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A heavy horse looks like a rock
the horse stands completely still in the darkness
with open eyes
one starry night
the horse seems to count
all bright spots in the Big Dipper
and is wondering whether it would be very difficult
to pull the wagon one lap
around the globe.

Copyright © Haldor Paulsson | Year Posted 2011

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Three Horses Written: by Tom Wright 1/16/2016 Yesterday was the Arabian, That I no longer ride; Today, is the quarter horse, I’m deep seated astride. Tomorrow is the Mustang, I anxiously wait to see. If I’m healthy to ride it, Or if it shakes off me;

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2016

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I watch you prancing, pawing earth;
your eyes glow almost like a flame,
you toss your sculptured head so freely
and flounce, unchecked your flowing mane.

Born brother to the rolling prairies,
your spirit kin to earth's four winds,
I gaze at you and vainly wonder:
do you know how truly we are friends?

Do you know that deep within me
dwells a soul loving liberty
and a heart that yearns and hungers
to run as you do, wild and free?

Have you noticed I am a dreamer,
that my eyes see visions, bright,
and my spirit flies within me
a prancing, pawing steed of light.

Faye Gibson
Copyright, May 18, 2014

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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mist in the distance
closer it wave's
A dark shadow catch's  my sight
As it flow's over graves
It stop's before me
Breathing out it's fear
creeping silently
on it's horse so near
Horror fills me
Dread and remorse
The dark rider stay's
still on his horse
suddenly i look 
Into his deep eye's
Fear and pain leave me
As he stifled my cries 
a minute past
My mind so still
Unbridled passion
Take's over my will
Faster he rides 
Through the mist of the night
Faster my heart beats
Emotion just right
I've fallen in love
with dark ghost of the dust
i'm gone in a second
To feed his lust

Copyright © tina moore | Year Posted 2013

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(Verse 1)
Out on the streets
Their drinking whiskey and wine
They got the ache in their feets
They got the ache in their spines
They got the gin and juice
They got the gum and smokes
Some got the blues
And some got the coke

(Chorus 1)
Ride the white horse, go on Ride it high
No need to come down Mary, Touch the sky
Ride the white horse, Mary, ride it high
If you come down, White Horse, get you high.

(Verse 2)
Mary, Mary, 
Last name Jane
She love you dearly, If you 
spark her flame
Breath her in, She might 
Make you cry
She gonna take you down, but
Get you high

(Chorus 2)
Mary, Mary your quite contrary
My love for you is extra-ordinary
You bring me down when white horse get me high
Mary, Mary, lets touch the sky

(Musical Bridge/Guitar Solo)

(Verse 3)
Out on the streets
we do, 
what we will
we got,
Sand in our pockets 
so we,
Take your bills
We buy,

(Chorus 3)
Booze and weed, gals and cocaine
Don't worry Mary you know your my main
Lets ride the white horse, come on lets get high
Mary, Mary, Lets touch the sky

(Musical Verse no words)

(Chorus 4)
Mary, Mary, you're extraordinary
Im addicted to you and its scary
Hello White horse, lets go for a ride
Climb aboard and we'll touch the sky

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Copyright © Vidal Tan | Year Posted 2016

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If good luck is what you're counting on
A stick horse will always be your steed.
Choose God and a job to rely on instead
Not Casino's or lottery to fill your need.

You can tell yourself that someone
Always wins and it just might be you. But gamblers play the suckers game Though your thinking might be true. People feed quarters into slot machines And at the tables they tirelessly play. But most go home with pockets empty Thinking tomorrow might be the day. But just as sure as payday comes They're Casino bound and in high gear. Not seeing themselves for what they are Dumb sheep, waiting for a shear.

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2008

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I’ve seen you in my dreams riding your black horse under the moonlight.
Its black mane floats in the midnight air as you ride towards me.
A gentle breeze comes in and out and you are by my side looking down at me, my white dress
sways in the air as we look into each other’s eyes.
Little flecks of gold and silver dance inside your eyes playing tricks in the dark.
Can this be right? I have seen you only at night but now you have come to me, bringing me
promises to me that you will keep ones you will never break.
A single stand of golden brown hair brushes in my face concealing a tear, your warm hand
comes down and rubs the tear away pushing the stand behind my ear.
Feeling the ground sink from under me you place me behind you on your black horse.
I lean against your back feeling the warmth and comfort I have wanted for so long.
When you feel my hands wrap around your waist you summon the horse to ride.
We ride under the moonlight never looking back at what we have left behind. 

Copyright © Stacie Fry | Year Posted 2010

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"Old horse with a gray-haired head,
Where you hurry so?"
"I have arrived for you. 
Sit down quickly in the gold carriage."
"Where we shall go?"
"Along the world, along the world!
And together with us 
the clouds will float in the sky.
Such beauty beyond the windows:
Birchwoods, meadows of lilies of the valley,
Multi-coloured butterflies..." 
"Ah! A lovely horse,
You are similar to someone I love very much.
I already saw your carriage once.
But something had happened: 
Its gilding has been scratched,
Glass of the windows has turned yellow,
the bugs have lodged in doors!"
The horse started to trot more slowly.
The horse whispered,
"Some time ago, I carried Cinderella, 
the poor girl in a pink dress.
But this summer
I shall carry you around the world, along the world!"
We rushed on with her.
The Summer smiled at us,
And we did not talk any more to the end of my dream.

Copyright © Dina Televitskaya | Year Posted 2007

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Some day you’ll appear on a white horse.
I’ll see you on a horseback from afar.
You’ll dismount it and I’ll hear your voice,
“Lady, you dazzled me like the brightest star...” 

I’ll lower my eyes, burning with shame
And give you my silk lacy handkerchief.
“Lady, could you tell me your name?”
I’ll raise my head, though I’ll be stunned a bit...

You and your horse will be very tired,
So I’ll offer my castle to you,
Though my burning cheeks will be still red,
Though the sudden feeling will be quite new...

Some day you’ll appear on a white horse.
I’ll see you on a horseback from afar.
This day I’ll find my life-giving source.
But today I still don’t know where you are...

Copyright © Jolanta Gradowicz | Year Posted 2006

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Rain beating down a mustang range
Crossing over mountains, plains
Gunning with a heart on fire
Running nine horse wild

Dying in the desert of your love
I lost myself in your eyes
Mississippi burning in my mind

Gold at the end of my rainbow
Down the Gulf of Mexico
Dreaming of those Southern nights
Running nine horse wild

Swimming in the ocean of your love
I lost myself in your eyes
Mississippi burning in my mind

Say all's well that ends well
That's no far gone conclusion
This ain't no fairy tale
This ain't no Lifetime movie
What could've should've would've been
A happy ending

Rain beating down a mustang range
Crossing over mountains, plains
Gunning with a heart on fire
Running nine horse wild

Dying in the desert of your love
I lost myself in your eyes
Mississippi burning in my mind

Seen Heaven, I've seen Hell
Girl, what you doing to me
This ain't no fairy tale
This ain't no Lifetime movie
It's crazy, maybe baby there's
A happy ending

Free, like a bird I'm free
Like a river to the sea
Dreaming of those Southern nights
Running nine horse wild


Copyright © Charles David Sharp | Year Posted 2017

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Frosty the Roan Man  
Frosty the Roan Man was a jolly, happy soul
with a big wide blaze and a frosted butt
and two eyes made out of Love 

Frosty the Roan Man is a fairy tale they say
but the children cluck he could rear and buck
when he came to life one day

There must have been some magic 
in that saddle pad they found
For when they placed it on his back
he began to jump around! – oh –

Frosty the Roan Man is alive as he can be
cause we heard him neigh
in his special way
that he loves us you and me
Yes he loves us you and me!

Copyright © Chris Hagy | Year Posted 2017