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Inspirational Graduation Poems | Inspirational Poems About Graduation

These Inspirational Graduation poems are examples of Inspirational poems about Graduation. These are the best examples of Inspirational Graduation poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Woman's Prayer

I pray not for power or place, only for the 
simple grace to look my neighbors in the face.
I seek not for silver or gold but only for the peace of God that brings
contentment to the soul.
I pray for the devotion and virtue of Ruth.
For the wisdom to take kindly the counsel of years and 
gracefully surrender the things of youth.
For the courage of Esther I pray as before the king she 
stood that day.
Father, give me a will and heart to be all you created me to be, and prosper 
my hands to your work accordingly. 
I pray that my life be an example of Proverbs thirty-one. 

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure | Year Posted 2011

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Message to Mom on Graduation Day


   words cannot express how I feel right now....
   I just want to thank you for all you have done for me....
   I do not know where I would be today....
   if you where not there as my crutch when I needed you most....
   you are the most understanding & caring person in the world....
   to have and to love as a mother....
   I thank my prayers from the good Lord up above....
   for the prayers that were answered for the man I have become today....
   I wish all parents were as supportive as you have been to me....
   to talk when we need too stay quiet when we need too....
   thank you for the life you have given me....
   and the direction that you have led me in....
   I will cherish all the memories, advice, & love you have given me....
   forever and always....
   Thank you
   I love you Mom.
   I love you.

Kevin Ryan Hansen
Revised 10/12/06

Copyright © kevin hansen | Year Posted 2006

Details | Light Poetry |


I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |

Middle School Graduation 2014

This is my time to shine,
To live a life that is mine.
This is my time to glow,
And let my true feelings show.
This is my time to cry,
To laugh, and to sigh. 
This is my time, 
And only mine.
I won't let it pass me by,
Like a fading star in the midnight sky.
This is my time.

Copyright © Brianna Parsons | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Graduation of 2014

Fireworks, like gunshots, 
Make great and astounding sound
Congrats, GRADS! Good luck!

Crowds of commotion 
Party like no tomorrow
Happy, HARD future!

Happiness and cheer
Overflow in everyone
I'm simply...in awe! C-x

Grand Graduation! 
Totally cool seniors - RAD!
Sad to see them go . . . .... . . ... ..  . . . . .

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


I cant read and write can somebody teach me,you tell young people like me that education is the key,I want it,I need it can somebody show me,theres a million things on my mind like who i wanna be but without education there is no me.Its been running heavy on my mind like 1+1 and 3×3 but a young person like me cant count because I been thuggin it out here in these streets,if i told you i was a mastermind would you believe me,right right is what they all say to me,Im not a dummie or a fool dont try to rule me because I dont have an education you think you can fool me.Education,education is what i hear from the hours of 6 to 3.My momma and my daddy keep preaching to me about "child go get an education and graduate for me,now that im in school there isn't a thing you can tell me,I can read,I can write wow I even know my abc's.Education is the number one thing you should have when tryin to survive in these streets because without that knowledge you will get ruined out here in these streets always remember that education is the key

Copyright © karisse stelus | Year Posted 2014

Details | Verse |

That Girl

Everyone thinks they know that girl. At 
least they think they do. 
You know that girl that makes everyone 
laugh, and is a class clown. Who used 
to be a star athlete. And had everything 
going for her.
Yeah that girl that everyone thinks they 
She became homeless at the age of 16 
due to a house fire.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
Yet that girl is still laughing away and 
making everyone laugh, but isn't the 
same inside, No, Something inside of 
her changed they way she felt.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
She became mentally ill, she was 
diagnosed with major depression and 
bipolar disorder. She was always under 
medication, so you never knew what 
side of her you where going to get.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
No one knew how much she hated 
hearing sirens go off, or how she 
couldn't stand seeing fire trucks. She 
struggled living her life daily.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
She lost her closes friends cause she 
shut them out and nearly lost them all.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
From what I hear it's been 3 years 
since the fire and that girl is barely 
getting her sight of her future back.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
She is talking to her lost friends again, 
but just isn't the same for her, so she 
has to make new ones. Which means 
she has no one.
Yeah that girl everyone thinks they 
She is happier now and is looking 
forward to graduating and moving on 
from this chapter of her life and letting 
How do I know so much of her?, well 
"that girl" is me.Yeah that girl that 
everyone thought they knew. 
But im fine now. Sure I have my 
downfalls, but I still get up and smile. 

Copyright © Laura La Quay | Year Posted 2013

Details | Bio |

The Difference

The Difference There was once a young little boy. He came from a very poor family. He went to school dressed very poorly. His teacher admired him. His grades were the best that she had seen, but the other kids made fun of him. That did not bother him. One day things started to change. his feelings and his problems - he kepted to himself. His grades started to fall and the teacher notice that. She asked him what was wrong? He said - my mother is very sick and there is no hope for her. This has broken my heart. His grades dropped lower and he started missing school. One week went by and he didn't show up. His teacher went to see him and found out that his mother had died. His father was drinking heavy and had no time for him. He told her - I have no one. The teacher said - you have me. Go back to school and i will helpe you bring up your grades. She gave him a kiss and a hug. He told her - you remind me of my mother. Everyday after school, the teacher and him studied hard. Very soon his grades came up. Then Christmas came. All the kids brought presents for the teacher. He too brought her two little gifts and very humble told her - these are for you. The teacher opened them up. One was a bracelet that was missing some stones. The other was a bottle of perfume that was half full. All the kids in the class room laughed, but the teacher put them on and gave him a hug and told him - thank you. He smile and said - now you smell like my mother. After that, the teacher kept helping him and he studied very hard. he finished High school and invited his teacher to his graduation. Then he went off to college. Again on his graduation he invited his teacher. she went. she just had to be there. He told her - thank you for making a difference in my life. If it wasn't for you - I would not be here today. The last that was heard - the teacher got a last invitation. This time it was for his Wedding. She was going, she would not miss this for the world. The invitation said - my Wedding wouldn't be the same if I couldn't have you by my side. You have made the difference in me...
03/17/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

My Future

My future shines like the rays of the sun
brings my inner power to the outside
and even though I just lost a battle
(a battle of ignorance, not stupidity)
it makes me happy to still be alive
and to understand the choices I have made

Change is at the door, challenging me
now that the time has come
and for myself and my dear family
(the ones I love very much)
I am taking the inevitable 
of a better future I am capable

My future shines like stars in a clear night
dressing my wife, children and I
dressing my brother, parents, loved ones
(real family and friends)
in elegant clothes for the event of our lives
a graduation from the lessons learned

Responsible I am of my own mistakes
of my unlimited passion and blind pride
however there is something I can recognize
(because that is the final point)
I was not born knowing it all
therefore, in ignorance I was wrong

My future smiles at my present, offering ...
a new alternative, a new way in a new place
a place where all my children can play
(where we are finally going to stay)
surrounded by ideal conditions at home
where everything makes sense after all!

Carlos Mongrut

Copyright © Carlos Mongrut | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |



Your Family has raised you
Your Creativity has led you.
Your Determination has held you
Your Work has lifted you
Your Friends have been with you
Your school will remember you

You have made memories and friendships to always hold
You have made your life and it has made you  
You have become more and you will become more again.
You have been part of the past and you are now a part of the future
You have been one of many but you are still unique
You have depended on others and others will come to depend on you

Never forget you can still seek advice or extend a helping hand
Never forget that you can make things better but cannot change everything
Never forget that paths will change and may again cross
Never forget to use your strengths and never give up
Never forget mistakes happen and never forget to forgive
Never lose your courage or fail to get back up again
Never forget to continue to strive, hope, pray, and be happy

Remember there are still lessons to be learned and mountains to be climbed
Remember there are still fears to overcome and dreams to be dreamed.
Remember we Salute your future endeavors and… We Salute You.
Remember you are uniquely you
Remember: You are our sons and daughters… And 
Remember: You are loved true.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |

Last Time Forever

A mother’s loving look at her newborn child,
Never able to relive that moment again.
For it’s the last time forever.

Walking into kindergarten for the first time,
Feeling so alone and afraid, don’t fear
For it’s the last time forever.

Kneeling in prayer as you are born again,
Living as a sinner no longer,
For it’s the last time forever.

Walking across stage on graduation night,
Nervous because it’s your last few steps as a “child”,
For it’s the last time forever.

Praying to God to help you jump the hurdles,
Seeing prayers being answered, never doubt
For it’s NOT the last time forever.

Copyright © charlotte jordan | Year Posted 2007

Details | Questionku |


Vanity Upon Vanity

Morning arrives...
Evening takes over
Can't the day stops changing?

Mother born you...
You gave birth to us
Where are your ancestors?

Graveyard here calls...
Your family now run
Why do they stop to love?

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Blank verse |

Graduation Day

On this your graduation day, let it be said that pride is

just one of many things felt

This day is set aside to acknowledge all the many

Accomplshments you have achieved

As you walk across the stage, look back and smile.

Look ahead, knowing that whatever path you take,

You are never alone.

For you take a piece of those left behind with you.

So smile, laugh, and cry knowing where ever you go

And whatever you do, we are always with you

Copyright © caroline mackey | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |


Show me who you are and i shall paint out broken columns on the valleys of her back as if such figure is un-common
i have found no beauty bending as the vines that are her hair and the frailty of man upon her back is what she bares
bleed her body for the harvest let them feast upon her soul for the nurishment of mother is leaps beyond so bold
she is like the flower growing in the deepest of dark forests,amongst the ivy and hemlock but her skin is much too porous
to concern herself with games that tantalize the men, as they marry on crusade it is her children that she tends
sheath your swords with her ambition and tip your arrows with her will, craft your armour from her strength and in the battle you will kill
come now children from the pasture and lay each upon her side, suckle gently at your mother although theirs pain she does not hide
though the water leaks from rooftops her leaves are thick and block the rain, as the water level rises cling to her branches with no shame
she is the stone upon the beach, once a mountain pound and breached
yet still her disposition clear to love her children that are near

inspired by Roots Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

OF a Tree, Thee, and an Angel's Fee

Force feed me the taste of your skin

‘You will have to break my chastity belt wide open now
for I have sold myself into silent slavery to this ….our universal broken heart

even you will have to try hard……to save me now

I cannot recall your sounds…your hand motions 
as they devoured the subtle softness of me 
drew round my curvaceous places in curling ownership
intimacies’ sweetest embrace 

But too…you move to me 
with a ferocity that mowed the grass down  to a short golf course length 
from the living room table where you drew it happening… a hundred years ago

The length of your hair too has been a subject of much debate 
that surging heavenly song...that told our story so well
like that movie from long ago about the girl who cut off and sold her hair to buy her love a golden watch fob and chain …the one who sold his golden watch to buy her a beautiful clip pin for her gorgeous long hair 
………………………………..you see how this goes …with true love

We cut off our noses and then turn backs on our faces 
and on each other on Facebook 

Itself the enemy…where only devils and the luckiest of angels spread

Tread on me beloved!
till I am awakened 
to our lips 
 which just now in writing I suddenly can feel meeting again

the salted brine of your pure water and sometimes beer soaked self

Is it me you feared 
as you said Good bye?

How little you know me 

like the formation of the first ever green tree grows up one limb at a time 
from a base long song of deep roots and strong center...so beautiful the Hosts stagger before its creation ….Halleluiah
The limbs sprouting forth like the wings bursting out of the flesh of the first angel 
who died in agony as they were formed….exploding from his shoulders
moving her hair aside as the arch of wing thrust like white tree limb from the goodness within
and the reincarnation of true kindness was born to the conscious of itself

so my love knows no limit 
my soul no separation
and my being no longing

Copyright © Ingrid Showalter Swift | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

A Heartbeat Away

I’ve watched you for so long and from so far away 

I never meant to leave you i wanted to stay 

But the choice wasn’t mine and i had to go 

I’ve watched over the years our family grow and grow 

Our sons first day at school i watched with such pride 

I saw the tears that you shed that you could not hide 

I saw it all from so far away 

Never missing a moment never missing a day 

Our daughter’s graduation i watched out of view 

And as the years passed by i never stopped loving you 

For I’ve never moved on I’ve stayed frozen in time 

I’ve watched you grow older more lovely still mine 

But don’t feel lonely because every single day 

I’ve been beside you just a  heartbeat away 

Our children are grown up now with their own family ties 

I know you still grieve me my love i hear your solitary cries 

I go back to the day you holding me crying 

As i lay in your arms my life ebbing away-dying 

But fear not love for your time grows near 

Hold back your tears and hold back your fear 

For we shall soon be once again together 

Bathed in gods golden light forever and ever

Copyright © stan bridge | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |


as we come to another June it's the season of graduations
a time to celebrate our children for fulfilling their educational obligations

be it from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, junior or senior high
tis the season of promotion a time to look towards the sky

as parents we are so proud of all your achievements and accomplishments
and we thank the Lord Our God for you are the gifts to us He sent

to the children we know that you're so glad it's over 
and you're ready to jump and shout
but as parents we will take as many pictures as we want 
when those degrees and diplomas are handed out

CONGRATULATIONS!! to all our graduates from the biggest to the small
and not to rain on your parade just remember it starts all over again next fall

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |


I have spend three to four years with you, my friends,
Together we enjoy life as if it would never end.
But times will never be the same,
And God had not promised a constant day.

In our life, we must always venture the unknown,
Face the challenges and overcome our foes.
God had not promised a clear blue sky,
But He had always promised strength and light.

Our road of success is always near,
We'll reach it if we only try.
No matter how rugged and steep it is,
With faith and hope, we will survive.

See the world with our eyes and heart.
Listen to the wind of each passing day.
Know in this world that we have a wonderful part.
Give the world our everlasting love.

That's what make us deserving studenrs,
For the diploma that we will gain in the end.

Copyright © Krislyn Panugayan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Blank verse |

The World Is My Dinner Plate

The world is my dinner plate
my wilderness school
there are many varities 
of dishes laid out for me
to swallow
to chew
to spew
many things to choose
oh, the lessons are many
and not all fun
the Lord has a since of humor
sometimes not
but, I find the world can be hot
and sometimes very cold
there are too many teachers
to many tests
the textbook of life
is mostly ignored by the crowd
and Babylon is great
but, I am in the world
but not of it
and I stubbornly resist the road
most traveled by the crowd
oh, the road less traveled
the road Frost speaks so highly
is the one I travel
and oh the rocks are steep
and sharp
and the devil hides in the bushes
throughing his rocks of criticism
making fun of me
the fingers of those in the floating building
the one with the Babylonians
all pointing their fingers of scorn
and all that I would consider porn
the world is my dinner plate
and I sometimes sample the good
skip the bad
because I am a picky eater
I am the least seen in the theater
just one of the observers
hiding along with one of the props
someday I expect to recieve my crown
and rise to meet my Savior
and recieve my graduation papers
that would mean my exit papers.

Copyright © paulette mckendrick-tunnell | Year Posted 2006

Details | Light Poetry |

Cleared for Takeoff

Her life is just about to take off,
As she straps in behind the stick.
The destination might be unclear,
But the route is hers to pick.

Education fuels her craft,
And graduation trips the switch.
She wants to see what there is out there,
The call of adventure is like an itch.

Her family is the tower that tries,
To make sure that the runway is clear.
Letting her know that back at home,
There’s a safe landing for her to steer.

The time has come to place her faith
In these untested wings.
In the faith that the Lord above
Will grant the joy that this life brings.

As she hurtles down the tarmac,
Her destination comes into view.
An endless sky before her now,
A boundless sea of blue.

With a confident smile upon her lips,
And a glimmer in her eye.
She rises above the firmament,
The time has come for her to fly.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

Details | ABC |


Proudly watching my daughter
Questioning her trail of fate
Restless with anticipation
Sitting watching her future; patiently she waits

It’s hard to let your child go, but even harder to hold them back

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |


I have no world of mine
My world is that of the beginning
Full of void, trouble and chaos
And on sojourn to an abysmal pit

I have no world in my word
For there is no word to vivid my world  
Anguish, pain, hopelessness is of my world
Still looking forward to a world 
Not only of empty words
But that of freedom which twirls joy in my world

I still thought I have no world of mine
Until I met an emerging movement
Sweeping all with an unimaginable pride
It restored our hope with hope
As we started glowing with pride

For the first time in our life
Our world began to have meaning
We sigh . . . breath in with joy
As it wore for us a toga of fulfillment
And gave us cap of opportunities 
Alas! we experienced peace and love
With a beaming smile full of triumph
We begin to rule our world.

Alayande Stephen T.
8th March, 2007

On my way to Ijanikin for Bukky’s Graduation I School, 
Waiting for Daddy and Mummy at Mosalasi, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos.
It is a special one for Nigerian and African brightest and fastest growing 
Telecommunication brand called GLO, whose latest slogan is
 “Rule your world”.


Copyright © Alayande Stephen | Year Posted 2007

Details | Rhyme |

Celebrate Life

We come into the world with a push and a burst,
So years of studying must be done first.
We learn about history, science, and math,
Proper etiquette, chores and how to take a bath.

Then off to College - more classes to learn,
While the midnight oil we continually burn!
After College graduation we get a job and maybe a mate,
All of it depends on the decisions of fate!

Slow down my friend, it's time to relax,
Put away the phone, computer and fax!
Enjoy all you have and Celebrate Life,
Away from the stress, worry, and strife!

The time we've been given be it short or long,
Celebrate Life with your family and friends in dance and song!
Spread happiness and good spirits wherever you can,
While striving to help your fellow man!

Copyright © Tamara M. Kohlstaedt | Year Posted 2006

Details | I do not know? |

Graduation Goodbye

High school days are gone
And all the work are done
As we are about to take a leap
Our memories together I will keep

There will be tears to cry
As we move on and bid goodbye
I know it will be hard to fly
Without you on my way up high

Thanks for the lift
That is a great gift
The jokes and your smile
Made me forget the pain for a while

Now is the time to take the crown
Don't face the world with a frown
Let them see your smiling face
And dancewith them with grace

When all of today's work are done
It  doesn't mean our freindship is gone
I hope someday you'll be fine
You'll realize that  . . . 
Graduation is not Goodbye

Copyright © Desiree Gapuz | Year Posted 2005

Details | Rhyme |


 As we gaze upon you, our hearts fill with pride,
A human emotion, that is hard to hide,
You took on a challenge, and gave it your best,
Today you stand out, amongst all the rest.

You over came obstacles, you've opened the door,
You now hold the keys to so much more.
As you walk across the stage, you walk not, just for you,
You're walking for all those coming after you.

Through hard work and perseverance you're here today,
We're so very proud of you, needless to say.
You're the first in our family to earn such a prize,
Education is "priceless," and weighty in size.

Now go stake your claim, and get what's yours,
Just spread your wings, and we'll watch you soar.
Your endeavors paid off, in a positive way,
Congratulations are in order! It's Graduation Day! 

Copyright © Carolyn McGhee | Year Posted 2006

Details | I do not know? |

The Morning after Graduation Day

The morning after Graduation Day, 
You wake up to start a life in a new way.
Wondering what life will have to offer you as you are feeling so free.
May the Lords grace provide you with the wisdom to make wise choices as you develop who you will be. 
You really don't understand the capacity of what life will teach you
all your years through. 
You see it is Gods grace that teaches us what He wants us to know,
It is the unanswered prayers that teaches us to grow.
There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer,
Layered beneath our hurts and tears are the silver lining.
It takes time to find it to see it shinning.

Copyright © lisa elam | Year Posted 2005

Details | Ballad |


When I was born,
I learned how to breathe.
My Mama held me in her arms. 
She said that she would never let me leave.

Several months later,
I learned to take my first steps.
Mama watched close, so I wouldn't trip.
She filled my heart, to the deepest depths.

A couple years later,
I learned to tie my shoes.
Mama taught me how to button my coat.
I had all I could want, nothing to loose.

I grew a little,
Then I rode the bus to school.
Mama followed the bus all the way there.
She missed me; there was no one to fool.

Soon after that,
I left for summer church camp.
Mama made sure I packed my bug spray.
I think her eyes got a little bit damp.

Some more years passed,
Then for the Lord I made a decision.
Mama stood proud with a big grin.
My life had great dreams and visions.

About two years later,
I talked to Mama, told her God's plan.
Mama smiled, sobbed, and cried.
I told her I must follow God's hand.

Still today,
I stand strong and believe.
Mama says I've taught her strength.
And trusting God leaves her heart relieved.

One day soon,
I'll wear a graduation cap.
Mama will congradulate me.
With her gentle hands she will clap.

After that,
One day her hand will let me go.
She'll watch and wait for my return.
But her heart will hold me close though.

Copyright © Kimberly Clarke | Year Posted 2006

Details | Verse |

What If

As I arose this morning, 
A strange thought came to me
What if this is 
The last morning I will see.

As I though, I looked around 
At mementos here and there,
Given to me by those I love
Some no longer here.

The pictures of the boys
In their bull riding gear,
Shirlee’s graduation ,
Cathy in Bridal fair.

The lamp Billy gave me,
Still hangs in mid air,
While the little turtle fountain 
Bubbles on the table over there.

A saddle from our younger days,
Rocks from every where,
A cabinet full of treasurers 
From, Grandpa Pinaire,

The prayer book of my dad’s
Beside the bed you’ll find,
Thumb prints from years of use
And now I’ve added mine.

The antique trunk from mom
Once used on some old car,
Is filled with baby clothes
And gifts from afar.

The one I like most it seems,
Is the cross of Christ, Billy made for me,
From rusty old horse shoes and the sweat of his brow,
He welded and polished for many an hour.     

It hangs there on the wall
For all to see
How the Son of God 
Gave his life for me.

All of these treasurers 
I would miss 
Because through them
My family still lives. 

But if I weren’t here I do hope
Whoever has them feels the scope
And  treats them as if they were gifts
From someone they also do miss.

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

Details | I do not know? |


From the beginning I knew what was at stake,
But it was a chance I had to take.
He walked out because I refused to do the treatments like we talked about.
He couldn’t stand to hang around and watch me slowly grow profound.
The doctors told me to choose
But you I couldn’t lose.
You were growing inside
Till the day I died.
He’s not to blame.
So many men would do the same.
Holding this tiny duplicate of me in my arms,
I just wanted be around to keep you safe form harm.
I wouldn’t have traded the last three hours of this.
So this is what love is!
I’m fading fast!
I knew this moment would not last.
The doctors say I won’t make it through the night.
I’m writing you this letter and counting down till everything fades out of sight.
I cradle this miracle knowing I chose to go.
The only regret is that I won’t be around to watch you grow.
It was not your fault and beyond our control.
I won’t get to hear you first word,
Watch you first step,
Be with you on your first of school.
Or graduation day,
And “ I love you mom” I’ll never hear you say,
But that’s a price I chose to pay.
You seem so bright you almost shine.
You are the only legacy I leave behind.
I hear you heart beat,
Nothing has ever sounded so sweet.
I want you to have what I didn’t like a childhood of your own,
At a young age I was already grown.
Now I have you to show for it
And that’s all I need to know.
I have never loved like this before
I wish I could give you more.
It’s the only gift I can give you.
I’ll always be with you, step-by-step, day-by-day.
Be all you can be.
You are the best part of me.
The people who will raise you are good and filled with love.
One day I shall see you above
But for now your life has just begun.
No love can compare to mother and her son.

Copyright © Jeanette Huston | Year Posted 2005