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When the storm clouds boil around me, 
And the lightning splits the sky--. 
When the howling wind assails me,
And life's sea is rolling high--
When my heart is filled with terror,
And my fears, I can't allay--
Then I find sweet peace and comfort, 
When I simply stop and pray.

When the things of life confound me,
And my faith is ebbing low--
When my trusted friends betray me,
And my heart is aching so--
When the night seems black and endless,
And I long for light of day--
Then I find a silver dawning,
When I simply stop and pray.

There are things beyond the heavens
I can't begin to understand,
But I know that God is living,
And I know He holds my hand.
Yes, I know He watches o'er me
All the night and all the day--
And He's always there to hear me
When I simply stop and pray.

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2006

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This road is snake-like except
for the crusty scales of an intestinal
late dusk. A boy treaded on the 
lane tracks lean and nomadic...
burnt shoulders grilled and toasted by
the sun, as if his coal skin sparked like
burning diamond weeds. In a flash, a tender
sorcery poured in my veins. There and then,
I longed to whisper a tune, play the tambourine or
partake of the loaf in my sack with him.
But he waited for paper clouds to ruffle his hair,
seemingly undisturbed by pilgrims like me 
holding unto holy relics and bones of night. The gauze
shirt as his frock winged with the silver winds,
windblown stroking my ebony tresses with a whisper
hushed by his delicate omnipresence.

In a dimly lit bus, sand wheezed tribal notes
moist on my eyelids uprooted by uncontained
temples of longing, now becoming thick
as woolen destiny. If only for a flicker of time,
his eyelids met mine so briefly... parting saline dust
of sacred, smiling gazes. I was inside a cell 
of a wombed bus. He was outside enlarged by a
hundred stars exploding dewdrops, inviting eternity.
For a fraction of silence, we met somewhere
between the fluorescent of our twin eyes. He, the angel 
first fondly encountered ; I, the dreamer ever bewildered…
I remember...I was five.  

(( P.D.'s " your Own Favorite Poem
by nette onclaud))

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2010

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My skin petrified, mummifying my hand
upon pools of brittle ice
like curdled blood piercing veins: I watch
the moon bathing its flesh,
in crystal yellow, waxing a sheen...
my pores dilate as cubes slowly melt
when this fired orb heals from above

till its velvet breath climbs into my head, 
extinguishing limbo of a daze…until I convulse in joy
when chunk-stone changes into glimmered dew.

*I held ice cubes on my palms and was transported
back to scene of one night when a high fever drowned
my senses… for some reason, viewing the glory 
of the moon relieved me from delirium… 

Ice King Contest of Skat
( in less than 10 lines)
by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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The words we use become pictures into lives
Pictures from words spread out for all to see
This is what becomes of our poetry
Has the makings of a montage to me
With words we complete many pictures
Pictures then arranged to fit in closeness
And so with our poetry I do believe
We create a montage for all to see

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2011

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God will open doors
Normally shut by mankind
He will make a way

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2007

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Don't be crying, if you have been sleepwalking
Don't be crying, if you are lost and stumbling
Don't be crying, if walking the wrong road
Don't be crying, its time to lighten the load

Verse 1

Time to be yourself, for you to stand up and shine
Be kind and gentle, just gracious, loving and fine
Learn to love this life, all the sublime and divine
In sweet nature entwine

Don't be crying, just let me show you the way
Don't be crying, because this is a new day
Don't be crying, stop, there is no need for you to pray
Don't be crying, and let me take you away

Verse 2

Let the light in, find your compassion
Move past all your boundaries and fix what is broken
Be free and stand on the edge of the ocean
No tension

Don't be crying, listen to your wake up call
Don't be crying, enjoy big things and the small
Don't be crying, let each new step be breezy
Don't be crying, just let happiness be your journey

Verse 3

Sometimes we just stumble and sleepwalk through life
Cut sorrow with an imaginary knife
Find your purpose, believe in yourself
Get off the shelve

Don't be crying, go ahead and get it done
Don't be crying, be free and enjoy the fun
Don't be crying, fly high like the mighty eagle
Don't be crying, do this and your life will be tranquil

Repeat last 2 lines and fade to zero . . . .

December 7, 2017

Poetry/Lyric/Don't Be Crying
Copyright Protected, ID 17-9694-32-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written Under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, End Of The Line 
sponsor, John Hamilton

Second Place

Inspiration - The Traveling Wilburys, End Of The Line, song

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2017

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We go through each and every day
With family, friends and foes but,
For loves' sweet sake
We all endure
The chaos, tears and woes

And so you think 
For loves' sweet sake
To wrestle with the dark?
Well - you will find that you've become
The bait - and food for sharks

The things you'll do 
For loves' sweet sake
Can tear your heart apart
And cause distress where none should be
Who now will mend your heart?

Now this you say to your lost love
"How could you hurt me so"?
For loves' sweet sake
I gave up all
But would not let you go

For loves' sweet sake
You'll change your life
And try to start anew
With hope, with love with charity
You'll face what comes to you

So now, my friend, consider this
And all you've sacrificed
For loves' sweet sake
You gave your all
Hey - was it worth the price?

Let's ask the One who gave up all
To enter into Strife
For loves' sweet sake
He endured the Cross
He gave up His own life

He helped us know how much we're loved
He showed us how to be
He did all of this for us -
And more
For Loves' sweet sake you see

Copyright © Neva Romaine | Year Posted 2012

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Take me back, to good old Rio
Let me lie there in the Sun
Then take a ride to Capo Ferro
Dancing Samba, having fun
And the girls will all be prancing
In the waves along the shore
Eating crab and fish together
That were caught the day before
As my passion starts increasing 
Like the heat upon the grill
With all the stress now I'm releasing
I don't miss the northern chill
Take me back to good old Rio
Let me stay there to the end
No yesterdays or tomorrows
The place where night and day, just blends
Take me back.....

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2015

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Thugs in the street with their pants hung low
White T's and Tims with two golds in the front row
Philly fades or braids, du-rags, and fitted hats
Sweat towls around the neck 
Baseball caps turned to the back

See some people would call them hoodrats 
because of where they live at
Not knowing the situation 
Seeing the problem 
Or trying to give back
Instead they just judge the book by it's cover
Instead of calling the book your brother

See if we don't stick together 
And if we don't love each other
And stop calling us women B's and Hoes
for we all know that's not the way love goes

So black people lets take a stand 
Reach out and touch your brothers hand
Lets make this world an equal place
Because we've proved that we can

Copyright © Tiffanie McCall | Year Posted 2006

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I could feel a connection, right here from the start From the heart of a stranger, around every bend What was stranger than that, was they would soon be my friends A blending of souls, though from vast worlds apart I could hear every song, I could feel every wrong, all the cries, all the whispers all the heart-filled expression, every soul searching question They reached out to touch me, and I was enthralled So many with voices, I would want to recall I have visited places, I wouldn't have known They lend me an ear and a kindly embrace The faces are tiny, some never appear But the journey has been one that has helped me to grow Here from the archives that clutter my mind They listen so patiently, time after time To words I have stuttered, words that have rhymed To all my joys and all my sorrows All of my wishes and hopes for tomorrow They reach out to touch me, and I am enthralled So many voices, I want to recall You offer a page for all of my stories I listen to yours, the joys and the worries And when hearts are heavy, you offer your hand With a bevy of troubles that may weigh me down I will scatter my tears, right here on the page Finding the comfort that comes to my aid You share all your words, I show you my heart You show how you care....and did from the start As I scatter my poems and you share your own A bond has united, until we have grown I can click a small mouse, and once again know Friend touching friend, is behind every poem You have reached out to touch me, and I am enthralled So many friendships, I will want to recall

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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if you can see into the depths of my heart 
you would hear it sing the saddest song 
for those who have looked for meaning in tragedy 
for those have suffered terminally
for i have fallen just like them
i have been forsaken 
i've looked into your eyes and i see my own reflection 
i see the tears you have cried
i know you are alone and afraid 
your innocence betrayed 
but look into these eyes 
i have struggled and suffered just like you 
grab my hand you'll no longer be alone 
just think this through
for i have fallen just like you
let's stop this trend of sinking
for we are not alone
together we can break this threshold
locked in this embrace
together we will not break
bound together by something stronger than super glue
will you think this through? 
will you realize that i'm just like you? 
just look into this heart
don't let this world tear us apart
for i have suffered just like you
together we shall never fall
nothing can push our backs up against a wall
we will break through! 
believe in me! i believe in you!

Copyright © Logan Saucillo | Year Posted 2009

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The breeze…the breeze…the breeze
It blows her pain away
The breeze…the breeze…the breeze
It makes everything okay
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane~

Wondrous windy days ….can take that empty shame
Lifting all the sorrow…..and blowing away the blame
The breeze shall seize her fears…..taking them away
If fallen leaves could speak…. wonder what they’d say 
Before they leave the trees…. to convey a changing way
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane~

I wonder if the breeze…. could remove strife that way
Making every thing better ….and mixing it with rain
The wind against your skin ….doesn’t seem like much to say
A mighty thought inside…. Procures hope finds its way
Lft your head up to the sky…let wind blow where it may
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane

Copyright © Jane Bowen | Year Posted 2008

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Every morning I dance naked
Singing in the morning rain.
None are there to observe my antics
None to share a laugh or pain.

Well, the angels perhaps.
I'm sure they chuckle
When I reword tunes
From the radio's knuckle.

I'll sing opera, in my strongest untuned voice
With a cast of one, and an audience the same
Oh the cat?  Yep, he's both one and none
More interested in the craziness than the game.

He'll accompany me, sometimes (singing, not showering)
And mewl in his finest voice
Mostly he just keeps me company 
'Cause he can, by choice.

So before the sun is awake
And before the sky blazes orange and the stars wane
And before my waking dreams have faded
My song resounds in my warm morning rain.

Copyright © Matthew Wetter | Year Posted 2015

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From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

How the wind blows
You are there
How the sky blue
You are there
When the breeze sways
You are there
When the cock crows
You are there
You are the Almighty
You are the Holy Lord
You are the king of king
You are the eternal God.

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

That the crop grows
You are there
That the sky rain
You are there
That the grass green
You are there
That man lives
You are there
You are the provider
The savior
You are the immortal Lord
The eternal God

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

God, the Almighty
You are Lord
You that bless the sea
You are Lord
You that forgive sins
You are Lord
You are our guidance
You are Lord
You are the Almighty
Yes you are
You are the Holy Lord
Yes you are
You are the king of king
Yes you are
You are the eternal God.
Yes you are

From the west to the east
You are there
Up the north, down the south
You are there
Oh! Oh!! Lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
You're there

You are the Almighty
Yes you are
You are the Holy lord
You are there
God, the Almighty
Yes you are
You are always with us
You are here
You are the king of king
Yes you are
You are the immortal
Yes you are 
You are the eternal God
Yes you are

Go, the Almighty…

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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Duality spreading through the land
Above my head; beneath my hands
The greatest darkness I’ll become
Or one to show you the brightest sun

Open my eyes unto this world
Forget the silence I had heard
Lingering on into this earth
A sense of evil without worth

Open my eye as I recall
Imagination as I fall
The pain of knowing what I was
A monster blinded by their cause

A pleasurable passion to restart
The thought of choices in my heart
Not what to follow - to agree
Instead remembering humanity

Create a universe from sand
Building foundations without my hands
Turning the darkness into light
With a simple understanding of the night

The paradoxes I can find
Knowing we’re not free will free our minds
In seeing shadows we feel the sun
Closing our eyes reveals freedom

Copyright © Ian Petch | Year Posted 2012

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(Verse 1)

This cannot repeat or loop around anymore, in my direction.
I've had the wind kicked out of my sails, due to depression,
and everyday
I hide away
and I'm not displaying 
the fight that I'm saying.
I'm down inside and sink,
I'm more flipping down than you'd think.
Lost for love and lost for laughter,
facing up to my fears always ends in disaster
with anxiety.

So I'm always down and doubting me.
A desert there's a drought in me
while rain downpours are drowning me.
The logic's leaking out of me.
A mist hides the positivity
you find in creativity.

From an infant right up to my last rhyme thinking I can't do s**t
life devours me,
I need to shake that habit,
cus in rhyme my talent's apparent so I won't bow out cowardly.

I'm wasting my worth,
but have a thunderous thirst,
to rediscover some turf.
Watch me now and you'll witness,
as I drift with the surf,
and wet the earth,
of this desert,
as I p**s on the dirt.

You just heard
now watch and observe.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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My God.
My Rock.
My Strength.

My Friend.
My Life.
My Faith.

My Anytime.
My Everytime.

My Day or Night.
My Always Right.

My Lord.
My Saving Grace.

My Home.
My Safest Place.

Through everything,
You're everything:
My every want and every need.

Copyright © Stephanie Whitley | Year Posted 2009

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When you have downfall on your mind chaos is all a mind can find, its time to change all the things you had held so deep inside, they cause rage, your trapped in while your caught up in the cage of life an easy life with out strife, no more pain or struggle inside a bubble and you want to make it burst, but first things first you know the times that come will be the worst, because its change you want, and you will taunt the ones who set the curse. They say if you want to change a little then its your choice, but if you want to change a lot they must first hear your voice, loud enough for all to hear, listen and all of the problems soon disappear, just know that the world can be a  bleak one and people dont always listen so you cannot only speak once, so when the end is near you can look back at the goodtimes throughout all the years think about all the times and cheer, and thank god you lived this long and your still here. Be remembered  only for  the words you spoke, for you do not want to be invisioned inside a cloud of smoke, watch as they listen when you start to feel the choke on the thoughts about your life,a bad life,  a black life, envoloped in fear you were hoping that the man would hear, and maybe take a listen, to diamonds in your mind as you watch them glisten. finally move to a position, and  open your ears and let your mind be clear, and hear the wisdom spoken from the person on the otherside of the mirror, society sobriety with out a clue just sit and ponder at the deepest thoughts that are revealed in you...

Copyright © Romeo Romanado | Year Posted 2012

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Peace Invades
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Be not sad, my friend.
Life is full of waiting, 
Wanting, and wishing
Peace shall invade thy heart 
And give your soul Hope.  
Loving, joy wins in the end.

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2009

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When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're running seems all up hill,
When the funda are low and the debts are high, 
And you want to smile but you have to sigh.
When care is pressing you down a bit 
Rest if you must but don't you quit!

Life is strange with it's twist and turns
As everyone of us sometimes learns.
And many a failure turns about 
When you might have won but ypu struck out.
So don't give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.

See succees is failure turned inside out.
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you can never see how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far.
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
Because it's when things seem wrong that YOU MUST NOT QUIT!

Jessica Harris

Copyright © Jessica Harris | Year Posted 2006

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Drink Down The Deepest, Darkest Reasons For Me To Stay...

I sin in shapes while the dozer beats us both down
By one or two, my thumb is fingering my cell phone
After 3 or 4 I've got your voice choking the airwaves

Baby the beat in my heart is much greater than the beating you've given me
So I'll charm on
I'll be the burden to your apple tree
Your appetite is not right

The pitchers here are for drowning out equality
The lights are dim so we can all pretend that we are someone else
The songs are loud because the only way to shake you off
Is to beg them for a headache, and I'm...

...waking up (waking up)
With headaches and pieces lost from the night before

Tap me out like a quarter in the slot machines
I've made a mess of your ragged little magazines
Trendy eyes are the spies for the latest scenes
And now my buttons are cut to look like pine trees
(it makes sense to me, it makes cents for me)

So write me off with your shoulder to the jukebox
I've been here once, not twice
And still I've got you figured out
The whore
On the dance floor
Waiting for the biggest score

Copyright © Myke Jones | Year Posted 2008

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I just want to say a few things, get them off my damn chest
Sorry I haven't been around much, I think I lost my head
Drifted from those social circles, I pulled myself away
Cus I was scared of life then,
Intimidated daily

It became compulsive, just to sit and stay at home
I watched the lights go out, as I sat on my own
Depression took its hold, that sucker pulled me down
I don't know how it happened, but I'm underwater now.

I'm so depressed that I'll just stay in bed again
But compelled to feed these addictions so up I get in sin
Close peeps I think I must of let them all down,
This depression got its hold, it's gona make me drown

I've hit the seabed so far from your reality
I'm swimming up now, but darkness sits in front of me

Shall I go out, or just sit in on my own,
I think I'll binge drink
And smoke and do drugs til I can't feel it

Yeah, cus I'm lost in this life and I guess its all struggle and strife,
If I had one wish I'd transform all this
I'm trying my hardest to force and twist it
But this dark sea sits all around me
There's no light here to guide me
For goodness sake someone please just come and find me

I'm gasping now, there's no air left
It is not my time to go yet!
This is my darkest hour and I've never felt so pathetic,

But I keep swimming up,
Is that air I've found?
My head's above,
It couldn't make me drown!

Written 2014, please read No Love part 2 to find out how this story plays out

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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You see her smile, and she seems alright.
But what you don’t see is that she is crying inside
You think if she is sad, why doesn't she shed a tear? 
Maybe showing emotion is her biggest fear. 
She doesn't want people to see something is wrong. 
All she wants is for people to think her heart is strong. 
She doesn't want to know what others might say, 
If she just broke out in tears one day. 
Just remember what goes up must come down 
And a smile can easily cover up a frown. 
This girl, if you cannot see, 
Is no one other than me. 

Copyright © Kelsey Kopec | Year Posted 2006

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What is it that GOD deals to us, from The Heavens and The Stars?, 
The choices that we make in life, will bring us near or far.
He has given us these two things, they are Life and Free Will too,
as what you choose to do with them, is merely up to You.
You may choose to do the Wrong Thing, leading to The Darkest Night,
Or turn and walk the other way onto The Path of Light.
The Bible says " God Loves Us All " no matter what we do,
All that He is waiting on, is just a call from you!!!!
To tell him you've been going, down a steep and beaten path,
And would he please just show you, Somehow, A way to just get back!!
Now you're Starting Over, and as well you see "  The Light " ,
Your Hope and Faith, God gives you Wings, Now Start A Brand New Life!!

Copyright © CYNTHIA WILSON | Year Posted 2006

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You'll win this fight, for you know the rules
You'll win this fight, sharpen all your tools
You'll win this fight, just practice your craft
You'll win this fight, if you stay on the raft

There is no one but you who plays like you (stay in the game)
You don't need anyone to tell you it's true (stay in the game)
For you are one among just a blessed few (stay in the game)
God ever knew

You'll win this fight, be good to your cause
You'll win this fight, never linger in a pause
You'll win this fight, you will never let down
You'll win this fight, keep eyes on the crown

Life is not fair but it has your back (stay in the game)
As long as you stay on the right track (stay in the game)
Drive like you mean it, don't lose your knack (stay in the game)
Never look back

You'll win this fight, you are fair and just
You'll win this fight, don't lose your trust
You'll win this fight, you'll earn your fame
You'll win this fight, just stay in the game

Don't be afraid this is a bumpy ride (stay in the game)
Nothing's ever easy that's worth your pride (stay in the game)
When things get rough don't step aside (stay in the game)
Swim with the tide

You'll win this fight, don't step on anyone
You'll win this fight, you are second to none
You'll win this fight, don't fall for a sin
You'll win this fight, don't gloat when you win

You'll win this fight, for you know the rules
You'll win this fight, sharpen all your tools
You'll win this fight, don't forget to aim
You'll win this fight, just stay in the game

November 30, 2017
End of the line contest
Sponsor: John Hamilton
First Place

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2017

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How lucky are we to have this gift of gabb 
All writers’ rush to keep notes 
With their pens and a pad 
There are many that could never see 
The wondrous talents of we 
God gave this empowerment 
For all of us to share 
For lonely and empty hearted in despair
So never draw an end to your words
Because there are so many that it serves
We bring smiles and laughter abound 
We bring noise where there was no sound 
We bring comfort to the sad and the lost 
We bring inspiration where there was exhaust
Words are a powerful instrument 
Helping to heal the environment 

Copyright © Laura Mckenzie | Year Posted 2008

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you. are not. alone.
with cavernous ceilings closing in,
the impression of depression driving in the direction
of some unreachable goal of controlled insanity
– because always in control are you –
you harp on your uniqueness, your originality,
when in fact you are one of a many,
one of a group,
something you try so hard to deny
as the blood starts staining your hands
and drip, drops on this hallowed ground.
through the watery haze of your righteous tears
your gaze fails to fall on the footprints
of another and another, walking the floor,
their lifeblood draining just as yours.
all around you they sway, scepters
of tragedies pushed away and forgotten,
long forgotten,
as you blindly flail and try not to fall
off this lonely cliff of Last Resort where
you. are not. alone.
you search and you seek 
empathy, apathy, sympathy, any “-pathy”
to ease the pain of these lost, forgotten days,
and yet you miss these hands reaching out
wanting to hold you miss these words
said only to console you miss these eyes
meant to draw you in
and all you see in those eyes is a reflection
of something you’ve tried to deny
and you continue to balance
walking the  lines of chaos, trying not to spin
out, of, control
– because always in control are you –
you try to survive on the bread and bones
 of those come before, but blind you are
to the nature of your food, blind you are
to this world you stumble through
and blame endlessly, releasing you
from the responsibility you are being punished for, and
you. are not. alone.
so dive of your platform of solitary fears
dive into this river of comfortable tears
swim alongside these ghosts of years and years
of tragedies so like yours
let them carry you away from this
cliff of Last Resort and know that
you. are not. alone.

Copyright © Allison Kinzy | Year Posted 2007

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Sometimes my mind ponders, and I sit in wonder, why does God love me?
Because getting along with me can't be easy.
But thankfully He's faithful, nothing I can do to change Him.
Unconditional, He fills my cup to the rim.
There are days like today that I need a refilling, and I know that my God is forever 
I can gain the world but lose my soul,  I'd much rather stay complete and whole.
Because friendships come and fade away, but I know my God is here to stay.

Copyright © Stephanie Pinion | Year Posted 2008

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Upon the stand at the entrance of our home I find a new vase.
Beside it a box full of yellow and red Daisies laying upon a bed 
of Sweet peas.
As I look for the card there amongst the flowers I find a little
maroon box.
I open the box to find yet another brilliant diamond which I may
have set into a ring, pendant, or another jewelry piece.
My present from my hubby of my birthstone and flowers to
celebrate my birth on April 7th each year.
All come together with the card that reads "I love you more each year"
Your hubby Don

For the ~Flowers Or Stones" contest of Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver
Written by: Carol Brown 01/18/2012
7th Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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She is like words of thunder, a unique, intelligent, family oriented, physique human being
who sees life unseen, accomplish goals, and fulfill dreams, independent, daring, and will
stand her ground. She is bound to face situations, sexism, racism, and divism, stop
thinking' she is incompetent to handle world crisis for she was born with wisdom. So how
dare you look at her as a dainty flower frolicking in the air with no guidance or care,
where is the justice there? She has the right to do anything a man can do and better too,
cut her some slack and just have her back cause she will have yours. She will chose her
own destiny just give her respect and acknowledge her existence. Black, White, Hispanic
and Asian woman of all races stand together as one nation, powerful, mindful and proud as
Gods temple. Men praise her for she is the mother of our children, and the fruit of our
existence, and above most is to equal in Gods Creation. Even in the midst of her neglect
she still receives attention, affection and protection from the stereotype housewife, free
spirited lesbian, undermined ignorance. She is a feminist who screams for acceptance from
the hype, profiles, and styles. Her hands mold and feed the lands wisdom, inspiring
musicians, and most of all education, intelligent, elegant and polite. Truth is she is
beautiful even when battered, misused and treated cruel regardless of her hardship, the
burdens on her shoulders her soul lifts, and distinguished from a man her skin is thick
and rich, blooming from the suns off her erection. She is unique specie, but despite her
complicatedness, outspokenness, and differences she will never go extinct. Think about it
men can't live with her, and damn sure can't live without her, because we know life
without her is like the earth without its five elements it can't exist. What she provides,
loves life and excitement in her studding essence. All the words in the Webster Dictionary
you still couldn't define her existence.

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