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Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

I remember as a child you were always there
Just a phone call away
Is what you used to say
Your voice was always so calming to me
I wish I could hear it now
As my heart is breaking

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

I remember when I would hear you were
Coming I would count the days
And then on the day you arrived 
I would ditch dad to go be with you
I was a daddy’s girl yes 
But I was more of a
Grandma’s girl for sure

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

You knew how to lift me up
When my spirits were down
So many times you gave me 
A shoulder to cry on
You could make me smile even 
When all I could find was a frown

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

So many times in life when I have been
At a crossroad and didn’t know 
What way to go
All I had to do is think to myself
What would Grandma say?
And I always knew 
What to do

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

I am going to miss the wisecracks 
You telling me what to do
I am going to miss 
Your wisdom you so readily shared with me
I will always miss the talks we had 
Most of all I will always miss 

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

So many times you made me laugh
When I felt like I was going to cry
You were the mom I never really had
A Grandma and a
I really wish time
could stop for just a few
Give me a chance to really say
Good Bye to you

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

I know you are
watching down on me
I know your love will always be there
I even know you will always be a part of me
However right now 
In this moment my heart is still broken
It feels as though
someone punched me in the gut
I can’t even catch my breath
I know it will take time
And it has only been a few days

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

I know my life will go on
I know you would want it that way
However it will never be the same
I don’t know if I will ever get used to 
Not being able to just pick up the phone
Whenever I think of you
Or need someone to talk to 
I have a long road ahead of me 
I wish you were here to walk with me
But I know you will be watching over me 
So here is to you
All the love we shared 
And all the love we will share 
Until we meet again 
Grandma I love you

Heaven Gained an Angel
When I Lost You

Copyright © Jeanna York | Year Posted 2013

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Eyes wide and innocent, blue with sparkles of mischief shining through. I see you, angel girl. You see me and run, straight into my arms. You shout my name, "Grandma! Grandma!", as I scoop you up. If I could, I would give you the world. A sloppy kiss on my cheek and a hug. "Love you, Grandma!" "Love you, too, baby!" Off you run to explore your world with curiosity and wonder. I am putty in your hands.
11/9/15 For Edward Ebbs Anacreontic Verse 1 contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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A mother's love is so strong it has to come from above, for it takes a special 
Heart to do what she can do.

A mother's love is so deep when she cries out the whole world should weep.

A mother can go through so much pain and still remain sain.

A mother can bear children come home from the hospital, cook, wash, take 
Care of her child, kiss her husband and still wear a smile.

A mother has compassion and feeling that are so strong she can even tell 
When something is wrong.

A mother is a single mother who is struggling to carry both roles, we give 
You a "shout" out because that's a heavy load.

A mother is a grandmother who is still moving strong, she continues to love, 
Nurture, and care for the young.

A mother is so many special things that god created wrapped up into one.

So " remember" to show her love all the time, and tell her what a fine job she 
Has done!

Happy mother's day to all the mother's out there and may god continue to 
Bless you all!

Copyright © Cathy Holmes | Year Posted 2009

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She lay upon her bed of pain;
the chrysalis grew dull and gray;
the colors which we knew as her
were fading fast, so fast, away;
but, underneath the fragile clay,
we saw new colors burning through
of soul triumphant in its flight
approaching Glory's avenue.
It seemed we heard her spirit groan,
her frail flesh tremble beneath the weight
of wings fast-pulsing with new life
and yearning for the Infinite.

She's free! Her dewy wings soft-dried
by hovering angel's gentle breath
have lifted once, now twice they stir
and find the air: can this be death?

© 1987, Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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        ( Impression From Grandmother 3x Esther Louise Arbuthnot's Photograph 1876)
While the rain is falling gently on the roof it makes the sound
of a time that's long forgotten though it seems to hang around
I can hear you breathing lightly from an Irish dream I've known
it has come to Pennsylvania where you've found me here alone
       and I can feel you when you cry.
       So far from home, you wonder why,
       and it makes me want to die.

All the way from County Down there was a dream you had to find
you were long ago and far away, but always on my mind,
in your photograph your eyes are reaching out perhaps for me,
I can feel you when I see you but I never really see,
       what makes you think you have to cry?
       You must have known I'd wonder why,
       it still makes me want to die.

Can you hear the raindrops falling? County Down's so far away,
or perhaps it's just forgotten, like a dreary Irish day,
I can feel it when you're smiling, and I see it in your eyes
love is gone before you know it, and it's then I realize,
       it's made you think you have to cry.
       And through it all, not wonder why,
       it still makes me want to die.
©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014

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You took the time it took to notice Me
You said your troubled soul was plain to see
You held my hand and led me home at a time when I was lost
You laid yourself on water ...and I crossed

You laid yourself on water and I crossed
You laid yourself on water and I crossed
You placed yourself upon the line not caring of the cost
You laid yourself on water and I crossed

You picked me up each time life knocked me down
I thought these feet would never leave the ground
Each journey had it's price and it was you who climbed the cross
You Laid yourself on water and I crossed

You laid yourself on water and I crossed
You laid yourself on water and I crossed
You placed yourself upon the line not caring of the cost
You laid yourself on water and I crossed

I've looked to you to know what's right from wrong
And when the darkness falls and light is gone
You've kept the darkness from my door and saved me from the frost
You laid yourself on water and I crossed

Copyright © peter walsh | Year Posted 2014

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A smile lit up her sunken face
The years of hardship could not erase
Her strong resolve, her great appeal
The zest for living, could not steal

Our lives were solidly entwined
A part of heaven’s great design
The hours that we spend involved
Contributed a special role

You left strong imprints on my soul
And left me lessons to uphold
We share so much and ‘till the end
I look upon the time we spent

We went to parks, we went to eat
We savored all our favorite treats
We watched out shows, we played some cards
We went on trips, both near and far

I’m glad we had our special time
And that our journey was divine
And now I’m left with thoughts of thee
And memories I cannot see
Instilled within my center
They never will surrender

So, thank you Grandma for what you shared
‘Cause no one could quite compare
With how you treated me so kind
And everything you left behind

The fondest wish that I could make
Is that our connection doesn’t break
I hope you’re well
We’ll meet again
And that the distance doesn’t stain

And we will find what we have shared
As it was truly, truly rare

Copyright © Alona Perlin | Year Posted 2016

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Leaving no trace
It’s like I’m on a train drifting into space
I’m traveling to a place of no return
Leaving a space empty and cold,
Every moment I turn around and glance,
For I miss your face
In this place

In a winter storm,
It’s bare and freezing
Lonely and away from everyone else
I look up, down, and many times around
But I see nothing
Because you are not here

In a fall gaze,
Leaves falling all over the place
Staring into the sky
It’s like a whole new place
But when I turn around
Thinking that you are there,
You have just disappeared

Summer is now coming
It’s hot and humid
It is the best
But I have nobody to share it with
Because you are not here,
It almost feels like it’s just a waste

Spring has arrived
All the bunnies are coming out to play,
I watch them as they go
Leaving not a pathway or a trace
I was hoping I would see you
With that smile on your face
There was nothing left
Just an opened, abandoned place

It’s a space that no one can fill
Only you can
You have taught me about life, love and peace
And my time will come
I think about the space you left and
Try to fill it up
But with what!?
You won’t come back and
I have lost time with you
It was everything to me,
The place that we shared
But before long,
That too 
Will be gone.

Copyright © imani wedderburn | Year Posted 2015

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What I imagine is beyond my years, 
An equilent  stare 
And an equilent ear.
 A sombre mind 
Is what one ought to have, but I foresee 
What plays in my head 
Is a movie 
Of such great distress, 
I see a young girl, 
A good girl, 
And the other side 
Of the mirror 
Is a different 
Sort of girl. 
More like the one before 
In the image the mirror gives off. 
If one would say the mirror lies, 
Then that one would realise
The only thing that stands between these two girls is the thin membrane called glass.
Yet with the absence of such, they are merged into one. And when they come out to play
A tiny piece of each stands out like the small glow of the paraffin lamp my grandmother used to forbid us to use 
Their memories of each other 
Are like the memories 
Of one individual person, 
Yet seeing them 
Side by side 
Would greatly outline 
Their stalk differences
But in world of fear
You can only love one
And their tears are the only thing that mimics their distress.

Copyright © Tumelo Mogotsi | Year Posted 2011

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If hugs could bring you back to us
And kisses bring a smile
We'd smother you with lots of love
We'd go that extra mile

If words could bring a twinkle back
to your eyes so far away
We'd talk and sing about your life
We'd read to you and pray

If holding your hand and touching your cheek
could bring back the memories gone by
We'd do all these things and much more for you
We'd give it our best prayerful try

But your mind is in a distant place
Your soul on Angle's wings
Your spirit floats on memories
Your voice no longer sings

You've lived a life so full of love
You've lived a life that's good
You dedicated your life to family
You did all that you should

So fly above the clouds so high
Feel the breeze upon your face
Welcome Angels at your door
Bow down to God's full Grace

Your spirit lives within us all
Your joy and laughter too
Soon eyes will get their twinkle back
But ours will be deep blue

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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We just got the news today
she will soon be going away
the doctors done all that they can do
but it's not over for her
she's just going home
she's faught her fight 
Her battles now are through

another saints gone home Hallelujah
another child of God reaches Her heavenly home
another saints gone home Hallelujah
Praise the Lord 
for now at last her victory is won

When the time has come for me to go away
I want my friends and family to see
that its not time to mourn
but to celebrate 
this life I've lived
 I pray they all may sing

another saints gone on hallelujah
another child of God reaches the Heavenly gates
another saints gone home hallelujah
Praise the Lord
Some day we'll see her in the heavely home.

By Treasa Jarvis 
Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Beulah Campbell who was a great 
inspiration to me..

Copyright © Treasa Jarvis | Year Posted 2011

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she was of gypsy descent 
life's' hard lessons learn t- 

my grandmother warned 
as I was growing up, 

she said only two duties 
a man was concerned of 

getting it up, and shooting 
satisfying themselves their 
primal duty... 

too many unhappy woman 
unfulfilled, restless 

she demonstrated independence 
the importance of emancipation 

if I was not careful, I too could fall 
victim, a mans possession 

"keep a bob in your pocket... 
and stay out of trouble", 

"whatever you do, don't get 

men, they are trouble... 
keep the bone, and the dog 
will follow, 

born with a third eye 
for a woman's' love I sought, 
a man for me seemed defeatist 
...wrong...for me this just wouldn't

armed with this- knowledge 
most women thought?...but got
caught up in this happy ever after
an illusion of sorts... 

with my grandmothers' advice 

I celebrate my wonderful life, 
with the love of a woman 
at my side 

my grandmothers' approve 
throughout the ages 
a woman's' needs overdue 

a woman's' love truth 
no longer masquerader 
falsely paraded 

for a man cannot truly deliver 
a woman's love, true love 

I celebrate graciously... the end of the day
it is a choice...I was tired
a witness to too many
women betrayed...

...I understand all of man
is not like is better
to decide...than a become
another love statistic...

I agree my grandmothers'
advice supersedes...

Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2007

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Somedays I think back to my 
Grandmother, my mother,
My daddy and all the things 
I so many times heard them say.

I can recall them as tho I heard them
Again on yestersday.
They were always telling us children
Things to do to help us become
Matured adults.

They tried to keep us healthier
So we would live as long as we should
I remember so often
My grandmother saying
Keep heat in your body
And don't get chilled.
Put something around your neck
And something on your head.

I remember daddy warming our shoes
In frount of the big gas heater
As we got ready for school.

He knew our feet would get cold on the bus
For there wasn't heat to accommodate us back then
And the warmth would remain in our shoes
As least part of the way to the school.
Mother would always correct us
For she was that kind
Daddy would tell her 
Keep those girls in line.

We had meals together
That was the house rule
You ate at the table
Like your were suppose to do.

You didn't back talk
And carry a rude nature
Or you had a sore spot
Right where mother placed it.

Oh if only I could go back then
And just enjoy the whole thing 
All over again.

Tho tempting it would be
I wouldn't want to stay there 
For I have to tell these wise-tales
To my son's children.
They will have to know them
So they can tell them 
To their children's children.

Copyright © Cecilia Patterson | Year Posted 2007

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Mom’s Gentle Hands, Song of Love for My Mom
(sung to the tune of Gentle Hands)
Verse 1

As a little child
with scraped and wounded knee,
I would cry and you would come
and gently tend to me.
And through all my heartache;
my changing teen age years,
you showed such love and kindness,
just by the fact that you were there.


Gentle hands, reaching out to me.
Gentle hands, guiding me so prayerfully.
Though at times I walked down paths
I didn’t always understand,
I’m glad I had the touch of your own gentle hands.

Verse 2

And though years have gone on,
her children all are grown
They’ve married, gone their separate ways,
have children of their own.
She’s become a loving Grandma,
and it’s plain to see
she’s passing to the grandkids
a precious godly legacy.


And though it may be midnight
or one or two or three,
I don’t have to worry
for I have a remedy.
‘Cause she’s there for me.

Gentle Hands(by Geron Davis)

Verse 1

Like a little child,
sometimes it’s hard to see
just which way I need to go
and what is best for me.
But I have a loving Father
who always understands,
and it’s a consolation
to know that I’m in gentle hands.


Gentle hands, holding onto me.
Gentle hands, guiding me so carefully.
Though they lead me down through paths
I don’t always understand,
I will have no fear for I’m in gentle hands.


And in the darkness of my midnight
when it’s hard for me to see,
I don’t have to worry
for I know He’s watching me,
and He’s guiding me.


About 15 years ago, my pastor’s wife told me that they wanted to honor my mom that year on Mother’s Day. She asked me if I could come up with a special song for that day. This is what I wrote, and my two sisters and I sang it together that Sunday morning. It was quite the tear jerker.

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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I believe in this dawn

I believe in tomorrow...

my failings of a yesterday...

for we all

...who have gone before us...

...we march on in there name...

...for they are with us...their spirit
their love still with us remains spirit wherever we go...

I know my dear grandmother
is with me...wherever this heart

my dear friend I will not lie...
in my verse you can rely...

...our beautiful spirit does not die...
I know this I believe this...for right
before my grandmother died though
miles my heart a message...

from her sent...with love to me she
said goodbye...

Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2007

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~Vickie Thayer~Poetry To Ponder~

Copyright © Vickie Thayer | Year Posted 2017

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I carry you

this courage...
this love...
this wisdom...

through my veins
your blood...

your history...
lifes bridges...
you have crossed...

your battles fought
lost and won...

you walked this earth
with defiance...
your courage...
your self reliance...

this a burden to
carry...this courage
stedfast...this spirit
truth does not elude... spirit kneels
before truth...

this respect...
your spirit
long lives...

...gifted to me
from you...

Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2007

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Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Is that the past that I have hidden from,
The past that I have buried deep at the bottom of the sea

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Is that the grandmother that has abandoned her grandchild in a time of need,
Or the starving Aunt, who can’t feast on the fruits of her niece’s labor

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Is it the ex who lied and called me names,
Belittled me in many ways and wants a second chance

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Is that the sound of my ghosts trapped in the closet,
Trying to come out to reveal themselves

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Is that the sound of my breath,
That was taken away at the sight of you

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Is it just the sound of the calming music playing in my head,
Or the sound of Africa beating a drum in a celebration

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
My chance to run into the unknown
Or the invitation to fix my history?

Copyright © imani wedderburn | Year Posted 2017