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The Empty Window

There's a paw print and a nose streak still on the pane
Your toy lays there so quiet with no one to play
My heart breaks but I know that you're in a much better place
As I reflect on all of our walks we took down the lane

Some say a bridge waits for you near a perfect rainbow
There's few things that bring pain like an empty window
You sat there looking out whenever I'd go
Then show your loyalty with kisses when I came back home

The pain of the waiting and watching you go
Reminds us just how fast young life grows old
Your memories bring smiles yet we want you to know
We'll forever be saddened by the empty window

Copyright © M.P. Shaudd | Year Posted 2017

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My Buddy

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye.
When I think of life without you,
It makes me cry. It makes me cry.

Oh, so many moments we've shared together,
From romping mischief and tummy rubs to those pesky fleas;
And nothing’s better than my puppy’s kiss;
You always try your very best to please.

You always curl up with me on the bed.
You always meet me at the door.
You run and jump and bark with such excitement.
Yes, Buddy, I know you couldn’t love me more.

And when all others fail me, Buddy,
My best friend is always there.
Through my very worst of times,
Your eyes and your attention said,  “I care”.

Five to seven years for every one of mine
Is so little time... it’s hardly fair.
It must be God’s way of saying,
“Love them now… and well.  
There’s precious little time to spare”.

But, if I should go before you, Buddy,
Love your new master without reserve;
And they will love you as you love them. 
It’s what a great pup like you deserves.  

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye. 

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Circle of Life - A Pet Story

It seems like just the other day
Our pup, Shadrack, did pass away;
And altho’ they never seemed like friends,
My old cat, Jorg, knew Shad had met
   his untimely end.

He mourned his loss every day
And looked for Shadrack everywhere.
He’d mew and moan as if to say,
“We were friends.  I do care.”

Then one night, an eerie howl
Awoke me from my sleep.
He’d found Shad’s toys and left no doubt
That his feelings did run deep.

So our tedious search began
To find another likely pup;
But while my poor wife still grieved,
Could another measure up?

We went to Second Chance and Free to Live.
She just could not make up her mind.
She loved them all; but, if she picked just one,
The rest would have to stay behind.

Then, quite by chance, there was a “pound pup”
Who’d been picked up from the streets.
He was a mutt, a “schnauza-pug”;
But he was awfully sweet.

He jumped up and kissed her frantically.
He seemed aware of his “iffy” situation.
He made the best of his opportunity.
Tears of joy told her elation.

“This is the one”, she smiled through tears,
As she held him... oh, so tight.
“I’m sure that Jorg will like him too.
Everything will be alright”.

And so it was, until one day
When old Jorg did pass away…

There was no hesitation on this sad occasion;
Come Saturday morning, we went straight 
   to the pound,
Open minded and hoping to be “saviors”,
Surely a nice cat was to be found.

“Sadly”, the lady said,” three kitties have only today.
There’s Andre and Panda and another one too”.
My wife smiled and said, “Jorg was your boy.  You pick.
They’re both beautiful cats.  It’s up to you”.

As I pondered this commitment
Another cat, a young one, caught my eye.
Like Jorg, he was a common gray tabby.
Fond memories were stirred.  I almost cried.

On closer look, his name was Boris;
And, strangely, he was number three.
There was a small sign on his crate,
“I don’t like other cats and other cats don’t like me”.

But there was character in his eyes and he was cute.
He was rolling and purring and stretching.
He seemed to look deep into my heart
And did his best to be quite fetching.

But because he was just a common gray tabby,
And because of the little sign,
His chances were slim, his future quite dim
And one day is precious little time.

For a moment I was lost in his eyes
And I heard his desperate plea, 
“I’m a swell cat and litter box trained.
Take me.  Please, take me”.

“Well”, my wife urged, “is it Andre or Panda”?
“One of us will take the other kitty.”, two older ladies chimed.
“You can each have one ladies”, I said with a smile.
I want Boris and he wants to be mine”.

In just hours he was romping and rolling with Pepper,
Who had happily welcomed his new friend.
Boris was a perfect fit, an affirmation;
The Circle of Life never ends.

Much more Joy than Sadness in this Circle,
And there should never be regrets.
Honor their memories and all the love they share,
Never break the Circle, never be without a Pet.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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One Liner - English Mastiff

After the Autumn of my life I hope the mention of my memory will include a smile.


Contest Name - One Liners
Sponsor - Silent One

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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A solitary heart and a perplexed mind
tiny shiny eyes rummaging for a guide.
then you came like an angel
and gave me love quintessential.
days passed by and memories became indelible.

(the day hachiko saw his master for the last time)
as you move , i follow . if you leave , i wait forever more
and you stride till gate to enter the train.
and i tried to stop you by finally catching the ball
you threw again and again.
but still you left and yet you've not come.
i miss those days filled with fun.
they say you're dead but i'll never say die.
they're all persuading me to leave by their lies.
i want the love of your goblet that is fixed not fluctuate.
the doors will open and close
but this sanguine heart will never say cheerio. 
this solemn soul isn't sunder.
i will wait till my heart surrenders.
these eyes seem to wail silently,
there's a salient part in my heart that you've got to heal.
they say you'll never come,but i don't believe.
don't you worry, but please do hurry.
i am waiting , i'll keep waiting.

(after 9 years)
the luster of my eyes seems to fade.
come fast , you're too late
co'z i want to jump in your arms once again.
i want to live every sweet moment with you, just once again
Seasons have passed , yet we are apart.
now i need to leave , God is calling for me.
but when you return , please don't sigh.
because 'I STILL LOVE YOU'
'AISHITE IMASU' (Japanese translation for i love you).

**well , hachiko was a Japanese dog of Akita breed...he was an extremely loyal dog who loved his master unconditionally...hachiko's master died a natural death when he was out of town but hachi didn't believe  people when they said that hachi's master was dead and he kept waiting for him outside the station's gate from where hachi's master left for about 9 years and died right there...there is even a bronze statue of hachiko outside the station he waited for his master. for more information , you can search 'HACHIKO' on the internet.he is a hero. an inspiration...this proves , how faithful and loyal a dog can be...if you have one , he is your best friend...feel lucky...

Copyright © Raarya Kuanr | Year Posted 2015

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My Best Friend

Dog is God spelled backwards
The purest form of love
And if you've had a furry friend
You'll know what I speak of

You came into my life
Giving love that had no end
You'd greet me with your wagging tail
Whenever I came in

You had all kinds of nicknames
Like Bubba and ornery boy
You chewed up all the toys I gave
You brought me years of joy

You left without a warning
You were always full of life
I'm sure you got the wings you earned
When God came for you that night

Time will never lessen
The tears that fill my eyes
For when I think of you
My furry little guy

I'll go on through this life
Always missing my best friend
Any man would be so lucky
To have so true a friend

And if Heaven holds my mansion
When I open of its doors
My furry friend I'll meet and greet
We'll never part no more

Copyright © M.P. Shaudd | Year Posted 2017

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It’s breaking my heart, but I must let go; I’ll miss you by my side my loyal friend. At the vet’s surgery my tears did flow, you were wagging your tail until the end. I’ll lay you to rest in the lush meadow, safe in the shade of the weeping willow, Contest A Rhyme in 60 Sponsored by Laura Loo Checked with how many syllables rhyme scheme A B A B A A 01~23~17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Moms Pillow

Mom is gone tonight
Missing her not in my way
Her pillow so soft

* New Puppy :) in the house *

Copyright © Adam Hapworth | Year Posted 2013

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Beloved Companions -part 5-

A couple weeks before her fourteenth birthday, We knew something was wrong Peanut, who loved to eat above all else, suddenly turned down food To make it worse she was having trouble breathing I had urged my dad that we had to take her to the pet hospital, and he agreed At the hospital, when they told us what was wrong, I could see the look in my dad’s face Even I knew, it was her time We all got to say our final goodbyes, Held her paw, and stayed with her as she drifted to sleep Her passing had hit us so hard, like a huge weight had fallen onto us I kept asking myself, over and over again, “why did she have to go?” We all thought she was gone forever, And tears of sadness had stuck with us for a while Then a strong realization came over us, Peanut was not gone, She would always be with us Tears of sadness soon became tears of happiness When we learned about the Rainbow Bridge Hearing that touching story, We all knew Peanut would forever be in our minds and our hearts If Peanut is waiting on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge, Then I look forward to the day when we cross that bridge and can be with her again Dedicated to Peanut In our memories, The pets that have passed will always remain We realize upon having them That they turn out to be something more- A loving companion, a protector, And most of all, a friend Someone who will always be there for you And understands, One who gives you a shoulder to cry on, A creature subtly unassuming, Who will simply listen.. There is a connection with our pets That is impossible to break And when there comes a time to say goodbye, That connection will help us continue on We never want them to leave, But all of us know that nothing lasts forever But the effect they leave on you And the love you have for them does

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

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My Little Fighter

My little fighter
Your memory isn't any lighter.
The way you cocked your head,
And for tasty treats you plead.
You loved to tumble in the grass, 
And stole sweets from a kid in my class.
When lying on my bed, 
You'd curl up on my lap
There you'd take a little nap.
Chasing cars was your game, 
But you always came when I called your name.
You were my one eyed pirate
Far greater than hudini. 
Never will there be a pack
More sacred than that
Of a little girl and loyal friend
My little fighter
Your memory isn't any lighter. .
But one day we'll meet again.

In loving memory of my first pet a little foxi cross malteese terrier named Cola?

Copyright © Rochelle-Mari Smith | Year Posted 2014

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It is the 27th January,
And I sit here all alone
My memories keep me company
Of times not too long gone

Started again just last night
When a show was going on
They call that show the “Heartbeat”
Filmed over on British lawn.

The man whose name is David
He lost his beautiful dog
It died right there so near him
With never a moan or sob

In six more days now coming on
It will be the 2nd Feb,
It’ll be just two months further on
From when I lost my friend

There are just no words to tell you
The lost I feel inside
My wound still hangs there gaping
And festers really wild

One of by biggest worries
Is just how did he die
I know that he was old then
With youth not on his side

The vet said he was quite confused
When I took my dog to him
He said it looked like toxins
Shutting down and setting in

He gave my Zig a checkup
And listened to his heart
He concluded that his tick collar
Could be the blame for starts

But things have happened since then
And I’m really not convinced 
I feel that there’s been foul play
From one whose name is Chris.

I know I’ll never know now
What is the purest truth
I really hope I’m wrong here
Why was his end not mute

I miss that dog I tell you
For years just him and I
I had a love I cherished
That shone from those brown eyes

I’ll never have another
That will take my heart like he
He will always be alive here
While I have my memories.

Copyright © Robyn Blauw | Year Posted 2008

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Heaven awaits a good boy

Heartbeats thumping in rapid unison 
   Chest hard pressed in his final resting place
      The scent of sterile death whelms the toxin
         Igniting the ducts in a scarce headspace
            A drop on his tongue with a salty trace
               Glitters in the blinding fluorescent ray
                  Each dense breath trickles unused time away
                     As tears of ire inspires his golden coat
                        One last moment to share our yesterday
                           And with that fourteen years have gone afloat


Copyright © Lukas Ficklin | Year Posted 2016

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CJ Forever More

No more seeing you pout when I walk through the door
    to find trash strewn across the kitchen floor.
No more picking old diapers from the lawn
    I never knew why you were drawn.
No more kisses from your wide wet tongue
    the first of many I got when you were so young.
No more lying against your back
    your warmth and love I will lack.
Forever more sweet thoughts of you
    jumping in my lap when you were two.
Forever more you’re in my heart
    it was so hard to have to part.
Forever more you will be missed
    during lonely nights you were my bliss.
Forever more than my pet
    you are family and one of the greatest friends I have met.

Copyright © Adam Hapworth | Year Posted 2013

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Our Dog Bella

Oh what a dog was she,
So, sweet and loving to all that she met.
She always so  happy to see  us everyday,
we miss her so very much since she went away.

Life is not same since she's been gone,
Heaven is a place not only for you and me.
But, it's for our  beloved pets also you see.

So, if you  have a beloved pet that has died,
Don't worry because they are just on the other side.
It's not very far and we will see them again ,
just like we will all our loved ones to.

Jesus made it all possible for us to live again,
When He died on the cross and rose to life again.
So, be sure you have Jesus in your life and heart
Before you die and this earth you depart.

Copyright © Patsy Carter | Year Posted 2016

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The Runaway

He was a runaway, both young and foolish, but just a pup,
and never let him stay inside and always leashed him up
and wanting to escape the owners that kept him  in the yard
until that day he became their runaway unbarred.

He followed the kids home from the park
 and from there he was looking for a place to stay.
so in the house he came and we in hopes one day,
 of finding the owner of this runaway lark.

Weeks later they came tearfully and he went home to them.
but soon they called back as they could not pretend
he was not to be their pet friend and on another day,
he was on his way back to us,  their persistent runaway.

They chose to give him up when only  howled and refused to play
now he was part of us, this lovely, loving, endearing runaway.

With intelligence he recognized my sisters needs, 
she was getting sick, forgetfull and would fall upon her knees 
But he was there  by her side unwavering despite the demands
and he was her protector without commands.

As fourteen years passed by, their unbroken bond united,
 and just as she was leaving this life to the next most quiet
 he closed his eyes and went with her in his loving prayer
 to find life together, no runaways there.

For Dutch and Lynn and their unmeasured love.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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Oh how I miss you

Like the good old days
we're together everywhere
but you don't bark anymore.
I know you are there
peaceful in my quiet dreams
walking happily with me.

Each visit's unique,
I share my daily routine
but you insist on love themes.
when I said love you,
you responded happily
barking softly in my dream.

August 21, 2017
Oh how I miss you
Sponsor: Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
First Place Win

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2017

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Dear Sweet Otis

Dear sweet Otis,
Days regrettably went by when I didn't see you,
You passed away too soon.
Playing fetch in heaven now,
But still with me somehow.

My sweet puppy,
The mornings are empty,
They feel more lonely,
Cause you don't wake up beside me.

A boy and his dog once chased the sunset.
We were together and unified.
Our last month happy in July.
Until Angels sang your last lullaby.
Otis, sweet puppy goodbye.

Copyright © Noah Ploderer | Year Posted 2016

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I Can't sleep

I can't sleep

I can't sleep at night because my heart is broken.
you left and my heart is falling apart.
I had always said that I would protect you,
But I failed to do so.
I can't sleep 
I cry for you my little one.
So Young and cute.
I can't sleep for I can't say bedtime.
I can't put your tiny body next to mine.
I can't check on you through the night.
I can't protect you 
I can't sleep at night my heart is all broken.

Copyright © Harold Hunt sr | Year Posted 2016