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Introspection Cat Poems | Introspection Poems About Cat

These Introspection Cat poems are examples of Introspection poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Introspection Cat poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Epigram |

White Cat

What of this pregnant white cat?
Her dirty fur a smudge
Against the snow's crisp canvas,
She mews at my door for milk.
A stranger to me, she appeared
Without express invitation,
And now, she lingers like a cold.
This cat is an embarrassment.
Like friends whom I feed
Because I lack strength
To turn them away.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2011

Details | Haiku |

Cat And Mouse Game

Cat types words all day
Mouse cleverly wipes away
It's a cat/mouse game

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |

What I Want

(Another old, slightly tweaked Childhood Poem)

What I want
    is to wake up in the morning
    with the light of the sun
    in my eye -
What I want
    is to perk up a little --
    to try my wings, 
    and to fly...
What I want
    is a snug, warm nook --
    just a modest cot
    and a purring cat...
What I want
    is a calm quiet heart
    unaffected by quarrel
    or by sob or by sigh...
What I want
    is a place of peace,
    an occasional visit
    from just a few friends...
What I want
    is a warm embrace,
    a meaningful chat,
    a regretful goodbye.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Three Souls

One was a child 
so sweet and mild
Voice of a bell 
to ward off hell

One was a bell
with a crystal chime
To comfort the cat
and make the earth shine
Two was a cat
With a mysterious past
A dark view of the world
And a horrible wrath

Two was a mind
as dark as night
To protect the doll
That could not see the light

Three was a doll
With a broken soul
A shattered heart
With eyes a black hole

Three was a rose
Of pure white
Covered in thorns
As black as night

Copyright © Sarafiel Light | Year Posted 2011

Details | Verse |


I sit here, you see, a cat on my knee, and pen, which I like to keep near. I hope, you will see, how hard it will be to pluck a few lines from thin air. I sit here, you see, I want to be free to find a few words, which will rhyme. I make this great plea, oh where can they be? I wait as the Muse takes her times. I fret here, you see, with cold cups of tea; I look and I gaze and I stare. So, here I will be, the cat and just me, but NOT with some verse - I can share. ~
For David's One to One Competition. (Using words with only one syllable.) 1/27/2013 Not Placed.

Copyright © Charles Clive | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


                                             A mouse tries to save
                                           Life is very precious one
                                                A cat keeps silence

Note:- Politicians keep silence 

Copyright © BL DEVNATH | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

For Pippa

I can't tell you 
the joy
this cat has brought into my life.
She is curled up now,
curled up in my lap
dreaming of immortality...

We sit in the sun -
me looking through the binoculars
at an ambulance
rushing to some fatality...

  December 1988

Copyright © Jabber Wocky | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


When the ether settles
and fortune bellows
and eastern stars make haste
to rise
Says one cat to the other's jazz
let not the crystal trade your
For growing roads like trees
or babes
a constellation mayn't foretell
Like ore, a mineral deposit found,
such plaster curves
and muscles drive.
The cat with jazz then
made aware, did leave his iron
bars aside
And south by east
the stars they ride.

Copyright © Aron Jacob | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Man or Mouse or Dog or Cat

Man or Mouse,
                      or Dog or Cat

There’s something queer about my cat,
she’ll not chase mice… I smell a rat.
A cat that will not chase a mouse
should not be welcome in my house.

Not every dog will chase a cat,
though most of them will chase a rat.
A dog of course lives just to please,
and chew on bones, and scratch it’s fleas.

But cats, well they’re a different breed,
they please themselves in every deed.
They know exactly what they’re at,
we live for them, ‘cause they’re a cat.

But dogs chase cats and cats chase mice,
no, nature really isn’t nice.
But not my cat, she’s far too wise
to waste her time for such small prize.

I really shouldn’t keep a cat
who won’t chase mice from where they’re at.
But what the hell, when all is done,
to kill a mouse can’t be much fun.

My cat’s taught me a thing or to,
in doing things ‘she’ wants to do.
Not doing things that aren’t much fun
because that’s what is always done.

So dog or cat, or man or mouse,
let’s be the master of our house.
And furnish it with all we find
that gives us comfort in our mind. 

Ivor G Davies

Copyright © Ivor Davies | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Cheshire Cat Smile

Both black and white
Kittens wearing pink
Mittens, sit playfully,
While facing the
Enchanted mirror
To their great surprise,
Those lovely kitten eyes
Witness a paper tiger
Appearing in the mirror
With a great big 
Cheshire cat smile
Then, asking, who
Are you

Copyright © Gregory Golden | Year Posted 2008

Details | Free verse |

alley cat

once there was a girl
with big green eyes
yet before the sun
was fully seen,
(big surprise) someone
unfurled the girl-
what more- what poor
poor innocent soul
who suffered the toll
some body stole.
how sweet it was-
remeet me cuz
i'm gone. so smart
such great potential-
starving artist (seemingly
essential) make me
what you want to
see; i'll be whoever,
i'll do it with glee,
(when i cannot see)
i trust you- you
lust me- i'm confused 
until you teach me,
burst in, breaching my
little brim. no matter,
come in! come in!
it isn't i who commits
the sin-
not i, i couldn't even see in.
so much for growth, the
more sparks, the more it
distorts- creates distinct
pieces. stored in creases of
my skin oblivious, content
with the innate terror.
i'm a blinking VACANCY- what
you see __ whatever you
please. sit, stay- shut up & 
lie complacent; don't cry-
don't choke on the chain. nothing
in life is fair- come one- come
all, ride this- ride that
(all the while he sat,
cleaning himself like an
alley cat)

Copyright © rachel hart | Year Posted 2008

Details | Narrative |

Peri-Gonvre'(The Last of the Nerd who passed on)PART 1

Somewhere in the distant hill
lies a dilapidated old house that might give one chill
An old gentleman and his lady fare
were loners of life because they were the only ones there
Protecting a little child-teen of 13
A lonely  nerd or nebbish boy who only dreamed
to make friends with the outside but his inner self hide
the longings of a boy who was too bashful to confide
his parents took him from school because his
school-mates called him an Ugly and a Fool
Together,as three,they lived in this mansion ennui
The tales that can be told of this existence that
has kept them a Dead and one Cold
The Father took him Fishing(out back Yard there is a Hole)
to catch a big one-in their imagination mind-it is only a small peace
that both of them could ever find
Peri-Gonvre,the lad's name..that his school mates mocked LAME
All through the house,a child's laughter that scares away the most
disgusting cat or mouse
Both hands,left and right,has only two fingers each,that God made right
The attic above the 2nd story hall can only fit him because it is
5 inches too small(The Father-KinMen,designed it to be as confining as
the fireplace against the Stone Brick Wall)
Peri-Gonvre uses the room for his 'scape,from the island New England
that wanted to rape:the very spirit and the life of this like
sitting against the darkness,his eyes drifted far from the mortal Pike
SILVIA the feline little kitten coddled up next to him in this lonely Prison
She is the only cat to be allowed,
brighten up his disposition(disperse that iluminnescent Black Cloud)
Angel of the nightly SKY is first to shine upon the loneliness Guy

Copyright © Brad Travers | Year Posted 2007

Details | Blank verse |


new cat pee on my old
skinny clothes
and I’m so mad I can’t breathe
at the cat and me
wondering if I should give up the dream
the skinny-hope that I find stuffed in
pants-drawers, and at the back of my
make-shift closet

I wonder if there’s anger trapped
in the fat of my ass 
I wonder what I’ll find is inside of me
if I lose the mound under my  stomach
above my thighs

a few months ago
I went on a diet of poverty
I caught myself in the mirror
and my mother stared back at me

I moved as fast as I could
out of that apartment
to a new town where being poor
doesn’t mean I’ll be thin again

and no one remembers 
who I used to be

Copyright © Alisa Starr | Year Posted 2006

Details | Rhyme |


I look at your face, and I see:
A smile and a shy.
A girl and a grin.

I look at your hair, and I see:
A wave and a wish.
A cat and a crest.

I look in your eyes, and I see:
A twinkle and a tear.
A sparkle and a sad.

I look for your love, and I see:
Afraid and a friend.
A trade and a trend.

I look at your life, and I see:
A laugh and alone,
And a boy who's your own.

I look at my face, and I see:
A smile and a grin.
A girl and I'm shy.

I look at the sea, and I hear:
A wave and a crest.
A cat and a wish.

I look through my eyes, and I see:
A twinkle in the sand.
A sparkle in a tear.

I look for your love, and I seem
Afraid of a friend.
I trade for amends.

I live for your look, and I see:
A laugh on your own,
And a boy who's alone. 

Copyright © Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

Cat Tales

His tongue slurps over the hair.
He grinds his teeth in sometimes
While kneading and purring.
The hair is everywhere now.
A clump rests over his eye.
I pick it off
As he looks at me 
With strange olive eyes.
He lays down yet once more,
Done for the day.
Nothing to think of,
No bills to pay,
No deadlines to meet.
By habit, he decides
When to sleep
And when to eat.
Those eyes look at me again.
How strange we humans must 
Look to him.
We rush, we work, and never play.
We eat and sleep when
Our jobs permit...
Never done for the day.
We have one life to get it right,
And yet, he has nine.
He came to me with his toy.
He wants to play...
I think I'll cancel that appointment.

Copyright © Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom | Year Posted 2008

Details | Villanelle |

Not only the cat

When curiosity consumes the mind
and thoughts are captured in a moment’s glance,
to trade control for instinct unrefined

is wandering through feeling’s forest, blind
to where it leads. I never can advance
when curiosity consumes the mind

for in that journey, part is left behind - 
the part that knows the perils of romance!
To trade control for instinct unrefined

allows the truth to find me intertwined
among the waves of some forgotten dance
when curiosity consumes the mind.

In bending so, this life becomes confined,
and purposeful transforms into mere chance;
to trade control for instinct unrefined,

forget they are within myself combined, 
will blur the right, the negative enhance:
when curiosity consumes the mind,
to trade control for instinct unrefined.

Copyright © Tracy Decker | Year Posted 2006

Details | Blank verse |

Dedicated 2 T-Cat

I can still hear your words ring.....
Those tears I cried when I heard of your departure...
You left us T-Cat and you deserved every reason to...
Memories of your laughs,
Your smiles,
The small gifts you gave at Christmas...
How Uncle Mike would glow with you by his side...
You would say...
All we have is our memories,
The diamonds that will forever reflect colorful light into our hearts....
I remember when I saw you....
You were sooooo proud of me...
I got the chance to kiss my T-Cat...
I told you to be strong...
You told me to take care...
I didn't know it would be the last time I'd say goodbye...
You said goodbye to this world...
Hello to a new morning....
And even though you're no longer here..
We still can smell your flowers...

Copyright © Thaddeus Mitchell | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |

looking out my window

I look out my window
On the parking lot 

And see the mad cat
That lives underneath the apartment house

And look out at the park
Thinking of taking a walk

The cat looks at me
Kindred spirits perhaps
Retired waiting to die

Copyright © jake aller | Year Posted 2017