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Mary Magdalene

One summer eve in Galilee
I stood before my open door;
to me it seemed just one more night--
like all the others gone before.
Someone would come and, passing by,
would hear the tinkling of the bells,
would see the garish harlot's robe
and painted eyes beneath my veil.
Someone, a man like all the rest--
it did not matter much to me--
a nobleman, Samaritan,
a Roman or a Pharisee,
someone would pause and with one glance
strip me again of maiden pride,
and leaving, later, never know
the shame and shattered dreams I hide.
O, he would think me very gay;
he would not see my hollow heart
nor hear me curse him for his pay.
Just then I saw a band of men
approaching down the narrow road;
there should be one among that crowd
aho wants the favors I bestow.
Kind eyes met mine, and with one look,
He saw what others could not see;
He saw the hunger of my soul,
my loneliness and misery.

I only know that since that day
I live to walk along with Him.
His look of love has changed my life;
I need not sell my love again.
Tonight He dines at Simon's house__
all day the dusty paths we roamed;
but, still he waits, unwashed, unkissed;
small courtesies no one has shown.
My love for Him! It rolls and swells
till from His side I cannot stay;
I will wash His feet with tears of love
and with my hair wipe the sand away.

Copyright, 1987, Faye Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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His lucent light illumines her eyes
His face outshines the sun
His ethereal beauty unveils the skies
Her vibrant vision swiftly succumbs

Her silenced tongue, his intimate touch
His intangible hands sliding/slithering
Spiraling down with a gentle glide
Her body cold and shivering 

His fiery eyes ignite a flame
Her attention he gains as she stares
Their lips entwine, his blissful rapture
Devours her heart from cares

Encapsulated, she can't escape
He clutches her in his arms
Her safe haven, her wedded love
His pearl preserved from harm

Her beating heart, a decelerate speed
Her aperture devoid of breath
His succulent waters drown her tongue
Compelling her closer to death

Solitary seclusion, her world in diffusion
Subverts her mind, subtracts her understanding
He gains her trust, thrusting utter confusion
Rest assuring her of a safe landing

She drowns herself to ceaseless sleep
In his grasp from detouring distractions
At her beauteous site, he rejoices and weeps
Absorbed in her FATAL ATTRACTION

Copyright © Leonard Gage | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © JAMES HEATH | Year Posted 2006

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Face Of Modern Slavery

A shameful act in this world we live today
surely an educated mind can clearly see the truth behind a mask
Ignorance is the hardness of heart manifests in such violence 
The horrors and inhumanity of it heartbreaking reality reeks
A mortal sin attacking the vital principle within us all
slavery is very much alive and growing each dawning new day

New bigger than ever in the 21st century, returning evil dawns
Turn a blind eye poor unfortunate girls without a voice cry for love
India has the largest number of slaves in the world we live in
The dark side of such a beautiful country an evil vice grips hold

Taking a new form, bride trafficking exploiting the poor
those unfortunate falling prey to traditional arranged marriages
some are sold off like objects for as little as 160 euro's, up to 225 euro's 5000 rupees 
Vulnerable young women exploited forced into hard labor some injected with drugs e.t.c they say their life is Hell not worth living

Working morning and night beaten in extreme heat raped by family members
Their is a social status manufactured from all this a stigmata deceit and trickery
they are then disgraced known as purchased women

Men and women so called mercenaries in a perverse vice 
looking at ill got wages they act as brokers in a deliberate choice of evil 
This the gravest violation of good clouds and corrupts judgement 
Entrapment and sale of poor unfortunate vulnerable women as brides
victims of greed to an illegal trade one grave offence
Turning away from evil out of fear of punishment 
we ourselves are in a position of slaves

Studies have been carried out the world over 
treating women as baggage or a commodity or an item of less worth
they lead their victims into evil doing without choice 
They do the most punishing of manual labor exploited under extreme conditions
Some have been taken from their families forcefully again'st their will 
then sold many times over as sexual objects and given drugs 
sedated to prevent them from escaping living a life of constant fear 

Tears roll down my cheeks 
law is a broken promise of truth to protect innocence
25 years of selective abortions willfully being practiced
by doctors and surgeons alike
protecting wrong doers cry people oppressed forced in some circumstances
life is sacred a verdict of moral conscience 

Only in the female section a shame and disgrace 
now a population of mostly men seed of their wrong doing
Oppression of the poor cries to Heaven for revenge 
keeping of slaves deprives thee laborer of their wages 
were is human rights in all this God be merciful 

Our blessed mother holding Queen of Heaven sits with the father and the son 
forgive them as they are blind to the truth an ignorance in their guilt
A mothers tears are the most precious love one blessing 
The suffering of these innocent girls, we all seek happiness in the fairy tale end

Rich men acting as brokers dowries a property exchange how awfully sad
How shameful this is slavery returning to the past sins 
enduring a life of constant sexual abuse considered unclean
this should be banned as it turns my stomach were is equality
More the Devil's advocate, such heartache and tears justice a virtue
all because you were born a woman some are taken by force an uneven balance
beaten and battered victims, a sadness overwhelms me 

Sex selective abortions, a blast again'st girls 
if the unborn child is female more than likely will be aborted
Costs of dowries crippling to parents, going into debt 
A woman, one precious jewel in my eyes who gives birth to new life 
in the fruit of love, to be held equal with an equivalent say
contrary to the divine  law
Created from a rib of man 

Families torn apart for what, such reason greed of money
The countless women enslaved live in hope 
unrepented evil brings eternal darkness destroys charity
This new prosperity is but a distant dream for some 
10 million people in enslaved in India

They have an imperialist attitude with political dominance over the poor 
The colonist legacy remains with status 
Some are considered of worthless class
Slavery laws should be enforced abolishing such inhumane cruelty 
in such loveless acts
fruits of charity are joy to behold brings peace and mercy 
as they project something to the outside world that they are not 
Hidden under the carpet their lies the sins of falsehood  

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Heritage of Faith

The apostles entrusted the “Sacred deposit” of the faith
Contained in Sacred scripture and Tradition
To the whole Church
By adhering to this heritage
The entire holy people
United to its pastors
Remains always faithful to the teaching of the apostles
The brotherhood
To the breaking of bread
So, in maintaining
Professing the faith that has been handed on
There should be a remarkable harmony between the bishops


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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The Farmer

The field is THERE
And that is all that can be said.
No feature worth recording.

The farm is FLAT
And that is all that can be said.
No need for more.

The farmer in this life,
And that's not all that I need say.

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved...-John 3:17 " ----------------------------------------------------------------- "Crucify Him! Crucify Him! CRUCIFY HIM!, the sea of mob uproars yet, my Savior Jesus accused and scorned stood in silence... Trial done. His sentence announced. The Romans flogged him with a flagellum, forty lashes spate on Jesus' arms, shoulders and legs, leaving His body in scarlet rugged ribbons... Battered and Bruised, they threw a robe on His shoulders, Placed a reed to His shaking hands and onto his head, a crown of twisted thorns."Hail, King of the Jews, Hail!", mocked and joked by the kneeling Soldiers to my Savior. After that cruel charade with Sadistic aura, the soldiers spatted Him, tearing His robe. On the dry... sun-kissed road of Via Dolorosa, a more than hundred pounds of cross was tied onto His shoulders. And a fence of insulting people, spitting and laughing, congest on the way. Despite that, My Savior tried to walk erect but due to exhaustion and copious blood loss, He stumbled and fell for three times. The rough wood gouge to His already lacerated skin, bathe in blood and sweats so cold, my Savior moves on... Atop Golgotha... on the rugged wooden cross lies His long white body as four brawny Soldiers came closer with ropes, hammer and nails went to their posts. One drives a wrought iron-nail to His Hands Rending His muscles... veins... nerves and bones.. My Jesus utters a cries same as the slaughtered lamb and Mary, His mother,folded her face to her arms, she groaned as like a lamenting dove. The friction of iron striking iron echoes through. Hammer, hammer, Hammer! The Soldier strokes unto His feet. With His Mother is His favored apostle: John, who mirrors horror and grief. Hands and feet now nailed, they dragged the cross to be dropped in the grounds hole, into His patibulum: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”, Knots of relentless throbbing pain shoots left and right over my Savior and all around the thrilled crowd below cheered in Sadistic chorus: "if You are God. We are not afraid of You and we spit at You" but oh! above all these, my suspended Savior on the tree said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Tomb silence reign and time passes by in a distressed deafening rhythm as tunnel train of tingles jolts and attacks my Savior's cyanotic body-- crippling chill of death rattles and crumbles my Savior's life All the Maries and the other women weep unto their scarfs as they heard their Dying Master's one last cry: "It is finished...Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit" at 3 o'clock noon that day, the sky marched in salvo of thunderbolts... --------------------------------------------------------------------- "and this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil... - John 3:19" ______________________________________________________________ 2:48 pm, March 29, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Celena, Brave Celena- Part 1

From Judges 11.
Pronunciation: Seh-LAY-nah

His brothers cast the young man out, the child of an harlot;
He fled away to distant Tob before they found an outlet
For anger, more than what they'd done, to fully disinherit
And drive him from his father's house, though not for foul demerit
Within himself, but all for greed- it made them hate their brother.
Now Jephthah lives his life alone, without a father, mother;
He goes about with newfound friends, considered rather shady:
At least he does not get too wild; he found himself a lady,
And has a one and only child, a daughter like her mother.
She's tall and slim, with long, black hair; as fair as any other,
And loves to dance and sing and play her timbrels with the daughters
Of the mighty men of Tob, who play their music by the waters
Of the brimming banks of Yarmuk; lovely music, song, and dancing,
In the evening, in the twilight, which is wordlessly enchanting;
So much so that all the stars come out before the sun has drifted
Below the burning desert sands, thus Nature's course has shifted
From what it was, what e'er has been his want, his call of duty,
And all to see some pretty maids who sing and dance with beauty.

The Ammonites come, bent on war, on taking land and cattle;
They'd kill the men of Gilead and claim the spoils of battle:
The land that once belonged to Sihon, which Israel gained possession,
Then Joshua allotted to the sons of Gad and Reuben.
Thus Ammon claimed what was not his, but what he thought he needed;
And Israel must be captained well, or else they'll be defeated.
The elders ride in haste to Tob, to Jephthah's lordly dwelling
To find the man who would be best and see if he is willing;
But Jephthah said, "Did you not hate me? Did you not expel me
Out of my father's house, and now you come to me and tell me
Of your need when in distress? If I by some rare providential
Act of mercy be successful, will you lay aside resentful
Ways and set me over you?" And this they would; they needed badly
A man who knew the art of war, who charged in battle madly;
So they agreed and made him captain over all the forces,
The leader of the fighting men, the officers, and horses.
Then Jephthah vowed a vow to God, he said, "If Thou wilt give me
A vict'ry over Ammon, then returning I will give Thee
Whatsoever first will greet me at the doorway of my dwelling
As an offering of fire for a savor sweet of smelling
Unto Thee." And having spoken he departed to the battle
With his whole command of soldiers, with a clash and tramp and rattle:
And they smote and killed the Ammonites until the Plain of Vineyards;
In twenty cities passing through as Jephthah drove them downwards.
The town of Mizpeh heard the news and every mouth was voicing
The praises of their leader and his soldiers with rejoicing;
Then, as they saw him from afar, the townsfolk all assembled
To cheer their hero, now their judge; but mighty Jephthah trembled,
For as he came unto his house his daughter came to meet him
With timbrels and with dances from his door she came to greet him;
Her raven tresses bouncing, and her flowing dresses swirling;
Her face alight with happiness, and glowing as she's twirling.
She smiles at her hero from the battlefront returning,
But he cannot return it for the raging storm that's churning
Inside himself, and making him so weak and sick and frightful
For his daughter, lovely daughter, blessed with grace and so delightful.
And he said, "O sweet Celena, you have cast my spirit downward,
For I've  vowed a vow that's binding, and I cannot take it backward;
I have sworn to make a sacrifice of fire of whatever
First would meet me at the doorway of my house; but I had never
Thought that it should be a person, but a heifer or a doeling,
Or perhaps a dove or pigeon." Here he stopped, for tears were rolling
Down his cheeks, and rent his clothing as he stood there, crushed and grieving;
Amazed at what he'd done, and even now not quite believing
His hand must wield the wicked knife; his hand must light the fire;
His hand must end his daughter's life; his hand must build the pyre.
He stared at his offending limbs, said, "Would to God I'd lost them;"
For now he had to tell his wife how much his oath had cost them.
Then Celena, brave Celena said, "Perform what you have spoken;
For the Lord has taken vengeance and the Ammonites are broken:
Only grant me two months longer so that I and my companions
May bewail my virgin state among the mountains and the canyons."
One word was all that he could say, the one word, "Go," and held her
A moment to his bosom as his teary eyes beheld her;
A chain of gold about her neck, dress gay with colored sashes;
A tremble in her ruby lips, a teardrop in her lashes.
Then turning from her father, to the wilderness she stumbled;
Her eyes so filled with tears that down the road she tripped and tumbled,
And lay a while in the deep, deep dust that rose above her;
Then stripped her golden necklace, one gold ring and then the other
And threw them from her to be swallowed by the dusty powder:
"What good is gold?" she softly mumbled, crying ever louder.
Retreating to the lonely cliffs, the desert's jagged mountains,
Where desolation reigns enthroned, except for by the fountains
And streams that bring a thread of life, that ever downward trailing
Flows by the place where seven maidens gather as they're wailing
The loss of faithful friend, the favored, beautiful Celena,
Who would not flee, but e'er would be the dutiful Celena,
Submitting to her father's vow, though leading to her dying.
The place that used to ring with song and laughter fills with crying;
And music now is sighing of the maids and lonesome whispers
Of the wind. And those who danced are aimless wanderers and drifters,
Seldom speaking: consolation is but vain when 'tis imparted
To a soul whose days are numbered when its life has barely started. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

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Apostolic and Ecclesial Traditions

The tradition in question comes from the apostles
Hands on when they received from Jesus’ teaching examples
What they learned from the Eternal Holy Spirit
First generation of Christian did not have a written New Testament
It demonstrates the process of living tradition

Tradition is to be distinguished from the various theological
Liturgical or devotional traditions
Born in the local churches over time
These are particular forms
Adapted to different places
In which the great Tradition is expressed in the light of Tradition
The traditions can be retained
Even abandoned under the guidance of the Church’s magisterium


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Why did you come to the Church today

                      Why did you come to the Church House today?  
                             Well I came to sing,worship and pray 
                     Why did you come,why make such a choice?
                       I came here to listen,for my father's voice.
                  Why did you come to the Church House today?
                          What are you doing in this place I pray?
                            I came to learn about God and his son
                             I came to find out how Heaven is won

                      Well,what brought you here to sit on a pew?
                          What is the purpose,what will you do?
                           I came for fellowship,Christian love
                             I came to pray to our God above.

                     Why did you come here?What was the mood?
                        Well I was real hungry for spiritual food
                        My soul gets so hungry,I just cannot wait
               To set down with God's people and say,please pass the plate

                          Why did I come here today to this place?
                            Tis here I receive of His marvelous grace
                               I am his child and here I can hide
                           The world is not here with its fearsome tide

                           Here in this place my needs are all met
                            Spiritual needs that I can't just forget
                               Close to my Savior I will be today
                              Aren't you glad you came this way..



Copyright © Jai Bankson | Year Posted 2016

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One Sure Kid

Once upon a time there lived a little boy.  Raised amidst poverty and apartheid,
his world was one in which ignorance was hard to beat.

When just a little lad, he watched authorities pull a body from a creek.
As a teen, after his daddy died, he watched rain drops fall from their leaking ceiling.  Later on as an older teen of seventeen, for the first time, he saw grown men sleeping on a Chicago street.                                                                         
His home town was the county seat, a city filled with musical beats. Among the rich and the poor, this kid was very driven and very sure. He was sure of his God; sure of himself; sure of his faith; and he was sure that the rich became richer; but he was driven to be freed from poverty.  

There were plenty of evil deeds; all of which seemed designed, his future to impede.  This kid was given birth in a place where so few wanted to be, even though his humble abode was also a part of "My Country Tis of Thee".  The poor people in his never to be forgotten place continued to live and died; and kids never ceased to play.  And they always thrived and survived, until nearly everyone eventually moved away.
04012016 cj FB; PS

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Open Acceptance

Open Acceptance

Is to invite all into your life, regardless of  
sexual orientation, race, creed, nationality
or stature.

It is as to say sorry for not having done so 
before but like so many unable to know the
Love in all.

When we are able to put all our cards on the
table, an ace is still an ace, a spade is still
a spade.

In life’s experience we’ve know the value of 
our weakness, the merits of our victories and
shadows of our faith.

We’ve known God as the devil. In better days
we will sing a more triumphant song to the
only God.

A mighty fortress is our God…In our own  
strength confide…no mortal ills prevailing…
God’s Love is never falling.

It is in Christ we belong.

Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2015

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Freedom's Quest

Freedom’s Quest

They bravely set sail and escaped on the Mayflower.
Those first settlers, common people from Europe,
Came ashore from the Atlantic with faith and hope.
Freedom is what they sought.
“No Bishop, no King”
Is what they said.
In a Mayflower Compact,
They established a body politic.
One quest done; four more to go

The American Revolution,
Mr. George Washington,
Independence Day.
Freedom is what they sought.
Freedom is what they obtained.
Three quests more

Abraham Lincoln,
The Civil War,
And Unity.
The cost was high
for the freedom they bought.
Three quests done

Desegregation and equality,
Civil Rights and Martin Luther King.
Bold symbols of the fourth quest.
Freedom: neither free nor cheap

Separation of Church and State,
Moral decline, War and Peace.
O’Hare says, “No Prayer in schools”.
Roe v Wade says, “It’s a woman’s choice”.
Supreme Court says, “Same Sex Marriage”.
Ever fluid, the Spiritual War is ongoing.
Symbols of the fifth quest, ever evolving.
Whether fires of emotion or literal flames,
Freedom’s Quest seems to be packaged in fire.
05052013;3302016PSContest, Where Freedom Finds the Fire                                                                              
Justin Bordner

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Modes of transmission

Sacred Scripture is the speech of Eternal God
As it is put down in writing
Under the breath of the Eternal Holy Spirit

Holy tradition transmits in its entirety the Word of Eternal God
Entrusted to the apostles by Father Christ, the Lord
So that
Enlightened by the Spirit of truth
They may faithfully preserve
And spread it abroad by their preaching

Church, to whom the transmission 
Interpretation of Revelation is entrusted
Does not derive her Both Scripture and Tradition
Must be accepted and honored 
Equal sentiments of devotion

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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The Carpenter

The Galilean sun smiled down
upon the dusty little town
and lingered o'er one humble spot,
a peasant's home and modest shop.
Long shafts of light fell 'cross the door
to lay bright carpets on the floor
where children played in perfect peace
about the shop. Their joy increased
each time they caught a glimpse of Him,
the carpenter who worked within.

His face was gentle, eyes were kind;
and  as He worked, He did not mind
their ceaseless chatter, endless play
nor did He find them in His way.
Their laughter rippled round the room;
they scattered sawdust with a broom.
the wood chips falling at His feet
became for them a fishing fleet
or beds and chairs for little dolls,
a manger or a cattle stall.

Surrounded by the commonplace;
and yet, uncommon was the grace
with which He faced each daily task
as if all Heaven lay in His grasp.
A carpenter He was by trade;
the wood responded, unafraid.
beneath His hands each piece was formed
into an object to perform
some deed of usefulness or skill,
the needs of men to fitly fill.

Precise He was in all His craft
from oxen yoke to shepherd's staff
to couches for a nobleman;
he was a careful artisan.
Each part was polished, sanded, ground;
no painful splinters could be found
to pierce the flesh of those who bought
the items fashioned in His ship.
There wood was sacrificed for man
beneath its own Creator's hands.

Does it seem strange that He would die,
suspended between earth and sky,
upon two rugged beams of wood,
this carpenter whose work was good?

Faye Lanham Gibson
Copyright, 1987

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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Life According to Laura Leiser

  Life is a precious gift from God. We humans long for a purpose for our lives.
People who don't know their purpose for living often flounder in uncertainty.
Humans need hope and something to believe in. Many believe in temporal pleasures,
 i.e. money, success, material possessions and the like. They usually only
bring temporary satisfaction.
  When God reaches down and grabs a person's heart and soul, now that is true life.
To be touched by the Spirit of God is a miracle in itself. It is for those who seek it.
What love, what joy, what peace, to receive His great love. Oh miracle of miracles!
What release, to have my sins and heavy burdens lifted, paid for and forgiven.
  This gift can only be given to those who truly believe and receive the
saving work of Jesus on the cross. The reward: new life and life eternal forever in glory.
A place in heaven where there is no more death, no more pain, no more sorrow.
  While living on God's great earth, God calls believers to share the good news of Jesus.
I want to share His story, His love, His greatness, His compassion and His goodness.
This is what I was called to do. In my heart of hearts, I want to live for Him,
and find purpose and fulfillment from God, my Creator. 
He is my life. To die to my selfishness and live for Christ. My life is a
saving work of grace that I daily live, according to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Written on 1029/2015
For "Life According to...." Contest
Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2015

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Magisterium of the Church

The task of giving an authentic interpretation of the Word of Eternal God
Has been entrusted to the living
Teaching office of the Church alone
Its authority in this matter exercised in the name of Jesus Christ
It means that the task of interpretation has been entrusted
To the bishops in communion in successor of St. Peter
The bishop of Rome

This Magisterium is not superior to the Word of Eternal God
But it is its friends
It teaches only that has been handed to it
At the divine command with the help of Eternal Holy Spirit
It listens to this devotedly
Guards it with dedication
Expounds it faithfully
All it proposes for belief as being divinely revealed 
Drawn from this single deposit of faith

Mindful of Father Christ’s words to His apostles
“He who hears you, hears me”
The faithful receive with docility the teachings
Derives that their pastors give them in different forms

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Transmission of Divine Revelation

Eternal God desires all men
To be saved
To come to the knowledge of the truth
That is of Father Christ Jesus
Father Christ  must be proclaimed  to
All nations
So that this revelation may reach
To the ends of the earth

Eternal God graciously arranged
That the things hHe had once revealed
For the salvation of all peoples
Should remain in their entirety
Throughout the ages
Be transmitted to all generations


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Dreams of Life By Gideon Cecil

Dreams of Life by Gideon Cecil 

A still sun is dreaming in the skies,
The soft wind is kissing her eyes.
Her love for me is hidden in disguise.
Love is just a dream full of surprises.
Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain,
We dream today tomorrow we suffer pain.
We love in the morning and part at noon,
Oh what fictive love we display so soon!
Learn to love, laugh and rejoice today,
God will guide your soul if you pray.
You read my poetry today; tomorrow
I may be gone,
I am like a fragile flower dying 
slowly at dawn. 
Follow your dreams and never despair,
Be like an eagle towering without fear.
Life has many lessons you will learn,
Lessons of love, faith, and despair that’s
why we are born.
We gain the world today; tomorrow we die,
We lose our souls to hell then we cry.
Live a life to please God before you die,
Our souls are like smoke vanishing in the skies.
Her love is like the sea waves coming and going,
My heart is like a ship always sailing.
God’s love for us is a wind always blowing,
His eternal love is like a tree always growing.
I have an eternal dream where things will never fade,
In God’s kingdom where all things were made.

Copyright Gideon Cecil January 1st 2016-01-01


Copyright © Gideon Cecil | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © 2015

Beautifully adorned, her garments shoned,
  high and round mountains, majestic peeks

Vegetation covering her treasures, hidden
  from the lust of men…men who exploited her
  innocence…an innocence long cared for
  and protected.

Oh Lady, how beautiful were your garments,
  …untarnished by strangers hands. Their
  smiles luring you into false promises.

False promises and dreams and lures, soon
  clashing, causing broken hearts to fear. Fear of
  those who swiftly came with broken promises.

Your love was pure, shone clear, clear
  without the blood that flowed and stained
  …your lovely garments. Your valleys filled
   with trails of tears. 

Laying in fields of lilies, eyes closed as tears
  poured down, down…soaking your blood 
  stained garments, down into your soul.

These strangers, from foreign lands, many of deceit, 
  lacked the spirit of the buffalo…now Liberty, my dear 
  Lady, stand proud of your native land.

Proudly she still stands with freedom and equality 
  ...come one come all, stand by her side, protect
  her from which she has bleed and nearly died 
  …cleanse her garments, cherish her beauty, 
  enjoy the fruits she bears. For it is this 
  Lady that offers unity and strength no other endures. 

by: LesPruitt Aug 22, 2015 8:48pm
edited: 8/24 10:09am

**(on Facebook w/photo/theme: North Coast Poetry Society)

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2015

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Hostile Times II

Hostile Times II
By Nate Spears

Busted love is my Crystal Ball's fortune
My heart hurts in a torturing way
Nothing ever works in my favor
Standing still 
I lower my head and pray 
Confessing to God 
All I have to give

A 16 year old rebellious daughter
A 13 year old son that’s dead
My father is in prison; so is the one of my two kids
Is this really a way of living?
I didn’t have a choice from the days beginning
Anything different
Would have a given me a chance
at living

Walls of barriers bearing on us 
On this earth we stand
Refusing to let go of this curse
If no bill is signed by Congress
My unemployment runs out next Thursday 
Now I contemplate what’s next?
Sex dollars or Creflo's Dollars?
Be an honest woman; or
Be a fool that’s starving?
When pushed to the limit
All governors are discarded.

Hostile Times rains upon us
Other nations joins the honors
The Elite makes me vomit
There’s plenty of resources among us
God have mercy and let it trickle down on us
Rather than become degrading
In this pew 
I choose prayer
Becoming Sunday Mornings best
Washing away my pains that become abreast; with my chest
Bringing in a new day, 
A today, 
For a better way
In these hostile times we live in.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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Miracles From A Painting

Miracles From A Painting

Somewhere in Malaysia, a blessed Catholic family is witnessing some miraculous happenings…
These wondrous happenings are things unexpected and unforetold, with humble beginnings…

For a devout Catholic lady, it all begun with the purchase of a painting of the Devine Mercy…
Somewhere in Sept 2012, after she had learnt to recite  the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy…

She simply had no idea, her innocuous purchase in a church, for a painting of the Devine Mercy…
Would be rewarded with some impossible happenings that she could never have imagined…

2 years later, one particular Tuesday, that venerated picture for worship manifested its first miracle…
A slow trickling of oil was seen seeping out from the right hand of the image, what a miracle!.... 

When a religious painting starts exuding oil continuously and there is no plausible explanation…
The local parish priest and his elders, imagine their muted excitement and the consternation…

In their infinite wisdom, they did their observation and intensified their prayers in unison…
Lo behold! Another miracle, more oil flowed, now from the hands and the feet of that image…

A month later, when happened the next phenomenon,  it was October,  the month  of the Holy Rosary …
A statue of the Holy Mary with her crown of thorns,  it too started to release oil, by all that’s holy! …

And last year, the Divine Mercy painting continue to release oil, even a tinge of reddish liquid…
This oil and blood flow subsided only after 40days when it was the  first Sunday after Easter….

To top it all, in April last year,  even a gift of a bronze statue of the Divine Mercy has its own miracle..
Unbelievedly, this unexplained phenomenon of oil and blood happened,  once more they trickled…

To the believers of miracles and all you faithfuls, who is to know what these manifestations mean…
By her explanation, this owner lady encourages all faithfuls to continue for more prayers as routine..

What is of interest to me, and to share in this news of miracles in some devout Catholic family home…
Have the powers of prayers and faith,  brought forth true miracles into such a  true believer’s home?


Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Beyond The Darkness

Beyond the Darkness.

Beyond the darkness
is God’s Holy Light.

A display of his might 
and all that’s right.

Knowledge abounds 
in it’s all around 

Cuts right through
our lines of hate.

Devine so great
makes no mistakes

Knows our salvation
with no hesitations 

Welcomes heavens
love strong domain.

Knows all redeemed 
sinner of life.

God highest crown
upon his son.

Knows no end
its beginning. 

No shame nor
guilt survive.

Gods Loving hand
fulfills the land

Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2016

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Lonely slowly solely I trailed on a street
I looked back, forward, left and right and there was no one to greet
The street was narrow, long and seems to have no end
Very scary, I trembled, so I called my big brother Ken
I shouted his name, shouted and shouted without taking a pause
My voice only goes, multiplies and bounces back, with no response

Very tired, frustrated and hungry, so I leaned beside a tree
I plucked some fruits, just to quench my stomach’s plea
But hungrier than I, was the lion standing not far from me
It roared and swung its tail looking at me
“An already-made meal, how sweet” It said and smiled at me
“Oh father, make me not its daily bread” I prayed and planned to flee

My feet was not glued, so I asked it to hurry to flee
How fast I ran, I don’t think I can even give you a clue
The lion followed me angrily as I ran and pant on the road
I was tired but could not afford to assume a resting mode
I almost gave up but saw a tree I felt I could climb
It could be a nice rescue so I doubled my steps to climb

Voila! There I was and the lion could only stand to watch
I smiled back at it, as I searched for a better place to lodge
But there was none, as the tree owner seemed not to be happy with me
The cobra raised its flattened head, ready to pounce on me
I was much scared, confused so I felt the urge to pee
I said my last prayer to God, thanking Him for what He has done for me

The cobra jumped at me but unluckily fell in the neck of the lion
It fought the lion and I could only referee to crown the champion
Poor cobra lost the fight and the lion devoured its whole length
But the king of the jungle couldn’t withstand for long, the venom of the cobra
A voice then spoke to my heart, after the hungry lion’s departure
“Fear not my son, even in the valley of the shadow of death”

Copyright © Prince Assandoh-Mensah | Year Posted 2014

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Joan of Arc for Contest

         The Cross-dressing of Joan d`Arc

Cross-dressing of Joan was perhaps heavily based,
On the bible’s principle in Deuteronomy 22:5 and viewed 
as a Rebellion against God. 
Tis not the putting on of a pair of pants or slacks today, 
But the attempt to deceive who one really was. 
Joan of Arc thus deceived the World in those times,
Prancing around the battlefield in man’s clothing
until the word got out that she was not!
Born a bonnie babe was born in 1412,  to peasant French 
parents Jacques d`Arc and Isabelle, in Domremy, 
One would think that the farm would be her heredity. 
No farm inheritance or work on this farm for God had other ‘work’ 
For Joan to do, no not that traditional kind.
What a time to be born, and during the 100 Years War the 
Lancastrian phase of the Anglo-French conflict.
This War began 1337, 925 prior to her birth when
King Charles VI brother and cousin, made Regent Dukes
as Charles lost soundness of mind. 
Their fight over the throne caused the economy to go down 
like a “slippery slope”.  

From a vision Joan foretold that France would lose a siege, 
before it even took place.
It was only then that High Officials took her seriously,
And listened to her ‘message’ from God.
In 1428,  Joan was “crossed-dressed as a male 
and taken to the battlefield. 
Wearing a man’s garb she galloped through fields,thickets,
and rough terrains, and leading France into victory.  
But her cross-dressing switched the conflict to a Religious War, 
For that was a Political and Religious sin! 

On May 23rd 1430 Joan was pulled off her horse 
while riding at the rear of the guard.
Her captors bargained for a huge sum of 10,000 livres lournois. 
While in captivity she wrote two letters alluding she may never come home. 
Two dreams came through for her: 
Victory for France and the Coronation of Charles VII.
An inquisition was held for poor Joan of Arc in English
territory where she was Interrogated.
There Joan was accused of things such as these:
Cross-dressing, bewitching, hearing from God.
At age 19, her trial over, in 1431 she was found guilty
Of all charges and burnt at the stake for heresy!
A sacrifice for cross-dressing for her King.

God won’t let her case “rest” and twenty five years later,
An English Bishop ordered that Joan’s case be exhumed.
Examining the case found her “not guilty”, and all charges 
against her were debunked making her a Martyr.
For the role she played and the services that she rendered.

 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2015

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The Christmas Story Miracle 2015

I am here today Christmas Eve 2015 to share my miracle and the Christmas Story Miracle of 2015. Last year  near Christmas Eve on the Winter Solstice I attended a service to honor the Return of the Light or the Christ Light/Christ Conspicuousness.

I wrote copy of lyrics of a song about the Return of the light because the minister who was administering the outdoor service would ask if anyone wanted to contribute a word or two during the service.

We gather in the cold in the woods after sunset some of us brought lawn chairs while others set on logs, the night was clear and beautiful. I looked up and watched the night sky in wonder.

But when the call came to  volunteer one's voice during the service I remained silent and did not sing the song which I had crumbled up in my back pocket.

This week of Christmas 2015 I was thinking that I will attend at least two or more Christmas Eve services to do it again and lift up my voice to sing a song that was on my heart.

And that's when I got the sign on Christmas Eve morning 2015, when I  first wake up and I opened my bedroom door to the small hallway leading to the living room I spotted a fold-up piece of yellow writing paper.

It was the same yellow writing paper that I had crumbled up in my pocket last year (that song) and that I have not seen since, where did it come from, how it get here on the floor and how did it come from were the many questions running to my awake/sleepy mind at 5 am.

Some one told me that I walk around in my own home in a fourth state of dimension but I do not believe this. I believe that the angels/my guides/Mother Mary may have sometime to do with  my Christmas miracle.

Most of my inspired messages, thoughts, poems and affirmations come to me in that stage of asleep/awakening.

And what I heard this morning was this:

Fall to call

To know

Born from sin

Born again

To Ascend

From thyself

to thyself

A joyful noise

Psalms 100:

'Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands!'

When I am in attendance at Christmas Eve service today I will carry that same yellow crumbled up  piece of paper (that returned to me) with a message that Christmas for me is about the Return of the Christ Light.

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2015

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Lilies Of The Field

Lilies in the field nearby 
Whisper to those who cry.
They give praise to empty graves 
And solace to souls now saved. 
The Seed of faith has sprouted, 
The Word of God has spread
To all who hear and hold quite near 
Our Lord’s baptismal shower. 
The path we tread 
Is strewn with bread 
To guide our way 
Through cloudy days of anxious dread. 
The narrow way 
From whence we stray 
Is never far from sight; 
Our Shepherd’s voice and outstretched hand 
Plucks us from the quickening sand. 
Reconciled to God,
Trusting in His grace we face, 
Another day another way 
To fall into contrition. 
Step forward in faith 
Across time and space 
With every breath proclaim His grace. 
Lilies in the field nearby
Whisper to those who cry.


Copyright © Jonathan Bellmann | Year Posted 2012

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Through the Valley of Faith

Through the Valley of Faith

Walk through the valleys of faith only to find
Our mountains are not high their shadows made 
light by the son

No love greater than his own opens heaven  
doors to the trumpets triumph sounding us to
come home at last.

Seem once there was more but much forgotten
for we are at last home all our toils over only 
peace reigns whole.

No evil can reach our soul no longer to roam
knowing Gods Love eternal in its truest and
most earnest form.

From the valley of faith having emerged 
victorious in his glory to his everlasting
kingdom of grace.

Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2015

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Do not kill

Reading a book, the war between
Saladin and Richard the lion hearted 
their battle went into Allepo
checking Allepo on the web
I found them still at war

Yet how stupid are we 
one thousand years 
and we have learned, nothing
we still fight we still kill
nothing has changed.

Talking with friends 
she said they kill because 
the worlds overpopulated
she said that it's wrong
God gave you the child

to me it's wrong because 
we should not kill
God gave us a brain
with the ability to think
a brain to solve our problems

If you drive a car
around a corner at one hundred
don't blame God for the accident
If the world's overpopulated 
have less kids, do not kill the ones you have.

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2014

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True Love

True Love

The English language does not serve up justice to the word ‘Love’.
It allows for an unrestricted usage relative to the object of our affection.
“I love my house, and I love my car; I love my dog, and I love my cat”.

If the equity in my house rises high enough, I will sell it and buy a better one.
If my car no longer performs or I desire to have a new one, I’ll sell or trade it.
My dog stands by me, and he’s my best friend.  My cat is quiet and very comforting.

“I love my teachers, and I love my preachers: I love my parents and my siblings”.
I love my job, and I love my blue suede shoes; I love my friends and my enemies”.
I tell you, there is no end to the things that I love without much distinction.

I love my husband; I love my wife; Now hold on! This is where the red flag must fall.
This is where the defining line of true love is drawn in the sand, and here, I take my stand. There are obviously hidden meanings when it comes to “Love” in the English language.

Why did the English not confer more with the Greeks in matters of the “Love Word”?
Would my wife not be much more appreciative of a  “Love Word” from me if she knew that my choice of words was different from, let’s say those used to describe my affinity for a professional football team?  I think yes.

Anyway, I do “LOVE” my wife far more and far longer than I ‘love’ the raise I received on my job.  English is the only language I know.  So I am stuck with loving the coffee she made for me, and LOVING her with the same word.

The Greeks seemed to have had a better idea.  In the Greek, there are at least three words for “Love”.  Those words are very relevant at this point.  Phileo, Eros, and Agape express three distinct meanings of “Love”.   Phileo love is a brotherly love from which we get the English word Philadelphia.  Eros is a romantic love from which we get the word Erotic.  In Christian theology, Agape is the divine love, or God’s love for mankind.

And now a final word, especially to all of us who are married.  Here is one way to clear everything up and cover all the bases of love.  Herein lies a way to not just hit a home run, but a grand slam. Say these words to your spouse:  “Honey, let me count the ways that I love thee; my dear, believe me when I say, I love thee in the English, and I love thee in the Greek;  I Phileo you, because you are my best friend; I Eros you, because you are my only lover; and I Agape you with a love so divine. 09292015 (contest )

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015