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Laying here staring out across the ocean,
listening to the sound of waves roaring,
gazing up at all of the glimmering stars,
lighting up the sea like a dance floor.

Counting stars as blessings life has given me,
thanking God for each and everyone of them,
so relaxing just lying next to the shore lines,
trying to draw in the last bits of the night.

The full moon shining ever so brightly now,
and the waves calm down to a gentle splash,
a light breeze pushes softly against my skin,
I grab my sweater and drape it around me,
as I go to leave I stop and turn around,
just to admire the ocean one last time.

Copyright © Rachel Trine | Year Posted 2015

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As Dr. Sharma recently quoted “I'm just a li'l drop in a great big ocean” AREN'T WE ALL! But some rise above the rest and are remembered Some are content to be just one of the crowd It's a matter of what we're comfortable with Some just don't realize the impact they make On those they come in contact with And how much they influence others To lead a better life and become a more loving person There are so many unique people here on the Soup That this most definitely applies to They are the sweetest, most loyal friends That anyone could ask for They make my life complete and a treasure There are no words to describe how their friendship Has made my life happy and content LOVE TO YOU ALL!!! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Quiet Please                                                                                                                                                            

I was born and grew up on the relatively quiet side of the planet.                                   Nevertheless, there was a train line right through the heart of town.
And there were also cotton gins, tractors, and lots of farm machinery.
Obviously, we were not exactly 'noise free'; but basically, the noise I heard most were an occasional barking dog, crickets, bull frogs, and rooster crows.

After high school, I relocated to a very large northern city by a great lake.               Suddenly, all my familiar noises of crickets, frogs, and roosters were gone.         
Without warning, the sounds of combines and crop dusting planes disappeared                                       They were replaced by commuter buses, automobile horns, sirens, and garbage trucks.                

In my late 20's, I moved again to a large western city by the Bay and the Pacific. There, for 30 days, my family and I resided in a motel embraced by a street car rail line.  Also there, we were annoyed by rap and rock from loud radios, and more  sirens.  But also there, we slept sweetly by the ocean waves and fog horns; gentler noises.
03082017 PS Contest, The Noises, Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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I looked out of my window, disturbed from my sleep
I was startled when I saw water knee high deep
I saw troubled people get out of their rooms
In front of their faces there was nothing but gloom

Lurking in the hallways, were cries of the dying
I could hear nothing but the shouts of the living
There was no need to proclaim, "The ship is sinking!"
I could hear loud and clear that the waves were rushing.

As I walked through the freezing icy cold waters
My whole body's shaking, from my face to my nerves
When a ferocious wind blew, I shook and shivered
Thinking survival's the only thing that matters

The sweat of the people arouses in the air
With the smell of adrenalin, fear and despair
Some fought for their lives beyond the hopeless moment
Some gave up and accepted what was truly meant.

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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I lived a true Romeo and Juliet experience,
meeting my love at the art gallery one winter day.
      I loved art and writing poetry,
             he liked to draw pictures.
      My family was considered poor,
he was educated, rich, a traveler of the world.
My life was mindless with no future until I met him.
            One evening he took me to a movie,
      and that movie is forever meaningful to me.
The next day he gave me a blue heart-shaped pendant.
            My very own heart of the sea,
      I still wear it as a memory.

He believed in making each day count,
oh, our first kiss-  he whispered, trust me.
      I felt like I was flying, 
             and he said, I will never let go.
Then one winter day he crashed his car through ice,
a thousand knife's stab my heart forever and ever.
            If he could talk to me,
      in that dying breath-  he would say,
promise me, you will never give up, no matter what.
            I call his name a thousand times in dreams,
      and our love will go on and on and on.
September 15, 2016


The movie inspiration is Titanic

For the contest, Movie Mania- Romantic
sponsor, Nicola Byrne

Sixth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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Fog rolling in,
Making the sea go a gray,
Kid’s body surfing all day,
In a cold pacific bay,
The children are laughing,
To the sway,
Of the ice cold waves roaring away.

I hear my mom calling to me faraway,
To come back to shore,
And stay.

For I was tiring in this pacific bay, 
Because of the numbing cold,
That could not let me stay, 
In the icy water of this pacific bay.

Copyright © Emma H | Year Posted 2013

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Morning Shower

This morning I have carefully slumbered into the bathroom to start the shower
Groggy and tired I turn the control counterclockwise to a satisfying temperature
I step inside the cubical and shiver with the initial shock of water pouring on me
My body starts to melt as the warmth covers me like a warm blanket

Worries and agendas come seeping through the shower tiles like unavoidable green monsters
Clouds of steam give a ferocious roar and the mischievous scoundrels scamper off into hiding,
Knowing that they will return once again

I’m taken to some place new
A beach with sand white as snow and the sun’s rays kissing every inch of my skin;
With the sounds of a soothing melody and a reggae beat off in the distance
I don’t recall the song but find myself knowing every word and sing along,
As my mood is calmed and contented 

Copyright © Madison Mittelbrun | Year Posted 2014

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Everything was in the right place; the shoes, books, furniture, utensils, remote control…. His house always smelled of fresh air, although it was hundreds of miles away from the ocean.

“Your house smells like a beach-house!” his friends told him.

He knew his house was far from being called a beach-house. It had no fishing harpoons, fishing nets, scuba diving suits or shells. In fact, he hated the ocean.
Three years back, his perfectionism had landed him a job in an environmental movement company. A research lab was set for him close to the beach.

One Saturday morning, he saw a turtle floating close to him. It was still, its body dancing only to the motion of waves. BP oil spills and chemical wastes suddenly haunted his mind. He now saw oil rigs and floating marine animals all around him. Quickly he jumped out of the ocean as though he had spotted a shark’s dorsal fin, a dozen feet away.

“I’ll never stay around imperfection!” he swore to himself.

Neatness then became his pilgrimage. He took one last bottle of vodka to erase the memories about the ocean, and moved to live in a place not close to any water bodies.

Sometimes he eats fish and lobsters with difficulty. An imagination of a contaminated ocean close to him scares him stiff to hold his knife and fork.    

Current Contest Name: Take The Dagger From My Heart, Please - 2

Previous Contest Name: SHORT STORY

Date the Previous Contest was Finalized: 9/27/2016

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

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After waving his hand
to his beloved, a sailor gets into
the ship and prepares for
sailing across the deep, blue waters

Little does he know a flood
of tears are stinging the eyes
of his lover, wondering whether
he will still remain her husband,
or will become the ocean’s husband,
after drowning to her belly

Storms roaring with rage
every now and then,
she doesn’t see any wage
as a reason for her lover
to go and hunt a rogue whale
that capsizes ships

“Goodbye”, she faintly whispers,
as the ship sets for sail
with her other piece of joy.....

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2015

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My heart cries for thousands and thousands of people
those who perished in the earthquake-spawned waves;
known as tsunami, the worst natural disaster
that caused tons and tons of deaths across Asian countries.

It’s a great tragedy, a giant blow to humanity,
with its repercussions to all spheres of life –
a wake-up call, an immediate response
that needs to be attended to and done forthwith.

Global mourning takes its course in every nation,
particularly in these countries of Asia where –
Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka are faced with difficulties;
in coping with destructions, tragedies, and other commotions
indeed, an urgent call that needs an international attention.

In four decades this catastrophe has ceased its wrath,
but after that starts another episode, so terrifying
that people who are caught up in that mere situation
can solemnly declare and profess their fears.

Oh, Mother Nature! at times we don’t know
your reactions that cause pandemonium,
tragedy, destruction, sorrow, and pain to all
like this one, a very strong and powerful disaster.

However, across the world, people show their compassion
with their unwavering generosity that floods in all levels
it’s an illustration that we’re humans with caring behaviors
to all those who’re afflicted and severely hit by this phenomenon.

I can’t imagine how the world mobilizes and responds
showing their love and concern to these people in pain
loss of lives, heart brokenness, and other misfortunes;
these generate an answer to be mindful of them in many ways.

I see the unprecedented generosity that rolls in every land,
institutions and other organizations make a collaboration
in what is conceived and put into action: fund raising,
charity, and pledges of thousands of donors.

Horrific media images shown in television channels,
are remarkable pointers for reflection and yet an invitation;
for someone who needs conversion and a return to church call,
that life can be as quick as those giant waves that killed many people.

It’s a theological reflection which embraces human sufferings,
Like a pathway to profound invocation, faith and trust in Him;
Oh God, our source of strength and goal to fulfill this portion
Where we unite ourselves to all those who’re in afflictions.

Copyright © mark escobar | Year Posted 2012

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Once upon a time there lived a boy called Musa,
who lived in an Island called Pemba. He loved
going fishing and long journeys into the deep,
blue ocean with his uncle, Kassim.

For centuries stories went round the Island, about 
ocean spirits which took away fishermen in the night,
turning them to sea weeds! Musa didn’t believe 
in the supernatural; he was ready to test
whether it was a superstition.

One night of the full moon,
he crept from his window and ran to the beach,
to pick a boat. He paddled away into the ocean’s horizon.
A couple of flying fish were criss-crossing above his boat;
the ocean’s skin was glittering like diamond sheets;
it was sunrise.

Musa’s sleep was interrupted by the sudden rocking of his boat.
Slowly he crawled out from his sleep,
and went to see what was causing the commotion.
Alas! Alas! A very beautiful maiden sat right at the edge
of his boat!  She told him she had ran away from dark lords,
who threatened to steal her magic pearl necklace;
it protected mermaids for thousands of years,
from dark entities existing in other aquatic dimensions.
She was a princess given responsibility by her royal parents,
to protect it at all cost.

Musa felt so moved by the Princess’ story and kind heart,
that he sacrificed himself to turn into a fake, magic pearl necklace,
so that the princess could swim away to safety.
The princess in turn was so moved to tears, that she sacrificed
herself to turn into a fake, magic pearl necklace,
just like Musa. Poseidon was so moved by the power of love
between the two, that he created a big tide,
which carried their boat to a safe Island.

Musa had fallen in love with the princess, just as she had fallen for him.
The problem was that she was a mermaid, an ocean spirit,
while Musa was a human, living on land. There was no magic to make
them live in the ocean and on land at the same time. Poseidon couldn’t
help either…….

Shuttered in tears, they bade each other farewell. 
To keep herself in Musa’s memories in his heart, she made every shell
to sound like an ocean, with the help of the magic pearl,
so that Musa could always remember her, whenever he listened to them.

Since then, Musa always went to the beach,
to listen to any shells,
whenever he missed his love, the ocean princess…….

                                            THE END

Date: 25/02/2017

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2017

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As the slam of the door echoed through the quaint house, a line was drawn through the peace that once flowed. She raced to the shed outside where she kept her pride and joy, her peace and serenity... Her happiness. Heart begging for the sea, where she spent most of her time she paddled through the lapping waves, the stress that was mounted on her shoulders bellowed from the depths of her soul and cried out in anguish. The pain fled, acid ran down her swollen face leaving grades of red on her pale complexion.
It seemed to be hours. The sun was setting tracing long streaks of pink and gold in then iridescent sky. Alone on the sand she grabbed her guitar and began to play, she played and played, played until the black of her worn strings wrapped around her battered fingers... Her soaked hair trickled water down her guitar like the grades of red that washed her beautiful complexion.
Abuse was inscribed on her body like stains on a newly washed jacket. She was too young for this... Symbols of her pain, depictions of anger and jealousy. She didn’t deserve this.
No more was this to reign over her existence. . . With one swift movement. Peace was restored. She valued nothing more than their love. . . destroyed.

Copyright © miguel williams | Year Posted 2015

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"A sunset is the proscenium between Heaven and Earth 
where Gods reminds us that he is
 always close by."

Copyright © Jeffrey Forman | Year Posted 2015

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How do I stay soulful, without seeming like a raging goddess?
I would always be the raging sea,
Don’t sail your boats or ships upon my waters!
 Expected to be slaughters, by my sharks
 The rough waves: and the haunted ghost slaves.
 You toss abroad, unlike the garage you scattered on my shore,
I kept your secrets; at the bottom of ocean floor

I sting your eyes, and bitter your taste:
 Rock your ships from side to side
Yet, you smuggle my fish out to land: 
    what a disgrace!
A man would always be a man

 Why did you leave the dry land and sail the ocean blue
You pirate! You luxury ocean liners: you liars
Can you hold on to my waters? 
The laughter takes hold of you.
I filled myself with rage, because of the things you do

No safety nets……


Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © Michael E. Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Birthdays come but once a year
A day we celebrate, a day to cheer
We all know the day we're born and our age
For birthdays bring us joy or change of stage

The day I celebrated my fourty-ninth year
On the other side of the world fear
Horror for a young girl named Heather
Who was swimming in ocean waters from boat tethered

Swimming around the ocean deep 
Working up an appetitate for something to eat
Was a great white shark fourteen feet, whopper
Jaws powerful enough to bite through copper

At home I thought I had turned fifty
I figured this year would be very nifty
My father who was in his nineties
Reminded me that I was only fourty-ninty

In a land way down yonder
A girl named Heather was pulled under
Great white figured she was good meat
Nice and tender a very tasty treat

A girl named Heather was saved
That very day lived to be one to praise
People who worked to keep her alive
She praised God who lives in hearts and on high

Sara lived many years
Saw her grandsons through tears
She was the strength and glue
Who saw her family's problems through

Just in recent years in a land down under
A fourteen foot great white shark did blunder
Caught in a fisherman's net
He'll probably live this mistake regret

No, the fisherman cuts the lines
Frees his catch and shark from bind
Now the shark he named Cindy
Follows him around even when windy

Follows him everywhere he goes
Let's him pet her on her nose
Rub her belly and dorsal fin
She even grunts and tries to grin

Which of these do you think is the most grateful
Heather who is now disable
The shark who was spared his life
Or Sara the mother, grandmother, and wife

(The story about Heather is true. The shark circled and bit her right leg.  Then circled and 
grabbed her left leg.  The people on the boat were hitting the shark and try to pull her into 
the boat and the shark took her whole left leg off.  She was only attended by a nurse who 
was on the boat and radioed a doctor on shore as to what to do.  She was 20 hours away 
from the nearest doctor.  She was lifeflighted to a hospital in California where she had to 
have multiple surgeries and now has an artificial leg.     The story about the shark caught in 
a fisherman's net was really not true.  The grandmother here was a true story.)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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Three, Two, One, Jump!

Three, two, one, Jump!
And Dad would spring out
To catch the wave we knew was not there.

Teenage sons
A father who was blind
A jest not repeated.

But he picked himself up from the sand
Thinking he missed the wave
And walked back out to try again.

Later that Summer
I walked out into the waves
With my eyes closed.

Surf sounds
The terror of not knowing which way to shore
The bravery it took to body surf blind.

I like to think I see him sitting there
Tasting the salt and sand on his lips
And hearing the crash of ocean waves

Head up, Eyes closed, Warm sun on skin
Laughing at the joke of launching out too soon
And just perhaps riding the waves ashore one last time.

Copyright © Richard Jordan | Year Posted 2016

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The full moon hung heavily in the heaven's
Reflecting on the water below
The ocean waves played a melody
Lulling peacefulness into
the stillness of the night.
A virginal vision dressed in white
rides upon her white steed.
Throughout the forest
a fine mist, hangs
Glistening, the woods
in fairy like glow.
The stars twinkled, in sad refrain,
the ocean, lapped timelessly ,upon the shore
Mimicing the beating of the heart.
She gazes, over the ocean ,where,
the full moon illuminates.
Her crystal tears, flow.
In her hand, letters,
written but never sent.
Love notes, that will never be read.
For, he died that day
Never declaring the love she felt
Now all that remains
Pieces of paper
Written but never sent.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2012

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There she is the false image standing quietly
She is just standing looking at a beautiful flower
She notices her passion of earthy desire
Something is happening she burst into the sun
I look up as her hands grasp my face
Her sea blue eyes gazed at me
Her warm hand and then a bright light blinded me
I went down on my knees and cried
The salty water dropped on to the ground 
I live by the ocean so deep
I do not know how to swim
By the thought of a beautiful look 
That made me shake
With fear in my head I saw those Sea Blue Eyes
I cannot restrain myself she burst into the sun
What is going on is it just the feeling of being left behind
She was a desire and now I have none
Driving nuts and insane what will I do
Believing such a image is a dream
I walk on the sand by the ocean with flowers in my hand
Raising it to the sky and trying my best to lure her
The image came close 
It pulled me into the ocean I was soaked
What a lonely human being I am
I grope the sky with such desire
I look pitiful and look anguished
What horrible feeling I have to pull the beauty that is nature down
The wind blew one day the image once more appeared
A young woman standing beside a flower with deep Sea Blue Eyes
Looked at me a glance of hope and happiness came
I reached for her and all of a sudden I fell into a deep sleep
Months past they had told me that I jump off a cliff 
They explained that the flower patch was by it
I realize heaven and earth cannot be reached with out a sacrifice
With meaningless thoughts I would wonder of to the cliff area
To see the ocean were it meets and ends
I was told a story long ago that the feelings of the ocean can seep into your soul
The trend of this story came shortly after some deaths
I was fooled the lady with the Sea Blue Eyes can manipulate anyone
Ladies and men, she is an illusion of the utmost desire
Blaming everyone human kind knowing they are lyres
The ghostly images that creeps everyone is oneself
Desire falls upon those who are lonely 
Believe of the unnatural becomes science
The Sea Blue Eyes is no lie cause they have been taking souls
Through century they have been taking souls for tolls
I stood once again near the ocean reaching to the sky
Lonely I was ready to disappear 
One day she not the lady of the sea it was the one I knew
I was blessed that day she embrace me 
I then fell into a slumber of bliss and desire
Now I just hear voices and I am paralyze down
A disappointment I was fooled once more by the Sea Blue Eyes 

To be continue.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2011

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Once in a while I meet a person whose eyes tell their story
The story is like the sky reflection on the seas of glory
The eyes are all the wonder of the world
It sees the future, past, and present
The eyes give us knowledge of the world and reflection
The reflection of sadness and weakness of each creature
The wonder of each individual being has a present
To the world who has lots of false images
To arise the moment of that one glance
To follow the heart in romance
Just the reflection that gather in your eyes of blue
What a man and a woman should view
Life is such a pain without stopping to see each eyes
Its like roses you have to enjoy each passion in side
When that moment collides with mind and heart
Nothing in your soul can keep your love apart
Join in the fun look in every eyes of a person beside
With passion and romance I bet you, you would cry
The luster of all the things to come
A bounty of life long needs to be given by just the wonders of the eyes
The blue seas reflects the different depths of our feelings
And it should become revealing
Come to your senses with ravaging hormones of lust
The sea can take you and even the reflection in the eyes of the person
The beauty is not held by one it is held by everyone
Such looks with fear for no relief
Is almost a dreadful part in our human nature
Beware of what can happen when emotions are held
Held to the core of an individual
No such thing is kindness when you find yourself in the Sea Blue Eyes
Calling in your soul by just looking
With ignorance you play around with such futile emotion
Gush away the fear and do not go insane with life so dear
The grasp of the titans comes to reveal
The evil within your heart is so obscenely noticed
You want the sea and you want those eyes to look at you with wishes
The rage in the heart are waves that cannot stop 
It pushes and pushes with no regret
The heart falters and there is only one thing in your mind
The idea of one soul to be with is the ocean 
The rifts that is trying to break to end the wants of desire
Cannot be trusted in a human lier
The beauty of man is destruction 
The beauty of women are commands
The eyes of each does not matter in the sea
Because all emotion and desire is given to those who are true
Command of a person is just one thing 
The desire to destroy is another
The Sea Blue Eyes will see no bother cause it bares it all
Even the utmost desire
To be continue.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2011

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The great one glides to her ultimate destiny

Soon to etch in time an infamous legacy

All souls aboard not knowing their fate

An iceberg ahead,

just lying in wait

This huge ship of iron,

cutting so easily through a wave

About to send so many to a watery grave

Dozens of safe crossings by it Captain so proud

Confidence buoyed by calm seas,

and nary a cloud

Little children run and play on her gigantic deck

The Lord knowing for some,

their parent's last trek

Young lovers,

completely oblivious of the future

Set plans for America,

and offspring they'll nurture

Yet this massive ocean,

Earth's giver of life

Can be so unforgiving,

making widows of many a wife

The rich and the poor,

standing shoulder to shoulder

Going down with Titanic,

never to grow older

As loved ones in life boats,                    

hear those horrible cries

They are doomed to relive them,                  

for the rest of their lives

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

Copyright © Robert Gruhn | Year Posted 2014

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ON a spring day just walking on a grassy hill, with no shoes. I just stand there looking
out unto the ocean. I see the pretty dolphins just playing with each other.  I noticed
when I got closer they just ran away. They are such beautiful creatures that god has made.
There is so many creatures in the ocean that is so beautiful and peaceful, and some of
them we can’t see when they are so deep down the ocean floor. I love the beautiful fishes
that swim at Hawaii very pretty colors.  AT Hawaii there is so much more to see in the
ocean that is so beautiful,  you need to scuba dive then you can see all the reef, and the
fishes and sometimes you can see a Optus that is just lying there under a rock just
minding his own business.

Copyright © kathy cox | Year Posted 2010

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Just like an ocean of ink
All these things I think
Thoughts that were stuck in my head
Now upon this page instead
With nothing left to lose
This is the release that I choose

Cannot keep it balled up inside
No longer can I hide
Behind this phisad I’ve lived
Never knowing
How much I had to give

Holding all this love
Deep within my heart
All the while
Watching this surface fall apart
So now for me
Every time I feel I’m on the brink
I just set a drift
In an ocean of ink

The End
By Greg P

Copyright © Gregory Procopio | Year Posted 2011

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Once I cast my net into the Blue Ocean.
I caught lots of strange things,
Some of them were smiling,
Some of them were crying,
Some of them were glittering,
Some of them were flashing lights
When the sun was about to set,
I came at home.
My queen was sitting in the yard holding a book on her lap.
I was nervous for a moment. 
Finally I placed at her feet all that I brought from the Blue Ocean.
I was standing silently,
She just had a look on them and said, " What type of strange things are these?
She again said that they are all useless.
I was speechless,
I just wanted to say that I have not fought for them.
I didn't buy them from the local market. 
They were not nice presents for her.
I threw them all into the road at night.
When I wake up in the morning time,
There was nothing left on the street.
The travellers picked them up and carried them into different countries forever.

Copyright © Md Shahadat Hossain | Year Posted 2017

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Somewhere in the darkness a tiny wave of energy begins to oscillate 
It sends ripples of potentiality across the vast ocean of space
The ripples turn into larger waves 
And create a shock that reverberates throughout the whole of the cosmos
Tiny particles millions of light years away respond to the call
They band together as one and form a tiny circle of spinning electrons in loose orbit 
surrounding its nucleus
They jump up and down the quantum ladder

Spinning faster, they become little balls clinging to one another 
Glued together by their opposing forces
Life begins to take shape
The message has been sent
What form it takes is up to the collective

A ball of mass and energy spins alone in the darkness, creating life as it turns
Water boils as tectonic plates shift and collide
Proteins bond as the double helix begins its first spiral
The message has been heard
Cells float along in the protoplasmic jelly 
That will be home to the first amoebic life form
They divide and replicate as the first link in the chain is created
The code has been written
One celled amoeba evolve into algae that floats along in the primordial ocean
A symbiosis has begun

A pair of eyes peers through the murky water 
Intelligent life takes shape
 It swims to the edge of the ocean where it encounters land
 It takes one last look back at the giant womb that gave it life
Curiosity takes over
Throwing its body upon the land and gasping for air
It ventures into the unknown blazing a trail for the rest to follow

Copyright © Chelsie Dwello | Year Posted 2011

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He stared at the starfish flooded at the shore,
wondering whether they really wanted to
drift away from the beautiful ocean depths.
"There's so much beauty to celebrate,"
he thought to himself.
He picked each starfish he could manage, 
and threw it into the ocean,
as the ocean currents brought more.
Sometimes he wonders whether his town
got tired of him like the ocean to the starfish,
belching him out from the land of grazing
to the land the sun never sets.
Sometimes he goes back,
but something tells him that his old town
isn't yet ready for him again....

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2017

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Freedom before my lost brother

They march before the rising sun with guns at six
We stand before sun down with signs of freedom

Who really marches to the same drum? 
When my hand have been blown off for beat
The beat, the beat, the beat

As he races from the explosion of freedom in his chest
For freedom
To escape this tide of hate
That swept us slaves of red, white and blue

And he is nothing like before when hate took him away
He is a man at six and we are still children as adult
War took my hands and feet I am no solider
I fight for freedom not money
You fight so this tide will not cross-oceans and sands

We fight here for food and light
And light, to breathe, to die for family
Across the ocean hand my son an ak-47
And he will march and kneel before God for forgiveness

Hand my brother a ruger and he will stand in the shadows for American greed
Greed in the land of freedom and hope, black in the shadows
And mother can mend wounds here across the oceans she can only dial 
Of relief
Mother over there must know how to be doctor and surgeon, and warrior for the 
Generation to survive, to live

We cannot procreate; we are the ends of mankind
With bombs in the hands of babies
To extend our left hand of hate across the ocean, across towers of hope

We must all be the same here a million mile from each other
My skin dictates that I hate, be hated, I rape, be raped
I bleed red, white and blue
Watching in shock, disbelief as red, white and blue goes up in flames in the 
Ashes of the wind just like you

Freedom can never come to me here before her with that torch 
My mother across  the ocean must be sending me a package of death to kill my 
four father
Your four father because my complexion means that no one can see me
 I am a lost brother, forgotten sister 
 Hated child with no hands, no hands in freedom

March me before television cameras, signs of peace, and words of love
I am still a lost brother............ before truth
But you knoe me so well..
From the the same box that caused my cousins in your land to be hung
Money means nothing here, Money means every thing beside her with the torch
Pass it to me so I may freedom---the truth

Copyright © Toya Williams | Year Posted 2006

Details | Narrative |
When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

Details | Narrative |
Yellow-John Matthews, he sailed upon the main
A pirate who would prey on them all.
Spanish of British, it was no matter
Before him they all were all bound to fall.

He stood six feet, of medium frame,
Was never seen without his tricorn.
He was crowned with hair, yellow as sun,
As were all the bastards to him born.

For six long years he filled his coffers,
A fortune for ten men plus two.
But he kept on sailing, for he loved the rush
Of combat and running men through.

They one day the crown sent out a ship,
A ship of the line, armed to the teeth.
It caught Yellow-John off old Havana,
And sent his ship down to the reefs.

The pirates they swam, and made it to shore,
And were captured there by the Spanish.
They strung them up high for all to see,
A punishment that the crime did fit.

But Yellow-John never made it to shore,
They all assumed that he drowned.
His death was the talk all the next week
In the taverns of Port Royal town.

Four hundred years later, off Somalia
New pirates sailed to seize ships.
A sudden uptick bought the navy quick,
To blast the damn pirates to bits!

The crisis reached its bloody peak
When a thousand-foot tanker was seized.
That the pirates would go for such a ship
The navy folk just could not believe.

The sent out the SEALs, scaling the sides,
Onto the big ship’s deck they stormed,
Shooting down pirates who dared to fight,
Destroying their foes, as in norm.

One SEAL reached the bridge and saw a man
Who clearly was not a Somali.
Wearing jeans, a shirt, and a tricorn hat,
He looked out of place as could be.

The SEAL raised his gun, and fired a shot,
The slug it went straight but nit none.
The blonde man vanished into the air,
Dispersed clean in the mid-day sun.

The SEAL he came out and said not a word,
For who in the world would believe it?
He scratched his yellow hair, and though back
To a tale his gramma told him when sick.

It had been told of an ancestor bold,
Who had lived his life as a buccaneer.
The SEAL supposed now he’d not got his fill,
And from the grave had rose to privateer…

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
She stepped into the blue ocean of morning, 
and looked up towards the sky
& as her gaze moved up and up,
something odd, atop a willow caught her eye

There, in the tall thin branches, 
swaying in the wind,
a still & silent tabby was 
curled amongst its limbs

She shouted to it, clapped her hands, 
her dogs enhanced the sound
but the cat just lay there, never moving –
its silence was profound

Knowledge that the cat was dead
slid slowly down her face
in bitter tears that came unbidden
with grief’s wet, salty taste

She struggled back into her house
through mourning’s heavy waves
& tried to ponder what to do,
and who to call to save

At least the body of this once fine cat,
to bring it back to ground -
She imagined how it sought its safety
then could not climb back down,

& how it sat there, starving, thirsty,
forever trapped in that green embrace –
She couldn’t stand it, went back outside,
but when she looked, saw only space

The cat was gone! Had played great possum,
just pretended to be dead!
And what she’d believed to be total truth
was just a story in her head

Then laughter hit her, exploded from her,
joy blazed throughout her soul
as the crystal blue promise of the ocean of morning
was restored, renewed, and made whole

© March 2006
RG Hudson

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2006