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Sweetest Love Note

One night a guy & a girl were
driving home from the movies. The
boy sensed there was
something wrong because of the painful
silence they shared between them
that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over
because she wanted to talk. She told him that her
feelings had changed & that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he
slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note.
At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down
that very same street. He swerved
right into the drivers seat, killing the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she
pulled it out & read it.
"Without your love, I would die."

Copyright © Le'Rita Clark | Year Posted 2006

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Emo Girl Explains Why She Cut

My picture of pain,
Exists with a slight twist,
I place a sharp razor on my wrist,
Dragging it vertically and horizontally I make slits,
Feeling the urge after every heartbreak,
Feeling the urge to cut with every mistake I make,
Someone help me, but please do not refer to me as insane,
I’m not seeking attention; my body gets numb to the pain,
Expressing the pain I’ve felt emotionally by hurting myself physically.
The endorphins which releases from each cut causes me to fell high
If you ask what’s wrong I’m going to lie.
But as you can see the truth, I am not fine
I’m slowly breaking down inside,
But I cover up all this pain with a smile and pull down my long sleeves,
That cover up the all the memories that each scar leaves.

Copyright © Sedain Sangster | Year Posted 2015

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A Girl Becomes a Young Woman - For adult Contest

A girl around 13, sitting at a kitchen table of the home where she baby sits, is waiting for the woman of the house to finish getting ready to leave. She is startled by two brazen hands coming surreptitiously from behind her, fingers and thumbs beginning to gently squeeze her prepubescent breasts. Frightened and aghast, the young girl stays transfixed and says nothing. The man’s wife calls out to her husband, and the fondling abruptly ceases. The girl knows something is wrong, but she doesn’t want to give up the babysitting. She enjoys the children and likes earning money on her own. All she can do is fervently and silently hope the incident will not reoccur as she continues, on and off, to watch the children of that disgusting man. The girl’s mind and body mature; by age 17, she is coming into her own. She has been reading, watching, experiencing, and . . . . learning. Once again, in those later years, she has the occasion to watch the children of that man whose invading hands had long ago so repulsed her! As he drives her home late at night, he reaches out for breasts now much larger. The girl is waiting for it. Shaking inside, she summons up her small bit of courage. Pushing his hands away, she calmly but assertively declares: “Leave me alone. You can never do that to me again.” She now realizes there are not always others that can help you. No longer a scared little girl, she's a woman who can take care of herself. I know because that girl was me. For the TRUE Meaning of Being Adult Poetry Contest of F J Thomas

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Memories of a Young Girl In Blue

Head down
The old woman sews 
A dress
Nimble fingers 
Marking each stitch
The whirring of machines
Whirling and whirling
Round and round
Threading memories
Of another time
Reminding her
Of a night
Long ago
When she was afraid 
To speak to a boy 
Sitting next to her.
As her busy fingers work
She remembers more
Of that summer night
A blue cotton dress
With tiny ribbons
Lace curtains gently
Pulled by a breeze
Drifted out through opaque windows 
While musicians played a rhythm
Of their own 
And shadows pranced 
On empty walls.
Waiting that night
She wondered 
Why no one 
Her to dance.
Old memories 
Glide by
On silver sails
And today?...
She knows that today is now.
And yesterday was yesterday
Finished with her work
She catches her breathe,
Straightens her hair,
And turns off the lights. 
Pausing to look back
Into the darkened room
Shadows return her glance
With a gaping stare
Adjusting to the darkness
She begins to recognize
Familiar shapes taking form
Satisfied that all will be the same 
When she returns 
She closes the door. 
Going outside
She holds onto her purse
For a traffic light
That has already
A smile crosses her face
As she remembers 
When the boy
Became her husband
Children were born.
And the years went by 
In a brown bag
Neatly folded in two
Is a blue chiffon dress
Almost like the one 
She wore years ago
Only this one
Is for her granddaughter 
Impatient for no reason
To go nowhere
The crowd pushes forward
But the old woman lingers
On the corner
Savoring the moment 
Glad of memories
As a busy world saunters by.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2009

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To Elizabeth

To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eye'd,
Such seems your beauty still. 
~ William Shakespeare

I have looked into the mirror
Looking for a trace....a trace of my youth
A trace of the girl that I used to be...
Is she there?  Buried deep? Is she still part of me?

Years can't be halted, change can't erase..
And my face, are the lines of experience
Stories and time...I see staring back at me
A part of me wants to grieve for that girl
The girl that I was..   Has she vanished for good?

Oh, I do understand....
That I can't hang on to "then"..
To days long ago, when time was our friend
When summers, together,  seemed never to end
But, then............ , here by chance, we meet up once again.....

Our friendship born in young, and carefree
You...with bright eyes, and brown hair that fell long
Around your high cheeks ...and a wide, gamin smile!
You were the one who's light shined so brightly
Who's charm, laugh, and wisdom I fondly admired
A girlhood where we danced together in sweet grass under sunny skies
And under nighttime stadium lights, to the music of the high school band

After years, that have taken us to separate worlds
In my mind, and in my dreams you have always been
The fair maiden, the one who held my hand
Two girls who made promises...who sat in the dark, under a summer sky
And talked of our "somedays", of our future, our hopes
By the light of the moon, we wished upon the stars

Now here in this moment, I have found you again
And here in this moment, I have found "me" again....
I can be that girl we share our history
our moment in the sun, ....I am "her", again!..
I can be that child, I can be fifteen, I can wear a crown, upon a teenaged throne... 
And I can still dance to the sound of the drum, and the tuba,
I can sing football songs, and gossip about the boys, 
   and make fun of the stuck-up girls
     and laugh about the teachers we didn't like, 
                   and about the night of the prom, when I cried in your arms

I can hear Johnny Mathis singing "Misty", and the words will make me weep
       I can hear "Canadian Sunset" as it lulls me off to sleep

Perhaps the stars have faded a bit...but beyond the weary miles
They still shine when I look into your dear friend, from the past...
They will shine through the ages.........where a summer will always  last....
                      ~                                    ~

For Frank's Contest:

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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The Lovely Girl

Two brothers blood and bone
Always together, never alone.
Set out one day to trap and play
Met a young girl along their way.
She was beautiful that was for sure.
A lovely sight, innocent and pure.

The brothers at once began to court
And soon forgot their youthful sport.
They fought and quarreled for her affection
Plotted and schemed without objection.
Until one day she became one's wife
And sent the other to live his life.

The brother's lives were never the same.  
They didn’t hunt and never played.
One lived a life of quiet contemplation 
The other of  misery and aggravation.
The lovely girl they thought they knew
Grew into a mean old shrew.

Copyright © James Andersen | Year Posted 2016

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Girl of Mine

When I first saw her 
She was only a few hours old 
Instinctively kicking her long legs 
To escape 
I knew then 
She was 
A fighter. 

To an old drawer 
I found 
Faded photos 
Forgotten pieces 
Of crumpled notepaper 
Their energy 
Taking me back 
To a time when 
Her hair was brownish gold 
Round face 
Took baths in a yellow tub 
Cradled in the kitchen sink 
And cried 
When her mother 
Worked on weekends. 

Eyes closed 
I remembered 
When she was seven or eight 
I would read to her 
While she played 
With her dolls 
Occasionally stopping 
To look up at me 
With her big brown eyes 
One night she asked 
Daddy do I have any friends? 
I told her she had many friends 
Imaginary friends too 
Like Ooh Poo Poo Doo 
Who would always be with her 
That’s a strange name Daddy, she said 
Brushing the hair 
From her eyes 
I said 
It’s not the name or how you say it 
It’s the friend that counts. 

One Spring day 
She came back home 
Well dressed 
Her friends crowded the living room 
As my wife and I left 
I smiled 
Remebering the words
It’s not the name or how you say it 
It’s the friend that counts. 
My daughter 
Kept in her heart. 

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2009

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My Motivations in Poetry

My love of poetry started when I was still a five- year old child When my parents asked me to memorize verses and rhymes With all my feelings and actions, I recited my poems in front of a crowd Innocently receiving adulations but not a handful of dime The first piece I memorized was entitled, “Cradle Hymn” I was a small girl sent in a poem competition, so naïve When I’ve grown up , I realized it’s a song lyric with Christmas theme So, I sang it and started to develop my good voice quite a bit When I was a teenager, I memorized speech and declamation pieces My teacher sent me in a poem contest for a campaign against drug addiction I tried to deliver my piece like a candidate for a star award actress Acting like a drug addict teenage girl longing for parents’ love and attention As years went by, I turned out to be quite a flirty lady With puppy love and sweet crushes to some guys around me When one of them got me, so happy until I forgot all about reciting poetry Relationship went long but when we broke up, it created another life’s story All my heart brokenness has turned me out to be a poem writer I also wrote few poems for my family, dreams and for close friends’ requests My passion of poetry blazed and turned out to be greater When I found a writing spot, motivated and inspired by my friends-the great poets
Feb. 6, 2013 First Place Contest: Who What Where Judged: 4/23/2013 Sponsor: Poet Carol Sunshine Brown

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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Girl Rising

Girl Rising Unwanted Child Since the day of her birth, she was not wanted. Her mother rejected her. She was brought into this world by a mid wife. Her mother already had a lot of kids and didn't want anymore. The mid wife told her - it's a beautiful little girl. The mother said - I don't want her. You can keep her. I don't even want to see her. The mid wife and her husband adopted her and raised her as their own. She would be their youngest child. They already had eight kids. She was loved from the beginning. They raised her, send her to school, she graduated and went off to college. While in collage she fell in love, but her boy friend jilted her. Her heart was broken, but she still went on and finished college. After college - she went to Chicago to live with her sister. There she met a young man, that liked her from the start. They met in church. After a year of courtship, they got married. They had a beautiful wedding. They both worked hard. This was in the early 80's. They raised 6 kids. Two are now married. She has a very important job in a bank. They now own three buildings. She got to meet her real mother at her mom's funneral. She asked her - why are you crying? They weren't even your real parents. She answered - They were the only parents that I ever knew. She went back to Chicago and never saw her again. She lives happy with her family. Both her parents that raised her have now passed away....
08/04/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: I believe that this is a real success story of a girl rising. It is true. My husband and I were sponsers at her Wedding. She is my best friend's baby sister.... For Richard's contest ( Girl Rising )

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2013

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Wild Flower

Wild Flower
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 In Death Of A Rose by Nate Spears
Rescue this sunflower
It's capable of being a ray of light
Nurture it, value it, and love it
Its petals are more delicate than they appear in sight
 A wild flower it is; but it displays beauty
The facts of its species remain unknown
Its fight to reach its true potential is admired
It’ birth to existence is undetermined
 It’s roots shows trauma
Its presentation brings hesitates to potential caregivers
No one's prepared to take a chance
This flower is destined to win
All earthly roots sprout from above
At some point in a life’s span; we could use a kiss or hug
 He who refuses to display any element of the wild
Is merely real
An artificial representation of life
Stuck in Styrofoam surrounded by fake moss and dust
No breath, no soul, non-existence
A human being choked from an outer dimension.
Rescue this wild flower with love.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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- Me Myself I -


                      A girl was born a beautiful summer day
                 She had beautiful blue eyes and light curly hair
                            The girl ...... it was me myself I
                      My mother has told me that I was a kind
                                     and happy baby
                    The baby became a chubby girl who liked to
                          play with soft teddy bears and dolls
                           Chaunted and singing all day long,
                                 yes I was a happy little girl

                             When I was seven years old and the
                                 commitments hour had come
                       First day at school, dressed in a dress with
                                  flowers and ribbon in my hair
                        I wanted out of the classroom, I wanted to be
                      free to play, sing and dance.... be free like a bird
                          Plus, minus and A-B-C... yes it all could wait
                      School years passed by and I learned: plus, minus,
                                   A-B-C and more than that

                   "Almost adult" - a teenager, yes waithing for the time
             Girls with menstruation, and acne wich we covered with powder
                         Boys with pimples, wich reflects like flashlights
                           Girls who "giggled" of everything and nothing
                          Boys who speakes with deep voices that bursts
                                     Interested in the opposite sex
                                       It`s was an exciting time ... 
                                     Distance love, blushing cheeks
                                              Will you be mine?
                             Go hand in hand and perhaps a gentle kiss
                               Heartbreaks....well who has been there ?

                But as in a fairytales the princess meets her prince, they are
                   in love....married... and have many other commitments,
                                         work, home and children
                               Fairytales have always a happy ending
                                          What about the reality ?

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl.....

That razor blade
Is her paint brush/
That canvas... Is her wrist
Her rush
Of blood/ To her head/
She's been painting deep into her flesh!.....

Her pain is still aching/
Her hands dripping with blood
She couldnt stop shaking/
That Paint brush Soaked up
Some of her pain/
Still a broken girl remained
Staring out her window pain

Heading down that lonely road/
she plagued/
with illness/ depression state/
Raged/ is reckoning/
taking over her brain/
every thought is plagued/
With depression/That's she been trying to escape/
But she trapped/ She feels she's been raped/
Of her old self/ She screaming
But no one seems to help/
She yelled/
With noone there except her self/

She so sick of seeing her reflection everywhere/
So she smashed up every single mirror/
She can't face her fears/
Her demons are over so powering its clear/
What she must do/
She thinks these only one way out/
And its now time over due

To get away from her broken home/
She Tried not to show/ no emotion/
But she holds emotion In/
like a renowned poet/ Whos constantly Going back over it/
So its now her time to go...

No love/So the blood stains/
On her paint brush!

A broken child/ with a broken smile!
That never should have gave up/
She painted her face with clown make up/
With a Smiley face
To hide the frown/Because beneath that make up/
Her tears fell to the ground/ Where depression held her down..
But she never cried out loud/ She was way too proud

But her parents love soon departed/
In fact they never new she was an art-ist!
She kept It secret/
Until the day she cut too far
Barely missing her main art-eries

They never knew about her secret world behide her wardrobe/
If you could switch roles/
And go into HER mind of a broken soul/
And you'll find out how far the rabbit hole goes/

Her secret past/
Came back to haute her/
No one saw that masterpiece/
called "the crying daughter"/
Would it be a masterpiece/
If she was still hear today/
That's remains to be said/
let me paint the picture for you..Instead/
That Paint splattered covered In red/
Covers her face but can't cover
Those whispering noises/
In her head/
There Getting lounder/
She is screaming but she feels voiceless/
In the world that now surrounds her/

She now paints deep into her flesh 
So she can escape that madness, 
If not for one hour or one second
She's now a drug addifted felon
Who never learnt her lesson

Her hand is steady
She feels ready
To force the razor blade deep into her flesh.....
Her wrist now blead, dripping
Onto the cold bathroom floor
Those noises whispering
In her head Fade
Only for
Her to wake

The room is white
Not like/ her bathroom
This one is bright...
Nurse she awake!

Her silent screams
That have become so deadly
Her nightmares are now her dreams
She thinks she not worthy
Of life, Not knowing why she decides
To die...

Tears rolling down her face
As she heads to the bathroom and grabs 
The razor blade
She forces the sharp blade across her wrist once again

Im telling you her story she confessed
As the medics,Didn't make it in time
She lying on floor dead
Her poem left, in her hand that read....

The deep dark red 
That Paint now pours 
Onto the cold floor
My body cold
The pain fades away
Along with my soul
Im Finally falling into an endless sleep
No Screams/ Just a faint sound of sirens
No more crying/ I finally feel complete
With nothing but complete.. Silence.

Credits most go to another poetry soup member
for the opening line,not sure who but i remember seeing it
and thought i would add my own thoughts to it.
That razor blade
Is her paint brush/
That canvas... Is her wrist

Copyright © Jamie Walker | Year Posted 2015

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don't be afraid

I live to please you, 
I live to see the best in you
You and I are the best match
Havens have open mountains
Heavy rains ought to end us
But don’t be afraid

I have created tents to keep you safe
The safest place for you is in my heart
Where only my thoughts and blood play
My blood oozes with oxygen and love
Don’t be afraid this love is forever

I have devoted all my love to you
The clouds have surrendered its beauty for us
This is all for you
So don’t be afraid

This is the love that children will fantasizes 
This is the love that you wished for
Your wishes have come true

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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The Lost Girl

There was once a girl
who loved and embraced life
she smiled even in sorrow
but her smiles were always borrowed
But nobody seemed to notice
that there was anything wrong at all
In this tiny town she used to call home
is all foreign now

She used to have no enemies
but now she has many
its not the ones who harass her
or threaten her, though
it's the lonely girl sitting within her

There's a lonely girl inside of her
fooling people so they may see
just how brave she may be
speaking of only happiness
despite all the hurt within

But all alone is where the danger lay
as she's sprawled on her bedroom floor
with pills in one hand and a blade in the other
there are some battles that can't be fought

So she cried, cried for another day
a day to feel loved once more
she cried, cried for another hour
one more hour to say she was sorry
but it was too late.

Copyright © Jessica Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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A Daddy And His Little Girl

Sitting in my car in a supermarket parking lot While Cathie was inside buying out the store I watched the interaction between A daddy and his adorable little two year old girl Such a sweet moment watching this tender scene unfold It brought a lump to this old geezer's throat The love that this wee tyke felt was returned by her tiny giggles And the happiness showed all over her pretty young face This sweet moment could easily have been missed By all the busy passers-by wrapped up in their own busy day But these charming little vignettes Are what makes life such a joy to behold If we would only take time to stop and observe So sweet, “daddy and his little girl!” © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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A Woman's Worth

A Woman’s Worth
By Nate Spears

Her purpose in this world is hurting
She’s never been a designed of perfect
But she is a mom, so she’s super
She works
She cleans
Then roll up her sleeves ; and
Take care of the kids; and
The house 
Making it a home
For a beautiful family to roam
Building wonderful memories
Becoming a woman of worth
Keeping her faith through Christ
Keeping her pace through health
Keeping her sanity through managing
This is a woman’s worth 
I’m giving you

Despite of all the stress 
She receives her family with open arms
Through all the mess
She’s a fantastic mom
A wonderful woman 
Deserving a round of applause
Plus a standing ovation
For always being an American sensation
That held this continent down since day one
Since the Plymouth Rock landed on us
Thank you for her giving
Thank you for her living
Thank you for her children
This is ,
A woman’s worth.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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A Naughty Little Girl

I sleep. The hours tick by mercilessly; unfilled, purposeless, full of potential "What to do? What to do???" I mutter, tumbling, like Alice, down the rabbit hole. My hands push down ballooning petticoats, careful not to show or touch anything. I twirl beneath the pile down comforters. The hours tick by crimson red and in the dream, the rose Queen shouts, "Off with HER HEAD!" An eyebrow is plucked whole from my face. It falls matted and to the ground leaving me, brow akimbo, surprised, and horrified. "What to do? What to do? What to do???" Half shorn. Half drawn. Half born? A painter's pallet appears before me. A brow is drawn… for me. Yet, the Rose Queen still screams on. "Off with HER HEAD! Off with HER HEAD!"

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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Girl Rising

She felt the world turned upside down in apace, When he left her suddenly with his sad goodbyes in her last embrace; She was so weak to endure the pain of losing him, She thought, her life will be useless, In his absence, how else can she live? He brought her into the altar a month ago, The same date when he left her, even if she begged him so; “Please don’t leave me babe, please? “ she cried His warmth and tenderness was deeply felt in his touch and waning smiles. He gently held her face… whispered all the words of his eternal love, As he looked lovingly into her eyes, Took his last breath and on her lap, he died. She cried out and whined under the rain, She was abruptly fallen into the dungeon of pain; Thunder rumbled in confusion As lightning tried to ease as much as it can, Nothing happened; Instead, she did no longer care. She asked, “ Why’s life’s so cruel and so unfair?” Why did such dreadful disease came and robbed him away from her? Without any past sign that he’d a bitter pill He suffered in few days and in just a short moment The wave of euphoria’s great love came to an end. She walked distraught toward the sunset, She lamented so much of his death. So miserable, she couldn’t sleep, A long period of time that she languished; All she’d wished was to follow him too soon, Without thinking anymore the life in her womb. Looking at her with pity and grief, Her friends and love ones extended their hands to lift up her spirit; It took time for her to stand again on her feet, Until finally, she clasped them… Yet, she roved her future, Feeling alone in the prairie, she walked ahead. An old rickety soul was gradually rising, The love around her and their future child served as her riggings As words of comfort kept pouring…driving her to resilience, Looking up unto the sky for another sunrise…anticipating… Hoping to begin her life again, Until a complete restitution may happen.
Aug. 4, 2013 2.45 pm Note: A true story inspired by my mum’s old friend. She married on June 24 (June Bride) and her husband died exactly on the following month, July 24.I can’t remember the exact year. I was still very young at that time and the couples were very close to me. Their love story and the man’s apparition to me on the night after his death harbours forever. Second Place Contest: Girl Rising Judged: 8/5/2013 Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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The Christmas Kiss

I was sitting in the crowded train station with time to waste, waiting on the train to take me home on Christmas Eve.  A very pretty, young lady, carrying a full backpack headed for one of the only open seats across the aisle from me next to a rather dirty and disheveled older man.

As she removed her backpack to sit down he glared up at her; she smiled a beautiful bright smile and said to him, “Merry Christmas”.

“I don’t celebrate Christmas”, he barked up at her.

“Yeah?  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy on the day that I celebrate Christmas.  And I hope the day is merry for you as well.”

“What is there to be merry about”, he moaned, “A bunch of hypocritical religious zealots pretending to be nice to one another while the world goes to hell in a hand basket.”

“Well, at least for that one day, most of us believe the hypocrisy, and even for just a few hours, we practice the morals that our religion tries to instill in us.  At least on that one day, for us religious zealots, there is a glimmer of hope that we can save the world from going to hell and, I, for one, believe that is reason to be merry.”

“Terrific!  And, what does that get me,” he whimpered.
“Well, what you get is this one time of year, when a twenty-two year old college girl is not afraid to sit next to you; smile at you; and, wish you a Merry Christmas.  And, if you just say, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ back to her, she just may give you the biggest and best kiss you have ever experienced.”

She stood back up and started to put her backpack back on as he simply stared up at her.  Once she was situated and ready to move on towards her train, she stopped; smiled at him again; and, said, “Merry Christmas.”

It seems I was not the only stranger that was witnessing this exchange.  All of those around me were perched on the edge of their seats waiting to see what might happen.  The old man cracked a little smile.  A glimmer came to his eyes, and he said, “Thank you.  And, Merry Christmas to you, too.”

The girl leaned down and planted a kiss right on his lips for what seemed like ten minutes.  Smiles lit up the faces of all the men, women and children watching this take place.  When the girl finally pulled back, the old man was frozen in place with a big ole smile on his face.  She adjusted her backpack and started heading towards the tracks.  All the men she passed on her way who witnessed this exchange anxiously yelled, “Merry Christmas” as she passed, hoping for a kiss as well.

I looked back at the old man who was still in a dream.  Suddenly he caught me looking at him and barked, “What are you staring at?”

I just shook my head back and forth and said, “Merry Christmas”.

“Yeah!  Well Merry Christmas to you, too” he shouted.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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Embarrassing Moment

I have had some embarrassing moments in my life for sure,
      Well, there was the time in Grade One when I peed my pants;
At a dance once, three girls wore the same dress as me,
           And one day wearing high heels I tripped on the bus.

But I think the most embarrassing moment came not long ago,
      I fancied myself a dancer so I joined a local jazz group;
Not some one evening a week deal but the real thing, a school,
             We rehearsed three times a week and at home.

Of course, to be a dancer one must look the part of a dancer,
      So I invested in shoes and outfits and all the sparkle;
We were rehearsing for a Christmas recital in a theater,
            And I knew all my steps, they were etched in my mind.

The night of the recital I was so nervous, well we all were,
      We were on stage and my family and friends had come;
The music started and I forgot every single step, I froze,
           When a part for spinning came, I spun myself away.

I hung up my jazz shoes after that and never went back,
      Embarrassing stuff happens in life and no one ever dies;
But it can still dwell within and hurt your confidence and pride,
           Oh as a little girl, I put my hair clip in a electric outlet,

                                                                                  once . . . 

September 21, 2015


For the contest, Embarrassing Moment, sponsor, Mystic Rose

First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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True Valentine

True Valentine
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

A lost woman the mirror reflects
Young; and it’s apparent
I can see it in her eyes
No focus and childbearing
Just ass, legs, and thighs in mind
No marriage

If she knew better
Learned better; and
Wanted better,
He would show her a better way of living
Instead of dealing with cowards
Seek a man with moral and merit
He’s stealing your joy
He’s bringing you pain
Removing your youth
He’s playing games

The truth at heart is
Reality should be your first thought
Loneliness is not your fault
It’s a part of life for most
Don’t let it destroy your values 
Just wait,
You’ll find a true love to treasure you.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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Little Red was riding all alone

but she lost her way back home

Sweet Mommy, ready with her jam and pancakes

waited for her dear Little Red all day

but where did she go?

where did she go?

that night was starless

and the wind was blowing so cold

Sweet mommy got so worried

so she called up Little Red on the phone

and asked the little brat where did she go

"mommy dont worry, please be calm", she answered

"i'm here at the city to hang out.

got a new baby, and by the way, grandma's ok, the wolf is dead

I'll be fine. i promise... I'll be home at ten"

So Sweet mommy stayed awake

waiting for her dear Little Red

But no Little Red came at ten

"that stubborn brat...", sweet mommy said

Again she called up Little Red

but the daughter's phone was unattended

It was already past eleven

"tomorrow, she'll have a good beating..." the mother said

It was past twelve already

when Sweet Mommy's phone rang

It was Little Red with a trembling voice

crying to her out loud

"Mommy, mommy...i'm so scared...please pray!

My baby's drunk and our car lost its brake

Mommy, i'm so sorry for what i've done and said

Mommy, mommy...I Love you...Oh shit!!!"..then the phone was dead

That night was starless

The wind was so cold

Where's Little Red now?

Nobody knows.

Copyright © Samuel Evan Pacamparra | Year Posted 2013

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''The Tale of a Silent Girl''

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who did not speak,
      she had seen something terrible and just stopped talking;
her parents took her to doctors and many tests were done,
          and all the doctors agreed, she does NOT want to talk!

What they did not know is that she dwelled in another realm,
      a place of fairy tales, make believe, and she felt safe there;
she often climbed the beanstalk with Jack, or played with Bambi,
          oh, it was fun to slide on the ice with that cute rabbit!

Many days she rode that magic coach with Cinderella to the ball,
      and like Cinderella, she danced with a handsome prince;
at night she was Sleeping Beauty waiting for that sweet kiss,
          sometimes she was Rapunzel with that long, long hair!

And she would dive into the water, a beautiful mermaid calling,
      she liked to dance with fairies in a sparkling forest dell;
and had a special friend a colourful huge fire breathing dragon,
          many days she would ride upon his back to emerald places.

The months passed, and still she would not speak a single word,
      she was locked in this silence and no one could break through,
one day she imaged herself a bird with lovely feather wings,
           she climbed up the trellis to the roof and jumped off !

It was then, that she realized she really was not a bird but a girl,
      she screamed like she did that day she had screamed to silence;
her father came running and caught her in his arms, asking,
           he said, what were you thinking Princess?  And she SAID;

                        "Daddy, I thought I was a bird . . . !" And he wept.

January 26, 2017


Written for the contest, Once Upon A Time
sponsor, Eve Roper

Sixth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2017

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Lost and Confused

Lost and Confused, with life.
My Pain and Fear is all I have Left.
Standing alone with no place to go.
Just another Piece in this puzzle, I am.
Playing a role, that shall not be remembered.
But a piece that will be forgotten.
One that got lost along the way.
Lost and Confused, with Life.
Love is all but what we have.
Its what drives us everyday.
A motivation so deeply encouraged.
When achieved, all is but of greater value.
Lost and Confused, with Life.
I leave this place with one memory
but of you, and all its glory.

Copyright © Tanner Anderson | Year Posted 2013

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Red In The Inside, But Black In The Outside

This Poem is about the 'hard to get' attitude ladies portray to interested guys.

Despite my unbelievable swag repugnance is her reaction to my flow despite giving no attention to her she seeks every opportunity to shout "NO!" I seldom want to be friendly but she spits on me like a bitter foe I then don't give a damn about her and she takes it like a heavy blow Out of nothing, she creates a scene but all I can do is shake my head and say Oh! the more I mingle, the worse she gets but I'll not succumb and act so low she flaunts her male acquaintances for me to notice Okay! You have admirers, so? I guessed this is a one time attitude but it has been occurring seven weeks in a row When I register my presence around her her body rhythm increases as if in physio trying so hard to pretend makes her seem like a shy dancing Buffalo Then, I make her seem not existing it's not my fault; you reap what you sow signs of her sufferings begin to show as her body trembles in sight of me from head to toe what a pleasant feeling this brings seeing her drown in her own woe Finally! She concedes defeat and already surrendering showing by the way she's changing like melting snow now playing the nice girl, but my ignore? Makes her want to stone me with a Hoe I'm beginning to compromise emotionally too and I'm scared she will get fed up and go so, I create my chance and kiss her as she shows her joy like a swelling dough revealing her hypocrisy, exhibited right from the beginning. Since this feeling is now reciprocated, she shrugs off the attitude and dumps it below as a new damsel now emitting with an everlasting glow.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2013

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This is a girl

This is a girl. She cried. She died everyday. Over and over again. 
 "Why is she still walking around if you say she is dead?"
That's not her. That's her body but her soul is missing. Along with her mind. That's why she is stupid. She is a zombie enslaving the human race. Her heart has also gone away. Because of her missing heart she can't get hurt anymore....that's a lie. With no soul she can't feel sympathy. That means she can't feel anyone's lies. 
 "Is she scared of anything?"
Yes! She is scared of rejection. She is full of fear. She cries fear, screams fear,she even bleeds fear.

Copyright © lysette marshall | Year Posted 2014

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Where Has my Little Girl Gone

He sits there and cries
Big tears fall from his eyes
“Why, oh why?”
He wrings his hands
and tries to understand
Why I'm curled up in bed
No words come to my head
There is no answer
Just emptiness
He whispers...
“Where has my little girl gone?”

You were the life of the party
Friendly and sweet
Everyone you’d greet
With a smile and hug
You’re just curled up in bed
With eyes full of dread
Oh, where has my little girl gone?"

His princess, his dream
Youngest of his team
Unwilling to face life and live
She’s stuck in her bed
Wants to stay home instead
No answer
To the words hung in the space
Between him and his child
His heart's going wild
"Where has my little girl gone"

"She’s gone, daddy, gone...
Somewhere along
Seeing Mama die
Somewhere along
Wondering why
Somewhere along
Holding broken dreams
Somewhere along
Stifling her screams
Somewhere along
Broken heart night
Somewhere long
Losing the fight
Somewhere along
Nothing more to give 
Somewhere along
No will to live

That’s where, Daddy. That’s where your little girl’s gone"

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I called this a narrative because it actually happened last time dad came to visit me in Lebanon. We had this conversation in my bedroom, and it broke my heart that I've caused him so much pain. When he calls....he's quick to detect what spirits I'm in. He worries about me. I'm his baby....the little one of the family. Mom had me when she was 41....surprise surprise. After two boys, they really wanted a girl....Well, yes....I have changed...Yes...I was the life of the party. That old sparkle comes back now and again....Life can be difficult, and it wears you down if you let it. I adore my dad. His word was gospel when I was growing up. He was larger than life to me. We share a special bond....He is coming for Christmas....I'm so happy.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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A little girl and her plastic bag

Yesterday while on my way to a supermarket I saw a little girl of perhaps five leaning at
a tree close to the road and watching a blue plastic bag which was drifting in the wind.
She looked very sad with her light blue eyes and her blond hair streamed out behind her.
The bag was lifted by a strong blast and I ran after it, crossing the road. A car came and
stopped, waiting for me to cross the road. A younger man on the other side of the road saw
that I wanted to catch the bag and he was also running after it, but the wind drifted the
bag far over the lawn up hills. After some unsuccessful attempts to get hold of the bag he
finally could grab it. I went to him and he gave me the bag and smiled. I then told him
that a little girl was sad about losing that bag. He wished me a nice weekend and I
returned to that little girl still standing near the tree but this time smiling. She shyly
whispered "Thank you", took the bag and ran to her little playmates waiting for her
anxiously in the background. 

Copyright © Gert W. Knop | Year Posted 2011

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A girl was raped in a bus that night

A girl was raped in a bus that night 
By six men, all drunk, who had lost their minds	
Ambrosia was the elixir of gods, it is said
But godlike men in this age aren’t born or made
Alcohol wrecks judgment, makes beasts out of men 
Deeds under its influence have put us men to shame
Shops abound in our nation where alcohol is sold
The government till overflows when the weather turns cold
A corrupt force is tasked to uphold the country’s law
Incidents occurring on a daily basis expose this basic flaw
Fear of law is no deterrent for miscreants and crooks
The police prefer to look away; with them, they are in cahoots  
But a girl still battles death today aided by a ventilator
Skewered with an iron rod that night, unending was her horror
Demonstrations against this shame were met with brutal force
Citizens showing solidarity were bludgeoned without remorse
The hand that wields the baton to protect civil society
Is now the hand that throttles free voice and liberty
Bad governance, we know is the bane of any nation
Bad policing and lawlessness is responsible for any country’s degeneration
Instead of upholding law and maintaining order
Law enforcers are subdued by their political masters
Whose lack of will to rein in the force given selfish political aspirations 
Stems from a sense of indebtedness for furthering their ambitions 
Burning state fuel at night they stalk and chase prey
Fleecing shady truckers and wheeler-dealers who operate in markets grey
This extortion by night on city road and state highway
Robs the state of much needed revenue and is an add-on to their pay
Similar incidents happen each day of the year and night
In night’s anonymous darkness or blatantly by daylight
With the force preoccupied in matters so vital
Who will protect our girls and control the crime spiral
The government of the day is callous to people’s concerns
Callous to  a daughter’s fate on whom men on a bus took turns

Copyright © Sumit Majumdar | Year Posted 2012

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Friday night in the Ghetto

It's Friday night 
In the Ghetto
From the dark ring out
A little girl crying
Daddy don’t hit mama
Sit down and shut up
On the walls
As neighbors threaten
To call the cops

Drugs in the hallways
Drugs on the streets
Who will that pretty girl meet
To make the money 
To feed the habit or pay
The bills or just to eat.

And still around the corner
Near the shops
The people stand 
And talk about the promise land
Its Friday night in the ghetto and the
Promise land is
The pawn shop
Fried chicken
Peanut butter and jelly.

The music from the barber shop
Makes a fellow stop
And touch fists
With a friend 
From around the way
Hey remember the day
Then out of the night air
Shots ring out

That little girl
Sitting on the floor
Playing with her dolls
Ken and Barbie
Dreaming of a time 
When she will meet her
Ken and maybe
Falls on her face
This is the place
The ghetto
And its Friday

Poem by SGSteverson
From the book"Four Pieces of a Silver Coin"
Posted 09/14/2011

Copyright © Shirley GarnettSteverson | Year Posted 2011