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Verse 1:

Seems like yesterday we was hanging out
Running round; playing tag in the house
Till you hurt me and I would shout
Zach I gotta let this out my mouth cause
Life ain’t always what it seems to be
It hurts cause I can’t see you visually
Now that you’re gone, I feel like dying 
I don’t even see the point in trying
In the future, it’s my only dream
That you open up the gates for me
I ask God sometimes
Why did he take my friend
Why did Zach’s life have to end
When it’s real, I find it hard to deal
With all the everyday pain I feel
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missing you
Thinking of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I’ll be missing you

Verse 2:

It’s hard to bear with you not around
I know you in heaven smiling down
Watching me like you always did
Ever since I was a little kid
Till the day we meet again
In my heart is where you stay till then
Writing songs; writing poems and doing things like crying
Are only half of what gets me by
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Through this thing called grief
I go to God for all support
Cause he’s one I know I lean on
God broke this bond
I promise to the one
That will keep it going strong
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


Copyright © Morgan Fake | Year Posted 2005

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Please don't cry over my casket 
For I am not there 
Please don't cry at my grave 
My soul has been set free 
I know it's hard not to cry 
I've been down that road one to many times 

I have no more pain 
I have no more sickness 
And I would not change a thing 
As I walk threw the gates of Heaven 
Mom Dad our brothers and sisters 
Will welcome me with open arms 
Here I am free of that pain 

Don't blame yourself 
It was my time to go home 
This is where I'm supposed to be 
Don't dwell on things which you can not change 
I will always be in your heart 

I will always be watching over you 
When that day comes for you to come home
I will be there to welcome you 
With open arms
And walk you through the gates of Heaven 
You will be greeted by our family & friends
Who came home before you 
Until that day I will be watching over you

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

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Days of Stress Written: by Tom Wright 5-26-2016 At periods in life we’re found merely coping, Feeling we’re reaching the end of our rope. We’ve tied a knot and for it we’re groping, Awaiting healthier moments sans much hope; Frequently in life lemons we’re handed, And we’re forced to adjust to continue on; Hidden, from others, are things life demanded, While anxiously awaiting our new dawn; But of these matters God is all knowing, And places on us no more than we can bear; God chuckles at witnessing our faith growing, When we’ve placed our burdens in His care;

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2016

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Memorial Day 2 “All gave some, Some gave all” Written: by Tom Wright 2016 Today, we memorialize our soldier’s who lie at rest, Many left families, perhaps some, with wife and child. Facing life’s challenges they gave country their best, And for a period of enlistment would become exiled. They chose to represent our country and its flag, Some paid the supreme price for our freedom of choice. Some had their awaited homecoming via a body bag, And today from heavens portals let the angels rejoice. Today, I give thanks to the unselfish Veterans for their service, Those who stood in the gap as defenders of what we hold dear, Our freedom; and to my brother Master Sergeant Joe D Wright who served 4 tours with honor in Vietnam; Tom

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2016

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You call me your brother "but you want to kill me
You smile in my face and say we are brother's
You hunt me down we can't communicate.
You want to kill me in the streets every time we meet.
Why can't you reconize me if you call me your brother?
When you are ready to kill me I'm just another.
You show me love but it's not for real
Behind my back you are ready to kill.
Why can't you see who I really am? 
If you have a good heart why am I the mark?
You must over come this deadly thing.
When I look around at all the so call brother's you killed 
it makes me want to scream. 
Why call me brother if you want to kill me?
Wake up my brother and do the right thing
I am your brother and you should know all this killing has got to go.

Copyright © Cathy Holmes | Year Posted 2006

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I've seen more than my share of death 
I’ve cheated death also
I thought I'd seen it all 
But I was wrong 

I learned from one of the best 
To control and hide my emotions 
That's one of the things I'm good at
But not tonight 

The first person I laid eyes on that night
When I went though those doors was Josh 
It broke my heart even more 
I knew right then it wasn't a dream 
Oh how I wish it was 

I latched hold of him
Not wanting to let him go 
Afraid I'd lose him too 
Even though we're not blood 
Your still my little brother 

How do I say goodbye
I can't I won't 
So I'm saying see you later for now
I will see you again one day

Even if I don't make it into the gates of Heaven 
I will see you when I stand in judgment 
You'll always hold a special place in my heart 
Love you always

Dedicated to the sudden loss of a close Family friend 
Jeremy Maggard  11/19/82 ~ 11/06/09

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

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By: IzaDonna

You were such a young boy
With a tragic past
I know it still haunts you
Feeling like the pain will always last
Just remember, Just remember
I'm here for you
Keep your strength up
And always stay true

So make me a promise
A promise that you'll keep
Better your life
Before your into deep
I'll stick with you
Even when I'm gone
Watching from heaven
As you carry on
That's my promise

I know its a struggle
Fighting the demons of your past
Don't worry brother
I'll pick u up when ur falling fast
And always in my eyes
No matter what you do
I'll always have you back
No matter the decision you choose


So when you feel
Like you wanna give in
Keep your head up
Remember where u've been
Find your inner strength
And moving toward
What you wanna achieve
Always push forward

Chorus X2

Copyright © Jamie Yost | Year Posted 2013

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I got mad. Didn't know how to use my energy. So I made this song on the piano. I want to sing it with my brother when he's better. I hope he does get better soon. 
Dedicated to David. Just been so angry lately. And so sad. . .

Verse I: (David) I was alone What can I say? I was lost Couldn't pray I was trapped In their games I regret it Everyday Verse II: (Laura) I was jaded By my sin Never sweated Anything Couldn't sleep Couldn't dream I was scared Of everything Chorus: (David) Within me lies a battle A war I just can't fight alone Can you hear me now? Will you hear me out? Before I lose the struggle I'm begging for some help right now We need to take a stand I need to be a man Laura: Your heart is in my hand Both: (You) I will not fight alone Verse IV: (David) I'm losing faith Can't find the way Can't erase The things I say I see the world Instant pain! If I'm anything I'm insane Verse V: (Laura) Don't talk that way! Just look at me! You are stronger Then I'll ever be! I pulled you in I pushed you free I was foolish Please come back to me Chorus: (David) Within me lies a battle A war I just can't fight alone Can you hear me now? Will you hear me out? Before I lose the struggle I'm begging for some help right now We need to take a stand I need to be a man Laura: Your heart is in my hand Both: (You) I will not fight alone Within me lies a battle A war I just can't fight alone Can you hear me now? Will you hear me out? Before I lose the struggle I'm begging for some help right now We need to take a stand I need to be a man Laura: Your heart is in my hand We'll never fight alone Never Fight Alone

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


Copyright © JAY JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Viet Nam has left many with mental pictures
Images, that some, just couldn't forget.
And when it was over and troops were home
Many vanished, living alone with their regret.

Some found themselves living on the streets
Disrespected and blamed for an unjust war.
Spat upon by some, and psychologically ill
Now doubting what they had fought for.

My brother was a soldier mentally tough
Decorated and wounded during his 23 years.
Was it the pressure of being a civilian
That caused family to shed those tears?

Joe's name isn't written on the traveling wall
Nor does a granite headstone mark his spot.
Yet I count Joe D. among the living dead
Just another memory that time can't blot.

My brother has been missing since 1984

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2010

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Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye

He tell me of places that no one has seen
Amidst the celestial dark amongst it's diamond screen
Where no one can sail against the luff
I still see you Billy, why has life been so tough

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye
Dad he's looking down, there's tears in his eyes

My entry for John Heck's 'Dear John' contest with 'Daniel'
               written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday…  I look out the window there is no one for me owe so, owe so lonely poor me . 

It’s my  birthday…  you surprise me, with a Barber-Q grill  with a cooler that chills with a grin we show white grills.

Happy Birthday… it’s my Birthday I am still waiting,  it   is almost the end of my the day, just waiting on you to wish me a happy birthday which, well make my day. 

It’s my birthday…you do not remember that day, can we go out for we can remember that day?

It’s my birthday… I can share it or alone, some share it with a twin, or with a friend and the ones who stay to the ends like a good friend.

It my birthday…  its looks like another day to me I just need someone or something to comfort with me a room full of women and with hand full men, a juice in cup, juice in glass, with a sweet lady and grill on cut grass that may make every day feel like my birthday, with a touch of class. 
It’s your birthday… it’s your birthday you should all-ways win on your birthday, if do not have a mate you sneak and go on second party date form those who may player hate.  
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!  it comes and go, I see you come through, looking out my window with a hand full company that is what a party really should need, yes it’s sweet, sweet with music and sweet with treats or  it must be the money, or food, or brinks, or just me.

Poetry 7/7/12 by author Keith Kadell

Copyright © Keith Relf | Year Posted 2012

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Heroes come in all ages and size They are of a common thread A heart of gold rules their essence Showing love beyond expectation For others, they will run the extra mile No matter the need or cause My hero's name was, Brian No superman or batman was he Just a big brother who championed life With much wisdom for a boy of fourteen Some claimed that Brian was an “old soul” With talents beyond his years From repairing broken wings and things To his genuine commitment to caring For siblings and friends alike He rescued many friends from trouble When adults could not be found Amazing bravery and humility Would shine through many times His math skills were quite impressive We marveled at the tree house he built Where we enjoyed his storytelling and jokes The perfect child, Brian never got a scolding One day I escaped an uncle’s wrath Carried to safety upon his shoulders Walking for miles to a neighbor’s home I admit, at six I was not always sweet After he had made sure I would be fine He returned home to await our parents Assuming they'd be home by then Sadly mistaken, Brian took the punishment for me That unforgetable year, God called Brian home ~*~

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2011

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Sometimes life circumstances force us,
To observe a loved one who has drifted away.
I oft reason why the occasion was thus,
And motivation for his impulse to stray.

Was it unforseen things on life's plate,
Or his inability to endure daily stress.
Whatever his rational I'll never berate,
Placing merit on choices or second guess.

For I journeyed not one step in Joe's shoes, 
Or had to experience firsthand his troubles.
Was it the incubus of Viet Nam I oft muse,
Or did losing children leave life as stubble.

I'll acknowledge he's endured a lot in life,
Albeit much by his own hand's fashion.
The sin of alcohol, war, or matrimonial strife,
Has left family with only love and compassion.

Knowing that lost years can ere be retaken,
Leave just memories framing most days sad.
But love and forgiveness will not be shaken,
For he's still our missing brother and dad.

served four tours in Viet Nam and missing since 1984

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2014

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No pain to bear, a tranquil sleep
  A tender soul now in HIS keep
A smile,  a sigh,  and through it all
  A caring Hand to break a fall

The strength you showed, a champion true
  You soared to heights, not all can do
You asked for naught but simple things
  A love to share, the joy it brings

A final breath and peace at hand
  A night's bright light came to an end
We bid farewell as we embrace
  Each loving memory cannot erase

All seven fold and now less one
  A brother lost but still a son
We hold you dear, just know your blessed
  A gentle soul now laid to rest

Copyright © Pam Connolly | Year Posted 2014

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He’d just turned forty, a happy single daddy
He had sunshine days and his life on track
His two girls and him, he love’s his lit’l family
He would never even think of ever looking back
Cuz’ his two girls were growing  - way to fast

His days were busy, when springtime came calling
He farmed right on through the cold bitter rains
And when the planting season  finally ended
He’d caught a cough he just couldn’t shake by then
And that’s when he called me up

My heart beat fast as I packed my bags 
and  rushed to him
It hit me hard how his face was pale
 and his body thin
He smiled his smile at me and said -  come on in
He said  - brother you’ve got to help me
Cuz’soon my girls will be missing me

I need you to hug and kiss them both for me
Tell’em their daddy loves’em when they scrape their knees
Wipe their tears and tuck them in
Read them stories where the Prince always wins
And when they bring home their first dates
You make a mean face and you tell him straight
To have them home not a minute too late
You just tell him- I’m always watching 
From Heaven

I laid my head there upon his chest
My tears fell hard as he struggled for breath
My shoulders shook and he squeezed my hand
He said, I love you brother and you’re a good man
And I know you’ll be the greatest daddy to them
You just tell them – I ‘m always watching
From Heaven

I raised my head then,  smiled and said
I’ll hug them daily and tuck them in
I’ll tell them stories where the Prince always wins
They’ll know their daddy was strong and brave
And I’ll have fun scaring all their dates
I’ll teach them right and what is wrong
I’ll dry their tears when they hear your song
And when its hard and their missing you
I’ll just tell them- You’ll always be watching
From Heaven

Copyright © Roxann Schumacher | Year Posted 2005

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He has found himself much happier
In a life which no longer dictates
That he must be “himself”.  She would rather
Go by a more feminine name, and I know 
How much more comfortable she is in her
Newfound skin, the one that happened to have
Always been there.  And in every movement,
As she swirls around her girlfriend, like a storm;
The woman who has accepted without question
Every stage of the transformation of her boyfriend
Into her current girlfriend.  The idea of gender
Suddenly does not matter to her.  To either
Of them.  Because, I know what happiness
Looks like, and this love looks exactly like
My very own, the only kind I’ve known.
Because, I also know how often the children of
My generation have found themselves in
Defiance of their parents’ preoccupation
With providing their kin with a better life
A life on their terms of decency and familiarity.
I find we are all much happier
Providing our own definitions
Studying nature as it develops, naturally,
And finding happiness on our own terms
And based upon our own definitions.  

Copyright © Samuel Lee | Year Posted 2015

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        July In the Porch Swing In Kansas
The wind came up first
and it was so sudden
everybody said where did that wind come from?

It sure was a refreshing south wind
but nobody thought nuch
until it got almost so dark
that mama went in and started supper.

We just had lunch grandma said
and then it started hailing
we never saw a hailstone that big
and they bounced
on top of the porch
like God had it in for us all again.

But we just kept swinging
and singing them Roy rogers songs,
and all at once the rain came.
cool and fresh and running down the driveway
to the gravel road and then the pond.

Everything smelled so good.

Bobby grabbed our fishing poles
cause he always knew
where the catfish would be.
and before sunset,
we had enough
catfish for tomorrows dinner.

Grandma cleaned 'em.
Mama cooked 'em.
We all et 'em.
That's whut family's all about.
   © ron wilson arbuthnot
aka veeBdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

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The son born before the last one Father and mother so joyous For they have another son Black and strong, ebony yet porous The darkness that lasts for a night Lasting for a while, it has eclipsed Blood oozes strength lost during the night Morning comes, cold, confused he cried The only word that comes out is the sister's name Bitter pain, angry, furious, mad, infuriated, upset is the son's family, the incident unexpectedly happens Slowly but surely is the next scene, the consequence is clearly set Eyes used to look at pleasant sights now for tear dropping, in tears i drowned mother, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces in uncontrollable mourning because the son is now Nowhere To Be Found....

Copyright © Kaunda Salimu | Year Posted 2013

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The Indian rounds the corner of the room
Seeing the sadness through the eyes of a girl
There are a lot of things about this world that we don't know 
the truth behind humanity the heartbeat of ones last breathe
or the pain one suffers mentally 

I don't even know if people can see the truth
Or if they shut themselves out of the real and into the fake
We all know the fakness of what a human can put off
We all know the sickness one stores inside their skull
Can we all see what's going on? this day I see some that are still blind
 some that are so blind they can not imagine! 

The things one can do
The things one may hide

A life filled with questioning
A life full of hate and despair 
A life of several lies
A life with no reason of existing

A series of depression
A time of regret
A worry of fear 

A fear of ourselves 

An unwritten book with no pen to write with

Voice of reason

Copyright © Shayla Dendinger | Year Posted 2011

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                 Black LOVE

             My head rested
on the pillow of her smooth skin.
She opened the curtains of her being,
My hands slip into indulgence while 
 they explored her expansive dark skin.
With half words she whispered moans,
 followed by screams of passion.
With her shadow I bounded, as she 
swarmed waters of our endless longing passed.

                     Jay Johnson

Copyright © JAY JOHNSON | Year Posted 2008

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          What I would give to see those shining emerald eyes looking at me once more
	                                       To see your young face 	
                                   To see your perfect crooked smile once more

                                 What I would give to have one last hug
                                 To spend just a couple minutes with you
                                    To go back and change the dark past

                                 What I would give to have one more laugh
                                To have one more beautiful memory with you
                  What I would give to say goodbye to your pale, magnificent self	

Copyright © Rachel Hoyt | Year Posted 2013

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Hey Yo plaq is whack
Tell it to get back fast
Infact kick it out
With the arm and hammer
Then finish with floss
For the glits and glamour
Now you are the boss
Of your own teeth and gums
But Ill share my loss
So you'll never lose one

One day my tooth ached so bad I could weep
I recieved my first and last cavity
Oh how my mom and dad were mad at me
Because I didn't do what they asked of me
Now my sis and the whole class laughs at me
Cause all can I eat is easy mac n cheese
and no more sweets like sour patch kids for me
So Listen to your parents, jack and steve
Because you do not want to act like me
And end up with a toothless tragedy

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2012

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The little boy sits by the christmas tree 
Full of light and color
Trying to figure out what all the colors are
He puts his little hands on the ornaments
Trying to see what they are
Feeling them
He steps back and falls over a present
He feels around the box trying to open it
Only seeing alittle 

Mean while on the phone..

his mom is talking to the doctor

"do you think he will be able to see by christmas?" she says
The doctor replies "theres no guarentees, he is 67 % blind, when we did the test with him, he described the color blue as a dark black, and a yellow as a light gray, your son only sees in black and white and im not sure if we can fix that. but we will do our best"

A breathe escapes from her lips as she turns and looks at her son
The doctor explains "his surgery is set for Dec. 7th. be here around 8 am and we will see what we can do, im trully sorry"
He hangs up.

Back in the living room

The boy stands up and walks over to his mom
"mom, have you seen the christmas lights?" he says

She replies "yes sweety i have."

He hugs her leg and says "are they black and white?"

She answers "no sweety" she points to a light bulb on the tree

"this one is blue" she smiles

He grabs the light bulb and repeats "this one is blue" and giggles

She lays him down in his bed as he quickly falls asleep

She sits down on the chair and thinks
"to me. because my son cannot see the beautiful lights and feel the joys of christmas, everything is gray for me. nothing will fill my empty heart"

There are no smiles, when everything is gray, when you cant see the colors of a bright day

Copyright © Orlin Collier | Year Posted 2012

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Losing Someone Written: by Tom Wright 2/23/2016 At times we catch ourselves questioning why That in droves grievous things, appear to come We spend time in prayer then say goodbye While the one we’ve just lost has left us numb We retrace those steps from former days For footprints have remained in each path Shortly, those faded prints at which we gaze Face disappearance in deaths aftermath The footprints we leave at death Reveal not only the size of shoe But filings of our life;

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2016

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This feeling of needing something more is eating me up inside
It keeps washing over me like a tidal wave...there's nowhere to hide
When the icy water of isolation hits my skin,
It leads me back to the same bumpy road again 

Pre-ch: You're calling me insane when you're the one that acts that way
Don't place the blame on me when you have yourself an unpleasant day
Say whatever you need to say
And I'll say what to need to say today 

Ch: Every time I get all nervous,
I juggle thoughts of hope and doubt 
There's no where to hide
I'm having mixed feelings because I was lying to get away from the truth I see
I'm going along with the ride
I'm starting to give up guilt and negativity...since it beat me up pretty badly
There's nowhere to hide...
But I won't be that coward anymore 
There's nowhere to hide...
In vain, I conceal my tears of needing something more
Of needing the one I adore 

You and I hung out with each other and talked about our issues
 You still feel like no one understands you throw your fist at the wall
You and I have this in common - we both misplace our shoes
My heart is made of steel and it's over the love I write and give it my all
You kicked me around like a kid's ball
But I don't mind at all as long as you're feeling satisfied 
I want to cheer you up and there was times when I failed to do so...but there was times when I tried...but I still have the urge to hide...


We all have the insanity that zips through our veins...our minds keep getting caught up in strange lanes 
Zips through our brains...We're pushing towards peace of mind to get through our many pains 
Unsolved mysteries are still on our case
To find the treasure chest, we must keep motivated and embrace grace that hasn't left us without a trace 
I can't believe you don't have a clue that you're special and worthy of praise
My eyes are illuminated by your got me captivated in my craze 
I'm grazing in my dream,
Searching for you and your gleam
In reality, I'm looking for a place to hide
Yet, you're still by my side...


This feeling of needing something more is eating me up inside
I will face my fear of letting go...there's no need to hide...when you're by my side
When the hot wind of disappointment slaps me in the face,
My determination will take a toll on me, I will be the champion to this race! All I have to do is keep a pace that clothes me with vast grace  

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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'Hardy har', laughs the god,
Rushing judgement from afar.
"Only right, is right by me.'
Kills the damned to watch them bleed.

Virtues ruptured; marked abides,
Do make them fight for homicide.
For life is nil until the doom
But death by own shan't make him swoon.

"Your blasted brother to fire he'll go,
For plowing in your heart so slow,
Though blessed thee, your place now safe-
Alas he was slaughtered, cleansing his slate!

But the one, the last of the cycle,
Must pay the dues of his murdering rivals.
His only death is to break the mirror
And hell he'll go for that desire."

Now they smile, the sinners do,
As they look down on the payer's due;
"A heart so warm and soft like dough,
Brother, so sad you must stay below.
If only you had damned before
You were the last, the ultimate cure."

Copyright © Jewel Seuss | Year Posted 2013

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Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

Copyright © Leonard Napierskie | Year Posted 2012

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I did not  the write this and it's just a simple cadence from the Army but the wife of a dear friend
that I served in the Army with called me yesterday to tell me he died of Alcoholism.

In Memory of Sgt Joshua Smith 1st Battalion 75th Inf. 

C-130 rolling down the strip !!
Airborne Ranger gonna take a little trip !!

Stand Up!  
Hook Up ! Shuffle to the door !!
Jump Right out and Count to 4 !!

If my chute don't open wide !!
I got another one by my side !!

If that one should fail me too !!
Look out Hell !! I am coming through. !!

The End.

It isn't much but its' from the heart. We use to say, it wasn't for the money, or the fame, or for our Country, it was for the guy next to you

Copyright © Mark Kelley | Year Posted 2013

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Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand We rise we stand we shine we believe we leave to live Black of luck we rock one blood one desire same history true stories Different tongues one tone Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Source of beauty Fountain of favor Gifted by nature Shaped by the creator Africa we rise Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Mountains and rivers Black and white we stand We all cherish Beasts trek The sun shines Hope rains Africa stands Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand God we treasure Hope we bare Love we share Africa we bare To all we care Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand

Copyright © Rodgers Roger | Year Posted 2013