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Not another day

Impulsive or compulsive

Either way it's not conducive

Living with this disorder

Can't be good for my liver

Obsessions, when do they stop?

Compulsions, when do I stop?

Let me illustrate and reiterate

My demons make me infuriated

To the point, man, I really want to escape this

Live everyday like your last?

These hours go by fast

Trying to obliterate every ounce of the past

Always with the imagery and self coping insanity

That broke me and continues to break me.

Another day, no not another day

I just got out, please let me stay away.

Copyright © Stefan Cote | Year Posted 2016

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A market for mental health

I design cards for eighteenth parties,
And every other birthday.
And I design cards for condolences,
For folks who’ve passed away.

My designs can be happy, sad or plain,
Whatever you really want.
And I can make them easy to read,
In an “easy to read” sort of font.

Then it occurred to me there’s money here,
There’s a market for being kind.
To make cards for people suffering alone,
Alone in silence in their mind.

For people cutting and for suicide attempts,
Like people overdosing on a pill.
To design intimate encouraging cards,
For folks who are mentally ill.

For the opportunity contest. 

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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Darkest Soil

Materialize before my eyes:
Amorphous clumps of clay 
In puddles of brown broth
Walk around with empty mouths
That house ravens of despair
Silent stupidity and empty
Sockets follow blindly 
A path hewn ages before 
They even existed in weary
Acceptance of fate unavoidable.
                                  And I follow slowly;
                                  Crawl on elbows;
                                  Claw with hands that grab
                                  Mud as a last rope 
                                  To pull me away from
                                  Emptiness shown on
                                  Their faces while they step over 
                                  Me in strange indifference 
                                  To continue their way
                    My head rests on hands
                    slick and silt with tears
                    spilt for their mute life
                    where words have no 
                    weight but what is put
                    in one outpour of grief
They say from darkest soil
Lightest flowers grow
Salty water sprinkles
Where my knees touch
My lips softly kiss
Lovingly, in hope.


March 11, 2017
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Meet Him Halfway

He wears his frame with dignity.
Moves amongst the throng with confidence,
   with a buoyant outlook
      that defies everything malignant.
He magnifies his letters until
     they are neon bright and shining
   messages for his eyes alone
And augments sound until
   each letter thrills like a breathless
      poem, spoken for his ears alone.

Can he see right through the covert
messages people send through
thick air like fog suffocating?
     (We think he cannot, we think he
     fails, we think he doesn't see the
     labyrinthine manipulations people
     use for information and interaction.)
Can he hear those hidden connotations
of words? 
     (We think he cannot,
     we think he fails, we think he hears 
     only one track of a multitrack tape.)

He rides his chair with poise,
 loves with afflatus, with fire, 
  animus and anima. And leaves behind
   what cannot be carried into the 
    present. But finds in the past a
     strength to fight and avenge, not
      revenge. Find justice for those 
       denied in the past and today. 

He smiles, smile with him, and
meet him halfway, he is new.


March 15, 2017
N/A in contest: Broken Wing
Sponsor: Frank Herrera

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Psychiatric Crack

A psychologist is a person who decided to spend a lot of money,
To recieve a piece of paper that says they know everything about me.

Sure I'll talk, but they won't listen for anything but a hint,
Of reason to recommend a psychiatrist to deal me another script.

Psychiatrists are glorified drug dealers hired by Pfizer and their friends,
Who experiment with legal crack and meth to try and make the suffering end.

I studied the mind as well in school, recieving awards and honors,
And learned that western medicine is but a corrupt business at its core.

Psychiatric doctors convincing customers that their minds aren't right,
Ignoring the syndrome of society and its environmental plight.

Pills are but a capitalistic product of this terrible medical field,
When plants can cure what ails us with each season's yield. 

I studied government as well in school, recieving awards and honors,
Learning that one reason pot's still illegal is because idiots deny it as a cure.

Sitting in school eight hours a day for eighteen years,
Is what an IBM machine is for, which won't be robbed of human cheer.

Four years of pretending degrees will reward us for our studies,
Left us indebted to unpayable loans and jobs whose minimum pay is cruddy.

So if you want to think my problems stem from a disease inside my brain,
Keep ignoring the economic ties and lies that are making me insane.

Copyright © Brendan J. Simons | Year Posted 2017

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Mental Health Awareness

mental illness
isn’t make believe
do you understand it?

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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School A teenager's anxiety and mental health

Each day when I leave to go to my school,
I feel sick in my stomach to the core.
My father’s been ill for months, maybe years,
He’s losing a fight in a war.

Each day when I sit in class at my school, 
I dread. My nerves have me shot.
My folks fight and clash throughout every day, 
Stay together? Maybe. Maybe not.

Each day when I walk home from school, 
I jitter, my pulse runs on high.
Will all of my family still be alive, or
To one of them will I be saying good bye?

Each day when I lay alone in my bed, 
I bury, into my pillow, my fear.
I hate living a life full of angst and blue,
Worry’s now my friend, it is my peer.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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Something Not Quite Right

the man had a flat expression      and showed no emotion
     he seemed    disconnected   his movements bizarre
and his eyes lost     sometimes standing motionless
           on the busy street corner 
with his little dog     I always gave him    money
(what's a few bucks to me )
thinking this is someone's child    baby
  oh he was sloppy    his hygiene     lacking
the man's memory    muddled    confused 
but he did have a history    locked within   deep inside
at nineteen   he was hearing voices   paraniod
    thoughts    hullucinations   bizarre 
(like the pope was from outer space)  delusional 
     he had withdraw from society     run away 
did not want to be a burden    no one understood
    disorganized and poor judgement 
made      working   impossible    they yelled at him
  (he threw away his pills)
he wrote in cheap  journals   from
edge to edge   top to bottom   words jumbled  meaningless 
          (in a secret language)
he did not    show happiness     agitation   pleasure   but
       for some reason    sadness   oh yes sadness
was written all over him     I could see      feel 
that    and he did have   love    a real deep love
for that thin     scraggly dog    and  I     thought 
some may think       he is a drunk
                            but they are wrong    this is 

August 4, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, Mental Illness, Nathan D

Fifth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Talking Mirrors

I'm a fairly active charter member
of Connecticut's Medical Marijuana Program,
qualifying because I'm also one of the oldest HIV+ survivors in the U.S.

In fact, 
not a single cell within my entire organism
would have been brought to you today
without the miracles of chemistry.
So blame Big Pharma,
you would not be the first
but perhaps might become the last.
You never know,
you could get lucky.
Find a bottom-line its all about me corporation
prepared to listen to people
as if we might become cooperative advocates for healthier climates,
rather than mere consumers of pathological therapies.

Anyway, I've been sick off and on,
mostly on,
since the beginning of November
so I've also been pretty much stoned.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not sure
Probably both.
I'm also probably the oldest HIV+ Taoist survivor
and Taoists always have to pretend both sides of the mirror
might have worthwhile reflective potential.
WuWei quasi-fortunately,
rather than being too sick with respiratory issues to get stoned,
I'm too stoned to remember I'm sick.

Despite being retired,
I don't have time to be sick anyway,
in large part because my youngest of four kids
is a girl with wicked Oppositional Defiant Disorder;
a label she defies.
Not because she's opposed to labels,
but because she thinks she is perfectly ordered
as the rest of us losers might better get with her program.

She likes President Trump
because he looks and sounds familiar enough to eat,
as prehensile grabby economic and political leaders
were originally meant to be.

For my young teenage daughter,
ODD is not a disorder,
it is a religion
into which she was baptized
by Fetal Alcohol Full Immersion
at a fairly first trimester young embryonic age.

From her I have learned
there fortunately is no wimpy God,
but we do have one hell of a fire-breathing feminist Goddess
when we refuse to help her clean her nightmare 
she calls her WhiteHouse,
but I call her bedroom.

I tried to point out the inconsistency
of supporting a President
who also refuses to help us clean our planet,
or even avoid mutually terrorizing ballistic destruction,
but this, apparently, is the voice of a wimpy God
who does not,
or should not,
keep  on talking to the Fire Goddess hand.

This morning I was helping her get ready for school,
combing out her spiky hair.
She's part AfricanAmerican porcupine.
We were standing in front of a large wood-framed, beveled mirror
that looks, perhaps only because I'm stoned,
like something out of Snow White
associated with her StepMom,
the witchy queen with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

My daughter loves Snow White,
probably because she bossed around the seven dwarfs
in their own home,
(a politically incorrect position I do not recommend you ever even think of trying to get away with)
and forced them to listen to her own crappy music preferences
at a full amphitheater range of ear-splitting volume.

Be that as it too loudly may,
I asked her if she ever talks to her mirror,
asking, Who is the fairest of them all?


And, does the mirror talk back?

Yes. It says,
You need to clean your WhiteHouse!

That's strange.
My mirror has been saying the same thing
ever since early November.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Mental Health

The shoes I shop for
are rope that fits my neck

The voices talking at me
don't like being talked about

In fact, they tell me things
not fit for humans like you

The perfume I like
is really a gun in my mouth

The reality I see is not
what it seems to you.

In fact, reality is fragile
a fleeting glimpse that passes by.

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2015

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In The Mind Of Mental Illness

Crying Loudly but its all in my head,
The expression you see is a smile instead,
But if you look deep in my eyes they will tell you a tale
About how my appearance became so frail.

For the people around me I put on an act,
To hide the truth of control my life lacked.
Inside I am weak, Helpless and cold,
I feel Ive no-one to comfort me,no-one to hold.

I pace up, down and around my bed,
Trying to clear my head,
But inside my mind where the voices hide
I listened to what they said.

The noises I hear are the voices I fear,
I cannot drown out the sound.
Palms sweating and my heart is racing,
Collapsing to the ground.

Chest tightening...I cannot breathe, My visions turning black,
Here again on my own suffering another Panic Attack!

Copyright © Louise Phipps | Year Posted 2013

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Mental Health

and then plastered with labels
what a life it is

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2016

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Mental health

Depression, you will be the death of me.

Copyright © Feo The ugly drunken poet | Year Posted 2015

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Mental health

years of abuse add up
someone snaps
the judge gives them a prison sentence
which they serve and then get released
next thing that person knows as they try to rebuild their life
starting from the bottom

They approached you
two months after your sentence
tell you you are court ordered
for a 30 day psychiatric assessment
you dont get out for years

made to believe you are sick
witnessing nurses affairs with patience
man with a broken leg forced to walk
young girls screaming rape

the whole time knowing you are not supposed to be there
everyday another fight you can never win

finally you get away
addicted to their pills
everyday a struggle 
for years keeping appointments
not understanding what is going on

You serve your sentence
then you serve another one
never knowing what judge sentenced you there
every doctor from a different country
telling you life isn't fair

Doctor's lieing to your family
about biting and kicking him
maximum security forensics
in and out of group homes for years

Then one day you quit taking your meds
tired of the side affects
and suddenly you begin waking up early
doing your laundry
eating healthy
cleaning your house

the hindsight remains
I wasn't supposed to be there
no judge sentenced me there
allah almighty answers the phone when you call amnesty international

Unable to become erect
covered in scales
foggy thinking
when you can't afford not to think clear

Go tell eminem i get it
I walked the ward for you
made to think i was sick my whole life
and then sickened by the things i went through

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Two Flaws Make Us Bright

A Fundamentalist Flaw assumes too great a divide
between Left and Right hemispheric cultures.

Left's deduction gestalt is all about separating human nature
(Ego's experiential nature)
from Earth's sacred nature of transcendent truth/beauty,
which is much more of a Right Brain experience
of all Nature,
including home (eco) within this specific EgoIdentity.

LeftBrain, with Right too recessive for healthy sustainable balance,
creates a transcendent unknowable but all-powerful Creator God
who fills spiritually male elite teachers 
and messiahs
prophets and rulers of Righteous Men
(and the occasional woman).
This is also the land of static fundamentalist religious Tradition,
coming down from the sky above
into the divinely inspired heart and mind of elite human natures,
and lesser natures too, 
but not so much,
more just everyday competitive  secular ecopolitical BusinessAsUsual,
for us regular struggling folk.

A Radical Flaw is the reverse face of LeftBrain dominant enculturation.
This is the culture of the RightBrain's nondual co-arising empathic trust
and mutually-immune assumptions
of active-synaptic distrust;
autonomic regenerative resources
of positive love/health v. negative pathologies of immunity,
antipathy for toxins.
RightBrain is all about radical extremes of internal changes
in body chemistry messages and harmonies and dissonance,
and temporal storage within long-term memory.
Climate gestalt songs of full-octave harmonic dance within as without.

RightBrain is non-languaged God-Climate.
Here the sacred divine godhead of capital-integrity 
is profoundly panentheistic, interdependently holistic.
God is so radically who Ego is that RightBrain makes no distinction
between sensory perception of memory and purpose
in Earth's ecology
and the Ego's co-empathic ecopolitical trust 
in truth/beauty theological identity.
EcoPolitical Teleology and GodTheology
are integratively evolutioning becoming health/wealth abundant,
ecologically regenerative co-intelligence.

If life right now
(RightBrain has no past or future tense awareness)
looks and smells divine,
then we are nondually recreating God,
because we are richly radically co-present healthy meaning.

Taoist wu wei,
like Systems Theory Tipping Points
between two appositional coarising dipolarities,
like Buckminster Fuller's rudder guiding
Great Septum-Divide of universal LeftBrain egocentrist fundamentalism,
and integral-unitarian RightBrain's nondual radicalism
is our Golden Rule/Ratio,
Left Polynomials = Right NotNotPolynomials,
(0)-ecopolitical sum and sacred-soul harmonic bicameral medicine balance.

As we learn to balance LeftBrain's Fundamentalist Flaw
with RightBrain's Radical Flaw,
we learn to see and hear and smell and feel and know
that our fundamental trust is in belonging 
within Earth's ecopolitically-purposed nature
as we long for fulfillment 
within Earth's sacred integrative potential.

Two notnot dipolar Flaws
to make each of us polypathically healthy
and divinely bright.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Panic attack

Buzzing in my ears
I've got to get out of here
In a cold sweat
It's away from these people I have to get

I can't just bolt, they would wonder why
Now I can't see, I'm going to die
I can't breathe, I can't hear
Are you alright ?  Faces appear

I've collapsed to the ground
Faces talking, making sounds
Im moaning from the pain of the fear
Men from an ambulance appear

I'm white as a sheet
The writhing is starting to cease
cold, clammy hot and moist
I'm very tired but I can use my voice

I've just returned from edge of hell
How long it went on I cannot tell
I don't what happened I was just very sick
I needed lie down on these cool bricks

Another place I can't ever come back
Never back to the place of a panic attack

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

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You are an oxymoron

Always wanting more
Looking for the score
Wanting the reward
They will not be ignored

OxyContin is addictive
That's why it is restricted
Your problem's self inflicted
Get some help, get committed

Everything you owned you pawned
All you do is nod off and yawn
Then pace until the floor is gone
What an Oxy-moron

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

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mental health healing

Writing down my feelings
Mental health healing
Writing down my actions
Nothings a distraction
She looks pretty in blue
She's too good for you
Always looking around
You’ll end on the ground
Looking for the dog?
Try throwing his log
If you find the cat
Name it pat	

Copyright © steve meadows | Year Posted 2009

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Cloud of Knowing

I believe it was Buckminster Fuller
who first posited
a prime appositional,
like Yang and Yin,
but his was:
Energy is to physical nature
as Information is to metaphysically languaged systems.

if we were to add the Yin and Yang
of this positivist-regenerative observation,
we could further nuance regenerate with degenerate:
Energy is to cooperative nurturance
and, therefore, Entropy is to degenerative chaos,
as Information is to regenerative ecosystemic co-intelligence
as fractal ExFormation (dialectal decomposition, creolization, reversion, spacetime reversal, inside-outside)
is to dualdark bicameral ego/eco-systemic consciousness.

we might further speculate
that organic nature
convex (yang) unfolds
following RNA/DNA fractal-fertile deep-learning functions,
revolutionarily and syncretically co-resonant
bilateral concavely (yin) infolding,
back and in toward Left-Right ZeroSum ecobalancing embryonic climates
of regeneration OVER inside degeneration/denomination;

Three dimensional space
over one bilaterally dimensioning
spiral revolving
Yang/Yin flow and ebbing

should all the above make sensory-neural nurturing sense to you
as to me,
especially if also with you,
then this might help us understand why
those theologians
and teleologists
and ethologists
and psychologists
and ecologists
who open their discussions to the broadest cooperative points
of appositional dipolar compare and contrast,
such as Western PreMillennial Capitalist v NonElect
and Eastern PostMillennial Syncretic-Creolic NonDualist,
hypostatizing hypotheses of co-arising co-gravitation
are those most articulate
about this climate health revolution 
of Beloved Cooperative Communities
within wealthy interdependent bio-regions,
at these post-modern invisible in/ex-formational hands
of bilaterally balancing nature-spirit intent.

If we can learn to sing together
in resonant harmonies
of and for multiculturing creolic languages,
and we have and can do more,
must do all we can of such ecotherapeutic singing,

If we can learn to dance together
in flowing cooperative steps,
rather than competitive ecopolitical locked-up frozen marches
over and around each others' steps,
and we have and can do more
of this ecological flowing dance,
and must,
because we can,
then we can also use these same skill sets
for achieving more resonant climate-minds and landscape-bodies 
deep learning Earth's CoOperative PermaCulturing Opera.

We can each capture learning to grow into re-invested loving
as cooperative Earth-owners and Golden Rule democratizing lovers,
we do in fact already own and govern and nurture Earth;

But, apart,
divided by competing silos of monoculturing ecopolitics,
we own nothing but a future of further potential ego/eco dis-equilibrium,
Yanging against Yin
rather than YinYang-Squared-Dialectal WinWin
through our song and dance gaming wu wei
in-between full-octave harmonics,
midway opulence,
multiculturing-creolizing further revolutioning evolutions
of zero-sum ecopolitically resonant spacetime.

If we can sing and dance cooperatively
better than competitively
then we can also love  and learn 
and work and play cooperatively,
better than competitively,

We sound better together
as Earth's global gospel choir,
and look better too,
than we do as Earth's mutually mistrusting post-climatic decomposing
ashamed of our own rifle-aiming mess,
rabidly overpopulating pestilence,
instead of resonant opulence.

We really only have the one bilateral balancing choice
for healthy wealth.
I mean, who would choose pestilence
over cooperative opulence
other than a cloud of unknowing 
abused and neglected sociopath?

Ergodic dialectals
are ionic balancing binomials,
as good humors and climates
are ironic balancing ecologicals
and analogically dipolarish,
fractal deep becoming zero-sum co-intelligence,
hybrid nature-spirits
of each more cooperatively opulent ego/eco

We all breathe out Yang
and WinWin Yin in
this same bilateral double-binding acclimating way,
just as our sacred bicameral hearts
each and all beat diastolic opening
and diastatic to close cooperative/competing co-intensions
BothAnd together.

I believe it was Bucky Fuller who first LeftBrain languaged:
Ergodically reiterative energy is to bilaterally communicating physical nature
as Ionic-Bionic In-Ex Formation is to metaphysically languaged systems,
marching toward cooperatively responsible 
and responsive co-ownership
to and for and of flowing synergetic interdependence.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Problems of Success

Old misunderstandings of how Earth
and Her species
regeneratively and degeneratively change,
sometimes in revolutionary expansive/implosive quick and great transitions,
but more traditionally in slow-grow emergent spacetime development,
are often summarized in secular capitalism's
Might Makes Fertile Right.

While this does capture the Yang strength side
of Earth's fast and slow revolutions,
PermaCulture Design's principles for polycultural long-term success,
rather than ego-endosymbiotic monoculturing,
this generation only, success,
stresses our need to return,
to repent, say the prophets,
to revive, say the preachers,
by turning from high individualistic-competing yields
from non-renewable fuel-driven technologies,
as if only they were God-Given,
to set an evolving clock backward toward non-regenerative energy descent,
degenerative trends
and concomitant traumas of our current overshoot
into climate and landscape pathologies,
internal-egotistical and external-anti-ecological.

Succeeding time in evolutionary reverse,
appears revolutionary to those of us who have been chosen
by colonialist capitalism's logical transition conclusions
to retrain old faith and reliance
on using less competitive  and more sustainable yields
from Father Sun's solar Yang-radiant strength
and Mother Earth's wind and water Yin-nurturing flows
from and for 
renewing recycling restoring regenerating resources.

This is not so much about anger competition management,
and more about restorative ego/eco justice.

The problem of Might Makes Right success stories
is they patriarchally dominate,
and matriarchally suboptimize,
Yin's ecofeminist flow opportunities
for maximum yield
and optimal cooperative-constitutional nutritional reinvestment.

Patriarchy's singularity,
intrinsic domineering supremacy,
hides its oppression of our bilateral
nondual co-arising matriarchal/patriarchal
network stretching and extending multiculturing balance
ego/eco opportunities.

Yin's embryonic,
nutrition-nurturing ego/eco zero-sum equivalence,
but within an open ecological Universe,
with WinWin positive polynomial and polypathic bicamerality
with double-binding negative ambivalent N(NP)
effect-cause spacetime dipolar co-arising
spiral re-linearity,
the very sideways holonic
fractal/octave "8" scale octave structure
of regenerative bilateral DNA
and RNA,
and our iconic nature symbol for Eternity,
without stipulating whether perpetuating successes
emerge toward Paradise
or DualDark entropic chaos,
dark Yang v Yin
over light C-Yin and C-Yang
as c-squared dipolar appositional
as Eulerian ergodic harmonic fractal
as Fullerian 0-sum cooperative synergetic thermodynamics
deduct freedom from/induct freedom to
4-equivalent dimensional 
co-arising organic spacetime.

This problem with capitalism's evolutionary success
is its cultural weight too far beyond devolutionary overshoot
of Might Makes Patriarchally Left v Matriarchal Right 
outmoded unbalanced paradigms.

This way of not seeing,
and therefore voting for,
perversely supporting unhealthy Earth's anti-wealthiest devolutionary future
is intrinsically anti-Christian,
and anti-multiculturing religious,
anti-sacred ecology
in general
and basic ego/ecojustice principle.

Capitalism's competitive excesses
desecrate Earth's cooperative Commons
essentially by denying this wisdom of regenerative-cooperative
democratic co-reinvestment in future healthy abundance;

Which is not a logical or ecological possibility
in the co-presence of Yin-Matriarchal-Cooperative
flow-power enculturing equivalence,
advocating for climates and landscapes of healthywealth ambivalence,
polycultural and polypathic and polynomial and multiculturing
polyphonically creolizing
capitalism's tradition as understory
of Earth's cooperative nutritional health 
as mutual trust economy.

WinLose games and ecopolitical strategics of Me Against You
do not sustain when they dominate
within an ecosystem,
a population,
a democratic citizenry,
a universe,
a ReIterative Communication Gaming Frame,
or even within attempts to retain open communication lines,
requiring both Yang-integrity speaking skills
and Yin bilateral cause-effect-cause 
recycling co-arising dipolar listening skills.

If capitalism is a true success of Earth's wealth history,
how is it also notnot potential failure
for Earth's healthiest Paradise retention potential?

Scientific method,
to become and remain optimally successful,
has always theoretically watched
for importance of both deductive Win/Lose tests,
and cooperative mutually-inductive, co-informing, communications
transcending specialized paradigms,
promoting WinWin speciated learning
reiteratively delineating successes,
permacultural nutritional outcome production,
not just information about what has been consumed
from and in our past,
but also wisdom about what we could produce
more transliteratively danced and sung together.

Too long articulated hypostasis
is also too immature creolization potential;
these two nondually co-arising together
rebeginning ourselves toward sacred dipolar re-acclimations.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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ReCreating Organic Freedom

We created clients as consumers of education
and called this freedom to learn.

We created competitive, 
professional caste-system schools
and called them freedom from unhealthy superstitions of extended families,
freedom from historic pathologies looming within mysteriously encultured biosystems.

We created prisons
and called them freedom from crime.

We created criminal residents
and called this freedom to enculturate indigenous tensions
struggles between Anger Management housekeepers
and uncivilized crime amongst themselves.

We created corporate ownership
without concomitant social,
political and economic responsibility,
and called it private property,
where once grew healthier therapeutic Commons.

We created slaves to others’ production of corporate wealth
and called us consumers and clients of RealTime,
economic and political competition life.

We created financial wealth
and called it powerful political health.

We created religious culture-fossilized Traditions,
brittle and stagnant absence of healthy organic evolution,
and called them spiritually inspired paths toward healthy vocations.

We created government by popular election
and did not call it thrival of the wealthiest EgoCentrists.

We might like to create freedom to learn freedom from anthrocentrism,
to listen to self-governing nutrition-consumers producing co-valued information
about how and where and when we have substituted WinLose shortcuts
for WinWin co-mentoring political,
ecologically cooperative healthy-wealth of freedom orthopraxis,
organically and spiritually exegetical,
regenerative emergence,
evolving great millennial
and small intimate revolutions 
networking Earth's cooperative consciousness.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Integrity of Empathy

Why need we insist on a difference
worthy of significant notice
between universal empathy
and uniting trust in co-relational health?

Whose interests,
economic and/or political,
are served by severing
external face of nature's intelligent form
from integrity's internal spirit of regenerate function,
co-empathic trust,
or whatever unlanguaged choices our insides inductively feel
and then deductively-reductively,
yet trustingly,
think feel right
and true,
and good,
and rationally balanced?

How could universal Yang's empathy
not include unitarian Yin's integrity of regenerative trust
in DNA's and older RNA's decompositional holonic mirrors
of enthymematic fertile rememory?

Why would ought else feel and sound and think
as antipathic negative powers of dissonance,
anticipating chronic ecopolitical paranoia,
vulnerable to further sociopathic condemnation,
exacting higher educational and parenting standards
for ever more fear and anger management?

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Terrorist Deserts Into Bountiful Rivers

I'm continuing to read Jane Anna Gordon's "Creolizing Political Theory"
although now with Antonio Damasio's "Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the [WinWin Creolizing-Bilateral] Conscious Brain."

Right now,
Dr. Gordon is discussing various academic attempts,
and some of them actual RealWorld politically-applied attempts,
to prescribe creolization as a form of ecopolitical therapy
for an under-democratized cooperative WinWin world.

So, here's an excerpt, with my own creolizing BothAnd comments in brackets:

" ...this slippage [into prescriptive rather than the more academic descriptive] has made these creative writers mouthpieces of problematic efforts to [positive-regenerative] operationalize the [democratizing] creolizing spirit, 
particularly in the political projects of the Caribbean independence-era.
For example,
one might consider the Jamaican effort to forge 'one out of many,'
or deliberately to craft a national identity that required emphasizing the multiple origins of the common [constituting-constituent-constitutional languaged and contracted] cultures that would guide and be embodied in process of [Second Generation democratic constitution-planning and writing] nation-building (Bolland 2006, 2). 
In assuming that there was no singular primordial [Elite-Won and Owned] nation to which the emergent state could refer,
they concluded that there was no original purity [and loyalty] that would be endangered by the public recognition of the pluralistic [cooperative-regenerative-matriarchal-creolizing] culture that had [and is] already grown up there [and here]."

"Particularly among anthropologists and sociologists, 
the record of the forgings of national [matriarchal-domestic dominant] creole identities and cultures
is wrought with severe shortcomings.
It has been suggested these projects imitated without inverting aspects of colonial societies that they promised to [constitutionally Original Intent] displace and [EliteWin-NonEliteLose] surpass (Misir, 2006).
What became militant brands of cultural [LeftBrain Patriarchal Dominant] nationalism were seen in [Second Constitution-Drafting] fact to enshrine only one particular form of hybridity [e.g., European-Rooted PostRevolutionary Male Land and/or Creole-NonElite-Slave-Owners and NewNational CoOperative CoInvestors in regenerating democratizing development for health and safety],
that of nationalist leaders at the forefront of efforts to oust white foreigners [and, in more RealTime US current events, to oust nonwhite and nonChristian and nonLeftBrain PatrioticDominant aliens].
Rather than nurturing the [global] social and political [cooperative WinWin] conditions for ongoing [regenerative-healthy ecopolitical] processes
of creolization, in other words,
one ossified [WinElite/Lose-NonElite ownership] instantiation 
was privileged to the exclusion of [WinWin] others
in ways that cultivated [global paranoid competitive WinLose] xenophobia
toward people who failed to exemplify such [WinLose Left Dominant v WinWin Right-suppressed bicameral] mixture,
seeming to justify the continued unequal distribution of societal rewards."
[and ecopolitical WinLose ossified political "wealth" removed from economic cooperative-regenerative ownership health.] (pp. 181-2)

taking a more internal psychological-neural view of evolutionary history,
Dr. Damasio prescribes "...a growing understanding of how [creolizing ecosystemic co-empathic regeneration/double-bind degeneration] neuron [mirror-systemic] circuits work.
[Bicameral] Mental states have been linked to the [Positive AND NotNot] firing rates [trends regenerative/degenerative] of neurons and to the [dipolar co-arising WinWin-Left/WinLose-Right] synchronization of neuron circuits by oscillatory [+,+/+,(-,-) (0) spacetime mirror fractal-revolution] activity.
We also know that 
compared to other species 
human brains have a larger number and greater [phylogenic-historical RightBrain embryonic nutritional/digestive] specialization of [normative/notnot] areas, 
especially in the cerebral [bilateral] cortex
(along with those of apes, whales and elephants 
[Win survival synaptic/aptic = notnot grieving personal/familial death and loss])
contains some unusually large neurons known as Von Economo [dipolar co-arising appositional] neurons;
and that the dendritic [bilateral] branches of some prefrontal cortex neurons in [actively creolizing curious and cooperative-mirror communicating] primates
are especially abundant compared to those of other cortical regions
and of other [also bilateral-equivalent embodied DNA/RNA WinWin evolving] species.
Are these newly discovered features sufficient to explain human [evolutionary bilateral revolutions of creole-polypathic] consciousness?
The answer is no.
These features help explain the richness of the human [bicameral WinWin balancing] mind,
the vast [WinWin-LeftThrival OVER WinLose-RightSurvival phylogeny] panorama that we can access when minds become [bilaterally cooperative Yang/Yin creolizing co-incidental co-operative] conscious
as a resut of varied self [/other, Left-Right reiterative and bilateral equivalent WinWin co-mirroring mentoring] processes.
But in themselves
they do not explain how [ego-Left] self and [eco-nutrition/digestive Right] subjectivity are [deductive/inductively co-re]generated,
even if some of these same [neural-ecosystemic] features play a role in self [organic creole-polypathic Left-Right ecopolitical regeneratative] mechanisms [of self/other cooperative democratizing Original Intent governance]." (p. 257)

So Creolizing Political LeftBrain Dominant-Democratizing HealthyWealth Trust Theory
also emerges as How EgoLeft/EcoRight Selves Come to BiLaterally EquiValent PolyPathic Mind. 

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

To Be Sent To The Mental Hospital

Hot Tent,
I almost purposely lost my mind,
to be confined to four walls
of intesifying white,
but if the pen was a threat
I'd hospitalize my life
by falling ill to death,
a little more 
and I'd sink into
my hands in one sweet sobbing drone
to drown in fumes-
so take me to the tent, because
I proper express my emotions in vent,
doctors purely expressing obligations of
higher in command, and that because
of handbooks handed down from legal hands...
first the fist,
then sweet logic missed,
and the product of beaurocracy- shaking
obligatory hands in exchange for coins
later laid to rest on Ophelia's blessed
eyes, floating down the river
dead of liver failure and hands stained with
blood and vomit, 
waited too long for the happiness
to set in, until organs bled in, unable to contain
the love, Oh Joy! If I could recompense
my friends and family who suffered at my expense-
I cry, I have my own cell and I stick my hands
out of steel bars, to be washed
of ultimate sin, the inability to let God in,
I killed his son today, the easy way, letting Lucifer
sit in the brain, and breed cruel thoughts now laid,
Hell No... all heaven sent, each thought is a plot,
but each thought is an idea I misrepresent,
I won't repent, I won't repent, I won't repent,
burning hot in the Hot Tent.

Copyright © Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein | Year Posted 2011

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My Window

I see life passing by trapped inside I try to find words they are lost I know what they ask my heart knows where are my words I know my name my birthday yes what year is it and the month they all pass so fast the president who you ask is that important I don't remember yes I ate yes I had water I am not dizzy this is my life leave me alone looking out my window
Edward J Ebbs - November 12, 2016

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2016

Details | Political Verse |

Victories for Love

The problem of military reactions
to territorial control issues
is not merely that violence breeds further strategic development
of violence,
although this is no small,
nor amoral, 

This primal problem of militarism by historic default
is that it is an intrinsically violent chapter
in the Big RedBook of Capitalism,
rooted in God created elite might right.

Notice the tools we make and buy for soldiers.
Compare these to tools in the Peace Corp.
These tell the very different problem-solving environments
found in authority to take life
rather than responsibility to share life.

And which of these feels sacred?
And which feels evil?
Whether a necessary evil or not,
still evil is not an amoral enculturation choice 
over presumably weaker sacred options.

Our problem with birthing and raising nations
is similar to growing healthy mammalian babies.
Violent authority-based relationships
and love nurturing responses 
and nutritional responsibilities
grow viral within individuals,
climates and landscapes of planets.

Yet it is a relativistic mistake,
a compromising error,
to believe WinLose choices
rather than WinWin co-responsive options
are merely strategic architectures,
without moral implications,
and projections for growing more democratic love
or degenerating further violence,
the true capital investment returns
for choosing to spread one's dominant authority
rather than cooperative EarthCentering responsibilities.

The U.S. democratic-intended Constitution,
and Amendments,
were born of both love for this people
and this place,
this sacred land,
developed in a new responsibility,
a New OldWorld opportunity
to grow a multiculture of healthy inclusive love,
yet also born of hate for Royalist elitism,
supported by threat of military violence
authorized by right of a Crown
not made by merely human hands
but, yes, made by cowed human minds,
resulting in often exploited backs and legs
and arms 
races and racism,
including conscription 
of the darkest and poorest first,
creating a new nationalistic suppressed generation
in toxic patriarchal authorities to take foreign life
because of something larger
more Yang-significant and dominant
than risks of our own Yin-lives individually lost,
implying authorities to incriminate lives of brothers and sisters,
to deprive healthy lives to enemies of the State,
now become a God of CapitalHoarding Revenge,
a jealous rich god of royal elitism,
gone viral with madness.

The U.S. is a continuing experiment
in these double-binding addictions
to love's responsibilities toward WinWin democratic resolutions,
and violations of cooperative authority
devolving toward further WinLose reiterations
of suboptimizing health-wealth strategies,
as if positive love morality of cooperation
could ever be normatively set-aside
for double-negatives of hating foreign fathers
and violating their heathen wives
as merely sexual property.

Rather Old School,
Old Testament,
Old History
this military-industrious
violent authority to defend capitalism's dominance,
a perennial contagion
we spread through using younger bodies
as slaves for mutual slaughter
rather than investing in cooperative Peace Warriors
equipped with more permacultural loving tools
like trees
and solar panels,
cell phones
and seeds for regenerativity.

A history of democratic love
is born and maintained at home
through developing cultures of healthy care-receiving and giving,
certainly including a federal mandate for universal health care,
but not just for U.S. tax payers;
for all Earth's lives,
our native Elders,
without whom we never could have arrived
at this opportunity
to choose contagious climates of health
over toxic addictions to further WinLose climates
of capital-hoarding violence
within and between brothers and sisters,
matriarchal cousins
extending cooperative family co-gendering trees
back through 0-sum spacetime,
prehistoric polypathic dipolar love.

And yet I can hear Puritan foundations,
evangelical voices
responding ex-gospel cathedra:
We still cling to our Jealous God
of and for White Heterosexual Male Dominant Idolatry
with rights of capital-invested might
to violently defend our self-entitling righteous beliefs.

Yet, this Jealous YHWH,
supremacist shouts more commandingly
only in our Older Testament.
Jesus knows Abba
whose ultimate property is regenerative love,
a property you also believe in
as New Testament GoodNews Gospel.

This is where love's ecopolitical responsibilities emerge,
evolve as morally higher and better and deeper rooted
than simplistic Old School violent revenge
of royal-supreme Elites.

Again I hear evangelists
and false prophets of violent revolutions
against secular humanism
shouting with spit-flying emphasis:
We must not believe in God's evolution
as this is a view incompatible
with God's Original Creation Revolution
of planet Earth
and Her atmospheric Universe.

Your theological and emotional health problems
are all the New Testament scriptural evidence
that Jesus the Jewish Son
clearly does believe in messianic love's evolution,
from Vengeance Is Mine!
to God is multiculturing contagion of creative love,
and not at all Old School RoyalState-Capitalist
military violence addiction.

If you see love of revolving regenerativity,
wealth of health opportunities
as weaker than violently vengeful WinLose monoculturing risks,
this view is not much Christ-like.
Had God invited your birth and maturation
prior to 1776,
you might well have felt compelled
by fear of King George's righteous royal entitlement.

Christian Elitists
are not what mainstream political U.S. culture
has ever labeled as truly patriotic or even native American,
in any historical senses of native as naturalized,
and most emphatically not
what either Republicans or Democrats
would consider patriotic
promise of a national evolving culture of healthy wealth
for regenerate health tomorrow.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose Poetry |

Cooperative Evolutionary Analysis

I'm sure it was Rob Brezsny, again,
who first pointed out to me
that Western psychoanalysts give priority to pathologies within family relationships,
while Eastern analysts, more embedded in philosophies of interdependence,
begin with what nurturing health dynamics we can find
within those same family relationships,
for it is these,
after all,
that we want to bring forward into our love development,
so we need not worry so much,
so we might in fact de-fuse the ballistics of repressive anger management,
suppression of fears about our inevitably mortal failures 
with a healthier positive ecopolitical consciousness
of cooperative evolutionary natural norms and outcomes.

Family and more extended environmental paranoia pathologies
are the warp weaving through our mutually co-arising pronoia norms
of a healthy individual, family, and a functioning/dysfunctional society
enculturing future generations in how to deep learn from Earth's goods
and deep learn what climate and landscape and relational pathologies
teach us about when and where healthy economics
negatively deviated from optimally wealthy, 
multiculturally regenerative, 
our enculturation of sacred ecopolitical 
cooperatively interdependent 
therapeutic interelationships,
evolving revolutionarily away from overly competitive LeftBrain dominant
Business As Usual as if this were always negative,
rather than, more helpfully, notnot yet positively balanced 
toward a more multiculturally sustainable family, individual, and global eco/bio/geosystem.

Evolutionary acclimation of a species,
of a society,
of a family,
of an individual,
proclaims our interdependent historical enculturation.
Comprehensive pronoia analysis already recognizes
all living nature's history witnesses and records internally metaphysical climates,
sensory feelings,
and physical exterior landscapes,
nondually co-arising reiterative revolutions together.

What feels like a profound pronoia revolution inside
our whirlwind of great paradigmatic enculturing climatic storms,
when analyzed from outside,
is also the new normal pro/para-normed day to day coop/(0)-sum compete acclimation balance,
karmic evolution of who we have become up to this day,
to be reviewed this time-empty dream-feeling ruminating night
of timeless from-within RightBrain decomposition
of LeftBrain from-without analysis of personal as environmental ethology,
purpose messages speaking from DNA's recombinantly interdependent string of enculturing history,
separating out cognitive/affective dissonance
from cognitive/affective LeftRight confluence, 
healthy primal relationship of ecopolitical thermodynamics.

Metaphysical thought,
like physical reality,
is measured with and against the cause/effect lattice network of time.
To know another is to sense another.
The essence of movement that we sense
we exegetically cognize as ecologically ethological ecopolitical
cause-effect-recause linear, but also cyclical,
regenerative up to some tipping point
analysis exploring risks of decompositional imbalance 
of future healthy ecopolitical resource distribution and consumption
across our passage of health-devouring and pathology-absorbing time.

Abstractions of metaphysical analysis
work more symmetrically geometrically balanced and harmonic,
more rationally,
for group and game and evolutionary reiterative patterned-rhythmed models.
And with these
we forget our own, and other's, and Elders' compassionate hearts and mindbodies as health v pathology bicamerally enculturation biosystems,
each of us with a far too real-time passion for healthier,
more cooperative rules of legal and moral and ethical
and nutritional and healthy and fertile ecopolitical play.

Ego, in bilateral ecosystemic principle, 
a self-regenerating (0)-sum economic and politically empowered nutritional flow potential Empty soul,
processor of time's evolution toward health
and away from global pathologies
yet each ego also interdependent
within this WinWin healthywealthy organic purpose
within Earth's healthy regenerate fertile deep learned meanings
of light with dualdark cosmology,
of uracil and thymine with double-binding cytosine
of positive ionic iconic c-squared light function with reverse double-binding dipolarity,
accessible to analytical decomposition of both reason and feeling,
empathic trust of pronoia,
understory to dyspeptic distrust of paranoia.

But, what is written across each natured mind
is also spoken midway across each hearted body,
that this fractured interdependent wholeness of Earth,
and our Ego-identity within these healthing/pathologizing subclimates of Earth,
is all together fully implicated within our (0)-sum organic ecopolitical analysis
of healthy ethological regenerativity,
actively hoping for fertile climates of and for positive solidarity outcomes,
predicated within our implicating (0) mindbody
inherited from Elders also doing their best
with interdependent-Left as empty/holonic-Right
bilateral-bicameral children of ecobalancing temporal climates,
pronoia normed landscapes and health-climates,
with paranoia cognitive-affective mistrusting dissonant understories.

White hats can only winwin
as full-harmonic octave light bright,
deep learning fertile recreations of Black hats.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

mental health

For Some folk Mental Health is a word
For some its a way of life
Depression. Mania, PTSD
OCD, self harm with a knife
People you actually know
Are hiding conditions you can't see
Suffering with this alone
Can be unending misery
Maybe they have lost a friend
In a battle field far away
Looked into his eyes
Seen the light disappear that day
Maybe anxiety is eating them up
Taking hold of their poor mind
Giving them no rewards in life
Leaving the good stuff way behind
A wife is left beaten and bruised
Panic attacks taken a hold
She has to raise the children alone
Live off the state and live in the cold
That friend you don't phone,could be in need
And if your too busy to call
They could end up with no one
That's when they take a big fall
People die everyday and the ones that are left behind
Are not so easily fixed as some have more sensitive minds
Some wives walk out the door
Leaving a family to cope
Running so far away
They can't see any hope
Mental Health is only a mystery
If you truly cannot see
As everyone here is only Human
So lets reach out and finally be
A nation that can care
With awareness as its key
Of all the suffering people
To move on for us all to be free
Everyone wants to run with the horses
To run wild to Just Be
To let the wind rush through your hair
Not to suffer with PTSD

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2017

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My Poetry Mental Health

My Poetry Mental Health (MPMH)

Did you ever discover you had the desire?
To encompass poetry world in its entire
By becoming and giving your best shot
Started saying to yourself, "Oh, why not!"

If it is you and you again I am in love
With compared to others you are above
Who I thought would be greatest of all
Things were peaceful then became a brawl.

Me with my magnificent ego and arrogance
To many others may not make much sense
And sometime later I started getting scared
When with others I had been compared.

Then I saw factor which was contributing
Whose kindness did desire to be distributing
To write more poems had a new found wealth
Now contributing to my poetry mental health.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |


What started as a few times has
now turned into a habit hard to break
Everyone is now starting to see
no matter how hard I try to hide it or 
how hard I try to fake

I've tried to hide it from everyone
including my own family
I guess in fear they would think I 
was stupid or maybe even deny me

What started this issue this problem 
this disease
Knowing I will never look like the girls
on tv or the cover of magizines

Knowing when I see my reflection
I'm the furthest thing from them
From what everyone wants
what seem like "perfection"

How can I ever truly be happy with me
knowing like them I will never be
What sets us so far apart from one another
ask yourself or you will end up just like me 
all alone all by yourself

someone so miserable in this life no matter
what I try and do
Seems no matter what happens I always end
up the fool

See everytime I think I found someone that is
different I seem to find out it's not true
No man can ever only see his real love
no man can ever stay completly true

Every man has got wandering eyes
any man to tell you different is just another
man full of lies

Bulima I have learned is a mental illness a
mental disease I know sounds sick to most
Be glad this is not one of your demons to 
fight - one of your ghost

Copyright © Melissa Coles | Year Posted 2005