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The religious prostitute

Our religious institutions 
Are now filled with spiritual prostitution
Worshiping dollar bills
Instead of the one whose blood spilled.
Preachers administer biblical laxatives
Making many thin
Where is the Holy Spirit? 
Who is supposed to shine within?
There is Accountability 
And Responsibility
When your flocks is left emaciated,
Emotionally raided
But you’re afraid you’ll be hated.
The word of God is sharper than any two edged sward
If you eat the real gospel great will be your reward
Complicated the living word that is simple
Afraid the sheep won’t leave with dimples.
Ear tickling messages burning in flames
When you were supposed to bring Gods name fame
The truth hurts.
Hurt me with the truth!
Eternity is a long time to suffer for my youth.
Hypnotically medicated
By an enemy who is dedicated
Did you ever really give God your all?
Did you really answer his call?
The assignment rest in the makers hands
And, yes there are spiritual demands.
Everyone these days is offended
I rather you offend me now
Cause the word says every knee, 
Every knee will bow!
You’re Hungry with in
Because you worship your sin
Looking everywhere but to the king
Ruler over everything.
Many cry into the wind
Pride stops you from confessing your sin
The wages of sin is death,
Do you know if you get a next breath?
The waves are crashing
 The earth is groaning
Masses are roaming.
The rain longs to wash it away
But only you can choose life today. 

BY: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2015

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Who Do You Say I Am

Who Do You Say I Am?

Who do you say I am, and who am I to you?
Is the resurrection so very important to you?
Am I such a genius in my deeds, so futuristic, 
That you cannot vindicate me by them? 
The Roman government felt threatened by me, 
Because I had medical techniques in my hand, 
For all for the first time, such that I did stand. 

Jesus never called himself god ever, 
Not ever, in any way at all;
But believed in societal stability so much, 
That he considered the government officials sane, 
To judge and do with him as they saw fit, 
So as to reconstruct their land as best they could, 
Such that their allegation that he was god stood. 

When Jesus replied to Caiaphus the Roman judge, 
Upon the question concerning whether or not he was god, 
He just said “You said it,” your term, not mine, 
Yours is the discernment, and not my frown; 
And when he asked Peter “Who do you say that I am?” 
He only reckoned that a personal view was inevitable, 
When there’s such a fracas all around, a kerfuffle. 

Who Jesus is today doesn't matter any more, 
And who the living Christ is to you has no importance, 
Since Jesus is dead and not relevant;
But it may help to know who he was back then;
He was a doctor who treated the sick,
Those in need rather than those who had money, 
Such that he made life and their lives a lot more sunny. 

          Common English Bible used.

Piece for Richard Lamoureux’s Contest, Who do you think I am?, September 2015

Title of poem: Imagine if you can 
Lne: My Savior brings such comfort to me

I believe that you believe in Jesus, Richard, as your saviour, so who you are will partly be about who Jesus is, so my poem talks about Jesus. I think that understanding Jesus is different from being religious and going to church, and that the truth about Jesus can be worked out historically, given a certain amount of thought. As long as who Jesus was is with the church, you’ll always be a dreamer maybe, but I believe that anyone can read the Bible or the Gospels for themselves, without contemporary church dogma in mind, and get an apparently clear view of him using an historical context. Jesus the man never existed but a medical man must've if we are to respect literary integrity. I think his death and his own view of himself pertain to the problem, and would enable politicians and teachers to stop bad Christian fundamentalism and to stop the spread of the Islamic State. But can I just say and remind people that I am an atheist.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Two People

Two people walking side by side. One has her umbrella up to repel the rain. The other is soaking up the drops.

Two people walking side by side. One who stops to smell the coffee and the freshly baked bread. The other who rushes by the coffee shoppe wishing later they would have stopped and ate.

Two people walking side by side. One stops to place a quarter in the homeless man's hand. The other one drops a twenty dollar bill and doesn't even go back to pick it up.

What are their similarities? What are their differences? What motivates the one person to love her neighbor and the other to walk on by? It is all in how you interact with your Creator. It is all in how you purposely do unto others!

Don't be the second person in this poem. Be the first. Be the one who leads others by living an example of love. Be the one who opens the door for a complete stranger and the one who gives a drink of water to the man sitting out in the summer heat. Be the one who doesn't ask questions, but offers a solution to their moment of bad luck. Be an earth mover and an earth shaker and shake the earth with love!

gwendolen rix

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2015

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Famous Last Line

Walking Away

There was a good job offer in Chicago, but I was forced to say no, because it interfered with my goals. There was a position rejection at my place of employment, and I decided my best move was to leave. I took my heart and soul to build a church in Mississippi, but failed and departed disappointingly.
I once faced ‘a fork in the road’ in which one direction was paved with freshness and remember when’s. I looked long and struggled emotionally, and nearly took the path that was also paved with lots of pain. Making right choices isn’t always the easy  way; but if the way is wrong, the only choice is to walk away.
Situations of ‘let downs’ and ‘put downs’ seemed to be ‘the story of my life’ for much of my life. In spite of disappointments, our lives can still be a happy one of service and fulfillment. Let come what may, and let say what will; at the end of the day, it’s best to walk away.
Sure, I walked away from things, and my decisions seemed the best for me and family. But I have no real regrets, because through it all, life has been good; and God is good too. But I cannot imagine how things would have been, had I not chosen appropriately to walk away. Cj12142015(contest PS)

Famous Last Line

But I cannot imagine how things would have been, had I not chosen appropriately to walk away. In '92, my life became a sacrifice, and I quickly stepped aside, never seeking position or recognition. There were emotional pains and no self gains; The wounded had to be attended to; important things had to be done, but in the midst of the important, priority was of the essence.  It would take time for healing, but the great physician was indeed making house calls for those who would dare take His medicine.*

I found solace from the radio.  One afternoon, I heard a song over the radio that immediately took my mind back more than 20 years.  It was a sweet memory and ‘a great mental and emotional get away’. The song was entitled, “Maybe It Was Memphis”;  a song about two young people telling about how they met and how right it was. On this particular day, it was a country song that did the job for me.
040108 ( Edited and condensed 2/26/2016 for PS Contest, “Famous Last Line”, and posted 02272016*Leadership Crisis at a Church

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Sad Dismissal of Secularists

Yesterday, on the 20th of March 2016 on the BBC,
On The Andrew Marr Show about politics weekly,
I did see Ian Duncan-Smith, government member,
Say something that upset me, I do remember.

“I am not morality, I leave that to church men.” 
But can't anyone decide what makes you a christian?
I understand evolution, and that gives me values, 
Sets standards and boundaries for thanks and dues. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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Another Sermon

They're talking again about gossips, compromisers and back stabbers, 
Every month or so something's said about them 
Do we not know by now what a bad personality is?

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Reflections From What We Do

Because we all are teachers we have an opportunity to hold many a hand...
And perhaps you are where you are because God has had it planned.

Through your words and actions a life may find a light...
And because of your simple actions that life may turn out right.

Our words and actions may mean little to us you know...
But a word properly spoken may help a struggling person finally wake up and grow.

Because you are where you are the future may rest upon your hand...
And maybe you are where you are because all along God has had it planned.

So each day prepare and give your best...
And commit your actions to God and He'll do the rest.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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pious teachers of the god of this world
blinded to their master’s rallying cry 
adversarys of light righteously aglow  
preaching heresy to an hungred hearts
veiling the threshold of right vs wrong,
purveyors of lessons yet good and evil
reaching out to churchgoers itchy ears
nourishing repetitious unorthodox lies
preaching the gospel of Satan’s dreams
betraying an untaught wretched throng,

disciples of direful evangelical myths
of witnessed healings dancing in pews
authoring truths quietly misconstrued
offering up their required faithful tithe
leading untold masses to tag along,
self-ordained ministers of the unsaved
preying on unchurched minds athirst 
disguising a fraudulent salvation plan 
of crossing over from life unto death
convincing humanity to just go along,

cussed souls of old marked for death
devising the destruction of mankind
ancient demoniacal outcasts denied,
corrupt messengers of fervid desire
bidding all to sing their swan song,

embedded spies of a dream deferred
invoking sermonic anathematized lies 
apostolic assassins, devourers of men
together writhe in death’s final throes
into the fiery pit wherein they belong.

 © Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2017