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She watched the towers fall to earth that pristine, young fall morn.
She saw the skies so clear and blue and then the clear was gone.
As horror filled her inner soul; her heart and mind were lead.
The towers crumbled one by one . . and everyone was dead.

Harsh sobs came forth from deep inside, but still her face was dry.
More sadness than a tear could bear; her eyes refused to cry.
She prayed to God: then called Him out. She begged Him intervene.
As all the while the horror grew, with each new ghastly scene.

The day wore on becoming night: grey ash and twisted steel.
So much to work through in her mind; how could this all be real?
"You need to cry", she spoke aloud; you need assuage your soul.
You need to sob: make peace with God, if your faith's to remain whole”.

Yet still the tears refused to come, denied her all relief.
It seemed that tears could not begin to lessen untold grief.
Then came a truth from deep inside, meant for her . . and me.
“If you could cry for what you've seen, you'd overflow each sea”.

“If tears would pay for all the pain that man has caused to man;
Salt lakes would one day cover, what was once earth's arid land.
Could tears atone for every lesser creature man's abused,
More water from the eyes would flow, than earth could ever use”.

“Tears surely meant to bathe this sphere, like soft and healing rain;
The air and soil and streams befouled for mankind's worldly gain.
Why earth would be a pale blue orb . . a landless, liquid ball.
Could tears atone for man's misdeeds; no earth would show at all”.

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2015

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Another night
Another fight to survive
As the days go by
Everybody with blonde hair and blue eyes
And if the religion fits
They'll burn to a crisp
This is a fight
A fight to stay alive
Some have tried to escape this
This Holocaust as some have called it
But they were stopped
Dragged, pulled back in
Forced to endure harsh labor camps
Forced to flee their homes
To find a secret place to
Live peacefully without a fear of
Their lives taken away without dignity

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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Ten remain hidden, two thousand years lost. 

Two struck down by bullet, gas, and flame; the ghetto stage one. 
Six million perished before the world ended this crooked crime
Remanent of those lost rose like the cedar in Lebanon, Ezekiel knew best
Twas God who gave men courage; they fought such tyranny, such hate
Twelve mourned for a season while two given back old land
North and south, east, west flock to come home, a great exodus at hand
Two now settled, secure where they stay; diligently searching for those...

Ten remain hidden, two thousand years lost.

Copyright © Ge Ge | Year Posted 2014

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It was a fateful era for the Jews,
when their tears, blood and fate
was manipulated by the Nazi.
They found anything Jewish to be damned
and wrong, forcing thousands of Jews to exile,
and millions to their deaths.
The Nazis didn't bat their eyelids as they poured gasolene on
little children piled up together in a barn,
as they shouted and cried for help.
At random Jews were selected, and lined up to face
the firing squad in Swastikas;
their blood flowed into pools, trenches and streets,
haunting the spirit of justice in Europe.
Concentration camps, torture and executions
are the only things that the Jews knew,
as they wondered what wrong they did, God
creating them to be who they were.....

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

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Let me tell you a sad story, a true story . . . Maybe some of my facts are not exactly right on, maybe some of my dates are off, but the story is true. In another time under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, millions deemed undesirable were murdered, including children. Imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps or were shot or hanged. The first extermination of prisoners took place in the month of September, 1941. Those not killed in gas chambers died of starvation, forced labour, disease, self-inflicted death, and medical experiments. Prisoners were forced to staff the gas chambers, After they were dead the bodies were burned in ovens or tossed into pits like garbage. They had stripped them of their clothes, stripped them of all dignity. Piles of shoes, clothing, eyeglasses, suitcases even baby things taken. Today these things are in museums to honor forever the millions of dead. Hundreds of Germans staffed the camps but only 12% have been convicted of war crimes. Auschwitz was liberated on January 27, 1945 but most of the population had been evacuated and sent on a death march. All this, was in another time. Hopefully the world has learned from this horrific time in history. Black and white pictures of unimaginable scenes are witness of what happened during the years, 1933 to 1945. But, the scenes leave me weeping and weeping for those who suffered in the Holocaust. I saw an image- of a women with children walking- death was their journey's end ____________________________ Re-write from July 14, 2016 (Weeping Still)

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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The black skies poured outside, the walls that kept me in, felt safer than ever. Every day, I stand here and wonder “why is the world like this?” The grueling discrimination over us, just because we are Jews, the hatred and disgust, they all send me into a ball: flying through the air, with the tears strolling behind me. 
Here I am, sitting in the corner, taking in my own thoughts all as I take the day away. All a sudden, I hear footsteps, coming up the wooden staircase; these aren’t the normal ones though, that is quiet as a mouse. These ones…they were different, they sounded like heavy leather boots pounding the floorboard. The screams of a thousand souls filled through the air, my heart was throbbing, and I knew who it was. The Nazis has found us, but how though? We have never been out past eight, if were the worst possible things would happen. A deep voice yells “You bloody Jews! You do not deserve to live!” I rush into the middle part of the attic, an evil man, drags my mother out the door. I run toward her, faster and faster, but then I’m grabbed from behind. I kick and squirm, but it is no use…I have been captured. The genocide, pointed toward the Jewish has come to extravagant measures, murdering off our population. One by one, we perish into the deepest despairs. Adolf Hitler, the one who made this all happen, has turned everyone against us. My friends, teachers and just plain old passer byers on the streets…all of them. Every day, while I am in hiding, I think about how it was when I was just a normal child, when I could play with my friends on the streets and not see the rising of Nazi flags. I haven’t seen daylight ever since I was about eight years old, what a wonderful sight it was!

Copyright © nicole ussery | Year Posted 2015

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Tears would well her eyes, if there were any left.
Pray there’s none as one drop would flood the world. 
One, two, three, four and many more, she lost them all.
There remained is her loin no more pain to bring out a cry.
Marred body, disfigured figure, she stared blankly at the mounds. 
Underneath lie spoiled seedlings of  human race! 

Expectation rises at time where hope there’s none. 
What's more agonizing than this? 
To bury your own with your own hands! 
A never ending nightmare for survivors.
“How Evil is so powerful if God exists?” they cry.

Blood soaked soil or is it sediments of those burnt alive in seconds.
Heaped together they lie; plants, animals, man and man-made.
His majesty the Devil delivered his gift of doom; 
“Little boy” and “Fat man”, he laughed at jokers; humans! 

"I’m the Super Power. I want complete obedience!” 
He boasted, despising her force to procreate, revolted at the gift of God.
So easy to infiltrate the witless human race and guide them as puppeteer! 
Two mere days of holocaust and eternity to mock the brainless angels, “Protectors, huh!” 
In immense grave they all lie, cradling every new comer helplessly.

One brazened mother stood upon the large bosom of another, questioning the sky. How many more years to carry the curse of that angelic sin? 
Doomed are the ill fated souls of little small beings, already martyred in womb;
far heavier burden of agony to carry on fragile shoulders to another realm, head bowed in utter humiliation to relate this story of human’s crime to those above. Souls might never wish to be to be born human! 

Messengers of God on earth; justice, their motto! 
How so partial? Only drops to burn so many, for a lifetime? 
"No more!" When are their pleas to be heard? To be ridden of
the particles of death? Raw bruises of their souls to be soothed 
and their dead lands to be bloomed again?

“God”, if there’s one, though untimely, may certainly shed some tears of pity
to wash that sin of humanity, if ever it decides to leave its golden throne and pay some charity visit to them!

She slowly lifted a stone and placed it on one mound.
Her little girl name is today just a stone mark!
Those who escaped that fate, were chosen to stay living corpses; deterrent to others who would dare!
Common grave for millions, today makes lips quiver in horror and souls 
sag in fear with its very name,
Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Resubmitted on 11/10/16
Date composed: 2/07/16

Copyright © Sunita U.D Palawon | Year Posted 2016

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This society has turned into a dark, cold world. Where nobody was accepted for who they are, only by the religion they have possessed. I remember, from a long time ago my momma told me that “He is not who is judged by the religion they were born into, but the character they have chosen to worship.” That quote, kept on swirling in my head it has overturned me. Even though, I was on death row, those words have given me hope. Many relatives have been lost over the holocaust, the emotions run free in my heart, and they have been murdered for something they cannot change or help. It’s my turn, to go against this evil practice.
                                                                                                                     August 5.1944
I have just opened my eyes; I see all of the faces of those who have been captured. We have been on a train for who knows how long, judging by the sliver of daylight peeking through the hole, it has to close to evening. The roars of wheels racing on the tracks, made the views beside us pass in a blur. I look all around, my eyes show how much I want to scream

Copyright © nicole ussery | Year Posted 2015

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Have we gone to far to take it back?
    Like a fast running train that has jumped it’s track
Can we gather the pieces that we’ve thrown away?
    And seek redemption in the words we pray.
How can we expect forgiveness from what we do?
    We’re so unfaithful and so untrue.
I know we weren’t there when Jesus died for us.
    So we take on the attitude what’s the big fuss?
They say He will return and claim His throne,
    Will you believe then when the proof is shown?
We can remove His name from everything,
    But when the final day comes whose praises will we sing.
Our government was suppose to be a voice for the majority,
    Instead they do what they please in this land lead by the minority.
In God we trust is what has always lead us through,
    But now they are saying God is not allowed only you.
I don’t know how this country got so turned around,
    But I know the course we’re on and where we’re bound.
I hope someone out there knows what to do,
   And lead us back to the things that will sustain us through.
I read an article about how HUD would not let this eighty some odd year old lady 
place an angel on her Christmas tree.
   Said it might offend some of the other tenants, WELL EXCUSE ME!
It reminds me of a one Adolph Hitler and what he did to the Jews,
   If we don’t stop this idiocy before it gets full blown then Christians might start 
feeling the point of the screw.
It’s not a joking matter and we can’t laugh it off anymore,
    Or we are going to have the Gestapo policing Christians like they did in 
Germany once before.
If you’re a Christian open your eyes and look,
    They’re removing our rights one by one, day by day, book by book.
I don’t want to start trouble but I want what’s right,
    And when push comes to shove are you ready to fight?

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2007

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I can’t though; if even a peep comes out of my mouth I risk the lives of the others even before we get to the concentration camps.
August 6 1944
The days and nights pass in a matter of what seems seconds, one blink is morning the other it is the mystical night. Where I’m going though, the sun doesn’t shine to keep the warmth on my skin, only to give the light needed to commit more murderous practices. The stars disappear; as do we .I pray every night to the heavens that I can survive what is to come but sometimes it seems almost impossible. I hear the screams from a distance; this wasn’t what I was used to. These were from pure agonizing pain, but the laughs appear from the enjoyment of others peoples suffering. We were here…About 20 meters north I saw a barbed wire fence that read “Auschwitz”, the reading of the name sent chills down my spine. I have heard of this place before, this is where my life will be on the line. There is one thing I must remember, whatever happens I must stay strong. That is the only way I will have a chance to survive this monstrosity.  

Copyright © nicole ussery | Year Posted 2015