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Memory Birthday Poems | Memory Poems About Birthday

These Memory Birthday poems are examples of Memory poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Memory Birthday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

Picture Book Of memories

Life is filled with memories, both good and bad
Some bring smiles to our face ,others make us mad
All memories are inside of us, as in a picture book
To open  when we want to remember what life gave or took
Each page turned holds lessens learned, look and you'll see
The good the bad are the building blocks of you and me
Remember this page we stood strong with a need to succeed
While the next may find me beaten laying as I bleed
Ahhhh listen as I shuffle the Memory Picture Books pages
Do you hear the laughter, and the cries of our ages
A Picture Memory book you can return to whenever I find
All I do is close my eyes my Memory books in my mind!

  5/18/2016 for the 
Poetry contest
Placed 3rd in contest

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |


I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

Details | Narrative |


As I woke up this morning instantly I begun mourning For I should be holding you this special day but I know that there is no possible way Wondering if you'd think that I would forget is just one more thing I am left to regret I pray that we will be re-united together again real soon till then I've blown you a birthday kiss I sent via the moon Overwhelmed I feel as if I love you even more today yes today is special after all it is your birthday But I couldn't forget you no if's, but's or maybe for you were blessed forever to be my baby You are now my six year old baby little girl and no one on Earth could ever love you as well Known now for eternity making this a very special day t'was only this day you became my daughter in every way

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |


Round to the house they all went to play Today it was special it was Jacques Birthday The boys played in their room – where we couldn’t see The adults sat down to drink some tea All went well for quite a while But Jacques rushed downstairs not wearing his smile DISASTER! We dashed upstairs to discover the issues Sad eyes greeted us we needed some tissues The football birthday cake had been taken to the room To be brought downstairs later for us to consume Now it lay on the floor – oh what a mess Voices were hushed no one would confess Then we all heard the most terrible roar Ray had arrived – he saw the cake on the floor His voice wasn’t hushed oh boy he could shout BOYS GO TO THE GARDEN – JUST PLEASE GET OUT The boys dashed off outside and continued to play It didn’t ruin Jacques birthday The cake was retrieved and patched with green icing The party continued it was very exciting Just a fond memory of their childhood days Precious memories of one of Jacques Birthdays Written on 4th January 2015
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jactor-Project/378173279030533?fref=nf or Google jactor project on facebook if the link doesn't work

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

upon a beach

Sand beneath my feet
A childhood remembered
with a breeze so sweet

Copyright © Amanda brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Smile Its Your Birthday

it seems like an eternity
since ive seen ur smile
the fact that uve been gone
still has me in deep denial

a lot of stuff has happened
since ur smile left this earth
gatherings, eagles losing, parties
life changes and brooklyns birth

a lot of people miss u greatly
n think about u everyday
our last picture together
on my dresser it will stay

ur deep voice, ur humor, ur kindness
is what i tend to miss the most
ur passing forever broke my heart
but our memories i hold close

i must admit, i did hit rock bottom
drugs n alcohol i used to cope
i took ur passing very hard
i started to give up hope

but i looked into brooklyns eyes
n caught a glimpse of u
u probably would have kicked my ass
sober now i stay true

mom also met a fine fella
u actually would approve
no need to kick this guys ass
hes good to her n the kids to

madison is so smart n beautiful
byron is turning into a handsome man
there both striving so well
u should be a very proud dad

two of ur friends got engaged
there so cute n its exciting news
i hope they live a life of happiness
i know u would feel the same to

ur brother misses u the most
hes coping the best he can
he misses u as much as i do
he was ur biggest fan

ur neighbors n friends
also stop by ur page
reminiscing about the good times
the laughter n good chatter ud engage

thank-god for all the music
its a good way to deal with pain in life
cause without u here with us
its like eating steak without a knife

im over trying to understand
i feel ur in a happier place
you had ur own reasons
your demons u finally faced

but in a couple days
ur birthday we will celebrate
the big thirty seven u turn
teasing u old man woulda been great

your always in our hearts
in our thoughts forever jay
so while ur up in heaven...
smile...cause its ur birthday :)


Copyright © Jamie Yost | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Birthday Memory

Birthday Memory It was her birthday back in 'ninety-nine... our married daughter, thirty-eight years old. Her husband planned a party at their home. Above the table, floated blue balloons. Out came the lovely birthday cake dessert. Her husband held it up for us to see, while daughter glanced around so mystified. As we approved her pretty cake, she cried, "Please, someone read the words on that darn cake!" Presumed, was 'Happy Birthday' written there. Oh! 'Lynn's Having A Baby' instead, it said! That joyous memory with us will stay. So long they'd waited for a child to come; our precious, now sixteen years old, grandson. Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: Combination of Three Words Sponsor: Laura Loo Judged: 01/03/2016 Required Words: Dessert, Memory, Balloons Form: Unrhymed Sonnet -------------------------------------------- True Story...See Real Cake Above

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

Details | Concrete |


So she smiled at the thought of it,
Bringing a life to the world.

And she sets to the task, 
Ready to take the challenge.

Then she heaved a sigh of relief
For alas the race is on.

The race of...

She's never for once carried away,
By life's numerous events.

She's never for once forgotten,
The day the race began.

I'll make it your golden day,
she had said with a tear.

When she remembers the pains of birth,
She put in all she's got.

And since it was only me,
The day of was carefully planned.

A gong sound to announce the day,
Soft and slow music for entertainment. 

Good food and wine as supplement,
Stories and tales as encouragement.

Friends and visitors cheer in excitement,
Then a wish to crown it all.

For this single reason,
The week was usually blessed.

But all this was short lived,
My birthdays are no longer golden,
For the creator has taken the goldmine.

Copyright © Stellamoses Hart | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Happy Equation

for Timothy Lee, the best of me

Halloween, candy and trick-or-treat,
Everyone is joyous, primed to sneak.
Kid’s talk bubbles up and fills the street.
They bounce buckets of goodies to eat.
For some these good times will last all week.
Permission to play, romp and pretend
Is something age does not ever end.  

Halloween, Mother and infant child,
Everyone is joyous, primed to smile.
Infant grows up and fills his known world
With emotional zeal for this girl.
So I double-adore Halloween;
The day my love arrived on the scene
To become the man of my sweet dreams.

His birthday and Halloween combine
Dear memories in this heart of mine.
Costumes, cake, presents and love each time	
Make a welcomed and joyful rewind.
The day will burst in celebration,	
The house become a sugar nation,
As joy marks our two-blast equation.

October 16, 2015
Contest:  Happy Halloween
Sponsor:  Kelly Deschler
2nd Place

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Birthday Sonnet For My Wife

Close your eyes and bring back sweet memories
Try to remember at your early age
No recollection of your first few years
At age 6 was that far you could engaged

Wiping your face full of cake, dress like a princess
Friends and relatives joyfully singing
Greetings and gifts are the way to express
That day is still worth remembering

Open your eyes now and see what has changed
Childish fun is over, now settled down
Much meaningful life along the open range
Learned basics of life, now you have outgrown

Today is your birthday, another year to share
This special time with us, we really care

Noel N. Villarosa
21 April 2014

Posted also in: www.pinoylifefacts.blogspot.com

Copyright © Noel Villarosa | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Your Special Day

(Dedicated to Danielle Bryant)

It's your special day
And I have so much to say.
Oh that time will let me,
There are thousands of things to make you see:

The happy times,
Lengthening with the clock's chimes;
The beautiful talks we exchanged,
Never believing there could be a change;

The midnight conversations,
Smiles on our faces our only compensation;
Our dreams and hopes,
The only reason we could cope.

Those moments we spent together
Are memories I'll cherish forever;
Memories I can look at and smile,
Knowing they are reasons to aim high.

Oh if I could do more than just words
And not pull memory chords!
It's your special day
And my own very special way
Of wishing a happy birthday
To a friend who just walked away.

Copyright © King Samuel Benson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Across The Universe

Across The Universe 

Life’s tapestry had brought me from the rugged Welsh Coast
to ‘Egoli’ The City Of Gold’ a place of dreams in South Africa

I wished for so much and so little just heal from the weight 
of black dogs on my shoulders and a soldiered out mind

Everything in tatters the mosaic torn fragments dishevelled 
black batik on the canvas sexy lace far from realistic realm 

With the Sun God watching me in rehabilitation from booze
and delusion I painted love in the soil with Jacaranda petals

A purple display of what could not have been foreseen as
some ‘inmate’ before me had dressed up wish’s desperation

Her heart on the lawn in those petals in an innocent message
across and upon the Universe made match and soul’s mate

Colour and passion drew us together a beeline without
knowing what was what who was who just knowing it was

Sharing and caring 'The Little Prince' Leonhard Cohen Bach’s 'Illusion'
'Alice’s Restaurant' drawing like magnets joined desire miracle love

New fires exploding a tsunami of feelings trust intuition and magic
one string with two puppets from heaven we went to the movies

‘Across the Universe’ anti-establishment and melodious Beatles
orchestrated sizzling fingers embraced hands and hearts together

Christmas Day almost a decade ago and still going we eloped 
together best friends lovers and no idea of the journey before us

That less trodden path gifted us divine bliss and gave us that most
unconventional Christmas present we longed for so much and so long

23rd December 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

Details | Narrative |

Midnight at Blackfriars

Midnight at Blackfriars 
The city spires are hidden, 
It’s getting colder fast, 
It feels as though we might have 
Some snow this month at last. 
The wind sweeps keenly through St. Giles(1) 
The hour is getting late. 
Fleeting forms across the scene, 
Are making for the gate. 
December is upon us, 
The year is wearing thin, 
Parishioners from town and gown 
Now are gathering in.  
Rosy cheeks are shining, 
There’s a spirit of good will, 
We’re coming in for Midnight Mass 
The Christmas Eve Vigil. 
Forgotten is the riot  
Of Saint Scholastic’s Day,(2) 
To celebrate the Savior’s birth, 
We worship now and pray. 
Conjoining with the acolytes 
Dressed in cassock’s white, 
We’re caroling together, 
Upon the holy night. 
A gallant in best evening wear, 
Bow tie and cummerbund, 
And a high-heeled damsel on his arm, 
Is down from Summertown. 
A staff nurse from the Radcliffe,(3)  
Whose shift was at an end, 
Was seated close beside them 
Clutching at her friend. 
There the widow all in black, 
Who cleans the votive stands, 
Holds her missal open 
With stubby fingered hands. 
She blends with the congregants, 
Ignoring the celebs,  
And is back up for the service 
From somewhere in St. Ebbs.(4) 
A student in thick sweaters 
And ragged scarf of grey 
Is seated on the furthest aisle 
Hair all in disarray. 
Across the nave the prayer chairs, 
Range back in their rows, 
Filling up with congregants 
In coats and gloves and throws. 
In from the rear the friars process 
With candles all aglow, 
Up the side aisle to the chancel, 
Caroling as they go. 
Above their heads upon the walls 
Are stations of the cross, 
Reminders set in stark relief 
Of this night’s final cost. 
We see the prior in chasuble 
For the apse proceeding, 
To celebrate communion 
And give the sacred reading. 
The greatest story ever told 
Unfolds with familiar ring 
Filling our hearts with the promise 
Of Christ the new born king. 
Then with the service over, 
We make for the hall below, 
Where cocoa and mince pies and sherry 
Are served before we go.  
Outside the snow is dusting  
The chained bikes in the Fair, 
Contented now we homeward fade 
Through the Christmas air. 

(1)Saint Giles Fair - Convergence of the Banbury and Woodstock Roads in Oxford extending south the Magdalen Street by Martyrs Memorial.

(2) The St Scholastica Day riot of 10 February 1355

(3) Radcliffe Infirmary - The first Oxford Hospital 

(4) St Ebbes is a district of central Oxford, England,

Copyright © Neil McLeod | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Time Travel

I wish a had a time machine
To see the younger me from distance
And watch those years on the screen,
My beautiful yet blind existence. 

I'd maybe change a thing or two
And see what happens in my travel,
Forgotten dreams could well come true,
I've got a puzzle to unravel.

The best of me would stay the same,
The same two wings would take me higher
To easy happiness and fame.
I'd watch this story and admire.

There's no one else I would become,
But this long way could be more pleasant.
I needed time, life gave me some
And then I got my precious present. 

It's wisdom coming from the heart, 
It comes along with intuition.
I'm ready for another start
And for a new important mission.

Copyright © Ria April Avalon | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |

Africa National Anthem

Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand We rise we stand we shine we believe we leave to live Black of luck we rock one blood one desire same history true stories Different tongues one tone Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Source of beauty Fountain of favor Gifted by nature Shaped by the creator Africa we rise Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Mountains and rivers Black and white we stand We all cherish Beasts trek The sun shines Hope rains Africa stands Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand God we treasure Hope we bare Love we share Africa we bare To all we care Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand

Copyright © Rodgers Roger | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |



Elusive in memory is time’s moment.
Re-minds me of the American Dream
The sweetness of taste
Is momentum to continue
Young reveal the seconds
Old use a depth-gage
Fortunate need reminders
Loners are lying, to enjoy the bitter.
Moments mine, usually have a partner.
Always opposite of gender
Joy a reaction to a cleaver action
Scenery the sputal Canvas
Weather the influenced comfort
Sight, data processed
As art plays a soundtrack
Coffee shop laughter 
Mixes the rich, with dark flavor
Two center seated
Alone with ghosts
When I realized love
In a memory to come.

(inspired by the “Kings of Leon” song)

Copyright © Johnathon Souders | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

Love and Beauty Remains the same

'Twas the 5th day of June, 
'Twasn't even noon,
Waiting for that halt of time, 
You were late but it was fine, 
I smiled as I hand you cupcake,
Clumsiness, it was my mistake, 
You shook your head, "it's okay"
Held my hand,  "we must not delay"
Inside the sanctuary we knelt, 
Bliss and gratitude I felt.
You made your time to see me,
Am I that lucky?
You smirk and caught my gaze,
Damn that smile, seized me amazed. 
'Twas my last year's tale, 
Today's celebration we have to bail.
I may not be near, 
There's these things I must make clear,
About your age, you whine.
When I'm all pleased you're still mine.
Wrinkles may grow on you, 
But darling for me your beauty remains new.
I'm so in to you,why still doubt?
When I love you inside and out.

Copyright © Scarlet Zaire | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Year I Was Born

we were still fighting the
Vietnam war, Nixon was all
caught up in the drama
of Watergate then forced
to resign by summertime
handing his key to the
White House over to vice
president Ford, 38th
president of the United
the chart topping songs
were Band On The Run, 
Cat's In The Cradle and
You're Sixteen...
A Love story and The 
Godfather Pt. 2 were the
two biggest movies on
the silver screen...
a gallon of gas was only 50
something cents and it was
only $25 to $35 dollars for
a month’s rent...
love was in the air despite the
war still going on in Vietnam,
we just started putting smiley
faces on everything, everywhere
in 1974 we joy, we had fun, we
had season in the sun...

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

39 th birthday Poem in memory of fellow seafarer Mark Thomas

Never not what it started as;                                                                                                               with no promises handed.                                                                                                         Backs watched properly;                                                                                                                         when needed and/or convenient.                                                                                               
Thinking on universal time                                                                                                                 and ten year calendars.                                                                                                                Air heavy with spice,                                                                                                                       salt crisp on my lips.                                                                                                                             
Eyes blinded by stars

Copyright © Stephen Barry | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Tenth birthday

Felt absurd as they kindly said I could have my heart’s wildest wish A golden chance to knock and order a costly ensemble or a flying fish Mom, an admirable and genial woman stood waiting till all of us ate Caught her adding water to gravy later ladling her plate I did appreciate the generous love and care but couldn’t subject engineer dad to my greed Snubbed the kink of wish that made me irritable shh..my excellent parents had eight mouths to feed An orange haired little cat iris shining in the sun’s gleam lay at my feet the birthday morning straight out of my last night’s dream That memory emits such effulgence when power of love bowled me over that December The secret wish I hid deep was fulfilled without an iota of hint,I remember Written on:07/08/2016 Time taken to write:1 hour

Copyright © Sara Chansarkar | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

A Festival Memory

The Wenatchee River Festival
Held the third weekend of June
The four of us attended
To hear a Bluegrass tune

Friday the seventeenth,
This year’s opening day 
The day I turned seventy five 
A time to celebrate and play

I have a special lawn chair
It seems to fit me right
Sitting in the sixth row
The stage was in good sight

A group was performing
Bluegrass at its best
When I had to get up and go
A “must” I will confess

As I was returning
My name was being paged
So I yelled “Here I am”
To the group up the stage

They said “we’ve been told 
Your Seventy-Five today”
“We wish you Happy Birthday”
Then they began to play

The Happy Birthday Song
Was sung just for me
The audience even sang along
I was speechless as can be

How could this happen?
My head began to spin 
It must have been Chuck Egner
He proved it with his grin

My wife, daughter, grand-daughter
We didn’t know what to say
But thanks for the birthday present
You gave to me that day

Copyright © Charles Sides | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

retrospective rendezvous 39

cover me as i go downtown
where we used to go and 
play pinball

so many lifetimes have past 
since those magical moments
of feeling older in my era of 
childhood youth

if i was a painter with a rare 
gift of magic, i would paint the
reason back into life and order 
a sprite with a cherry in the 

as i think about all the heatwaves, 
deluges, and snowstorms that have 
come and gone, i think about a time
when 6am to 2pm on saturdays were
the golden time of day

as i close my eyes and get lost in the taste 
of this push-up, i think back to a time when
certain cities were safe havens of serene 

i guess every birthday that passes makes me 
miss it all even more....then again, as time makes 
time forget time, it seems even more like that 
particular time did not even exist....until those
retrospectives creep into my mind and bring back
time machine memories of benevolent bliss

i have prolonged making my wish enough
i guess i will go on and blow out the candles now
praise the Lord for the Gift of another year....

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |

Memory Of The Past

M-emory of the past
I-s coming back to the mind; 
L-et it return to bring
D-elight that you can find.
R-emember the old moment
E-ven if it's a long time ago; 
D-eny not its sweetness that makes a brighter tomorrow.

G-ate's key of yesteryears
U-nlocks the door of the future; 
T-wenty-sixth day of June
I-s opening the perfect picture.
E-arly in the morning, 
R-eminisce the ancient reality; 
R-ecollect the message of truth, 
E-nlighten the darkness

A-llow the days of old to replay, 
R-ewinding the recorded rhyme; 
E-ndless repetition of love
L-ongs to turn back the time.
L-earn to appreciate the beauty
A-nd tenderness that had passed; 
N-ever be too unmindful
O-f the memory of the past.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

party memory


 Many balloons all over the place
        A wonderful desert of chocolate cake
        With cream and sprinkles on the top
        And fun and games and maybe a race
        All of these go to really make
        The memory you have of your Pop
        Giving you many presents on your birthday  

Copyright © MARY GRACE | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Doody head's Birthday

Triumph all the way,
Because its my nephew's first year b'day.

Invitations sent to all via call.

I took initiation ,
As I wanted his b'day to be sensation.

All over the house decorated with radium paper;
And kids were provided with waffer.

Cake was baked by me,
It was very large to see.

Two days I went sleepless,
As I wanted his b'day cake should not be priceless.

Food stuff was ready to take a bite
And sobers can get tight.

My birthday boy came like a king,
Soon the doody head slept on cake before we could sing.

Finally his b'day was sensational.

Copyright © Harshitha Gn | Year Posted 2016

Details | Acrostic |

Ease Your Mind And Memory

G-aze at the crescent moon, 
H-aze I notice has drifted, 
I-'m no longer seeing the shadows, 
N-ew morn is now delighted.
A-wesome second month 
L-ets the fifth-day shine; 
Y-ear two thousand sixteen
N-o longer sees an unpleasant sign.

Q-uested and found stanzas
U-se the words that soothe; 
I-nspiring hymn has healed
B-ig wound the way it should.
R-hyme and rhythm alike
A-re in perfect harmony; 
L-ines in every free verse ease your mind and memory.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Coffee Confusion

By Angeline Vine

He went through the morning
Scooping spoons of coffee
One . .
Two  . . .
Three . . 
Four . . 
and one to grow on! 

Suddenly, his keister felt 
a slap

Copyright © Angeline Vine | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |


this happened days later

she turned thirty-five days 
a few days later, here we are 
fighting as usual. 
on the night of her birthday 
I deliberately dismissed the 
traditional happy birthday 
rude?, maybe. 
heartless?, possibly but 
genius for a female who has 
come to expect nothing but. 
it was to beautiful, setting 
her up only to see the 
surprise on her face when I 
did something unexpected 
outside of what she had 
a small cupcake with a 
sparkler candle, a mild but 
very enthusiastic birthday 
song and a massage to end her 
shit, I might’ve even given 
her the cock to stamp it. 
instead, I got another 
“if your cousin lives THAT 
WAY, why’d you go THAT WAY?” 
after a year of constant 
insecurity anyone in their 
right mind can clearly 
understand my sudden flip. 
I popped off at the mouth and 
tried to direct her to the 
kitchen where I was to paint 
designs on her nails. 
she denied herself that as 
three days later, while she 
stood cooking breakfast over 
my stove, I gave her a heavy 
dose of her flavor and 
accused her without reason. 
she blew up, the thirty-five 
year old plugged her ears 
with her fingers and raised 
her eyes to the sky. 
“I can’t hear you, I can’t 
hear you!” 
we sat in two different rooms 
now I sit and write while she 
covers her head with a 
pillow, both in two different 
she can’t say I didn’t give 
her a gift on her birthday, 
after careful consideration 
one would agree she got what 
she asked for. 
happy birthday you thirty-
five year old. 
I hope it was a memorable 

By: Chicano Eddie

Copyright © CHICANO EDDIE | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |

day by day creeping by

as day by day creeps by
i wonder if ill want to hurt her, or simply say hi
if i want to be the one she hopes i am and give her a hug
or be her worst fear and be the thing she fears. a thug.
she left me when i most needed her.
and now the long and distraught full days, have turned into years.
and now the day is almost here.
to face my biggest fear. im afraid i'll die.
but the day creeps closer and closer
as the days go creeping by.

Copyright © favillan dimas | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

My Year 1953

This was year I came into this world
so much changed in all that time
many events in society wouldn't believe
let's see if connection do rhyme

In UK Queen Elizabeth 2 was crowned
this great lady even now does reign
such a great example so very faithful
morally righteous without a stain

In the movie world beauty we saw
Russell and Monroe graced the screen
'gentlemen prefer blondes' was the one
simply stunning was to reign supreme

The wedding of the year appeared
JFK and Jackie Bouvier were matched
sadly the president's life ended
Jackie's dear hubbie from her snatched

The first colour television appeared
for just $1,175 it was on sale!
not knowing then how TV would advance
it's moved so fast overtake every snail

So 1953 was indeed my year
into this world I did appear
I maybe wasn't greatest highlight
but still here so abundantly clear

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2017