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A Text

Just a text to say i love you
I cant help it there's nothing i can do.
You are my best friend
And my love for you will never end.
I just want to know if you love me too

Copyright © Louise Reilly | Year Posted 2007

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Appeared Young Laura

Once upon a time in the land of Jack Appeared young Laura, now fancy that Such pride and joy Feel young as a boy The decades that separate us don't mean a whack © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Slow Golf

Golfers ahead were really slow
because their dead balls just wouldn't go
     we offered them beer,
     later we found cheer--
 they stepped aside to let it outflow.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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I search for happiness
But never found it again
Though it will be pursued
It will never be attain

I got lost a long time ago
And I give my heart away
It’s been broken to badly
It didn't mend up till today

She left me alone in the dark
Didn't wait to see if I was alive
alone i suffered everyday waiting
For peace of mind to arrive

And it never did came
I would lookout the window
Asking god to please help me
And just make my misery go

But the goodness in life
Has turns his back on me
And left me stuck in a time
To suffer for eternity

Why she walk out the hospital
Why couldn't she see my pain? 
Didn't she care that she might?
Never see me alive again

Now I’m scared for forever
Domed to face the world alone
Never will find a resting heart
And for ever my soul will roam

My heart is empty 
But fill with love to give
But who is going to love me
A man who’s badly defective

So the long road of life
I must travel without love
I know my mother loves me
That the only love, I’m sure off

I wish to find love again
But afraid to get rejected
Then my heart will be broken
And die when it gets infected

Right now I love some one
And keep it secret
And talk to her everyday
But will never reveal it

Will always keep her in my heart
But can never have her in my life
And I know one day I will die
If she becomes another one’s wife

And through this lonely journey
Will have lots of obstacles
Some times when I get tired
I have an ice cream Popsicle

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2012

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A positive line

Respect and regard, people feel honour as appreciation.
Pleasureness encouraged them to raise explanation.
when you ignore a person means you cut  a support line,
you narrowed a cycle for living, did you draw a positive line?
you realized others you are a person of reserve nature.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2013

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A Limerick To Those Who Can Not Acknowledge The Evolution Of Poetry:

You are witnessing a change in tone,
A new piece of the Rosetta Stone...
It may blow your mind
To find your behind
Has fallen quite far from the throne.

Copyright © Jerry Bear | Year Posted 2010

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This Path we Walk

As we walk like children holding hands , swinging our arms together as we walked slowly through the blanket of the Autumn leaves. The path we walk is as it were never ending .The tall forest trees that lined each side , appeared to funnel off to the distant open sky . Sun now setting leaving a Orange sky that blended with the leaves all about us . That cool evening breeze upon our glowing faces . The whisper of the trees as they swayed in the wind , but the loudest sound of it all was the beating of our hearts . No it was not just the chill of the wind that made our faces glow , it was the love in our hearts that showed. Yes we were children for that moment , full of innocents of a love so pure at heart, a love so true , nothing could tear it apart . A love that memories are made of  and dreams that come true .There is nothing so good as the love you have for me and I for you.
  The path we walk that seemed to go on forever , was actually our love through out our lives ,as we travel together through it.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Limerick: Once a President of Bolivia

Limerick : Once a President of Bolivia

Once a President of Bolivia
Frothed oblanceolate green saliva
Must dream was Ashoka*
On Andes throne Inca
That’s how COCA-cola drug India.

*ASHOKA, b. circa 304 BCE (reigned: 273-232 BCE): King of Magadha,
was the first great commoner Buddhist Emperor
of India which, then, extended from Afghanistan 
to Bengal, and from Nepal to Southern Deccan.
Among his recorded edicts : concern for the peoples’
welfare ; medical attention for the needy ; arboured
thoroughfares ; nomination of officers to oversee
morality and magistrates ; forbade the slaughter of
animals for food or for religious purposes ; required
the reconciliation of all religious tendencies ; wanted
everyone to practice compassion and charity towards
one another and to follow the laws of the Dharma or
Righteousness ; and drew attention to the vanity of
glory and emphasised the supreme aim of Life itself.  

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2013

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Future Prediction for Home Buyers

Forget about mortgage or rent.
These days with our paychecks fast spent,
In the future I see 
The hot question will be. . . 
How much for one BIG sturdy tent?

For Carolyn Devonshire's Contest: Economic Woes Limerick

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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For John Freeman: Godly Limerick

Look at me; I am so successful!
I am nothing save for Jesus' blood!
Have no god before Me
Love God first then your neighbor
If you love Me, serve widows and orphans.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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May I humbly say a word
Why you make my life so hard
Though I pray for your mercy
Never you send returns I see
Is it not quite unfair my Lord

Copyright © Syamala Tadigadapa | Year Posted 2014

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Flesh vs. Spirit

hunger of the flesh , you must protest !!

Oh' this fleshly disaster , what a mess 

maybe just one more slice..

to much could bring a demise 

deny this flesh , wouldn't want to regress

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2010

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Favorite green silk robe Lying in wait for him to come home Dinner is ready The door opens steady Happy he’s finally home * Racing from the car to the door As soon as my shoes hit the floor My heart is capsizing Just now realizing She’s more beautiful than ever before * We’ve finally found our way home We’ll never again be alone Embracing at last Hearts racing fast Every emotion within a single moan
A collaborative limerick by Rachel Egona and Julian Egona

Copyright © Julian Egona | Year Posted 2011

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My Childhood

My childhood
Limicolous nomic but limpid or propper,
Hard lines limb, non violent and passage stopper,  
Vegetarian, nonchalant, compliance or observant,
Prepotent prepositor, jannock jangler and importunate copper.
Metoposcopist, mettled, nonplus politer or politic,
Demonstrator, protagonist, receiver or a fair way to chopper.
My childhood, credible, conceivable or appreciator,
Sagacious, replenish, reprobator and republished hocker. 
My childhood was a joker. 

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2010

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A word in your praise

I love to write a word in your praise.
My weakness is, I like your image,
Blue eyes as wide as an open sky,
As deep as ocean never speaks lie,
Tide roars when moon disturbs craze.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2013

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Letter to Home

When I look around... I See that It's abound
 Whatever it Is... It wants Peace 
 Peace of mind... An everlastingly Bind
 No racketeering... It isn't Blind
 It Sees More than what you see.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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I hiked down to my old fish'in hole
one BIG "Rainbow Trout" was my goal
got nothing but snags
lost a whole jar of eggs
and into the lake went my pole


Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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Happy Ten months to my Katie Bear

A silly poem for my Katie Bear:

Wow, can you believe we've reached month TEN
Would someone be so kind as to hand me a PEN?

For i think it's time to send you a poem filled with LOVE
There's no doubt in my mind your a gift from ABOVE.

I love this girl with all my HEART
That's why it kills me to be APART

So far we've come, just look how much we CARE
Even though i no longer have blue HAIR.

For something has grown, something much DEEPER
as my grandpa says "This one's a KEEPER"

The people at work say "is she the one?"
I just smile and say if she laughs at my pun!

Now i know this is SILLY
and you'll sit and say "REALLY?"

But yes, really, my feelings are TRUE
the only girl i want is YOU

cheers to us, and to many years more
to a love that lasts through rich and poor

To growing old, and in each others arms falling asleep
I'd smile at your slumbering frame as you make not a peep

So one last time, happy anniversary
I promise i'll go buy all of the groceries

Copyright © Brad Worwood | Year Posted 2011

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Impossible to Forget

My life revolves around  him,
Still I am lonely and missing his touch...
I hang on to his every word,
Why do I let him affect me so much?

So absorbed in his own world,
How does he do that so well?
So comfortable in his own skin,
I buy every word he sells

Pull me close then push me away,
He runs into my arms then leaves,
I try to pretend I really don't care,
But I know I wear my heart on my sleeve

I have broken all my own rules,
I know I will eventually regret...
Yet every second hes in my thoughts,
So impossible to forget

Copyright © Jessica Shiver | Year Posted 2011

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Sediments of life

Sediments of life experiences may seem precarious
One’s faith and hope that they may be found meritorious
As one lies six feet underground
The hereafter will only be compound
If the Creator’s judgment finds you sinfully nefarious

Copyright © Mark Goodson | Year Posted 2012

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Determination and Devotion

Determination and Devotion

Was determined with devotion
Chaos created a big explosion
Caused by current campaign 
Each lie and all of the stain
Now we have sadness and emotion.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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the mission

tho my devotion will not shake
so much of me, this mission takes
i give it my all
and pray not to fall
seperating real from the fake

Copyright © Jeremy henderson | Year Posted 2011

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Remains and Residue of Love

56 years. 

Now he lives on the 8th floor, 
she lives on the sixth. 

2 floors, 
two buttons, 
and 20 feet away. 

He travels 
by cane. 

they don't make those things 
out of saw-dust, 
she lives 

2 buttons, 
two floors, 
and 20 feet away. 

Too much momentum 
to spin her attempts, 
he waits for her guide downstairs.

Paces in front of the window each day, 
and when she makes her move, 
he hurries down 
-well, he tries- 
so she won’t assemble outside, 

Always wondered what they talked about, 
perhaps the loss of their only daughter 
thirty years ago. 

perhaps not.

That other day 
she sat alone, 
and I thought 

... he may have just had taken a nap... 
and as she rested there waiting, 

she joined him, 
in the only way she could.

Copyright © Angie Mae | Year Posted 2006

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Especially My Naughty Parts

The ladies all love me, well, they they love my parts Have to fend them off with a stick, their love's off the charts No big surprise With my two crossed eyes And a body to die for especially my large naughty parts

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Don't Cheat

Michael had a problem, he watched a lot of porn.
So he decided to be spontaneous and buy himself a 
"More," said Michael as the prostitute made him lunch
"Next time you shouldn't shave because I like to carpet,"
Bunching up her panties and throwing them away.
Michael cheated on his wife and kids that's not ok.

Copyright © Daniel Whitson | Year Posted 2016

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Lovers live to hate

A hot steamy, winter day.
Made two hateful lovers stray.
For together they were apart.
But, apart they lived with dead hearts.
They were visible by the fade. 

With a final blow, they forever killed.
The contained blood, spilled.
They hated to love.
They admitted this was undreamed of.
Together they emptied a cup by getting it filled.

Because they were only attracted by pushing away. 
Those two hateful lovers did stray.
By looking the other away they faced each other. 
They choose to love than hate the rather. 
So they both lived to kill today.

Copyright © Kristenna Gaylord | Year Posted 2011

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Wife No 5

After Amal-Ahmed-al-Sadah 
took a bullet meant for Sheik Osama’s 
head; said wife number five: 
“He’s gotta stay alive 
to watch TV in his pajamas.”  

Copyright © John Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Bed Wetting Hubby

Sleep like a wee baby most every night At times wet the bed, oh my, whatta a sight Cathie spanks my bum Found it kinda fun But still loves her bed wetting hubby despite

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Trust and Listen:

He's beside me when I'm lonely.
He hears me when I cry.
This lonesomeness inside me; often times, it's hard to hide.
Hush now don't you worry.
Please wipe those tears away.
Tis I who stands beside you, each night and everyday.
Know I have always been there.
Not once were you alone.
Twas I whose walked beside you, wherever you may roam.
Tis I whose voice your hearing.
The one who guides those home, whenever they are lost.
Please hush now don't you worry.
Please wipe those tears away.
His voice I trust and listen, for it never fades away.
Those words they bring me comfort, each night and everyday.
Please now, won't you listen?
For these words he's had me write:
He is there when you are lonely.
He has always heard your cries.
The lonesomeness inside you; yes he knows, it's hard to hide.
Please now, won't you listen?
Put aside your foolish pride.
Open up your heart to hear him and all he has to say.
Don't you know he stands beside us, each night and everyday.
It is him whose always been there.
Not once were you alone.
Twas him whose walked beside you, wherever you had roamed.
Tis his voice you have been hearing.
The one who guides us home, whenever we are lost.
Know he will always hear you, even when you think he won't.
Hush now don't you worry.
Please wipe your tears away.
His voice; if one trusts and listens, will never fade away.
Let his words now bring you comfort, each night and everyday.

Copyright © theresa foley | Year Posted 2012

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The Wonderfullest

My brain... it's one of the most wonderfullest Don't like to brag but gonna open it to tourists So they can observe How I manipulate words Will bamboozle all you literary purists

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016