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Details | Ottava rima |

Amethyst Fate

Bluebells in chime are shadows in training; beech trees rising in a sheltering sky. Sunlight peeks through; the merest of raining, to guide the mauve buds to darkness close by. Wind in the forest wafts in refraining. Violet implores the young they must fly. But until they're ready fledglings must wait to one day assume their amethyst fate. 1st Place Early July Standard Contest Sponsor: Brian Strand 7/4/17

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Street Flower

When the orange edge of the sun rises above silver tint hues of an endless horizon I sway with silent elegance in the meadow of your heart You 'd pick up all scattered petals from dusty pages of the past. And there you find my concealed love... It is then when you recall untainted colours of the promise forgotten truths and everlasting us. It is there where you blow softly your Spring breezes in gardens of fragrant nights So that in a tomorrow,this unpretentious margarita would waft its aromatic scent once more in those amorous deep-set eyes. Slowly It falls untamed,innocent,and pure, like a child's dream in the tight-pull of your never-leaving arms.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

Copyright © Jacob Reinhardt | Year Posted 2013

Details | Iambic Pentameter |

Red Roses Fade To Black

Red velvet petals, only I, seduce,
With hidden danger under the disguise,
My fingers feeling shyly, I reduce,
Thorns sharpen, ready, waiting the unwise.

Before me, bleeding poison, I assume,
This flower withered, shriveled the entire,
A dark extracted substance, the perfume,
No beauty, only sorrow, I admire.

Withdrawn I wept lamenting the depart,
A rosebud, crimson, youthful, I erased,
A lifeless flower, never I impart,
nor taken with affection, I embraced.

Written by Kelly Deschler  October 23rd, 2014

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Flower Or Weed

We seek out special flowers in the field,
That stand among the weeds in scarce array…
Quick pluck them from the thorns, a tiny yield,
Arrange them, stem by stem for our display.
Then serving on a table, shelf or sill,
Their fragrant beauty eases stress and strife,
While in the field, the crowded weeds will still
Meander on in wild pursuit of life.

The weeds grow dense and tangled in their clime,
Drink deep of soil and live for sun and rain,
While full, rich flowers, giving of their prime,
Will sooner wilt, their goodness spent for gain.

What's best to be—a carefree, rambling weed,
Or special flower, plucked to serve a need?

Sandra M. Haight

~9th Place~
Premiere Contest: Contest No 219
Sponsor: Brian Strand
Judged: 10/07/2016

~3rd Place~
Contest: Screwed XI
Sponsor: Rob Carmack
Judged: 03/01/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2014

Details | Imagism |


One crystal flower swelled in a garden, 
standing with pride and beauty all day, 
Bees tried to steal her nectar and taste. 
One day, somebody's hand cut her stem, 
this crystal flower stolen and taken away. 
Each petal was scattered on the ground, 
sparkling dimly, breathless and tired. 
Days went by and all flowers bloomed. 
A new day of spring burst with  hope. 
One morning, a gardener went to visit, 
found scattered crystals covered in mud. 
He picked each piece 'til he'd found each one, 
brought them all home and polished. 
He patiently glued every broken line, 
until a new crystal flower arose. 
His hands found a new paradise. 
Though once was broken, 
now stands purity and grace.

**5th Place Winner In Nette Onclaud's Contest: METAPHOR: CRYSTAL

Entry for: METAPHOR: Crystal Free Poetry Contest 
               of Nette Onclaud
written by:Aiyah De Torres
Second Language: English

Copyright © Aiyah de Torres | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

- A Little Bit Of Heaven -

Such a romantic place on a beach in Monte Carlo 
Simple little things in life catching one's breath 

Moonlight glinting of waves breaking off a white sandy beach 
Faraway thoughts brown eyes crying in an ocean dream song 

Spell of romance makes one forget the sense of anything 
Silent whispers echoes binding our chain together tides speak 

Do you remember the white doves that followed us along the beaches 
Each link in your arm magic walks closer feelings sing inside a joyous choir enchants

Nature nurtured by the desire to fulfill dreams makes time stop 
Holds deep sea emotions a galloping white steed races home in warm waves kiss 

The natures mesmerizing perfume of fragrant flowers 
Where destiny paints the joy in butterflies dance on a warm loving breeze 

Such is the passion in the depths of ones soul 
Jewels needle vision flies without wings heaven sings in a spiral coloring rainbows 

No barriers closed no reasons withstand 
The midnight moon shades blue embraced one shadow two become one dream 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |



Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

Copyright © Suyash Saxena | Year Posted 2013

Details | Imagism |

Anima Mystique

A requiem can faintly be heard 
     in the springtime breeze
as dandelion's morph from gold 
     blossoms to a crown of 
seeds in downy tufts to begin their 
     airborne journey to
germinate and recreate with a drive 
     to survive even the 
harshest weather, a plethora of 
     pesticides, and weeding.

Ah, can not the feminine form be 
     celebrated in comparison?
As her entourage of suitors lifts her 
     spirits to soar blissfully
until she establishes that one special 
     connection that causes
her bloom, that innate ineluctable 
     calling to mate and procreate.
Though trials, illness, and hardships appear,
     future generations ineffably endure
in season's springtime, as love renews life.

May 4, 2016
Animus/Anima--Part 1: Anima - Poetry Contest
Sponsor Tom Quigley

Definition of anima:
 NOTE: Just for the etymology of the word Anima dear, Connie! Anima, Animal, Animation and so on are words that come for the Greek word "Anemos" which in the Greek philosophy meant the divine wind which filled the universe and which wind "anemos" Man breathed in and became "Alive" animated!
-thank you for this Demetrios.

Note: I may have done this contest all wrong?

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

Wherefrom Enlightenment Dwells

To define innocence in the
countenance of a child's smile
and love's eminence in wildflowers,
conceive infinity in exalted ocean's roar
whilst summer breezes glance splendor
flourishing jasmine and hummingbirds
amidst evermore expansive sunrises,
whence space and time ceases to exist 
thereupon shall enlightenment dwell

Copyright © Paloma P | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

self portraits - for contest

self portraits 

color me in dandelion yellow
thumbing my nose at beauty’s pawns
intruder in the gardens of the mellow
mimicking the beauty of my dawns.

paint me in thick oils, richness deep
colors of wild howls, barks, and hoots
surrounded by the company I keep
anchored in the depth of wilding roots.

photograph me, center, tall and proud
rubbing petals with the hybrid mimes
silenced by the fear of being loud
paying homage to the price of beauty’s crimes.

draw me in the scrapbook of your mind
small fingers reaching out to feel
a gift to which the world grew slowly blind 
the life that makes the dandelion real.


submitted to – Each one of us has His or Her won Flower of Attraction – Poetry Contest

sponsor – Rick Parise

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rispetto |

Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus weeps in Summer's first burning. Tears hang suspended from a fracturing heart. Lost vermillion dreams leave memories churning, scarlet seeping from the wound of Cupid's dart. Mournings can heal and be a time of learning, to once again partake of love's crimson art. And yet he cannot for from Spring's first seeding he is destined to live as Love Lies Bleeding. 2nd Place Early July Premier Contest Sponsor: Brian Strand 7/5/17

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

A Captivating Rose

A Captivating Rose A rose's petals are tender to touch The delicate nature is pridefully pure That blazing beauty entices the eyes While their thorns may leave you sore They hold a scent of carnal passion A deep perfume that dreams of love They dare reveal their hearts, like fashion That crimson glow is too beloved A rose will drive you mad with envy And transform your mind with greed and sin They will grasp your heart and soul As those thorns slowly sink in

Copyright © Edward Schmitz | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatrain |

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
this flower bed,
is just for you.

Among the stone,
and in the mud,
a flower shone,
a beautiful bud.

It grew so tall,
proud and strong,
it learned all,
right and wrong.

Giving it water,
and warm sun,
your only daughter,
learned about fun.

Mommy come see,
look what I did,
now I can be,
a grownup kid.

This flower bed,
is just for you,
with roses, red,
and violets, blue.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Iambic Pentameter |

The Flower

As the time passes by season to season. I wait and wonder if this flower will ever grow. Planted so
many  times what seemed to be the right place , but once again it was not right at all. Struggling to
blossom so it can show  its color and beauty to the one that matters most of all. Thirsting for the warmth 
of the sun , starving for the attention , not really asking for much at all. So many times it felt so right , 
but things would change so quickly in the middle of the night and all would be lost. Slowly it would wither 
till there was no hope of blossoming one day. As the time passes by tears fill my eyes and there is nothing 
left to say. I only know that this flower will grow , but not this way. It must  be cared for and understood , 
loved and nourished so it will blossom and grow stronger , more beautiful then any flower you've ever known.
Will this flower ever grow? This is something I do not know. Sad as it may seem, it's even sadder to me , That I 
am that flower that will never grow , didn't you know ?


Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

Details | Alliteration |


The red rose may be beautiful or grand
Sensual even LOVELY.  But still  only a
WINSOME  rose.
THEN....I strolled the garden BLUE
I saw the INDIGO ROSE 

The BLUEST I had ever seen
A TEASING picture of the 
stunning QUEEN.
The blue ROSE is EXOTIC, she feeds 
The WINSOME ROSE shame with
Professional precision on a petal plate
Of pleasing purity.

She sends the entire garden into bland oblivion.
A blue diamond glimmering in a GOLDEN heaven.
All other roses WILT of envy clamoring at her

When I set eyes upon this ROSE it so inspired me
To see what had not been seen.
The INDIGO GARDEN and all its splendor
Magnificent  presence
Pleasantly BEING. 

MAGNETIC practically hypnotizing
These are the INDIGO GARDEN guarded
Secrets I've been knowing


Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

Details | Classicism |


The Silent Garden
Blowin in the breeze 
I bob and bow and flex my leaves
I am a garden-- for all to admire
the one you visit often
You see my beauty, 
I never say a word.
You could have visited
and enjoyed my genus,
but you plucked out the 
strongest and most beatific.
My benignity 
overwhelmed wisdom
As your wisdom showed itself sallow 
next to the colors that emoted 
from your emotions. Red all red.
Out of control you have
selfishly removed me.
Never do I recover;
As you Placed me in a vase, 
with stale water and no sunlight. 
I withered under your care.

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

the Rose

                 The Rose innocent white, soft pink, yellows 
                colors touch your soul vibrant red to amethyst

                enhances beauty yet a thorn awaits to break skin
                as life does piercing your heart with a thin pin.

                My life has shed drops of blood through each petal
                 as if in return for the love and beauty you feel

                hence pain underneath patiently waits the bloodletting ~

                The rose symbolizes love yet vulnerable to hold
                for when you open your heart it can be left bleeding

                The best of surgeons can not beat your heart
                It is the inner faith and God himself whom gives strength 

                whispers in your ear you shall live you will exist
                your life meaningful as the water and sun to the rose

                 For I am your God  your existence is not over yet .
                        You must Live ~You must Bloom 

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |

Garden's Beauty

Its charm, its bloom
A gift of spring breeze
Disappears fast
Something not oozing from heart
Something borrowed doesn’t last

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


strelitzias die -
shrunken birds of paradise
sag between green leaves

* It is now autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa.  A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower.

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Hi, Bye

Loves magic riddle, shepherds the flower,
blossoming elegance, land to sea.
I never knew, how that love grew, 
until I laid eyes on Lucy Dee.

Blindly sifting through the hazy maze, 
emerging aware, holding a key.
That fixed a hole, which filled my soul,
thanks to the love of Lucy Dee. 

The force behind the forces of life,
made me question how to see,
Suddenly views, were less askew,
thanks to the insight of Lucy Dee.

Now I care not, for transparent fog,
or the rain that pours for weeks.
For the weather, never weathers,
the amorphous Lucy Dee.

When my petals finally wilt and wane,
storms bring me to weary knees.
The radiant shine, forever binds,
lucy’s light within me; and without,
by loves decree.

Copyright © Nicholas Rush | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Dream of a Saguaro

Although flowers bloom it’s awkward to say that they are flowers
because they are not flowers, but thorns disguised as yellow pistils 
and stamens surrounded by the petals made of pieces of colorless
paper. Moreover, their fragrance bears no meaning at all because 
they bloom in the night, 

and each time when the scorching sun brands the cactus’ skin 
it cries out loud from the pain of the thorns pierced through 
it’s burning flesh to form renewed skin, 
then, surprised by a heartrending cry, 
the birds flap their wings to fly in the air abandoning the cactus.

However the birds may be, they only are lifeless drones 
flying over a desert. And since they are lifeless, they 
don’t know the meaning of life, and that’s why they only see

the thorny flowers standing open arms in the midst of the desert that is 
filled with ashes of death—nuclear wastes, abandoned poisonous chemical
solutions polluted waters that drive lives to the edge of death.

To the saguaro cactus standing in the midst of man-made miseries, 
nonetheless, dreamed to have an audience with 
the mystic Queen of the Andes, 

and in order for him to fulfill his dream,
to have a long journey toward the south moving along with the sun, 
and then, after crossing the delicate line marked zero,* 
climbing up the Andes for a higher ridge that is higher than the drone. 

And as you go higher the wind starts to rise;
when the wind gets stronger to cut through the skin,
then saguaro’s thorns start to prick its own body from 
loneliness unbearable,  

and that is the time ripe for
the mystic Queen of the Andes to reveal herself 
from the clearing fogs, behind the thick and heavy veil of clouds.

She appears in a dress embellished with tens of thousands of 
not overly extravagant or pompous but graceful flowers that 
bloom centenary. 

She is the tree, immaculate and with inviolable dignity,  
she bears the blooms in the serenity of the high and deep mountain.
Today too, the saguaro cactus under scorching sun dreams 
a dream of seeing the elegant Queen of the Andes someday,
even afar it, stands as ever. 

Enveloped in the cloud, though Queen hides her image
she has left her sweet scent behind, 
in the sweet scent she left, the thorn flower saguaro stands
willing to wait another one hundred years to see her again.

*Zero: The Equator  

Copyright © Su Ben | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |


Ishq Chhupta Nahi Chhupane Se
Log Kahte Hain Ishq Hai Wo Mushq

Par Wo Kahti Hai Jaanti Hi Nahi.

Copyright © Saahil Parwez | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

A secret affair

Dewdrops visit blooms
at night and leave by daybreak:
A secret affair.

Copyright © Suresh Babu Palani | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |

My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

The Sieve of Time

The Sieve of Time

Cast ashore,
along the banks of time,

whirling through the passing years,
clinging to my futile scribbles set in rhyme,

Cast ashore,
thrust into an unrehearsed pantomime,

clenching slivers of joy as weariness descends,
lulled into a peaceful slumber exhilaratingly sublime.

Cast ashore,
hazily adrift, a dandelion seed on the wings of time,

trapped in the sieve of spiralling memories,
caught between pristine bliss, and reeking slime.

Cast ashore,
flung aside for no discernible crime,

my human heart thuds with elusive hope,
though battered, bruised, and covered in grime,

I stagger ashore, 


embracing each moment of detached, oblivious time.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ekphrasis |

And she lies sheltered beneath the Oak

(There was roast chicken too with potatoes and cheese, though in the picture not seen! Before the shot it had been gobbled up...)

A table laid and baskets heap'd,
Sheltered in the deep scented darkness of the trees;
The wild strawberries picked ripe in the elven woods,
Jam in the pots delicious sweet.
Wine's enchanted icy cold, tumblers filled up to the brim,
Been touched with specks of gold, poured from a bubbling spring.

At the foot of the hills, and dressed in black,
I stood there still, and a few yellow'd leaves.
Rising against the wind, a rose bloom twirls in the breeze;
Sends her perfume to the silver greens,
And to the far corners of the vale.

Under the lids, dripping dew from twigs, I watch
The rolling mist that hides her face, 
And the forsaken wedding feast.
A shadow falls on her heart.
Beneath the tall oak her secret bed,
The flower simply drops to the earth,
And there it goes to sleep.
As the distant music, and the autumn wind from hills;
Fall into a hush, the final notes recede.

For Giorgio AV's : Ekphrasis Contest 01

Copyright © gautami phookan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Imagism |



All yellow and big and radiant
Commanding a tiny city centre lawn   
Looking top heavy and a little nervous
Bright smile at all the sullen passers-by
All too hot and hurried to notice her
Holding tightly to her pole
A tip-toe ballerina swaying minutely
A  proud one-leg Masai with a spear
Looking directly in my eye and saying
You’ve never seen a flower before?
Too busy to stop and chat?
Ok,  go on by,  but remember  -
This garden is mine, and I rule here. 

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Nature's Poetry

As I climb the muse mountain, 
I walk through the woods of words.
Sentences seep as melting snow into
the rushing rivers of the chime of ryhme.
Adventurous animals arch with alliteration, 
with some nimbling on leaves, the lattice of letters.
I chase leaping lizards who hide limericks from me.
In exhaustion, I pause upon glossy grasses.
Irises ignite and incite my imagination, 
while violets vacillate with verse.
Pansies provide me petals of a poem, while
poppies give me punctuation and proper grammar.
Meaningful moon mediates with metaphors, and
sun streaks and peaks with symbolism and stanzas.
Clouds clap communication to me, and I in this
wondrous universe began to rehearse my art.
Now home, I gleefully type like butterflies in flight. 
Alas, I print the poem, feeling saturated and wholesome!

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

Copyright © Layla Elkoulily | Year Posted 2013