory Oh what a feeling! Every year, this old Earth is reborn Experiencing the joy again for the very first time So throw off winter's cloak Breathe in that exquisite scent Of the first daffodils, tulips and crocuses And enjoy love and life to the fullest! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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It’s October, we find time to go by the spring-house to get the tulips. It is time to prepare for winter and the inevitable coming of spring.  The bulbs look hopelessly dead and ugly, rather pitiful in fact.  We nurture them tenderly.

fall gardener tucks the bulbs in bed till spring's alarm.
Through many snows and chilling temperatures, we do not consider at all what is taking place under the ground. One warm March day we see tiny noses poking up through the soil around the back porch. By April, we are sitting in the swing admiring the result of loving labor of last fall.
seeing the blooms brings to mind dried-up bulbs
How could such ugliness have turned to such beauty in the cold, hard earth? As May approaches bringing other flowers, our short-lived tulips drop their blossoms and say good-bye. But as we've discovered, the wisest of gardeners do not hasten to bother the beauty in its passing.
dust to dust all blossoms shrivel with time food for the soil wilting leaves nourish the bulb hidden in the ground
The bulb remains unattractive throughout the whole cycle of growth. Along in mid-July when all external signs of life have faded, we remove the unsightly bulbs from their bed, putting them back in the spring-house until fall. Without them, there will be no blossoms next spring. It is the care we show the bulb which bursts into the beauty we bless in time. entry for contest: Carlton D. Kennedy's Love of Nature

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2013

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In the spring 
Who break in the flowers 
And spread fragrance 
To provide nectar for mankind 
Humans who pick the flowers at will

In the summer 
Who sit still and staring at all 
Let the tree be cut down by mankind 
I wandered and wandered 
Wandering for host to compass me

In the autumn 
In hollow tree 
Eating my favorite nuts 
But mankind neglect my hiding 
Frozen till unable to extricate myself

In the winter 
In iceberg 
Having my own fun 
The bad action of mankind 
Make the water temperature rise

Melting the iceberg 
Only hope that 
Mankind change their humanity 
Because of the replaced seasons 
Spring summer autumn winter

Copyright © Yap Kian | Year Posted 2017

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“My grandfather was strong and mighty, till he died at age of ninety.
The clock then stopped to run no more.
Then one of my relations wrote a song, sung for generations.
I think of it more and more:
“My grandfather’s clock was too large for the shelf,
So it stood ninety years on the floor.
It was taller by half than the old man himself,
Though it weighed not a penny-weight more . . .”

Shaken from his quaint digression, his face in tense expression,
He renewed his dire obsession
About what made the clock strike in the night.
He slipped to the room adjacent, above an empty basement,
Where stood the clock’s encasement – opened so very slight.
Moving with stealth, and in no hurry,
He saw an object hunched and furry;
His cat stood vigil in the night, with eyes reflecting light.

A mouse, the cat had faced, into the clock was chased,
And up the pendulum raced, quickly taking flight.
Climbing the clock’s encasement, the mouse’s weight displacement,
Tripped the spring so tight; it struck with awesome might!
Striking  twelve it had numbered, his muddled thoughts encumbered,
Scared awake from slumber in the night.
“All of this is so confusing, could I, these years be using
The clock with spring so tight?”

In his mental delusion he added to the confusion,
For this intrusion in the night.
There was nothing he couldn’t handle
With his shotgun on the mantle by the door,
With it he could surely even up the score.
With the menace looming bigger, he quickly pulled the trigger
Then the grandfather clock was no more
And the cat and mouse— a taxidermy chore.

Copyright © James Tate | Year Posted 2011

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Southwestern France
Mother Mary appeared 18 times
Young woman Bernadette Soubirous
Announcing: “I am the Immaculate Conception”
Mother Mary helped Bernadette
Discover a hidden spring of grotto
That Spring was soon to become
Fountain of faith, hope
Healing for millions of pilgrims

Lourdes, truly a place of healing
Church recognizes 66 miraculous cures there
Thousands more have been reported
Lourdes a place they found peace
In coming to understand 
Accept Eternal God’s will for them

To all who are sick in body and spirit
The Lord brings hope
Comfort through Our Lady of Lourdes

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

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She drew near unto me
And whispered in my ear
Her words, like melodies
Coursing through my veins
"We will meet tomorrow"
Then, she disappeared behind the clouds


I prepared myself well
I bought her a bouquet of roses
Not more delicate than her
Both were ravishing though!


At five sharp, we were there
She didn't come before me
And I didn't come after her
We have never been late!


Together on the bench
Two cups of Mocha
Two smiling faces
But lonely lovers were awaiting
Watching our flying hearts
And wondering,
"When will our turn come?" 


I felt sorry for them
Perhaps they were unlucky
Perhaps they lost their love
Again, she whispered in my ear
"They will smile, and much"


Copyright © Black matta | Year Posted 2015

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It's snowing here in the north pole.
Snowing in the thicket,snowing in the streets.
Our roofs and chimneys, subdued in its heap.
Our doors are clinged to the walls
Indoors,everyone stays.
It's snowy here in the north pole.
Soon,it melts away,the snow!
And now,everywhere is bright.
Withered trees spring up alive.
On their branches ,you'll find fresh leaves.
Beautiful yellowish marigolds
Winsome purplish violets.
 We hear the birds' chirping sounds
The creeping ants are out from their hidings.
A once skating arena is a clear pond.
On the streets are many,
walking briskly back to work.

Copyright © Adejumoke Adewuyi | Year Posted 2017

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First comes Spring, with daisies and Easter eggs, 
And little girls running around wearing their Sunday best.
My peony's start blooming, followed by
long walks with my dog, who is sniffing around
fire hydrants for the first time in 3 months.
The sun's eyes are open later, 
While the moon takes his time rising deep in the horizon,
And the stars are just  so much more,

Summer brings newness and fresh green everything,
Everywhere it spreads, wherever it can touch and see.
The burning heat is combined with sweating, 
which then turns into family reunions,
Followed by swimming with my cousins.
And I can hear the sound of tiny footprints on lawns 
Running through the neighbor's favorite sprinkler.
And sweet smell of marshmallows to eat,
	-at dusk.

My favorite one of them all, would have to be the Fall,
The sweet scent of fire lingering through the
Twilit cool breeze,
And there are yellow, orange and red leaves falling,
Like confetti from a pinata, 
They have a certain destination in mind,
Mostly it's for my children collecting them with papa,
Or using them for their 3rd grade Science project.
Families all over the world get to do one thing, 
At the same time...
Collect nature's beauty marks,
And jump so excitingly among,
	-the beauty of a season..

Not too long after that, the Winter I saved for last.
Not because I don't appreciate this weathered season,
But because there's nothing better than that first time
You can see your breath when you breathe.
I'll never forget the first time I woke up as a child,
Gazed out our front porch window,
And experiencing awe for the very first time and saw,
Snow dipped pine trees with little green, and a lot of white.
There are icicles dangling reflecting a prism into
All surrounding light, and when they decide it's time to melt,
It's about that time of year when the sun stays up a little later,
And when the moon takes his time rising deep in the horizon.
And when the stars are just so much more..

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

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At the white house Easter breakfast
Obama showed his stripes
He showed us his true colors
For Christian way of life

Never mentioned harm that's done
To Christians far and near
But he got in a "Nasty Dig"
Like National day of prayer

His disdain for everything
That is not Islam based
He shows it every day in life
That bitter ugly taste

Christians all throughout our land
Just listen, and they wait
Hoping for an apology 
But he just spews more hate

There's millions that still love him
Some slowly fade away
Embarrassed by the guilt they feel
They don't know what to say

You heard the moans from his remarks
But no one dared to leave
Afraid that they'd be labeled
An honest American breed

His lies surpass his "swearing in"
His hate is seen by all
His tearing down the Christian faith
His true belief will fall...

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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Your suitcase was home where you left it
We had left in a hurry

A clock on the sterile wall was ticking away dwindling moments
And was the only sound to break the morning silence

Outside a pale May sun, was laboring to start the day
And was the only thing that held our years together

I had stayed by your bedside if they allowed me to,
If they didn't, I walked and paced and waited until the dawn
I knew every crack on the hospital sidewalk
Bombarded by memories I could not remember to forget

Losing your battle, there was hardly a chance to say goodbye….
They handed me your slippers, and night things in a bag
I tucked them under my arm....for the trip home...

Later if people asked …..those same old questions they always ask
I wanted to say simply…."Why?  Does it matter?…..All that mattered...
                                                                                                         is gone…"


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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The sun was just rising over the moon as Monday’s gloom fell upon the earth 
I rolled over in my bed and pushed the pillow aside as the sun rays brushed my skin from the open window

As I opened my eyes and looked out the window and saw a sight I had not seen before 

My eyes saw a Japanese Cherry Blossom blooming in the spring

Its beauty seemed to speak to me and say everything was going to be ok

Vibrant colors that gave life to the weak and a strong wavy trunk that gave a voice to those who could not speak

And as I gazed up the tree my mind began to open up to so many new things

Love seemed attainable and money was not a concern

Thoughts did not make us ill and words did not kill

The world spun on genuine joy and the only thing that held weight was trust because gravity didn’t exist 

Just as I was about to reach the top the bottom became higher and my mind woke up

It was just a dream in which I noticed the inspiration I had within me

Life’s new beginning are unlimited

p.s. so I’ll keep dreaming until I don’t wake up….

Something Seemingly Insignificant and Unexpected Changed My Life. 8/21/16

Copyright © Post Script | Year Posted 2016

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Seeing the spring flowers
with colors so intense and alive,
makes me praise their Creator even more;
amazed and breathless,
unable to find any imperfection
in all that lies under the infinite sky!
By the winding path, under a fluttering willow tree,
I sit down and begin my contemplation...
by admiring a beauty never seen,
hidden from me, who is too far from perfect! 

If roses are prettier than teasels,
they, too, are plants that serve a true purpose;
and if the witch-hazels have only yellow flowers,
are they less valuable or useful than
the dandelions with notched leaves?
Wouldn't the jacarandas provide them shade
in those steaming afternoons, or shelter them when
an unexpected storm arrives?
Nothing is imperfect and useless,
if it was created by His divine hand;
the quatrefoils are as much admirable as
the sleek nodes found elsewhere!

Climbing the rough cliffs of mountains,
brings me a step closer to serenity...
where pine groves culminate in mystery,
as the purest spring refreshes me:
whenever the scorching sun dehydrates my rough  lips;
and from an elevation that opens up to an entire valley,
I'm the smallest being with a probable fragility,
and being too far from perfect:
I become aware of every defect...
to realize that nobody has an invincible aspect!   

If everything that's inexplicable and beautiful
excites make me immensely grateful;
why wouldn't I be astonished and be elevated by sublime joy
anytime I witness the splendor of each sunrise:
when the eagles and seagulls flap their wings a thousands times...
to savor a freedom that allows them to emit a joyful cry? 
And being so mortal and too far from perfect...
it doesn't mean I must live within a limit!   

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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The Bluebirds never came home to my pine grove that first spring.
Can't say as I blame them.... my family's heirloom recipe wouldn't fill
the regal gravy boat anymore, and fresh lemonade wouldn't delight 
the elegant pitcher again; their services for important holidays and 
special birthdays were no longer needed, so they departed.

      I tried to erect new Bluebird Houses and put out their favorite seed,
but they never came back, even if I pretended nothing had changed. 

      I remember the day we chose our wedding china, the pattern,
cheerful Bluebirds at play in the warm spring sunshine, was the 
happiest pattern we had ever seen. We selected all the important 
pieces we would need for every occasion.

      Today, spring flowers are in bloom again, and not a single
Bluebird in sight. I wonder if the regal gravy boat is still
the proud captain of the table?......I miss it

     My pine grove is barren now, and the few dishes I still have
never leave the storage drawer to play in the sun anymore,
can't say as I blame them....

               ....can't say

                                   as I blame them

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2009

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Nothing is more delightful
and simply remembered by a sweet word...
than a walk through a green forest,
to find a remote spot on a low hill
and put those daily worries to rest;
the anxious eyes long for that vision
of a last, unforgotten season: 
the gentlest rain which brings
a familiar fragrance from other lands...
when spring hides its flowers!

Whenever the lonely poet dreams,
his unerring hand is quicker that  the flowing streams:
the distant vison of his flourishing thoughts
is carried to unseen places; 
and all he wishes is to feel  a sublime peace...
when spring hides its flowers!

The wishful child ,led by his mom ,searches 
 the leaf-covered paths with a sorrowful glance,
even the robins and blue-birds can't confort him,
 or give him some kind of hope for his unleashed whim;
and will he relish the joyful promise of each year,
as a gentle hand caresses his blonde hair...
when springs hides its flowers from his zealous eyes,
and one of those adolescent dreams unexpectedly dies?

I, once, was like him:  curious,cheerful and so restless:
seeking surprises in unexpected places...
finding myself in front of simple wonders
that couldn't  be perceived by the adult mind,
as if they were another mystery, not the creation of God...
when spring didn't hide its flowers!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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About eleven years ago through a genealogical search I found out that my adopted 
father is Salish Indian, thereby making me at least half Salish.  I dedicate this poem 
to the Salish people:

The sun rises and calls our people to the land
The babies clutched, children taken in hand.
Blanketed, shivering bodies in the spring air
Quickly we assemble for the journey
Voices speak quietly; our people are ready.

Rows of deep blue mountains fading into the sky
Keeping watch over us; sentries from high.
We walk past the spring where the water runs deep
Life blood of our people, quietly blessed
We trek along its path, continuing our quest.

A prairie breeze rushes past, pulling at our clothes,
It whispers in ears and tells of the woes
Of a woman who cried for her starving people
A bird was sent that spoke of bitter tears
Drops that fed a plant, feeding our people for years.

The biting wind was cold and our feet pushed faster
It moans and speaks for every ancestor
The land that we walk upon is our heritage
This earth isn’t ours, just a caretaker
Of this blessed land, the people of our Creator

Our feet stumble over the dry soil and rocks
Tracing trails our tribe still hunts and walks
Searching  for wild game and berries for the table
Teaching our young of flowers and fauna
Now focused on the ground, seeking the red diva.

The searchers part, fingers pull on the dewy brush
Pushing away grass, hurrying to rush
And find the small plant, the guardian of our land
The tubular sprout that hides in dry soil
From all hands that seek, regardless of the toil.

Both young and old are searching for the small, slight sprout
Ancient rocks are pulled, then heard is a shout.
A young voice cries, “I found it!”  Excited and proud.
Young and old group to see the succulent
Eyeing the pink buds and the roots of the green plant.

Small fingers pass the sprout to a Salish elder
The plant is taken and then held tender
Withered fingers lift it, thanking our Creator
For once again we harvest in tribute
The symbol of our ancestors,  the Bitterroot.

Copyright © Diane Caudle | Year Posted 2011

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look ahead,
in the aloofness

mine shadow,
said the ground hog 
to his captive !

I never alleged,
or whispered as to
your account !

look again,
its mine shadow… 
it soon
will be spring !

Just a little fun here friends…I think in the last 20 yrs. 
this fun forecast has been right 4 times, lol…have a
fun spring !

Copyright © James Peranteau | Year Posted 2010

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  I'm so sorry about what happened
can you hand me one of thse garbage bags
full of that winter?
I'm a lot stronger than you dear and I don't mind 
the smell.
why didn't you tell?
now he's dead and I can't do anything
would I have?
well I don't know
It would have really
caused a lot of trouble wouldn't it.
Let's just take these out to the curb
and it will all be taken away.
watch out  don't drip any of that 
on your brother
you know he has a weak stomach
look it's dark,so dark outside
too dark for this
let's take these back up to your room
just for now
you know we can put them in your 
Hope chest until the garbage runs next week
take out those old dolls and teddy bears
you're too old for that stuff now anyway
aren't you dear.
you should not have kept so muchof this
for such a long time
that's why it smells so bad
it's your own fault after all,isn't it dear.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

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Colorful hues
The smell of blossoms
fill the air in this season of
Beauty and  new birth
Even as the touch of green  velvet
shrouds everything coating surfaces
From car tops to deck rails
Filling the nostrils with cloying tendrils
That irritate and burn.

Sneezing, coughing red runny eyes
Prostrate us while we admire the bluest skies.
As we sniff the scent of  tender new petals
 We plead for relief from the scourge  
of pollen that afflict sensitive beings.

Yet after the dead of winter..Spring brings joy to the heart
But as with all things in life,  the good  comes with the bad
Finding a balance is  a challenging task.
 But after life comes death …so  hope always for the best
Expect the worst ...but take what comes
Knowing that  rebirth follows closely on the heels of death.


Copyright © Margaret Okubo | Year Posted 2007