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She sits beside the fire
As failing embers dim.
Lost smoke trails up the chimney . .
Like dreams she’d shared with him.
She sits and grieves for children
That never will be born.
Because his life was briefly lived,
There’s darkness in each dawn.

She thinks of how he looked that day
When last they had embraced . .
Young and handsome, unafraid,
Of perils he would face.
While she must stand there brave and strong-
To meet each day with hope.
She kept her outlook bright and clear,
She’d done her best to cope.

He’d left her for a war, you see . .
So proud and full of fire.
His country and his flag came first,
“Stay free” his great desire.

For on the day the towers fell,
He vowed to God above . .
To do his best to keep 'Her' safe,
This country that he loved.
Then in the fiery sun of May,
In a land beyond this shore . .
He laid him down and shed his blood;
She'd see his face no more.

Now time has passed since learning
Of the sorrow she must bare.
Grief still raw as at the first . .
No lessening of despair.

Her anger now replaced by voids
Of empty time and thought.
A life now full of nothingness;
Is what his death has wrought.

Summer’s past and then the fall,
Now winter cold and sad.
She sits beside the fire
And remembers all they had.
She can’t remember springtime
And renewal of her life.
Surely this must come one day
With the lessening of her strife.

She can’t remember laughter
Or smiling from her heart.
But God will refund gifts like this;
In time He’ll do His part.
It’s then she'll come to realize
That her love is safe and well.
He’s in a place far better
Than the land in which he fell.

Then she will grow to honor
The love that sent him there.
That day she’ll fall on bended knee
And speak to God in prayer.

Then life will once again become
A wonder to be lived . .
Touched by wisps of sadness
When remembering his gift.

Love and children will be hers,
Then joy and laughter too.
She will know that he looks down
And smiles upon his view.

For he is always with her
Even though he’s not in sight.
He’s in the heartbeat of our land,
He’s in our country’s might.

He’s in the vastness of the plains,
In mountains capped with snow.
He’s everywhere that freedom rings;
He’s where 'The Brave Ones' go.

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2015

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An American Warrior 
please tell me why if you can
the reason I don’t have a right hand
my right leg is missing as well
all I can say is war is hell

I volunteered to serve my country
to defend it from harm
and to protect peoples in foreign lands
who wanted to live free from tyranny

when I look at the news I shed a tear
at what my buddies and I gave
and all my brave buddies laying in their grave
was all for not

the country of Iraq is worse off today and falling apart
and will not survive
so I ask again
what did I give my right hand and leg for
for what for what I scream and shout
what was my sacrifice all about

please tell me if you can
my mind and body are in pain
tears fall from my eyes like an April rain
my body is not whole 
I am one man who is mad as hell

The way this poem came about is, I was sitting in my easy chair when these thoughts kept coming into my head. I wrote these words down. Some American Warrior Hero somewhere was thinking these thoughts I just happened to tune them in I have written 6 poems this way over the years. God bless our American Warrior Hero’s  Dennis Davis July 4th 2014

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2014

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Juan Carmen was very sad when his country lost the war
He felt such a power surely would always reign
And when he found his noble leader, dead on the floor
He knew that their valiant efforts were in vain
He stood right by the conquered Duke, right till the end
No doubt about it, he was a loyal man to Spain 
For many years he was just a noble, eccentric friend
But still his faithful, steady persona struggled to remain
Louis, the Duke of Madrid strictly and truly believed
That being the royal mentor to Juan Carmen
Made him realize how much loyalty he received
Now these men determined to always be royal
Carry the torch for the honor of being loyal

Copyright © Andrew Battaglino | Year Posted 2016

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They Fly Tonight

As I had wished yesterday, 
       do have a safe, nice and comfortable flight today…

Hopes are running high, 
       this Malaysian junior squash team high will they fly…

At home in  eager suspense we all await..
	while you guys and gals go in battling  for the bait…

After all the tough intensive training,
	you are the best hopes Malaysia is proud to bring….

We wish you national warriors cheers for all…
	for those who will win and those who fall…

To attain glory, honor and fame,
	grab all the gold to show that you are top of your game..

In the next few days, you’ve to play well,
         for some will falter this time while the others do well…

What matters most is for individual performances..
         let them be hard battles, well fought and full of perseverance…

For some times it is the will of iron in you …
 	that see you through each battle today for the next day to begin anew..

Go on, squash warriors in this Malaysian team,
	You are the nation’s pride and dream for squash success…

To squash juniors playing in British Junior Open 2015

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Righteous Malaysians they are found everywhere...
Here in Malaysia and in countless countries out there...
August 29th 2015 heralds the dawn of a new awakening.....
August 30th 2015 continues this launching of renewed enlightening...
Worldwide, concerned Malaysians they take to the streets dressed in yellow...
People, young and old, proudly they rallied in their T shirt yellow..
Day 1 saw masses of righteous Malaysians stay up through the night...
To awaken afresh for the rally the next day alright...

August 30th is the 2nd day for this monstrous rally...
One that will be immortalized for posterity in local history...
This is the day when righteous Malaysians sounded in alarm....
Of a beloved nation in a distress never yet to be found...
We Malaysians usually read with only passing interest....
When neighboring Asian countries suffer political unrest...
And their people take to the streets to be heard and to protest...

Who ever thought we Malaysians too will one day  thread the same path...
Just to be heard, and to push for the government for a change of heart....
From a progressively authorative government in mismanagement...
To a people-centric democratic government expected by all its people...
This monstrous rally of 36 hours was widely touted as  Bersih 4.0....
Simultaneously held in all countries that teem with righteous Malaysians...

Bersih 4.0 is a historic event  for Malaysians in hundreds of thousands ....
Where true Malaysians showed solidarity for genuine love of the nation... 
The monstrous rally was but a mass appeal to awaken an uncaring government...
In the hopes that a cleaner and just government for the people will be eminent....
Now that the dust and drama of that massive rally is settled...
Whither goes the direction of the government for the people of Malaysia?

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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What can I do?
My brethren - Dank. We are
not fit to wipe the asses of
these sons of the star of David -
and yet, we crush their horrid
corpsed lives beneath Nazi-issued
boots. We want to live, too.

Say I actually approach my
officer, pout, give him my best
spiel, if you will. His hand will
grope the trigger faster than the
breasts of his sweetheart in
Barrack Neun during a roll call

So I plug my rounds,
rotate a new traincar through
every Montag and Freitag.
And when I sit down to table
with the uniformed prison guards,
I take an extra drink -
and drink to forget.

This poem appears online at

Copyright © Kelsey May | Year Posted 2014

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First time I saw them all together,
They were waving at me from old glory.
Never saw so many stars before that day either;
There were a lot of nights I saw more yet not as close.

Ripples of freedom met my eyes that sunny afternoon;
That special piece of cloth transfixing a little boy's mind,
Finding later that heroes had kept her flying all along.
Watching now as evil ones try to burn her down.

Problem is they'll have to torch every liberty loving heart,
Now that task will not be a simple one to accomplish.
Ever tried to lock up a spirit and keep it there?
No colors in any rainbow have ever flown brighter.

Even with the many faults that have creased her fabric,
She still soars freer above those who would bring her down.
This flag which once mesmerized that five year old boy,
Wraps around this man now in an embrace that won't let go.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

Copyright © Robert Gruhn | Year Posted 2014

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I finished high school four months prior to my 18th birthday. By this time, my country was heavily engaged in the Vietnam war.  I was very much subject to being drafted into the service and sent thousands of miles away to a war zone.   Often true, but it isn't always true that the things we fear will surely happen.

At the time, I never became a 'runaway to Canada' nor a draft dodger. However, I must confess that I feared being caught up in the lottery draft and shipped off to Vietnam.  But as it turned out,  I served my country in the war zones of the streets of Chicago. For six years I worked with street gangs, alcoholics, and drug addicts. I often feared for my limbs and life as I walked in and out of high rises unfit for human habitation.

They told us that our young men were in Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism.  So many of them lost their limbs, and far too many paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Many of them who were fortunate to return home alive were not welcomed by thousands.  It is known as a very unpopular war.  However, may all who died in combat for our country be honored and never forgotten.

Anyway, I can never forget the daily headlines and reporting of fatalities.  Also, I cannot erase the pictures of the helicopters lifting Vietnamese people out of harm's way at the close of the war.  Although it was such a sad scene, it portrayed the sorry saga of our human race.  

Unfortunately, the war in Vietnam where we supposedly fought and died for democracy, was a loss.  We did not stop the domino effect that we feared. Communism won that war, as the South fell and we departed. Nevertheless, communism would suffer massive loses in the years that followed.
05182017cj PS Contest, Foreign Wars, Lewis Raynes

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Welcome to the promised land
there is a neutral gate
No need to prove identity
for that's considered hate

Somewhere south of our beliefs
implanted in your brain
The notion that you're truly owed
a life in our domain

Not accepted by the mass
you're still not turned away
Buses waiting for you now
you catch them any day

Choose a place that you desire
they will, help you find work
You know, you have priority
big labor is your perk

Five million permits printed up
they'll pass one out to you
Citizens won't get the jobs
they're pushed aside, it's true

Chamber of Commerce lobbying
to bring the masses here
They lobby hard with everything
the citizens should fear

One day they're going to look around
and see their country's gone
No one to answer, for the mess
"The coming of the dawn".....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

Details | Narrative |
While I was serving my country in a different kind of way by working with                                                streets gangs in the war zones of housing projects in the city of Chicago;
While unwilling to fight in Vietnam, thousands fled to Canada to avoid the draft; and while I was just turning 19 and receiving a deferment from the draft; there was a teenager with a dream of joining the military and becoming a marine.

He was a youngster not yet fifteen.
He was determined to live out his dream.
I think not that he needed to let off steam.
Sometimes it's hard to tell what things mean.                                                                                                              

His dilemma was the fact that he was only 14 years old about to turn 15.* 
To remedy the situation, he decided to falsify his birth certificate.  He managed to succeed in doing so; and after finishing his basic training, he was later sent off to the war in Vietnam.                                                                                         

He defended his country before being killed in June of 1969 at age 15. He became the youngest soldier to be (KIA) killed in action for his country. I discovered the story about him inadvertently while researching other subjects.                        Prior to a few days ago, I had never heard of him.  Now, I shall not fail to honor him.

05262017 Contest, Mid October Standard, Strand                                                  *Dan Bullock, Wikipedia

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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The secret meetings taking place
Big Business and the rich
Planning changes to the voting
Letting them choose which

Candidates that were rebuffed
and no longer in the thick
People spoke "don't want their kind
now Big Business pulls a trick

Candidates convention votes
will then be cast aside
Brokered deals with shady scams
rewarding those that lied

Will (of the people) is ignored
Big Business does not care
They need control of President
and those whose views they share

Makes for dangerous precedent
they will not close the border
The peoples vote no longer counts
the start of New World Order

They're swarming across the border
the Citizens just frown
A Presidential mandate
Patrols ordered to "stand down"

Big business (ties to world banks)
The Brokering will be
To guarantee there's no revolt
The People can't be free.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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Left Right Left Right Left Right
Life went on a lot of years 
no one did a thing
Along comes one man, Donald Trump 
they all begin to sing

Send them back? And that's taboo? 
Billions would be spent
What happens if you keep them here? 
billions just in rent

Good ol' Jeb he has a plan 
let's feed and clothe them here
Save the money from the wall 
just watch illegals cheer

Balanced budget (Florida state) 
illegals aren't on books
All are here, they were oppressed 
(yes even all the crooks)

Yes, Jeb is really worried now
the bush name doesn't help
Big business and the C of C 
just listen, hear them yelp?

No one has given time of day
till D. Trump came along
Most of them are in a daze
can't sing the same old song

I could go on for months and months 
there is no end in sight
Those "truly taken for a ride" 
are glad Trump's in the fight.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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The village head Pymy Gruzz was hundred years old
He had no daring self neither a piece of gold
Only a daughter had he she was a foster child
She was fifteen years old Kiki– sweet, gentle and mild
She gave him comfort with a docile, obedient smile
“No worry, father”, we are all together in our Lyle.
Night was perilous, hazy, and yellow as a ghost
A chill crossed the craven moon and a platter of duck roast
Kiki awoke and stepped out, in the dark the dragon queen snored
She crossed the lake Obenjinn and mounted the hill of sword
She felt the pricks of crusty prickles but she was climbing on
She must save the village Lyle where she was born
The dawn showed her chubby face happy on the child
Kiki made her journey’s end the day was sweet and mild
She found a man with sunny face god showed her in a dream 
She went to him with folded hands and made a pleading to him.
Sire, I am Kiki from village Lyle bleeding in my heart
My village folks have turned to rocks in fear of Kunnegert
She is a dragon fire breather, keeper of skull on pyre
She must be killed by a happy man I want your sword on hire.
My blood my sweat and all I have will go to you my sire
I cannot delay; my folks are locked and human skull on pyre.
The sunny man stood up straight with a radiant face
“Little kid my Kiki sweet you will not fall from grace.
I will go with you my little moon and kill the dragon sure
I say you clean in voice plain what a happy man can endure
A happy man is happy because he lives with his lord
A happy man is happy because he keeps all love on hoard
He gives it free to every creature lord had made on earth
Lord made him his best seraphim to take a human birth
He is born for others and dies for all and in compassion he is tall 
A dragon’s vice in valley of Lyle he must have to forestall
So Said he and took her hand   and sword shone in golden orb
They climbed down the narrow gorge in finest pace the earth can absorb
Kiki, the daring daughter of the village stepped along the happy man 
The golden sword the golden orb  reached the final lane
The misty valley still in spell
 the misty opiate dulled the souls and spurred the hell
The poet stopped his pen, slept a little, the stories told he had to retell*.

*This is the second part

14 September, 2014

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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He was only sixteen when his nation
was invaded by China -
they claim Tibet is part of their territory.
From a Tibetan Head of State and Government,
he became a refugee in India.
Since then,
he has been seeking freedom for his people
by holding talks with Chinese leaders.
He has also advocated for peaceful demonstrations,
while teaching about love, compassion,
peace, and love all around the world.
As most leaders hold grudges to their enemies,
the Dalai Lama has expressed calmness
and co-operation with his Chinese counterparts.
An epitome of peace he is,
he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.
He's an inspiration to me,
as a patient, compassionate, and peace-loving man.

Date: 26/04/2017

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2017

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After the Election:

The bustling-frenzy has died
Leaving us all wide-eyed.
Just when you think you know the end,
You are startled by the result.

Did you stand in the cue
To vote for the red and blue,
Or did you look down your nose
At all others who took a vote?

But now it is all dusted and gone,
We’ve sang our patriotic song.
It seems a little stale now,
As if the world has come to an end.

There is no politics to debate,
We have after all sealed our fate.
What should we discuss now?
No topic seems worthwhile.

But still life does abound,
If you’d only look around.
Take a deep breath,
And go on a new adventure. 

Copyright © Just Jane | Year Posted 2016

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His musings in paper and ink
have led him to the dungeons. Rusty
iron bars, smell of rats,
and cold wars surround him.
His people see through their leaders,
like water through the glass. Nothing
can stop them now- verses of freedom
have been burnt to ashes,
but not his words. They are deeply
engraved in every woman’s,
child’s and man’s heart.
They are at the prison gates,
breaking them. Bullets and teargas
canisters can’t stop them. They want
their leader- man of the people.
If he is freed, he will not only be a poet;
he will be a leader. A new journey
will begin in his life…..

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2015

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I hope you all are happy
for helping history change
One day you'll read a history book
and think it looks so strange

Everything that's written there
the lies your families told
The monuments, now chiseled blank
by the bill of goods you're sold

Go ahead, just turn your back
out-of-sight, means out of mind
Your future generations will
speak proudly of your kind

But someday way far down the road
when you really least expect
Someone's going to learn the truth
your history's not correct

You'll proudly tell them everything
about the civil war
They'll know it really makes no sense
Who "are," those changes for?.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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There once was a much-desired piece of real estate nearby the estate of a king.
The property was coveted by the king and owned by a subject in his domain.
The king offered the above mentioned landowner a fair price, but he promptly refused to sell.

The use of eminent domain laws is said to have originated in the early 1700’s;
but this story took place hundreds of years before Christ.   It refers to an evil king of a Middle Eastern country.

In a democratic republic, many  properties are often secured by eminent domain.
In the above mentioned kingdom, the citizens also had rights to be honored.
The king was known to be evil, but even he deferred to the citizen’s property rights.

Though a king may be evil, he need not seek to do everything evil. So the king went home very sad, because he sincerely wanted that property.  He said it was close to his estate, and owning it would allow him to expand his garden.
Nevertheless, it was not to be.   That is, until the king’s wife got word of it.                                                        

The queen soon noticed the dejected and disappointing demeanor of the king.
Upon learning about her husband’s dilemma, the queen promptly resolved the king’s problem without further questions.  The queen devised a lying and evil plot, and in short order, she had the man killed.  She then confiscated his property and handed it over to her husband the king.  The property owner had bravely exercised his right to sell or not sell to the king; but it cost him his life.  Yes, the king had a reputation for being evil; but his wife the queen was far  more evil than the king.

The exercise of our rights can be costly, and may even demand the ultimate price.  However, the pain is greater, and the wounds are deeper, whether inflicted by the state government or by people, if rights are ignored.  The evils of a State, whether it be a kingdom or republic, can only persist if the good people of the state do nothing.  When good people are silent, the state is at great risks of doing evil.  But when good people are vocal and prayerful, the state does good and serves them, because they exercise their rights.  ‘The Good’ can only be realized as good people rise from their seats of apathy.  Good people can only see and combat evils as they raise their heads from the sands of indifference. 
 cj 07232015 PS

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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A buja wrote a song
it rubbed the who in power
the wrong way...
to the slammer bujas..
committed himself
self imposed insanity....

Called his government plunderers
stealing from the poor mans pockets
the system turned on the heat....
and our young bujas -
declared himself mentally insane...
committing himself to the loony bin...

The young musician
gave them people good advice
...its hard to get a good advice,
while lacking in cash or scandals....
and scandal-ed he was
and advice we got...utawala
the Rule of the elites..

Lewis k Nyaga

Copyright © LEWIS NYAGA | Year Posted 2015

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That day in the October sun
The British they marched along
Across Mater Barber’s wheat field
A force in red, quite strong.
The drummer drummed, fifers they played
We heard their martial song,
And we leapt out to meet out foes
To break that scarlet throng
When the British came along.

From our guns, hot fire leapt
Trumpeting the fray,
The lobsterbacks, down they went
Not long here cold they stay.
Another volley and they broke
Then turned to run away.
We pushed at them in hot pursuit
Our hearts intent to slay
Our guns trumpeting the fray.

They ran headlong that afternoon
To earthworks and redoubts,
Denying us the pleasure 
Of a quick and easy rout.
We charged the wall repeatedly,
To club and kill those louts.
They repulsed us so many times,
They knew how to build stout,
Those earthworks and redoubts.

Then a general a cabin saw
His name shall not be said,
For crimes committed later on
That nearly cost us our heads.
He saw a weak-point in the line
His troops that way did tread,
A strike to turn the tide that day
He left those British dead.
But his name will not be said!

The line it broke, the British ran
The minutemen gave chase.
Paste their camp, they took the plunder
Capturing many in haste.
Redcoats ran to Old Saratoga
A frightful, desperate race,
And settled in to lick their wounds
Hoping hard to hold that place,
But the minutemen gave chase.

But John Bull face an arduous task
Oblivion did Burgoyne see
Outnumbered by a tough, game foe
Who surrounded everything.
His Hessians broken, bloody, sore
Sheltered only by some trees.
He came out and laid down his sword,
In those woods of victory.
In a wood called victory.

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2017

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Mid-Eastern Tales 3
Curtis Johnson

Long, long ago,                                                                                before the Super Bowl, popcorn, and potato chips;
Yes, long ago, there lived a king in the Middle East.

His name was David, a very God fearing man,
and also a military general of the highest order.
He was loyal to his God, his country, and his soldiers.  He also became his nation’s greatest hero of all times.

He was a gifted musician and a psalmist.
He was fearless and strong, but a sexual weakness
changed the course of his entire life and family.

Lastly, one other error in judgment aroused  his God’s
displeasure.  Because of his mistake, King David was compelled to make a choice of evils.  Indeed, none of the choices presented  to him were good ones.

Sometimes, we are also placed in situations, either by self, others, or God.  In those often complicated and convoluted situations, we are forced to choose.  There are no exit signs or ways of escape to take flight.  The choice is not one of delight.  However,  responsibility demands that we choose.
10232016 cj Bible, 1&2 Samuel

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Thou, O king, hast made a decree, 
that every man that shall hear the
sound of the cornet, flute, harp,
sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, 
and all kinds of musick, shall fall
down and worship the golden image:
And whoso falleth not down and
worshippeth, that he should be cast
into the midst of a burning fiery furnace
Dan. 3:10-11 

When you hear the sound of the dulcimer tones,
rise ... and give thanks to man that you’re alive
Some short time ago, a latter-day Nebuchadnezzar said:
	Don’t bow ... stand
when you hear that peculiar music play
Everybody now know what to do
when the Babylonian anthem hit the airwaves,
	and come piping through
This new king said to all his subjects:
Every time you hear the anthem music,
give me a sign 
to show me that your fealty is mine
Give me a vow,
speak plain your loyalty
Show me that you love this country, 
which I let you live in for a small tax fee
Give reverence to my armies
who protect everything you got,
including your life, which you owe to me
Show me your gratitude — 
I bet not see any protest, or no bad attitude
Don’t come telling me about some 
trivial, kingdom oppression fake news
Stand ... put your hand on your heart
	to openly show all 
that you place your faith and trust in
	the sacred wavy cloth  
Bestow honor and power to the woven idol;
it brought peace and prosperity 
to this fruitful land 
	So honor it ... and stand!
Didn’t he tell you where to place your hand,
Don’t make him have to harden his heart,
and fire up his best-selling idol-making oven
	Such proud Babylonian vanity,
their rich ideas and values 
are considered to be of perfect beauty
Whenever the Babylonian anthem blares,
don’t get on your bending knees 
to ask his nation does anybody really care
The king says, tell your people to pay their taxes on time,
and not to commit any heinous crime
Put your hand on your heart,
and pledge allegiance 
to the Nebuchadnezzar colored cloth
Make sure when you stand, that you understand — 
when that peculiar anthem play;
	some of you might be blue,
some might be gray
It don’t matter where your civil politics sit either way,
liberal or conservative ... the king always got the last say
He could care less whether you’re straight or gay
As long as you’re worshiping him,
king Nebuchadnezzar, at the end of the day
Remember, when the Babylonian anthem
begins to play ... great or small,
don’t disrespect his royal cloth
Although it can’t wash your sins away,
	kissing the colored cloth 
where the bald eagle dropped a little backdoor soft
Will keep your sorry sackbut soul
from getting fiery furnace tossed
Constitutional ignorance don’t flip this king’s sympathy card,
	you better know where your hand is,
				          as well where be your heart
Bringing out the Pharaoh in him ain’t good,
	is that now understood?
Stand ... be proud of your war anthem
Conquering and assimilating cultures
is a very profitable Babylonian tradition
Sure, there’s a lot of dirty laundry history,
the best moneymaking venture was investing in slavery
When he clink the chains, he never try to tell them
it ain’t ever personal
Cold business decisions require emotional distance,
that’s just the way the wind of fate blows
		Speaking of personal:
Most everyone knows his mother, Mystery, is a harlot
Which makes him a mongrel son,
	whose ring finger got an angry twitch
And he’s very quick on flipping the nuclear oven switch
So don’t forget: he take no excuses, and he rarely miss
an opportunity to cremate more death ashes
So listen to your king Neb’s advice, and stand — 
	he demand complete obedience 
Every child, woman and man better not kneel,
they better stand ...
When the Babylonian anthem is playing
Every man, woman and child
better know where to place their hand,
		and know where to put their heart ...
When the Babylonian anthem start
Let him see your flag waving vow of loyalty;
	support his troops, and enjoy 
the spoils of war from every Babylonian victory
Thru the smoke and fire you can hear his primal plea:
Put your trust in the tri-colored cloth image of me 
Sell me your soul 
for secular shekel security
And let me be your God,
in whom you believe
Worship my cult of personality
Babylonian anthem lets him know
who’s on the king’s side
When that anthem starts playing,
	nobody can hide
O Babylonian citizens rise, 
and stand ... when he command
Give glory to the revered linen articles of man,
wavy righteousness is a heart covered by hand
Puff out your chest, put hand over your breast;
	the king says, do this often, 
and prosperity will flood the land
False profits will shill that Babylon is never falling
Intone the spiked crown anthem 
in a joyous, deified psaltery key
Giving thanks to man not God,
makes you drunk as Mother harlot Mystery
The handwriting of God remains written on the palace wall,
Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom will surely fall
	So rise and alertly stand,
anticipate the start of the 
Babylonian anthem
Pay homage to the patriotic brand,
sing the missing verses if you can
The only true mystery is when
the Babylonian anthem will forever end


Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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We’re Soldiers!!! 

We’re resented, we’re praised
And we’re shattered again.
None tamed will, or timid men 
 We could only wait; Wait to live, wait to die!
The threat of “Freedom” will not abide!
Oh the hardships that they braved

One killed by us! 
One killed by them!

Another bullet!  Another bomb!
Another lost! Another saved?
Facing every challenge but we’re calm
Lessons in life the road is paved

Will tomorrow have sight on them?
Though they stumble yet they fight;
Warriors their heads held upright 
A lonely impulse, a fragile existence!
Death! We’re tired of its persistence. 
We’re weary, we’re wounded, and we’re here to defend!

One killed by us! 
One killed by them!

Another bullet! Another bomb!
Another lost! Another Saved?
Deep in the jungles of Vietnam; 
War never to emerge unscathed.

Copyright © Johnny Martinez | Year Posted 2017

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A young marine proudly stands tall,
studies the names on the black wall.
Traces a steady hand upon a name,
feels within his heart a burning flame.

Sorrowful eyes with meaningful tears,
for a soldier not known throughout his years.
With pain and sorrow burning in his eyes,
and an inquisitive mind that will not die. 

A broken heart in this young man’s chest
dedicated to his father who did his best.
He's striving for mortal recompense,
hoping to remove his  mortal consequence.

His determination reflects a strength of convictions,
offers a ceremonial prayer, a solemn benediction.
To his powerful protector and faithful disciple,
a Marine known only as his father Michael.

This young Marine salutes his father
Take hold of the hand of his widow mother
This soldier’s brilliance knows no bounds
for a son who wears his name like a royal crown.

Copyright © Johnny Martinez | Year Posted 2017

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To touch the aircraft wheel on the country's soil
An emergency message ...
Authorities have arranged for drinking, feeding and sleeping
Emergency and sudden landing of soldiers across the country ...

After seventy two hours of terrorism, I came to know
I lost my dearest Nicholas
With the twin towers, the pride of nation
I lost him forever

After the catastrophe, with frightened and terrified hands,
I opened the letter box one day
A sealed blue envelope was delivered, stamped on 2001/09/11
The pearls are shed by him ...
"My dear Emily, you're my love
  .... and beyond love "

Copyright © Somdev Chattopadhyay | Year Posted 2017

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                           Their Courageous bodies lay like garland 
                              on the sandy shores of Normandy, 
                                   their Honor there defined.


                                    For one and all preserved. 
                                 Deaths now their honeymoon!
                              Their vestments filled with Integrity!

                                      Not for "Honor or Glory!"

                                   For "The Stars and Stripes!"
                                  The flag known as "Old Glory!"

Copyright © Johnny Martinez | Year Posted 2017

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Their years have slowly slipped away,
Our nation’s heroes with heads of grey
Once strong bodies, now weathered and weak,
‘tis’ the solitude of grave’s-rest, they seek.

Willingly went to face war’s deadly strife
Preserving liberty, their Country’s way of life
Prosecute not , “Their”  war’s  grievous toll
Grant mercy upon these warrior souls.

Sought they neither honor nor glory
A goodly deed, for them a worthy story
Their splendor gone, they’ve faced their misery
A momentary trembling for threads of Liberty

Honored soldiers who gave their best
One by one, they’re being laid to rest
With ribbons and medal pinned on their chest.
Where upon the battlefield valor well expressed.

Upon their graves a nation owes
The noblest wreath we can bestow
Now they shall rest from life’s demands 
In paradise in God most loving hands

Copyright © Johnny Martinez | Year Posted 2017

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I am a Veteran proud and true, hundreds of thousands just
like me served for the Red White and Blue
To protect all you Haters So You Can Hate America

Proud Parents, these are the "Role Models" for your children
Not a true word (BENDED), but it's fitting for the narrow minded

Kneeling for the National Anthem? I bet they feel so proud
what brave men they've grown to be, disgraced before a crowd
Some people do not realize, What National Anthem means
Those that "thumb their nose at it", insult us so it seems

Following like a bunch of sheep, the blind they lead the blind
trying their best to instigate, flag hunting soon they'll find 
Yet they'll honor flags of hate, and to them, that's okay
NFL and all the rest just smile then look away

Spectators are so confused, "I've paid, what should I do?"
afraid to walk out and be tagged, a racist Red White Blue
Our president the only one that voiced a true reply
different reasons for the kneel he caught them in a lie        
They have a flag they're going to wave, (the protesters) we mean
Their goal? Replace the American Flag with "stupidity" we've seen
Stop the "Anthem" coming soon, and so our Flag some day?        
Destroy our Country is their goal, if they can find a way.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2017

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It Will Never Happen (Maybe)

Ceremony for the "Gods"	The Law, you must attend
Taking turns (now Region One) Freely, (or pretend)

All about expenditures (where taxpayer dollars go)
Transparency? We promised you, we'll keep you in the "know"

Your fair share, (as always) Eighty-four percent
Deducted from allotment that you get for Food and Rent

Let me see, "that leaves you" Exactly, Almost Nil
Now add to that your debt (you owe) for the simple health care bill

Do not fret, you'll get your check (usually on the third)
all of it will balance out, but to taxpayers that's absured

They can request a hearing, before the I R S
rest assured they're treated fair (no reason for distress)

Your government takes care of you, no need for you to worry
their main concern the taxpayer (rebellion filled with fury)

Thought of moving, did you?  Life's better "across the border"?
Not needed now, (they took it down) "We are one", The new World Order.....
                                                             Pete Yuhas

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2017

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He knew how to keep his job:
Follow orders,
speak to superiors only when spoken to
And always give a subservient nod
His grandfather taught his father,
and his father taught him ...
Be loyal to the State
Serve and obey 
the patriotic, military way
And when in doubt, 
this is what you say: I know nothing
Now stationed at the White House,
he can see the vultures circling
And he remembers what his grandfather would often say
Sgt. Shultz was a wise, old grandfatherly soul of a man
But when Germany fell at the end of WWII,
he cut bait and ran
Though he didn’t do no wrong during the war,
this he swore
Still, he wasn’t so American sure
Sgt. Shultz was a good soldier,
but he wasn’t no hero, not by a stretch
However, he treated his POW’s well,
and told the American colonel Hogan
that his CO Col. Klink, one day was gonna go to hell
Though he insisted, he committed no crime during the war ...
this he doubly swore,
saying he knew nothing
Concerning this alibi, 
he just wasn’t rock solid American sure
As he headed towards 
the Statue of Liberty democratic shore
His wife and him had brushed up on their English,
and passed through Ellis Island Station
And became melting pot citizens of this great nation
But over time, 
he trained his son, and his son’s son
how to safely straddle the fence
And passed on the family’s living treasure:
known as the Sgt. Shultz defense

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017